The More the Merrier Chapter 516

The More the Merrier Chapter 516

Made Him Angry

Despite her heart thumping loudly, Arissa looked away and pretended to be calm.

“You just kissed me again!”

Benjamin chuckled. “So? Can’t I kiss you?”

Upon hearing the arrogance in his tone, Arissa was rendered speechless.

What the hell? Didn’t he say before that he won’t be interested in me? Why is he going back on his word now? Is he okay in the head?

With that, she turned and glared at him.

After starting the car and meeting Arissa’s gaze, Benjamin narrowed his eyes.

“What’s with that look?” he quipped.

I have a bad feeling about this. I know it can’t be anything good.

“Why? What kind of look do you think I have, Graham?” Arissa asked, smiling coyly at him.

“I’m not thinking of anything in particular. I want to hear what you have to say.”

“Are you sure you want me to?” Arissa said, eyes glinting with mischief.

“Yes!’ Benjamin answered as he began driving off.

“Don’t I look like I’m staring at a fool?”


The car suddenly braked, and the inertia sent Arissa lurching forward in her seat and then back sharply.

If it weren’t for the seatbelt, there was no doubt she’d have crashed through the windscreen.

Benjamin gritted his teeth and glared at Arissa. “Are you calling me a fool?”

Oh, this woman! What’s wrong with her? In what way do I seem foolish?

Seeing how grim Benjamin was, Arissa carefully stole a glance at him. “You were so confident before when you said you’d never fall for me,” she explained. “But now, you’ve done a one-eighty and kissed me. Doesn’t that make you a fool?”

To her surprise, Benjamin couldn’t find the words to refute her.

Scowling, he stepped on the accelerator and drove off.

I knew I shouldn’t have treated her well! Every time I show her some kindness, she never fails to abuse it.

Even after arriving at the restaurant, Benjamin was still silently fuming.

Arissa sat quietly in the passenger seat, lips pursed as she scrutinized the cold and aloof man beside her.

Well, I wasn’t wrong! I was only telling the truth!

As soon as the car stopped, Arissa immediately opened the door and got out. Shaun, Ethen, and Bradley were already waiting at the entrance with the children.

“Mommy, why are you two so slow?” Gavin asked confusedly, knowing full well that his father wasn’t a slow driver.

Alas, when he saw Benjamin stepping out of the car, he became even more perplexed.

Oh, my. Who has made Daddy angry?

Arissa turned to her children and chuckled. “Someone’s driving skills weren’t good, so we got held up.”

With that, Zachary and his siblings shot Benjamin a funny look, and even Tim couldn’t stop staring at the latter.

Despite smelling something fishy, Shaun and the others kept their opinions to themselves and grinned in silence.

“Why are you guys still standing here? Get in!” Benjamin bellowed before marching into the restaurant.

Arissa curled her lip and beckoned the children to follow. “Come on, Sweethearts. Let’s go have lunch!”

Without further ado, she placed her hand on their backs and gently guided them forward.

The three men, on the other hand, trotted along behind her.

Shaun and Ethen exchanged glances and began whispering among themselves. “Hey, do you think they argued?”

At the same time, Jasper, too, had a question for Arissa. “Mommy, did you and Mr. Graham get into a fight?”

“No!” Arissa replied as she threw a glance at her child.

Unfortunately, that only made Zachary and Gavin even more puzzled.

“If you two didn’t fight, why did Mr. Graham look so mad?” Oliver chimed in.

He looked so angry and so terrifying!

Unsurprisingly, Tim and Jesse had also turned their attention to her.

Arissa’s gaze swept over the six children, then landed on Benjamin.

“It’s all because he’s so petty! I merely said a few words, and he lost his temper!” she remarked, intentionally making her voice louder.

A stunned silence instantly befell the kids.

Upon hearing that, Benjamin pursed his lips and walked back toward Arissa.

The latter stared warily at him, not knowing what he was about to do.

Benjamin isn’t going to make a scene in public, is he?

Just as Arissa was wondering how best to defend herself, Benjamin suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her along.

The next second, Arissa’s jaw fell to the floor as she stared at him in utter disbelief.

“Close your mouth, you idi*t!” Benjamin scolded.

Arissa did as instructed, but not before her face contorted with rage. “You’re the idiot!” she shouted.

Thankfully, Benjamin didn’t continue bickering with her.

The six kids, however, looked at the couple incredulously, not knowing what was going on at all.

Of course, Shaun, Ethen, and Bradley were equally astonished. My goodness. Benjamin is turning into a simp!

Wow, I can’t believe Mr. Graham didn’t blow his top!

Huh? When did Benjamin become so close to Boss?

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