This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 930

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 930

An Early Morning Prank

I’m still too young to handle such scares, after all! thought Tom.

Meanwhile, Toby didn’t stay in the living room after hanging up the phone. Instead, he put his phone away, stood up, and went back to his room.

Sonia was still sleeping soundly in the room while looking beautiful and serene.

Toby stood by the bed and stared at her face for a long time. In the end, he bent down and caressed her somewhat rosy cheek. Only then did he throw back the covers, get into bed, take her into his arms, and close his eyes.

Sonia had a good night’s sleep. By the time she woke up, it was already 8:00 AM. As soon as she opened her eyes, she felt something wrapping around her waist tightly, as if for fear that she might run away. Consequently, she rubbed her eyes and turned her head to take a look. Seeing the man who was still soundly asleep next to her, she looked somewhat surprised. This guy usually gets up and leaves home early in the morning, so I usually don’t get to see him after I wake up. I never thought he’d wake up later than I do today. Could he have also been tired out last night?

At the thought of this possibility, she finally felt somewhat better. Whenever she and Toby finished making out, she was always so dog-tired that she didn’t want to move and couldn’t get out of bed the next day, whereas Toby was always as fresh as a daisy. Even if they made out all night without getting a wink of sleep, he would be as full of vigor as usual the next day without showing the slightest hint of fatigue. At last, I get to see him being unable to wake up today. Well, it lets me know that he’s not made of steel. He’s not always full of energy, and it’s not like he’ll never get tired.

The more she thought about it, the happier she got. As she looked at Toby’s closed eyes and quiet sleeping face, her eyes flickered with a hint of mischief. The next instant, she quietly lifted the covers and grabbed his wrist, moving his hand bit by bit away from her waist. Fearing that she might wake him while doing so, she looked back from time to time at the man who was lying on his side with his face to her. Seeing that her actions didn’t wake him, she finally put her mind at rest and continued moving his hand away. It wasn’t until she placed his hand back onto him that she let out a sigh of relief with her heart back in place.

“Phew…” She wiped the thin sheen of sweat off her forehead. Only now do I know it is so tiring to do something furtively. After shaking her head, she stopped thinking about it and slowly propped herself up to a sitting position on bed. Then, she turned to open the bedside table’s drawer, remembering that it contained a lipstick that she had bought a few days ago.

While she was searching for the lipstick, the man behind her slowly and suddenly opened his eyes and stared at her bare, fair, and tender back with dark eyes. As she leaned forward, her back twisted into a beautiful S-shape, causing her shoulder blades to protrude slightly in two beautiful arcs as if she were about to grow a pair of pure white wings.

No one could resist the urge to touch her back at the sight of this.

Toby’s large hand clutched the bed sheet underneath the quilt, and his thin lips quivered slightly. However, as soon as Sonia straightened her back slightly, he immediately closed his eyes, and his hand and lips stopped moving. He got back to what he had looked like before opening his eyes as though nothing had happened.

Sonia didn’t know what the man behind her had done while she was searching for the lipstick. She found her lipstick and held it before her eyes to take a look. Then, with a mischievous grin, she uncapped the lipstick and rolled it up. After doing all of this, she took a deep breath. Then, holding her breath slightly, she quietly turned around and looked guiltily at the man who was still “soundly asleep.” Then, with a mischievous smile, she stretched the lipstick toward his lips and painted them bit by bit with a bright color.

The lipstick she had bought was a pure, bright red, which was very beautiful and eye-catching. Toby’s lips had always been relatively light-colored. Now that they were painted red, not only did it not make him look funny in the slightest, but it even lent him a seductive charm. That was right; he looked seductive. If Toby looked like an aloof and arrogant martial arts grandmaster or the most revered god in the celestial realm before wearing the lipstick, he would look like the leader of a demonic cult who loved to dress in bright red and could be both good and evil as described in novels with the lipstick on, or rather he would give the impression of a demon who was seductive but not feminine. If he were to really dress in a red ancient costume, he would really look like a demon who came from hell.

Seeing how Toby looked totally different from usual, Sonia had her breath taken away. She felt that her heart was beating faster. At first, she had just wanted to play a prank on him by putting lipstick on him to make him look funnier. To her surprise, however, not only did she fail to accomplish her goal, but she discovered the devilishly charming side of him. Having gotten used to his usual appearance, she found herself even more attracted to him after seeing him in a totally different style. In an instant, she stared at him in a daze while holding her lipstick. As a result, she didn’t notice that the man had slowly opened his eyes.

“Do I look good?” The man’s thin lips parted slightly as he spoke in a voice that was languid and husky with sleep. Coupled with his devilishly charming “makeup,” it made him look even more like a charming and unpredictable demon.

Coming to her senses with a start, Sonia subconsciously replied with a nod, “Yeah, you do.” After that, she finally realized what the man had asked. Her heart skipped a beat, and she forced a strained smile on her face. “Uh… Do you know this?”

Toby raised his eyes without giving a definite answer.

Seeing his response, Sonia felt even guiltier. Not daring to look at him, she turned her eyes away. “So you actually woke up long ago?”

Toby nodded again. “Of course. Otherwise, how would I know that my Little Leaf had such a naughty side as to play pranks on me?” he said as his eyes fell on the lipstick in her hand.

Sonia followed his gaze and saw the lipstick. Uh-oh. He saw the material evidence, she thought to herself. Feeling guilty, she waved the lipstick in her hands and asked with a placating smile, “Well, uh… Would you believe it if I were to tell you that I want to wear makeup?”

Toby merely looked at her quietly without answering her.

Sonia could no longer continue to make excuses under his stare. Knowing that she was in the wrong, she lowered her head and smiled embarrassedly at him. “Alright, I was wrong. I admit that I played a prank on you, but…” She glared at him. “Since you’ve woken up long ago, why didn’t you stop me or expose me? Why did you let me finish it instead? Were you waiting for me to finish doing it so that you could catch me in the act and give me a hard time?”

Seeing how the woman apologized for her actions one minute before leveling accusations at him and even questioning him the next, Toby was amused. After shaking his head in resignation, he got up slightly. Propping his head in his hand, he looked at her and replied, “I didn’t intend to do so. I didn’t expose or stop you because I’m indulging you. Since you wanted to play, I’d play with you, of course. It’s rare to see such a vivacious side of you, so how could I have the heart to cut it short?”

Sonia’s red lips parted slightly as she had surprise written all over her face. Obviously, she wasn’t expecting such a reason for his actions. Putting the lipstick back on the nightstand, she replied with embarrassment, “You made me feel ashamed of my childish behavior by doing so.”

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