When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1001 -1010(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1001 -1010(Chinese)

Chapter 1001

Fu Shiting was so excited, he got up from the chair and strode out of the conference room.

When he reached the door of the conference room, he stopped and explained to the confused people: “My son can talk! He can call his mother! I’m going back to see my son! “

When it was over, he left.

The executives looked at each other.

“The boss’s son will call his mother, what does it have to do with the boss?” Someone asked.

“It doesn’t matter. But it’s the first time the boss becomes a father, so please understand.” Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and explained.

When Rila and Xiaohan appeared in Fu Shiting’s life, they already knew how to make soy sauce.

So Ziqiu made Fu Shiting feel the freshness of being a father for the first time.

“Oh, okay! It’s really exciting to be a father for the first time.”

“Continue the meeting!” Zhou Ziyi glanced at the time, “I’ll send the meeting minutes to the boss

‘s mailbox later.” , even at night, it is still magnificent!

Fu Shiting came out of the building and walked towards the parking lot, when he saw a familiar figure out of the corner of his eyes.

With his eagle-like eyes, he looked at a group of dark shadows not far away—

Yun Shijie!

How dare this rogue come here!

But Yun Shijie didn’t come alone this time. There was a tall man beside him. Although the man was tall, he was not strong and didn’t look like a bodyguard.

When Fu Shiting looked at them, they also looked at Fu Shiting.

This time, Yun Shijie didn’t grin at Fu Shiting. The last time he was beaten and hospitalized, he still remembers it clearly.

“Yunzhe, go and tell him. I’m afraid I’ll go over and he’ll beat me up without saying a word.” Yun Shijie urged his son, “Did you see this building in front of you? Fu Shiting is your brother, as long as he Recognizing our father and son, this building also has our share!”

Yun Zhe took a deep breath and strode towards Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting stood there and waited, wanting to see what tricks they were going to play!

After Yun Zhe walked in front of Fu Shiting, he was shocked by his aura, and his tone couldn’t help but say: “Fu Shiting, my dad wants to talk to you about something. It involves your privacy. So let’s talk about it in another place!”

“What is my privacy? ?” Fu Shiting looked at Yun Zhe with his sharp eyes, and said impatiently, “If you really mastered my privacy, I’m afraid you would have come to me to corrupt money. I’m in a good mood today, and I don’t want to get my hands dirty. , I warn you one last time, get out!”

Yun Zhe’s eyes were reddened by his anger: “Fu Shiting, you have been a young master for a long time, do you really think you are a young master? That old gangster you beat up last time, In addition to being my father, he is also your father! You have the blood of the old hooligan, not the blood of the Fu family!”


Fu Shiting punched Yun Zhe in the face!

After Fu Shiting made his move, Fu Shiting’s bodyguard rushed over and stepped on Yun Zhe under his feet.

Seeing this, Yun Shijie rushed over immediately!

Another bodyguard quickly subdued Yun Shijie!

Fu Shiting’s eyes were scarlet, looking at the father and son who were pressed to the ground and unable to move, he recalled what Yun Zhe just said again in his mind!

——You have the blood of the old rogue, not the blood of the Fu family!

“Fu Shiting, let me go!” Yun Shijie scolded angrily, “You can have today’s achievements, all rely on me! Without me, where did you come from, you bastard!” The

clear scolding sounded in his ears.

All this is not a dream! How can dreams be so realistic?

Fu Shiting felt the huge impact of reality, and clenched his fingers tightly.

Isn’t he the young master of the Fu family? Is he the son of the old rascal in front of him? !

Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002

Xinghewan Villa.

Qin Anan received a message from Fu Shiting: I have something to do at the moment, I will see my son tomorrow.

Qin Anan replied: Good.

After replying to the news, Qin Anan looked at her daughter: “Baby, your father won’t be here tonight, so you don’t have to change your clothes.”

Rila put down the new skirt she was holding in her arms with a disappointed face.

“Why didn’t he come?”

“He has something to do temporarily, and he will come back tomorrow.” Qin Anan comforted his daughter, “In addition to being your father, he also manages his company and his parents’ wedding, too. He’s preparing. So he’s been very busy recently.”

Rila nodded with puffed cheeks, feeling a little resentful in her heart: “If my brother learns to call ‘Dad’ today, I’m sure he’ll come running no matter how busy he is!”

