When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1061 -1070(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1061 -1070(Chinese)

Chapter 1061

“Shy, shy!” Rila was numb from the two of them, so she let go of Qin An’an’s hand and ran downstairs quickly.

Nine p.m.

Qin Anan returned from the children’s room to the master bedroom.

Fu Shiting hugged Ziqiu and looked up at her: “How is it?”

“I apologized to him. I told him to play well and not be affected. He said he knew.” Qin Anan let out a smile, “he doesn’t have me. I’m as angry as I imagined.”

“That’s good.” Fu Shiting breathed a sigh of relief, “Let Ziqiu sleep with us tonight! I want to try the feeling of having a child at night.”

Because Ziqiu is small and looks like him , which caused him to feel like he was carrying a miniature version of himself when he brought Ziqiu.

The father’s love for a child is like a surging river.

Not to mention taking him at night, I just want to hold him in my hand all the time.

“Are you sure?” Qin Anan raised his eyebrows, “Aren’t you going to work tomorrow? You played with me at home for five days and didn’t care about the wedding. You must be busy tomorrow?”

Fu Shiting didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter. He asked: “Do I sleep with the child tonight, won’t I get up tomorrow?”

“He needs milk at night. Maybe after eating milk, he is full of energy and refuses to sleep, so you have to play with him. When he is tired and falls asleep, you may not be able to fall asleep immediately…”

When Qin Anan said this, Fu Shiting suddenly stopped the idea of ​​sleeping with the child.

“I’ll be really busy tomorrow. Then I’ll play with him for a while now!” Fu Shiting hugged the child, took a book of animals, and accompany the child to look at the pictures.

Qin An’an took a book from the study, lay down on the bed, and started reading.

“An An, what book did you read?” Fu Shiting glanced at her, and found that it was a medical book related to andrology.

“Andrology.” Her tone was indifferent, “There are three men in our family, there is no guarantee that you will not get sick in the future.”

Fu Shiting: “…”

“Have you had a medical examination this year?” she asked.

“Check-ups every June.”

“Oh, after the wedding, let’s go for a check-up together!” she said.

“Well.” He saw that the child was flipping through the book and didn’t need him at all, so he moved to Qin An’an and discussed with her, “Say, do I want to have a sterilization operation? We already have three children. , I will definitely not have any more children in the future.”

Qin Anan looked at him in astonishment: “Aren’t you afraid of pain?”

“It shouldn’t hurt a lot, right? If it hurts, can you take anesthesia?” he guessed.

“But there’s no need to do that,” her cheeks were hot. “As long as we use proper contraception, we shouldn’t get pregnant by accident.”

“What if there is an accident?”

“According to your expectations for an accident, maybe you’ll be ligated. I might also get pregnant unexpectedly.” She teased, “I don’t want you to have this surgery.”

From her tone, he felt her pity for him.

“I’ll listen to you,” he said, kissing her on the cheek.

Qin Anan put a kiss back on his cheek: “this sentence is more beautiful than ‘I love you’.”

“Are you looking for a husband or a slave?”

“I look for you like this. Love me and listen to me She said with contentment, “Say something you don’t like to hear about Yunmo, and I know you will listen to me.”

“Qin An’an, what you said is a bit too much.” He pretended to be angry, “If I don’t listen to you?”

“If you don’t listen to me, I’ll kiss you.” She hugged his neck and kissed his lips quickly, “Heroes are sad at Beauty Pass, you can’t escape my palm. Heart.”

the next morning.

An oversized package appeared in the living room.

Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062

Qin Anan opened the package, and a beautiful red dress appeared in front of him.

This is a toasting suit.

Aunt Zhang smiled and said, “I thought it was a wedding dress!”

“The wedding dress didn’t come so fast.” Qin Anan took out the dress and compared it on her body, “I’ll try it.”

“Well, if it doesn’t fit, it’s still too late. Change.” Mrs. Zhang said, “An An, do you think time is so fast? In half a month, you will get married.

Qin Anan smiled and said, “I think time is slow, I hope to be with him right away. marry. “

“Ha ha ha! After Mr. moved in, your relationship is much better. “

“Hmm. This speaks volumes about the importance of communication. “Qin An’an took the skirt and walked towards the room.

Probably the injury on May 1st was too painful. After that day, they both cherished each other even more.

At ten o’clock in the morning,

a car stopped in front of Fu’s house.

Fu Han got out of the car . Come down. When the

bodyguard sees Fu Han, he immediately informs Aunt Hong.

