This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 928

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 928

 Sit Still

“Yeah, we’re a little hungry.” Sonia touched her stomach without being reserved with Grace. After all, they were very close, so there was no need to stand on ceremony.

Hearing her reply, Grace hurriedly said, “In that case, let’s hurry and go there.”

Sonia nodded with a smile. “Alright. Mr. and Mrs. Lane, please go first. We’ll follow you from behind.”

Curtis then headed for the dining room while taking Grace by the hand, whereas Toby followed behind them while holding Sonia’s hand.

As they walked, Sonia gently tickled Toby’s palm with her fingertips.

Toby wrapped his fingers around her hand to keep her out of mischief. Then, he asked in a whisper, “What’s the matter?”

Sonia pointed at Curtis and Grace, who were walking ahead of them, with one hand while cupping the other hand around her mouth. She whispered, “What happened? Why did Mrs. Lane’s attitude toward you change so greatly?” Curtis had been more friendly toward Toby when they came, whereas Grace had been relatively cold toward him. Sonia knew that Grace had purposely put on a cold front for the purpose of testing Toby, but could she have finished testing him so soon?

Toby’s thin lips curled up slightly at Sonia’s curious question. “That’s simple. I let them open the presents to take a look.”

The instant he said that, Sonia immediately figured out what had happened. After raising her pretty eyebrows for a moment, she gave him a thumbs up. “That was a smart move. I thought you’d only give them the presents before we leave.”

“That wouldn’t be necessary,” Toby replied with a chuckle. “I could make Mrs. Lane approve of me sooner by doing so, so why not?”

“Well, you’re right.” Sonia giggled as well.

Curtis and Grace had seated themselves in the dining room. Seeing that Sonia and Toby had just entered through the door, they couldn’t help but urge, “Sonia, Toby, what are you two talking about? Hurry and come over.”

“We’re coming,” Sonia replied with a smile. Then, she took Toby’s hand and quickened her pace toward them.

The four of them had a pleasant dinner. Sonia and Grace discussed women’s favorite topics like cosmetics, clothing, and shoes, whereas Toby and Curtis talked about some business-related matters. They didn’t butt in on each other, but their conversations were harmonious.

It wasn’t until 11:00 PM that Sonia and Toby took their leave. Grace wanted to persuade them to stay here for the night, but Sonia and Toby turned it down. Sonia refused Grace’s invitation for a simple reason: she knew that Toby didn’t like staying overnight at someone else’s home, so she naturally wouldn’t disregard his feelings. As for Toby, his intention in refusing Grace’s invitation was even more straightforward. He wanted to have some quiet time together with Sonia at night, but how could they do so if they were to stay at somebody else’s home?

Seeing that Sonia and Toby were determined to leave, Grace had no choice but to give up and let them leave. She and Curtis then saw the couple to the door.

She hugged Sonia outside the villa, saying, “Sonny, tell Toby to drive slower and be careful on your way home, okay?” She tucked Sonia’s hair behind her ears.

Sonia nodded with a smile. “I will,” she said while turning to look at the man standing next to the car.

Sensing her gaze, the man turned his head slightly to meet her gaze before giving her a faint and yet charming smile.

Seeing the interaction between the young couple, Grace couldn’t help but shake her head with a smile. They’re so affectionate toward each other, being lovey-dovey at all times. Well, this is a good thing. Now that they seem to have no problem getting back together, I can finally put my mind at rest. “Just go.” She let go of Sonia’s hand and pushed her toward Toby.

Sonia took a hesitant step forward, upon which Toby immediately stepped forward and took her into his arms.

Sonia seemed somewhat embarrassed as she smelled the refreshing mint perfume on Toby. Her cheeks blushing slightly, she looked back and called out to Grace, “Mrs. Lane…”

Grace covered her lips and smiled. “Alright, I won’t be teasing you anymore. Go back and be careful on your way home,” she said while motioning them to leave with a wave of her hand.

Sonia suppressed her shyness and waved goodbye to Grace and Curtis. “Alright. We’ll be going home, then. Goodbye, Mr. and Mrs. Lane.”

“Goodbye.” Toby gave the couple a slight nod as well. Then, he walked up to his car with his arm wrapped around Sonia’s waist.

Grace stood where she was while seeing them off.

Curtis walked down the steps to Grace’s side before putting his arm around her shoulder. They stood side by side while seeing the young couple off together. Only after the couple’s car drove out of the villa did they turn back into the house.

Meanwhile, Sonia rolled up the car window and had a slight stretch inside the car. At this moment, she was only wearing a figure-hugging turtleneck sweater without a coat. As she stretched, the sweater shrank upward, revealing a part of her fair and flat tummy without her realizing it.

When Toby caught sight of this out of the corner of his eye, his eyes instantly darkened. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, and his voice deepened. “Sit still and don’t move around.”

Sonia put down her hands and looked at him with a baffled expression. “I’m not moving around.” How am I moving around? All I did was stretch.

Toby also knew that what he had said was somewhat absurd. He lowered his eyelids, saying, “In any case, just be good and sit tight.”

“Cut that nonsense.” Sonia gave him a dirty look.

They soon arrived at Bayside Residence. As soon as Sonia opened the door to their apartment and bent down to take her slippers out of the shoe cabinet, Toby suddenly hugged her from behind and turned her around. Pressing her against the shoe cabinet, he raised her chin and kissed her on the lips.

Sonia’s eyes widened as she was stunned. It wasn’t until she felt a slight tingle in her lips a while later that she came to her senses and pushed the man away.

Toby’s eyes were bloodshot as he looked at her while panting somewhat heavily. “What’s wrong?” he asked in a voice so attractive that it could melt one’s soul.

Suppressing the urge to go weak at the knees, Sonia opened her eyes as wide as she could. “W-Why did you kiss me all of a sudden?” He didn’t even close the door, which showed how impatient he was at the time. Luckily, their apartment was the only unit on the floor, so they didn’t have to worry about being seen.

Hearing her questioning, Toby leaned forward and pressed his forehead against hers, kissing her eyes and the tip of her nose off and on with his thin lips. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I wanted to do this back when we were in the car, but I’d been suppressing the urge to do it. Now that we’re at home, how can I restrain myself any longer?”

Sonia’s lips twitched. “You wanted to do so back when we were in the car? Do you have to be so thirsty?”

“It was your fault for seducing me at the time.” Toby’s voice became increasingly deep and husky.

Sonia looked stupefied. “I seduced you? When?”

“You exposed your waist while stretching,” Toby replied while looking into her eyes.

Sonia’s lips twitched violently as she was rendered speechless. No wonder he told me not to move around back then. Turns out this was the reason! This guy got thirsty just because I stretched and revealed a part of my waist. Should I chide him for having poor self-control or pride myself on being charming enough?

When Toby saw that Sonia zoned out all of a sudden, his eyes flickered slightly. The next instant, he kissed her once again and spread her legs apart. Then, he picked her up and carried her to their room.

Sonia was shocked the instant she came to her senses and realized what the man was going to do. Cupping his face in her hands, she pushed the man away to stop him from kissing her. Panting slightly, she looked at the man, saying, “Toby, we haven’t showered yet!”

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