When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1021 -1030(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1021 -1030(Chinese)

Chapter 1021

What kind of father is Yun Shijie? Who are you? !

Really treat yourself as something!

After Qin Anan left, Yun Shijie frowned and took a sip of wine.

Did he want too much?

2.4 billion a year, obviously not much! That’s just a fraction of Fu Shiting’s annual income!

After coming out of the restaurant, Qin Anan felt even more blocked.

The matter has been completely unfolded in front of her, she can’t satisfy Yun Shijie’s appetite, then Yun Shijie will definitely go to Fu Shiting next.

This old bastard, let him touch the hard rock Fu Shiting!

It’s just that Fu Shiting will definitely be very distressed!

On the way back to the car, she put on a Bluetooth headset and planned to call Fu Shiting to hear his voice.

Turning on the phone, she saw the message sent by Mrs. Zhang.

——Osamu and Rila had a fight. quite serious. Come back when you’re done.

After reading the news, her head was dizzy!

She put down her phone, took off her earphones, and rushed back quickly.

Star River Villa, living room.

Rila squatted on the floor holding the storage box, sullen, and silently wiped her tears.

Aunt Zhang persuaded Xiao Han outside the children’s room on the second floor, but she did not respond at all.

Fortunately, Ziqiu is more obedient at the moment, neither crying nor making trouble, eating snacks and playing with toys alone in the crib.

Not long after, Qin Anan came back.

She didn’t have time to change her shoes, and strode into the living room. Seeing her daughter’s dejected appearance, she immediately picked her up.

“Baby, what’s the matter? Why did you quarrel with my brother?” When she was talking, she saw the copybooks in the storage box, “Is it because of the copybooks?”

“My brother didn’t like the gifts from Dad, and even kicked the box with his feet. I said he No, so he yelled at me out.” Rila lowered her eyes, tears hanging from her long eyelashes.

Listening to her daughter’s aggrieved voice, Qin Anan’s son’s anger already appeared in his mind.

“Mom understands. Mom is going to look for brother now. You stay here, don’t cry. If you’re hungry, go eat first. Mom will come to you soon.” Qin Anan put her daughter down and strode towards the stairs go.

“Mom, brother locked the door.” Rila reminded.

“Well, it’s fine. I’ll let him open the door.”

Sister Zhang heard the voice upstairs and immediately reminded Xiaohan in the door: “Xiaohan, your mother is back.”

After Sister Zhang said this , the door ‘squeaked’ and was opened.

Qin Anan walked upstairs, and Mrs. Zhang walked in front of her and whispered, “I’ll go downstairs first, please persuade Xiaohan.”

After Mrs. Zhang left, Qin Anan strode into the children’s room.

Xiaohan sat in front of the desk, his chin stretched, his two thin lips pursed.

“Qin Zihan, you are no longer a three-year-old child. Mom can’t keep you happy by coaxing a three-year-old child forever.” Qin Anan was in a bad mood, so his patience with the child declined, “You don’t like your father’s gift Your gift, but you don’t need to make such a big fire because of this trivial matter.”

Xiao Han was stunned.

He didn’t expect his mother to be so stern.

It was as if his mother chose to stand on Fu Shiting’s side between him and Fu Shiting.

He can’t accept it!

Carrying his schoolbag, he strode out!

When passing by Qin An’an, there was a strong wind!

Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022

This is Qin An’an’s first confrontation with his son.

In fact, after she said the above words, she regretted it.

Although the son is not a three-year-old child, he is only a child under ten years old.

Moreover, no matter how old the child is, as long as he is in front of his mother, he will always hope for the mother’s greatest tolerance and accommodation.

Just like before Zhang Yun died, she always liked to act like a spoiled child with her mother.

How could she take the anger she received from Yun Shijie home and turn her anger on the child?

Just when she was about to chase Xiaohan, Xiaohan had already left the villa.

Qin Anan went downstairs and saw a mess in the living room.

“Rila, don’t cry. I have sent the bodyguards to chase him. He will be fine.” Sister Zhang hugged Ziqiu and coaxed the sad Rila.

Qin An was in chaos.

