When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1031 -1040(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1031 -1040(Chinese)

Chapter 1031

Fu Shiting looked embarrassed and discussed with everyone: “She gets drunk when she gets drunk, and goes crazy when she gets drunk. She initiates drunkenness, not only cursing people, but also overturning the wine table. If you can bear such consequences… Then I’ll ask her to toast you?”

Qin Anan immediately picked up a goblet in order to cooperate with him.

“Hey! Hey! Forget it! We haven’t seen each other for a long time! We finally got together to drink and drink… Qin Anan, put down the wine glass!” One of them stopped sternly.

Qin Anan put down the wine glass angrily.

The waiter came in with a tray, and after a while, a table of delicious food was served.

Qin An’an was very hungry, so after the dishes were ready, she immediately greeted, “Brothers, the dishes are ready, you can eat! Don’t be polite to me!”

After speaking, she picked up the chopsticks and ate the meat.

Usually, everyone’s living standard is very high, and they are tired of eating big fish and meat, but seeing Qin An’an specializing in meat and vegetables, he is still a little unhappy!

Because their female companions usually don’t eat much meat.

“Qin An’an, you eat so much meat, aren’t you afraid of gaining weight?” Her behavior angered a man present.

“Fu Shiting thinks I’m too thin, so he’ll be happy if I eat meat.”

“Oh, I don’t think you’re thin! Your figure is very ordinary…”

“You’re not my husband, what do you think of me? I don’t care.” Qin Anan looked at the man, “Besides, I hate greasy men who point fingers the most. But you see, our quality is still different, what I hate, but I have been holding back and didn’t say anything. If you didn’t tell me first, I definitely wouldn’t say it.”

Her words completely offended the men at this table except Fu Shiting!

Fu Shiting saw that the atmosphere was stiff, so he raised his glass.

After all, after ordering such a large table of dishes, if you don’t eat it, it will be a waste.

In any case, let everyone have dinner first, and then talk about other things.

“An An is relatively young and doesn’t know much about the world. Please bear with me. I toast everyone as an apology!” Fu Shiting finished speaking and drank the wine in the cup.

Then everyone stretched their eyebrows and began to eat.

This meal, everyone ate quite harmoniously, but Qin Anan knew that under the surface of harmony, there were cold eyes and hatred.

There were several men among them, glaring at her from time to time.

She took care of herself to eat and was not affected in the slightest.

After all, seeing them so angry, the anger she felt at home at that time was offset.

Especially the comfortable man who said he wanted to give his sister to Fu Shiting and served him comfortably, glared at her several times just now.

After Qin Anan was full, he put down the tableware, ate two pieces of fruit, and then got up to go to the bathroom.

After she left, everyone immediately persuaded Fu Shiting to calm down and think about whether he really wanted to marry this savage woman as his wife.

Fu Shiting replied swiftly: “I have made up my mind, don’t persuade me any more.” In the


Qin Anan stepped forward, and a brown-haired woman followed behind.

“Qin An’an, Brother Kelly asked me to give you a word.” The brown-haired woman stood beside Qin An’an, “Shi Ting is a very good businessman, your thinking pattern is too small, you will only influence him. If If you really love Shiting, you should let him go!”

Qin Anan looked at her coldly and said word by word, “Go back and tell your brother Carrier that I will not let Fu Shiting be with you! No matter how much money you make, Fu Shiting and I will never envy you! Don’t come to Fu Shiting again in the future. As long as I’m by Fu Shiting’s side for one day, I won’t see you.”

After the dinner, Fu Shiting asked the driver to take Qin Anan home first.

He got into Kelly’s car.

Qin An’an looked at the back of his leaving, and Liu Mei frowned slightly.

But she believed that he had already made a decision in his heart.

Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032

On the way back, the driver asked, “Miss Qin, where are we going?”

“Go to my house.” Qin Anan was full of food and drink, and was a little sleepy at the moment.

She turned on her phone to see if there was any news.

Mike sent her a few screenshots of the drone shots.

Mike: This morning, I mainly visited the first target area. In total, I found that red objects were placed outside seven windows. I checked them one by one, but I did not find your patient. Continue this afternoon!

Qin Anan didn’t expect Mike to be so efficient. She replied: Thank you very much.

Mike: You finally woke up? I heard that you went to Fu Shiting’s house for the night last night? Where are you now? If you’re still at Fu Shiting’s house, I’ll go grab a meal!

