The More the Merrier Chapter 504

The More the Merrier Chapter 504

Being Fed By Mommy

Meanwhile, Benjamin’s eyes glistened as he looked in Arissa’s direction. Did she wake up at four? That means she only got a few hours of sleep!

Arissa beamed at Tim. “I made them after I woke up! Also, some of them were prepared by the hotel. Therefore, you can choose to eat whatever you fancy.”

She led Tim to the sofa and sat him down.

“Let’s try some oatmeal porridge first, how about that?”

As she glanced at Tim with anticipation, the latter looked at her before shifting his attention to Mary.

“Go on, I’ll be eating later,” Mary urged with a wave of her hand.

“Thank you, Ms. York!” Tim remarked before lowering his gaze again.

Delighted that he wasn’t as distant as he was the day before, Arissa gently stroked his head.

After pouring a bowl of oatmeal porridge, she began to cool it down by blowing it.

After mixing it with a spoon, Arissa blew further before attempting to feed Tim some.

“Ms. York, I can eat by myself.”

When Tim wanted to take the bowl, Arissa avoided his hands and glanced at him with anticipation. “Let me feed you.”

Danny pursed his lips before taking some.

“Is it good?”

Staring at Tim, Arissa was worried that he didn’t like it.

Tim nodded in response as his heart was moved by the gesture.

So, this is how it feels like to be fed by Mommy.

Arissa smiled in delight. “Careful, it’s hot!”

When Benjamin saw how engrossed she was with their son, he cleared his throat to get her attention.

Only then did she turn around and notice him.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you have a sore throat?”

Cognizant that he did it on purpose, the five children glared at him with contempt.

As for Tim, he looked at Benjamin naively, thinking that the latter was sick.

“Mr. Graham, are you feeling under the weather?”

Did Mr. Graham catch a cold because I kicked away the blanket last night?

Meanwhile, Benjamin felt as if he was on cloud nine when Tim expressed concern for him.

Hence, he tousled the latter’s hair. “No, I’m not.”

After Arissa ascertained that he wasn’t sick, she retracted her gaze and continued feeding her son oatmeal porridge.

“You should quickly have your breakfast too.”

After hearing Arissa’s words, Benjamin grunted before sitting down for breakfast.

At the same time, Gavin hurried to Mary’s side as she was worried that she would be bored.

“Mdm. Mary, when is your checkup supposed to be?”

“Seven thirty,” Mary replied cordially.

Knitting his brows, Gavin mumbled, “Can’t it be any earlier?”

He then turned toward Benjamin. “Daddy, can’t you get Mr. Bailey to bring it forward?”

The earlier Mdm. Mary completes her examination, the sooner she can eat.

Benjamin shot his eldest son a glance. “Mdm. Mary has just woken up and needs some time before the checkup.”

Gavin understood at once.

Subsequently, Zachary and the others went up to chat with Mary to distract her from the aroma, for they were worried that it would make her hungry.

“Let’s go and eat next door.” Benjamin suggested to Arissa.

Briefly stunned, Arissa quickly realized he was right.


She lowered her head and asked Tim, “Sweetheart, shall we eat in the next room?”

Tim looked at her and nodded.

“Benjamin, pack up and bring the food over,” Arissa instructed.

Subsequently, Arissa held her bowl in one hand and led Tim over with the other.

After being ordered around, Benjamin furrowed his brows. However, when he saw that all the food was prepared for him and Tim, he had no choice but to bring them all over.

“Mdm. Mary, I’ll be taking Tim next door to have breakfast,” Arissa informed.

“You should just eat here. Don’t worry about it.”

Mary was touched when she saw how considerate they were to her.

“It’s better if we go over. Benjamin doesn’t like others watching him eat.”

After Arissa explained to Mary, the latter broke into a smile, while Benjamin was stumped.

“Gavin, pour a glass of water for Mdm. Mary,” Benjamin instructed his son before bringing their breakfast next door.

In the meantime, Arissa continued to feed Tim oatmeal porridge attentively. Moreover, she would constantly clean the corners of his mouth while doing so.

“Sweetheart, one more.”

Given that she had added more ingredients to the food, it tasted a lot more tantalizing.

At that moment, Benjamin threw his gaze at both mother and son.

“What time did you sleep last night?”

He arranged the food on the table.

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