When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1051 -1060(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1051 -1060(Chinese)

Chapter 1051

“Oh… yes, how could my uncle be Yun Shijie’s son? My uncle…” Fu Yechen said here, taking Yun Shijie’s photo and looking at it carefully stand up.

Yun Shijie’s photo is a surveillance screenshot of the restaurant where Fu Han ate that day.

So the photo is a little blurry.

Only the outline of the facial features can be seen clearly.

“Dad, do you think that my uncle and Yun Shijie are somewhat similar?” Fu Yechen handed Yun Shijie’s photo to his father, “If you don’t think about it, I don’t think they are similar. The two of them look alike, and they look very similar.”

After Fu Han glanced at Yun Shijie’s photo a few times, the expression on his face gradually solidified.

Fu Han didn’t compare Fu Shiting’s appearance with Yun Shijie’s appearance before, but now after listening to Fu Yechen’s words, he feels that the two of them are indeed a bit similar.

“If Yun Shijie really has a particularly awesome son, stomping his feet in country A can make country A tremble three times, how do I feel that my uncle is more in line with what he said?” Fu Yechen wondered. “These other rich people are completely different from Yun Shijie. Only my uncle has a little resemblance to him.”

Fu Han was greatly stimulated and was speechless.

Fu Han had never heard that Fu Shiting was not a child of the Fu family. When his mother was still alive, he was very fond of Fu Shiting. If Fu Shiting was not a child of the Fu family, why should his mother love this little son so much?

But he wondered that Fu Shiting’s personality was different from the rest of the Fu family. Besides, Fu Shiting’s appearance seemed to be different from the rest of the Fu family.

“Dad, even if Fu Shiting is not from our family, but Yun Shijie’s son, what can we do? Now the Fu family has been completely defeated, and only Fu Shiting is left to support the reputation of the Fu family. He has no choice.” Fu Yechen leaned on the sofa and sighed helplessly.

“If he wasn’t from our family, then he would at least have to pay us a lot of money!” Fu Han frowned and gritted his teeth, “When he founded ST Group, your grandma gave him a lot of start-up capital! If According to the proportion, at least one third of ST Group should belong to the Fu family now!”

Fu Yechen’s eyes suddenly lit up: “Dad, if Fu Shiting is really not from our family, then we… Isn’t he going to make a fortune?”

“Hehe, how can you be sure that he is not from our family?”

“It’s better to do DNA!”

“You go to him?” Fu Han teased, “Do you think he will take care of you? Is it?”

Fu Yechen was stunned.

He didn’t dare to go to Fu Shiting at all, let alone question Fu Shiting’s identity?

“You can only start from Yun Shijie’s side.” Fu Hannane said, “This matter is of great importance. Don’t tell the public first.” Fu Yechen

nodded: “Dad, this may be an opportunity given to us by God!”

Fu Han: “It may also kill us! Don’t you know what kind of person Fu Shiting is? If he breaks his face, he may kill us directly.”

Fu Yechen’s expression suddenly changed.

Fu family.

After Qin Anan took a bath, he took the key and walked to the master bedroom on the second floor.

She stood in the doorway of the master bedroom, feeling uneasy.

Aunt Hong stood at the entrance of the stairs and looked at her, and she was also frightened, “An An, why don’t you go to the guest room to rest!”

Aunt Hong finished, and Qin Anan inserted the key into the keyhole and opened the door of the master bedroom .

She pushed the door open, strode in, and closed the door.

The room was dark, but Fu Shiting could vaguely be seen resting on the bed.

Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052

She has a hunch that he must not fall asleep.

How could he fall asleep when he was so angry?

Now that she opened the door and came in, he must have heard the sound.

She walked to the bed step by step, thinking to herself that if he didn’t speak, then she would lie down beside him and sleep with him.

After tossing for a day, she was also very tired.

Just as she was sitting on the edge of the bed and was about to go to bed, his voice was dull and angry: “Get out!”

“I’m not going out.” She lifted her legs and got on the bed.

Not only did she get into bed, but she pulled the quilt and lay down beside him.

Before he could move, she hugged his body tightly.

His body was tense, and his breathing gradually became heavy, as if he was about to explode in the next second.

