The More the Merrier Chapter 510

The More the Merrier Chapter 510

Her Hug Is Different

Arissa nodded as she ruffled Tim’s head.

“Don’t worry, Sweetheart. Your grandma is just getting some checks done.”

Tim nodded obediently.

“Thank you for accompanying Grandma.”

“You’re welcome.”

Arissa answered with a smile, “Mary is your family, which means she’s also my family. Let’s accompany her together.”

She gently caressed Tim’s face lovingly.

Tim blinked his eyes as warmth spread through him.

“I’ll carry you, okay?”

Arissa saw Benjamin had been carrying Tim and wanted to carry him for a change. I didn’t get to carry him at all.

Tim lowered his head as a response, and Arissa’s heart sank with it.

However, Tim nodded his approval a few minutes later.

Arissa’s mood brightened again with excitement.

She immediately retrieved Tim from Benjamin’s embrace with glee.

“Sweetheart, I’ve been wanting to carry you for a while now.”

Throwing any concern out the window, Arissa planted a few kisses on Tim’s cheeks.

“Sweetheart, I finally get to carry you.”

Tim shrank into her embrace as he was not used to anyone being so close to him, especially his long-lost family.

However, Arissa’s kisses didn’t repulse him; instead, they made him feel warm.

“Control yourself. Don’t scare him.”

Benjamin was carrying Jesse when he reminded Arissa.

Arissa shot Benjamin a glance, then continued pecking Tim’s face.

With a few kisses on the left cheek and another few on the right, everyone could see how much Arissa adored Tim.

Gavin, Zachary, Oliver, and Jasper laughed, watching their mom’s antics.

“Mommy, you’re going to scare him,” Zachary reminded Arissa to restrain herself.

“Tim is braver than that, am I right?” Arissa asked Tim as she caressed his face.

Her gaze was trained on Tim’s blushing cheeks.

He’s too dark. I need to make him fairer.

Tim ducked his head with shyness and stayed stiff. Their concern and Arissa’s adoration moved him.

Ms. York’s embrace is different from Mr. Graham’s. She smells nice and warm.

The warmth Tim felt spread all over his body, feeling the closeness intensified.

Arissa adoringly pinched Tim’s cheeks. “Have you eaten, Sweetheart?”

Tim nodded shyly. “Yes, I have.”

Arissa flashed him a gentle smile. “That’s good.”

She continued to carry him and studied him with glee in her eyes, unwilling to part with him.

“Ms. York, can you put me down?”

Tim was worried he would be too heavy and Arissa’s arms would hurt from carrying him.

“Ah, Oh!”

Arissa snapped out of her action and begrudgingly let Tim down.

“Mr. Graham, I want to go down too.”

Benjamin bent down and let Jesse get down on the ground at her request.

Jesse instantly ran toward Tim, grabbed his hand, and showed him off to her four brothers.

“Tim told me he liked me earlier when I was up there.”


Jasper was surprised and drew closer to them. Looking at Tim, he asked, “Do you like me, Tim?”

Tim focused his gaze on Jasper and nodded.

Jasper’s eyes went wide with delight as he turned to the rest of his siblings to brag excitedly.

“Did you guys see that? Tim said he liked me too.”

He turned to Arissa. “Mommy, Tim likes me too!”

“Yeah, I saw that.”

The corners of Arissa’s lips were tugged into a smile as she watched the kids getting along just fine.

“Tim, do you like me then?”

Not wanting to be left out, Oliver reached for Tim’s hand and asked.

Tim admitted softly, “I like all of you.”

Gavin’s and Zachary’s smiles grew wide at Tim’s revelation.

“We like you too, Tim!”

At that time, Mary came out.

“Mdm. Mary!”

Arissa immediately rushed to Mary’s side to help her onto the wheelchair.

“Sit tight, Mary. We need to go have your blood drawn.”

All the other checkups were done and having her blood drawn was the last on the list.

Arissa pushed Mary over to the next examination room.

“Let me take her, and you take the kids.”

Benjamin went up to Arissa and took over the wheelchair.

Arissa smiled when she saw Benjamin stooping down to do that kind of task.

“Okay, here you go.”

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