This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 933

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 933

Not Knowing What to Do

This would be equivalent to spending money on nothing. However, the current Paradigm Co. couldn’t bear the costs despite having to do so. As a result, Paradigm Co. would end up spending money without having goods to sell. As they earned zero income, they would be unable to pay their employees’ wages, the bank’s loan, the dividends for the other companies that collaborated with them, and so on. By then, the only thing that awaited Paradigm would be bankruptcy.

A small spare part being snatched away could cause such a terrible result, so one could imagine how important the spare parts were. If Asher learned about it, he would definitely make an issue of it to deal her, the company’s chairman, a blow. If the employees learned about it, they would be in a state of anxiety, so much so that they might even raise an uproar for fear that they might not receive this month’s paycheck.

Therefore, she cautiously withheld the news from everyone except her and the secretaries and assistants. However, she didn’t expect that Charles would know about it. If Charles knew about it, Asher and the company’s employees might have learned about it as well. Is the company in an uproar right now? She felt her heart instantly plunge at the thought of this possibility.

Just then, Charles replied, “One of your secretaries called me and told me about this. Don’t forget that I’m a nominal director at Paradigm Co. And besides, I was the one who acted as go-between for the collaboration between Paradigm Co. and Rentoor back then, whereas you were the one who secured it.

Since Rentoor breached the contract, I, the go-between, am supposed to learn about it, of course, so your secretary told me about it this morning. I immediately went to Rentoor’s chairman, but he refused to see me. I couldn’t figure out why they breached the contract, so I called you.”

Hearing his explanation, Sonia finally learned that it wasn’t what she had thought it was, and she gave an inward sigh of relief. “I see.”

“What happened, Sonny?” Charles asked again with a frown. “Why would Rentoor breach the contract all of a sudden? I remember that this batch of spare parts is supposed to be delivered soon, right?”

“Yeah, they’re supposed to be delivered two days later.” Sonia nodded.

Charles slapped his desk in anger. “What a nerve he’s got, selling the spare parts to someone else just before they’re supposed to be delivered! Tell me, Sonny—did something happen between you and Rentoor’s chairman?” If not, why would Rentoor’s chairman take such a huge risk to breach the contract? He’ll be held legally responsible for doing this!

Sonia shook her head. “Nope. Nothing happened between me and Rentoor’s chairman, but I came into conflict with the person who snatched our spare parts. That person probably got something on Rentoor’s chairman, so he intimidated Rentoor’s chairman into selling the spare parts to him in order to keep me from getting the spare parts so that he can get what he wants from me.”

“What?” Charles was surprised. “To think that there’s such a story behind it! Sonny, who exactly did you offend?” he immediately asked, wanting to see if he could be of any help.

Sonia bit her red lips before slowly uttering a name. “Connor Salzburg.”

“Connor Salzburg?” Charles was startled for a moment as the name sounded familiar to him. Soon after that, though, he recalled who Connor was and was shocked. “Sonny, don’t tell me you’re talking about Connor Salzburg, the head of the Salzburg Family of Westsanshire, which ranked among Westsanshire’s few greatest families along with the Hayes Family.”

“Uh-huh. It’s him.” Sonia nodded.

Charles let out a gasp. “So it’s really him. Sonny, why would he bear a grudge against you? By rights, you two are supposed to have nothing to do with each other.”

Sonia lowered her eyes. “It has something to do with Connor’s illegitimate daughter.”

“What?” Charles didn’t understand what she meant.

Sonia replied, “Connor has an illegitimate daughter who came to Seafield recently. She is Anya Steinfield, whom you know about.”

Charles was so surprised that he raised his voice. “You mean that the Anya Steinfield who was forced by you and Toby to apologize publicly after she fell in love with Toby at first sight and tried to steal him from you is Connor’s illegitimate daughter?”

“Uh-huh,” Sonia mumbled again. “It’s her.”

“Holy crap.” Charles looked astounded. “I thought she was just an ordinary orphan. I never thought that she came from such a background.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” Sonia let out a sigh. Who would’ve thought of that? At first, both she and Toby thought that Anya was an ordinary girl from an orphanage who was smarter than average people and knew how to make money, which was why she could spend a lot of money to change her image despite not having a prominent background.

If such a lady wasn’t an angelic b*tch who would do something so disgusting as to steal someone else’s boyfriend, she would definitely admire her very much. After all, if it were her, she didn’t think she could make so much money at such a young age after coming from an orphanage. However, Anya was precisely a troublesome angelic b*tch and a disgusting woman who had tried to steal her boyfriend, so she looked down on her no matter how capable she was.

She thought she would never meet Anya again after the latter’s public apology, but she didn’t expect she would meet Anya again at the boutique soon after that. Not only that, but Anya had snatched and ruined her evening dress, which was how the former’s identity was revealed. Otherwise, she and Toby would probably have no idea that Anya was Connor’s daughter until now.

“So, you mean that Connor holds a grudge against you because you had his daughter apologize publicly last time, which was why he then snatched the spare parts away to get back at you on purpose?” Charles tried to connect the dots, frowning.

Sonia nodded before shaking her head. “This is probably part of the reason, but the actual reason has something to do with the second conflict between Anya and me.”

“What? You came across Anya again after that?” Charles cried.

Sonia pursed her lips before telling Charles about her encounter with Anya in the boutique and everything that had happened after that without hiding any details. However, she didn’t tell him about the old scores between Toby and Connor.

After all, the outsiders were clueless about what had happened between Connor and Toby’s mother in the past, nor would she tell anyone about it without Toby’s permission. After all, this was the Fuller Family’s secret.

“F*ck!” Having listened to her description, Charles was infuriated by Anya even if he wasn’t involved in these events. He paced back and forth in his office in anger, saying, “Are they nuts? It was obviously their fault, but they blamed you for not forgiving them and snatched your spare parts away to threaten you. How could such shameless people exist in the world?”

Sonia massaged her temples. “That’s right. I also wonder why I keep running into these people.”

“Life is being unfair to you, that’s why.” Charles looked up at the sky outside through his office’s French window before giving the sky the finger.

Sonia couldn’t see it, but a smile of helplessness appeared on her face as she could imagine how he looked at the moment.

Having given the sky the one-finger salute, Charles withdrew his gaze and asked with a serious expression, “How are you gonna solve this?”

Sonia closed her eyes. “To be honest, I haven’t come up with any solution yet.”

Charles wasn’t surprised by her answer. After falling silent for a moment, he said, “If you want to take back the spare parts, I guess you can only agree to Connor’s demand and have Anya released. But if you do so, you’ll feel very aggrieved.

You weren’t the one in the wrong; you only punished the evil person by correct and lawful means, but you end up having to give in because of another evil person’s threats. Anyone would be resentful about this.”

His words expressed perfectly what Sonia was thinking. She bit her lips and replied, “Which was why I’d never planned to meet them halfway since the very beginning.”

“But if you don’t give in, you won’t be able to take back the spare parts. How can you handle the consequences of—”

Sonia sat down on the bed again in dejection. “I’ve thought about it, which is why I’m feeling restless right now. I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff, not knowing what to do.”

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