When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1041 -1050(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1041 -1050(Chinese)

Chapter 1041

It seems that he is not completely unprepared for the date.

After talking on the phone, a whistle sounded outside the courtyard.

Li Xiaotian has arrived.

Qin Anan took the bag and strode out of the room.

Linjiang mid-range community.

Yun Shijie took his children and moved into the finely decorated new house he bought the day before yesterday.

After buying the house, Yun Shijie and his son bought a lot of furniture and appliances in the furniture market yesterday.

The family officially moved in today.

I should have been happy to move into the new house, but Yun Shijie felt worried when he saw the small balance left in the card.

Yun Shijie called Yun Zhe aside to discuss how to ask Fu Shiting for money again.

“If we can’t talk this time, he may kill us in a fit of rage. So we have to contact the media first.” Yun Shijie frowned and said wily, “You should also bring some self-defense tools with you. , Yun Mo, this fool, you have to be optimistic. You can’t let him run away.”

“This is the twelfth floor, how can he run? He won’t take the elevator unless he jumps off the building.” Yun Zhe sneered, “Don’t look at this fool as stupid. , but he is quite afraid of death.” The

father and son laughed and looked at Yun Mo who was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Yun Mo was sitting on the sofa with a serious face, watching TV with a serious face.

There is a period romance show on TV. It was opened by Yun Xiaoxiao, the daughter of the Yun family.

After Yun Xiaoxiao turned on the TV, a call came, so she went back to her room to answer the call.

Yun Mo’s eyes stared at the picture on the TV for a moment, and listened carefully to the lines inside.

—Miss, they locked us here, what should we do? If you can’t escape, you will marry the second son of the Zhang family!

——I will not marry into the Zhang family even if I die!

  • Miss, don’t do this! What will I do if you die?

——When I die, you can take the opportunity to escape! Xiaoyue, you must escape and let Axiang come to avenge me!

Li Xiaotian took Qin Anan to the mall, first went straight to the clothing store, and bought a Chanel latest dress.

This is a long white dress. The body of the skirt is in the shape of three-dimensional small flowers reflected by various folds. The fringes on the skirt are stacked layer by layer. Wearing this heavy handmade long skirt, it seems that you will be on the show in the next second.

“Aren’t you going to date Fu Shiting tonight? You have to dress up nicely!” Li Xiaotian comforted Qin Anan when she saw the embarrassment on Qin Anan’s face.

Qin Anan looked at the skirt on her body, and Liu Mei frowned slightly: “It’s just me meeting him, there’s no need to dress up like this, right?”

“Why don’t you need to dress up when you meet him?”

“I don’t mean you don’t need to dress up . , but you don’t need to dress up so grandly, right?” Qin Anan looked at himself in the fitting mirror, “If I really wear this dress to a date, don’t I have to put on makeup and make a style? Or else It doesn’t match this outfit.”

“Yes! You must have makeup and styling, and you have to buy a new pair of shoes!” Li Xiaotian took her to the checkout, “Let’s hurry up! There are many more to come. What’s going on !”

“Xiao Tian, ​​don’t you buy new clothes?”

“I’ll buy them later! Let’s dress you up first.” Li Xiaotian took over the task today and must dress Qin Anan beautifully , to make Fu Shiting’s proposal tonight even more romantic!

Soon, it was afternoon.

After Qin An’an’s makeup was completed, Li Xiaotian took a good look at her and sighed with satisfaction.

“I think it’s okay if you are like this now, you can go straight to marriage.” Li Xiaotian was amazed by her beauty.

“Xiao Tian, ​​Fu Shiting may not like you when you dress me like this.” Qin Anan said helplessly, “He said he prefers me without makeup.”

“A man’s mouth is a liar.” Li Xiaotian covered her mouth and smiled , “When he sees you tonight, make sure his eyes glow!”

At this moment, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

She took out her phone and saw a new message.

Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042

  • I’m waiting for you at Sinan Mansion, F1, second floor.

It was Fu Shiting who sent her the date tonight.

Qin An’an looked at the text message, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help rising.

“Who is it?” Li Xiaotian leaned over and asked deliberately, “Look at you, he just sent you a message, you are so sweet, you two have already given birth to three children, why are you still with me? Is it the same in love?”

Qin Anan’s cheeks were flushed, and she put the phone in her bag: “What happened to having a baby? Haven’t you ever seen a couple with gray hair who are still in love? I have.”