Qin An’an: I’m not at his house anymore. Today a bunch of messy people came to his house and I drove them away.

Mike: Damn, are you so fierce? After all, it’s someone’s guest!

Qin Anan: Did you meet me on the first day? Because I know those people are not good people. And when he gets married, his business is a family business. If he doesn’t let me do something he doesn’t particularly like after getting married, I’ll change it for him.

Mike: Well, after all, you are a family when you are married. If something happened to him, it would definitely hurt you. Did you train Xiaohan last night?

Qin Anan blushed: who told you?

Mike: The two kids found you out this morning and thought you were pissed off. So I learned about the big battle that happened last night. But don’t worry about the child, Aunt Zhang called Aunt Hong in the morning, and we all knew that you were going to live with Fu Shiting in the two-person world.

Qin An’an: Can you please stop exaggerating your words? I’m going to him for something.

Mike: So late, why are you looking for him?

Qin Anan: …

Mike: Hahahahaha!

Qin Anan put down the phone and didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

After a while, Mike’s phone calls.

Qin Anan saw his call, hesitated for two seconds, and took it.

“An An, how are you going to spend the May Day holiday?” Mike asked, “Is Fu Shiting free to accompany you? If he doesn’t have time to play with you, I can take you out to play!”

Qin Anan hadn’t thought about this issue yet.

She is not busy every day, but not idle either. Mainly with three children, she can be busy whenever she wants.

“Didn’t you make an appointment with Ziyi?”

“I have an appointment! Let’s go play together!”

“I would rather take the children at home than go with you.”

“Then I will take the children out and leave you alone. Play at home!” Mike deliberately angered her.

Qin Anan sneered: “You’d better take Ziqiu to play together, so that I can live with Fu Shiting at home! It just so happens that I haven’t been alone with him for a long time.”

Mike took a deep breath and thought Rebuted, but found himself short of words.

In the end, he could only say in a mocking tone: “Did Fu Shiting never propose to you? Qin Anan, he didn’t even ask for marriage, so you agreed to marry him? Did you get it too easily? Qin Anan’s face flushed with anger ,

and she gritted her teeth: “I don’t care if he asks for marriage or not! That’s all a routine! If you want to marry, you will marry if you don’t propose, but if you don’t want to marry, even if you ask for a hundred times, you won’t get married.” Will marry!”

“Look, as soon as I say it, you will explode. It means that you really want that kind of routine, but Fu Shiting, a straight man, doesn’t understand…” Before

Mike finished speaking, Qin An Ann hung up the phone.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was helping to find Yun Mo, she would definitely scold him.

After the driver sent Qin An’an to the Xinghewan Villa, he returned to the car and called Fu Shiting.

“Boss, I sent Miss Qin home safely. Where are you now? I’ll pick you up.” The driver said.

Fu Shiting: “I’m at the airport. You can pick me up at the airport in an hour.”

Driver: “Okay.”

Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033

An hour later, the driver picked up Fu Shiting at the airport.

After Fu Shiting got in the car, the driver asked, “Boss, where are you going?”

Fu Shiting rubbed his brows and thought for a moment: “Go to the company!” The

driver: “Okay.” After the

car drove out, the driver looked in the rearview mirror He glanced at Fu Shiting’s face.

It happened that Fu Shiting saw this scene, so he asked, “What?”

“Boss, when I took Miss Qin home, Miss Qin talked to someone on the phone and quarreled.” After a brief hesitation, the driver told the matter. “The person over the phone seemed to say that you didn’t propose to Miss Qin, and there was a lack of process. It made Miss Qin flush with anger and hung up the other party’s phone.”

Qin Anan and Mike often quarreled like this, but it was the first time the driver saw each other. , so I thought Qin Anan was wronged by Tianda.

In addition, the driver’s words were exaggerated, which caused Fu Shiting to really think that Qin An’an was greatly wronged.

Since others laughed at Qin An’an for not being proposed, could he make up a marriage proposal while taking advantage of the May Day holiday?

Thinking of this, he immediately began to plan the marriage proposal.

But he had never proposed and had no experience, so he decided to brainstorm ideas.

He opened the group chat and sent a message: I plan to propose to Qin Anan on May 1st, do you have any better suggestions?

Sheng Bei: Didn’t you two get engaged? Why bother to propose marriage?

