When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1071 -1080(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1071 -1080(Chinese)

Chapter 1071

Qin An’an: Their father and son are in conflict again. Fu Shiting used to live in my house, but now he has returned to his own house.

Li Xiaotian: How can there be a father and son who do not have conflicts. Ask the teacher to arrange more homework for Xiaohan.

Qin Anan: He usually has a lot of homework. I suspect he may not be at my wedding. He has a game and is going abroad.

Li Xiaotian: If he doesn’t want to participate, respect him! When he’s older, their father-son relationship will be fine.

Qin An’an: Well, do you want to come and take a wedding photo with me? Shot at the resort.

Li Xiaotian: OK, I’ll go look for you after I pack up!

After sending the news, Qin Anan looked at Fu Shiting: “Shiting, have you found a photographer?”


“Do you want to take pictures in the water? I saw other people’s wedding photos taken in the water before, so beautiful! Qin An’an’s thoughts began to spread, “I have also seen other people taking pictures on the cliff.”

Fu Shiting: “Are you afraid that you still want to shoot in the sky?”

Qin An’an: “How do you know? Don’t you have a plane? We You can take a plane to the sky, and then use the drone to take pictures for us.”

Fu Shiting frowned slightly: “Are you sure?”

Qin Anan thought for a few seconds, and then gave up: “Forget it, let’s take pictures casually, first The marriage is over. We have all given birth to three children. If we don’t have the wedding, Xiaohan will have to marry a daughter-in-law.”

“Do you think your son might get married so early?” Fu Shiting sat down beside her, “I See that he is not interested in women at all.”

“He is not interested in women now, because he is not yet an adult.” Qin Anan believes that his son is definitely a normal man, “When he is an adult, he will be enlightened. .”

“Not necessarily. Didn’t you say he was like me? Before I met you, I had no interest in women.” He said bluntly, “Otherwise I would have been married long ago, and I wouldn’t have been caught by you.

” , Fu Shiting, do you have a degree of narcissism?” Her cheeks were slightly red, and she suddenly remembered the scene of their first acquaintance, “Okay, I missed it at the time. If you hadn’t become a vegetable in that car accident, your mother wouldn’t dare to I’ll marry any woman you want. I only admit that you were better than me when we first met, and now, I’m on par with you.”

His deep eyes fell on her red face.

“Now you are better than me.” He complimented him without hesitation. “What you do is more meaningful. You have infinite possibilities

in the future.” “Don’t you have infinite possibilities in your future?” She retorted.

“Besides making money, I don’t seem to know what else I can do.” Confusion flashed in his eyes.

She leaned her head on his shoulder: “In addition to making money, you can also take good care of your family! It is also meaningful that you spend more time with me and the children.”

“Well. After the wedding, let’s go out for our honeymoon!” He wanted to give himself a long vacation.

Qin Anan didn’t expect him to be so enlightened: “Okay! Where do you want to go to play?”

“Didn’t Wei Zhen send you a postcard?” He said, “Don’t you want to go look for him? Maybe we can go and have a look. .”

“You want to find Yinyin, right?” Qin Anan’s head was lifted from his shoulder.

His eyes were slightly red: “Do you think she is still alive?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “If she is still alive, Wei Zhen has no reason not to tell us. Of course, I also hope that she is still alive, even if it is only medically alive, Then at least there is still a chance.”

“If Yin Yin is still alive, even if she knows that I am not her brother, she will not leave me.” He said sternly, “Yun Mo chose to go with Fu Han.”

Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072

Qin An’an’s calm heart suddenly became cold.

“He’s very afraid of me.” Fu Shiting said, “so he would rather go with Fu Han than stay with me.”

“Shi Ting, don’t mention this.” Qin Anan felt uncomfortable, “We are getting married today. Photo, don’t mention unhappy things.”

She thought about it, Yun Mo returned to Fu Han, no matter how bad it was, it was better than staying by Yun Shijie’s side.

Yun Mo is Fu Han’s younger brother, Fu Han will never abuse his younger brother no matter what.

Not long after, a team of photographers arrived.

Li Xiaotian arrived at about the same time.

With the help of Li Xiaotian, Qin Anan chose three different shooting themes.

The weather was fine today, and the location shooting went very smoothly.

Originally, one exterior scene and two interior scenes were set. In the end, because the exterior scenes were more relaxed, I shot an extra set of exterior scenes.

Time passed, and it was evening.

Star River Villa.


“Let’s eat first! Your mother took a wedding photo today, and she couldn’t come back for dinner.” After calling Qin An’an, Mike spoke to the two children.

Rila pouted: “Why not take pictures on weekends? I want to see them take pictures!”

