The More the Merrier Chapter 512

The More the Merrier Chapter 512

We would’ve freaked out and not be as calm as Tim if we were the ones who grew up in a rural town and has never seen an elevator.

Arissa glanced at Tim. “Can you remember everything, Sweetheart?”

Tim nodded with blushed cheeks.

His face was too dark, so his blush wasn’t too obvious, but Arissa was well aware of his shyness and patted his head adoringly.

With a soft voice, she said, “When I took the elevator for the first time, I was scared of others making fun of me, so I got on with someone and watched how they operate it. You’ll be familiar with the workings after a few times.”

“Okay.” Tim nodded.

Arissa continued to carry him and hollered for the other five toward the examination room.

“Grandma and Mr. Graham are over there.”

Gavin saw Benjamin and Mary were almost at the end of the hallway and told Arissa.

“Let’s hurry over there.”

She picked up her pace, and the other five children ran to keep up with her.

“Ms. York, let me down, please,” Tim reminded Arissa.

“It’s fine. I can carry you.”

She flashed a smile at him. I finally got the chance to carry him, so I want to carry him for a bit longer.

She bounced Tim up slightly and tightened her arms around him as she led the other five children toward Benjamin.

“Mommy is really amazing to run even faster than us!” Jesse laughed.

“You’re not too slow yourself, Jesse. You’re doing great today!” Arissa complimented Jesse.

Jesse’s smile grew wider at the compliment. Her eyes curved, her dimples appeared, and her smile was so wide everyone could see her gums.

She looked absolutely adorable.

Tim was staring at her.

Jasper couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks.

“How can you smile so widely when you’re missing a tooth. You look ugly!”

Jesse swiftly covered her mouth and glared at her brother.

“When your teeth drop, I’ll laugh at you too.”

Arissa laughed at the siblings’ banter. When she noticed Tim looking at them, she put him down. “Jesse, Jasper, play with Tim too.”

Jasper nodded and came up to Tim. “Tim, we’ll go and take the elevator later.”

“I want to accompany Grandma,” Tim rejected softly. Grandma is undergoing some checkups, so I can’t run around.

“I mean after Grandma finished her checks. Not now,” Jasper explained.

Tim contemplated it briefly before nodding his head.

Jasper responded with a smile.

Jesse came over and clung to Tim’s arm.

“Tim, I want to continue talking to you about Mr. Graham.”

Jesse peeked at Benjamin, who was on the phone, as she whispered to Tim.

“What about him?” Jasper was curious too.

Oliver approached, wanting to listen in too. “What secret are you guys talking about?”

Jesse gestured for them to follow her to the side and pulled Tim along with her.

Gavin and Zachary trailed after her too, wanting to listen in.

Arissa smiled when she saw all six of the kids getting along.

She could still hear their conversation clearly even if Jesse was whispering.

Benjamin went up to Arissa after his call. “What are they doing?”

Arissa cast him a glance and said, “Sharing a secret.”

Benjamin locked his gaze with hers and said, “Jesse looks like a girl sometimes, but it’s best if you take note. A boy needs to act like a boy.”

Benjamin didn’t like boys acting gentle or showing feminine characteristics.

He wanted his boys to all be men.

Arissa was having a hard time holding in her laughter.

“What is with your expression?”

Benjamin noticed the awkward twitching of her facial muscles and narrowed his eyes at her.

Arissa turned around and giggled.

Her shoulders were shaking excessively.

Benjamin’s expression darkened. What is this woman doing?

After calming down slightly, she turned back around and answered Benjamin, “Okay.”

Her bright eyes couldn’t hide her amusement.

Benjamin narrowed his eyes at her and asked, “Why were you laughing?”

Arissa shook her head fervently. “I wasn’t. Did you see me laughing?”

Benjamin didn’t know how to respond to her denial.

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