Zhou Ziyi: The boss wants to be romantic, right? May 1st marriage proposal, June 1st marriage, very good.

He Zhunzhi: I proposed to Xiaotian with the help of my family when I was on vacation. I arranged the vacation room, then made some beautiful lights, filled it with roses, played some sensational music, and finally tricked her into the room, knelt down on one knee for her, and took out a diamond ring… .. made her romantic cry directly!

Fu Shiting: Don’t you think it’s cliché?

Sheng Bei: cliché

Zhou Ziyi: cliché +1

He Zhunzhi: But Xiao Tian really cried! She said she was super impressed!

Fu Shiting: So you two became husband and wife.

Sheng Bei: Pfft!

Zhou Ziyi: Boss, are you planning to propose outside or at home?

He Zhunzhi: Hmph, if Brother Shi Ting wants a different proposal, it must be a proposal outside! Proposing marriage at home can only be as cliché as I am.

Fu Shiting: Then I’ll propose outside!

Sheng Bei, Zhou Ziyi, He Zhunzhi: …

Wouldn’t you feel ashamed if Fu Shiting is so shameless to propose marriage outside?

Fu Shiting looked at their ellipses and calmed down.

He considered the consequences of proposing in public, and finally found it unbearable, so he quickly sent a message to add: Propose in a venue outside.

Sheng Bei, Zhou Ziyi, He Zhunzhi: ……

Excuse me, what is the difference between proposing at a bakery venue and at home?

Sheng Bei was bolder and asked this question.

Fu Shiting replied: Outside, I can ask the best pianist to play the piano, the best lighting engineer to adjust the lighting, and the best chef to make a delicious meal. At home, it can’t work.

Sheng Bei, Zhou Ziyi, He Zhunzhi: ! ! !

This is really in line with Fu Shiting’s style.

Shengbei: Do you need us to go to the scene to help?

Fu Shiting: Are you here to be light bulbs? She has promised to marry me. Proposal is just another form of our dating.

After a while, he sent another message in the group: This matter must be kept secret, I want to surprise her.

Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034


Star River Villa.

dinner time.

Mike told Qin Anan in detail about his May Day travel plan.

“What did you tell me? I’m not going with you.” Qin Anan said lightly.

“I know you’re not going with us. I told you because I want to take Xiaohan.” Mike explained, “Do you agree with Xiaohan to play with us?”

Qin Anan looked at Xiaohan: “Do you want to go with them ? Are you going to play? Do you have a holiday on May 1st?” Xiaohan:

“I promised him.”

Qin Anan: “…”

Mike smugly said, “Since you have no opinion, then I will take Xiaohan on Friday. Let’s go out to play. Little baby Rila said she went out to play with Jin Sinian. As for baby Ziqiu, I would like to take him out to play, but Mrs. Zhang doesn’t agree.”

Qin Anan put down the tableware and glanced at them: “What do you mean? Are you really leaving me at home alone?”

“Don’t you want to live with Fu Shiting in the two-person world?” Mike teased, “Shouldn’t you be happy?”

“I’m just talking, I’ve lived with him. What a two-person world. Maybe he’s not available at all on May 1.” Qin Anan felt sad when he thought of being alone.

“Why don’t you ask him to take you to play? There’s still a month left for the wedding! What’s wrong with taking time to play for a few days.” Mike comforted her, “Anyway, I’ve already booked a ticket for Xiaohan. I’ll be with you every day by then. It ‘s through the video.”

Qin Anan snorted coldly and picked up the tableware again.

Rila coaxed: “Mom, then you and I go to play with Uncle Sinian! Uncle Sinian said he wanted to take me diving!”

“Forget it, Mommy should stay at home!” Qin Anan planned to wait I will ask Fu Shiting what his plans are on May 1.

At this time, Sister Zhang came over with a bowl of soup.

“An An, Mike said that he wanted to take Ziqiu to go abroad to play. I didn’t think it was good, so I refused.” Mrs. Zhang said to Qin Anan, “Ziqiu is still young and his immunity is relatively low. If you don’t go with him, Ziqiu will be sick. What should I do?”

Qin Anan nodded: “Well. Do you want to take a vacation on May 1? I have nothing to do on May 1st, so I can take care of the children.”

Qin Anan’s voice settled, and Mike gave Zhang a wink.

Aunt Zhang was rather puzzled when she received Mike’s eyes. Mike what does this mean?