“Shi Ting, I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong… I really know it’s wrong.” She buried her face in the back of his neck and whispered, “I saw the light show you prepared for me. , I also saw the diamond ring you prepared for me…”

Her words stinged the emotions he finally calmed down.

He pushed her away and shouted hoarsely, “Don’t touch me!”

She froze for a moment, then hugged his body tightly again.

“Shi Ting, I have never doubted your feelings for me,” she opened her heart to him, “I have never doubted my feelings for you. The people I love, from beginning to end, You are the only one. If I knew you were going to propose to me tonight, I would definitely see you as soon as possible. “

Fu Shiting’s chest heaved quickly.

His breathing increased, but he didn’t say a word.

His head hurts badly, and his temperature doesn’t seem to be normal.

Qin An’an clings to him like a vine, and he feels more uncomfortable to breathe.

He didn’t push her away again, because he knew that even if he pushed her away again, she would continue to pester him.

“Shi Ting, I didn’t receive your call because my phone was out of power and turned off. I put it in my bag. I didn’t know it was out of power.” She rambled and explained to him, “I haven’t forgotten our date. , I plan to go to you when Yun Mo’s condition is better. But he keeps vomiting, and I can’t bear it.”

She mentioned Yun Mo, and his emotions were ignited again.

“Shi Ting, don’t be angry yet.” She moved into his arms and faced him face to face, “I just want you to know that I really didn’t mean to be late. No matter what happens in the future, I will definitely put you in the Number one.”

His big palm was about to push her away, but after she finished speaking, he finally softened.

What he wants has always been simple. That’s what she cares about.

She buried her head in his chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat, and felt extremely relieved. As long as he doesn’t push her away, she won’t let go of him.

She really realized she was wrong.

She seemed to take his kindness to her for granted.

He clearly had an appointment at night, how could he lie to him, and how could he be so late?

Even if it’s a normal date, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

His breathing gradually evened out on top of her head, but she didn’t feel sleepy.

On the one hand, my emotions were up and down, and my heart was a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, I didn’t eat dinner, and I was very hungry.

The waiter said he didn’t have dinner either, isn’t he hungry?

She took a breath, thinking about waiting for him to fall asleep a little more before getting out of bed to find something to eat.

But after a while, she was hot with his body heat.

She lifted the quilt a little and stroked his face with her hand.

“It’s hot!” she whispered.

Realizing that he was having a fever, she was about to get up and get medicine.

But he quickly held her body down, preventing her from leaving.

“Shi Ting…you have a fever, I’ll get you medicine…” She was forced to shrink into his arms and explained to him in a low voice.

He used a lot of strength to grab her arm.

He is definitely awake!

It’s just that he didn’t speak, nor would he let go.

Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053

He felt very cold. The moment she left his embrace just now, his cold body trembled, feeling like he was going to freeze to death.

He couldn’t let her go. “Shi Ting, don’t mistreat yourself again, okay?” She couldn’t count how many times it was. “Whether it’s you or I, do n’t

mistreat yourself anymore.”


He is now like a scorching fireball, emitting a steady stream of scalding heat.

She was in a panic, afraid that he might have a problem.

“Shi Ting, let me go. I’ll get you medicine.” She pushed his arm away, remembering.

He quickly grabbed her and turned against her.

“Fu Shiting! Do you want to die from illness?!” She was scratched by his palm and it hurt.

She didn’t want to yell at him, but if she didn’t let him wake up, even if she used brute force, she couldn’t break free from his shackles.

After she roared, the strength of his palm lightened slightly.

But still didn’t let go.

She sat in front of him, leaving and not wanting to leave, but not wanting to lie down any longer. The two of them were silently confronting each other in the dark.

“…I do want to die.” His voice was hoarse.

He seemed to be awake, and he seemed to be burned out.

“I won’t let you die!” Qin Anan was enraged by him, “If you die, what will I do with the children?!”

“I will give you the property, and you will live well.” His voice came again, With suffocating despair.

“Why do you want to die?! Just because I’m late tonight…” She choked and asked.

“Tired.” He replied.

He wasn’t late because of her, it was just a fuse.

He felt that his life was a mistake.