Just when she was hesitating whether to coax the children at home first or go out to coax Xiaohan first, Rila came over and hugged her.

“Mom, are you scolding my brother?”

Qin Anan was stuck in her throat: “Maybe! Mom is in a bad mood today, so she spoke more to her brother.

” Mom, let’s go find my brother!” Rui Lai wiped away his tears and pulled Qin An’an outside.

Just when Qin Anan was going to find Xiaohan with Rila, the bodyguard called.

The bodyguard called Mrs. Zhang.

After Mrs. Zhang answered the phone, she said ‘OK’ twice, and then hung up.

“An’an, the bodyguard told you not to worry. He said he followed Xiaohan, and Xiaohan would be fine. When Xiaohan breathes out, he will bring Xiaohan back.” Sister Zhang spoke to Qin Anan.

Qin An’an nodded: “I was too strict with him just now.”

“An An, you don’t have to blame yourself. Even if you are strict with the child, how strict can you be? It’s because Xiao Han’s reaction was a little intense.” Mrs. Zhang looked solemn , “He probably thinks that his father sent him a copybook to ridicule his bad writing. The relationship between father and son is not the same as the relationship between mother and daughter.”

Qin Anan listened to Mrs. Zhang’s words and was greatly impressed. Inspired.

When Fu Shiting bought the copybook, he probably never thought that the child would have such a big reaction.

For Xiaohan, his behavior was like a provocation.

“In the future, before letting Mr. Xiaohan choose gifts for Xiaohan, I’ll ask you before buying them. Don’t be kind to do something bad. It’s the first time I’ve seen brothers and sisters quarreling like this, and it hurts to see them.” Sister Zhang sighed.

“Well. I’ll remind him.” Qin Anan took Rila to the bathroom to wash her face.

Peace soon returned to the villa.

“Mom, you just said you were unhappy today, why are you unhappy?” Rila stopped crying, but her voice was still hoarse.

“It’s a little thing about mom’s work, you don’t have to worry about it.” Qin Anan smiled and then touched her head, “Next time my brother is angry, let’s not accuse him first, let’s hug him first, okay? Ok?”

Rila nodded earnestly: “Mom, I remember.”

After dinner, it was completely dark.

Qin Anan looked at the thick ink-like night and decided to go out to find Xiaohan.

Not long after she came out of the community, she saw the bodyguard and Xiaohan sitting on a street bench.

Her guilt deepened.

If the bodyguard hadn’t followed Xiaohan out, she felt that Xiaohan wouldn’t go far.

He is so young, where can he go?

He has always been very sensible, but now he occasionally loses his temper, why can’t she tolerate it?

She strode up to Xiaohan and admitted her mistake: “Xiaohan, I’m sorry. Mom shouldn’t lose her temper with you, and she shouldn’t think this is a trivial matter.”

Xiaohan frowned tightly, her thin lips pursed into a line, and she didn’t speak. .

“Last time I chatted with your dad, I accidentally mentioned that you are not very good at writing. He probably took it to heart, so he bought you so many copybooks. He didn’t laugh at you, nor did he want to attack you. You, he just wants to help you improve, but in the wrong way, without taking your feelings into account.”

Qin Anan knew these words, Xiaohan might not listen at all, but she had to say it.

Fu Shiting is a father for the first time, so there must be something wrong with him. As long as his love for the child is true, she will not stop him from fulfilling his obligations as a father.

Xiaohan didn’t speak, and Qin Anan didn’t explain anymore.

Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023 The

mother and son sat on the bench and sat quietly.

About half an hour later, Xiaohan’s voice was dull: “Mom, go home.”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment, then got up immediately and held his little hand tightly.

The conflict that happened tonight was caused by Fu Shiting, and he didn’t know it.

Qin Anan asked Mrs. Zhang not to tell him about it.

He had already worked hard enough about the wedding and Yun Shijie, and she didn’t want to let these trivial matters bother him anymore.

At ten o’clock in the evening, she came out of the shower and looked at the empty big bed, but she was not sleepy.

She suddenly misses him very much.

When he was here, he would chat with her about what happened during the day, discuss the education of his two children with her, and look forward to the future with her.