“Tsk tsk! Although I haven’t seen it in real life, I have seen it in books. It’s about a couple getting old, and their relationship is so good that two people wear a pair of dentures… The author calls this called mutual support. .”

Li Xiaotian’s words made Qin Anan frown: “It’s very unsanitary.” “Hahahaha

! Are you suffering from an occupational disease? According to what you mean, kissing a man and a woman is unsanitary?”

Qin An’an: “…”

Linjiang mid-range community.

Yun Mo opened a white medicine bottle and poured out all the pills from it.

This is Yun Shijie’s antihypertensive drug.

He brought it secretly.

He looked at the white pill in the palm of his hand and frowned slightly.

He wanted to escape from here, but he couldn’t.

This is the twelfth floor, he can’t jump off the building. He couldn’t escape from the door, Yun Xiaoxiao was guarding him at home all day long, and even if he broke free of Yun Xiaoxiao and ran out, he wouldn’t take the elevator.

The new house was clean and beautiful, but he was terrified of it.

If he doesn’t want to escape, Qin Anan can’t find him.

He didn’t want to be trapped here, it made him feel hopeless all the time.

To live is not only to breathe, but to live, to have freedom.

He took a deep breath, and without hesitation, put the large amount of pills in his palm into his mouth.

After swallowing all the pills, he immediately lay down on the bed.

If you die, then die! It doesn’t make sense for him to be alive anyway.

If he didn’t die and was sent to the hospital, he could find a way to contact Qin Anan.

In his blank life, only Qin Anan made him feel at ease.

Now Yun Shijie took away his mobile phone, did not let him contact Qin An’an, did not let him go out, and kept laughing at him for being a fool.

If he is really stupid, he can live a little happier.

But now they said he was a fool, and he felt uncomfortable.

Half an hour later, his door was pushed open.

“Yunmo! Don’t sleep! I bought a crayfish! Come and help me peel it!” Yun Xiaoxiao strode over to the bed and shouted at Yunmo.

Under normal circumstances, Yun Xiaoxiao would definitely wake up with such a shout.

But the man lying on the bed was motionless, and there was no change in expression on his face.

He was peaceful as if he had died.

Yun Xiaoxiao didn’t realize that maybe something happened to him, he just thought he was sleeping too deeply, so Yun Xiaoxiao immediately started and patted Yun Mo’s body violently!

“Yunmo! You lazy pig! Don’t sleep!”

Yunmo still didn’t respond.

And Yun Xiaoxiao’s hand went numb when he hit him just now.

Only then did she realize that Yun Mo might be dead!

Her hands tremblingly stretched out to Yun Mo’s nose, probing his breath.

“Ahhh! Dad! Dad! Yun Mo is dead!”

Yun Xiaoxiao ran out of the room like a madman, shouting loudly.

Yun Shijie was awakened from a nap, and when he heard that Yun Mo was dead, his face turned black with fright!

Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043

How could Yunmo, a fool, die? How can he die? !

The ambulance arrived in the community ten minutes later!

Yun Mo was carried onto a stretcher and pushed into the elevator.

About a quarter of an hour later, he was taken to a nearby hospital.

Today, on May 1st, the streets are crowded with people. Everyone is enjoying a small holiday with their relatives and friends. No one cares. There is such a ‘fool’ who seeks freedom in his own way.

emergency room.

After Yun Mo was pushed in, the door closed.

After two hours of rescue, the doctor pulled Yun Mo back from the death line.

Just when the doctor was going to inform his family, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the doctor’s white coat.

“Doctor…” he said weakly.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” the doctor asked, holding his hand.

“Help me find… find Qin An’an… She is my doctor… I want to see her…” Yun Mo said this because he was weak Then, he broke out in a sweat.

“Who are you looking for?” The doctor put his head to his face.

“Qin, Qin An’an…I’m looking for Qin An’an!” Yun Mo coughed suddenly after saying this.

“You said Qin An’an! I know her! Do you know her?” The doctor put his hand on the hospital bed, “I will help you to contact her, but I may not be able to contact her. You should rest well… “…”

“If she doesn’t come… I’m going to die…” Yun Mo stopped coughing, and two lines of clear tears flowed from his eyes.

If Qin Anan didn’t come, even if he could be discharged alive, Yun Shijie would definitely beat him up.

Seeing this, the doctor felt compassion.

“Don’t cry, I’ll go find her for you.”

Li Xiaotian finished shopping for clothes and drank coffee with Qin Anan at the coffee shop.