It is wrong from birth.

With tears in her eyes, she pulled his arm away forcefully and quickly jumped out of bed.

She turned on the light, stood under the bed, and looked at him coldly: “Fu Shiting, I think you have a fever and talk nonsense. Anyone can die, but you can’t! You can’t leave your three children to me to raise alone! If If you dare to die, I will go with you! Our children, let them fend for themselves!”

She said harshly and strode towards the door!

Fu Shiting raised his head, the dazzling white light made him quickly close his eyes.

The headache seemed to split, and breathing became a luxury.

Before Qin Anan came over, he fell into a drowsiness.

the next morning.

The phone rang in the quiet room.

Fu Shiting opened his eyes suddenly.

He quickly recognized that it was Qin An’an’s ringtone.

He turned his head and saw Qin Anan rubbing his eyes, looking for his mobile phone.

After she got her phone on the bedside table, she answered it.

“Boss, Yun Mo is awake! I’m making a fuss to see you!” On the other side of the phone, the voice of the bodyguard came anxiously.

Qin Anan immediately looked at Fu Shiting.

She saw that he opened his eyes and looked at her with indifference, and she felt cold all over.

He had a fever last night and passed out.

After she fed him a fever-reducing medicine, it didn’t work, so she called his family doctor and asked him to deliver the medicine overnight.

I gave him two bottles of liquid, and then the fever subsided.

She waited for him to finish the medicine before falling asleep.

So she is very sleepy now.

“I can’t go there.” She said to the bodyguard, “My husband is sick, and I have to take care of him.”

Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 The

bodyguard didn’t react for a while, who was the ‘husband’ in her mouth.

“Who is it? Who is your husband?” the bodyguard asked loudly, raising his voice.

Fu Shiting heard the bodyguard’s gruff voice through her cell phone.

Qin An’an’s face turned red with a swish: “Who else is there except Fu Shiting? He and I are getting married soon.

” , “Okay, take care of him, I’ll just ignore Yunmo.”

If Fu Shiting was not by his side, Qin Anan would definitely ask the bodyguard to give Yunmo the phone to comfort Yunmo.

But when Fu Shiting was here, she didn’t dare to do it.

After hanging up, she looked at Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting had turned his body to his side, his back to her.

She put down the phone and leaned towards him.

“Shi Ting, how do you feel?” She said, reaching out and touching his forehead.

He remembered what happened last night, and had a grudge in his heart, so he pushed her hand away.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong last night.” She lay on top of him, her voice soft, “Are you hungry? Let me bring you breakfast!”

“Why don’t you go to the hospital to take care of that fool?” His voice was dull come.

“Because you are more important than him.” She pulled his body over and made him face her, “Shi Ting, look, I put the ring on. The size is just right.”

He looked at her finger with the diamond ring, and in his heart The anger is hard to come out.

He still remembers the words she said in his arms when he had a fever last night.

He believed she was not late on purpose.

It’s just that he and Yun Mo are bound to be incompatible. She can’t say that she loves him, and then get entangled with Yun Mo.

Even this entanglement is just out of sympathy and pity.

“I know you can’t accept Yunmo.” Seeing his face was cold and gloomy, she opened her heart, “because he is Yin Yin’s brother. Shi Ting, I know it.”

Her words made his eyes light up. , suddenly became cold.

“Yun Mo is my patient, so this matter can’t be hidden from me.” She got out of bed and brought him water, “Actually, if Yun Shijie treats him a little bit better, I won’t doubt it.”

“What are you? When did you know?” He gritted his teeth.

“I knew it before Yun Shijie came to you.” She had a complete showdown with him, “Shi Ting, I will face this matter with you. There is only one Fu Shiting in this world, and that’s you.”

His Adam’s apple rolled . Go away, I can’t tell what I feel in my heart.

She took a glass of water and walked to the bed.

“I have to snatch Yun Mo from Yun Shijie. Because Yun Shijie wants to use Yun Mo to threaten you. Although Yun Shijie is your father, he only treats you as a cash cow, and he will not consider your life or death at all. .” She put the water glass into his hand, “Shi Ting, I only have one request. Don’t kill Yunmo. We can put him in a place where no one can find him.”

