The More the Merrier Chapter 513

The More the Merrier Chapter 513

Mary Feels Tired

After Mary had her blood drawn, Arissa came forward and helped her put pressure on it.

“Do you feel dizzy, Mdm. Mary?”

Arissa was shocked when she saw over a dozen of tubes of blood were taken from Mary.

“I feel a bit weak.”

Mary’s face had paled slightly, so Arissa didn’t dare to help her up yet. “Sit down for a bit. I’ll get some sodium solution for you.”

Arissa asked Benjamin to watch Mary for a bit as she prepared some sodium solution for Mary to regain a bit of her energy.

“Are you okay, Grandma?”

Tim ran over to Mary and looked up at her with concern in his eyes.

Mary forced a weak smile on her face and patted Tim’s head.

“I’m fine, Tim. Just feeling a bit weak after having some blood drawn.”

Arissa came back and fed Mary the sodium solution. “Mary, have some. It’s sodium solution. It’ll help you regain a bit of your energy.”


After gulping down the whole cup, Mary felt better.

Arissa reached for the empty cup and asked, “do you feel better?”

Mary nodded.

“Bring another cup,” Benjamin asked Arissa.

With a nod, Arissa went to get another cup for Mary.

“Sweetheart, you don’t need to press on the wound any longer.”

Arissa took the cotton from Tim’s hand after checking Mary’s wound wasn’t bleeding any longer and threw it into the bin.

“Mary, we’ll be having breakfast later.”

Arissa was worried about Mary’s condition and figured it would be better to wait a little longer.


Mary didn’t want them to worry, so she was very cooperative.

“Grandma, does it hurt? I’ll blow on it for you.”

Jesse walked over to Mary’s side and blew on her wound.

Mary laughed. “No, it doesn’t hurt.”

The nurse was skillful in getting the needle in, so Mary didn’t feel much pain.

Benjamin brought the kids over. “Let Mdm. Mary rest.”

Tim looked at Mary with concern.

Arissa patted Tim’s head. “Mdm. Mary just feels a little tired after having her blood taken. That’s normal. Don’t worry.”

Mary was better than some people. Some would even faint.

After waiting for twenty minutes, Mary said, “Issa, I want to continue with the other checkups.”

“Mdm. Mary, we can do it later after breakfast. There are still a few more left, and it’ll be noon by the time we’re finished. No rush.”

Even though everything had been scheduled and Mary would’ve undergone an examination immediately after she arrived in the examination room, there were still too many tests left. It would take some time to finish all of them.

“Let’s head up for something to eat and regain our energy.”

Benjamin’s tone was commanding, and it naturally made others obey him.

“Let’s head up then.” Mary glanced at them.

“All right.” Arissa pushed Mary’s wheelchair. “Do you feel dizzy, Mary?”

“No, I’m all better now.”

Mary laughed. Her pallor had improved compared to before.

Everyone followed Mary back to her room. Once they arrived, Arissa and Tim served Mary her breakfast.

“I can eat on my own. You guys take a break too,” Mary said to Arissa.

“Issa, why don’t you share some of this with me? This is too much for me. I can’t finish it all. Why don’t we all share it?”

Mary offered Gavin and the rest of the kids, but they shook their heads.

“Grandma, we’re not hungry. Eat up, you have to do more tests later.”

Mary smiled at the child. She began searching for Benjamin but didn’t see him. “Where are the sweethearts’ father?”

Arissa pointed outside. “He’s outside talking. Dig in, Mary. Just ignore us as we have eaten already.”

Arissa glanced in Benjamin’s direction and saw Ethen talking with him, so she served some oatmeal porridge for Mary.

“Careful, it’s hot.”

After Mary finished her breakfast, Arissa brought her to undergo the rest of the tests.

Benjamin didn’t join them as he was occupied with something, so he went to the lounge next door to do his work.

Coincidentally, Bradley had come to the hospital and was in charge of watching over the kids.

With Shaun tagging along with Mary when she went to do the checkups, Benjamin wasn’t worried in the slightest.

It was already afternoon when Mary finished all her tests.

Arissa fed Mary the remaining oatmeal porridge and had her rest for a bit.

Feeling exhausted, Mary fell asleep quickly.

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