When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1011 -1020(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1011 -1020(Chinese)

In chapter 1011,

he proposed a solution: “Then change to a bigger villa.”

“My child and I are used to living here, and don’t want to move.” She said distressedly, “You better control your consumption desire a little bit! I know you have a lot of money, but in addition to improving our personal quality of life, money can also be used to do good things. For example, donate to poor mountainous areas or charities.”

“I have done all these things.” He walked to the trunk , took the box down, “I bought you jewelry, I know you don’t like it, but I think you look good in jewelry.”

After that, he put several oversized boxes in front of her.

She opened the box – there were small boxes inside.

“Fu Shiting, have you emptied the counter?”

“No.” He replied, “I didn’t buy it if it didn’t look good.”

Qin Anan felt deeply helpless.

Obviously she should be happy to receive the gift, but she can’t be happy.

The cabinet where she kept jewelry could not hold so much jewelry at all.

“What did you buy for your daughter?” she asked, resisting the urge to educate him.

“I mainly bought hair clips. There are also some I don’t know what they are. I looked at the bells and whistles and felt that the little girl should like it, so I bought it.”

His answer made her again have the urge to educate him.

But she was so happy to see her daughter receiving the gift, she could only hold back.

“Did you buy a present for your son?” she asked.

“Bought toys and snacks for Ziqiu.”

“Didn’t buy it for Xiaohan?” Her eyes searched carefully in the trunk.

“I bought it.” His voice dropped suddenly.

“Oh?” She noticed that he was a little guilty and nervous, so she asked, “What did you buy for Xiaohan ? Show it to me.” A stack of… copybooks.

Last birthday banquet, Xiaohan’s class teacher brought Xiaohan’s homework to show him.

He found that his son’s handwriting was a bit ugly.

So he passed by the bookstore today and bought these copybooks for his son, hoping to help his son.

However, he could guess that his son might be angry when he received this gift full of fatherly love.

Qin Anan looked at the copybook and couldn’t help laughing.

“Show him the gift tomorrow morning. I’m afraid I’ll show it to him tonight. He will be so angry that he won’t be able to sleep at night.” Qin Anan took the copybook and put it in the room.

After Qin Anan entered the living room, Rila asked her dad in a low voice, “Dad, why did you buy us so many gifts?”

“Because dad made too much money, if you don’t spend it, it will lose the meaning of making money.”

Rila After trying to digest these words, he comforted: “Oh, Dad, don’t worry, I will help you spend money.”

The next day, eight in the morning.

Fu Shiting’s cell phone received a message.

It was a message from the Paternity Test Center.

At this time, he and Qin Anan were having breakfast in the dining room.

After he saw the screen light up, he opened the message and clicked on the link attached to the message. He saw the paternity test results of him and Yun Shijie.

Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012

Although this result is a preliminary test result, which may not match the final result, it also has an accuracy rate higher than 50%.

He never believed that the accident would favor those who did not believe it.

Identification opinion:

According to the DNA test results, it is supported that there is a biological parent-child relationship between the DNA marked as sample 1 and the source of DNA marked as sample 2.

Immediately, another piece of news came.

It was sent by the person in charge of the appraisal center: Boss Fu, I will give you the exact result in five days.

Fu Shiting suppressed the nausea that was surging in his heart, and replied calmly, “Okay.

“Shi Ting, I told Xiaohan in the morning that you bought him a gift and asked him to take a look, but he wouldn’t read it.” Qin Anan saw that he was distracted from playing with his mobile phone, so he talked about this topic, “Or just say a copybook. I bought it! Otherwise, I’m afraid he can’t practice calligraphy. By the way, how do you know that his handwriting is not very good?”

Fu Shiting put down the phone, took a sip of milk, and calmed down his tumultuous emotions.

“Last time on my child’s birthday party, I chatted with his head teacher privately for a while. The head teacher said that he is good at studying, but he is not serious about writing.”

“It is not that he is not serious. I think he is very serious every time he writes. He is serious. It’s also not good to write. Everyone has their own things that they are good at or not good at. I have talked about him before, but I will not talk about him later. I am afraid that I will hurt him by saying too much.” Qin Anan knows more about children’s life and learning than him. .

