When His Eyes Opened Chapter 101 -110(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 101 -110(Chinese)

Chapter 101

And there is only one bed here.

He is sick, so she plans to give him the bed.

After she took a shower, she came to the sofa and sat down.

Going to spend the night on the sofa tonight.

As a result, he also came half an hour ago.

He slept all afternoon, and now he is not sleepy and understands.

She could never force him to sleep.

“You dragged on like this, I haven’t slept well for a week! An An, let’s talk about it!” On the other side of the video, the director of the technical department said.

“I also have insomnia every day! Not only can’t I sleep well, but I can’t eat too much!” the head of the development department said,

“I’ve been losing more and more hair recently! I don’t have a few hairs on my head!” The head of the personnel department followed.

These old men will sell worse than the other.

They are forcing Qin An’an to make an immediate decision.

Fu Shiting frowned and grabbed her phone.

Qin An’an: “…Hey! I’m on the video! Give me the phone back!”

She moved towards him, trying to get the phone back.

“Who is this man?! A little familiar!”

“This is An An’s boyfriend! With An An so late! It must be a boyfriend!”

“Oh… this man looks like a person …” On

the other side of the video, the three old men discussed.

“Qin An’an, why did you hang up? I

can’t find the button.” Fu Shiting took her cell phone and studied it for several seconds. Since he couldn’t find the button, he returned the cell phone to her.

After Qin Anan got his phone back, he immediately hung up the video.

“Who asked you to rob my phone?!” Qin Anan settles the account with him.

“Their voices are annoying.” He lifted his eyelids and said lazily, “It’s nine o’clock in the evening, not nine in the morning.”

“You’re annoying, go back to your house! This is my house.” Qin Anan frowned, took the mobile phone, and walked towards the bedroom.

He followed in her footsteps.

At the same time, the three supervisors connected the video privately.

“I just said that An An’s boyfriend looks like a man… Did you find out? That man looks like Fu Shiting!”

“I haven’t seen Fu Shiting in person, I have only seen photos.”

” I have met the real person Fu Shiting, but I was sitting in the back row at least a few hundred meters away from him.”

“Haven’t you two heard his voice? The voice of the man in An An’s video just now, and Fu Shiting’s voice can also match!”

“We haven’t even met his people, how could we have an impression of his voice?”

“It must be Fu Shiting! I swear on my head! I said why she didn’t agree to talk to Tang Qiaosen. Cooperation, it turns out that there is a better choice!”

“If this is the case, then An An is really awesome! Hidden merit and fame, secretly catching big fish!”

“Then I have to apologize to An An! I give to An An almost every day. She sent a message, accusing her of being ignorant!”

“Don’t worry! Wait until I confirm with her to see if that man is Fu Shiting!”

Rental house, bedroom.

Qin Anan had a headache, so she lay down on the bed.

Fu Shiting saw her lying down, and followed suit.

He raised his hand and turned off the light in the room.

Qin Anan closed her eyes, but was breathing heavily.

It means she is in a bad mood.

Fu Shiting: “I’ve seen one of the three people you videotaped with just now.”

Qin Anan looked at him sideways: “Who?”

Fu Shiting: “That fat guy with glasses.”

Qin Anan: “Oh… I’ve seen it before, so what.”

Fu Shiting: “He should have recognized me. Our relationship can’t be hidden anymore.” After a pause, he continued, “I’ll pay two billion, you go and talk to me. Tang Qiaosen said, let’s see if he follows.”

“You’re sick!” Qin Anan raised his foot and kicked him, “You thought there was an auction!”

Chapter 102

Chapter 102

“Fu Shiting, I won’t ask for your money.” She said solemnly, “So don’t talk to me like that again.”

“Why don’t you want my money? Is my money different from other people’s money? ‘ His tone was visibly lower.

Qin Anan hesitated for a moment and said, “I don’t want anyone’s money. I don’t want to see anyone’s face.”

This sentence blocked all the words behind him.

“I’m going to sleep, don’t disturb me.” Qin Anan turned over and gave him his back.

Looking at her thin back, he covered her with the quilt.

She opened it immediately: “I cover mine, you cover yours, don’t touch me.” There

were two quilts on the bed.

Fu Shiting was covered with a thick quilt.

Hers is a summer air-conditioning quilt.

However, the air conditioner in the room was warm.

“You cover thick, I cover thin.” Fu Shiting said kindly.

He was relatively weak and felt cold all the time, so he felt that she was cold too.

“Do you want to heat me to death?” Qin Anan said unceremoniously, “hurry up to sleep, before my mother comes back tomorrow morning, you have to leave. You have seriously affected our lives here.”

