The More the Merrier Chapter 509

The More the Merrier Chapter 509

 An Adorable Younger Sister

Tim was taken aback by Jesse’s tears. He hastily explained, “No, no, it’s not that!”

He caught her hand, and Jesse smiled happily at him. She exclaimed, “My brother doesn’t dislike me!”

Tim’s heart softened at her adorable proclamation. At the same time, he reached out to wipe away the tears on Jesse’s lashes.

He used to envy Nathan for having a younger sister, yet now he had one of his own, who was as cute as a doll.

Tim was upset at himself for making his sister cry.

“Don’t cry, okay! I like you a lot!” he flushed slightly as he cajoled Jesse.

Jesse’s eyes sparkled with joy, and she squealed, “Hehe, my brother likes me! Did you hear that, Mr. Graham? He likes me!”

She could not resist sharing her excitement with Benjamin.

“Yes, I did!” came Benjamin’s reply.

He was relieved that the two children had made up.

It’s obviously more effective for the children to approach Tim instead of we adults.

Meanwhile, Jesse wrapped her arms around Tim’s neck and said, “I like you too, Tim. I like you very, very, very much!”

She planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek, causing her brother to blush further.

“Let’s look for Grandma, Tim!”

Jesse now clung to Tim’s arm and began walking outside.

“Okay!” Tim replied sweetly before trailing his sister.

The neighboring ward was, however, empty when the two children arrived.

“Grandma!” Tim yelped in concern.

Jesse wondered out loud, “Where is she?”

Her gaze roved over the empty room as she comforted him, “Don’t worry, Tim. Maybe Mommy brought Grandma elsewhere for some tests!”

“You’re right.” After calming himself down, Tim realized it was highly likely that Arissa had accompanied Mary to an examination.

Jesse turned to stare at Tim and piped up, “Why don’t we ask Mr. Graham?”


Tim led her back to his ward to find Benjamin. A question niggled at his mind, and he asked, “Why do you call your daddy Mr. Graham?”

Jesse shot him a mysterious smile and returned, “Do you want to know why, Tim?”

He nodded curiously.

Jesse giggled and said, “We call him Mr. Graham because we haven’t acknowledged him as our daddy!”

Her explanation merely confused Tim.

Noticing his expression, Jesse added cutely, “Let’s look for Mdm. Mary. I’ll tell you more about it later!”

Then, she ran into the ward and spoke to Benjamin. “Mommy and my brothers are missing, Mr. Graham. So is Grandma!”

Tim chimed in, “Did they go for some tests?”

Benjamin got to his feet and stroked Tim’s hair. “I’ll call your mommy and ask her about it.”

He quickly dialed Arissa’s number, and she picked up after the phone rang for some time.

“What’s going on?”

Her gentle voice drifted through the receiver. Benjamin asked, “Did you bring Mdm. Mary away for some tests?”

“I did. She’s doing an ultrasound at the gynecology department.”

“Which floor is that?” Benjamin shot Tim a reassuring glance while he awaited Arissa’s reply.

“It’s near the consultation rooms on the fourth floor!”

“Okay. We’ll be there in a bit.” He hung up after that.

Benjamin addressed the kids, “Mdm. Mary is doing some check-ups. I’ll bring you to see her.”

As he walked out of the ward, he scooped both children into his arms.

Tim uttered softly, “Mr. Graham, I can head over there myself. Just let me know where she is. You should have your breakfast.”

Benjamin lowered his head and glanced at Tim. “I’m full!”

The young boy met his stare before settling in the crook of Benjamin’s strong arm. Tim felt safe in his hold.

Meanwhile, Jesse chimed in, “You haven’t finished your breakfast, Mr. Graham!”

She spoke as softly as she could, still frightened after Benjamin’s rather stern expression earlier.

Benjamin dismissed their words by replying, “Your mommy prepared too much food. I can’t finish everything.”

Then, he set off with the kids in search of Arissa, who sat outside Mary’s examination room with the other four children.

Arissa walked forward to greet Benjamin and the children when they arrived.

She asked, “Have you all taken breakfast?”

Benjamin nodded and explained, “Tim’s looking for Mdm. Mary, so I brought him here.”

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