“Then if I buy him a copybook, wouldn’t it hurt him?” Fu Shiting’s eyes were complicated, “Why don’t I go and buy him a new gift now!”

“No. I just said I asked you to buy it. Copybook.” She had an idea, “If he said that, he shouldn’t be too angry.”

“Yes. You are still smart.” Fu Shiting boasted, “By the way, I may be back later today. If it is too late, I will I won’t come here.”

“Well. If you’re too busy, you can hand over the company’s affairs to your vice president. You’ll be able to relax a lot after our wedding is over.” Qin Anan reminded.

The reason why she doesn’t interfere too much in the wedding is because she understands that Fu Shiting knows how to control the overall situation better than she does.

Whether it is aesthetics or the details of all aspects of the wedding reception.

If she intervenes and puts forward her various ideas, it will delay the progress.

“Well. Are you going to the company today, or to Li Xiaotian?” He put down the milk cup and printed the corners of his mouth with a tissue.

“I’ll go to the company first. Xiao Tian is going to see a psychiatrist today, and we have an appointment to have dinner together at noon.”

“Yes. You can persuade her more, usually don’t think about it, if you have any questions about relationships, you should speak up directly, and the two of you should be together. Solved.”

Qin Anan raised his eyebrows: “Zunzhi told you?”

“Yes. He said he didn’t remember putting his love letter in that box at all. Life is like this sometimes, maybe one day it will be given to you. An unexpected surprise, or a fright.” He smiled, but his eyes showed no warmth at all.

Qin Anan didn’t pay attention to his eyes, so he didn’t notice his mood changes.

“Let’s go after you finish eating! I’m close to the company, I’ll go out later.” She planned to try the jewelry he bought today.

Now that he bought it, she can only try to change her lazy habit.

“Okay. Call me if you have anything.” He got up and left.

When passing the living room, he teased Ziqiu who was playing with new toys.

“Baby, Daddy’s going to work. Daddy will buy you new toys and come back in a few days.”

He finished, walked to the door to change his shoes, and then walked out.

The tenderness on his face disappeared in an instant as he stepped out of the door.

The nausea that had been suppressed so strongly also surged up.

Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013

An evil voice resounded in my mind: You are not Fu Jingxiao’s son! You are not a goddess! You are not a young master born with a golden key… that old rogue Yun Shijie is your biological father! You have the blood of rogues in your blood, so you are cold, cruel, and dark! You will not have a happy death! Even if you rehabilitate now, you will pay your rogue father’s debt! You will fall into darkness together, forever and ever!

The stomach acid irritated his stomach and made him want to vomit uncontrollably!

He strode towards the garage, and with a ‘vomit’ sound, he vomited out all the breakfast he had just eaten.

Fortunately, the garage was on the far right of the villa, and no one saw him so embarrassed.

He stared blankly at the vomit on the ground, thinking that his own background was as disgusting as this vomit, his eyes couldn’t help but get wet.

It’s not that he can’t accept that he is not the young master of the Fu family, he just can’t accept that he is Yun Shijie’s son.

In addition, he has suffered too many unbearable mental tortures in the Fu family, which is the most important reason why he cannot be separated from the Fu family.

He is not Fu Shiting, but why does he have kinship with his mother and Yinyin?

Now what the truth wants to deprive is not his identity as Fu Shiting, but also all the feelings related to this name.

As long as he thinks that he is not the pride of his mother, and that he is not the brother that Yinyin admires the most, he is overwhelmed with pain.

For so many years, how much he paid to satisfy his mother and protect Yinyin, how could outsiders know!

A gust of cool wind blew, as if it had blown into his stomach, and his stomach cramped, and he was shocked into a cold sweat.

Sanity returns to the body.

He wiped the tears from the corners of his mouth, quickly calmed down, turned around to open the car door, and sat in.

When the car drove out of the yard, he sent a text message to Mrs. Zhang.

After a while, Mrs. Zhang hurried out with a basin of water and cleaned up the vomit in the garage.

The ground was as clean as ever, as if nothing had happened.

The black Rolls-Royce did not drive towards ST Group, but towards Fu’s house.

He was not in the mood to work, nor was he in the mood to pay attention to the upcoming wedding. Until Yun Shijie was resolved, he might not be able to sleep at night and sleep and eat.