“Haha, You’re right.” Qin Anan didn’t expect her daughter to be funny at such a young age.

the other side.

Fu Shiting and the Yun family’s father and son sat opposite each other.

The bodyguard was screened off by him.

He wondered what flowers they could make up about his background.

“Do you know that there is a paternity test?” Fu Shiting looked at them coldly.

He couldn’t see his shadow at all on Yun Shijie’s face.

How could this old bastard be his own father?

As for him and Yun Zhe, they are even more alike!

Yun Shijie almost laughed out loud: “Even if I’m fucking illiterate, I don’t have no common sense! If I weren’t your father, would I dare to come to you?”

Fu Shiting’s face suddenly darkened.

Yun Zhe said: “If you don’t believe it, you can do a paternity test with your father.”

Fu Shiting looked at their determined expressions, immediately picked up the phone, found a phone and dialed it.

“I know it’s hard for you to accept this reality now, but facts speak louder than words. No matter how bad I am or how good you are, when you see me, you have to call me Dad! I am your father!” Yun Shijie raised his chin proudly when he said this.

Fu Shiting’s eyes flashed coldly, and the burning anger was forcibly suppressed.

“If you are my father, who is my mother?” A terrible thought came to him when he asked the question.

Shouldn’t it, his mother is still Mrs. Fu?

“Your mother is a liquor seller in a dance hall… It’s nice to say that liquor seller, in fact, she can do anything as long as she gives some money.” Yun Shijie said here, revealing a greasy and evil look “She doesn’t know how many men she has had children with, so she doesn’t remember your existence at all. She would never have dreamed that Fu Shiting, a well-known figure in country A, was actually born to her!

Hahahaha !” Fu Shiting His fists were clenched tightly, and bloodthirsty murderous aura appeared in his eyes!

“You don’t need to be so angry,” Yun Zhe said immediately when he saw that he seemed to want to act, “This plan was arranged by Mrs. Fu! The real mother you thought was also a cold-blooded and ruthless woman!” It

was Mrs. Fu. plan!

Mrs. Fu always knew that he was not her biological son, but she treated him as if she was her own. Is she acting too well, or has she played herself for so many years?

No, Mrs. Fu has always been sober.

Because she drew up a will very early and left most of her property to her own son, Fu Han.

For this reason, she also explained to Fu Shiting specially that she said that Fu Han had no ability, so she did it herself.

He didn’t think her behavior was biased before, but now it seems that she has already figured it out!

What hurts most in her heart is her own son.

And she treated Fu Shiting as her own son, just because of the honor and halo that Fu Shiting brought to the Fu family!

Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003

“Shi Ting, my requirements are not too high,” Yun Shijie saw that he seemed to be accepting this reality, so his tone slowed down, “You make so much money in a year, how can you spend it all?! Your brother is here to help you spend it! Don’t worry, I know you want face, we don’t have to disclose the father-son relationship, as long as you give me enough money every month, I promise not to bother you in the future.”

Fu Shiting’s dangerous eagle eyes looked at The greedy old thing in front of you.

They haven’t done a paternity test yet, and he will never admit that this old man is his father until he gets the test results.

How dare this old bastard make such a rude request to him? !

“How much is enough money?” He suppressed the disgust in his heart, and his voice came coldly.

He wanted to see how much appetite the old thing had.

Yun Shijie stretched out a finger: “One hundred million. You earn tens of billions or hundreds of billions every year. I ask you for 100 million a month. Isn’t it excessive? After all, I am your father!

” Out of control in public.

Even if Yun Shijie is really his biological father, has this biological father raised him? Have you ever given him half a father’s love? !

Now he dares to come to him and open his mouth, and take all this for granted, it’s just absurd!

The wine glass in his hand was crushed by him, and bright red blood beads overflowed from his palm.

Seeing this, Yun Shijie shrank his neck in fear: “If you think I want too much, you can bargain! You talk well and don’t do it!”

Fu Shiting heard the word ‘bargain’ and said from his throat A contemptuous laugh.

“I won’t give you a penny until the paternity test results come out,” he said.

“I understand! You must be sure that I am your father before you give the money!” Yun Shijie smiled contentedly.

Fu Shiting looked at him with disgust and broke his illusion: “Even if you are really my father, you will never get any benefit from me! I even dare to kill Fu Jingxiao, and if you kill one more, it will not be troublesome!”

