The More the Merrier Chapter 511

The More the Merrier Chapter 511

 Teaching Tim How To Take The Elevator

Arissa looked over her shoulder and called for the kids. “Follow me, Sweethearts. Don’t fall behind.”

Seeing all six kids together, Mary couldn’t help the smile spreading across her face.

All the kids were beautiful like dolls. Adoration filled Mary’s heart just looking at them.

They attracted the attention of many others in the hospital.

The medical staff were stunned.

“Are they sextuplets?”

“How cute! All six of them look the same.”

“Why is one of them so dark? But he’s beautiful too.”

“Oh my goodness! There are six cute babies! They’re adorable! Their parents must be so lucky to deliver six babies in one go.”

“Wow! There are so many kids. How much money will the parents need for them? Each of them is like a furnace burning money…”

Arissa was used to the whispers and exclamations. She would hear numerous praises and envious exclamations from passersby every time she took the kids out.

She nodded at every doctor and nurse with a smile as she passed them.

A nurse asked boldly, “Are they all your kids?”

“Yeah,” Arissa admitted.

“Sextuplets or how many are there?”


Arissa bid the nurse farewell and led the kids to catch up to Benjamin.

“She’s so lucky!” The nurse was so envious.

Tim looked up at Arissa. Ms. York said I was her child.

“Hurry up. Let’s not fall behind.”

Arissa looked over her shoulder and counted the kids, making sure none had fallen behind.

Zachary teased, “Mommy, don’t worry. Even if you fall behind, we won’t. Besides this is the hospital. We can find you even if we do get lost.”

“Not funny!” Arissa poked Zachary’s forehead.

Zachary giggled as he dodged.

Looking at the kids, Arissa couldn’t help the smile playing on her lips. Her gaze was filled with adoration as she looked at them.

She ruffled Tim’s head and shot him a smile when he met her gaze.

“Did you sleep well last night, Sweetheart?”

Tim shyly looked up at her and nodded.

Arissa lovingly ruffled his head.

“Hurry up.”

Benjamin had pushed Mary into the elevator but noticed the rest of the group hadn’t reached yet.

Arissa looked up at Benjamin and said, “You go first. We’ll take the next one.”

Everyone getting into one elevator is way too packed.

Benjamin answered, “It’s on the third floor.”

“Got it.”

Arissa led the kids to the other elevator. Once all the kids had gotten on, she tapped on the close button.

Looking down, she noticed Tim was staring at the control panel with curiosity and confusion.

With a pat on his head, she asked gently, “Have you ever gotten on an elevator before, Sweetheart?”

Tim lowered his head as he shook it.

His ears were red from embarrassment.

A glint of pity flashed across her eyes at his response. She bent down to pick him up into her arms and started explaining.

“The button I pushed earlier was the close button. After everyone has gotten in, you can press it to close the doors. Next, press the button for the level you intend to go to, and it’ll activate the elevator. When it reaches your floor, the doors will slide open automatically.”

Coincidentally, the elevator had reached the third floor, and Arissa continued her explanation.

“If this is not your destination, wait until the other passengers get out, then press the close button. Once the elevator starts to move again, wait until you reach your destination to get off.

“This is the close button, and this is the open button. The button with arrows pointing toward each other is to close the doors while the one pointing in opposite directions is to open them.”

Arissa saw that all the kids had gotten off the elevator, so she brought Tim out and continued to brief him on the precautions when taking the elevator.

“After you pressed the close button and spotted someone wanting to get on, just push the open button. We need to show courtesy to the other passengers. Move to the side to not block the doors.”

Arissa turned to the side and pointed at the buttons to call the elevator. “These two buttons are the up button and down button. One brings you up, and another takes you down.

“Push the up button if you’re going to the upper floors and push the down button if you’re heading to the lower floors. Once you press it, you’ll have to wait for the elevator to arrive.

“There is only one elevator in one shaft. For example, if you want to go up, but the elevator is going down, the display will show an arrow pointing down. So you’ll head down first before you can go up.”

Tim was listening intently to her explanation.

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