When he got home, he asked Aunt Hong to make coffee. Aunt

Hong glanced at him: “Sir, your face is not very good. Did you not sleep last night? Would you like to prepare breakfast for you?”

Xie Zhang, in a cold voice: “No.”

Only coffee and cigarettes can quickly stabilize his mood.

He took a puff of cigarette, and in the smoke, he clicked on his phone address book, found Yun Shijie’s number, dialed it, and asked him to meet: “You come alone. I don’t want to see your stupid son!”

Yun Shijie When I saw his call, I guessed that he must have obtained the results of the paternity test, and immediately became arrogant: “Yunzhe is also my son. What’s the difference between calling him stupid and calling yourself?”

If it was before today, Fu Shiting listened In this case, he will definitely be furious and furious.

But now he just hung up the phone calmly.

He would not recognize Yun Shijie, let alone get involved with his other children, so what kind of people are they and what does it have to do with him?

After a while, Yun Shijie came.

With a humble smile on his face, he sat down on the sofa opposite Fu Shiting.

“How’s it going? Is the result out? The fact that I am your biological father will not change even if I come here!” Yun Shijie’s smile became more and more hideous and ugly.

Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014

“In those days, I was the one who carried you into Fu’s house with my own hands. Without me, where would you be today!” Yun Shijie looked arrogant.

It was as if everything Fu Shiting had was bestowed by him.

Fu Shiting stared at him coldly, opened his mouth, and his voice was even colder: “Why didn’t you send your eldest son in?”

Yun Shijie pulled out a narrow smile: “Your brother is older than you, it’s inappropriate! Madam saw you at a glance. She said that you are not only good-looking, but also smart, and smart at first glance. She has such a good eye! You are indeed more promising than your brother!”

Fu Shiting made up his mind in his mind A picture of being selected as a product.

Although he responded with dismay, he thought about it later, if he had not been sent to Fu’s house, had not had a good living environment, and had not received a good education, I am afraid that he would be on par with Yunzhe now.

“Yun Shijie, if you die with that thief heart, I won’t recognize you!” Fu Shiting showed his attitude and said firmly, “Although I don’t want to give you a penny, but if you can take the money and leave, I can consider giving you a sum of money! The premise is that you will disappear from my world forever!”

Yun Shijie was shocked by the news, and then said in pieces: “You only give me a sum of money? Mrs. Fu But you pay me every month! Forget it, she is already dead. If you give me a little more, I can still think about it… How much are you going to give me?”

Fu Shiting: ” One…”

“One hundred million? You only gave me one hundred million?!” Yun Shijie interrupted him excitedly before he could finish his sentence, “Isn’t that too little?! Generally speaking, it’s an astronomical figure, but don’t you make a lot of billions a year? Are you too stingy with your father? Believe it or not, I will go to court to sue you? When the judge awards me, it will definitely be better than yours. This number is high!”

Fu Shiting had never seen such a brazen person!

He suppressed the anger in his heart and gritted his teeth: “Go and sue! Go now! I think which court would dare to take this case?!”

“Are you threatening me? Shouldn’t you kill me to silence me?” Yun Shijie’s eyes blushed, but he was afraid of Fu Shiting’s methods!

After all, he was beaten up not long ago, and the wound still hurts now.

“You guessed it right.” Fu Shiting looked gloomy, his eyes seemed to be poisoned, looked at him, and said word by word, “If you dare to go against me, you can try it.”

Yun Shijie’s eyes bulged like copper bells , My heart is on fire, but I dare not attack.

“Then give me the money first!” In any case, get the money you can get first, what if he goes back on it.

Fu Shiting didn’t move, looking at him: “I never said I would give you 100 million. Look at your face, are you worthy of so much money?”

“Isn’t it 100 million?” Yun Shijie was shocked. , “Then how much did you want to say?!”

“Up to 10 million, if you want it, get out!” Fu Shiting spread the consequences to him, “If you dare to disclose our relationship at will, I will let you see Less than the sun the next morning!”

Yun Shijie didn’t expect the money to be so little.

If you want to send him off with such a little money, Fu Shiting looks down on him too much!

