The More the Merrier Chapter 517

The More the Merrier Chapter 517

You Are Awesome

In the restaurant, many patrons stole glances at Benjamin and Arissa. After all, who wouldn’t want to check out a couple of good-looking people?

Moreover, the six identical kids in tow were so adorable that it made everyone envious.

“Wow, six kids at one go? How lucky of them!”

“I think this is my first time seeing sextuplets!”

“I’m so jealous that they have six kids, but I wouldn’t dare to have that many. Do you know how much money you have to spend on kids these days? It’s so tough!”

“Ha, you’d also need a ton of good fortune to have this many kids! Not everyone can pull off a feat like this! I must say, their mother is awesome.”

The crowd continued to buzz with excitement, and since Jasper liked to interact with strangers, everyone adored the kids even more.

Feeling over the moon, Arissa smiled.

When Benjamin saw how happy she was, he, too, had a smile playing on his lips.

“Hey, I think you’re awesome too,” he whispered into Arissa’s ear.

His warm breath tickled her, sending a tingling sensation racing over her skin.

Arissa immediately turned beet red from embarrassment. She ducked away and rubbed her ear, trying her best to relieve the ticklish feeling.

“I thought you’d be boasting about how amazing you are!” she snapped back at Benjamin.

Arissa remembered her first trimester being pretty smooth sailing back when she was pregnant with all six kids.

However, during the latter part of the pregnancy, her belly had gotten so large that it made everything all the more awkward and cumbersome.

In the days when she was about to give birth, she was almost on complete bed rest.

It was hard to do anything, and just standing for a few minutes would be enough to make her waist ache terribly.

“But I am amazing!” Benjamin blurted out with a narcissistic smirk. “How else would you have sextuplets?”

Benjamin’s eyes bored into Arissa, making the latter’s heart flutter when she met his gaze.

She hastily looked away, but nothing could hide the blush that had crawled to her neck.

Seeing how embarrassed Arissa was, Benjamin beamed with delight.

As soon as the group had entered the private room, he promptly got the waiters to serve the dishes.

“All right, Sweethearts, let’s wash our hands before eating!” Arissa reminded before ushering the kids out.

“Come on, Tim! Let’s wash our hands!” Gavin and Zachary shouted as they pulled him along and called out to their other siblings.

Soon, the six children were obediently following Arissa to the restroom. “Use the toilets if you need to, Sweethearts. Our food will be ready soon!”

“I’m going to pee!” Jasper exclaimed as he ran into the restroom with Oliver in tow.

As soon as they got out, Gavin told Tim to go next.

“Go on, Tim!” Zachary urged.


Tim quickly entered the restroom, except he ended up being in there for so long that it worried Arissa.

After a while, she sent Zachary to check on his brother while Jasper and Oliver washed their hands.

Zachary went into the restroom with Gavin, only to find Tim seemingly searching for something in the cubicle.

“Tim, have you peed?” Zachary asked.

Upon hearing that, Tim turned a deep shade of crimson. “I have, but I don’t know how to flush the toilet!”

That elicited a giggle from Zachary, but thankfully, he managed to hold it back.

“All you have to do is press this flush button, and the water will come out,” he said while demonstrating the process to Tim. I guess there’s still a lot I need to teach Tim in the future!

“You can head out and wash your hands, Tim!” Gavin chimed in, trying his best to comfort his blushing brother. “In the future, if there’s anything you’re unsure of, feel free to shout for us. We’ll always be here to help you. You don’t have to be shy around us!”

Tim nodded firmly. “Thank you so much!”

“Don’t mention it. Besides, we like having you ask us questions! Now, hurry up and get your hands washed. Let’s not make Mommy worry.”

Zachary, too, reassured Tim before rushing off to pee.

When Arissa saw Tim finally walk out of the restroom, she walked up and hugged him. “What’s wrong, Sweetheart?”

“It’s nothing!” Tim replied, shaking his head.

Arissa scrutinized her son for a bit, but instead of probing further, she merely helped to wash his hands.

“Jesse, are you done peeing?” she shouted as she dried Tim’s hands.

“All done, Mommy!” Jesse replied, running over to Arissa so she can get her hands washed.

“All right, those who are ready can head out first!”

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