Yun Shijie: “…”

Seeing that his father was too scared to speak, Yun Zhe immediately gathered up his courage and said, “Are you and Qin Anan getting married soon? If Qin Anan knew that you were not the young master of the Fu family, and It’s a little wild breed who came out with gangsters and girls who accompany wine, will they be disappointed with you?”

Qin An’an’s three words made Fu Shiting’s body froze for a moment!

She is his weakness!

“We’re just asking you for some money. The most important thing you don’t need is money. Why would you hurt peace for this money?” Yun Zhe continued, “You don’t want to be exposed to such a scandalous scandal on your wedding day. Right ?”

At eleven o’clock at night, Fu Shiting returned home.

Seeing him coming back so late, Aunt Hong asked with concern, “Sir, you…why did you drink?”

Fu Shiting lowered her scarlet eyes and turned a deaf ear to her words.

He stepped on a vain pace and went upstairs step by step.

He is not the young master of the Fu family, he is not Fu Shiting, he is a wild breed born of gangsters and escort girls.

Such a humble life experience is tantamount to giving him a heavy blow.

He suddenly remembered that Qin Anan had asked him a question.

She asked, if you are not who you are now, can you accept it?

He returns, can’t.

Why did Qin Anan suddenly ask him this question? Did she know something? Or a coincidence?

In the living room downstairs, Aunt Hong noticed that Fu Shiting was in a bad mood, and immediately called Qin Anan.

“An An, did you quarrel with Mr.

Qin Anan woke up from his sleep: “no, why did you ask such a sudden? What happened to him?”

Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004

“Mr. drank tonight, and he drank a lot. I talked to him, but he ignored me. It was like he lost his soul.” Aunt Hong was very worried, “I thought the two of you quarreled again, so I’ll call you and ask.”

Qin An’an: “Oh, he might go to a party at night and drink too much.”

Aunt Hong: “As long as the two of you don’t quarrel, it’s fine. I’ll go upstairs to have a look later.”

Qin Anan: “I’ll call him now and ask!”


Qin Anan hung up and dialed Fu Shiting.

In the master bedroom, Fu Shiting’s scarlet eyes looked at Qin An’an’s call, and he was lost for a moment.

He drank a bit too much tonight, and while his sanity is still there, he could be out of control at any time.

He was afraid that if he answered the phone now, he would talk nonsense to her, so he strode towards the bathroom and flushed his face with cold water.

The ringing of the mobile phone came tirelessly, and she didn’t seem to get through to him, and she didn’t give up.

He came out of the bathroom after washing his face, picked up his phone, and took it.

“Fu Shiting, who are you going to see tonight? Why are you drunk?” Qin An’an’s worried voice came over the phone, “Aunt Hong said that you seem to have lost your soul, is your soul still there?”

He held The phone, the body is still in place, the eyes are cool: “Still. I met a few friends I haven’t seen for a long time tonight. I’m a little happy, so I drank too much.”

“Oh…you put the red Auntie was frightened. She thought we were quarreling. You are not good at drinking, so don’t drink so much next time.” Qin Anan asked, “Do you need me to take care of you? The children are all asleep now, so I will drive over there. It’s convenient for you.” “

No.” Without thinking, he rejected her.

He just wants to be alone now. I don’t want to see anyone, and I don’t want to talk.

The life of the past 30 years has been completely overturned, what else is true?

He still can’t believe that it was his ‘mother’ who planned all this.

He could clearly feel Mrs. Fu’s affection and love for him, and even sometimes she would be more partial to him, so that the eldest brother’s family would not hold him back.

Could it be that in the long-term relationship, she regarded his fake son as a real son?

Anyway, as long as the truth is not revealed, no one will know about this dirty thing.

On the other side of the phone, Qin Anan felt something different from his tone.

“Shi Ting, what’s wrong with you? It doesn’t seem like you’re happy.” She had a strong premonition in her heart that he might have lied just now.

If you meet a friend you haven’t seen for a long time and drink too much, then you should be excited when you are drunk.

“My head hurts a little.” He adjusted his breathing, “I haven’t been drunk for a long time, so I’m not quite used to it. You don’t have to worry about me, I should just get some sleep.”

“Well, then I won’t go there. .” In her tone, she couldn’t hide her disappointment.

She offered to go over to accompany him, she thought he would be happy, but she didn’t expect him to refuse so simply.

How could he not hear her grievance.