But don’t do it in vain, take the money first and then think of a way.

“Then give me the money first! I’ll go back and think about it!” Yun Shijie compromised.


Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015

Qin Group.

After Qin Anan arrived at the company, he went directly to Mike’s office.

Mike was talking to the head of the department about products, and when he saw her, he immediately walked towards her.

“Why did you come to me without saying a word? I’m a little afraid of you.” Mike entered his office and joked, “I thought you were going to organize your mountain of jewelry at home today!”

Qin Anan ignored him He joked about the method he thought of on the road: “We can use the drone to find Yunmo!”

Mike’s pale blue eyes suddenly lit up.

“I talked to Yunmo on the phone just now. His freedom is now restricted and he can’t go out, but he can talk on the phone.” Qin Anan said excitedly, “I asked him to find a red object and put it on the window, and I sent the explorer series without Man-machine to find…”

“This is indeed a method. But it is too time-consuming and labor-intensive.” After thinking about it, Mike put his arms around his chest and gave his own advice, “You can just ask his family for the address. “

If I could get in touch with his family, I wouldn’t have come up with this method. They don’t answer my calls now.” Qin Anan’s face was heavy, “but they were afraid of angering me, so they allowed me to talk to Yunmo. Mike: “

What about the police?”

“I have no reason or position to call the police and let the police intervene.” Qin Anan reasoned with him, “Yunmo and them are family, I’m not. And they regard Yunmo’s mental retardation as a reason. It is reasonable to restrict the freedom of Yun Mo. The police will not care at all, unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless you ask Fu Shiting to come forward.” Qin Anan sighed, “I said this. I’ll fix it myself. And he’s been very busy lately. I don’t want to bother him. So I’ll try it with a drone first! What if I can find someone?”

“Okay! I’ll help you. If I can help you find Yunmo, it will be regarded as a wedding gift for you, otherwise I really don’t know what to give you.” Mike took the job and cursed at the same time, “Fu Shiting That bastard, bought you so many jewels, it’s amazing to be rich!”

“He was stimulated last night.” Qin Anan added the price tag of all the jewels last night, and the total price was more than 5,000. Ten thousand.

And that doesn’t even include the gifts he buys for the kids.

He’s crazy, it’s really scary.

Yun Shijie came home with 10 million yuan, and lit a cigarette in a depressed mood.

“Dad, what should we do next?” Yun Zhe asked with a frown. “In the past, Mrs. Fu gave us more than ten million dollars! Fu Shiting is too stingy! Are you treating us as beggars?!”

“His wings are very hard! This is country A, his territory. He can kill us as easily as ants. We can’t rashly contradict him, or he will really kill us.” Yun Shijie snorted. With a cigarette, I began to plan my next plan in my heart.

Yun Zhe said, “Qin An’an called Yun Mo this morning. I didn’t know what to say, but he hung up soon. This Qin An’an is really interesting, he is about to get married, and he is still thinking about other men! I’m still thinking about a fool!”

“This fool is the last bargaining chip in our hands.” Yun Shijie muttered, “At least Yun Mo listens to us now! Fu Shiting, a rebel, asking him for money is like killing him. , it’s better to push Yunmo up and make Yunmo the boss of ST Group!”

“I’m afraid that the Fu family will snatch someone from us!” Yun Zhe frowned.

“Fu Han has already sold his ancestral home, what’s there to be afraid of!” Yun Shijie said coldly, “I’m thinking about whether to talk to Qin Anan. I see that Fu Shiting’s bastard treats Qin An. Ann is obedient!”

Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016


Qin Anan finished her work and drove to Li Xiaotian.

Li Xiaotian’s second psychotherapy today looks much more relaxed than the state after the first treatment.

“It’s probably because Tang Qian died, so I don’t hate it so much.” Li Xiaotian said calmly while drinking coffee, “The psychiatrist told me not to feel inferior because of this. It’s because those who inflict pain should feel guilty.”

“Well. Didn’t you say last time that you wanted to do a manicure? Let’s do it together later! I want to paint a color. ” Qin Anan changed the subject to a lighthearted one.