Aunt Hong strode out.

“Aunt Hong, is Shi Ting at home? Fu Han asked politely.

Aunt Hong shook her head: “Not here.” What are you doing to him? Fu Han: “

It’s not easy to tell outsiders about this. I have to talk to him face to face. “

Oh, he’s not at home.” And he’s been busy with weddings recently, especially busy. Aunt Hong said, “If you’re not in a hurry, why don’t you wait until his wedding is over?”

Fu Han raised an embarrassed smile: “Aunt Hong, you don’t seem to welcome me . “

“Mr. Fu, what you said is serious. I’m just a servant in the family. I have no right to invite anyone into the house when the master is not at home.” Aunt Hong said politely and coldly, “If you have If it’s urgent, you can call Mr. Wang.” “I’ve

called, his phone is busy.”

“Oh, he’s been really busy recently.” Aunt Hong said.

Fu Han’s eyes looked towards the villa.

Yun Mo stood at the door of the villa and wanted to come out, but because there was a stranger, he hesitated and did not move.

He has lived here for a few days, and he is no longer as restrained as he was at the beginning.

Auntie Hong treats him very well, not only taking care of him every day, but also taking him around.

“Who is that man?” Fu Han stared at Yun Mo without blinking.

Aunt Hong turned back and saw Yun Mo standing at the door of the villa, and immediately ran over to let Yun Mo go back to the house.

Fu Han was even more puzzled when he saw Aunt Hong hiding Yun Mo so excitedly.

Fu Shiting is extremely protective of his privacy. He would never invite ordinary people to his house.

So what is the relationship between the man just now and Fu Shiting? Why are you in Fu Shiting’s house?

After Aunt Hong asked Yun Mo to go back to her room, she strode back to the gate of the courtyard and said to Fu Han, “That’s my nephew. He came to see me. Mr. Fu, please come back!”

Fu Han: “This is Fu Shiting’s. Home, how dare you let your nephew come over?”

Aunt Hong felt guilty and spoke very quickly: “I reported it to my husband. I won’t bother you anymore.”

After Aunt Hong finished speaking, she turned and walked away.

Fu Han felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t pry Aunt Hong’s mouth open and let her tell the truth.

Fu Han drove home and told Fu Yechen about it.

“Yechen, that man, I don’t think it’s easy.” Fu Han frowned, “If he’s Aunt Hong’s nephew, why is Aunt Hong afraid of letting me see him? You didn’t see Aunt Hong’s panicked look at that time.”

Fu Yechen: “Dad, have you ever thought about a question, Fu Shiting is Yun Shijie’s son, so where is my uncle?”

Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063

This question shocked Fu Han!

He ignored the most important question.

This Fu Shiting is fake, so where did the real Fu Shiting go? !

As long as we can find the real Fu Shiting, can’t we deal with this fake Fu Shiting?

“We can spend some money to inquire about the man’s information.” Fu Yechen said, “There are so many servants in Fu Shiting’s family, just buy one of them.”

Fu Han: “You can do this. I’ll take a look. Yun Shijie.”

“Going to see what that old bastard is doing?” “If he can join us, it

will be more beneficial to us.” Fu Han said, “Fu Shiting is too powerful.

The old bastard is Fu Shiting’s biological father, can they join us?”

“You forgot that I asked someone to beat him a few days ago? He beat him in Fu Shiting’s name. He probably hates Fu Shiting to death now.” Fu Han laughed. “Fu Shiting is busy preparing for the wedding now. This is our last chance to turn around.”

Fu Yechen nodded: “I don’t need to be busy looking for a house or starting a business now. As long as this one can overwhelm Fu Shiting, we won’t have to do it for the rest of our lives. I’m worried.” In the

afternoon, Fu Han contacted Yun Shijie.

Yun Shijie was beaten a few days ago with a blue nose and a swollen face, and he has been recuperating at home these days.

He hated Fu Shiting deeply, but the injury on his body reminded him that Fu Shiting was someone he couldn’t afford to offend.

Before Yunmo was in hand, he didn’t take the opportunity well, but now that Yunmo was taken away, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

After Fu Han came over, Yun Shijie looked at him with his nostrils: “Why are you looking for me?”

“Who beat you up like this? Didn’t you say that your son is one of the best in country A?” Fu Han sat down on the sofa and joked, “Or, is it your son who beat you up like this? Except you Son, no one dares to beat you, right?”

Yun Shijie listened to his words and became angry: “What if it was my son who beat you up? It’s none of your business! What did you come to find Laozi for?!”