Fu Shiting covered the quilt: “I see. .”

Ten minutes later, Qin Anan took the phone and turned over.

By the light of the phone screen, she saw his open eyes.

In the dim sight, his eyes exuded a cold dark light.

“Why don’t you sleep? Is it cold?” she asked.

Fu Shiting: “A bit. Are you hot?”

She was wearing short sleeves.

And the air conditioner was only covered on the upper body.

The two don’t seem to be in the same season.

“Don’t mind me…I’ll get you a blanket…” Qin Anan sat up.

He stretched out his arm and grabbed her: “Just give me half of your quilt.”

“Oh…” She gave him half of her quilt.

In this way, if she wanted to cover the quilt, she could only lean towards him.

Realizing this, she sat up again, trying to get the blanket.

“Don’t move…I want to sleep.” He stretched out his long arms and pulled her back again.

Fu family.

Mrs. Fu has been sitting on the sofa, so angry that she didn’t even eat dinner.

After the driver returned from delivering things to Fu Shiting, Mrs. Fu began to question the driver.

“That rental house is very small, right?” The

driver: “It’s very small. The whole house is not as big as the living room here.”

Mrs. Fu looked at the living room, and her blood pressure suddenly rose.

“When I left, Qin An’an’s mother had already gone out to stay at the hotel. In that rental room, there were only President Fu and Qin An’an.” The driver said.

“This Qin An’an… will he do anything too bad to Shi Ting?! Shi Ting is so ill now, how can you let him be alone with Qin An’an! The bodyguard?! The bodyguard definitely can’t Get away!” Madam Fu was very worried.

“It should be alright…” The driver stammered, “I heard from the bodyguard that the two of them did it at noon…did that kind of thing…should still have feelings. .”

Mrs. Fu was shocked: “Shi Ting is so ill! How can I still have the energy to do that kind of thing! This Qin An’an is indeed a vixen! I’m going to bring Shi Ting back! If I continue to stay with her, I will Isn’t my son going to be squeezed completely by her!” The

driver gave Mrs. Zhang a wink.

Mrs. Zhang immediately supported Mrs. Fu: “If you go, I’m afraid that your husband will turn against you. Go back first, and I will ask the driver to pick him up tomorrow morning.”

“I think you have also been brainwashed by Qin An’an. !” Madam Fu shook off Sister Zhang’s arm.

Sister Zhang took two steps back and did not quarrel with the old lady.

“Now take me to the place where Qin Anan lives. I’ll go outside and have a look, I won’t go in!” The old lady said to the driver.

The driver immediately helped her out.

Forty minutes later, Mrs. Fu saw the old community where Qin Anan lived.

The old lady sat in the car and couldn’t stop crying.

Chapter 103

Chapter 103

“My son has never lived in such a harsh environment since he was born… never! What kind of sin is this! It’s all my fault! Why should I find him? Qin Anan becomes a wife! With so many women, I chose this vixen!”

In the room, Fu Shiting’s breathing gradually became even.

Qin Anan reached out and touched his forehead.

There is sweat on the forehead, but the temperature is normal.

Afraid that he would wake up thirsty at night, she got out of bed and poured a glass of water and put it on the bedside table next to him.

The next morning, when Qin Anan woke up, Fu Shiting was no longer around.

She picked up her phone and checked the time.

It’s past eight in the morning.

Fu Shiting sent her a message at six o’clock in the morning: I slept well last night, I’ll go first.

Her cheeks are hot, just reading his news, why is it so hot?

She found the remote control and turned off the air conditioner.

After washing up and leaving the room, Zhang Yun called her for breakfast.

“What’s the situation with you and him now?” Zhang Yun brought the noodle bowl and chopsticks to her.

“What’s the situation?” Qin Anan pretended not to understand.

“Don’t pretend to be confused, don’t you want to divorce him? I think you two can’t be separated.” Zhang Yun sat opposite her and looked at her, “He doesn’t want to divorce you at all, he should like you a lot.”

Qin Anan sighed: “Mom, what if he likes me? My value should not be determined by a certain man.”

Zhang Yun: “But he won’t divorce you, what will you do?

” Research.”


“Mom, eat noodles! It’s not delicious when the noodles are lumpy.” Qin Anan felt that his breath was full of his taste.

After breakfast, she has to take a shower.

Fu family.

Fu Shiting wrapped in a bath towel and walked out of the bathroom.

He walked to the closet, got his clothes and put them on, then he went to the dining room for breakfast.