Qin Anan followed Mrs. Zhang’s gaze and looked at Mike: “Are your eyes cramping?”

Mike immediately retracted his gaze and coughed: “I think you should discuss it with Fu Shiting first, in case Fu Shiting invites you out to play on Friday.

Aunt Zhang immediately understood what Mike meant: “An An, I won’t have a holiday on May 1st, I will wait until the Mid-Autumn Festival.” “

Oh, okay.”

After dinner, Qin Anan went to pack up the holiday plans for the two children. with luggage.

In the dining room, Mrs. Zhang asked Mike, “What do you mean by winking at me just now?”

Mike whispered back: “Fu Shiting proposed marriage on Friday.”

Mrs. Zhang: “An An doesn’t know?”

Mike: “The old man wants to give her a surprise. Mrs.

Zhang blushed: “Then why don’t I take Ziqiu out to play with you! It’s true that the two of them haven’t been alone for a long time.”

Mike: “Yes! If you think it’s too far abroad, we can also travel domestically. ” “

Sister Zhang: “Okay, okay, as long as An An and Mr. May have a good time, I can.” In the

children’s room.

Qin Anan came out of the room after simply packing the daily necessities for the two children.

I met Mrs. Zhang head-on.

“An An, I plan to go out with Ziqiu Wuyi and Mike and the others.”

Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035

Qin Anan was stunned: “Are you sure?”

Aunt Zhang smiled: “Well. Don’t worry, I will take good care of Ziqiu and not make him sick.”

“Why did you suddenly change your mind?” Qin An Ann felt something was wrong, “If you take Ziqiu out, I’ll really be the only one left in the family.”

Mrs. Zhang: “Let Mr. come to accompany you! I have already told Mike.”

Mrs. Zhang came to inform , and left.

Qin Anan went back to the room and called Fu Shiting.

“Fu Shiting, do you have any arrangements for May 1?” On the

other side of the phone, Fu Shiting obviously hadn’t thought about it.

His tone was a little loose and lazy: “Isn’t May Day not yet here?”

“It will be there in two days. Mike is going to take Xiaohan and Ziqiu out to play. Sinian is going to take Rila to dive. I thought I was the only one who didn’t. Make holiday plans.” Her tone was a little sad, “I didn’t expect you to have no plans. You don’t plan to continue to work on the wedding on May 1, right?”

Fu Shiting didn’t answer and asked: “They all went out to play, you are the only one. Are you at home?”

“Yes! Are you pity me in your tone? Aren’t you alone?”

“How do you want to live? I’ll accompany you.” He chuckled softly.

“Oh… Let’s talk about it then! I’ll take a shower and think about it later.” Qin Anan sighed in relief and muttered, “Suddenly the child has to leave me, I feel very uncomfortable.”

Fu Shiting She was thinking about how to comfort her, but she added: “But I’m so happy! I can finally leave my children alone and live my own life in a few days!”

Fu Shiting: “…”

“That’s right. , An An, your patient Yun Mo, what is his father’s name?” Fu Shiting asked suddenly.

The smile on Qin An’an’s face disappeared, “Why do you suddenly care about this issue?”

“You said his family treated him badly, and you want to find him. You tell me about his family, and I’ll help you find it.” Fu Shiting I want to confirm whether this Yun Mo is the young master of the Fu family who was taken out back then.

If not, that’s the best.

If so, he must take action so that this man never appears in the public eye.

Qin An’an’s breathing suddenly became heavy.

Fu Shiting already knew that Yun Shijie was his biological father. He must have doubts about Yun Mo now.

She didn’t dare to guess how Fu Shiting would react after knowing Yun Mo’s true identity, she was afraid that the result would be something she didn’t want to see.

“You’re so busy, I don’t need your help in this matter. If I can find him, it’s best, and I won’t keep looking if I can’t find him.” Qin Anan said calmly, “Let’s think about how to play on May Day!

” Hmm.”

Hanging up the phone, Qin Anan sat down beside the bed, feeling complicated.

Based on what she knew about Fu Shiting, if he wanted to keep his current identity, he would never tolerate Yunmo.

Even if he has deep feelings for Yin Yin, he will not show mercy to Yun Mo because Yun Mo is Yin Yin’s twin brother.

If he wasn’t cruel, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

So she has to find Yunmo as soon as possible and transfer Yunmo to a safe place.

the other side.