Fu Han was beaten by him Rude attitude is on fire.

Judging from Yun Shijie’s appearance, even if he was beaten to death by Fu Shiting, he would not say anything bad about Fu Shiting to the outside world.

“Yun Shijie, I heard something. About you and Fu Shiting…”

“Oh, you know it, right? What if you know it? My son is in country A, who moved him? You bum, are you here to threaten me? Get out of here!” Yun Shijie got up from the sofa and walked in front of Fu Han aggressively, with a fierce expression like he wanted to eat people.

Fu Han was so frightened that he ran to the door immediately.

After Fu Han Luohuang fled, Yun Shijie paced up and down the living room.

Fu Han knows about this, will it be bad for Fu Shiting?

Yun Shijie can ask Fu Shiting to defraud money, but Yun Shijie can’t bear others to ask Fu Shiting to defraud money.

After struggling for a while, he found his mobile phone and dialed Fu Shiting.

ST Group.

Fu Shiting frowned when he saw Yun Shijie’s call.

What is he calling for? Do you want money after spending 10 million?

Fu Shiting didn’t want to answer his phone, and he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to contact him, which would make him mess up.

After picking up the call, Yun Shijie’s voice was rough: “You stinky boy! How can you be so cruel! You want to kill my mouth! Don’t I just take ten million from you? Yun Mo I was taken away by you guys too, where am I getting in your way?!”

Fu Shiting frowned deeply, unable to understand what he was saying.

“Yun Shijie, are you fucking drinking too much?”

“What am I drinking! I’m all hurt, how can I drink?!” Yun Shijie said angrily, intending to tell him what Fu Han found.

As a result, Fu Shiting hung up!

Fu Shiting called the bodyguard and asked, “You beat Yun Shijie behind my back?” The

bodyguard: “No! Without your order, how would I dare to do it?”

“Yun Shijie called just now and said I was going to kill him. mouth.” Fu Shiting whispered, “Go and find out what’s going on.”

Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064


The gate of Beijing University.

Today Qin Anan came to pick up Xiaohan from school in person.

Because Osamu is tested today.

She hoped that Xiaohan would not care so much about the result, and accept it calmly no matter if he can take the first place or not.

“Xiaohan, how did you do in the test?” Xiaodong and Xiaohan came out of the classroom together.

In addition to being the best relationship in the class, they are also the best grades in the class.

Xiaohan is very satisfied with the test results, but he is more modest: “Wait for the score tomorrow!”

“Well! I think I should be fine.” Xiaodong raised his eyebrows, “I know you want to go too, if you ask me If so, I can consider giving you the quota. Although my father may not agree to it.”

Xiao Han: “I will rely on my own strength to get the quota. I don’t need you to give it up.”

“But your strength is lower than mine! Although we are good friends, it’s a fact. Last time I took the final exam, I was the first.”

Xiaohan corrected: “I just scored a little lower than you in the cultural class. I’m no worse than you in the professional class.”

“Okay! Let’s not quarrel. Well, when the scores come out tomorrow, you will know that I am still better than you.” Xiaodong said, and saw Qin Anan at the school gate, “Xiaohan, your mother is here to pick you up. Your mother is getting more and more beautiful. It ‘s over!”

Xiao Han looked at the school gate.

Seeing him, Qin Anan waved to him immediately.

When Xiaohan saw the smile on his mother’s face, his unhappiness in his heart suddenly faded a lot.

He knew that he couldn’t control what kind of man his mother chose.

He had no choice at all except to accept Fu Shiting.

Because he wants to live with his mother.

“Auntie!” Xiaodong took the lead to walk to Qin An’an and greeted warmly, “Auntie, today we have a qualifying test!”

Qin An’an: “Well, Auntie knows. How did you pass the test?”

“I think I am sure I can get a place. I told Xiaohan just now. You go back and comfort Xiaohan. I don’t want to make Xiaohan sad. But I can’t make my dad sad. My dad hopes that I can go to the Hacker Cup and get International awards, this will help me in the future.” Xiaodong vowed.

Qin Anan wanted to congratulate Xiaodong, but she couldn’t say it.

If it is true what Xiaodong said, then Xiaohan will definitely be very sad.

Xiaohan attaches great importance to this competition.

“Mom, let’s go home!” Xiaohan took Qin An’an’s hand and pulled her away.

After getting in the car, Qin Anan unscrewed a bottle of water and handed it to Xiaohan.