After being silent for a few seconds, he asked: “You said last time that even if I am not my current identity, you and your child will not leave me, will you?” The

topic changed a bit suddenly, she was stunned for a moment, and replied: ” Mmmm. How do I start this?”

“It came to me suddenly, so I double-checked.”

“Why do I feel like you’re not drunk?” She found him to be methodical, just a little colder than usual.

Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005

“I don’t know if I’m drunk or not.” His slender fingers rubbed his aching temples.

How he wished he was drunk! When you wake up, you don’t remember everything that happened tonight!

“It seems that you are not too drunk.” Qin Anan said, “You lie down on the bed, and I will ask Aunt Hong to cook you sober soup. You drink the sober soup

and then go to sleep.” He answered and put down the phone.

About half an hour later, Aunt Hong came up with a bowl of sour plum soup.

Fu Shiting was lying on the bed with his clothes closed, his eyes closed, only one bedside lamp was turned on in the room, and the light was relatively dim.

Aunt Hong was not sure if he was asleep, so she stood at the door of the room.

At this moment, a deep voice came: “Come in.”

He settled down, opened his eyes, and sat up.

Aunt Hong immediately brought the sour plum soup to him. His eyes inadvertently caught a glimpse of dark red blood on his palm.

“Sir, why is your hand hurt?” Aunt Hong was taken aback.

“I’m fine.” He took a sip of soup, his voice calm, but with a strong deterrent, “Don’t tell An An everything.”

Aunt Hong lowered her head: “Okay, I see. I’ll get off. If I’m worried about you, I’ll ask you directly.”

“I went to see Yun Shijie tonight.” Fu Shiting continued to drink the soup, but his voice was obviously tense, “Do you know what he said to me?”

Aunt Hong’s face suddenly darkened. Qing: “No matter what he tells you, don’t believe him! He doesn’t have a word of truth in his mouth!”

“He said he is my biological father.” Fu Shiting felt that he was completely awake, so he put the sour plum soup aside. “He said that everything was planned by my mother. You are the most trusted person around my mother. Come and tell me if he is right.”

Aunt Hong thumped and knelt on the ground.

“This Yun Shijie, he must have come to ask you for money, right?” Aunt Hong said incoherently, “My wife didn’t tell me about this, after all, I’m just a servant… But…”

“Just what?” Fu Shiting looked at her with deep brows, his dark eyes seemed to penetrate everything.

“It’s just that the child was taken away by a genius doctor for treatment for a period of time, and then brought back, it’s different from the child before.” Aunt Hong said here, tears pouring down, “Our servants who take care of the child know this well. , but dare not talk nonsense. I don’t know that this is Madam’s arrangement.”

Fu Shiting sighed heavily, but his heart was even more painful.

“Sir, don’t blame Madam… She treats you as her own and really takes care of you as her own son. The reason why she made this confused decision is probably because the life at that time was too depressing. The master quarrels with his wife every day about the unhealthy things of the two children, so the wife will do such a stupid thing…”

“She is already dead, you still speak for her.” Fu Shiting’s voice was cold, and it took a moment , sneered, “I should thank her, if she hadn’t chosen me, I would be begging for food on the side of the road or in jail now.”

“Sir, how can you say that? It’s gold that shines wherever it is. ” “

My biological father is a gangster, and my biological mother is an escort girl… In such an environment, it is still a question of whether I can survive or not!”

“Sir! What Yun Shijie said is not necessarily true. Besides, your current status is indestructible, not everyone can pull you down!” Aunt Hong gave him advice, “Don’t recognize your relatives! As long as you don’t recognize relatives, you will always be the young master of the Fu family. !”

… the

next day.

A black Rolls-Royce stopped at the entrance of the Zhonghe Judicial Paternity Test Center.

Under the protection of bodyguards, Fu Shiting strode into the appraisal center.

This is the identification center that sent documents to Qin An’an last time.

So Fu Shiting chose to come here for a paternity test.

Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006

After Fu Shiting came over, the person in charge immediately invited him to the office to sit down.

“Boss Fu, do you have any needs for coming here today?” The person in charge asked cautiously and politely while pouring tea for him.

Fu Shiting: “Are you familiar with my fiancee?” The

person in charge was startled: “Who is your fiancee?”

