The More the Merrier Chapter 505

The More the Merrier Chapter 505

Tim Burns His Lips

“Around midnight. I slept right after supper,” Arissa answered as her gaze remained fixed on her son.

Benjamin frowned at her. “Since you woke up at four, how is that enough sleep?”

Arissa gave Benjamin the side-eye and didn’t comment. Once she was done feeding him oatmeal porridge, she showed him the other items from breakfast.

“Sweetheart, look at all this food. Go on and eat whatever you fancy! These are for you and Daddy, for I have kept a separate portion warm for Mdm. Mary,” Arissa explained in a gentle tone.

Greeted by the scrumptious spread on the table, Tim gulped as he was spoilt for choice.

Sensing his shyness, Arissa handed him a bun with a smile.

“Here, try this bun first.”

“Tim, Mommy made the buns herself. They’re very yummy!”

Jesse came over and leaned herself against the back of his chair. Beaming at Tim, she looked extremely adorable with the gap between her teeth.

With a twitch of his lips, Tim handed one to Jesse. “You can have it.”

Jesse shook her head in delight. “We had breakfast before we came. You should quickly dig in, it’s really good.”

Jesse’s cutesy voice sounded especially mellifluous.

After giving her a look and shifting his gaze toward Arissa, Tim lowered his head and took a bite.

“Careful, it’s hot!”

Before Arissa could finish, Tim stuck out his tongue after scalding himself.

“Let me see!” Arissa’s heart ached.

Knitting her brows, she gestured for Tim to show her his tongue.

However, he covered his mouth and blushed.

“It’s nothing.”

Detecting his embarrassment, she tousled his hair.

“Sweetheart, open up so that I can see if it’s serious. Aaahhh…” she urged.

Meanwhile, Benjamin poured a glass of ice water and handed it over. “Get him to hold it in his mouth.”

After receiving it, she gave Tim a drink. “Don’t swallow, just hold it.”

Tim lowered his head and complied.

At the same time, Jesse frowned at what happened. “Tim’s mouth must be hurting, as the bun was still steaming.”

Given its piping hot contents, it was easy for one to be scalded.

“I should have warned you about it,” Arissa remarked remorsefully.

Tim gave her a look but didn’t blame her.

“Sweetheart, spit out the water and hold another mouthful.”

Arissa brought the trash bin over for Tim. Once he released the water in his mouth, she fed him another round.

Tim finally felt a lot better after repeating the process a few times.

“How is it?”

Arissa had no choice but to ask as she couldn’t see his tongue.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Just when Tim was going to continue eating his bun, Arissa stopped him. “Let me blow it for you. As long as your mouth still hurts, you should have something else first. You can leave the bun for later.”

Arissa looked carefully at her son, worried that he would burn himself again.

“I’ll have the bun still!”

Lowering his head, he blew on the bun to cool it further before digging in.

Watching her son eating quietly, a blissful expression descended upon Arissa’s face.

Once he was done with the bun, she served him something else.

“Sweetheart, this croissant from the hotel is exceptionally tasty. Try it!”

“Mmm-hmm, Tim, they’re really good. I had two of them in the morning.”

Jesse flashed two fingers in a cutesy manner.

Glancing in her direction, Tim asked softly, “Do you want more?”

Despite shaking her head, she couldn’t stop herself from salivating.

Arissa was amused by their exchange. Her heart was warmed further when she saw Tim stuffing one at Jesse still.

When Benjamin noticed that Arissa’s attention was solely focused on the kids, he furrowed his brows. “Let him eat himself.”

Arissa quickly realized he was upset when she saw the look on his face.


Benjamin swept his gaze in her direction and reminded her, “You’re just making him too shy to eat.”

When Arissa returned her attention to Tim, she saw him glance at them before going back to his food.

As a result, she stroked his hair affectionately. “Sweetheart, take your time. I’ll be going back to the other room to chat with Mdm. Mary.”

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