“Xiaohan, it’s fine even if you don’t get the quota. In mother’s heart, you will always be the best.”

Xiaohan took the water and took a sip.

“Mom, the results won’t be announced until tomorrow.”

“Oh, but Xiaodong seems to be very confident.” Qin Anan frowned, “If he really gets the spot, don’t be too sad. It’s just one game, and there will be more in the future. Other games.”

“Mom, do you trust me?” Xiao Han’s expression was calm and his tone was even calmer.

Seeing her son like this, Qin Anan’s nervousness disappeared.

“Of course Mom believes in you. Mom is waiting for the good news from you tomorrow.” Qin Anan said here, adding, “The second place is also good news!”

“I will take the first place.” Xiaohan frowned.

“If you take the first place, let’s go out and celebrate!” Qin Anan started the car and called Fu Shiting at the same time.

——Sorry, the user you dialed is on a call, please try again later.

Fu Shiting was on his way home when he received a call from the bodyguard.

“Boss, Yun Shijie was indeed beaten. The person who beat him said that you asked him to beat him.”

Fu Shiting frowned, “Can you find out who impersonated me?”

“It’s hard to find out. Yun Shijie I have forgotten what that person looks like.” The bodyguard said, “He said that Fu Han came to him today. Let me tell you, be careful that Fu Han will trouble you.”

Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065

Fu Shiting heard the words, his eyes darkened a bit: “What did Fu Han do to him?”

“Fu Han knows about your relationship with Yun Shijie.”

Although he knew that this matter might not be hidden for long, he didn’t expect Fu Han Han found out so quickly.

I don’t know what Fu Han will do next.

Fu Han knew everything about him. If Fu Han wanted to tear his face off with him, things would definitely be ugly.

After hanging up, he saw Qin An’an’s call and immediately called back.

“Shi Ting, are you coming back for dinner tonight?” Qin An’an’s voice came softly.

“Yeah. I’m on my way back. There’s a traffic jam on the road. Did you pick up the child?”

“Yes.” Qin Anan glanced at Xiaohan, then smiled, “buy a cake and go home! Xiaohan took the test today. Yes, let’s celebrate in advance.”

“Okay. What flavor do you want?”

“Chocolate cake, don’t buy too much.”

After talking on the phone, Qin Anan looked at Xiaohan: “I asked your father to buy a cake.”

Xiaohan was sullen ‘s answer.

The next day, the test results came out.

With a three-point advantage over Xiaodong, Xiaohan won the first place in the test and qualified for the Hacker Cup.

After the teacher announced the results in class, Xiaodong collapsed and cried.

Xiaohan sat next to Xiaodong, suddenly embarrassed and overwhelmed.

Because Xiaodong’s emotions affected classroom discipline, the teacher took Xiaodong to the office to comfort him.

The other students congratulated Xiaohan for winning the place.

Xiaohan quickly adjusted his mood.

After a while, Xiaodong returned to the classroom.

He didn’t cry anymore, but the way he looked at Xiaohan changed.

“Qin Zihan! You didn’t admit that your father was Fu Shiting before! Now I know it! If your father wasn’t Fu Shiting, the teacher wouldn’t give you a high score at all! Obviously our operations are similar, why are you three points higher than me? Just because your father is Fu Shiting, so I have to give you the quota!”

Xiaodong roared, lying on the table and crying again.

When Xiao Han heard his words, his face became dark blue.

He won by his own strength, not by Fu Shiting!

“I didn’t rely on Fu Shiting!” he roared.

“You rely on your dad! The teacher told me just now! The teacher told me not to argue with you! Because your dad invested money in our school! Qin Zihan! You rely on your dad, you are ashamed!” Grabbing the schoolbag, he strode out.

Xiaohan suddenly felt cold, and his body trembled uncontrollably.

The classmates around were staring at him, as if echoing Xiaodong’s words – you rely on your father, you are ashamed!

Qin Group.

Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

After answering the phone, she immediately came out of the office and rushed to the school.

The teacher called her and said that Xiaohan was leaving school.

The teacher’s tone was a little rushed, and he didn’t say why Xiaohan left the school.

She rushed to the school as fast as she could, and saw Xiaohan angrily at the school gate.

When Xiao Han saw her, he didn’t even think about it, he just walked away!

“Qin Zihan!” Qin Anan strode after him, “Stop!”

The teacher caught up with Qin Anan and explained the reason to her: “Xiaohan took the first test, and Xiaodong couldn’t accept the result, saying that he was relying on his father, that is, Mr. Fu… Xiaohan had strong self-esteem, so he was angry. Xiaohan doesn’t rely on Mr. Fu, he relies on his own strength…”

Qin Anan looked in Xiaohan’s direction after listening to the teacher’s explanation.