“Why do you think this world will Is there such a place?” He retorted, “Only if he dies, no one will find him.”

She was shocked: “Do you have to kill him? Shi Ting, what if I don’t let him?”

“Do you believe that someone will find him and use him to threaten me?” He put the water glass on the cabinet next to him, “Do you want to see me threatened? Or do you want all the bad things about me to be seen by everyone? You know?”

“But didn’t you hide Yin Yin well before? We also hide Yun Mo like this…”

Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055

“Didn’t you find Yin Yin?” He frowned and proposed another plan, “It’s okay not to kill Yunmo, then kill Yun Shijie’s family.”

Qin Anan: “… ..”

She couldn’t accept his proposal.

She didn’t want him to kill.

“Shi Ting, you haven’t recovered from your cold yet, so you should have a good rest first. Don’t worry about Yunmo. I’ll let the bodyguards watch him in the hospital. Yun Shijie can’t get close to him now.” She lowered her eyes and whispered , “When you’re healthy, let’s see if there is any other way.”

“Qin Anan, escaping can’t solve any problem.” His voice was cold and biting, “I can’t coexist with him.”

“Why can’t we work together . Existed? Yunmo won’t rob you of anything. Like Yinyin, he is not an ordinary person in the normal sense. If Yinyin is still alive, do you want to kill Yinyin together?”

She wrinkled He frowned, questioning him.

“You are vexatious. Yin Yin is dead, so your question cannot be established.” He retorted her.

“Who is making trouble unreasonably? What’s wrong with Yun Mo? Why can’t you tolerate him?” Qin Anan knew for a long time that she and Fu Shiting would face this problem, but he didn’t expect him to be so determined.

“He’s right, it’s me who’s wrong.” His face was gloomy, “Not only did I take up his life, but I plan not to give it back to him for the rest of my life!”

“Shi Ting, I didn’t say you were wrong.” She took a painful breath, “Your life is not your choice. You are also a victim.”

He lifted the quilt and got off the bed.

She watched him stride into the bathroom and felt a dull pain in her heart.

She might not be able to convince him.

There is probably no better way to do this.

He was right, if they hid Yun Mo, Yun Shijie would definitely go all out to find it. As long as Yun Shijie doesn’t die, he will find him forever.

Either Yun Mo dies, or Yun Shijie dies, or this incident will break out at any time!


Aunt Hong gave the two of them a secret look, and then backed away.

It seems that the conflict between the two of them has not been resolved.

After Aunt Hong left, Qin Anan opened her mouth to break the silence: “Shi Ting, I thought about it, after Yun Mo was discovered, the worst result is that your background will be exposed. You are not the young master of the Fu family, so what? This incident can’t affect the operation of your company at all.”

Fu Shiting: “You are right. This incident does not affect my company. However, my killing of Fu

Jingxiao will also be exposed.” Qin Anan said: “But You were underage at that time, and underage murder will not be sentenced to death.”

“Qin An’an, do you know how cruel what you said was to me?” He put down the bowl and chopsticks, his face ashen, ” Whether it’s my background or my underage murder, this is a scandal that I don’t want to be known by outsiders! You forced me to face it!”

“I didn’t force you to face it. I just… ….” She sighed and put down the bowls and chopsticks, “Shi Ting, don’t kill people, okay? You had no choice but to kill Fu Jingxiao, but now you don’t have to do such a thing.”

“Let’s go! He had a splitting headache and said hoarsely, “I want to stay by myself for a while.”

She watched him get up from the dining chair and leave the dining room, feeling empty.

She didn’t want him to suffer so much, but she knew very well that she brought his suffering.

Without her, he can do whatever he wants without anyone’s control.

No one can threaten him.

After sitting for a while, she came out of the dining room and left Fu’s house.

Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056


Yun Mo was a little depressed because he didn’t see Qin An’an.

The bodyguard sat beside his hospital bed, playing mobile games on his own, while Yun Mo stared at the ceiling in a daze.

Not long after, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Qin Anan walked in.

Yun Mo looked at her stupidly, thinking he was dreaming. Because the bodyguard told him in the morning that Qin Anan was not coming today.

