This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 939

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 939

Going Viral

From the moment she helped unwrap the gifts, she knew that whatever the gifts were would come as a shock. That was not to say that it was how priceless the gifts were that was shocking to Daphne, as she knew the gifts would have been valuable since they were given to Sonia by Toby. After all, if Toby’s gifts weren’t valuable, that would turn everything Sonia knew about him upside down. Hence, Daphne had expected Toby’s gifts to Sonia to be priceless from the very start.

What was truly shocking to Daphne was how she could feel Toby’s sincerity, as these gifts were just perfect for Sonia. For the rich, they would be satisfied with giving women something valuable and expensive without considering the receiver’s feelings, not to mention whether the gifts would suit the receiver. All they knew was just the mere act of giving gifts, as they gave no further care to the aspects of the action itself.

Hence, Toby’s gifts had very well set themselves apart in this aspect, as they were not only priceless, but, more importantly, also showed just how well Toby knew Sonia. The numerous cosmetics, handbags, perfumes, and pieces of jewelry were each very exquisite to the extent that any woman would not be able to keep their eyes away from them. Thus, one should always strive to give the most suitable gifts and not just simply give for the sake of giving, as it was the sincerity behind the gift that would make or break a gift.

Look at all these gifts President Fuller gave Chairman Reed. Each and every one of them are well thought out and suits the chairman very much. If this doesn’t win a woman over, I don’t know what will.

As Sonia listened to what Daphne said, she looked at the gifts, revealing a smile on her face. “I guess he is quite good at winning over someone.” Toby had told her that the gifts he prepared for her would be better than the ones he gave to Grace. Looking at the gifts, it was far better than she had expected. This man, she thought while shaking her head with a smile.

Daphne was also looking at the gifts on the table. “Chairman Reed, these all should be the latest products, right?”

Sonia answered yes before she further clarified, “These aren’t put up for sale yet. Toby got them in advance.”

“President Fuller does indeed have that power to do so.” Daphne nodded before she started urging, “Chairman Reed, hurry up and try them out. I’ll take a picture for you.”

“Alright.” Sonia nodded. Since she had accepted these gifts from Toby, she would naturally choose to use them. If that man caught me not using his gifts, he would be overthinking things again. After all, what difference would there be between her accepting the gifts but never using them and never accepting the gifts in the first place? Hence, when Daphne offered to take a picture for her, she readily agreed to try out the bags and so forth.

As a result, the two of them started playing dress-up in the office.

After Sonia was done trying out all the gifts, she got tired and took a seat on the sofa before taking a drink of water.

Daphne, who was sitting next to Sonia, was sorting out the pictures she had taken for her. When she was done, she handed Sonia’s phone back to her. “Chairman Reed, these pictures came out good. What do you think?”

Placing her drink on the table, she then took the phone and started looking through the photos before giving Daphne a thumbs up. “These are good. Thank you.”

“You’re too kind, Chairman Reed.” Daphne smiled, albeit feeling slightly embarrassed.

Sonia then sent a few of the best photos to Toby. However, perhaps Toby was preoccupied at the moment, as there were no replies from him after she had sent the photos. Nevertheless, she was not disappointed about the lack of reply; she was not the kind of person to force her significant other—regardless of whether they were busy—to immediately reply to her message as a show of her significant other’s love for her.

Furthermore, she knew that Toby would reply the moment he was done with his matters. “Alright, looks like you have some juicy story for your circle of secretaries now that we’re done unwrapping the gifts,” Sonia said with a smile after she kept her phone away and sorted the gifts on the table.

Daphne stood up with a smile on her face. “Looks like it. I’m guessing the others are now beside themselves with anticipation. However, it’d be much more accurate to say even the employees on the lower floors are hoping to get news from the top floor. After all, everyone just loves gossiping here. It would be impossible for only the top floor employees to be curious about President Fuller’s gifts.”

“That’s true. Well, since they are dying to know about it, you should quickly let them know,” Sonia said wryly.

Daphne pushed her glasses up. “Understood. Then, I shall take my leave here, Chairman Reed.” Saying that, she bowed before turning around and walking toward the door.

However, before Daphne could even take her third step, Sonia called out to her. “Wait a minute.”

“Chairman Reed, do you have anything more to add?” Daphne asked curiously after stopping.

Sonia’s expression gradually grew stern. “Did you hear about Rentoor breaching the contract?” she asked.

Since Sonia was talking about official matters, Daphne became serious as well. “I do. Jordan has notified me about it.” Jordan was her assistant.

Sonia nodded. “Good. I need you to draw up a detailed table about the money the company would need under the assumption that a spare part could not be recovered.” In the event that Sonia couldn’t get the spare part back, she would have to follow Charles’ suggestion to get a loan from the bank. With a detailed table breaking down the cost, she would know how much the loan she needed from the bank was going to be.

“Understood. I’ll hand them to you before the end of the day, Chairman Reed,” Daphne replied with a serious expression. Since she knew that this was a serious matter, she tried not to delay the report.

Satisfied, Sonia replied, “Good. Leaving it to you does put me at ease. You can leave now.”

“Take care, Chairman Reed.”

After Daphne left, Sonia rubbed her temples before she exhaled and walked over to her desk. Soon, everyone in the company would know just what Toby’s gifts to her were, as Daphne, who had her express permission, would be spreading the news out to the others in the secretary’s office. From there, the secretaries would further spread the news to the various cliques. In no time at all, the whole company would have caught wind of the news.

Soon, feelings of envy filled the air of the building. Naturally, some felt sour and even angry about it, as not everyone would only be purely jealous about the fact Sonia had received numerous expensive gifts. After all, there would always be conflict wherever there were people, and it was only human to feel envious, as well as jealous. Nevertheless, however jealous they were, they could not act on it, as there was nothing they could do.

Regardless, the matter of Toby’s gifts to Sonia did not merely end with the employees of Paradigm Co. On the contrary, the news spread like wildfire and eventually made the headlines on the internet. At the end of the day, humans—who could not appease their jealousy and envy—would wish for others to share the same negative feelings they were feeling. Thus, the employees of Paradigm Co. had spread it all over the internet.

The news of Toby and Sonia caught the eyes of a number of marketing and media teams. The moment they noticed the news, they immediately did articles of their own with many others following suit. As a result of the hype created by these marketing and media teams, the news of Toby’s gifts to Sonia eventually became the most trending topic on the internet.

There were many netizens that had even gone to Sonia’s profile to take a look at the photos of Toby’s gifts, as they wished to open their eyes to how valuable and extravagant the gifts a rich man would give. There were even some that had gone to Toby’s profile to leave comments containing words like ‘Honey,’ ‘Darling,’ ‘Sweetheart,’ and all sorts of cringeworthy endearments while asking for gifts as well. Anyone watching such comments would definitely squirm inside. However, that was still not the height of it.

It was when the photos of the gifts were posted online by someone who claimed to be an employee of Paradigm Co. did the hype reach its climax. At first, without the photos, everyone was merely shooting the breeze and laughing about it. However, with the photos, each and every one of the netizens went into a crazed frenzy.

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