Fu Shiting picked up the glass and took a sip.

He was almost certain that Yun Mo’s nominal father was Yun Shijie.

Yun Shijie will not raise Da Yunmo for nothing, it must be Mrs. Fu who has been secretly giving him money all these years.

After the death of Mrs. Fu, Yun Shijie’s source of income was also cut off, so he couldn’t help but brought Yun Mo to country A to ask Fu Shiting for money.

It’s a pity that his trick will not succeed.

After a glass of wine, Fu Shiting made a phone call——

Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036

“Go and check if there is a man named Yun Mo beside Yun Shijie.” His voice was cold, without a trace of warmth, “If there is…” The words behind him got stuck in his throat.

Yun Mo is Yin Yin’s twin brother.

He was originally supposed to be the young master of the Fu family, so he might not be liked by his father, but his life in brocade clothes and jade food can be guaranteed.

Fu Shiting thought that he had taken his name, his relatives, and his life, and now he was going to kill him to ensure that his reputation and life would not be affected.

Is this too vicious?

“Boss, if there is such a man, what should I do?” The bodyguard asked from the other side of the phone, “Please give instructions.”

After Fu Shiting pondered for a while, his Adam’s apple rolled, “Let him disappear from this world.”

He Knowing that he will go to hell in the next life, then let him be selfish to the end in this life!

God treated him unfairly and gave him a bad card. If he was merciful, he would not be able to win with this bad card!

Star River Villa.

Qin Anan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, but her heart was filled with panic.

Although she and Fu Shiting are about to enter the palace of marriage, everything seems to be complete and happy, but she can clearly feel that he is still the stubborn, stubborn man who refuses to submit to anyone.

Yunmo became a thorn between them.

This thorn won’t stab the two of them with blood, but it will definitely make a subtle change in their now sweet relationship.

After drying her hair with a hairdryer, she breathed heavily into the vanity mirror.

Why intimidate yourself by presupposing a bad outcome before it happens?

Since Fu Shiting is willing to marry her, as long as she has a good discussion with him, there must be a better way to solve Yunmo’s problem.

Thinking of this, the suppressed emotions are relieved a lot.

She got into bed, turned on her phone, and planned to see where May 1 was going to play.

After looking at the popular tourist attractions in China, she lacked interest.

Because no matter which tourist attraction you go to, it will definitely be crowded.

Fu Shiting didn’t like crowded places. If he was asked to go crowd with him, even if he wanted to, he would definitely be unhappy in his heart.

So she typed in the search box: unpopular tourist attractions in China.

Unpopular tourist attractions will definitely have a lot fewer tourists, and it doesn’t matter if the attractions are not so famous.

She mainly wanted to go out with Fu Shiting alone, the scenery was not important.

The first unpopular tourist attraction found in the search is called Lover’s Eye.

This lover’s eye is a green spring water in the shape of an eye. Looking at the pictures makes people feel refreshed.

If you want to see this lover’s eye, you have to take a plane to the province where it is located, and then transfer to the city where it is located. Because the city where the lover’s eye is located has no airport.

After arriving at the city where the scenic spot is located, take a car to the town where the scenic spot is located. After arriving in town, you can find a hotel to rest for a while.

Because to go to this scenic spot, but also into the village. It takes more than an hour to enter the village.

After entering the village, the main event is coming! Because I want to go over mountains and mountains!

There is no modern means of transportation there, and you have to use local horses to carry it… to see this green lover’s eyes!

After Qin Anan carefully watched the traffic route of Lover’s Eye, she exited the webpage.

In her mind, she made up the picture of Fu Shiting sitting on the back of a horse and going over mountains and mountains.

If he was given a choice, he would definitely choose to go to popular tourist spots with convenient transportation but crowded.

“It’s better to sleep at home!” She put down her phone, turned off the light, and went to sleep with her head covered.

Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037

Fu Family.

15:00 at night.

Fu Shiting came out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

He was busy with work today, so he didn’t go to Qin An’an.

I drank some wine in the evening, and my head was a little dizzy, but I didn’t feel sleepy.

It was decided to propose to Qin Anan during the May Day holiday, but so far he has not even chosen the venue.

He doesn’t know much about romance, and she doesn’t expect too much from him, so he missed this link.

He turned on his phone, clicked on the gallery, found the album ‘I’, clicked on it –

there were some buildings he designed.

