This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 937

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 937

Sonia’s Petty Scheme

Just like what the man had said, women, in general, would be pleased when receiving things such as clothes, shoes, bags, and cosmetics.

Sonia was no exception.

Nonetheless, Sonia hadn’t the slightest ounce of displeasure when Toby had given these gifts to Grace. After all, Grace was like a mother figure to her. Naturally, she, as a daughter, would be pleased when her mother figure was given such wonderful gifts, especially since she herself had inspected the gifts beforehand.

Hence, Sonia had neither dissatisfaction nor problems with Toby giving these gifts to Grace. Neither had she thought of wanting these gifts for herself as well. However, she had not expected Toby to feel that his actions were inappropriate. Not to mention, for Toby to secretly prepare gifts that were much better than the ones given to Grace for her.

Without doubt, Sonia, as a woman, had her vanity utterly satisfied at this particular moment. She was moved, as joy filled every corner of her heart due to the fact that the man beside her could have such thoughts, which in turn proved how sincere and genuine he treated her. When these thoughts crossed her mind, the tip of her nose gradually reddened and tears began to well up in her eyes.

Looking at her red-rimmed eyes, Toby instantly panicked. “Why are you crying?” He reached his hands out and wiped the tears at the corners of her eyes.

Grabbing the man’s hand that was wiping her tears, Sonia smiled tearfully. “It’s because I’m happy. It’s because I never thought you would prepare these for me as well.”

Relieved, Toby chuckled. “You are the love of my life. How could I just prepare gifts for others but not for you? While we’re on that topic, if someone else has them, you would naturally have them as well. Not only that, but what you have will be much better. Since the ones Mrs. Lane had were premium editions, the ones I’ve gotten for you are all limited editions. So, do you like them?”

Sonia smiled at the man. “Since you’ve already said that much, wouldn’t it be insensitive if I said I didn’t like them?” Saying that, she immediately went toward him and embraced the man. “I love them. I can tell that you prepared all these sincerely. That’s why, I’m happy. Thank you, Toby.”

The man returned her embrace and planted a kiss on the top of her head. “As long as you’re happy. Then I assume you won’t refuse these gifts, right?”

Sonia shook her head. “I’ll accept them. After all, I can tell these gifts are filled with your heart for me. If I reject them, wouldn’t you be sad?”

Although he felt relieved, Toby kept his poker face and his silence. He always knew that Sonia would dislike him giving her expensive gifts, so he always practiced restraint when it came to her gifts. Otherwise, he would have practically given her a gift every day, and it would all be different ones at that.

Regardless, Toby was beside himself with apprehensiveness when he prepared these gifts, as he was worried that Sonia would not accept them. Fortunately, she did not reject this time.

“Want to open them now?” Toby gently released his embrace after a while.

However, Sonia shook her head. “Nope, I won’t open them now. I’ll take them back to the office and slowly open them one by one. I mean, if I were to walk into the office with all these gifts with me, I’m sure I’ll draw a few envious eyes on me, right?”

Ah, so she wants to brag about it. Toby chuckled before he gently brushed the bridge of her nose with his finger. “Alright, then bring them back to the office and slowly open them there.”

“Naturally.” Sonia raised her head proudly. “I just want to tell the others that these are all gifts from you so that the others would know you’re a good man. A good man that treats me very, very well.”

“If you go around showing me off like this, won’t you be afraid that other women would start eyeing me?” Toby frowned.

Sonia grunted in response. “There are already many women who have their eyes on you anyway, so what’s a few more? Not to mention, even if they do express their interest in you, you’re still going to be mine. Unless of course, they have the ability to steal you away from me.”

“Not a chance!” Toby immediately replied.

Sonia smiled and said with confidence, “And that’s why I have nothing to be afraid of.”

Looking at Sonia’s confidence, Toby knew that it was due to her trust in him. This fact alone was enough to warm the corners of his heart.

“Alright, it’s time for us to go back to our offices,” said Sonia after she took a few pictures of the gift-filled trunk with her phone.

Toby gently petted her head. “Okay.”

Inside the car, Sonia kept fiddling with her phone and would occasionally laugh to herself. Since Toby was never a snooping man, he didn’t ask her about it nor did he try to sneak a look, even though he had no idea what she was doing on her phone. However, Sonia laughing piqued his curiosity. “What are you laughing at?”

“There are many envious comments on the picture I’ve just posted on my social media.” Saying that, Sonia handed her phone over to Toby to show him the comments.

After looking at the comments, Toby replied, “Let them be green with envy. There’s still more to come.” After all, to him, others should be envious of Sonia, as he would only give her the best there was to offer. “Alright, you should stop playing with your phone, or you’ll be dizzy later.” He returned her phone to her before admonishing her with concern.

Sonia knew that he was just looking out for her, which was why she didn’t brush him off and obediently put her phone away.

Soon, they arrived at Paradigm Co.

Sonia, who had rejected the man’s suggestion for him to escort her in, was walking into the building of Paradigm Co. with her hands full of Toby’s gifts. Unbeknownst to her, the upper floor employees that had seen her post had spread word about it all the way to the employees on the lower floors. Hence, everyone in the building knew that Toby had given her all those gifts.

Therefore, the moment Sonia entered the building, all eyes were instantly drawn to the several bags she was carrying with her. Although they knew the bags contained Toby’s gifts, they did not know exactly what they were. Nevertheless, they had already assumed that the gifts would be valuable and expensive, as they knew the net worth of Toby Fuller. It was because they knew Toby’s net worth that their curiosity grew; they were interested to know what kind of extravagant gifts would a rich man like him bestow upon Sonia.

Naturally, Sonia had sensed the curious eyes on her. Nevertheless, she chose neither to keep a low profile nor to try hiding the bags she had, but to deliberately hold the bags higher—as though she was on a shopping spree—by holding the bags over her shoulders before she paraded over toward the elevator.

It was only when the elevator Sonia was in had its door closed did the employees—who had their eyes glued on her ever since she entered the building—dare to speak up boldly.

“See? President must’ve done that on purpose.”

“That’s so true.” One of the employees nodded approvingly. “The president must have lifted those bags up high to show them off to us.”

“Ahhh, the president is so mean. Just because she finally got herself a man doesn’t mean she should be showing off to us singletons.”


“But, I am curious to know just what President Fuller had given to our president for her to be this smug.”

“I want to know too. Should we ask around about it?”

“But, who do we ask?”

The moment the question was asked, the gossipers became silent. After all, the employees here were all at the lowest level. To seek the answer to their question, they would have to ask the employees on the top floor, as only the employees there would have some contact with Sonia. The only problem was that they didn’t have the opportunity to make friends with the employees on the top floor.

Although Sonia, who was in the elevator currently, was not privy to the details of the lower floor employees’ conversation, she knew that they would gossip about her. Regardless, she held no interest in the details of the gossip, as she had achieved what she wanted to do—to show off the gifts.

Upon entering her office, she placed the gifts on the sofa, planning to open them after she had checked her schedule, as she wanted to open the gifts with peace of mind. After checking that there wasn’t anything important for today’s schedule, Sonia felt relieved and went over to the sofa.

However, just when Sonia was about to open the first of the gifts, there was a knock on her office door. She then stopped what she was doing and turned her attention to the door. “Come in.”

In the next instance, the door opened with Daphne entering the office. Sonia was surprised the moment she saw who it was, and she immediately stood up before asking, “Miss Daphne? Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in the hospital for your surgery today?”

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