This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 929

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 929

Worst Nightmare

Toby’s eyes flickered for an instant. She only said that we haven’t showered yet. Does that mean she doesn’t reject what I’m going to do? He stopped in his tracks for a moment to look down at the woman who was also looking at him. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down for a moment before he said in a husky voice, as if to suppress something, “Forget about taking a shower. That’d be a waste of time.” Now that I’ve gotten all heated up, I don’t want to pause to take a shower. What if she quits after we do so? At the thought of this, he lowered his head and kissed Sonia again without waiting for her reply. At the same time, he continued going upstairs before kicking the bedroom door open and going inside.

Soon after that, the sounds of a woman’s coquettish moans and a man’s attractive breathing could be heard from the room, so much so that the moon hid behind the dark clouds in the sky in shyness.

No one knew how much time had passed when the rain began pattering outside.

The instant it started raining, the noise in the room finally died down.

Toby looked down at the woman beneath him, who had fallen asleep in exhaustion. Curling his lips into a faint smile, he planted a kiss on her sweaty forehead. Then, he got up and scooped her up in his arms before going to the bathroom to clean her as well as himself.

By the time he finished doing all these and laid her back onto the bed in the room, the clock had struck four in the morning. He tucked her in and caressed her cheek as she was soundly asleep, but he didn’t feel sleepy. Instead, wearing a loose bathrobe, he came to the living room and took out his cell phone.

During the day, he had asked Tom to find out if something had happened to Paradigm Co. However, he had been busy talking to his grandmother and visiting the Lane Residence after that, not to mention that he had done the most important thing in life after coming home. As a result, he hadn’t had time to check his cell phone. It wasn’t until now that he finally had time to look at Tom’s findings.

He opened his mailbox on his cell phone. Seeing that the findings sent by his assistant were placed at the top of the list of unread emails, he opened the email with a slight tap of his finger.

Seeing the email’s contents, he knitted his brows. The next instant, he closed the email app and called Tom directly, totally disregarding the fact that Tom was probably dreaming in his sleep as it was now 4:00 AM.

As a result, just when Tom dreamed that he had a girlfriend and was about to kiss her, the face of his girlfriend suddenly transformed into Toby’s face. One could imagine how traumatized Tom was at this very moment.

Tom was so frightened that he woke up and sat up with a start. “Ah!” he cried out, gasping for breath as beads of sweat oozed out of his forehead. “How scary! This is really scary! To think that I’d dream about my girlfriend turning into President Fuller! This is simply the worst nightmare in my whole life!” he muttered while rubbing his arms, still badly shaken. Now he sincerely believed that he had fallen under Toby’s curse. It’s enough that I’m being enslaved by President Fuller every single day. Why can’t I even escape from him in my dream? Oh, God! This is killing me! He looked up at the ceiling with despair written all over his face.

After a long time, he finally collected himself. After all, he had seen much of life, so regaining his composure was a piece of cake. After composing himself, he was finally in the mood to care about the cell phone that had been ringing nonstop on the bedside table. He was really annoyed. Who would dare to call me in the middle of the night? Believe it or not, I’m gonna get even with that person for this tomorrow! Swearing like a trooper inwardly, he turned on the light and reached for his glasses before putting them on. Only then did he slowly and impatiently grab his phone.

When he saw the caller ID on his phone’s screen, his eyes widened at once. He let out a gasp at first. The next instant, his lips twitched and twisted into a rueful smile. Well, only that person would dare to call me in the middle of the night. Since it’s him calling, I’d better forget about getting even with him for this. After all, I can’t beat him, nor do I have the nerve to do so! Also, I was wondering why my girlfriend would transform into President Fuller all of a sudden. Turns out that President Fuller really is calling me, he thought to himself in helplessness while holding his phone to his ear. Despite cursing inwardly, he appeared and sounded as zealous as he could. “President Fuller, what makes you call me all of a sudden at this time of night?”

“What were you doing? What took you so long to answer my phone call?” Toby asked in displeasure with a frown.

Tom rolled his eyes while cursing even more severely in his mind. At this very moment, he could no longer put on a zealous front, and even his voice took on a note of sarcasm. “President Fuller, it’s 4:00 AM right now. I was sleeping, of course.”

Speechless, Toby fell silent. Not even he could blame Tom for not answering his phone call in the middle of the night. After all, not only did Tom state explicitly that he had been sleeping, but he even made a point of emphasizing what time it was. However much he wanted to, he couldn’t ignore these against his conscience. At the thought of this, a hint of embarrassment flashed across his eyes, and he hemmed with his hand over his mouth. “Sorry. I didn’t notice it.”

Tom rolled his eyes again. Why doesn’t he take note of the time and go to sleep at this time of night? Doesn’t Miss Reed care about him? he thought to himself, but he dared not say so. Instead, he had to reply with a smile, “It’s okay, President Fuller. But is there anything that you want to talk to me about?” If you’ve got something to talk to me about, just hurry up and spill it. If not, then you’d better hang up. I’m sleepy!

Toby seemed to perceive the hidden meaning behind Tom’s words. Pursing his thin lips, he asked, “What exactly does the email you sent mean? What do you mean by ‘it’s not confirmed, but something might have happened to Paradigm Co.’?”

Upon hearing his question, Tom pushed his glasses and put on a grave expression. “Well, President Fuller, the person who stayed in Paradigm Co. asked about it. Something was wrong with the behavior of Miss Reed’s other secretaries and assistants this afternoon. They seemed very anxious, and they even went to her directly. But after meeting with Miss Reed and leaving her office, they resumed their usual demeanor, which was why I stated in my email that something might have happened to Paradigm Co. Still, I’m not sure if something happened because it was difficult to confirm this from the response of these secretaries and assistants. It seems like something happened but was resolved.”

Toby’s taut expression eased a little when he heard Tom say so. Sonia’s secretaries and assistants had been nervous and anxious at first, but they recovered themselves in the end. Indeed, it seemed like something had happened but was solved soon afterward. And besides, he hadn’t noticed anything wrong with Sonia’s expression since meeting up with her this afternoon. Seems like it’s really just as Sonia said during the day. Asher was making trouble, but she probably stamped it out, he thought. Still, he asked anxiously, “Did you find out what made those secretaries and assistants so anxious?”

Tom shook his head. “No, we didn’t. That person asked about it, but those secretaries and assistants kept mum about it. Miss Reed probably had told them to keep it a secret, so that person couldn’t continue asking about it. Otherwise, she’d find out that we were keeping a close eye on her anytime. She’d definitely put up a fuss with you over this.”

The instant he said so, Toby’s expression immediately froze. He replied, “I got it. Since you didn’t find out about it, then never mind. It probably wasn’t anything serious. Well, just go on with your sleep.” With that, he hung up right away.

Looking at his phone that had returned to the home screen, Tom smiled smugly. I just knew that President Fuller would definitely stop babbling once I mentioned Miss Reed. At last, I can continue sleeping, he thought with a sigh of relief. He tossed his cell phone and glasses next to his pillow before falling back into bed to continue dreaming about his girlfriend. He only hoped that his sweet dream wouldn’t turn into a nightmare again this time.

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