The More the Merrier Chapter 506

The More the Merrier Chapter 506

Absolute Sweethearts

Arissa wished to accompany her son, but she knew he felt a little uncomfortable when she was around.

Thus, she decided to stay away for a bit or she might have the urge to feed him more food.

“Thank you, Ms. York!” Tim piped up gratefully.

“You’re welcome!”

Arissa fondly stroked Tim’s head before addressing Benjamin, “Sit with him while he takes his breakfast. I’m going to visit Mdm. Mary.”

Benjamin mumbled an acknowledgment of her words.

Meanwhile, Jesse declared, “I’ll sit with them while they eat breakfast, Mommy.”

As she spoke, she ran toward Tim and sat beside him, shooting him an eager stare.

Arissa smiled and said, “Don’t keep staring at your Tim, Jesse!”

“Oh!” Jesse looked away briefly before returning her stare to Tim.

Benjamin stared at the adorable girl and waved her over, calling out, “Jesse! Come and sit beside me.”

She glanced at her father before replying, “I like Tim. I want to sit with him.”

Her rejection rendered Benjamin speechless.

Meanwhile, Arissa stared at them one last time before she turned and left. She headed to the neighboring ward to check in on Mary.

Zachary, Oliver, Gavin, and Jasper greeted her at the same time, “Mommy!”

Arissa chastised, “Don’t be so loud. You’ll disturb Mdm. Mary. She’s not feeling well.”

“Nonsense! They’re not noisy at all. I feel much better with the children around. They liven up the room!” Mary immediately defended the children.

Smiling, Arissa replied, “You should get some rest, Mdm. Mary.”

Then, she poured the elderly woman a glass of water and added, “Keep yourself hydrated! You’re going for an ultrasound first.”

Mary nodded and drank the water.

Arissa then turned her attention to her children and asked, “Sweethearts, have you all seen Mr. Bailey?”

“Mr. Bailey just left!” Gavin continued, “Mommy, are you looking for him?”

She nodded and explained, “I’ll look for him and see if we can bring the check-up forward.”

“I’ll get him, Mommy!” Zachary offered and ran out the door.

He shouted, “Mr. Bailey! My mommy’s looking for you!”

Arissa was tickled by her son’s actions. Soon enough, Shaun strolled into Mary’s ward.

“Mrs. Graham! Are you looking for me?”

Unamused but too lazy to correct the way he addressed her, Arissa asked, “Can Mdm. Mary go for her ultrasound scan now?”

“Yes. We can bring the test forward. I’ll make the arrangements.”

After replying to Arissa, Shaun approached Mary and asked, “Do you need to use the restroom, Grandma? We’ll begin with the ultrasound scan shortly.”

“Yes, I think I’ll need a trip to the restroom.”

Mary had not gone to the restroom since waking up that morning. The doctor had informed her last night that the staff needed to inspect her urine and feces from then on.

“All right! We’ll go now.”

Shaun supported Mary as she got out of bed, and Arissa stepped forward to help out.

Her four sons steadied the wheelchair for Mary.

Arissa cautioned, “Be careful, Mdm. Mary!”

She and Shaun gently placed the elderly woman in the wheelchair.

Arissa wheeled Mary out of the ward just as the latter reminded, “My crutches!”

Gavin rushed forward with the crutches and said, “Here they are, Mdm. Mary!”

Arissa turned toward her four sons and corrected, “All of you should address Mdm. Mary as Grandma.”

Then, she asked, ”Why don’t you all stay in the ward instead of following us?”

“We want to go too!” Zachary piped up.

Oliver and Jasper both nodded in agreement and said, “We’ll follow Grandma!”

Arissa smiled and shook her head wordlessly at her children’s behavior. She turned and wheeled Mary out of the ward after Shaun.

“Mommy, should we tell Tim?” Gavin lifted his head and asked Arissa.

She shook her head and replied, “No. He’s still eating breakfast.”

Her eldest son nodded and smiled. “Okay, let’s not disturb Tim while he’s having breakfast.”

Just then, Shaun turned around and offered, “Why don’t I help Mdm. Mary alone?”

Arissa shook her head and insisted, “It’s fine. It’s not hard labor!”

Their sincerity warmed Mary’s heart.

She asked, “Why did you come over so early in the morning? You should sleep more, Issa. Aren’t you tired?”

Arissa explained, “I fell asleep once I got home. When I woke up to use the bathroom, I felt refreshed and couldn’t fall back asleep. Hence, I decided to prepare some breakfast and visit the hospital earlier.”

“We can’t eat much. You could’ve bought something along the way. It must’ve been exhausting for you to cook for us in the morning!” Mary exclaimed.

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