The two have been together for a long time, but they still have endless things to say.

She sighed silently.

I don’t know what he is doing now.

After a brief struggle, she decided to go to him now.

Half an hour later, she appeared at the gate of Fu’s villa courtyard.

When the bodyguard opened the door for her, she said, “Don’t tell him.” The

bodyguard understood in seconds.

surprise! She must have wanted to surprise her boss.

Qin Anan entered the villa smoothly.

When Aunt Hong saw her coming, she didn’t ask her why she came, but let her go upstairs.

“Mr. hasn’t slept yet, he is probably busy with the details of the wedding.”

“Well, you can go to rest! I won’t be leaving tonight.” Qin Anan said sternly.

Aunt Hong blushed, and immediately retired.

Second floor, study.

Fu Shiting frowned slightly, thinking about the past with Qin Anan in his mind, his slender fingers jumped on the keyboard.

He was writing their wedding vows.

He had already written his own oath, and now he is stuck on Qin An’an’s oath.

He asked Qin Anan to write one, and Qin Anan also wrote it.

It’s just that he was not satisfied with what she wrote.

For example, he, a science student, wrote nearly a thousand words in his oath, while she, a liberal arts student, only bluntly stammered out a hundred words.

When the time comes to read on stage, I don’t know if it’s her or him who should be embarrassed.

So he planned to expand her oath well.

He put all his energy into this wedding.

Because in this life, he only intends to get married this time.

There was a knock on the door, and his thoughts were interrupted.

Before going upstairs, he told Aunt Hong, don’t disturb him.

Did something happen?

At this time, the study door was pushed open, and Qin Anan’s smiling face appeared in front of him.

The world in front of him suddenly became brighter.

His brows stretched out, and the corners of his mouth rose: “Why are you here? Did you call me? My phone is on mute, I didn’t hear it.” As

he spoke, he strode up in front of her, and held her hand on top of her. palm.

“Fortunately I didn’t call you.” She glanced at his desk, “It’s so late, what are you doing?”

Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024

His heart tightened and he wanted to lead her out of the study.

Seeing him running away, she let go of his hand and walked towards his desk.

“How’s the wedding set up? When can you rehearse? Did you go and shoot a video today?” she asked, sitting down in his leather swivel chair.

After she sat down, she glanced at the documents open on his laptop.

“Cough cough!” Her face became hot in an instant, and she coughed.

“I think what you wrote is too brief, so I want to expand it.” A faint blush appeared on his handsome face.

He reached out with his long arms, trying to close the notebook.

She raised her hand to block it, raised her eyes to look at him, “I’ll write it myself! I thought you were in a hurry, so I didn’t pay attention. I can definitely write a lot of words.”

“It doesn’t have to be a lot of words, just feelings. Sincere, as long as it impresses me.” He made the most basic request.

This most basic requirement made her temples jump.

“What? Is it difficult?” He asked in a hoarse voice when he saw her frown slightly.

She smiled and shook her head: “I think your request is too simple! How can I marry you if I don’t love you?

Right ?” After the bath, you can give me an oath of satisfaction.” He looked at her tenderly, and patted her shoulder with his big palm.

As if entrusting a major task.

She suddenly felt the pressure on her shoulders: “Then you wash slowly today…”

“Okay. I’ll try to slow down.”

After he left the study, she searched for his oath in his notebook out of curiosity. .

Ten minutes later, after reading his oath, she was completely moved.

Fu Shiting came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and saw Qin Anan lying on the bed, playing with his mobile phone.

“Have you finished washing?” She looked up at him.

“Have you finished writing your oath?” He wiped his wet hair with a dry towel, and looked at her suspiciously with those deep eyes under the broken hair.

She took his laptop from the bedside table and showed him the screen.

“You wrote very well, and moved me to tears. But I was afraid that your manuscript would be too long and you would be too tired to read it, so you gave me five hundred words.” She said her idea, “This way Don’t I have my oath?”

So, she didn’t write a word.

Just let him give her half of it.

In this way, her oath can also move him.

