This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 936

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 936

 Toby’s Gift

“Why are you acting all jealous?” Looking at the man’s wry face, Sonia was at a loss.

Sneaking a glance at her, Toby replied, “Because I care. That’s why I’m jealous.”

That sounds about right, she thought. “Alright, then how about I tell you something that will cheer you up?” Sonia gently nudged the man’s shoulder with her elbow.

The man then grabbed her playful arm and gently squeezed it. “What is it?”

“Do you know what Charles had told me?” Sonia had her eyes on Toby.

Her question prompted Toby to purse his lips. “I wouldn’t know since you two were talking behind my back.”

She rolled her eyes. “What do you mean behind your back? Don’t put it as though I’ve done something wrong to you. Didn’t I tell you everything when you asked me who I was talking to?” How is that going behind him?

He only grunted and said nothing more.

Sonia laughed helplessly as she watched Toby acting this way. “Alright, alright. I’ll stop with the suspense. Charles complained and asked me what have you done to his parents for them to have such a good impression of you. With how they kept singing praises of you and even said to Charles that you were leagues better than him, Charles is left wondering if you’re their real son instead. So? Are you happy to hear you’ve beaten Charles in his parents’ eyes?”

She knew the reason Toby was always jealous upon seeing her with Charles was that he was mindful of how Charles might have feelings for her. Thus, she thought that telling him Charles’ embarrassing stories would appease his jealousy.

Consequently, it was just as Sonia had expected. When Toby heard Charles’ parents were giving him the cold shoulders, the cold air around him instantly vanished while his expression brightened, and the corners of his tightly pursed lips lifted slightly.

“Did Charles really tell you that?” Toby gazed at Sonia with eyes filled with clear expectation.

Sonia nodded. “Of course. Why would I lie to you? You can ask his parents about it if you don’t believe me.”

“I believe you.” At this point, Toby was already full-blown smiling from the bottom of his heart and was unable to hide the clear delight in his eyes.

Seeing the delight in Toby’s eyes, Sonia knew that the man before her was all cheered up. “So, are you happy now?” she asked once more.

Pretending to be reserved, he immediately shifted his sight elsewhere before giving out a fake cough and answering, “It’s alright. Feeling better than I was moments ago.”

Looking at how haughty Toby was acting, Sonia couldn’t help but roll her eyes, albeit with a smile on her face. Geez, if this man is in such a good mood, can’t he just admit that he’s happy? After their light banter, Sonia took a look at the time to find that it was already past noon; it was time to leave for work. “Alright, it’s getting late. Let’s go.”

Since they had skipped their work during the morning, she thought that they should at least make an appearance during the afternoon.

Toby stayed silent and only grunted a response before holding her hand. With their hands holding each other’s, the two then left for the parking lot.

In the parking lot, Tom was leaning against Toby’s Maybach and tapping away at his phone. It was only when he noticed the two had arrived that he put away his phone and greeted, “President Fuller. Miss Reed.”

Sonia nodded and smiled at Tom as a reply.

With his eyes on his assistant, Toby asked, “Have you prepared what I’ve asked?”

Tom pushed his glasses back up his nose bridge before casting a loaded glance at Sonia and nodding. “Naturally, there is nothing for President Fuller to worry about if I’m on the job.”

Toby—who didn’t bother with his assistant’s boastful remarks—pulled Sonia by her hand toward the trunk of his Maybach.

“What are you doing?” Sonia was clueless as she was led to the trunk.

With his eyes fixed squarely on the trunk, he replied in a mysterious tone, “You’ll know soon enough. Tom.”

The moment Toby called for his assistant, Tom immediately gave a response from the driver’s seat. “Understood, President Fuller.”

In the next instance, the trunk of the Maybach automatically unlocked and gradually opened in a rising motion. As the trunk gradually opened, it slowly revealed a different sight of the inner trunk. First, balloons came floating up, followed by the numerous fresh flowers, and finally, several exquisitely wrapped boxes.

Sonia suddenly understood what was going on, and she stared slack-jawed at the man beside her. Although she had no personal experience, she often saw such videos online where boyfriends would give gifts to their girlfriends by hiding them in the decorated trunk of a car. Now, just like the videos she saw online, Sonia was the girlfriend in this scenario.

At this moment, Sonia finally understood the surprise and excitement the girls in the videos felt when they received such an attentive and sincere gift. With her heart beating fast, she pointed to the trunk and to herself before finally managing to react to the situation. “This… I…”

“It’s for you. Surprised?” Toby took a glance at the romantically decorated trunk before asking gently.

Sonia gulped before she finally managed to nod slowly. With a slight tremble in her voice, she questioned, “Surprised, very much. But I don’t understand. Why would you suddenly give me such a huge surprise? I don’t recall there being any celebrations right now.”

“Who decided that you can only give your loved ones gifts during a celebration?” Toby raised his eyebrows.

She choked for a moment and was speechless over what she had heard. True, there weren’t any rules saying that you can only give gifts during a celebration. “Even if you say that, I still don’t understand why you would suddenly give me gifts on such a normal day? Not to mention, so many of them.” Sonia stared in confusion at the man beside her.

In truth, Toby Fuller was a romantic himself. Every now and then, he would prepare flowers and even small surprises for Sonia. Since he knew that she would never accept anything expensive, he would only prepare for her something small-scaled and that wasn’t of much value. It was only then that she would accept his gifts, as she knew they were tokens of his sincerity.

However, right now, there were about seven boxes of varying sizes in the trunk. Since one couldn’t see the logo of the boxes, one would have a hard time knowing exactly what the presents were. However, looking at how exquisite the boxes were along with how attentive the trunk was decorated with fresh flowers, balloons, colored lightings, and so forth, Sonia knew that the gifts were definitely not simple ones, or rather, something expensive.

For Toby to suddenly give her such a surprise and these expensive gifts, Sonia wondered just what Toby was up to, especially since these were all given to her when there was no celebration at hand. At this point, she was deep in her thoughts over Toby’s motives for these gifts.

Looking at Sonia’s pensive expression, Toby knew that she was in her habit of overthinking again. Hence, he reached his hands out and gently stroked her head. “Don’t think too much. The reason why I’m giving all these to you so suddenly is because of Mrs. Lane.”

“Mrs. Lane?” Sonia was slightly taken aback.

With his chin slightly raised, he explained, “Yes. Yesterday when we went to meet them, I had prepared many gifts for the Lanes. For Mr. Lane, bottles of fine wine. For Mrs. Lane, things that women would be pleased to receive. Since I’ve prepared so many gifts for Mrs. Lane, I couldn’t very well have nothing prepared for the woman I love. That’s why, these are all gifts I’ve prepared for you. Rest assured, they are much better than the ones I’ve gifted Mrs. Lane.”

Hearing the man’s explanation, she was utterly dumbfounded with her eyes widened. She never would have expected that Toby would suddenly give all these gifts to her for such a reason. Nevertheless, at this moment, Sonia’s heart was leaping with joy.

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