After drinking this cup of coffee, they plan to go to their respective men.

It’s already 4:30 in the afternoon, and the day goes by too fast.

“An An, do you know that the building F1 of Sinan Mansion was designed by Fu Shiting?” Li Xiaotian brought the topic to their date tonight.

Qin Anan was startled for a moment, then shook his head: “He didn’t tell me, I don’t know. How did you know?”

“He Zhunzhi told me! I said that the two of you are going on a date at Sinan’s mansion tonight, he Let’s just say that the building was designed by Fu Shiting.”

“Oh! I didn’t pay attention to it.” Qin Anan rarely hangs out outside. Every time he goes shopping, he is on the side of the commercial street, and other areas are not special. cooked.

“You have passed tonight, so you can take a good look. Fu Shiting’s aesthetics are amazing.” Li Xiaotian boasted, “Even if he is not the boss of ST Group, but an ordinary designer, he will definitely succeed. “

I’m not used to you praising him like that.” Qin Anan’s cheeks were slightly red, and he said, “I’m used to you hurting him.”

“Hahaha! I didn’t know him well before, so I said a lot of bad things about him.” .” After Li Xiaotian finished speaking, she picked up the phone and glanced at it, “He Zhunzhi urged me.”

“I’m done. Let’s go!” Qin Anan put down the coffee cup and used the phone to scan the code to check out.

After she settled the bill, a call entered her phone.

Caller ID is an unfamiliar number.

After hesitating for a while, she answered the phone.

She didn’t know what was said on the phone, but after listening, she just said ‘Okay, I’ll go now’ and hung up.

“Who is it?” Li Xiaotian asked.

Qin An’an hesitated for a moment, and said, “Didn’t you say that you should be urged? Then go ahead! I’ll take a taxi to the Sinan mansion. It just so happens that it’s quite close to the Sinan mansion.”

Li Xiaotian: “I I’ll drive you there!”

Qin An’an said, “No, you have been with me for so long today, you should go on a date with He Zhunzhi!”

After sending Li Xiaotian away, Qin Anan immediately stopped him on the street. taxi.

After getting in the car, she reported the address of the hospital.

Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044

A doctor called her just now and said that a patient named Yun Mo was looking for her.

The doctor asked her if she could go to the hospital now.

When she heard Yun Mo’s name, she agreed without thinking.

After the car drove out, she felt uneasy in her heart.

What’s wrong with Yun Mo? If it is not serious, it will not be taken to the hospital.

Why did the doctor contact her? instead of Yun Shijie?

Who instructed the doctor to contact her? Definitely not Yun Shijie. If Yun Shijie wanted to contact her, he didn’t need to go through a doctor at all.

Thinking of this, she frowned.


Yun Mo was transferred to the general ward.

After Yun Shijie knew that Yun Mo was poisoned by deliberately swallowing an excessive amount of antihypertensive drugs, he was furious.

This idiot said that he had no brains, and he even knew how to commit suicide by swallowing medicine!

He wanted to die, but Yun Shijie refused to let him die!

If he died, how could Yun Shijie threaten Fu Shiting with him? How to get Fu Shiting to corrupt money? !

No matter what, he had to ask Fu Shiting for a lot of money.

In this way, even if Fu Shiting doesn’t recognize his father, Yun Shijie can guarantee that he will have no worries about food and clothing for the rest of his life.

About forty minutes later, the ward door was pushed open.

A burly man strode in and drove Yun Shijie out of the ward.

“What are you doing?! Who are you?” Yun Shijie screamed loudly, “It’s my son in the ward! Did you admit the wrong person?!” The

bodyguard looked impatient: “Is the patient’s name Yun Mo ? ? My boss asked me to protect him!”

“Who is your boss? Yun Mo is my son!” Yun Shijie said incompetently and furiously.

If he was twenty years younger, he would probably fight the bodyguard directly.

But now, he is older, his body is not so tough, and he doesn’t dare to confront the bodyguard.

“My boss, Qin An’an!” The bodyguard stood beside the hospital bed and yelled at Yun Shijie, “She is in the doctor’s office now. Go talk to her! If you dare to do anything with my boss, I will kill you tonight. dinner!”

Yun Shijie gritted his teeth and rushed towards the doctor’s office with a grim face.

Qin Anan came out of the office after learning about Yunmo’s condition from the doctor.

He met Yun Shijie, who was looking for trouble.