“Qin An’an.” Fu Shiting whispered, “Didn’t you send him a courier not long ago? I saw it at the time. It’s here.” The

person in charge’s eyes suddenly lit up: “You said Miss Qin! I do know her. She is very good, and I’m very honored to know her. I didn’t expect you two to be engaged! It’s such a big happy event! The wedding date…”

Fu Shiting: “The wedding date is scheduled for June 1st, if you are free then, you can go to participate.”

“Then I must be free!”

“What business did she do when she came to you last time?” ?” Fu Shiting couldn’t hold back and asked this question.

At that time, when Qin Anan answered him, he felt that her eyes were a little dodgy and unnatural.

Moreover, she talked to him about the topic of his current identity if it was not his current status, it was after she got the courier sent to her here.

The person in charge was stunned for a moment, then wondered: “Boss Fu, according to the rules, we cannot disclose the privacy of our guests. Aren’t you and Miss Qin getting married soon? Why don’t you just ask Miss Qin directly?”

Fu Shiting: “She She did tell me, but I’m not sure if what she told me is true.”

“Why don’t you believe her?”

“There are good and bad lies.” Fu Shiting said firmly, “Since I’m going to marry her, Of course I believe her.” The

person in charge was relieved: “Then let me tell you briefly, Miss Qin sent a blood sample from her patient, let us…”

Fu Shiting interrupted him immediately: “Okay, I got it. You don’t need to say it.”

Since she really sent blood samples from her patient, it means that she didn’t lie to him.

At that time, he felt that her eyes were dodging and her expression was unnatural, and he was over-interpreting it.

But the person in charge couldn’t stop: “Boss Fu, this is a very interesting thing, you listen to me…”

Fu Shiting’s temple jumped: “Are you trying to tell me about the gorilla?

” Oh! It seems that Miss Qin really told you.” The person in charge picked up the teacup and took a sip, “By the way, you are here today, is there anything we can help you with? You are Miss Qin’s fiancé. , we will definitely give you the best service.”

“If I wasn’t Qin An’an’s fiancé, wouldn’t I be able to get the best service from you?” Fu Shiting asked with a smile.

The person in charge also laughed: “Of course you can. It’s just that you and Miss Qin are so close, we don’t dare to neglect.”

Fu Shiting took a box from the bodyguard, opened it, and took out two bottles of blood samples from it. .

“I need to do a paternity test. How soon can you get the results here?” The

person in charge: “Usually a week. However, preliminary results can be obtained within 24 hours. Therefore, we usually confirm the results repeatedly before sending the accurate results to the guests. In hand.”

Fu Shiting: “At this time tomorrow, I hope to get the preliminary results.” The

person in charge nodded: “No problem.”

Fu Shiting: “Also, don’t tell Qin Anan about my visit to you. Who is the sample of this paternity test, and what the results are, we must not reveal half a word. Otherwise, I will raze your place to the ground.” The

person in charge broke out in a cold sweat: “Don’t worry, Miss Qin won’t come to ask, I would never say it.”

“She came to ask, you can’t say it either.”

Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007

“If you don’t tell Miss Qin in private that you have been here with us, Miss Qin won’t come to me to ask, right?” The person in charge said cautiously.

Fu Shiting couldn’t pick out any faults from his words.

the other side.

Qin Anan took Ziqiu to Li Xiaotian’s house as a guest.

Li Xiaotian is on her period today, and her mood is a little down, so Qin Anan brought Ziqiu over to accompany her.

Besides, Qin Anan also wanted to find out who the friend who was drinking with Fu Shiting last night was.

“Brother Shi Ting is drunk? Is it impossible? I haven’t seen Brother Shi Ting drunk before!” He Zhunzhi reacted a little violently after hearing what Qin Anan said, “I basically heard of Brother Shi Ting’s friends. Well , I didn’t hear that he had friends over to play last night!”

Li Xiaotian teased Ziqiu and interjected: “An An, either Fu Shiting lied to you, or He Zhunzhi and Fu Shiting are in a brotherly relationship.”

He Zhunzhi immediately Said: “then it’s me and Shi Ting brother plastic love! I’d rather I be with Shi Ting brother plastic love, I don’t want to see the two of you quarreling again!”

Qin Anan smiled: “I won’t quarrel with him. I’m just a little worried about him. Because he said last night that he wanted to come to see Ziqiu, but he didn’t come because of something. At night, Aunt Hong called again to say that he was very drunk… Absolutely, or you Ask Sheng Bei to see if Sheng Bei knows who he was drinking with last night.”