He wanted to choose the place of the proposal in the building he designed, which would be more romantic.

the next day.

A real estate sales department.

Yun Shijie and his eldest son Yun Zhe came to see the house.

They moved out of their previous rental last night and are currently staying in a hotel.

But staying in a hotel is not a long-term solution, and Fu Shiting only gave 10 million, they will never be satisfied with this amount of money.

Obviously the battle with Fu Shiting was a long one, so after the father and son discussed it, they decided to buy a house to live in first.

After looking at them, the sales lady enthusiastically recommended the apartment type to them.

“A large apartment, right? We just have a large apartment of 154 square meters here. This apartment is transparent from north to south, has excellent lighting, and the floors are neither high nor low. It is on the 12th floor.”

“This is the last large apartment in our place . It’s over. There were guests who came to see it yesterday. Would you like to go and have a look?” said the sales lady.

“Then go have a look!” Yun Shijie wanted to solve the housing problem quickly.

The sales lady showed them the house and returned to the sales department. Another male salesperson strode over.

“Xiao Wang, did you take them to see the 154 set? The guest I took to see the house yesterday is going to decide.” The

sales lady looked regretful: “But my guests are also very satisfied with that set!”

“I’ll show it first, and I’ll definitely leave it to my guests.” The male salesperson said confidently.

The sales lady walked up to the father and son of the Yun family and said apologetically, “Mr. Yun, I’m sorry, that house was favored by yesterday’s guests, and they plan to come over and place a deposit.”

Yun Shijie frowned coldly: ” Didn’t they make a deposit yet? I want that house! I’ll pay now! I’ll pay in full!”

Facing Yun Shijie’s arrogance, the two salesmen were very embarrassed.

Just then, the guest who came to see the room yesterday came.

“Hey! Mr. Fu, you came just in time. The house you were interested in yesterday was seen by a client today. He said he wanted to buy the full amount… Can you pay the full amount here? If If you can pay in full, then the house will be sold to you.” The male salesperson walked up to Fu Yechen and asked excitedly.

Fu Yechen’s eyes turned to Yun Shijie –

Yun Shijie showed a wicked smile: “Mr. Fu? Are you Fu Yechen, the prodigal son of the Fu family?”

Fu Yechen frowned: “You are Who? Why do you dare to talk to me like this?”

Yun Shijie looked disdainful: “Of course I dare to talk to you like this! Even if your father comes over, I dare to talk like this! Go back and tell your father that I am your Fu. I used to be a driver in the family, but now, I have more cows than you! This house, I have to decide!”

Fu Yechen saw him being so arrogant, and said angrily: “You are only a driver, how dare you be so mad in front of me. ?!”

“Because Lao Tzu’s son is arrogant!” Yun Shijie raised his chin and looked at him with his nostrils. “When my son stomps his feet, the whole country A will tremble three times!”

“Who is your son?” Fu Yechen mocked. , “There must be a limit to bragging! In country A, only my uncle stomps his feet, which can make country A shake three times! Your son is not worthy to lift his shoes in front of my uncle!”

Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038

Yun Shijie’s face was flushed with anger, “Your uncle is my son” has slipped into his mouth, and he is about to yell out!

At this moment, Yun Zhe bumped him with his elbow.

“Mr. Fu, my father has a bad temper. You should stop arguing with him. If you keep arguing, I’m afraid he will attack you. My father doesn’t have any other skills, so he’s good at fighting.” Yun Zhe kindly reminded Fu Yechen , “If you don’t believe me, go back and ask your father.”

Fu Yechen felt anxious.

Now he doesn’t have Fu Shiting’s backing, so he doesn’t dare to confront others outside.

Otherwise, if you are beaten, you can only endure it yourself.

He came out of the sales department angrily, took out his mobile phone, and called his father.

When Fu Han heard that his son was bullied by the former driver of the Fu family, his blood surged!

“You made him wait! I’ll meet him now!” Fu Han finished and hung up.

Fu Yechen returned to the sales department and watched in humiliation as Yun Shijie swiped his card to buy the house he liked.

After Yun Shijie successfully signed the contract, Fu Han rushed to the scene.

“Dad, it’s him.” Fu Yechen pointed at Yun Shijie, and said angrily, “He bought the house we were looking for yesterday.”

Fu Hanhao looked at Yun Shijie with his stern eyes.