Mike couldn’t help laughing: “If they don’t take wedding pictures, it will be too late for the wedding. Your parents are watching They ‘re two smart people, but they’re actually very confused.”

Rila: “You know they’re not smart, and being friends with them means you’re not smart either!”

The smile on Mike’s face froze: “Rui La, your brother is going abroad, and I’ll be the only one to play with you, so be polite to me!”

“Humph! I have my brother to play with me!” Rila said, looking at Xiaohan, “Brother, I don’t want you to go abroad.”

Xiaohan: “We agreed last night. You can’t go back.

” But your mother won’t necessarily let you go abroad to study. Mom must be reluctant to let you.”

“Rila, this is not something your mother is reluctant to give up. If your brother didn’t go abroad, your father wouldn’t dare to enter our house.” Mike Ridiculously, “Besides, your brother is going out to study, and when he comes back, he will be better than your father in the future!”

Rila shrugged her head, her mouth deflated: “Liar… Going out to play…now it’s going out to study…”

Mike talked to Xiaohan yesterday afternoon.

Xiaohan proposed that he wanted to leave the house. Mike has always doted on Xiaohan, so he helped him think of a way.

That is, after going abroad to compete, go abroad for exchange and study.

Xiao Han didn’t even think about it, and agreed to the proposal.

Mike asked him to think about it again today, and then tell Qin Anan when it is determined. Today Xiaohan thought about it for a day and decided to go abroad.

He didn’t want to face Fu Shiting, and he didn’t want to attend Fu Shiting and his mother’s wedding.

So studying abroad is a good excuse to leave.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Qin Anan went home.

Mike told her about Xiaohan’s decision to go abroad.

“Xiaohan has made up his mind, so you don’t have to stop him.” Mike said, “But after he goes abroad, it will not be so convenient for you mother and son to meet.”

When Mike’s voice was settled, Qin Anan’s eyes turned red.

“Don’t cry! He just went abroad to study, and it’s not like he won’t come back.” Mike took a tissue and handed it to her. “Otherwise, it would be impossible for the father and son to make trouble like this.”

“I can’t accept Xiaohan leaving me.” She didn’t pick up the tissue, “but I know that he has grown up, he has his own thoughts, and I should respect him.”

“Actually, the overseas learning environment will improve him faster. A little.” Mike comforted, “I will send him abroad in person, and I will come back when you and Fu Shiting get married.”

Qin Anan had no other choice at all.

They had already agreed on it in private, and now, it’s just a matter of notifying her.

At night, Qin Anan was lying on the bed, but tears could not stop flowing out.

She planned to talk to Xiaohan tonight, but Xiaohan went to bed early.

Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073

She felt that Xiaohan was deliberately refusing to negotiate with her.

The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt, and finally she was really depressed, so she dialed Fu Shiting’s phone.

“Shi Ting, Xiao Han has decided to study abroad. He is leaving me.”

Fu Shiting’s breathing became heavier: “What can I do?”

“You don’t have to do anything. Because you can’t do anything.” She choked, “He has already The decision has been made. Mike said he will leave at the latest the day after tomorrow. He doesn’t want to stay in this house for a day.”

“Since he wants to leave, let him go!” Fu Shiting said helplessly, “Don’t cry. Don’t let him go! Just treat him like a child.”

“But I can’t help but treat him like a child. Shi Ting, I always feel like I’m going to lose him.”

“No. He’s your son. You’ll never lose him. Fu Shiting comforted patiently, “He just doesn’t want to face me. He still loves you as always. You can visit him often.”

Listening to his deep voice, her emotions gradually calmed down.

“An An, it is impossible for everything in life to go smoothly. As long as Xiaohan is free from illness and disaster, we should be lucky.” He continued to comfort.

“Well. I’ll get up early tomorrow and talk to him. Even if he’s leaving, don’t leave so sad.”

“Then you should rest early.”

“Well. What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m reading a book.”

“What book?” She wanted to lie beside him and hug him.

“It’s about the war.”

“…Don’t watch it too late, or you won’t be in good spirits tomorrow.”

“Well. Go to sleep!”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Anan opened her eyes and looked at the dimly lit room , trance.

Fu Shiting said that it is impossible for everything to go smoothly in life, of course she knew it.

Not only was his life unsatisfactory, but she had also experienced adversity for a long time.

When she encountered difficulties before, she was not so vulnerable.

She had to be brave to hold this family up.

Now that she has Fu Shiting, she should believe that all difficulties will be overcome.

The next morning, she went to the children’s room to talk to Xiaohan.

“Xiaohan, mother respects all your decisions.” She cried last night, so her eyes are swollen today, “Mother wants to tell you that mother will always love you. No matter where you go, mother will miss you.”