“Oh, I’ll ask right away.”

“Don’t say I asked.”

“Understood. You just want to care about him silently.” After He Zhunzhi finished speaking, he dialed Sheng Bei’s number.

Shengbei was quickly connected.

“Didn’t he leave a bunch of executives to go home to see his son last night?” Sheng Bei wondered after hearing He Zhunzhi’s question, “Where did you hear that he drank with his friends last night? I Why haven’t I heard of it at all.”

He Zhunzhi opened hands-free.

Sheng Bei’s reaction basically concluded that Fu Shiting lied last night.

“It’s all right, Brother Bei, I’ll ask casually.” He Zhunzhi hung up the phone.

Li Xiaotian looked at Qin An’an and couldn’t help telling the truth: “This man lied to you again.”

Qin An’an smiled: “He probably doesn’t want me to worry! I talked to him last night on the phone. , I can tell that he is not in a good mood.”

“Then why don’t you go and ask him about it? I’m just here for my aunt. I come every month, so you don’t have to accompany me.” Li Xiaotian was reluctant to bear Ziqiu. “Baby Ziqiu is so good, you must never lie like your father in the future!”

“Brother Shi Ting must have encountered something when he was drunk.” He Zhunzhi said, “An An, you go to him first. When

Qin Anan heard the words, she picked Ziqiu up from Li Xiaotian’s side: “Then I’ll go first.”

After leaving Li Xiaotian’s house, Qin Anan first called Fu Shiting and asked him where he was.

“I’m in the company, what’s wrong?” His voice has returned to his usual calm and composure.

As if the drunk Fu Shiting last night was another person.

“Didn’t you get drunk last night? Didn’t you have a headache today?” Qin Anan said incredulously.

“It hurts a bit, but I can bear it.” Fu Shiting said lightly, “I was drunk last night, didn’t I tell you any nonsense?”

“You mean, you don’t remember what happened last night? ” Qin Anan took a deep breath.

“I don’t remember much. I only remember that I talked to you on the phone and asked you to accompany me, but you didn’t agree…” Fu Shiting narrowed his deep eyes, trying to use a light topic to allay her concerns.

Qin Anan frowned: “Others are talking nonsense when they are drunk. How can you beat me when you are drunk? Last night, I clearly said that I wanted to come over to accompany you, but you refused to let me go…”

“Really?” he blamed himself, “it’s my fault. Then come and accompany me tonight!”

Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008

Qin Anan finished talking to him on the phone, and returned to Li Xiaotian’s house with Ziqiu in his arms.

“Why are you smiling? Are you okay?” Li Xiaotian asked.

“Well. I called him just now, and he said that he doesn’t remember what happened last night. I don’t bother to ask, I’m going to marry him, if I don’t have the most basic trust in him, let alone a lifetime? “

Qin An’an’s words made He Zhunzhi heave a sigh of relief.

“An An, I was talking to Xiao Tian just now, would you run to Brother Shi Ting with Zi Qiu to quarrel? Xiao Tian said no, she said you would send Zi Qiu home first, and then run away. Quarrel with Brother Shi Ting.” He Zhunzhi couldn’t help laughing and crying.

Unexpectedly, both of them predicted wrong.

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing.

If it was before, she might really have guessed like the two of them, caught Fu Shiting’s handle, and went to him immediately!

“I can give enough tolerance and understanding to others, but only when I face him, it always burns a little bit.” Qin Anan reflected, “After we talked about it last time, I found that he was hiding everything about me. , all of them are dark. So he concealed me, not because he didn’t trust me, but because letting me know would not help, but would increase my psychological burden.”

“An An, it’s really good for you to think this way. He Zhunzhi said, “I believe that your decision to remarry this time must have been carefully considered, and you will cherish this relationship even more in the future.”

Li Xiaotian: “You still haven’t gone to work?”

“I’ll go right now.” Before He Zhunzhi left, his fingers lightly pinched Ziqiu’s little face, “Uncle is going to work! Come and play with you another day!”

After He Zhunzhi left, Li Xiaotian stopped disguising her emotions.

“An An, Zhunzhi especially likes children.”

Qin Anan: “Most people will like children when they reach a certain age.”

“He has a box that contains figures he collected before. He won’t let me touch it. I opened the box yesterday and found a love letter in it,” Li Xiaotian said with a bad face, “he gave it to a girl. In the love letter, he fantasized about having a child with that girl.”