Seeing him, Qin Anan stopped.

“Yun Shijie, let’s talk!”

“Fuck! Qin An’an! Are you trying to steal my son directly?” Yun Shijie roared angrily, “Yun Mo is my son! It’s legal!”

“If He is your biological son, you probably won’t say the word ‘legal’.” Qin Anan grabbed the conversation, “Yunmo is not your biological son, but you adopted him?”

“What about the adopted one? That’s my son too! The flesh on Yun Shijie’s face jumped, “If you don’t take your bodyguard away, I will call the police!”

Qin Anan was not afraid of his threat at all: “Okay! You call the police now. When the police come, I will call the police.” I just wanted to tell them that you abused Yun Mo!”

Yun Shijie was stunned for a moment: “What abuse? I didn’t abuse him! It was he who wanted to kill himself by taking medicine…”

“You didn’t abuse him, why did he Want to commit suicide by taking medicine? Yun Shijie, you’d better clarify your thinking first, and then quarrel with me.” Qin Anan pushed his body away from him, “Yunmo is no longer a fool, when he is discharged from the hospital, I will take him for an intelligence test. If he is not a fool in the test, it will be up to him whether he will stay with you or not! I will not let you bully him again!”

Qin An’an’s words made Yun Shijie stunned.

Intelligence test?

By his will?

If it is true what Qin Anan said, then Yunmo will definitely not stay by his side!

Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045

How can this work?

“Qin An’an! Stop!” Yun Shijie strode up to catch up with her and grabbed her arm, “Don’t deceive people too much! The dog will jump over the wall if you are anxious! I know all the secrets of Fu Shiting! If you don’t want me Don’t force me to tear my face off with him! I keep Yunmo, I just want to ask Fu Shiting for some money! I don’t want his life! I don’t want

Yunmo’s life either!” Qin Anan clenched his fists tightly , said coldly: “You want to ask Fu Shiting for money, you go to him to ask for it. But Yunmo, I can’t give it to you. What if he goes back to you and continues to commit suicide? I managed to cure him. I can’t let him take such a big risk.”

Her words made Yun Shijie think of killing her.

However, this is a hospital, and many people around are watching a play, so he can’t do it.

Sinan Mansion.

Fu Shiting has made all the preparations and is waiting for Qin Anan to come over.

He Zhunzhi sent him a message saying that Li Xiaotian and Qin Anan had separated, and Qin Anan should find him soon.

He glanced at the time, it was half past five.

And He Zhunzhi sent him a message at five o’clock.

It stands to reason that she should have come over after half an hour’s drive.

The marriage proposal is arranged on the open-air balcony on the second floor.

The scene is decorated with flowers of various colors, and when the sky gets dark, there will be a beautiful light show.

In addition, he also invited famous piano masters to perform live. The chef’s meal is almost ready.

The sky gradually darkened, but Qin An’an was nowhere to be seen.

Fu Shiting stood by the railing on the second floor, looking at the vehicles coming downstairs, how hoped that she would appear downstairs in the next second, looking up and smiling at him.

When the time came to six o’clock in the evening, Fu Shiting didn’t wait for a second. He took out his mobile phone and dialed Qin An’an’s number.

Called and was answered quickly.

Qin An’an’s voice came: “Shi Ting, I have to wait a while before I go to find you.”

She is now picking up his phone in the ward.

Yun Mo just woke up and was relatively weak. When he saw her, his emotions were a little intense.

She couldn’t go away.

She had to wait for Yun Mo to calm down before going to him.

Fu Shiting frowned slightly: “Why?”

“I…” She instinctively wanted to tell him the truth, but she was afraid that she would tell Yun Mo’s whereabouts, which would be detrimental to Yun Mo, so she was struggling After a few seconds, he decided to lie, “I want to buy you a gift. I haven’t picked it yet.”

After hearing her answer, Fu Shiting’s eyebrows stretched.

“I also prepared a present for you. You can pick it up soon.”

Qin Anan listened to his low-mellow and pleasant voice, and felt a little apologetic: “Well. Good.” I

‘ll see him later to see if I can follow him He talked about Yunmo.

After hanging up, Qin Anan put the phone back in the bag.

She went back to the ward, walked to the bed and sat down.

“Yunmo, don’t be afraid. I’ll let the bodyguards protect you. Yun Shijie doesn’t dare to come to you again.” She looked at Yunmo’s pale face and assured him again, “I won’t let others bully you again. I’ll pick you up when you’re discharged from the hospital.”