Li Xiaotian looked at her carefully: “When did you start to like to dress up? You are wearing a necklace today, isn’t it because you came to see me? Are you going to have a date with Fu Shiting later?”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: ” He is so busy now that he has no time to eat. Where is he free to date? I never thought that marriage has so many complicated and trivial matters to deal with.”

“That’s because he has no elders in his family to help him,” Li Xiaotian In one sentence, the mystery is solved, “Look at the wedding between He Zhunzhi and I, we basically didn’t worry about anything other than setting the menu and the guest list. Generally, when a new couple gets married, their parents will take care of them. You two are better, both sides. No parents help.”

Speaking of this, Qin Anan was inevitably lost and sad.

“Fu Shiting was drunk the night before yesterday because of this,” Qin Anan took a breath, her eyelashes trembling slightly, “Now listening to you, I miss my mother so much. If she was still alive, she would see me and Fu Shiting is reconciled, and there is another child, she will definitely be happy for me.”

“Of course Auntie will be happy for you. Then do you miss your father?” Li Xiaotian asked casually.

Qin Group was founded by Qin Jie, and after bankruptcy, it was rebuilt by Qin Anan.

Although Qin Jie cheated in marriage and did something wrong, he left all his inheritance to Qin An’an before he died, which was regarded as a wave of goodwill.

Qin Anan pondered for a few seconds, then shook his head: “I don’t really think so. Because he hurt my mother too much. If it wasn’t for him and Wang Wanzhi’s marriage, our family would never have had such a tragedy. Although I rely on him The chips left to me have made a lot of money. But if I don’t do business, I can live well on my own.”

“I understand you. I can’t accept my father cheating. Fortunately, he has a good relationship with my mother, I haven’t seen them quarrel for so many years.” Li Xiaotian said here, sighing, “I am so vulnerable, but they are so well protected. An An, I even thought about what happened if you met me. , you must have walked out a long time ago.”

“But you don’t know, before my father died, I lived very carefully in that house. Those years are still painful to think about. Maybe God is fairer and wants everyone to be happy. Try it.”

“An’an, it’s over. We will definitely go well in the future.”

“Well. Do you think I should paint my nails pink or clear?” Qin Anan asked.

“You can paint both! Who stipulated that each nail should be the same color.” Li Xiaotian laughed, “Do you think that you can have both fish and bear’s paw by painting one nail? You paint ten nails ten times. Any color is fine.”

Qin Anan was amused: “I was a little nervous when I got married for the first time. My secretary said that brides usually wear pink, but I think transparent colors are better to match with clothes, because on the wedding day, I have to change several outfits. .”

Li Xiaotian listened to her words and asked curiously, “How did you and Fu Shiting get married before?”

“At that wedding, apart from fear and fear, I can hardly remember anything else.” Qin An Ann recalled the details of the wedding many times, but the memory became very vague.

“He was in a vegetative state at the time, so you did your wedding alone?”

“Yes. He was lying on the bed and couldn’t move at all.” Qin Anan said here and remembered something, “I found out that Fu Yechen cheated on him that day. Maybe there is some providence, if I didn’t see it. Fu Yechen cheated on me, and I might have run away from the marriage. If I couldn’t escape, I might have done something more violent. I was too young at the time, so I was more impulsive.”

“It’s dangerous! Fu Yechen is a scumbag far worse than Fu Shiting. It’s gone!” Li Xiaotian broke a cold sweat for her, and at the same time, she said, “You said they are all Fu, how can Fu Shiting be so much better than the rest of his family? My husband admires Fu Shiting very much, and so does my father-in-law.”

This question , which made Qin Anan’s heart sink to the bottom.

Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017

Fu Shiting is different from the rest of the Fu family, because Fu Shiting is not from the Fu family.

She couldn’t answer Li Xiaotian like that, because Fu Shiting couldn’t accept the result, and she wanted to keep this secret for Fu Shiting.

“And the amazing thing is that your Xiaohan has an excellent IQ and is a nationally certified genius child!” Li Xiaotian’s voice suddenly rose, “Although Rila is relatively ordinary in intelligence, she is also a genius in art! And… .Although your Ziqiu hasn’t learned to walk yet, I heard that he can already bark, this kid, the future is immeasurable!”

