The More the Merrier Chapter 507

The More the Merrier Chapter 507

Collecting Samples

Arissa merely replied to Mary, “It’s not tiring, Mdm. Mary. I have to prepare breakfast for Gavin and the rest anyway, so it was no trouble to make a little extra! Gavin and Zachary helped out too. Don’t worry about it!”

Mary smiled at the young woman’s efforts to reassure her.

Once they arrived at the examination room, Arissa accompanied Mary inside.

Mary advised, “Why don’t you wait outside, Issa? The doctor and nurse will tend to me.”

“It’s fine. I don’t have anything else to do, so I’ll sit with you.”

Arissa promptly refuted Mary’s arguments and assisted the old woman onto the hospital bed under the doctor’s instructions.

She eventually sat with Mary throughout the entire examination while Gavin, Zachary, Oliver, and Jasper waited outside.

Outside, Shaun reminded the four boys, “Be good boys while you wait here. I’m going to check on Mdm. Mary.”

He did not trust the doctor in this hospital to do a careful enough job of examining Mary.

Gavin quickly piped up, “Don’t worry, Mr. Bailey. Hurry on inside!”

He promised he would look after his younger brothers.

Shaun glanced at them before telling a bodyguard to keep an eye on the boys. Then, he entered the examination room.

Once he was inside, he coaxed, “Please relax, Mdm. Mary.”

He also checked the ultrasonogram.

At the same time, Shaun caught the doctor’s attention and pointed at the ultrasonogram, “Move the wand a bit. Look over here!”

Arissa grew nervous as she observed Shaun frowning and appearing more serious.

She would have asked if something was horribly wrong if Mary was not in the room.

The examination was completed ten minutes later. Arissa cleaned the ultrasound gel off Mary’s abdomen and helped her to her feet.

She also asked, “Can Mdm. Mary use the restroom now, Mr. Bailey?”

“Right, remember to collect samples of her urine and feces,” reminded Shaun.

Arissa grabbed Mary’s crutches and assisted the woman as she walked.

Meanwhile, Mary knitted her brows and asked Shaun, “Were there any major issues during the examination?”

Calmly, Shaun answered, “Everything’s fine. There might be some inflammation, but it’s not a big deal.”

That earned him a disbelieving stare from Mary, which prompted Shaun to insist, “Everything’s really fine. It’s just some inflammation. We’ll need to do some more tests to check on everything else.”

With that, Shaun hastily helped Mary to hobble out of the room.

Arissa coaxed her, “Don’t worry, Mdm. Mary. Let’s just focus on the tests for now!”

“All right!” Mary nodded in response.

After helping Mary into the restroom, Arissa left to retrieve some sample cups.

Still, she called out worriedly, “Can you support yourself in there, Mdm. Mary?”


Mary received the sample cups from Arissa and entered a cubicle. “Just wait outside, Issa!”

“I’ll wait here. Once you’re done, pass the sample cups to me under the cubicle door. I’ll hand it to the doctor for further tests.”

At the same time, Arissa explained the usage instructions of the sample cup to Mary.

Horrified by Arissa’s lack of disgust, Mary sputtered, “It’s fine. Really, I’ll do it myself! It’s too dirty.”

Arissa merely smiled and reassured her, “It’s fine. Don’t hold it in for too long, Mdm. Mary. It’s not good for your body.”

Mary eventually relented and collected her urine and feces samples.

“Once you’ve urinated, Mdm. Mary, pass me the urine sample cup first. Be careful not to spill it.”

“I’ll give it to the doctor!” Mary did not want Arissa to dirty her hands touching the sample cup.

Arissa stood her ground. “It’s fine. Quick, pass it out to me, or I’ll stay in the restroom until you do so!”

Alas, Mary lost their argument, and she capped the sample cup tightly before handing it to Arissa.

The younger woman placed it in a basket before calling out, “Have something to clean your hands, Mdm. Mary!”

Then, she passed two pieces of wet wipes under the cubicle door.

“All right, Issa. Off you go now!”

Mary immediately urged her to leave after receiving the wet wipes.

“You have enough tissues inside, right?”

Arissa only left with the urine sample cup after Mary’s confirmation.

She shouted, “Just wait for a bit once you’re done, Mdm. Mary. I’ll be back in a jiff!”

With that, Arissa finally left the restroom.

Shaun was waiting right outside the door and said, “You can hand it to me.”

He was surprised that Arissa did not mind touching the sample cup at all.

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