Seeing that he was wearing less clothes, Mrs. Zhang was a little puzzled: “Sir, are you not cold?”

“Not cold, I feel much better today.”

“That’s good! The doctor will come over later and let the doctor show you.”

“No, I’ll go to the company later.” Fu Shiting’s words shocked Mrs. Zhang.

Before he went to Qin An’an yesterday, he looked haggard and unrecovered from a serious illness.

But today, he seems to be completely normal.

So, after taking so many medicines before, it is impossible to spend a day with Qin Anan?

ST Group.

When Fu Shiting appeared in the company, several executives couldn’t help but follow him to his office.

“Boss, are you cured? Didn’t you say it was serious?”

“Bah, pah! The boss just has a cold and fever, how serious can it be? Since the boss has come to the company, it means that he is almost healed.”

“Yes! Boss , if you feel unwell, you can go back and rest at any time. We will send you an email if the company is in a hurry. You can work from home. “

Fu Shiting turned a deaf ear to their concerns and turned to Zhou Ziyi. : “Call Tang Qian.”

Zhou Ziyi immediately called Tang Qian.

Others wisely stepped back.

“Shi Ting, why did you come to work suddenly? Did the doctor agree with you to come to work?” Tang Qian was worried when she saw that he was not looking well.

“Tang Qian, is your dad’s birthday coming soon?” Tang

Qian’s eyes flashed with surprise: “Well, it’s scheduled for this weekend. Because you were sick, I didn’t tell you.”

Fu Shiting: “I will be there then.”

Tang The corners of Qian’s mouth rose, and she was overjoyed: “Okay! I was worried that you wouldn’t go! My dad will definitely be very happy to see you.”

“Tang Qian, I have a wife. I’m going to your dad’s birthday party, yes Because your brother invited my wife.” Fu Shiting’s thin lips opened lightly, breaking all Tang Qian’s illusions.

Chapter 104

Chapter 104

The smile on Tang Qian’s face disappeared: “Your eyes will never see me.”

Fu Shiting: “Go find someone who can see you .” Tang

Qian turned and left.

In the evening, Tang Qian was unhappy and asked Tang Qiaosen to drink.

Tang Qiaosen looked at her decadent appearance, and said politely, “No man will like you when you look like this.”

Tang Qian’s eyes were red with anger: “I’m tired enough outside! Do I still have to pretend to be in my own home? ?!”

Tang Qiaosen poured her a glass of wine: “Tang Qian, we brothers and sisters are still not on the same page. If you listen to me, you can get everything.”

“Can I get Fu Shiting?” Tang Qian put the wine in the glass After drinking it, he asked him with red eyes.

Tang Qiaosen wrapped his arms around her, leaned close to her ear, and said in a low voice, “You can’t get him alive, but if he dies, I can give you his ashes. This means that you have him indirectly, how about that? “

Tang Qian’s face changed drastically, and she pushed him away!

“Tang Qiaosen! Are you fucking crazy?! If you dare to touch Fu Shiting, you are my enemy!” A


Tang Qiaosen hit the table behind him, and there was a sharp pain in his lower back. He hunched over and couldn’t straighten up.

“Brother! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” Tang Qian helped him up and said guiltily, “I didn’t mean to quarrel with you…but Fu Shiting is my bottom line, don’t become an enemy with him! “

…It’s already an enemy.” Tang Qiaosen took a painful breath, “He wants to invest 2 billion in Qin Group. Tang Qian, do you think Qin Group is worth 2 billion? You’re provoking me!”

Tang Qian’s body froze.

“Are you telling the truth? Why didn’t I hear the news?”

“Because he doesn’t trust you. Moreover, he deliberately asked someone to tell me the news. I guess he and Qin An’an had a private talk.” Tang Qiaosen sat down on the sofa slowly, with a painful expression on his face, “Tang Qian, get me the medicine. Come.”

Tang Qian went to get the medicine box.

Her mind was outside her body.

Maybe, she can never wait for Fu Shiting and Qin Anan to divorce.

She had never seen Fu Shiting so attentive to any woman.

What he did to Qin Anan once was more than what he did to him in the past ten years combined.

She lost!

Completely lost!

Tang Qiaosen’s father’s birthday party was held in the Tang family’s mid-level villa in Yanshan, Rongcheng.

City A is adjacent to Rongcheng, and it takes more than an hour to drive there.

Tang Qiaosen called Qin Anan early in the morning and wanted to drive to pick her up and Zhang Yun.

Qin Anan declined him politely: “My mother doesn’t want to go. I have something to go back to school today. Don’t worry about me, you can go back first!”