Fu Shiting didn’t expect her to come up with this idea. For a while, I didn’t know whether to praise her for being smart or scold her for being lazy.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t we going to get married? You don’t even want to give me five hundred words, so why are we getting married?” Qin Anan teased him when he saw that he was stunned.

Fu Shiting put the towel aside and looked down at her: “Why did you suddenly come over tonight?”

“I came here as soon as I thought about it, do I need your special approval to enter your place?” She continued to tease him, “Even if Your bodyguards know that they have seen me, so they don’t need to inform you, they just open the door for me. How sensible!”

“Well, I’ll give him a raise.” He picked up the watch that was on the bedside table before taking a shower. Looking at the time, “all the children are asleep?”

“The lights are turned off anyway. But it doesn’t matter if they fall asleep or not. The two of them often talk at night.” Qin Anan never eavesdropped, but Rila would talk to her. speak.

“By the way, did you give him the copybook I bought for Xiaohan?” Fu Shiting frowned, “I thought about it, it doesn’t seem appropriate for me to give him such a gift.”

If Fu Shiting returns to his student days, whoever gives him copybooks or study materials as gifts, he will definitely hold grudges.

Qin Anan let out a faint smile and shook his head: “It’s alright. Before you buy him a gift in the future, tell me about it. I’ll give you an idea.”


” Blow for you.” She put down her phone and got out of bed to get the hairdryer.

Soon, she came out of the bathroom with a hairdryer.

Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025

After she plugged the hair dryer into the power supply, she walked up to him.

He suddenly opened his arms and hugged her waist.

Her heart skipped a beat! It seems to be wrapped in a mass of soft and heavy love.

His body temperature passed to her through the thin fabric of the pajamas, and then his breath also spread.

She heard herself ask him, “Shi Ting, have you been very tired recently?”

“Well, but it’s worth it.” His voice was unhurried, his breathing was a little heavy, and he could hear that he was relaxed now.

“Then close your eyes and don’t think about anything.”


She turned the hair dryer on.

Her fingertips ruffled his short hair, and the warm wind made the person drowsy.

Within a moment, his hair was drying, but she was reluctant to turn off the dryer.

She could feel him falling asleep against her body.

Because of the weight of his body, it was added to her little by little.

If Yun Shijie came to her now and asked for 200 million a month, maybe she would agree.

She wanted to help Fu Shiting solve his problems, and didn’t want to make his life so depressing.

But if she secretly paid Yun Shijie behind his back, he would definitely be angry when he found out.

She was caught in the middle, in a dilemma.

At night, with her eyes open, she was dazed by the faint light of the moonlight.

With Fu Shiting’s current ability, even if Yun Shijie was cheating, he couldn’t force Fu Shiting to recognize him.

So Yun Shijie wasn’t really the biggest threat.

The biggest threat…is the cloud ink.

It’s not what Yun Mo will do to Fu Shiting, but once the exchange of their identities is exposed, will Fu Shiting’s murder of Fu Jingxiao be pulled out?

Even if Fu Shiting has the ability to call the wind and call the rain in country A, once these scandals are exposed one after another, it is bound to have a huge impact on his reputation.

Tears fell silently, and there was a coldness on his cheeks.

She took a deep breath to ease the pain in her heart.

She wants to protect Fu Shiting, she can’t let Fu Shiting face these things alone.

Therefore, she must find Yun Mo, and she cannot let Yun Mo continue to stay by Yun Shijie’s side.

Although Yun Shijie was Fu Shiting’s biological father, this old bastard only recognized money, not family at all.

If Fu Shiting doesn’t satisfy his appetite, he may burn all jade and stone and destroy Fu Shiting!

In the darkness, a painful cry made Fu Shiting wake up suddenly.

After he recognized that it was Qin An’an’s cry, he immediately pulled away from his confused consciousness.

He immediately sat up, turned on the light in the room, and looked at the crying woman covering her face.

“An An! An An, what’s the matter with you?!” His heart clenched tightly, and he took her small hand away from her face, “Are you uncomfortable? Stop crying, talk to me!”

“I …I’m fine…I’m having a nightmare…” She hadn’t slept.

She just thought that the happy life she and Fu Shiting had finally won might be destroyed at any time, and she couldn’t help crying.