Yun Shijie held the house purchase contract, showing off his strength and saying: “Fu Han, didn’t you expect that I can have today?”

Fu Han recognized him, and his face suddenly turned into a pig’s liver: “You are Yun Shi Jie? Where did you get so much money? You robbed the bank?!”

“Hahahaha! I’m laughing to death! How much money can I get for robbing a bank? I’m better than robbing a bank now!” Yun Shijie seemed to want to God.

Seeing him so rampant, Fu Han felt extremely painful in his heart.

Yun Shijie was a driver of the Fu family in the past. He was paid several thousand yuan a month, but now he dares to clamor here!

It’s really turning around!

I don’t know what shit luck this old bastard has had!

I had never heard of him before, but he actually made a windfall!

Seeing Fu Hansong holding his head and saying nothing, Yun Shijie was greatly satisfied.

“Fu Han, if I remember correctly, you beat me back then!” Yun Shijie handed the house purchase contract to his son, and then walked up to Fu Han arrogantly.

“Yes! I kicked you! You are messing around in my house, of course I will teach you a lesson! Don’t think that you can be lawless now that you are prosperous!” Fu Han said sharply.

Yun Shijie laughed loudly: “Look, you are frightened. Let’s go have a drink! Tell me how downhearted you are now, and I’ll tell you how good I am now!”

Fu Han especially wanted to know who he was How did he get rich, so he followed him.

Looking at this scene, Fu Yechen felt that the face of the Fu family was lost by his father, so he left in anger!

Qin Group.

After Qin Anan finished her morning work, she turned on her mobile phone and saw the message from Mike.

  • Still haven’t found Yun Mo. Are you sure he put the red stuff outside the window?

Qin Anan frowned, opened the address book, and found Yunmo’s phone and dialed it.

She had to confirm with Yun Mo again.

It stands to reason that according to their agreement, it should be easy for drones to find Yunmo.

As a result, the phone was dialed out, and there was a cold system prompt: the user you dialed has been shut down.

Her heart clenched and she gasped sharply!

Why does Yunmo’s mobile phone stop? Did Yun Shijie stop him?

Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039

She immediately found Yun Shijie’s number and dialed it.

——Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please try again later.

Qin Anan stared blankly at the phone screen. Her stunned face was reflected on the screen.

Is Yun Shijie playing with Yun Mo and disappearing? !

They had better leave country A! Otherwise, if you just hide it, it will be troublesome!

With Yun Shijie’s cunning and sinister temperament, who knows what bad tricks he will secretly plan!

Dining room.

Fu Han toasted Yun Shijie a few glasses of wine, and when he saw Yun Shijie’s face was flushed, Fu Han asked, “Yun Shijie, how did you get rich? My son told me on the phone that you Your son is a big man in country A… How come I’ve never heard of you and your son?”

“I don’t blame you for being ignorant, after all, I’ve only returned to China for a few days!” Yun Shijie looked arrogant He smiled, “If my son is not a big man, how could he just give me 10 million as pocket money?!”

“Your son is so good? Who is he?” Fu Han deliberately looked at him with an envious expression on his face. , “Is it a legitimate business?” When the

law took effect, Yun Shijie said with a sullen face, “Of course my son is in a legitimate business!”

“Oh, since it is a legitimate business, then I should listen to it. Did you mention his name?” Fu Han flattered.

“Of course! My son’s name is like thunder! In country A, who has never heard of his name!”

“What’s his name?”

“His name…” Yun Shijie said this, and suddenly returned rationally. In the body, “This is my family’s privacy, of course I won’t tell you! Just remember, I, Yun Shijie, are much better than your Fu Han now! If you see me in the future, you have to call me Brother Yun!”

Fu Han sneered One voice: “Unless you tell me your son’s name, I will never believe what you say!”

“Then how did you say my 10 million came from?”

“What is 10 million? I have 100 million!” Fu Han said, “Does your son have so much money from me?”

“Hahahaha! Yes, are you trying to laugh at me to death!” Yun Shijie burst into tears, and even reached out to pat the table, “One hundred million is a piece of shit for my son! Hahaha!”

Fu Han’s self-esteem was trampled to the ground.

If what Yun Shijie said is true, then the son he talks about should be someone on the rich list.

When he goes back later, he will scour the rich list!

He wanted to see how holy Yun Shijie’s son was!

In the blink of an eye, it’s Friday.

