The More the Merrier Chapter 503

The More the Merrier Chapter 503

Not Avoiding Her Hand

Jasper interrupted, “I won’t be jealous too, just like how you spent more time with Gavin back then.”

Not to be left out, Jesse declared, “Mommy, I feel the same as they do. Now that I’m big enough, I can help you take care of Mdm. Mary and Tim!”

Arissa’s heart warmed upon hearing the chorus of support from the children.

She tousled their heads affectionately. “I can’t wish for more wonderful children. Remember to play with Tim more!”

“Mmm-hmm, Mommy, we will!”

Given that Gavin was the eldest, he promised to take the lead. “Mommy, is Tim really the second child, and I’m the eldest?”

Looking at her son, Arissa thought about what Danna said and felt that Tim was the second child.

“Mmm-hmm, Tim is second-in-line. Congratulations Gavin, you have another younger brother!” Arissa said softly to Gavin, who broke into a vibrant smile.

“Mommy, I’ll take care of him, so don’t you worry!”

Arissa, too, was delighted by his response. “Mmm-hmm, I’m proud of you for knowing how to care for your younger siblings.”

When Gavin blushed after being praised, all his other siblings couldn’t resist laughing, causing his cheeks to redden further.

“Haha! Gavin is embarrassed!”

Everyone guffawed till their stomachs ached.

When Arissa saw how awkward her son looked, she cleared her throat to signal to the rest to tone down.

“Finish your food quickly. If we are late, Tim and the others will have to go hungry.”

The five children complied immediately.

After breakfast, Arissa got everyone changed before taking them to the hospital with the packed food in hand.

It wasn’t until she was on her way there that she saw Benjamin’s message: I’ve explained everything to him.

Arissa dug her fingers into her pants. Does Tim believe it?

She replied: How did he take it?

Benjamin: We’ll discuss it when you get here.

Arissa’s eye glistened. Did he just wake up, or was he up the whole night?

By the time they arrived at the hospital, it was only seven.

Arissa quickly led the children upstairs.

In the meantime, Benjamin and Tim were already awake, while Ethen hadn’t returned after being sent out to buy breakfast.

Mary, too, had just gotten out of bed, and Tim was helping her wash her face.


Leading his brothers, Gavin was the first to rush into the ward, while Arissa came up from behind with Jesse in tow.

“Good morning, Mr. Graham!”

“Good morning, Tim! Good morning, Mdm. Mary!” the children greeted warmly.

“Good morning!” Mary acknowledged with a smile. “I didn’t expect you to be here so early!”

“Mdm. Mary, we came by early because Mommy has prepared breakfast for both you and Tim,” Gavin explained.

Benjamin informed Gavin, “Mdm. Mary needs to go for a checkup, so she can’t have breakfast yet.”

“In that case, Tim can start first.”

The other four children put the food down.

As Arissa led Jesse into the room, she said to Mary, “Mdm. Mary, you can have breakfast once you finish your medical examination.”

“Mmm-hmm.” Mary nodded as she ushered them to sit.

“Mdm. Mary, did you sleep well last night?” Arissa expressed her concern.

“Yes, very well in fact,” Mary replied with a smile, for that was the best sleep she had in ages.

Arissa’s mind was put at ease when she saw how spirited Mary looked.

She then said to Benjamin, “I brought you some breakfast, you can have it together with Tim.”

Benjamin cocked a brow, as he was surprised that he had a portion too. “Sure.”

“Tim, come over here for breakfast,” Arissa called out.

Turning around to meet Arissa’s gentle gaze, Tim replied softly, “I’ll eat together with Grandma later.”

“Tim, I don’t even know when my examination will finish. You should just eat together with your daddy,” Mary urged him.

“Come.” Arissa reached out to pull him over.

When she saw that he didn’t avoid her hand, she was elated.

“Tim, come over. Mommy made all this just for you!” Zachary invited Tim, while Jesse went forward to pull his hand.

“Tim, Mommy woke up at four to prepare breakfast for you. It’s very delicious, so you have to eat it while it’s hot!”

Tim raised his gaze at Arissa.

Mommy cooked something for me?

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