Qin Anan has nothing to do.

Tang Qiaosen also knew that she just didn’t want to be with him.

Tang Qiaosen: “An An, come as early as possible, I have something to tell you.”

Qin Anan: “Well…I have something to tell you too.”

After hanging up, Qin Anan continued to make up for her sleep.

I stayed up late last night to write my thesis, and I was very sleepy at the moment.

Banyan City, Yanshan Mountain, Mid-level Villas.

At twelve o’clock at noon, the Tang family’s parking lot of several hundred square meters was full of luxury cars.

Fu Shiting entered the banquet hall and began to look for Qin An’an in the crowd.

“Qin Anan hasn’t come yet.” Tang Qian said, “Have you two made up yet? I thought you would come together.”

Fu Shiting said calmly, “Maybe it will be reconciled tomorrow .” Tang

Qian led him to sit down at the seat.

“I heard that you want to invest 2 billion in Qin Group. Shi Ting, from the perspective of a friend, I think you are very irrational.” Tang Qian poured him a glass of warm water.

“How much money I give her is a matter between me and her.” Fu Shiting picked up the water glass and took a sip, “You don’t need to worry about my family affairs.” Tang

Qian’s face suddenly turned blue.


The two billion investment, he said lightly, is a family matter!

“I will never express my opinion about you and Qin An’an in the future!” Tang Qian said angrily.

Fu Shiting: “You’d better do what you say.”

Chapter 105

Chapter 105

Tang Qian: “!!!”

She did a whole morning of psychological construction, so that when she saw Fu Shiting, she should not be jealous of Qin An’an because of him, but now, her psychological defense has collapsed!

She endured the pain and got up and left the banquet hall.

Not far away, Tang Qiaosen watched his sister hit a nail on Fu Shiting again, still in his own home.

Saying it doesn’t hurt is a lie.

It’s fake to say no to shame.

Tang Qian’s ten years of youth and grievances were wasted on Fu Shiting, and Tang Qiaosen asked him to return it all tonight!

After lunch, Fu Shiting went to the guest room to rest.

He didn’t expect that Qin Anan had not arrived yet.

Didn’t she say that it was very comfortable to be with Don Johnson?

lied to him?

After arriving in the guest room, he did not lie down to rest.

He wasn’t very sleepy, came to the guest room, just didn’t want to socialize.

He sent a message to the accompanying bodyguard: Qin An’an arrives and calls to inform me.

After sending the message, he put the phone on the table. He took a book from the shelf next to him.

At about four in the afternoon, there was a chatter outside the door.

“Do you know Qin An’an?”

“Of course, she is the woman that Master Qiao Sen likes!”

“Yes, just now, the master asked me to prepare women’s daily necessities and bring them to his room. It is estimated that Qin Anan will be staying overnight.”

“When it comes to chasing women, our young master has never missed a beat! Do you know why he succeeds every time?”


“Our young master has a way to make women obedient! The method is…”

The sound outside the door suddenly became quieter.

Then, the sound of footsteps drifted away.

Fu Shiting frowned and strode towards the door.

At this moment, the phone rang.

Fu Shiting turned back and answered the phone.

“Boss, Qin An’an is here. Tang Qiaosen greeted her at the door. Now Tang Qiaosen took her to the south.” The bodyguard said.

“Follow her!”

“Boss, there are Tang family bodyguards guarding the south side, and outsiders are not allowed to enter. I asked, and the south side is where Tang Qiaosen’s father lives.”

Fu Shiting hung up the phone.

He opened the address book, found Qin An’an’s number, and dialed it.

“An An, my father Xijing, he will have a headache when he hears the ringtone of his mobile phone…” Tang Qiaosen said to Qin Anan.

Qin Anan immediately said: “Then I’ll set the mute.”

“No. Your mobile phone should have no signal now. The signal is blocked on the side where he lives.”

Qin Anan: “Is your father’s illness so serious?”

Tang Qiaosen nodded : “It’s useless to see a lot of doctors. In the end, he can only feel better if he is in a completely quiet environment.”

Qin Anan: “Since he likes quietness, why would he have a birthday party?”

Tang Qiaosen laughed: “No He likes quietness because of his illness. Before he got sick, he liked to be lively.”

Qin Anan nodded in understanding.

“Why does your father want to see me alone? I’m a little nervous.” Qin Anan said anxiously.

Tang Qiaosen: “Don’t be nervous. He’s just chatting with you casually.”


Tang Qiaosen and Qin Anan did not appear.