Qin Anan didn’t expect that the main reason for Li Xiaotian’s emotional loss was not the period, but the love letter.

“That’s all in the past. Who didn’t do some childish things when they were young?” Qin Anan explained.

“But I opened his WeChat while he was asleep last night, and saw the girl’s name in his friend list.” The pain on Li Xiaotian’s face was undisguised, “I always thought that He Zhunzhi had only one thing in his heart. I. I didn’t expect it! Are men more attentive? Just like Fu Shiting lied to you last night, you thought he lied to you for your own good, is it possible that he was fooling around with other women last night? “

Qin An Ann’s face suddenly turned crimson.

“An’an, I’m sorry. My own feelings are not going well, and it affects you…” Li Xiaotian grabbed Qin An’an’s cool finger, “I think they have a good relationship, don’t they say that things are like gathering people and dividing them into groups? “

Then what are you going to do?” Qin Anan held her hand back and asked.

“I’m going to observe first. There’s nothing in the chat box between him and that woman. It’s better if there’s nothing, or I won’t be able to swallow it when I find out.” Li Xiaotian seemed to mutter to herself.

“Xiao Tian, ​​why don’t you tell him directly?”

“I’m afraid he will say that I rummaged through his things.” Li Xiaotian lowered her eyes, “He treats me very well now, and I’m afraid to break this beautiful appearance.”

Qin Anan knew that Li Xiaotian had not yet stepped out of the shadow of the kidnapping case, so her character became inferior and less confident.

“Xiao Tian, ​​let’s stop thinking about these unhappy things.” Qin Anan changed the subject with a smile, “Ziqiu will call her mother, but she will not call her father.”

“Because Fu Shiting took him less.” Li Xiaotian quickly adjusted her mood, “When you two live together, Ziqiu will soon learn to call Dad.”

Qin Anan nodded.

In the afternoon, half past four.

Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009

Qin Anan asked He Zhunzhi to come out to meet.

As soon as He Zhunzhi received her call, he realized that this meeting was not easy.

“What’s wrong?” He Zhunzhi was uncomfortable with her cold eyes, and cold sweat broke out on his back, “Did Xiao Tian tell you something? Am I not doing well recently? It shouldn’t be! Gentle but patient, Brother Shi Ting explained to me, let me give Xiao Tian a little more time…”

“Did Fu Shiting really tell you that?” Qin Anan was a little surprised.

“Yes!” He Zhunzhi asked again, “What did Xiaotian tell you about me? How can I change it if you don’t tell me?”

“Why do you keep the love letter you wrote to your female classmates in the box? Not only do you not destroy it? , you also added the WeChat of the female classmate. When are you planning to continue the relationship? ” Qin Anan threw the question.

Li Xiaotian didn’t dare to ask, she asked for her.

“Ah! What are you talking about, why can’t I understand? Can you give me some hints?” He Zhunzhi’s head got bigger.

“Why don’t you let Xiaotian touch the box you let go?” Qin Anan changed her question.

“Oh, the things in that box are all fragile, touch it to Xiaotian, those old antiques will be scrapped soon!” He Zhunzhi said, and suddenly understood the question she just said, “You mean me There’s a love letter in that box? Damn it! When did I put that thing in the box!”

Qin Anan looked at his reaction, not like acting.

“When was the last time you contacted that female classmate?”

He Zhunzhi touched his chin and thought about it: “About a year or two ago! She was about to get married at that time, so she added countless old classmates’ WeChat messages. After she added me on WeChat, she invited me to the wedding… Doesn’t it make it clear that she asked me for some money? Do I look like such a stupid person? “

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect it to be like this. direction.

“Although it’s small money for tens of thousands of dollars, but I don’t do it! If I spend this money, Li Xiaotian will know, and she will definitely be angry with her cautious temper.” He Zhunzhi Speaking of this, Xie Mei smiled, “So after my female classmate invited me to the wedding, I backhandedly asked her to borrow money.”

Qin Anan: “…”

“When I started a business at that time, I was really short of money. In the end, after she saw the news that I borrowed money, she never got back to me.” He Zhunzhi sighed, “I don’t know if she has deleted me now.”

Qin Anan was dumbfounded.

“Li Xiaotian called you to interrogate me for this matter?” He Zhunzhi said suddenly sternly.

