This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 931

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 931

 An Exciting Morning

“You don’t have to feel ashamed.” Toby stretched out his hand and pinched Sonia’s cheek gently. “As long as you’re not trying to kill me, you don’t have to be ashamed of everything you did to me. I’ll take it as you only did it because you were naughty and liked me. You wouldn’t do what you did just now to an outsider, right?”

Sonia shook her head. “I would’ve been crazy to do that.” If I were to do that to an outsider, I’d probably get slapped across the face.

Toby’s lips curled into a smile. “That’s it. So, this is the special treatment you’re giving me, which is another display of your love toward me. Why do you have to be ashamed of that? Give me your cell phone.” Putting down his hand that was propping his head, he sat up in bed and stretched out his hand toward her with his back leaning against the head of the bed.

“Why are you asking for my cell phone?” Sonia asked in puzzlement while handing her cell phone to him.

After taking her phone from her, Toby held it up before himself and looked at his reflection in the phone’s dark screen. When he saw his thin, red lips, his mouth curved into a smile. “Nice skills,” he praised.

Sonia blushed. “S-Should I thank you for the compliment?”

Toby chuckled. “You can do so if you want, of course. But…”

“But what?” Sonia looked at him while blinking her eyes.

Toby’s thin lips parted slightly as he replied, “It’s not good for a guy to wear lipstick, after all.”

Sonia nodded repeatedly. “I know that. I just had a sudden whim to play a prank on you when I saw that you were still asleep, but I never intended to let you leave home wearing lipstick. After all, you’re my man. How could I let somebody else laugh at you? Well, they might not laugh at you—the lipstick suits you pretty well, after all—but they would surely stare at you. After all, such a devilishly charming side of you looks even more charming than your usual appearance.”

“Oh?” Toby’s eyes gleamed. “Do you like the current me, then?”

Sonia’s cheeks blushed slightly as she hemmed. “Yeah, I guess,” she replied while sneaking a glance at his thin lips.

Amusement showed in Toby’s eyes when he saw how Sonia sneaked glances at himself. Leaning close to her ear, he gently bit her earlobe and said in a charmingly husky voice, “Well, it seems that you like me as well. But however much you like me, you have to wipe the lipstick off. As you said, you don’t want anyone else to keep staring at me. I don’t like being stared at by somebody else either; I just want to be stared at by no one else but you. If you like to see me like this, I can wear makeup like this for you after I come home every night if you want. I can even role-play.”

At that very moment, Sonia straightened her back instantly, and she got goosebumps all over. Her face blushed crimson as she was both charmed and creeped out by Toby’s words. “Stop it.” She gently pushed him away.

When Toby saw her reddened face, ears, and neck, his heart pounded, and he let out an orgasmic chuckle.

Hearing the man’s chuckle, Sonia only felt even more embarrassed. How could this guy come up with the idea of wearing makeup like this every day for me and even role-playing? To think that he’s so creative in ways of having fun as to come up with the idea of role-playing! But what role am I going to play? Well, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea if I play a role that can have an edge over him… Ahem! Pffft! What nonsense am I thinking about? She hurriedly shook her head. Seriously, this guy made me think of something I wasn’t supposed to. As a matter of fact, I used to be quite pure and innocent. Why am I now… Wait a minute! I can’t keep on thinking about it anymore. Letting out a long breath, she hurriedly suppressed these nonsensical ideas lest she really fall from virtue.

Toby wouldn’t let her off, though. His eyes flickered slightly as he asked, “What were you thinking just now?”

Sonia’s eyes widened. Subconsciously, she replied loudly, “Nothing.”

“Really?” Toby raised his eyebrows in apparent incredulity.

Sonia nodded vigorously. “It’s true. It’s definitely true.”

A hint of disappointment flashed across Toby’s eyes when he saw that she was unwilling to tell him what she had been thinking. However, he didn’t force her to do so. “Well, since you weren’t thinking about anything, just forget it. But what about my lipstick—”

“I’ll wipe it off for you!” Sonia replied immediately. After all, she was the one who had applied lipstick on his lips, so she had to be responsible for dealing with the aftermath, of course. As it happens, there is a makeup remover and cleansing wipes in the nightstand’s drawer. At the thought of this, Sonia turned over to search for them.

However, Toby grabbed her wrist and pulled her back before clasping her in his arms. They had only washed themselves without putting any clothes on after making out last night. Toby had put on a bathrobe before going to sleep, but he had taken it off in his sleep. As a consequence, they were both naked at this moment.

As Sonia was pulled into the man’s arms by surprise, the two naked bodies were naturally pressed closely against each other. It made them feel like an electric current was spreading throughout their bodies, and they were both able to feel the warmth of each other’s skin very distinctly.

Sonia had already been intimate with Toby a number of times, but she was still somewhat unused to having her naked body pressed against his, so she felt rather embarrassed. Therefore, she subconsciously tried to dodge him.

However, seeing through her intentions, Toby hugged her tightly around the waist without giving her the opportunity to dodge him. In the end, he even held her waist with both hands and lifted her up, letting her sit astride his waist.

Sonia was instantly overwhelmed with mortification at that very moment. T-This position… Isn’t this the so-called cowgirl position?

There had been a time when Toby had wanted to use the cowgirl position while they were having sex, but she adamantly refused to do it because the fact that she would have to be the one moving was really too embarrassing. She was unwilling to move on her own, so she firmly refused to do it since it would make her feel like a loose woman. Luckily, Toby respected her. Since she was unwilling to use the cowgirl position, he didn’t force her to do so. As a result, they had never used such a position during the last few times of coupling.

But now, Toby put her on top of him in such a position while they weren’t having sex. Not only that, but they were both stark naked at this very moment, so it didn’t make any difference whether or not they were making out since they were adopting that kind of position. The more she thought about it, the more embarrassed she felt. Her heart pounded faster and faster, and her cheeks burned more and more. She hurriedly pushed the man, saying, “Let go of me! I have to wipe the lipstick off your lips.”

Toby wouldn’t let go of her as he grabbed her waist. “How are you gonna do it?”

Sonia put her hands on his chest. “There’s a makeup remover in the drawer. Once I use it to wipe the lipstick off, the lipstick will be gone.”

Toby shook his head, though. “I don’t like to use such a conventional method.”

Sonia was startled. “What do you mean by that?”

Toby curled his lips into a smile while looking at her with his dark, fathomless eyes. “I like to use unconventional methods. This is your lipstick, which you applied on my lips yourself, so wipe it off with your own mouth,” he said. With that, he released one hand from her waist. Then, he reached up and grabbed the back of her head, pushing her head downward.

As Sonia’s head was pushed downward, her body naturally leaned downward. In the end, her body was pressed against Toby’s. He raised her chin and stared at her lips for two seconds. Then, he bit her lips while she was in a daze.

Feeling the slight tingle on her lips, Sonia finally realized that this was the man’s so-called unconventional method to remove the lipstick. Embarrassment and vexation inundated her all at once. Bah! What kind of lipstick-removing method is this? This is simply an excuse that he purposely made up to kiss me. What an *sshole!

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