“Yunmo, how are you feeling today?” Qin Anan walked to the bedside and asked.

The bodyguard immediately quit the game and stood up in shock.

“Boss, didn’t you say you want to take care of your husband today?” The bodyguard cleared his throat embarrassedly, “Why did you come here all of a sudden? Is your husband okay? Or did you quarrel with your husband?”

“Can you stop crows ? ?” Qin Anan found out that the people around her, whether it was Mike or the bodyguard, spoke out of proportion.

Probably because she has a good temper, that’s why they are so presumptuous.

Yun Mo held Qin An’an’s hand with a bright smile, and said, “I’m much better. Take me out!”

“Are you sure you can be discharged from the hospital?” Qin Anan glanced at his medicine today, It’s almost over.

“I don’t want to stay here.” He looked at her and begged, “I’m afraid Yun Shijie will come to me. He will hit me.”

Qin Anan looked at his uneasy look and nodded: “I’ll ask Ask your doctor to see if you can be discharged today. If you can, then I will take you away.”

Fu’s family.

After Qin Anan left, Aunt Hong brought breakfast to the master bedroom on the second floor.

“Sir, eat as much as you want! Otherwise, your body won’t be able to take it.” Aunt Hong said bitterly, “I overheard your conversation just now. That man named Yunmo is Yin Yin’s brother?”

Fu Shiting took the porridge bowl from Aunt Hong’s hand and responded coldly.

“Sir, with all due respect, you don’t have to be afraid of anything at all.” Aunt Hong said calmly, “No one can shake your status today. No matter what your background is, no one will laugh at you. You killed Master Fu. If the public knew the truth, they would not necessarily scold you.”

Aunt Hong’s words made Fu Shiting stunned slightly: “Do you really think so?”

“Sir, no matter what the outside world thinks of you, in In my eyes, you are kind-hearted and upright, and there will never be another man better than you. I believe in An An and see you in the same way.” Aunt Hong said sincerely, “She advised you not to kill, yes I’m afraid you will go astray. You are right, if you kill someone, you won’t be right.”

Fu Shiting’s emotions gradually calmed down.

“I know what you are afraid of. You are afraid of your own affairs, affecting An’an and the children, and afraid that your peaceful life will be disrupted. No matter where you go in the future, you will be pointed at by others.” Aunt Hong pointed out his inner fear, “You Don’t be afraid. You are not an ordinary person. So the things you have to face are destined to be more complicated and difficult than ordinary people.”

“I am not as strong as you think.” He said bluntly, “I still can’t accept myself until now. “

Sir, think of the best. No matter what your background is, An An will never dislike you. No matter what you have experienced in the past, you will live with An An in the future, and you will be very happy.”

An hour later .

A black car stopped at the entrance of Fu’s house.

Qin An’an’s bodyguard got out of the car first.

After seeing it, Aunt Hong immediately went upstairs to report.

“Sir! An An is here.”

After Aunt Hong’s persuasion, Fu Shiting was calmer now.

He will no longer blame Qin Anan for these current problems.

Qin Anan didn’t let him kill for his own good, not for other reasons.

He adjusted his mood and went downstairs.

As a result, before he reached the first floor, he saw Qin An’an and the man beside her.

Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057

This man is tall and thin, with delicate features and timid eyes. He should be Yun Mo.

Qin An’an took Yun Mo’s hand and walked to Fu Shiting.

“Yunmo, call me brother.” Qin Anan said to Yunmo.

Yun Mo stared at Fu Shiting’s stern and gloomy face, a little scared, but he still said obediently: “Brother…”

“Don’t call me! I’m not your brother!” Fu Shiting spoke very fast and interrupted His words, at the same time, looked at Qin An’an, “Qin An’an, come up to me!”

Qin An’an knew that Fu Shiting would be angry.

Because she brought Yun Mo here and didn’t discuss it with him in advance.

There is no way to discuss this.

If it was discussed, he would not agree to her bringing Yun Mo here.

“Yunmo, don’t be afraid. He looks fierce, but he’s actually a good man.” Qin An calmed Yunmo’s emotions and walked upstairs.

On the second floor, the two entered the master bedroom.