Fu Shiting called Qin An’an several times, but there was no response.

He turned to Tang Qiaosen, but there was no response.

Heartbroken, he came out of the banquet hall and strode towards the south area of ​​the villa.

Chapter 106

Chapter 106

“Mr. Fu, please stop.” The Tang family bodyguards stopped Fu Shiting. Fu Shiting

looked gloomy and said sternly: “I have to go in! My wife is inside.”

Tang family bodyguard: “You mean Miss Qin? She went to climb the mountain with our President Tang.”


The bodyguard of the Tang family pointed to the mountain not far away: “They went up from there. But it is already dark now, and the road up the mountain is relatively steep. You are not familiar with the mountain road. I suggest you wait in the banquet hall. They will wait. I ‘ll be back.”

Fu Shiting clenched his fingers slightly, stretched his long legs, and strode towards the road up the mountain.

south parlour.

Qin An’an couldn’t sit still after listening to Tang Qiaosen’s father’s two-hour talk on the history of entrepreneurship and his views on the Qin Group.

“Uncle, thank you for talking to me so much. Today is your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday. As for work, I will chat with Tang Qiaosen in private.”

If it wasn’t for the other party’s birthday today, Qin Anan I’m afraid I can’t sit for so long.

“Dad, take a break first. I’ll take An An to dinner.” Tang Qiaosen glanced at the time and said to his father.

The two came out of the living room, Qin Anan looked at the darkened sky, and a trace of sadness rose in her heart.

Probably because it was the first time I came here, there was an unfamiliar unease everywhere.

“Tang Qiaosen, I’m not going to accept your investment.” Qin Anan gathered up his courage and told him his answer.

Tang Qiaosen’s footsteps stopped, and the demeanor on his face disappeared: “Why? Can you give me a clear reason?”

Qin Anan said bluntly: “Because you are Tang Qian’s brother. So I will not accept your investment.”

“Did Fu Shiting tell you something? Are you planning to accept Fu Shiting’s investment?” Tang Qiaosen was not surprised by her answer, but very sad.

“I won’t accept his investment.” Qin Anan’s eyes are clear and calm, and her tone is firm, “Tang Qiaosen, I came by train this afternoon. I’m going to catch the train now, so I won’t eat the dinner.”

She came over today , just to tell him the answer in person.

Now that the answer told him, she could go.

Tang Qiaosen didn’t expect her to be so heartless.

Her way of doing things is strikingly similar to Fu Shiting.

Is this why they are attracted to each other?

Tang Qiaosen grabbed her arm and held it back: “Let’s go after dinner. Fu Shiting is here today, and let him take you back. Otherwise, I won’t worry about it.”

Qin Anan pulled back his arm: “I called a car ahead of time. The driver should have arrived by now.”

Tang Qiaosen: “Let’s go after dinner! Even if we can’t cooperate, we won’t make the relationship so stiff! Qin Anan, we are not enemies, no!”

Qin Anan took a deep breath.

She didn’t want to tear her face off with Tang Qiaosen.

The two of them couldn’t be friends, but she didn’t want another enemy either.

Tang Qiaosen took her into the banquet hall. After arranging a seat for her, Tang Qian strode towards them with a cold face!

She walked to Tang Qiaosen, grabbed his arm, and pulled him out!

Qin An’an lost her appetite when she saw the Tang brothers and sisters pulling away.

Tang Qian’s face was gloomy and cold just now.

As if something happened!

Qin Anan looked around nervously.

Except for her table, the other guests did not notice the abnormality of the Tang brothers and sisters.

Just now Tang Qiaosen said that Fu Shiting was also here, but why didn’t she see Fu Shiting?

Tang Qian pulled Tang Qiao Sen outside the banquet hall.

“Where’s Fu Shiting?! Tang Qiaosen, where did he go!”

Chapter 107

Chapter 107

Tang Qiaosen patted his wrinkled sleeves and said coldly: “Tang Qian! I’m not his bodyguard, I don’t have time to help you stare at him! If you want to find him, find it yourself!”

Tang Qian raised her fist and punched Tang Qiaosen on the chest: “I can’t get through to his phone! I can’t find his people! His bodyguards don’t know where he’s gone! Stop pretending! The signal at home is blocked. The machine, you put it on purposely! Everything is your conspiracy!”

Tang Qiaosen covered her mouth with one hand and lifted her up with the other.

“Tang Qian! I have to lock you in the room now! After tonight, you will no longer suffer!” In the

banquet hall.

Qin Anan stood up with a ‘jump’.

Surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

The unease in my heart expanded a little bit.

Turning on the phone, she saw Fu Shiting’s missed call and messages from him in the afternoon.

The message he sent her was: come to me immediately when you see the news! I am waiting for you in the banquet hall!

She is in the banquet hall, but what about others?

She called him, but the phone hung up automatically when she dialed out, and the poor signal prompt popped up.

Isn’t it only the southern district that has no signal?

She became more and more suspicious.

She walked out of the banquet hall, and a tall black shadow rushed over immediately.

“Qin An’an! Have you seen my boss?!” Fu Shiting’s bodyguard looked at her eagerly.

“No! Aren’t you with him?” Qin Anan’s heart clenched tightly, and he began to think wildly, “I couldn’t get through on the phone with him just now. There is no signal here!”

“It must be Tang Qiaosen who blocked the signal! I don’t know where the boss went. I was having dinner in the banquet hall on the other side. Tang Qian suddenly ran to ask where my boss went, and I found out that the boss was gone!”

Qin Anan put both hands Clenching his fist, he couldn’t help thinking of Tang Qian’s gloomy and cold face when he looked at Tang Qiaosen.

“Tang Qiaosen…I’ll find Tang Qiaosen!” Qin Anan murmured.

“I’ll go with you!” The

two walked to the gate of the southern district. The bodyguard saw the Tang family bodyguard and rushed over, pinching each other’s throat with one hand.

“Where is Tang Qiaosen?! Take us to find Tang Qiaosen!”

Seeing this, Qin Anan immediately went over and pulled the bodyguard away, “You pinched him like this, how does he speak?” The

bodyguard let go.

The other party coughed suddenly: “…I don’t know where President Tang is? I’m just in charge of guarding the southern district…don’t trouble me…”

Qin Anan: “Then have you seen Fu Shiting coming?”

She had a strong intuition in her heart.

Fu Shiting called her so many times in the afternoon and sent her a message. He has been waiting for her.

He must have known she was here, he must have come to her.

The Tang family bodyguard suddenly looked embarrassed.

Seeing this, Fu Shiting’s bodyguard kicked him to the ground: “Where is my boss?! I have a bad temper, I’ll give you three seconds! Three, two…”

“Fu Shiting went to the mountain! “The Tang family bodyguard pointed to a place in the dark, “Go up from there!”

“Damn! Why does my boss go to the mountain! Why does he go to the mountain when it’s dark!” The bodyguard scolded and chattered, He stepped on the other’s head with one foot, “You say it! You fucking say it!”

Qin Anan’s heart trembled violently, and her eyes were wet.

Fu Shiting’s legs are not good.

It wasn’t long before he got out of the wheelchair.

He can’t climb mountains.

What’s more, the mountain was pitch black and there was no light at all.

“He, he went to the mountain to find… Miss Qin…” The Tang family bodyguard explained the reason intermittently before fainting.

Chapter 108

Chapter 108 The

villa is on the mountainside.

From the bottom of the mountain to the mountainside, there is a relatively smooth winding road that can drive directly to the villa.

But there is no road going up from the villa.

When Fu Shiting climbed up, it was already dark.

He turned on the flashlight function of his mobile phone and walked up quickly.

He worries about Qin An’an’s safety.

Tang Qiaosen had bad intentions towards her. He was afraid that he would go up late and she would make a mistake.

Knowing that Tang Qiaosen’s methods were insidious, he should not have left her alone.

After about half an hour, his breath was quick, and what was worse was his legs.

The doctor had told him not to do strenuous exercise for the next six months.

With his legs, he could only walk simply, and he couldn’t walk for too long.

Exercises such as mountain climbing, which wear out a lot to the knees, should not be done.

Otherwise the risk is very high.

In the dark, cold winds whistled and the trees rustled, he stopped when his body sounded an alarm of pain.

He opened the address book and tried to call the bodyguard.

But the phone has no signal.

He can go down the mountain right here. His physical strength can keep him going down the mountain.

But he didn’t have this idea, not even for a second.

He endured the discomfort and continued to climb up.

He must find Qin An’an and take her down the mountain safely.

The accident happened after he stepped on the air –

his leg was so sore that he couldn’t walk, and just like that, he stepped on the air and fell backwards without any weight.

At the moment he fell, what appeared in his mind was not fear or death, but Qin An’an’s face.

She smiles, she cries, she frowns in anger, she is calm as water…

all kinds of Qin An’an.

The last is fear.

He was afraid that Qin Anan would be bullied by Tang Qiaosen!


He fell into endless darkness!