Qin Anan: “…”

Li Xiaotian praised Xiaohan and Rila At the time, she sounded very proud and proud, how did the style of painting change suddenly when it came to Ziqiu?

When can a person’s future be immeasurable even by learning to bark?

After lunch, the two do their nails.

On the way, we talked about the best man and bridesmaids.

“There are a lot of unmarried friends around him, so it’s easy to choose the best man.” Qin Anan frowned slightly, “I used to have good friends around me, and many of them are married.”

“Then choose among relatives!”

“Then I might as well Looking for the female employees in the company!” Qin Anan said lightly, “When my family was down, they were afraid that I would go to them to borrow money. At that time, they lost contact.

” come out.

Li Xiaotian was holding a mobile phone and was talking on the phone.

Qin Anan waited for her to finish the call and asked, “Are there any guests at your house?”

“It was my mother-in-law who passed by. She said that she bought me a lot of supplements so that I can cook and drink them normally,” Li Xiaotian teased, “Congratulations last time. Zhunzhi’s mouth leaked and told them that I might still be pregnant, so my mother-in-law became active again as before.”

Qin Anan: “Then go back first! No matter what the elders say, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. “

“I know. You don’t have to go to the company at this point, you just go home!”

“Well, I’m about to go home.” The

two separated.

Qin Anan drove to the Xinghewan Villa.

On the way, the phone rang, and she thought it was Fu Shiting calling.

Picking up the phone, she saw Yun Shijie’s name flashing on the screen, she immediately drove the car to the side of the road and made an emergency stop.

“Qin An’an, do you and Fu Shiting have a good relationship? I heard that you have three children, all born by the two of you?” Before Qin An’an could speak, Yun Shijie threw a series of questions as if checking the household registration.

An ominous premonition suddenly rose in Qin An’an’s heart.

What does he want to do by asking these questions? !

Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018

“Yun Shijie, let’s meet!” Qin Anan must meet him and find out the real purpose of his coming to country A, otherwise, he will be a hidden danger! Is a huge fuse!

“Okay, but you can’t tell Fu Shiting about our meeting.” Yun Shijie laughed out loud, “Otherwise, it’s only Fu Shiting who is unlucky!”

“You also said you didn’t know Fu Shiting!” Qin Anan was exhausted. Said, “I asked you before if you knew him, and you said you didn’t!”

“I didn’t lie to you, I didn’t know him before, but only after we came here.” Yun Shijie’s tone was frivolous. Cunningly, “Why are you so excited? Is it strange that I met Fu Shiting? Or do you think he is a high-level immortal, and we ordinary people can’t approach him? Hahaha!”

Qin Anan suppressed the discomfort in his heart and said. “Let’s meet again! Where are you now? I’ll find you!”

Yun Shijie: “No need! Give me your address, and I’ll find you.”

Qin Anxin sighed inwardly, this old fox knows that he is afraid of revealing his location what!

In the evening, Star River Villa.

Xiaohan came back from school today earlier than usual.

He completed the learning tasks assigned by the teacher ahead of time.

Besides, he wanted to go home to see what gift Fu Shiting gave him.

When his mother told him about it in the morning, he instinctively avoided it, so he didn’t see the gift.

In fact, he had something in his heart that he wanted to see.

When he got home, Rila ran towards him as if she saw a surprise!

“Brother! You’re back so early today! I’m so happy to see you!” Rila said enthusiastically, proposing, “Let’s push my brother out in a stroller! I take him out to play every day, so He likes me the most!”

Xiaohan came back early, not to bring the children.

He grimly rejected Rila’s proposal.

“Brother, are you going to do your homework? I want to do homework too! Let’s do homework together!” Rila watched her brother go upstairs and ran upstairs, “By the way, brother, you still pay for the gift that Dad bought for you. Didn’t you see it?”

An unnatural look flashed on Xiaohan’s face: “Mom told me this morning.”

“I know, but you didn’t open it at all.” Rila held his wrist, “I’ll take you with me. Let’s go and see!” The

siblings entered the room.

Rila took Xiaohan to the storage box where the materials were kept.

Rila pointed to the brand-new copybook inside, “Here, this is the gift that Dad bought for you!”

Xiaohan looked at the copybook, his deep and bright eyes widened and opened again –

he was unbelievable, unexpected, and at a loss! He was furious!