“Shi Ting, don’t be angry, listen to me,” Qin Anan walked up to him and looked at him softly, “I thought about it, the most dangerous place is the safest place. Let him live in you Home is undoubtedly the safest. Who dares to come to your home to steal someone? Right?”

Fu Shiting: “…”

“I know you don’t like him, so if he lives in your home, you will live in mine in the future. .” Qin Anan arranged everything, “Anyway, we are going to get married, and we are going to live together.”

Fu Shiting was speechless about her arrangement.

He was not happy. Why should he let Yun Mo live in his house? !

“Shi Ting, if you don’t want to live with me, I can move in and live with you.” She continued, “I will accompany you in the future. No matter what happens, I will stand by your side.”

outside the villa.

Yun Shijie blushed with anger, and his heart was on fire!

He came here with Qin An’an’s car.

Qin An’an actually brought Yun Mo to Fu Shiting’s villa!

Fu Shiting’s villa has bodyguards standing guard 24 hours a day, and the villa is equipped with the most advanced security protection system. If no one lets him in, he will never be able to break in!

Just as he was scolding and preparing to get into the car, there was a ‘bang’! Someone was behind him and punched him hard!

He was overwhelmed and passed out!

Half an hour later, he was dragged to an unfamiliar room.

A basin of cold water was splashed on him, and he woke up suddenly!

“Yun Shijie, guess who is going to take your life?!” The man who spoke held a sharp dagger in his hand.

Yun Shijie’s hands and feet were tied with ropes. After struggling a few times, he was shocked when he found that he couldn’t break free!

“It’s Fu Shiting…this bastard! Don’t even recognize me, you want to kill me!” Yun Shijie remembered that he was knocked unconscious outside Fu Shiting’s villa, so he naturally suspected him.

“You guessed it right! Haha! You said he wouldn’t recognize you…you are his father?” The man with the knife grinned, “If you were his father, why would he kill you?”

“He dislikes me and loses his face! He wants to be the young master of the Fu family all his life, dreaming! If I die, my son will expose all his scandals! Hurry up and tell him and let him let me go!”

Yun Shijie The words all fell into Fu Han’s ears outside the room.

Fu Han’s face was ashen, his fingers clenched tightly!

did not expect! Unexpectedly, Fu Shiting turned out to be Yun Shijie’s son!

Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058


This thing is creepy!

He has lived for so many years, but now he knows this secret.

Does the mother know about this?

You must know that, right? How can a woman not know if her son is biological?

Fu Han didn’t remember very well about his childhood.

He only knew that when Fu Shiting was very young, he was taken out and treated by a genius doctor.

After a long time, he was cured and brought back.

Could it be that during the period of treatment, the real Fu Shiting was replaced?

Otherwise, how to explain, the current Fu Shiting is Yun Shijie’s son?

Judging from Yun Shijie’s confession, Fu Shiting already knew about it.

But Fu Shiting didn’t do anything, indicating that Fu Shiting planned to continue to live as ‘Fu Shiting’.

After all, how noble is the identity of the young master of the Fu family!

If let others know that he is Yun Shijie’s son, how should others talk about him behind his back? How could someone who cares so much about his face bear it?

But as the eldest son of the Fu family, how could Fu Han tolerate such absurd things to continue to develop?

If Fu Shiting wants to continue to live as ‘Fu Shiting’, it is not impossible, he must give Fu Han a favor.

Fu Han decided to go back and make a plan, to see how to showdown with Fu Shiting to achieve what he wanted without angering him.

Fu family.

After Qin Anan told Fu Shiting what he thought, Fu Shiting just looked at her coldly without saying a word.

She has brought Yun Mo to the house, what can he do? Is it possible to drive Yun Mo out?

He really wanted to do it, but it was too risky!

If Yun Mo was taken away by Yun Shijie, the consequences would be even more troublesome.

It’s better to let Yun Mo stay under his nose, so that at least in the short term, he doesn’t have to worry about others using Yun Mo to threaten him.

“You just have a fever, you need to rest well.” Qin Anan saw his haggard face, so he pulled him to the bed and sat down, “Have you had breakfast? You can’t eat without food.”