There was a sharp and blunt scratching sound in his ears. It was the sound of his body rubbing against stones and branches.

He didn’t know where he would fall, let alone if he would die.


“Fu Shiting! Can you hear! Fu Shiting!” Qin Anan yelled at the silent ridge, “I didn’t go up the mountain! Fu Shiting! I didn’t go up the mountain!”

Bodyguard: “Boss! Let’s come I’m looking for you! If you hear our voices, you should say something! You should say something! I’ll pick you up!” The

wind was rustling, with a biting chill.

The more Qin Anan went up, the more scared he became.

The mountain road is too steep!

She held the bodyguard’s arm in order to climb up smoothly.

Fu Shiting’s legs are not good, how could he come to such a place? !

How dare he? !

How dare you!

Hot tears fell from the corner of Qin An’an’s eyes.

“Fu Shiting!”

Her voice was choked up.

The bodyguard disliked her for holding her back, so she released her: “You stay here and don’t move! I’ll go up and find it!”

After that, the bodyguard strode up and climbed up.

After the bodyguard left, Qin Anan quickly wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

Step by step, she walked upwards with difficulty.

She can’t stay put!


She wants to find Fu Shiting!

She wanted to tell him personally that she didn’t go up the mountain! He should even tell him that even if she went up the mountain, he shouldn’t take such a big risk to find her!

Isn’t he very intelligent?

What about his IQ? !

His sanity!

Are all gone!

Qin An’an’s vision was blurred over and over again.

Chapter 109

Chapter 109

Suddenly, her eyes were attracted by a beam of light not far away!

She turned the flashlight of her mobile phone towards the beam

of light – in that messy valley, there was clearly a tall body lying there!

“Fu Shiting!” Her voice completely collapsed. She desperately put her hands on the ground and climbed towards the steep valley, “Fu Shiting, I’m here! Don’t be afraid! You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine!” The

bodyguard listened When she screamed, she shouted from a height: “Qin An’an! Have you found my boss!”

“…Found it! He fell! His face is full of blood!” Qin An’an Resisting her uncontrollable emotions, she asked him for help, “Come here quickly!”

After she finished speaking, she took a deep breath and jumped down in Fu Shiting’s direction.

Her foot was sprained.

She took a sharp breath in pain, then raised her hand to wipe away the tears.

She quickly crawled to Fu Shiting’s side and hugged him tightly!

“Fu Shiting! Wake up! Don’t sleep! Don’t sleep!” She held his hypothermic face with both hands, lowered her head, and gave him her own breath.

There is no signal on the mountain.

They were unable to call for help.

The bodyguard carried Fu Shiting on his back and went down the mountain first.

Qin Anan held the branch in her hand and wept as she went down the mountain.

Why is this happening?

Who told Fu Shiting that she was on the mountain?

This is murder!

If Fu Shiting fell into a deeper valley, if no one found him, with the current weather, within 24 hours, he would freeze to death!

As long as she thought that he almost died, her tears could not be controlled.

Because he went up the mountain to find her.

a mid-level villa.

After Fu Shiting was rescued, two Tang family bodyguards came to Tang Qiaosen’s room.

“We have been waiting for him at the top of the mountain, but he fell down before reaching the top of the mountain!” the bodyguard reported.

Tang Qiaosen clenched his fists tightly and slammed the table: “It’s really useless! You can’t even climb the top of the mountain! Why don’t you fall to your death!”

Bodyguard: “He’s dead! We watched him fall. The place where it fell is a relatively large valley. If it is a narrow valley, no one will find it!”

Tang Qiaosen rubbed his eyebrows and said irritably: “Tonight’s affairs must be kept tight-lipped! You go down first!” The

bodyguard retreated . After leaving, Tang Qiaosen came out of the room.

He took the key and opened Tang Qian’s door.

In Tang Qian’s eyes, there was scarlet hatred!

“You killed him, didn’t you? Tang Qiaosen! This is the way you said to free me?! Believe it or not, I will die with him!” Tang Qian’s eyes were swollen from crying, and she held a fruit knife in her hand.

Her body couldn’t stop shaking.

If Tang Qiaosen said that Fu Shiting was dead in the next second, she might have inserted the dagger into her heart in the next second.

“He has a big life, but he didn’t die. The person who may die will be me.” Tang Qiaosen’s face was gloomy and severe, “When he wakes up, he will definitely seek revenge on me. Tang Qian, leave the Tang family!

” ‘A sound!

The dagger fell to the ground.