Yun Mo nodded lightly: “An An, I knew you would come to me.”

“I’ve been looking for you, but I couldn’t find it.” Qin Anan held his big Zhang Zhang, “You can’t do such stupid things again. If you come to the hospital a little later today, you may die.”

Seven o’clock in the evening.

Sinan Mansion.

Night fell, but Qin Anan still didn’t come.

Fu Shiting dialed her number again –

I’m sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please dial again later.

Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 Why is

her phone turned off?

Did something happen to her or did her phone die?

Said to pick a gift for him, it’s impossible to pick a gift for two hours, right?

Unable to get through to her phone, he could only call her bodyguard.

The bodyguard answered his call.

“I didn’t hear my boss’s cell phone ringing!” the bodyguard said, “She’s in the hospital right now! But it’s not that she’s sick, it’s someone else who’s in the hospital, and she’s accompanying her in the hospital!”

“Who’s in the hospital?” Fu Shiting’s voice tightened .

The bodyguard was stunned for a moment, then hesitantly said: “I can’t say…it’s a man anyway.”

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll find out.” Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened, and he said sternly, “Speak!” The

bodyguard swallowed After taking a breath, he hesitated and said, “Yes…it’s her patient…it’s called Yunmo.”

When Fu Shiting heard Yunmo’s name, chills rose in his eyes.

Qin Anan went to accompany Yunmo, so he didn’t come to the appointment.

Moreover, she lied to him on the phone, saying that she was going to buy him a gift, but she was accompanying Yunmo.

Fu Shiting hung up the phone and sat down in the chair.

The sky suddenly started to drizzle.

He looked at the weather this morning, and it showed that it was cloudy today, and it didn’t say there was rain, so he arranged the balcony.

A waiter came over with an umbrella and asked, “Mr. Fu, it’s raining. Go indoors!”

Fu Shiting didn’t want to change positions.

He just wanted to know whether Qin Anan would come tonight.

“Mr. Fu, when will Miss Qin come?” the waiter continued, “Why don’t you eat first? Wait for Miss Qin to come…”

“Go away,” his voice came coldly, “don’t mind me!” The


After the bodyguard answered Fu Shiting’s call, he returned to the ward.

Yun Mo suddenly vomited more severely, Qin Anan was supporting him, patting him on the back, and handing him a tissue.

The bodyguard frowned.

Yun Mo looks miserable if no one takes care of him like this.

However, if Qin Anan is not here, the nurse will take care of him.

Thinking of this, the bodyguard walked to Qin An’an and reminded: “Boss, do you have an appointment with Mr. Fu tonight?”

“Well, how do you know?” Qin An’an was a little anxious.

She should go to Fu Shiting, but with Yun Mo like this, she can’t walk away.

“You’re dressed like this, aren’t you ready to go on a date?” the bodyguard said, “Go on a date first! I’ll look at him, it’ll be alright.”

Qin Anan hesitated for a moment, then replied, “Okay, then I’ll go first.”

After she finished speaking, Yun Mo immediately grabbed her arm tightly: “An An… I’m so uncomfortable… Am I going to die… .”

Yun Mo felt that his internal organs were about to spit out.

This painful feeling made him extremely uneasy.

He is not afraid of death, but does not want Qin Anan to leave.

Qin Anan is his placebo.

With her by her side, even if she vomited to death, he could endure it.

If she left, he would feel like he was leaving this world in the next second.

“You won’t die. In two days, you will be much better.” Qin Anan comforted him, “even if I leave, there will be doctors and nurses watching over you. They will take care of you.”

“Take me with you…” Yun Mo’s eyes were filled with tears, and he held her tightly in his palms, praying.

“You still need an infusion, you can’t leave the hospital.” Qin Anan wondered, “Yunmo, I will pick you up when you feel better. You can only stay in the hospital now. I have something to do tonight, I have to Go first, I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Qin An’an never forgot his date with Fu Shiting tonight.

As long as Yunmo’s condition is not so serious, she has already gone to the appointment.

Yun Mo vomited from time to time, seeing him so uncomfortable, she was really embarrassed to leave.

But now she’s been procrastinating for too long, and she has to find Fu Shiting.

Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047

After her voice was settled, Yun Mo let go of her arm.

But he looked at her with tears streaming down his face.

Qin Anan looked at him like this and didn’t dare to leave at all!

She took her bag, found her mobile phone in the bag, and wanted to call Fu Shiting.