Xiaohan looked at With a haggard face, Mom lowered her head: “Mom, I’ll be back in a year.”

“Well, I’ll visit you often.”


“Also, your dad won’t interfere with you in anything. He Let me tell you, he’s sorry. He won’t bother you again until you decide to forgive him.”

Xiaohan didn’t respond to the question.

At least for now, he doesn’t want to face the problem.

A day later, Qin Anan sent Xiaohan to the airport.

After watching Xiaohan go through the security check, Qin Anan couldn’t help crying.

“Mom, dad is here.” Rila reminded Qin An’an, pulling Qin An’an’s hand.

Qin Anan quickly wiped away her tears and turned around –

Fu Shiting didn’t tell her that she would come to the airport, so she was a little surprised.

He strode up in front of her and embraced her in his arms.

“Don’t cry, I’ll take you to a place.” He said hoarsely.

She choked and asked, “Where are you going?”

Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074

He picked up Rila with one hand, and held Qin Anan’s hand tightly with the other hand.

She followed his footsteps and left the airport lobby step by step.

Airport command and control center.

After Fu Shiting brought Qin An’an and Rila in, facing the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, he could clearly see the runway.

“Half an hour later, we can see Xiaohan’s flight taking off.” He took Qin An’an and came to the window, “I chatted with Mike last night. I thought the same as him, Xiaohan is now studying abroad, right For him, it may be a better choice.”

Qin Anan stared at him blankly, waiting for his analysis.

“In the qualifying round, he is only three points higher than Xiaodong, so Xiaodong will question the fairness of the teacher’s rating. If he is 30 points higher than Xiaodong, do you think Xiaodong will still question it? His strength is still somewhat Lack…”

Hearing him say this, Qin Anan frowned: “Are you asking too much of your son? He is three years younger than Xiaodong, in other words, Xiaodong studied three years more than him. , he is three points higher than Xiaodong, which is already very powerful.”

“But Xiaodong questioned him, and he collapsed.” Fu Shiting looked at her calmly, “He can either improve his strength or adjust himself. Now that he has decided to improve his strength, we can support him. “

Qin Anan took a deep breath and looked out the window.

“Only when his strength is strong enough, will he not be easily provoked by others.” Fu Shiting continued, “I hope my son can surpass me in the future. In this way, he can better protect himself and his family. Now the brief separation, It’s bearable.”

Qin Anan looked back at him: “Maybe you’re right, but emotionally, it’s still hard for me to accept him leaving me. If he wasn’t seven, but seventeen, I wouldn’t be so uncomfortable. When you went abroad for the first time, you must not have been so young, right?”

“It was his own choice. We didn’t force him to leave.”

“I knew you were going to say that.” She took a deep breath and looked at him resentfully, “You said before that you have a disgusting personality, you are right, you are really disgusting sometimes. If your son is not so like you , he wouldn’t be so paranoid.”

He didn’t retort.

Half an hour later, Xiaohan’s flight slowly took off from the runway and rushed into the sky.

Fu Shiting brought the mother and daughter home.

“An’an, your wedding dress is here.” Sister Zhang smiled, “Would you like to try it?”

Qin An’an looked at the beautifully packaged oversized box in the living room and tried to force herself not to think about Xiaohan’s departure.

She opened the box and saw the white wedding dress.

“Let me put it on for you!” Fu Shiting lifted the wedding dress from the box and took the initiative to speak.

She answered and went back to the room with him.

After a while, she put on her wedding dress and looked at herself in the mirror, suddenly lost.

It was as if the wedding was imminent.

“How’s the size?” Fu Shiting asked in a hoarse voice, looking at her beautiful appearance.

“…It fits very well.” She looked at his emotional eyes in the mirror, her cheeks slightly hot, “Shi Ting, when the wedding is over, you can accompany me to see Xiaohan first.”


“Actually, I don’t blame you.” She turned around and put her arms around his waist. “I blame you, but I don’t think so.”

“I know.” He picked her up and walked to Beside the bed, “Even if you really blame me, I’m not angry.”

“Shi Ting, we won’t quarrel in the future, okay? Every time I quarrel with you, I feel so uncomfortable.” She sat beside the bed, her little hands Holding his big palm.


He held her hand in one hand and the back of her neck in the other, and just as his kiss was about to land on her cheek, his phone rang out of time.

Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075

She quickly kissed his thin lips, then pushed him away, “You answer the phone! I’ll change the wedding dress.”

He took out his mobile phone from his pocket, glanced at the call, and answered Telephone.