She didn’t want to wake him up, but she couldn’t control her emotions.

“What are you having a nightmare about? You’re crying so sadly.” His fingers gently wiped the tears from her face, and he blamed himself, “Have I been too busy recently and neglected you?”

Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026

With tears in her eyes, she shook her head sharply: “No… Shi Ting, it has nothing to do with you… I really had a nightmare.”

He looked at her anxiously explaining, and nodded. : “Then tell me, what nightmare did you have?”

She took a deep breath and calmed down gradually.

“I dreamed that on our wedding day, we were standing in the church, surrounded by guests, I was very excited, but at this moment, the roof of the church was lifted, and a dazzling light appeared, a huge black monster Yingguang appeared, and it stretched out its huge claws toward us and took you away…”

She said this, and couldn’t help choking again.

He believed what she said and looked at her distressedly at the same time: “An An, that’s a dream. It’s not real. Where is there a huge monster in this world. Even if there is a huge monster, it’s me who kills it, not it catches it. Let me go.”

She looked at his close face and breathed a sigh of relief: “Well, that dream was so realistic that I cried. Now I feel better seeing you by my side.”

“I Sleep with you.” He turned off the light and lay down beside her, his slender arms wrapping her in his arms.

She leaned against his chest, sniffing his familiar and warm breath, and the sadness disappeared little by little.

She came over tonight, in addition to thinking about him, she also wanted to see if he was disturbed by Yun Shijie’s affairs.

If he thinks Yun Shijie’s matter is very difficult, he can’t hide it completely, but she didn’t feel the slightest nervousness or fear in him tonight.

Does it mean that he feels that Yun Shijie’s appearance is not something to be afraid of?

After she fell asleep, Fu Shiting fell asleep.

Her cries are still lingering in her ears, so helpless and aggrieved, is this a sign of insecurity?

Is this a normal pre-marital fear or is there something on her mind that she didn’t tell him?

He thought carefully about her recent life.

She did not participate in the preparation of the wedding, so in addition to going to work in the company every day, she occasionally met with Li Xiaotian, and then accompanied her children.

No…and cloud ink.

She said that Yunmo is now in country A, and she is looking for Yunmo.

This Yunmo suffers from the same disease as Yinyin.

She said that Yunmo’s family treated him badly and didn’t know who his family was.

Fu Shiting had never cared about this man, but now, he suddenly became suspicious.

Because, when he was sent into the Fu family, the young master of the original Fu family was also taken away.

Where is the young master of the Fu family who was taken away?

Yun Mo’s surname is Yun, and Yun Shijie is also surnamed Yun…

An ominous premonition suddenly appeared in his heart!

the next morning.

An explorer drone, slowly rising from the ground.

Mike rented a house in the area where Yunmo was located to put the console.

He promised Qin An’an, so he wanted to do it well.

After Zhou Ziyi listened to his plan, he took a leave of absence and came to help.

“It’s too close to my boss’s house, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be okay to go to my boss’s house to borrow a guest room?” Zhou Ziyi sighed after coming over.

“I’m helping An An find a man. Is it appropriate to go to your boss’s house?” After Mike adjusted the equipment, he let the drone fly to the residential area faster.

“Who is An An looking for?”

“What is the name of her patient in country B, Yun?”

“Oh, how to find it? You teach me, and I’ll help you find it.” Zhou Ziyi stared at the screen on the screen, his eyes fixed for a moment.

Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027

“An An said that she asked her patient to put red objects on the window. You can see which house has red objects on the window, and then I will go to find someone.” Mike said, took out a photo, “Here , this is his patient.”

Zhou Ziyi looked at the photo, and after a few seconds, he said in shock, “Why does this person look familiar?”

“I knew you were going to say that. Do you think he and Yin Yin ? Is it a little bit similar?” Mike said, “An An agreed to help him heal for this reason.”

Zhou Ziyi took the photo and looked at it again: “At first glance, it looks a bit similar. If you look closely, it doesn’t seem that much. Like.”

“Let’s talk about it when we find someone! He’s also a pitiful person. He’s locked in a room and has no freedom.” Mike frowned, “Qin Anan just likes to be nosy, but I don’t think she’s nosy. What’s not good.”