I pressed the power button, but the phone screen was still black.

The phone doesn’t know when it’s out of power.

“Call me by borrowing your cell phone.” She said to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard immediately unlocked the phone and handed it to her.

She entered Fu Shiting’s number and dialed it.

She quickly thought in her mind how to explain to him that she couldn’t make the appointment.

I’m afraid it won’t work to lie, so I can only confess to him.

The phone was called, it was connected, but it was not answered.

After the system hung up automatically, she returned the phone to the bodyguard.

“Can you help me borrow a charger from the nurse’s station? My phone is out of power.” Qin Anan said to the bodyguard.

“I’ll ask.” The bodyguard strode out of the ward.

After the bodyguard went out, Qin Anan looked at Yunmo: “I won’t leave. If you don’t feel so sick, close your eyes and rest. I can take you away only if your body recovers quickly.

” Close your eyes.

After a while, the bodyguard entered the ward with a borrowed charger.

Qin Anan charged the phone and turned it on.

She saw the missed call from Fu Shiting. She wanted to call him back, but she was afraid that Yun Mo would have a rest.

She had to wait until Yun Mo fell asleep before leaving.

She sent Fu Shiting a message: I’ll find you later.

When Yun Mo fell asleep, she immediately went to him.

Outside the window, the rain beat against the window, making a loud crackling sound.

Qin Anan doesn’t hate rain, she even likes to hear the sound of rain many times. The sound of the rain calmed her down.

But at this moment, she listened to the sound of the rain outside the window, and her heart was numb.

Fu Shiting didn’t reply to her message or call her back.

He must be angry.

If she was waiting for him instead, she would not necessarily be more forgiving than him.

Because tonight’s appointment was set in the morning.

So when she sees him later, no matter how angry he gets, she can bear it.

About forty minutes later, Yun Mo’s breathing was even, and he fell into a deep sleep.

After Qin Anan confessed to the bodyguard, he strode away!

The rain didn’t stop outside, but it was much lighter than an hour ago.

She came out of the inpatient department and stepped directly into the rain.

At nine o’clock at night, she rushed to Sinan’s mansion.

She met Fu Shiting in F1, the open-air balcony on the second floor.

She immediately understood why Fu Shiting didn’t reply to her message or call her back.

Because, he sits in the rain and gets in the rain.

“Miss Qin, you’re finally here. Mr. Fu has been waiting for you all night. It has been raining since the beginning of the rain.” The waiter’s tone was vaguely complaining, “Mr. Fu has been waiting for you, I haven’t had dinner yet!”

Fu Shiting probably heard the waiter’s voice, and his deep eyes turned around abruptly.

Seeing his embarrassed appearance after being soaked in the rain, she felt like a stone was blocked in her heart, and she couldn’t breathe heavily.

She strode towards him.

Soon, she came to him. Almost uncontrollably, she reached out to take his arm.

“Fu Shiting, I’m sorry. I’m late. Don’t get caught in the rain, go inside!” She tried to pull him up from the chair.

But he pushed her away!

Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048

“Where’s the gift?” His voice was hoarse.

His voice was low, but his penetrating power was strong.

Three simple words made her startled.

“Why lie to me?” His eyes looked coldly at her shocked face.

It’s not that he can’t bear her to put him aside and go to the hospital to take care of Yun Mo, as long as she tells him openly.

“I’m sorry, Shi Ting.” Qin Anan took a deep breath, stretched out his hand again, and held his arm, “Don’t get in the rain. You’ll catch a cold.”

He lifted her arm again.

“What about that man?” His voice was cold and indifferent, and under the rain, his face became even more desolate, “Why don’t you continue to take care of him in the hospital?”

“He fell asleep.” She explained, “he swallowed A bottle of antihypertensive medicine, he almost died. If it hadn’t been rescued in time, he might have died.”

“It’s better if he’s dead!” Fu Shiting’s voice came in a harsh voice, “Even if he doesn’t die now, I’ll kill him! “

Shi Ting!” Qin Anan exclaimed as if someone was strangling her neck, “I know you’re talking mad! It’s my fault! I should have called you earlier to prevent you from waiting for me here!” Let’s go first! I beg you!”

She grabbed his arms with both hands, trying to pull him up from the chair, but he was so tense that he wouldn’t get up.

The feeling of helplessness and fear spread to all limbs.

She was afraid that he would get sick if he got drenched again, but she knew very well that he was angry and would never listen to her.