“Eat.” He looked up at her , “An An, you really don’t dislike me?”

This question made Qin Anan stunned for a moment.

“Fu Shiting, when I promised to marry you, no one put a knife on my neck.” She sat down beside him, holding his big palm with her small hand, “You told me everything about you. I also I’ve weighed it carefully. I don’t think you’re guilty. If I were you, I might not be as brave as you.”

After she finished, she put her hands around his neck and placed a light kiss on his face.

In the past, she was always ashamed to express her feelings, and in this relationship, she was on the passive side.

What happened last night made her wake up.

What he did for her was more than silently preparing for a marriage proposal and surprising her?

She should also let him feel her heart and not let him chill.

First floor, living room.

Aunt Hong took Yun Mo seriously.

Yun Mo sat on the sofa, a little restrained, but still accepted Aunt Hong’s gaze obediently.

After looking at it, Aunt Hong came to a conclusion.

Yunmo and Yinyin are indeed similar.

Not only their looks, but their behavioral responses, the temperament they exude, are the same.

Aunt Hong understands why Qin Anan protects Yunmo so much.

Because looking at Yun Mo, I really think of Yin Yin.

It would be easy to add feelings for Yin Yin to Yun Mo.

Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059

“Yunmo, are you hungry?” Aunt Hong took a banana from the fruit bowl and handed it to him, “Eat a banana! You don’t have to be afraid, although the husband is angry, he shouldn’t drive you away. Let’s go.”

Yun Mo took the banana and said apprehensively: “He is so fierce. Will he bully An An?”

Aunt Hong chuckled: “He won’t bully An An. The two of them are going to get married soon, if he If An An is fierce, An An will not marry him.”

Yun Mo lowered his eyes and quietly peeled the banana.

“Yunmo, An An asked you to call your husband brother. If you see him later, you should call him brother.” Aunt Hong wanted to ease the relationship between Yunmo and Fu Shiting.

“He won’t let me call.”

“You call it a few more times, and he will slowly accept it. When he accepts you calling his brother, he will treat you very well.” Aunt Hong coaxed, “You are here. Eat bananas, and I’ll clean up your room.”

After Aunt Hong left, Yun Mo raised her head and began to look around here.

In the future, will this be his home?


Qin Anan took the initiative to pack Fu Shiting’s luggage and planned to take him to live at his home.

In a short period of time, he would definitely not be able to accept Yun Mo. So reducing the chance of their contact is safer.

Secondly, she and him are getting married, and now they are living together in advance, also for a better life in the future.

On the way to the Xinghewan Villa, Fu Shiting frowned slightly.

“Are you worried that Xiaohan is back and is not happy?”

“He will definitely be unhappy.” Fu Shiting said.

“He should learn that in life, it is impossible for everything to go smoothly.” Qin Anan had prepared for the worst, “I will communicate with him well. Leave this to me, don’t worry.”

“Why is he so precocious?” Fu Shiting vaguely remembered that when he was as old as Xiao Han, he was not so mature at all.

“I don’t know either. He and Rila actually have the same living environment, and Rila is a normal child.” Qin Anan analyzed, “So Xiaohan’s precocious puberty is not determined by external factors, but by genetics. Obviously, he Like you.”

Fu Shiting couldn’t deny: “It seems that I sometimes hate it.”

“How can you say Xiaohan hates it?”

“I didn’t say my son, I said myself. If Xiaohan is like you, it will be even more attractive. People like it.”

“But I also like Xiaohan like this. Every time I see him, I always think that you must have been like this when you were young. There will be a feeling of traveling through time and space.”

“I was not so smart when I was a child.” Fu Shiting said to himself It’s better to sigh, “Your son is at least an upgraded version of mine.”

“But I think Ziqiu should be a very lively little boy.” Qin Anan suddenly misses children.

“Isn’t it good.” Fu Shiting was also thinking about his children.

The May Day holiday has passed in a flash.

The three children came home one after another.

After the warm reunion, Qin Anan told the news that Fu Shiting would live at home in the future.

After Xiaohan heard the news, he turned around and went back to his room.

Qin Anan immediately chased after him.

“Mom, I’m going to have a test soon.” Xiaohan said, “You don’t need to tell me about him.”