What kind of gift is this? !

Did Fu Shiting dislike his ugly words, so he bought copybooks to laugh at him?

Xiaohan raised his foot and kicked the storage box!

Rila frowned when she saw the storage box being kicked open, and exclaimed, “Brother, what are you kicking the box for? Don’t you like the copybooks that Dad bought for you? But mom bought you copybooks before, you weren’t angry before. You don’t like Dad, but you can’t kick things!”

Xiaohan’s face was gloomy: “Rila, you go out!”

Rila bulged her apricot eyes and shouted angrily: “Go out and go out! I don’t want to see you again. Such a fierce brother!”

Downstairs, Sister Zhang heard the fierce quarrel between the siblings and hurried upstairs.

Xiaohan and Rila have always had a good relationship. Although there are occasional bickering, they have never had such a violent quarrel.

Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Waiting for Mrs. Zhang

to go upstairs, at a glance, she saw that Rila was dragging a large storage box and was struggling to get out of the room.

“Rila, what are you doing?” Sister Zhang hurriedly walked over, crouched down, and asked.

Rila’s eyes were red, and as soon as she opened her mouth, tears flowed down: “Brother is angry. He yells at me!

” It’s time to hurt.” Sister Zhang quickly wiped her tears and asked at the same time, “Why did you take this box out?”

“Brother doesn’t like it…” Rila said, even more aggrieved, tears The flow is faster.

Xiaohan was distraught listening to Rila’s cry.

With a ‘bang’, Xiaohan closed the door and locked it.

Aunt Zhang looked at the locked door, and felt bad in her heart.

Although Xiaohan is taciturn and does not like to communicate with people, he is very sensible in his behavior on weekdays.

He had never been so abnormal.

Sister-in-law Zhang looked down at the storage box, and when she saw the copybooks inside, she immediately understood what was going on.

“Rila, don’t cry! Let’s go downstairs first! I’ll call your mother right away. When she comes back, your brother won’t be angry anymore.” Sister Zhang hugged Rila and went downstairs with a heavy heart.

After going downstairs, Mrs. Zhang found her mobile phone and dialed Qin An’an.

At this moment, Qin Anan heard the phone ring. She picked up the phone and saw Sister Zhang’s call. When she was about to answer the call, Yun Shijie’s wickedly smiling face appeared in front of her.

She hung up immediately.

“Qin An’an, I heard that you called my youngest son today. Do you miss him so much?” Yun Shijie laughed, his face even more evil.

“Yun Shijie, what do you want to do when you move your family here?” Qin Anan took a deep breath, but couldn’t contain her fear, “What do you want to do?!” The

more she looked at Yun Shijie’s face, the more she felt in her heart. The fear deepened little by little.

“You’re staring at me like this, it’s so scary!” Yun Shijie seemed to have seen through her thoughts, so he teased, “Have you already suspected it? When you were in country B, you asked me if I recognized it. When you met Fu Shiting, you started to doubt it, right?”

Qin Anan was shivering!

Yun Shijie laughed wildly and said: “It’s you people who study medicine with vicious eyes! You can see that the kid looks like me at a glance! Unlike Fu Shiting’s bastard, not only does he have to do a shit paternity test, but he doesn’t want to recognize me. , hehe!”

Qin Anan’s face turned pale! My body couldn’t help but tremble!

“You…you have done a paternity test?!” Her voice hoarse from her throat, “When did it happen?! When did it happen!”

Seeing her blushing in shock, Yun Shi said Jay felt more comfortable.

He stretched and said lazily: “It’s just the past two days. The results came out this morning. If you want me to say, what a shit paternity test, he looks so similar to Lao Tzu, even you can be an outsider. It’s obvious that he can’t see it? How did he become the boss of ST Group? He just doesn’t want to face this reality! Now that the truth is out, it’s useless for him to deny it!”

Qin Anan shouted like a drowning Get angry.

The night when Fu Shiting was drunk, it turned out that he met Yun Shijie.

It turned out that Yun Shijie found him and revealed the truth of his life experience, so he was drunk alone.

He didn’t even tell her anything!

It’s like she didn’t tell him after knowing about it.