“She didn’t delay her life, it’s good to do some kind deeds within her ability.” A

certain residential area.

When Yunzhe’s sister was drying clothes, she found a drone in the sky outside, and immediately shouted: “Brother, there is a drone outside!”

“What’s so strange about the drone.”

“That drone It’s flying so slowly, I don’t know what you’re doing. It’s about to fly to us soon.”

Yun Zhe frowned, and strode towards the window.

After seeing the drone, he felt alarm bells in his heart!

He quickly walked towards Yunmo’s room and pushed the door open –

I saw Yunmo standing by the window, staring at the drone outside, waving his arms vigorously towards the window.

After Yun Zhe took a sharp breath, he walked over quickly and dragged Yun Mo back!

“That drone came to find you?! It’s a drone sent by Qin An’an. Right? Qin An’an’s company produces drones! I said how could drones come here, so you guys Collusion has already been done!”

Yun Zhe was furious and pushed Yun Mo to the ground!

Then quickly close the window!

While closing the window, he caught a glimpse of the dazzling red T-shirt outside the window, and immediately opened the window and pulled the T-shirt in!

“Haha! You fool, play tricks with me! It’s no wonder that you are so obedient recently, it turned out to be waiting for Qin Anan to come to you! Fortunately, I found it in time!” Yunzhe raised his foot and kicked Yunmo.

Yun Mo quickly dodged, then got up and ran towards the window!

“You’re still running!” Yun Zhe grabbed him, “If you’re not obedient, you won’t even want to eat today! When you starve to death, I’ll see if Qin An’an’s medical skills can save you!”

Yun Mo said in his mouth He exhaled angrily and wanted to resist, but he was not Yun Zhe’s opponent at all.

Not long after he had the operation, plus he was trapped in the house, his physical fitness was a bit worse than ordinary people.

At this time, the door was pushed open.

Yun Shijie walked in with a dark face: “What are you two arguing about!”

“Dad! Did you see that drone outside? Qin Anan sent to look for Yunmo! If I hadn’t found out in time, Yunmo would be Qin An’an has already found him!” Yun Zhe spoke very quickly, “We have to change the house!”

Yun Shijie gritted his teeth: “This Qin An’an, even if he refuses to give money, even wants to rob her! I really underestimate her. Now!”

Yun Zhe echoed: “How can someone who can mix with Fu Shiting be a good person? If they take Yun Mo away, they can pay no money! As long as they don’t admit your identity. , the outside world can’t do anything about them!”

Yun Shijie’s face was gloomy, he clenched his fists and punched Yun Mo’s abdomen fiercely!

“Moving tonight!”

Fu family.

Qin Anan opened her eyes and woke up, it was noon.

She was wearing pajamas and walked downstairs with a sullen face.

In the living room, countless eyes, all of a sudden, looked at her!

Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028

Qin Anan froze in place.

She didn’t expect Fu Shiting to entertain guests at home today.

First, Fu Shiting didn’t have the habit of entertaining guests at home.

Second, the group of people didn’t speak very loudly. Before she went downstairs, she didn’t hear any movement in the living room.

Qin An’an’s face turned red after being watched by everyone for three seconds.

She turned around immediately and hurried upstairs!

When she went downstairs, quietly, when she went upstairs, she stepped on a thunderous ‘bang bang bang’.

In the living room, everyone looked back.

“Shi Ting, the woman you want to marry is this woman?”

“Isn’t this the woman last time? She almost killed you last time, you forgot?”

“I said why does this woman look familiar? What was the last time? Shi Ting, you are quite affectionate!”

“I can’t say that, this woman gave birth to Shi Ting’s children. She gave birth to three children in her life, which is quite good!”

“But Shi Ting doesn’t like it. Child!”

“Hahaha! He doesn’t like other people’s children, how can he not like his own child?”

Everyone, in front of the parties, talked very happily.

Fu Shiting’s face flushed slightly, listening to their discussion, his heart was calm.

No matter how much hatred there was in the past, now he and Qin Anan have put it down.