I saw that a truck was heading in the direction of Xiaohan, coming fast!

Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066 “Xiaohan

! Dangerous!”

Qin Anan quickly ran towards Xiaohan.

When Xiaohan saw the rushing truck, he stopped immediately.

With a sharp ‘hiss’ sound, the truck stopped abruptly at a position less than half a meter away from Xiaohan.

Qin Anan was so frightened that she burst into tears, and hurried over to hug Xiaohan.

After she hugged Xiaohan, she didn’t dare to delay for a second, and hugged him from the middle of the road to the side.

“Xiaohan, shall we go home first?” Qin Anan held his cold little hand tightly, “Mom knows you have been wronged. You got the first place by your own strength, and it has nothing to do with your father.”

“I Don’t be a father like this!” Xiaohan frowned and shook Qin An’an’s hand away, “I won’t go back!”

For Xiaohan, the home of Xinghewan Villa is the home of mother and Fu Shiting. He can’t ask his mother to break up with Fu Shiting, so he won’t go back to that house again!

“If you don’t go back, where are you going? Tell your mother, she will accompany you!” Qin Anan’s eyes were wet and she held his hand tightly.

If you let go of his hand, he will surely run away again.

Not long after, a black Rolls-Royce stopped behind the mother and son.

Fu Shiting got out of the car and strode over to them.

When Qin Anan saw him coming, alarm bells were ringing in his heart.

Xiaohan hates him very much now, and when the father and son meet, a battle will definitely be inevitable.

“Xiaohan, I did invest money in your school, because I hope that what you have learned can be in line with international standards.” Fu Shiting explained to Xiaohan, “I did ask your teacher to take care of you, but I didn’t ask the teacher to give you much. Score.”

Fu Shiting’s explanation was tantamount to adding fuel to the fire.

“How much stinky money you have is amazing!” Xiaohan tensed up and looked at him angrily, “I don’t want you to worry about me! You are not my father! I am not your son!”

Xiaohan couldn’t accept his participation in his own learning. come in life.

He invested money in the school and asked the teacher to take care of himself. This is just a shame for Xiaohan!

Xiaohan didn’t want to live under his aura.

Xiaohan has to rely on his own ability to surpass him!

“Xiaohan, your father did this because he wanted to treat you better in his own way.” Qin Anan felt very uncomfortable seeing his son’s emotions being so intense.

“I don’t want it! If you think he is good, then you can live with him!” Xiao Han broke free from Qin An’an and strode away.

Fu Shiting saw Qin Anan with tears in his eyes, and his heart was cut like a knife.

He forcibly took Xiaohan back and put it in front of Qin Anan.

“Qin Zihan! You can hate me, but you can’t treat your mother like this!” Fu Shiting reprimanded sharply, “You go home with your mother, I’ll go back to my own house, and I won’t show up to you until you calm down. In front of you!”

After Fu Shiting finished speaking, he strode back into the car.

Qin Anan watched his car disappear in front of his eyes, and reached out to wipe the tears from his face: “Xiaohan, go home with your mother!” After the

mother and son returned home, Mike rushed back after hearing the news.

Xiaohan locked himself in the room and refused to see anyone.

Mike frowned and put his hands on his hips: “Xiaohan has a very strong self-esteem. What is wrong with Fu Shiting? He insists on interfering with his studies.”

Qin Anan’s eyes were red and he said dumbly, “You don’t understand. Most of the parents of country A are like this. Pave the way for my children within my ability. When I was a child, I was very envious of other parents for allowing their children to attend the best schools and interest classes.”

“Okay, if you did this, Xiaohan might not be so angry. Xiaohan hated Fu Shiting, and when Fu Shiting did this, he felt violated.” Mike analyzed, “Maybe he won’t participate in this competition. .”

This is also where Qin Anan worries.

“He really wants to participate in this competition. It would be a pity if he just gave up.”

“I will persuade him. Don’t worry about it.” Mike said, “What about Fu Shiting? How is it?”

Qin Anan lowered her eyes, thinking in her heart. A burst of pain: “He won’t be here any time soon.”

Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067

“It’s hard to deal with! The father and son have the same temper! I think you are the one who suffers the most, caught between them.” Mike patted her on the shoulder, “Why don’t you go find Fu Shiting?”