“But mom doesn’t seem to be happy with you.”

Xiaohan: “You want me to be like Rila, accepting him?”

Qin Anan hesitated for a few seconds and said, “Of course mom won’t force you. But mom hopes you won’t be like an enemy with him. Xiaohan, he’s not a bad person. Do you trust your mom? I hope you can give him a chance to change. If he makes another mistake in the future, his mother will never speak for him again.”

The strong disguise on Xiao Han’s face was removed.

He showed an aggrieved expression and was unwilling, but said stubbornly: “You said you would not force me. Do you like him that much?”

Qin Anan hesitated for a few seconds, and then said firmly: “Yes, I love him. Apart from him, I will never fall in love with any other man.”

Fu Shiting came upstairs with Rila in his arms.

  • just heard her answer.

Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060

Qin An’an’s answer made Xiaohan stunned for a few seconds.

He was still a child, and the most he could say was ‘like’.

But her mother said that she loved Fu Shiting, and Fu Shiting was the only man she loved the most.

What can Xiaohan do? Can only accept.

“I see!” Xiao Han shouted this sentence as he looked at Fu Shiting at the entrance of the stairs.

After saying this, he quickly returned to the room.

Qin Anan turned his head and saw Fu Shiting walking over with Rila in his arms.

“An An, were you too direct just now?” Fu Shiting blushed slightly, “I mean, are you pushing him too hard?”

Qin Anan knew that he was a little impulsive just now.

But this matter will have to be faced sooner or later. Instead of boiling the frog in warm water, it is better to tell the child directly.

“Maybe I’m a little impatient.” She lowered her eyes slightly and sighed, “I don’t want to worry about his reaction all the time when we get married. Now tell him that, whether he can accept it or not, at least I don’t have to be so careful.”

“Dad, let me down.” Rila struggled for a while, “I’m going to coax my brother.”

Fu Shiting immediately put his daughter down.

“Rila, you can go in later. Your brother said he is about to take a test, so don’t harass him to study first.” Qin Anan took her daughter’s little hand, “Let’s go down and play with my brother first!”

“Oh, brother Are you going to participate in that very important game?” Rila asked curiously.

Qin An’an looked at Fu Shiting: “Is that competition in June?”

“Well. Before participating in the competition, you have to pass the qualifying rounds. The qualifying rounds are coming soon.” Fu Shiting said, “Let’s see how his performance in the qualifying rounds is. “

Is the qualifying round about the whole class fighting for a spot?”


Qin Anan frowned: “Xiaohan values ​​this game very much. If I knew he was going to play soon, I shouldn’t have quarreled with him at this time.”

Fu Shiting took her shoulders and comforted: “Don’t blame yourself. He should have this mental capacity.”

“Although he matures early, he is only a child after all. I will find a chance to apologize to him later.” Qin Anan felt more and more guilty, “Fu Shiting, it’s all your fault.”

Fu Shiting: “???”

“If it wasn’t to make your life at home a little more comfortable, I wouldn’t force the child like this.” She deliberately vented her anger at him, “Although you didn’t put pressure on me, but when I saw you, I was invisible. I’m stressed.”

“It’s my fault.” He apologized, “How about I go back and live for two days?”

“Did you forget that Yun Mo lives in your house? When you go back, can you live with Yun Mo?” She reminded.

Fu Shiting: “…”

He forgot about it!

The past few days have been so happy, the two of them never mentioned Yunmo, so he forgot the existence of this man!

“You should stay with me. I’ve already had a showdown with Xiaohan. From what I know about him, he shouldn’t treat you as an enemy anymore.” Qin Anan comforted, “My son, I understand.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes moved slightly: “Really?”

“Really. He listens to me very much.” Qin Anan felt a little uncomfortable when he said this, “so I never wanted to force him, because once I forced him, he would definitely listen. Mine.”

Fu Shiting was a little excited.

He dreams of reconciling with Xiaohan.

Now that Qin Anan has come forward, although the process is not pleasant, if the result can be good, he will be able to compensate his son well in the future.

“Thank you, wife.” He said hoarsely, and couldn’t help kissing her cheek.

Qin Anan blushed shyly.

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