The More the Merrier Chapter 508

The More the Merrier Chapter 508

Do You Dislike Me

Arissa asked Shaun softly, “Were you telling the truth about Mdm. Mary’s examination? Is everything really okay?”

“Yes!” Shaun nodded firmly and replied, “Once Mdm. Mary comes out of the restroom, bring her back to the same examination room as before. We have more tests to conduct.”

Arissa nodded. As a woman herself, she immediately knew what tests Shaun was referring to.

However, Gavin, Zachary, Oliver, and Jasper shared looks of confusion.

Jasper was the first to ask, “Mommy, hasn’t Grandma finished her tests? Why does she need to do it again? Will she still need to hold in her pee?”

Oliver tacked on and questioned, “Yeah, Mommy. Aren’t all the tests done?”

Gavin and Zachary stared at her expectantly as well.

Arissa felt awkward about explaining things to them, and she chastised them, “You’re just kids. Don’t ask so many questions!”

“We’re asking because we don’t know!” Jasper mumbled before pouting.

His reaction drew a smile out of Arissa, who declared, “I’m going into the restroom to check on Mdm. Mary.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, Mommy. We won’t run off!” Gavin promised earnestly.

His sense of responsibility relieved Arissa to no end.

She glanced at the four kids one last time before hurrying into the restroom.

“Are you done, Mdm. Mary?”

“Not yet! Just wait for me outside!” Mary added, “I’ll shout for you when I’m done!”

“Sure!” Arissa left the restroom and waited outside with her children.

Back in Tim’s ward, the young boy glanced at Benjamin shyly before muttering, “I’m full now, Mr. Graham. I want to look for Grandma!”

Benjamin stared at Tim and noticed the concern in his expression. Nonetheless, he placed a breakfast platter before the boy and cajoled, “Have some more of these. If you aren’t well-fed, your mommy will nag my ear off later!”

“Eat a little more, Tim. Mommy, my brothers, and even Mr. Bailey are looking after Mdm. Mary. Don’t worry!” Jesse chimed in to coax her brother to eat.

Tim stared at them before eating a small omelet. Then, he claimed he was full and asked to see Mary.

Benjamin mussed the boy’s hair and said, “You need to pay attention when you’re eating!”

His stern expression frightened Tim into silence.

Benjamin sighed softly when Tim obediently ate his breakfast.

Jesse, who hid behind Tim, shot Benjamin several furtive glances.

Her behavior caught her father’s attention, and he arched his brow while asking, “Was I that scary?”

The little girl hastily shook her head, drawing a chuckle out of Benjamin.

He asked, “Why are you hiding?”

Jesse thought to herself, I’m scared of you!

Her silence prompted Benjamin to drop the topic. He did not want to scare the kids further with his questioning.

Just then, Ethen entered the ward with some breakfast in hand. He was surprised to see that Benjamin had almost cleared his plate.

“Mr. Graham, have you and Tim eaten?”

“We’re eating now.” Benjamin glanced at his assistant and ordered coolly, “You can share the breakfast with the other staff!”

“Noted!” Ethen nodded and left, but not before casting a brief look at the two children and Benjamin.

“Ms. York is here? She’s so early!” Ethen’s comment caught Benjamin’s attention, and the latter replied, “She brought breakfast for us.”

The corner of Ethen’s lips twitched with amusement as he asked, “Why didn’t you say so earlier, Mr. Graham?”

I had to travel so far to get breakfast fitting for Mr. Graham’s picky palate.

Benjamin raised a brow and retorted, “I didn’t know she would come with breakfast!”

His response rendered Ethen speechless.

Still, Ethen was smart enough not to continue challenging his boss on the topic, and he wisely strolled over to the bodyguards to share the breakfast.

It was nothing short of a feast, and they gladly enjoyed the meal.

Once Tim had eaten as much as he could, Benjamin allowed the boy to leave.

“You can look for your grandma now.”

Tim immediately sped toward the neighboring room.

Alarmed, Benjamin called out, “Walk slowly! You just ate.”

Thankfully, the young boy slowed his pace, and Jesse ran up to him to hold his hand. “Let’s go together, Tim.”

Unaccustomed to physical closeness, Tim pulled his hand out of Jesse’s grasp.

His sister was devastated and stared at him with red-rimmed eyes.

“Do you dislike me, Tim?”

Her pitiful expression would cause anyone’s heart to ache.

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