“Why do you have to fight to the death? Tang Qiaosen, every time you meet Fu Shiting, you lose! Why can’t you accept your fate?” Tang Qian sneered, picked up her bag, and strode away from him.

a week later.

Qin Group officially declared bankruptcy.

The court initiated the bankruptcy liquidation procedure of Qin Group.

Qin Anan did not sign the will and inheritance procedures.

So Qin Jie’s debt has nothing to do with her.

On the day the news came out, Vice President Zhou sent Qin Anan a message: You will go to hell!

Qin Anan turned off the phone.

Human energy is limited.

She doesn’t have time to think about so many things now.

Fu Shiting’s legs were seriously injured.

When he gets out of the hospital, he will have to get back into the wheelchair.

She didn’t go to the hospital to see him.

It’s not that I don’t want to go, it’s that I can’t go.

The Fu family’s bodyguards were guarding outside his ward, and not even a fly could fly in.

She could only get his news from Mrs. Zhang.

Sister-in-law Zhang told him that after waking up, he was in a very depressed mood and did not want to speak or be disturbed.

So, she can only wait.

Wait until he wants to see her.

Chapter 110

Chapter 110

A Major, Library.

Qin Anan has been reading here after having dinner at school.

Looking at the fascination, suddenly there was a burst of cheers around! “It’s snowing! It’s the first snow this year! It’s snowing

! Let’s go out and play with the snow !

” half. Qin Anan couldn’t help walking to the window and looked at the heavy snow outside. What a big snow, what a beauty! No wonder it is said on the Internet that the confession will be successful in the first snow. Because good things make people excited. “Classmate, your phone is ringing!” Someone walked behind Qin An’an and patted her on the shoulder. She came back to her senses and heard the phone ringing: “Thank you!” She limped back to her seat from the window. Last time I sprained my foot on the mountain, and I went to the hospital very late for treatment. Her feet were so swollen that they haven’t healed yet. But it didn’t affect her life. She picked up the phone and answered the call. She didn’t know what to say on the phone, the corners of her eyes suddenly curled up, and her brows rose. In her eyes, the look bloomed. After hanging up the phone, the smile on her face still did not disappear. People don’t always have bad luck. No, she was favored by the god of luck. She packed her things, carried her bag, and walked outside as fast as she could.

After a while, the phone rang again.

She quickly took out her phone and answered the call.

“Qin An’an! It’s snowing! Don’t tell me you’re still in the library!” Li Xiaotian’s voice came from the phone.

“Xiao Tian, ​​I decided to go to graduate school!”

“Aah! What’s the matter with you? Didn’t you say you didn’t go to graduate school? Why did you suddenly change your mind?!” Li Xiaotian exclaimed.

Qin Anan held the phone a little further away, otherwise the eardrums couldn’t stand it.

“Do you know Professor Hu Qing?!”

“I don’t know!” Li Xiaotian said blankly, “Is he a very good professor?”

“Of course! He is my idol! His assistant called me just now and said nonsense. Professor Qing was willing to accept me as his apprentice and asked me if I would like to go to his graduate school…” Qin Anan cried excitedly when he said this, “I dream of being his student… ..I didn’t expect him to see me…”

Li Xiaotian especially wanted to give her a hug.

“Qin An’an! I said you are excellent! Why have you been unbelieving? You should believe it now! Where are you now? I’ll go find you, I want to treat you to a big meal, and celebrate!”

Qin Anan’s mind Dizzy, after raising his hand to dry his tears, he smiled and said, “I want to go back to sleep. I’m really sleepy. I’ll invite you next time!”

Li Xiaotian: “You haven’t slept for a few days, okay? I heard He Zhunzhi say that Fu Shiting is going home to recuperate today. You don’t have to worry too much about him, there are so many people taking care of him, he will definitely recover.”

Qin Anan: “Yeah!”

She was not worried that he would not recover. She is guilty.

If it wasn’t for her last time, he wouldn’t have been hurt at all.

After hanging up, Li Xiaotian looked up at He Zhunzhi.

“An An is ready to go to graduate school.” Li Xiaotian sighed, “Maybe I have to go abroad. I just searched the Internet for the professor she mentioned. He works in a medical school abroad…”

He Zhunzhi: “Reading more is a good thing. Brother Shi Ting will definitely support her.”

“What’s wrong with Fu Shiting? Why doesn’t he want to see An An? He fell on the mountain, and An An was the first to find him. ……It wasn’t An An who asked him to go up the mountain, how could he be angry with An An!” Li Xiaotian slapped Qin An’an.

He Zhunzhi put his arms around her shoulders, and the two walked in the heavy snow.

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