Upstairs, Qin Anan had already walked to the door of the room, but a white light suddenly flashed in her mind, and then her footsteps stopped.

She remembered the group of people downstairs, whom she had seen before.

She had seen these people before when she was in the Deep Forest Villa!

However, some of them are raw faces, but there are a few who met each other in the Deep Forest Villa.

Why did these people suddenly come here? Did Fu Shiting invite them, or did they come by themselves?

What does Fu Shiting have to do with them?

She had an intuition that these people were not serious people.

Because there was a person she knew from their group before, but this time that person didn’t come.

That person used to see Professor Hu Qing for treatment. During the operation, she served as an assistant to Professor Hu Qing.

She knew the general details of that person… that person was a businessman who was wandering in the gray area of ​​country B.

As a doctor, sometimes you can’t choose whether to treat the person or not based on whether the person is a good person or a bad person.

Moreover, sometimes when you treat a patient, you have no idea whether the person is good or bad, and you may only learn after the fact.

She was so curious, why did these people come to Fu Shiting.

She took off her slippers and walked downstairs quietly with bare feet, intending to hide at the corner of the stairs and eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Shi Ting, how did I hear that the two children in front of you don’t have your surname? Can you bear this?” A man raised his voice and said angrily.

It’s as if this person’s child doesn’t have the same last name as him.

No, as if it was his child, but not his own.

“After you marry Qin An’an, the two children have to change their surnames back to yours, right? How can both children have the same surname as a woman? If it spreads out, how would others laugh at you behind your back? In our country A woman must change her husband’s surname to marry a man! You don’t ask her to change it to your surname, the surnames of your two children must be changed to yours!”

Another man complained for Fu Shiting.

“I don’t care if my child has my surname or not, as long as it’s mine.” Fu Shiting said.

Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029

“How can you not care? You suffer so much! It’s not that you have no money! It’s not that you can’t find another woman? If you dump her, you can find another woman to have thirty children with your surname. My child!”

Fu Shiting: “…”

Qin An’an: “…”

“Yes! What’s the matter with you picking on women? This Qin An’an is not sensible at all! Just now she When you see us, don’t come down to say hello, don’t you take us seriously?”

“I really don’t understand the rules! And looking at what she did to you before, I guess she is always so arrogant and rude! This kind of rudeness! Woman, how did you endure it?”

“Shi Ting, you dumped her, we’ll introduce you to a better woman. I promise it won’t affect your wedding date.”

“Yeah! My sister has always admired you. She is not only better than Qin Anan is beautiful, and her figure is amazing! I guarantee that she will serve you comfortably in the future!” Fu Shiting

politely refused: “No need. I have been with Qin Anan for many years, and I don’t want anyone but her.”

Qin Anan squatted on the ground and listened to his answer clearly.

She should be moved, but in her mind, the ugly and vulgar words his friends said kept popping up!

What do you call her arrogance?

She’s disheveled and wearing pajamas, is it polite to go down to greet them?

There is also a man who wants to introduce his sister to Fu Shiting and let Fu Shiting change his bride. It’s really hateful!

She was so angry that she would be bullied by them if she didn’t let out her breath!

Thinking of this, she got up and stepped on the floor with a ‘bang’!

She did it on purpose.

She wanted them to know that she had been hiding here eavesdropping just now.

Sure enough, the sound of footsteps came, and the living room was suddenly silent.

Everyone ‘swish’ and looked at the source of the sound at the entrance of the stairs.

After a while, the footsteps disappeared, and everyone looked back.

“Didn’t she go upstairs a long time ago? Who were the footsteps that just came down?” One of them wondered.

“Is there another woman in this family who doesn’t know the rules like Qin An’an?” The second speaker pointed out that the footsteps just now were made by Qin An’an.

“Sit down for a while, and I’ll go up and take a look.” Fu Shiting held back his smile and got up from the sofa.


Qin Anan is in Fu Shiting’s wardrobe, looking for clothes.

She came in pajamas last night.

She remembered that she used to have clothes here.

As a result, after rummaging through his closet for a while, he didn’t see a single woman’s clothing.

