The More the Merrier Chapter 514

The More the Merrier Chapter 514

Hug Her In Front Of Everyone

Benjamin dropped by to check on everything.

Once he saw Mary was asleep, he said, “Let’s have lunch.”

“You take the kids with you, and I’ll stay here to watch over Mary.”

Arissa tucked the blanket under Mary’s arm.

Benjamin frowned at Arissa’s refusal. “She might still be asleep even after lunch. Let’s go.”

Arissa was speechless as she looked at the domineering man.

“Ms. York, go have lunch. I can accompany Grandma by myself.”

Tim looked at the two adult and offered to stay.

“We’re all going together,” Gavin said.

“Bring the kid along. We have doctors here looking after Mdm. Mary.” Benjamin stared at Arissa.

Arissa noticed Tim was reluctant to go with them and went to him.

“Sweetheart, let’s all have lunch, and you can bring some back for Mary.”

“Tim, let’s have lunch together and pack something tasty for Grandma,” Zachary urged.

“Tim, let’s go.”

Jesse went up to Tim and tugged him outside. “If you’re not going, then I’m not going too.”

Tim looked at her and had no choice but to follow her.

Oliver and Jasper giggled. Jesse is the best.

Arissa noticed Tim would follow everything Jesse asked of him.

“Learn from your son,” Benjamin whispered.

Arissa eyed Benjamin with puzzlement.

She didn’t understand why Tim was so compliant with Jesse’s demands.

“Jesse cried when she thought Tim didn’t like her during breakfast. They became closer after Tim calmed her down.”

Arissa finally understood. Not many can handle it when Jesse starts crying, but I can’t exactly cry to get Tim to be closer to me. I’m too old for that, and I don’t want to lie to Tim.

Gavin, Zachary, Oliver, and Jasper were startled too.

Hmm, Jesse has used her trump card. No wonder Tim was following her every word today.

“Let’s go have lunch.”

Benjamin naturally reached for Arissa’s hand and walked out the door without even looking at the kids.

Arissa glanced at him and looked over her shoulder. “Sweethearts, let’s go have lunch.”

Gavin ran up to her and took her hand looking all happy.

Zachary, Oliver, and Jasper also ran toward Arissa and snatched her hand from Benjamin’s grip.

“Aren’t you embarrassed to hold Mommy’s hand right in front of us, Mr. Graham?” Zachary asked.

The corner of Benjamin’s lips twitched slightly at the jab. When he saw all the kids were holding onto Arissa’s hand, he frowned.

Arissa’s cheeks blushed at their fight.

Tim was already waiting with Jesse outside the elevator.

“Tim, remember what I taught you?”

Arissa looked at Tim gently.

Tim nodded.

“So what should you do now?” she asked.

Tim swept a glance at them, then walked toward the call button, and pushed the button with an arrow pointing down.

“You’re amazing, Sweetheart!” Arissa complimented Tim and led the kids into the elevator.

Benjamin wanted to squeeze in, but Shaun beat him to it and squeezed past him. “Why didn’t you invite me to lunch?”

Shaun, Bradley, and Ethen had all gotten into the elevator.

Benjamin’s expression turned darker. Feeling Benjamin’s mood change, Ethen came out of the lift rather unwillingly. “Mr. Graham, please get in.”

Benjamin scoffed at him and glared at Shaun.

“Are you coming? We need to eat and get back here soon,” Arissa urged.

Benjamin stepped into the elevator and went to her side, sliding his arm around her waist.

Arissa wasn’t used to being intimate with him in public, so she tried to dodge his arm.

Benjamin tightened his grip around her waist and shot her a warning glare.

Arissa opened her mouth to say something but shut it without saying anything.

Shaun noticed Benjamin’s actions and merely hit the close button with amusement.

“Oh, you shouldn’t push it, Mr. Bailey. You should’ve let Tim press it,” Jesse admonished Shaun urgently.

“Huh? Isn’t it the same no matter who presses it?” Shaun asked with a puzzled look.

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