“I want to come by myself. She doesn’t dare to ask you. I’m afraid you will say that she messes with your things. You go back and communicate with her, don’t blame her.”

“Oh, I see! Thank you An An! If it weren’t for you, I really didn’t know she was so aggrieved!” In the


Star River Villa.

The black Rolls Royce slowly drove into the front yard.

“Mom, why is Dad here?” Rila looked at the familiar luxury car and wondered, “Didn’t you say he won’t come to our house today?”

Qin Anan remembered that she made an appointment with him that she would go to his house tonight .

“Maybe your father has something to do here!” After answering her daughter’s question, she walked towards the yard.

At this moment, Fu Shiting got out of the car and strode towards the trunk.

I don’t know what’s in his trunk.

Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010

Qin Anan strode up to him: “What did you buy?” After asking the question, she saw the situation in the trunk and was stunned.

His trunk is quite big, but it’s full now.

What’s inside, it’s hard to see at a glance.

Because most of them are packed in bags or boxes.

“Fu Shiting, didn’t you say you wanted me to go to your place tonight?” She changed the topic, “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“You go to my place, or I come to your place, isn’t it the same thing? He took the things out of the trunk. “I went out in the afternoon and passed a street and saw some beautiful things. I felt that you and the children would like them, so I bought them for you.”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment, and then he responded and said. what.

“You mean these things, you bought them all for me and the children this afternoon?!”

“Well.” He continued to take the things out of the trunk.

She took his arm and asked with a serious face: “Fu Shiting! Have you woken up from the drink you drank last night?!”

He brought his face to her.

Her face turned crimson and pushed his handsome face away: “What are you doing? My daughter is watching! Don’t be a hooligan!”

“I’ll let you smell the alcohol on me.” He said in a hoarse voice, Looking at her daughter, “Rila, come here, Dad bought you a gift!”

Rila heard that there was a gift, and immediately ran over like a bunny.

Qin Anan felt that Fu Shiting was behaving abnormally, so she took him to the side to chat alone: ​​”What festival is today? Or is it an anniversary? Why did you buy so many gifts for me and the children?”

She said, suddenly thinking of Li Xiaotian talking to her today. what she said.

“Or…you did something wrong to me last night, so you bought a gift to compensate me today?!”

Fu Shiting was shocked by her guess.

He suddenly bought so many things because he was stimulated by Yun Shijie. Yun Shijie asked him for a monthly living allowance of 100 million yuan, but he spent less than 100 million yuan a year for Qin An’an and the children!

Yun Shijie said that he can’t spend so much money, and since that’s the case, he will spend more money for Qin An’an and the children in the future!

Seeing that he was silent, Qin Anan began to feel uneasy.

She had already decided to trust him, but his current demeanor clearly concealed something from her.

“Who did you drink with last night?” Qin Anan looked into his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Fu Shiting, I don’t want to doubt you or quarrel with you in front of the children, but you have to give me a reasonable excuse. Explanation! Otherwise, how can I receive your car of gifts?!”

Fu Shiting glanced at the child.

Rila stood in front of the trunk, staring sternly at them.

Rila was worried about her mother being bullied, so she kept watching, but if Fu Shiting dared to bully her mother, she would definitely be the first to rush over to teach him a lesson!

“Baby, I didn’t quarrel with your mother.” Fu Shiting gave his daughter a loving smile.

Rila frowned in disbelief.

“An An, I did lie to you last night,” Fu Shiting faced Qin An’an and explained to her, “but I didn’t do anything to be sorry to you. I lied to you to go drinking with your friends, but it wasn’t. Last night, I was alone Drink.”

Qin An’an was puzzled: “Why did you lie to me? Why did you drink alone? Then you said last night that you were very happy, and it was false. You were not happy at all last night.”

“Well,” he said Looking at her slightly wet apricot eyes, he took her into his arms, “I’m not happy because of us, but because of our wedding, but I don’t have any family to invite, so I’m a little sad.”

Qin Anan hugged his body tightly with both hands: “it’s alright, we can invite some more friends.”

“Well, I’m fine now.” Fu Shiting adjusted his mood and released her, “I’ll buy gifts for you and the child. , not only to make you happy, but also to give yourself more motivation to make money.”

“But you buy too much.” Qin Anan took his big palm and walked towards her daughter, “If you come here every time I bought so many things, and my family couldn’t put them down.”

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