This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 932

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 932

A Call From Charles

Despite complaining inwardly, Sonia didn’t push the man away. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck and responded to his advances.

Sensing her movements, Toby immediately kissed her even more passionately as though he had been encouraged.

It was already 11:00 AM when they finished making out. Sonia’s stomach growled with hunger, but she didn’t care about it. Instead, she sat on the bed in a daze, wondering when she had become so wild. I slept with him last night, no? Why would I make out with him again early in the morning? Am I so bad at self-control nowadays?

Toby’s lips curled into a smile of satisfaction as he stood next to the bed and put on his clothes while looking at her dazed expression. Obviously, the lovemaking just now had given him immense satisfaction and pleasure. “Alright, time to stop daydreaming. Let me carry you to wash up.” He stretched out his hand and gently stroked her hair after getting dressed.

Coming to her senses, Sonia grabbed the quilt and covered her face with it, resulting in an amusing sight as she lay face down underneath the quilt like a cocoon.

Toby knew that she was feeling shy. After all, they had never been so crazy after getting up early in the morning before. This was well beyond what was acceptable to her. And besides, they had even used the cowgirl position, which he had always wanted to use previously but which she had always refused to use. Undoubtedly, this had caused her to be overwhelmed with embarrassment. She had put everything out of her mind and immersed herself wholeheartedly in the wonderful act while they were making out, so she didn’t think about anything else. Now that they had finished making out, she would naturally find it embarrassing to show her face.

Still, he didn’t regret making out with her early in the morning. Again, she was too shy and somewhat reserved. If he had a few more special lovemaking episodes with her, she would slowly come out of her shell so that he could enjoy even more benefits such as the rooftop, the bathroom, the kitchen, or the office…

He wanted to try these places with her and leave behind traces that only belonged to them. Of course, he could only hold these thoughts inside as he couldn’t let her know about it. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t get to repeat what he had done this morning, let alone make wonderful memories at these places in the future.

As he thought of this, his eyes darkened for an instant before returning to normal soon afterward. He stretched out his hand and lifted the quilt off her. “Don’t smother yourself with the blanket. Aren’t you afraid of getting suffocated?”

Sonia let out a snort without saying a word. Getting suffocated is no big deal! What matters most is the fact that I’m shy of showing my face, okay? In the past, she had never dared to imagine herself as being so bold and open-minded. If someone had told her that she would behave like this, she would probably die laughing. However, the truth was that thanks to Toby’s temptation, she actually slowly became someone she had never dared to imagine in the past. Over time, her acceptance of this kind of thing would reach an unthinkably high extent.

Toby gently tapped the back of her neck. “Stop snorting. Aren’t you hungry?”

Sonia looked up at him with her eyes full of bitterness.

Toby let out a chuckle. “Alright, alright. It was all my fault. How about I carry you to go wash up and then apologize to you?”

Sonia pursed her lips without saying a word, but she stretched out her arms.

When Toby saw this, the smile in his eyes deepened. Scooping her up in his arms, he walked out of their room and headed for the bathroom. After helping her wash up, he carried her back to their room and personally picked a set of clothes for her from the wardrobe. He had good taste and an aesthetic eye, so the matching set of clothes he picked for her was stunningly beautiful.

Sonia quite liked these clothes, which she had bought separately and worn only a few times. However, she never thought that these clothes would rise to a higher level after being matched by Toby like this. Holding the clothes in her arms, she looked at him in surprise. “I never noticed that you had a knack for matching clothes.”

“The Fuller Group isn’t involved in the clothing industry, but it has investments in several luxury brands. They would send me a catalog of their merchandise every quarter for me to sign. Usually, I’d also accept these brands’ invitations to attend fashion shows featuring their new products. As a result, I learned about fashion over time. Of course, what mattered the most was that you knew which clothes to buy, or I wouldn’t have been able to match them,” Toby replied, explaining why he knew how to match clothes while praising Sonia at the same time.

Sonia looked somewhat embarrassed, but she was inwardly pleased by his words.

“Alright, just get dressed while I go out to fix something to eat. What would you like to eat?” he asked while stroking her hair.

Sonia blinked her eyes. “It’s almost twelve already. Just don’t make anything that’s too complicated.” She could now leave the kitchen to him with peace of mind.

Toby nodded. “Alright. In that case, I’ll make two bowls of pasta. Just wait for me,” he said. He put his hand on the back of her head and kissed her on the forehead. Then, he stood up and left the room, heading for the kitchen.

Sonia touched the spot on her forehead where he had kissed. She mumbled with a smile, “This guy really takes advantage of me at every opportunity.”

She shook her head with a smile of resignation before starting to put on her clothes. After getting dressed, she walked up to the full-length mirror next to the wardrobe and looked at herself in the mirror. Seeing how she was dressed differently from usual, she was dazed for a few seconds. Then, she did a twirl in front of the mirror, finding that the more she looked at the clothes Toby had matched for her, the more the clothing style suited her. In fact, it suited her even better than her usual clothing style did. How about I buy clothes according to the style he matched for me today in the future? She made up her mind as she touched her chin.

Just as Sonia finished looking at herself in the mirror and was about to leave the room to show Toby his masterpiece, her phone suddenly rang on the nightstand. Dismissing her ideas for the time being, she walked toward the phone. She walked up to the nightstand and looked down at the phone’s screen, only to see that it was a call from Charles. Without hesitation, she picked up the phone and answered it. “Hey, Charles.”

Charles’ agitated questioning voice sounded through the phone. “Sonny, what’s going on with Rentoor? Why did they resell our spare parts to someone else for no reason?”

Of course, Sonia knew that Charles’ agitated questioning wasn’t directed at her, but at Rentoor—the name of the manufacturer with which Paradigm Co. was currently collaborating.

Instead of answering Charles’ questions at once, she asked in surprise, “Charles, how did you learn about this?” I didn’t tell him about this, did I? Could word have leaked that our parts were snatched away? In that case, wouldn’t Asher and his men—as well as Paradigm Co.’s employees—be thrown into confusion right now?

After all, this batch of spare parts is very important. They concern Paradigm Co.’s lifeline since Paradigm Co. is engaged in heavy industry. These spare parts are supposed to be delivered to us two days later so that we can continue processing them. Without these parts, those employees who are waiting for the processing will have nothing to do, and we will still have to continue to bear the labor costs, the compensation for the delay in their work, and so on.

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