Qin An An shook his head: “No matter how angry he is, he won’t lock himself up because of this. Let’s persuade Xiaohan first.”

“That’s right. You go to rest for a while, and I’ll get the spare key in later. Take a look.”

Fu Family.

When Fu Shiting returned home, he saw Yun Mo holding a pair of pruning shears, pruning the branches in the yard.

Aunt Hong took a water bottle and watered the flowers and plants.

The picture looks warm and peaceful.

When Aunt Hong saw Fu Shiting coming back, she immediately took Yunmo to Fu Shiting.

Aunt Hong gave Yun Mo a wink, and Yun Mo immediately said obediently: “Brother.”

Aunt Hong was afraid that Fu Shiting would be angry, so she hurriedly said: “Sir, Fu Han came to see you at home a few days ago. He said that you can’t get through on the phone. .”

Fu Shiting’s jaw clenched tightly as he strode into the living room.

“Sir, haven’t you eaten lunch yet? I’ll do it right now.” After entering the living room, Aunt Hong walked towards the kitchen immediately.

Fu Shiting sat down on the sofa, Yun Mo stood uneasily two meters away from him, secretly looking at him from the corner of his eyes.

“If Qin An’an hadn’t stopped me, I would have killed you long ago.” Fu Shiting said, breaking the silence.

Yun Mo’s face turned pale with a ‘swish’.

“Are you scared? Do you want to leave?” Fu Shiting looked at Yun Mo coldly, “Go!”

Yun Mo ran towards the kitchen in fright.

Seeing Yun Mo flee in fright, Fu Shiting let out a sneer from his throat.

Everyone is afraid of him.

He is not fit to be a good person at all.

He has long been accustomed to distance himself from ordinary people.

If you don’t get close, you won’t get hurt.

Because of what Fu Shiting just said, Yun Mo was so frightened that he kept hiding in the kitchen. It was not until he had lunch and went upstairs that Yun Mo came out of the kitchen.

“Yunmo, just now Mr. deliberately scare you. He won’t kill you.” Aunt Hong coaxed, “If he really can’t tolerate you, he won’t let you live here.” Yunmo lowered his

head He frowned: “I’m afraid of him.”

“Don’t be afraid. He only comes back occasionally. He is about to marry An An. When they get married, they will live together forever.” When Aunt Hong said this , was actually uneasy.

Fu Shiting came back suddenly, looking at his appearance, he was unhappy and unhappy.

Don’t know what happened again.

Four p.m.

Fu Han makes a sudden visit.

He seemed to know that Fu Shiting was at home, so he came here specially.

Aunt Hong went upstairs and reported the news of Fu Han’s arrival to Fu Shiting.

“Sir, I see that Fu Han is coming, and there is nothing wrong with it. Should I let him go?” Aunt Hong said.

Fu Shiting came out from the desk: “He already knows about my relationship with Yun Shijie. Running away can’t solve the problem.”

Fu Shiting walked downstairs and saw Fu Han standing in the living room with his hands behind his back.

“Aunt Hong, Shi Ting and I have a more private matter to discuss, please avoid it first.” Fu Han said to Aunt Hong.

Aunt Hong glanced at Fu Shiting, then stepped back.

“Shi Ting, I came to find you today to ask if you want someone alone.” Fu Han said straight to the point.

Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068

Fu Shiting didn’t ask ‘who do you want’, but replied directly: “I won’t give it?”

Fu Han laughed awkwardly: “If my mother was still alive and saw our brothers turn against each other, I wouldn’t know her How do you feel?”

“Don’t use your mother to oppress me!” Fu Shiting scolded, “You and your son killed your mother, where did you come from to mention her!”

“Where did I come from? The face?” Fu Han’s chest was heaving rapidly, “I am at least her own, how about you? Fu Shiting, how long do you think this lie can last? You have occupied my brother’s life, and now you still want to illegally imprison him for the rest of his life. Is it?!”

“Illegal imprisonment?” Fu Shiting was stunned by these four words, “I occupy his life? Do you think your mother is innocent? This is a situation that she created!”

“Even if she You and Yun Mo have exchanged, but now that she is dead, I can no longer tolerate this mistake and make mistakes again! Give Yun Mo back to me! He is my brother! I am not dead yet, I can’t help you to bully me He!”

“He’s just a fool, what do you want him to do?” Fu Shiting retorted, “You have the ability to support an idler now? You and your son’s livelihood are in question. You want Yunmo, do you want to use him to threaten me? ?”