Qin Anan got up early in the morning, packed the three children, and prepared to send them out.

Mike originally decided to travel abroad, but in the end, taking Ziqiu with him would make it inconvenient to travel abroad, so he finally switched to domestic travel.

After breakfast, Qin Anan sent Mike and the others out first.

“Sister Zhang, if you’re not used to playing outside, you can bring Ziqiu back anytime!” Qin Anan urged, “Xiaohan, it’s good to have fun when you go out to play, don’t always worry about studying. Mom will make videos for you every day.

Xiao Han responded and got into the car .

Aunt Zhang hugged Ziqiu and followed closely.

After the car drove away, the villa suddenly became much quieter.

“Mom, why hasn’t Uncle Sinian come to pick me up? My brother and the others have all left.” Rila was carrying the little rabbit’s bag and looked out of the courtyard.

“Baby, do you just want to leave?” Qin Anan was a little sad, “when you leave, mom is the only one at home.” Rila raised her

chin and pursed her mouth: “I’m leaving, my father won’t leave. Are you here? We three oil bottles are gone, can’t you and Dad do whatever we want?”

“What can I do with your father?” Qin Anan exclaimed.

“How do children know about this kind of thing?” Rila pursed her lips. “They said you two were going to work.”

Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040

Qin Anan was about to ask who said it, but as a result, Jin Si came.

“Mom! Uncle Sinian is here!”

Rila said, and immediately ran to the gate of the courtyard.

“Rila, slow down!” Qin Anan strode over.

Outside the gate, the car stopped. Jin Sinian got out of the car.

“An’an, I took Rila away. When she’s done playing, I’ll send her back.” Jin Sinian walked to Qin An’an and looked at her tenderly.

“Every holiday, you help take care of the children.” Qin Anan said, “Will this really affect you?”

“If Rila doesn’t accompany me, I may be even more bored.” Jin Sinian held Rila’s little hand , “Let’s go first, and call you when we arrive at our destination.”

“Okay, safe journey.”

After Qin Anan sent Rila away, the whole villa was completely empty.

Because the three children were not at home, she also gave the other servants a holiday.

Now there is only one bodyguard at home to ensure her safety.

She walked into the house and went to the kitchen first to wash the utensils used for breakfast.

Then go to the cleaning room to find the sweeping robot, turn it on, and let it start working.

She took a rag and a basin, went to wash her hands with water, and planned to wipe the house.

Fu Shiting didn’t contact her either, and he didn’t know when he would come to her.

Just when she was thinking about him, the phone rang suddenly.

She immediately put down the rag and water basin, came to the living room, picked up the mobile phone, and answered the phone.

“An An, should the children go out? Let’s go shopping!” Li Xiaotian’s voice came over the phone.

“Didn’t you say you want to go out to play with He Zhunzhi?”

“It’s also to play at night! I want to go shopping during the day.” Li Xiaotian said excitedly, “There are a lot of activities outside today! Are you free now?”

” Are you free! Fu Shiting didn’t come to see me, I’m cleaning now!”

“You’re really good! You wait for me at home, I’ll drive to pick you up!” Li Xiaotian finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Qin Anan glanced at the pajamas on her body and frowned.

Since Fu Shiting doesn’t come to find her, let’s go shopping with Li Xiaotian!

She strode back to the room and found a long skirt from the closet to put on. After looking at the weather outside the window, I took another thin knitted sweater and put it on.

After getting dressed, she walked over to the vanity mirror and started dressing.

After doing all this, she picked up the phone and dialed Fu Shiting.

Today during the day, she will not accompany him, who told him not to make an appointment earlier.

If the date is not active, let him play alone.

Called and was answered quickly.

“An An, what are you doing? Have the children gone out?” Fu Shiting’s voice came calmly.

Qin Anan snorted coldly: “don’t tell me, you’re still sleeping.”

“No. I’m already up and having breakfast.”

“Oh, eat slowly. I’m going to go shopping with Xiaotian.” Qin Anan said angrily, “You can play by yourself during the day today!”

“Okay. Let’s go on a date at night.” He said in a lazy voice with a smile, “I’ll send you the address for the night date later.”

She It felt weird: “Have you set a date for the evening?”

“Well. You go and play with Xiao Tian first, and we’ll see you tonight.” His tone was a little more serious.

“Yeah.” She didn’t expect him to set a spot for the night so early.

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