In desperation, she cried uncontrollably.

He looked at her grief-stricken appearance, and his heart clenched tightly.

What are they going to do tonight?

Seems like… a marriage proposal?

He had imagined many times that tonight they would listen to the beautiful sound of the piano, have a pleasant dinner together, and imagine a bright future.

He prepared the diamond ring for the marriage proposal, which will be brought to her when the fifth course is served.

When she opened the lid, she was pleasantly surprised to see the diamond ring!

Now, all the surprises have become superfluous.

“Qin An’an, you can get what you want without shedding tears.” He got up from the chair, his deep eyes looked at her delicate face wet by the rain, his voice was dull and cold, “Because I tried , in the end, nothing.”

He finally pushed her arms away, and the tall body disappeared from her face.

After he left, she felt that the sky in front of her completely collapsed.

She knew he would be angry, but she didn’t expect him to be so angry.

She was only a few hours late, didn’t she come, is it because she was taking care of Yun Mo in the hospital, he couldn’t accept it?

She fell into the chair he was sitting on, trying to guess his mood.

Not long after, the eyes suddenly lit up!

Beautiful lights flicker in front of your eyes, changing colors and shapes, just like dancing!

She stared blankly at the beam in front of her, suspecting that she was hallucinating.

A waiter held an umbrella and walked to her side: “Miss Qin, this is a light show prepared for you by Mr. Fu. Mr. Fu is gone, so please enjoy it alone!”

“The light show?” .

“Yes. Mr. Fu also invited a famous piano master to play. The master has been waiting for a long time. Would you like to play for you now?” the waiter asked.

She suddenly raised her eyes to look at the waiter: “Why?”

It was just a meal, why did he invite someone to play?

Waiter: “Miss Qin, I don’t know why you are late, but Mr. Fu took great pains for tonight’s appointment. You really shouldn’t betray his good intentions.”

“I didn’t mean to be late.” She looked back, her eyes blurred with tears. Xiang Dazzling Lights, “I didn’t know he prepared so much for tonight’s date. He didn’t tell me.”

“Mr. Fu wants to surprise you.” The waiter said, “You haven’t had dinner yet. ? Would you like to eat indoors?”

Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049

“I don’t want to go in. I’ll stay here as long as he waits for me here.” She choked.

The waiter looked at her thin body and worried that she would catch a cold, so she immediately arranged for someone to bring an open-air parasol.

Then the waiter came with a thick blanket and put it on her shoulders.

“Miss Qin, I have notified the kitchen to serve the dishes. You can leave after dinner! Instead of staying here, it’s better to ask Mr. Fu’s forgiveness.” After

a while, delicious dishes were served on the table.

Looking at the exquisite food on the table, she finally understood why Fu Shiting was so angry.

Tonight’s date, she thought it was just an ordinary date, but obviously it wasn’t!

He invited a piano master to play, and there was such a beautiful light show, and the dinner was sumptuous to the level of a state banquet. How could this be an ordinary date?

“Miss Qin, please unveil this dish yourself.” The waiter pointed to the fifth dish and spoke to Qin Anan.

Hearing this, Qin Anan lifted the lid of the fifth dish.

This is a lotus cake. Next to the lotus-shaped dessert, there is a lifelike goldfish, and the goldfish has a diamond ring in its mouth.

This diamond ring attracted all Qin An’an’s attention.

“This…” she said in surprise.

“Miss Qin, Mr. Fu is going to propose to you tonight.” The waiter explained, “for tonight’s date, he has come to set up the scene from the day before yesterday. Everything you can see now is Mr. Fu’s expression of love for you. .”

Her tears fell uncontrollably.

She looked around.

Against the backdrop of the beautiful light show, all kinds of flowers come into view.

The more she found out, the deeper the apology in her heart.

She couldn’t stay here for a second.

She took the diamond ring from the goldfish’s mouth to the palm of her hand and strode out of the balcony.

She is going to find Fu Shiting! Ask him to forgive!

She had no idea that he would propose to her, after all, she had promised to marry him before.

If she knew that he was going to propose to her tonight, she would definitely come to him first!

Even if I told him that I was going to the hospital, I would definitely come to see him first.

Fu family.

Fu Shiting returned home, went straight upstairs, entered the bedroom, and locked the door.

Before Aunt Hong could ask a word, she heard him lock the door.

——This is a conflict with Qin Anan.