Fu Han’s eyes were scarlet: “Fu Shiting, you touch your conscience, as your elder brother, have I ever bullied you in my life?! I haven’t! I just want to go back to my own younger brother, why do you Why don’t you give it to me? Why are you?!”

“You dignified president of ST Group, are you still afraid of me as an ordinary person? Even if I don’t take him home, if I want to threaten you, is there no other way?!” Fu Han continued to roar.

The atmosphere in the living room is like an arrow on the string, ready to fire.

“Shi Ting, it’s not impossible that you want to continue to use the identity of ‘Fu Shiting’. But you give me Yunmo, and I’ll take him home.” Fu Han’s voice was a little lower, with the intention of negotiating, “I I just learned about this news in the past two days, and my mood is more complicated. I don’t want to think about other things for the time being, I just want to take my younger brother home.”

Fu Shiting looked at Fu Han’s haggard face, and his past memories flooded on the head.

In the past few years, due to the age gap, he and Fu Han have not been close to each other, but under the guidance of their mother, the two brothers have lived in peace.

Although I now know that they are not brothers, the friendship over the past few decades is true.

Fu Han had to take Yun Mo away, he could not give it, but if he didn’t give it, it would anger Fu Han.

If Fu Han really wanted to threaten him, he could threaten him both vertically and horizontally.

Qin Anan went to school in the afternoon.

Regarding Xiaohan, if you don’t do anything, just verbally comfort the child, it won’t make much difference.

After Qin Anan arrived at the school, he contacted Xiaodong’s father through the contact information given by the teacher.

Xiaodong suspected that the teacher gave Xiaohan a high score and deliberately suppressed his score, which made his grades not as good as Xiaohan. If this matter is not resolved, Xiaodong will always use this matter to stab Xiaohan.

The teacher’s statement to Qin Anan was that he did not give Xiaohan a high score on purpose.

So Qin Anan asked the professional class teacher to analyze how to grade Xiaodong and Xiaohan’s answers in the qualifying round in front of the whole class.

Xiaohan’s score is higher than Xiaodong, what is the reason, and whether it is unfair.

After the teacher finished explaining the reasons for the grading, he said, “Xiaohan’s father, Mr. Fu Shiting, invested money in our school to bring our curriculum into line with international standards, and it is not only Xiaohan who has benefited, but all the students in the class. Financial resources and status, if he wants to give Xiaohan a shortcut, he doesn’t need to let Xiaohan participate in the qualifying tournament.”

Xiaodong’s father’s cheeks were red and he said to Qin An’an: “Since the teacher said that his grades are reasonable and fair, then I apologize to you for Xiaodong.”

“Your son’s words hurt my son, and your son must give it to me in person. My son apologizes. Your son is a treasure, and my son is also a treasure. With all due respect, your son’s mental capacity is too poor. When my son won the second place, he didn’t throw dirty water on your son. ” Qin Anan is welcome. road.

Xiaodong’s father’s face was a little ugly.

Xiaodong reached out and wiped away his tears, and said, “Auntie, I didn’t mean to.”

Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069

“I know you didn’t mean it. But Xiaohan broke up with his father because of your words. Before you talk in the future, please think about the possible consequences for others.”

After coming out of school, Qin Anan shouted again breathed.

Xiaodong promised to apologize to Xiaohan the next time he saw Xiaohan.

This is a good result.

After Qin An’an got in the car, he turned on his mobile phone and found Fu Shiting’s number to dial.

The call was quickly connected.

“Shi Ting, you don’t have to worry about Xiaohan’s side. I have explained it to his classmates. I will send Xiaohan to school tomorrow, and Xiaodong will apologize to him.” Qin Anan thought of Fu Shiting’s lonely back when he left in the morning, and felt very special. feel bad.

He silently invested money in Xiaohan’s school behind his back, and hired foreign teachers with high salaries. These actions were all out of love for Xiaohan.

Xiaohan can’t understand it now. When he becomes a father in the future, he may be able to understand this painstaking effort.

“Yeah.” Fu Shiting replied lightly.

“Where are you now? I want to find you.”

“Go and comfort the child first!” Fu Shiting was a little depressed and didn’t want to show it in front of her. I don’t want to affect her either.

“Okay, then I’ll find you tomorrow.”

“I’m going to the wedding scene tomorrow,” he said.

“I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

He hesitated and agreed.

The next morning, Qin Anan sent Xiaohan to school.

After seeing Xiaodong apologize to Xiaohan, she came out of the school.

The wedding of her and Fu Shiting will be held at a resort.