He spent so much money on gifts for her and the child last night, which should be one of his ways to relieve the pain!

Thinking of this, she felt like someone was tightly strangling her neck.

She picked up the water glass on the table, poured a large mouthful of water into her stomach, then put down the water glass, and said sternly, “You are looking for him, don’t you just want money? How much do you want? How much money do you need to get out of here?!”

Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020

Yun Shijie’s eyes suddenly lit up.

He didn’t expect Qin An’an to be so straightforward! He likes this character!

“I asked Fu Shiting for 100 million…”

“100 million?” Qin Anan wanted to end the torture quickly, so he interrupted him, “I’ll give it to you!”

Yun Shijie laughed: “You I’m so impatient! Do you hate me so much? Seeing that you two hate me so much, I can’t bear to leave here.”

Qin Anan’s face suddenly turned red, and he turned to threaten: “If you stay here, you Believe it or not, he will kill you?!”

To deal with an old rogue like Yun Shijie, you must be more ruthless than him in order to deter him.

Also, she wasn’t exactly intimidating him.

If he did it too much, Fu Shiting would definitely do it.

The smile on Yun Shijie’s face subsided.

Forget about being threatened by that bastard Fu Shiting, but now he is threatened by his prospective daughter-in-law, he feels very shameless!

“Then let him kill me! If he kills me, my eldest son will make everyone aware of the trouble and let everyone know what kind of beast Fu Shiting is!”

Yun Shijie said The gruff voice screamed.

Qin Anan glanced at the door of the private room, but fortunately, he didn’t alert the waiter.

She deliberately chose the private room to prevent quarrels with him.

“Everyone knows the trouble, so what?” Qin Anan calmed down and asked, “With Fu Shiting’s status and ability in country A, it’s easy to get rid of you without knowing it! If your eldest son dares to If you make trouble in country A, you might end up like you! Taking money and leaving is your best way out!”

“Okay! I agree to take the money and leave! You give me 100 million a month, and I’ll leave!” Yun Shijie leaned back in his chair and put on a pair of ‘if you don’t give me money, I’ll spend it with you’ In the end’ the rascal expression.

Qin Anan gasped in shock when he heard his lion’s big mouth.

100 million a month! Did he use her and Fu Shiting as an ATM? !

Even if they have the strength to pay this money, it is impossible to pay this money in vain!

Whose money is not hard earned, why does Yun Shijie think that money is so easy to earn?

He didn’t raise Fu Shiting, he didn’t deserve so much money!

“Tsk tsk! You two are so stingy! I’ve done research, and I know you two are rich!” Yun Shijie said in a sour tone, “Since neither of you are willing to pay the money, then…”

“I There is one condition!” Qin Anan made a quick decision after thinking for a while, “Give me Yunmo! You don’t treat him like a human at all! Then hand him over to me!”

Yun Shijie said in amazement: “We Why didn’t you treat him as a human being? You just talk, why curse people? He is my youngest son!”

“He is Yin Yin’s brother, do I need to say more about this?” Qin Anan didn’t want to talk to him Quan, “You exchanged Shi Ting and Yun Mo, otherwise how can you explain that Shi Ting is the young master of the Fu family?”

Yun Shijie showed a gloomy smile: “I really can’t hide anything from you, Doctor Qin! Since you know Yun Mo is the young master of the Fu family, and 100 million a month is definitely not enough. The young master of the Fu family is worth a lot of money, otherwise why would I serve him every day with delicious food? “

Qin Anan felt a sudden pain in his temples.

“Add another 100 million, and I’ll give you Yunmo. How about I take my son and daughter back to Country B for retirement?” Yun Shijie dared to make this request.

200 million a month, 2.4 billion a year.

This is much more nourishing than the average small company owner.

Enough for him to splurge in this life!

‘Bang’! Qin Anan patted the table and stood up.

There is no need to eat this meal, and we can’t talk about it anymore.

She promised to give Yun Shijie 100 million per month, which was already her bottom line.

If Yun Shijie just accepts it, nothing will happen.

Because she knew that he must have called her because he couldn’t talk to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting’s property is much more than hers. Is it because of money that Fu Shiting is unwilling to pay him the money? no! But I can’t take this breath!

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