That’s all, her nightdress is also pretty, as long as you put on your underwear, wash your face, and comb your hair, you can go down for revenge!

When she was brushing her teeth, Fu Shiting entered the bedroom.

“An An, have you rested?” Fu Shiting walked to the bathroom door and asked her.

She rinsed her mouth, put the water glass down, and glared at him: “What’s going on with the group of monsters and monsters below?”

“What monsters and monsters, those are former friends. I heard that I’m getting married, so come over to congratulate me.” Full of smiles.

“You’re still laughing! I heard everything they said just now!” Qin Anan scolded him sharply, “Don’t think I forgot their origins! They are not good people! How did you know them? Why didn’t you tell them? Clear boundaries? Do you want to continue doing illegal and criminal things in the future?”

Fu Shiting smiled restrained by her questioning.

“An’an, it’s not what you think. The laws and regulations of each country are different. It may be illegal in our country, but legal in other countries. If they are all criminals, how can they come to me safe and sound?”

“But when they talk about me like that, I won’t swallow my anger! If you don’t drive them away now, and I’ll go downstairs later, I will definitely not give them a good face.” Qin Anan warned.

Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 A

moment later.

Fu Shiting and Qin Anan went downstairs together.

Everyone looked at their clasped hands with serious faces.

“Let’s go out to eat!” Fu Shiting walked in front of everyone and said, “It’s time to get to the restaurant.”

“Okay! But she goes out like this?” Someone looked at Qin An’an’s clothes and questioned him. “Shi Ting, don’t you think it’s humiliating for her to go out like this?”

Fu Shiting gave Qin An’an a look.

She was wearing a nightdress, and even the skirt was a little wrinkled. On the feet are a pair of flat home shoes.

Although the dress is more homely and casual, it is clean and refreshing.

Besides, he has no clothes or shoes to change for her here.

And now she is hungry again.

So now going out to eat is the first priority.

Fu Shiting just glanced at Qin An’an and didn’t answer in tacit understanding. Qin Anan looked

at the man who was talking and smiled: “I don’t want to embarrass everyone. If anyone feels ashamed to eat with me, don’t eat with us later.”

Don’t know what to say.

After all, she is not without clothes.

Since Fu Shiting doesn’t care about her appearance, what can others blame?

Seeing that everyone didn’t speak, Qin Anan looked at Fu Shiting: “Let’s go! I’m very hungry right now.”

How could he have the strength to fight with them if he wasn’t full?

After everyone got in the car, set off towards the hotel.

After a while, everyone came to the hotel.

Because there were a lot of people, Fu Shiting packed a small banquet hall directly.

Someone brought a female companion, so it is recommended to have a table for men and a table for women.

At the same time, a man took Fu Shiting to the man’s table.

Seeing this, Qin Anan calmly followed Fu Shiting and sat next to Fu Shiting.

“Since I fell in love with Fu Shiting, we have to sit together every time we eat. This is the promise of our love.” Qin Anan looked at the men with frozen expressions with a sweet smile, “If you think I’m an eyesore, you can go Sit at the next table.”

They really thought Qin An’an was an eyesore!

However, how could they have the nerve to say such things in front of Fu Shiting?

“Hehehe! It seems that Miss Qin is good at drinking? She is sitting at our table, but she wants to drink with us!” After the men sat down, one of them spoke boldly.

Qin Anan smiled calmly and said: “drinking? What are you kidding me! Fu Shiting never let me drink with men. Last time a man handed me a wine glass, he broke someone’s hand. It scared me at that time. It’s broken!”

Everyone’s faces suddenly turned cold.

“Once again, a man forced me to drink, and Fu Shiting beat him up and was hospitalized.” Qin Anan’s laughter was as sweet as a silver bell.

Everyone’s faces turned cold again.

“The men you mentioned are all men who are not familiar with Shi Ting. Can they be compared with us?” A very dignified old man said in a loud voice.

Qin Anan blinked innocent apricot eyes: “But to me, you are all the same! Except for Fu Shiting who can let me drink, other men can’t do it! Or, do you ask Fu Shiting to toast me?

” Qin Anan was upset, so they all looked at Fu Shiting and put pressure on Fu Shiting.

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