Aunt Hong knew that the two of them were going to be alone this holiday, but she didn’t expect that the two of them would make such a fuss on the first day of the holiday.

I wanted to call Qin Anan to ask what was going on, but thinking that Fu Shiting was so wet, it must have been very noisy.

This level of quarrel, even if Qin An’an is called on the phone, will not be relieved.

Just when Aunt Hong was about to close the villa door, a stimulating light came from outside the courtyard door.

A car stopped outside the courtyard gate, and after a while, Qin Anan got out of the car.

Soon, she came to the door of the villa.

Aunt Hong brought her shoes.

“An’an, what’s the matter with you and your husband? When your husband comes back, you are all wet, and so are you. Are you two dating, or are you in the rain?”

Qin An’an’s eyes were red and swollen from crying, and she spoke in a hoarse voice: “I made him angry.”

“Oh…he locked himself in the room.” Aunt Hong looked embarrassed, “Although I have a spare key…”

“Give me the key.” Qin Anan reached out to Aunt Hong.

Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050

Aunt Hong hesitated for a while, then turned around to get the key.

If the relationship between Fu Shiting and Qin Anan was not about preparing for marriage, Aunt Hong would never have dared to give Qin Anan the key.

Fu Shiting respected Aunt Hong, and did not take Aunt Hong as a person, but Aunt Hong did not dare to do anything beyond her rights.

If Aunt Hong made a mistake and touched Fu Shiting’s bottom line, Fu Shiting would also dismiss Aunt Hong.

Aunt Hong dared to take such a big risk and gave Qin Anan the spare key of his bedroom, but she was sure that Qin Anan would be the hostess here in the future.

After Aunt Hong handed the key to Qin An’an, she looked at her and said, “An’an, go take a bath first! Don’t catch a cold. I’ll go get you clothes.”

Qin An’an held the key tightly, He glanced at the stairs.

I don’t know what Fu Shiting is doing now.

I don’t know if she will force her into his room later, or will he be kicked out.

The same moment, the other side.

After the fancy house was snatched by Yun Shijie, Fu Han and Fu Yechen continued to live in the rented house.

In the past few days, Fu Yechen went to see several houses, but he was not particularly satisfied.

Fu Han didn’t want to see the house, he just wanted to know who Yun Shijie’s awesome son was.

This matter is like a thorn in his heart. If he doesn’t understand it, he can’t sleep well at night.

He printed out the photos of the richest people younger than Yun Shijie on the rich list and kept looking at them.

Fu Yechen came out to drink water after taking a bath, and saw his father was looking at those pictures of the rich again, and suddenly became angry.

“Dad, are you crazy?” Fu Yechen reprimanded, “Look at these photos, can we become rich?”

Fu Han raised his head and glared at his son: “I’m looking for Yun Shijie’s son! Why are other people’s sons so promising, and why is my son such a waste? Why don’t you get in my way here, why don’t you go back to your room and reflect on it! “

Fu Yechen: “You scold me?!”

“It’s you who I scold! What rubbish are you investing in!” Fu Han angrily scolded, “If you lose the last sum of money in our hands, it will be quite good Alright! I’ll go see if I can find a job as a security guard or a cleaner then, and as for you, I don’t have to worry about it anymore!”

Fu Yechen’s eyes were scarlet at the words.

He does lose what he invests, and he doesn’t want it, but he is really not good at investing.

“Dad, do you really think I will lose all my money?” Fu Yechen was deeply shocked.

“If you don’t care about the company’s affairs as before, you won’t lose money. As long as you take care of things, the company will be finished!” Fu Han continued to attack, “I can’t blame you either. I didn’t educate you well.”

Fu Ye Tears of pain flowed from the corners of Chen’s eyes.

“Don’t cry! It’s useless!” Fu Han put his eyes on the photo again, “Come and help me see, how could that old bastard Yun Shijie give birth to such a promising son?”

Fu Yechen took the photo He brought it over and said in a sour tone: “Maybe he lied to us. If he really has such a good son, why did he return to China recently?”

“My intuition tells me that he did not lie. Otherwise, where would he get the money from? How can he be so arrogant in front of me? When I beat him before, he didn’t dare to move.” Fu Han rubbed his temples.

After Fu Yechen looked at the pictures of the rich people one by one, he wondered: “These people are all on the rich list, why not Fu Shiting?”

“Fu Shiting?!” Fu Han’s temple jumped suddenly, “How could he be Yun? Shijie’s son?”

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