She drove to the resort and met Fu Shiting.

“Shi Ting, why do I feel that you are not very happy? Did Xiaohan break your heart?” She walked up to him and held his big palm tightly.

Fu Shiting shook his head: “Fu Han took Yun Mo away.”

Qin An’an’s expression froze immediately, holding his hand and releasing it abruptly.

“Why did you take Yunmo away to Fu Han?” She frowned, “Do you know what you are doing? Fu Han wants to take Yunmo away, do you think he can treat Yunmo kindly?!”

“Yunmo is Fu Han’s younger brother.”

“I know! I know that Yunmo is his younger brother, but he wants to leave Yunmo, definitely not to take care of Yunmo!” Qin Anan clenched her hands tightly, her body couldn’t help chilling “If I had known that you would give Yun Mo to Fu Han, I would never have brought Yun Mo to your house!”

“Qin An’an, do you think you are the savior of the world?” Fu Shiting looked at her coldly, “Do you want to save the world? Yunmo, also want to save me, can you save me?”

“Do I want to watch you being bullied?” Qin Anan’s eyes were red, “Shi Ting, even if Fu Han is not that bad, but Fu Yechen …he certainly won’t let this opportunity slip by.”

Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070

“Do you think I’ll be afraid of him?” Fu Shiting took her cool little hand, “Let them do whatever they want. They can’t affect me.”

“Are you sure you’re ready? “She looked at his calm and resolute face, and the unease in her heart gradually dissipated.

“I thought about it for a long time last night. Since these things exist, they will come sooner or later. Instead of being afraid, it is better to face it calmly.” He led her into the resort, “As long as you and your child are by my side, the rest is not important. .”

Qin An’an’s tense heartstrings suddenly relaxed at this moment.

“Shi Ting, I’m glad you think so.” She took a deep breath, “If we spent every day as the last day of our lives, we would be much braver.”

“I don’t want to treat today as the last day.” He murmured, “I haven’t had enough time with you. I want to be with you until I have gray hair.”

“Hahaha! I’ll tell you a secret,” she said cheerfully, “I didn’t say I was going to give you the white hair last time. Hair, I lied to you. You don’t have white hair at all. I pulled your hair and used it for DNA.”

The expression on his face was stunned: “Should I thank you for just pulling my hair, and Didn’t I draw my blood?”

“If I draw your blood, it would be too obvious. You are not a fool, you can definitely guess.” She said here, the conversation changed, “After I pulled your hair, I also went to pull Fu Yechen’s hair. As a result, he screamed in pain, and it makes me laugh when I think about it now.”

“You gave me and Fu Yechen an appraisal, why didn’t you tell me? Do you think I can’t take this blow? “

Yun Shijie was looking for you, didn’t you tell me?” Her hand swept over the flowers by the roadside, and a flash of white light suddenly flashed in her mind, “Did we forget to take a wedding photo? “

Fu Shiting was stunned.

“Fu Shiting, when I see other people get married, don’t they all take wedding photos? Don’t we need to show the wedding photos to the guests during the wedding?” she asked.

Fu Shiting: “It’s too late to shoot now.”

“You really forgot? Hahaha! No one around you reminded you?” Qin Anan laughed mercilessly as he looked at him in a daze.

“I’m inexperienced.” A blush appeared on his handsome face. “It’s better to choose a day than to hit the sun. Let’s shoot today!

Fu Shiting rejected her suggestion: “We are taking wedding photos, not family photos.”

“Oh okay! Where do we go?” When she asked this question, she looked around.

This resort faces the sea and the sea view is very beautiful.

“Why don’t we shoot here!” She quickly made a decision. “The exterior scene is here, and then I go to the studio to shoot two sets of interior scenes. It’s almost the same.”

“Well, I’ll contact the photographer right away.” Fu Shiting led her Sit down and rest in the villa.

When he contacted the makeup artist and photographer, she took the mobile phone and sent a message to Li Xiaotian.

Qin An’an: You may not believe it. Fu Shiting and I haven’t taken a wedding photo yet.

Li Xiaotian: ! ! !

Qin Anan: He forgot about it. He said he was inexperienced. Like he didn’t propose to me and I agreed to marry him, are we both a little silly? Ha ha!

Li Xiaotian: Although you two have no experience in holding weddings, but you two have a lot of experience in having children! A lot of people got married earlier than you, and they haven’t got three babies yet!

Qin Anan: …

Li Xiaotian: I really admire you. In a few years, Xiaohan will be able to marry a wife.

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