“Boss, today Fu Han brought Yun Mo for DNA testing.” There was a subordinate’s voice over the phone, “I think his motivation for doing DNA testing is impure. He knows that Yun Mo is his own younger brother, and he will take people to work. I snatched it from you, so I have to do an appraisal.”

Fu Shiting glanced at Qin An’an.

She was looking in the mirror, unfastening her laces.

“Keep watching and report to me if there is any situation.” After he said this, he hung up the phone.

“Who is it?” Qin Anan asked when he saw that he had hung up the phone.

“Fu Han brought Yun Mo for a DNA test. Aren’t you worried about Yun Mo, so I made people watch them.” He strode behind her and helped her untie the belt.

“Oh, did Fu Han ask you anything?” She was vaguely uneasy.

“Not yet.”

“If he asks you for money, will you give it?” She asked casually, “I guess Fu Yechen will lose the money from selling the old house before. When they run out of money, I’ll definitely ask you for it.”

“Wait until they come.” It’s useless to worry about what hasn’t happened yet.

Qin Anan frowned: “A group of vampires! Yun Shijie probably hasn’t left yet, right?”

“An An, don’t let them affect your mood. Even if they ask me for money, I won’t ask for anything.” He unpacked her wedding dress. After driving, I took a nightgown from the side and put it on her head, “You can rest at home today!”

“Well, I’m staying with my daughter. Xiaohan is gone, she’s very sad.

” Coax her. The pain is temporary, just get used to it.”

Time flies, to the end of May.

Tomorrow is the wedding of Fu Shiting and Qin Anan.

For this upcoming grand wedding, major media in City A have carried out lengthy reports.

——It is reported that nearly 1,000 guests were invited on the wedding day, and the whole city will attend the wedding!

——This wedding of the century, which caused a sensation around the world, cost billions, just for the smile of Bomei people!

The wedding photos of the two made headlines in major news sections!

For a while, the limelight was no different.

Fu Han looked at the reports about Fu Shiting and Qin An’an’s wedding, and the expression on his face was indescribable jealousy.

Fu Shiting can spend billions for a wedding. And as the real Fu’s parent, now he can only rent out.

Not only was he not invited to the wedding by Fu Shiting, but his relatives and friends seemed to have forgotten him.

Just because he was so destitute that he sold his ancestral home, the Fu family’s relatives and friends also cut off contact with him.

“Fu Shiting is so cruel!” Fu Han sighed, “He didn’t even think about compensating us.”

Fu Yechen snorted coldly: “Dad, he can climb to the current position, do you think he is a vegetarian? We If we don’t ask him for money, he will definitely not give us a penny.”

“He’s going too far!” Fu Han put down the phone and rubbed his eyebrows, “It seems that I don’t completely tear my face, yes. No way.”

“Dad, do you want to go find him today, or go directly to his wedding tomorrow to confront him?” Fu Yechen asked.

“He didn’t invite us, we can’t go to his wedding!” Fu Han gritted his teeth and picked up his phone again, “Tomorrow, I’ll make him kneel down and beg me!”

Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076

Xinghewan Villa.

Mrs. Zhang wrapped a letter and brought it to Qin Anan.

“An’an, should I unpack it for you, or do you unpack it yourself?” Mrs. Zhang asked.

Qin Anan took the letter and glanced at the information on the information column.

It was sent from a small country I had not heard of much about.

She directly opened the package and took out a postcard from it.

The moment she saw the postcard, Wei Zhen’s face appeared in her mind.

“Did it come from Wei Zhen?” Mrs. Zhang asked, “Is the address the same as last time?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “It’s not the same address. Shi Ting also plans to go to the country where he sent postcards last time after marriage. Look. It’s alright now, he has changed country again.”

Sister Zhang frowned and guessed: “Is he traveling the world!”

Qin Anan took a closer look at the postcard.

This is a hand-painted postcard of two cartoon characters, a man and a woman, getting married.

“I didn’t realize that he was so good at painting before.” She whispered, “I don’t know how he is doing now. There’s no need for him to even go home because of this.”

“Yeah! His parents He has a son, his parents must be in pain if he doesn’t come home for such a long time!” Mrs. Zhang said, “Can’t you contact him at all now?”

“Can’t contact him. His previous number is useless.”

“You Say he is unfeeling, and he remembers the child’s birthday. He also knows about your wedding. It means that he has always been following domestic news. He is such a contradictory person!”

Qin Anan put down the postcard, “Let’s see what he can do in the future. Can’t put it down!”

“Mike arrives at noon, right?”

“Well,” Qin Anan glanced at the time, “I’m going to pick him up at the airport now.”

“It’s still early. Besides, just let the driver go. If you are recognized at the airport, how troublesome.” Mrs. Zhang said , “You are a celebrity now.”

Qin An’an: “I went out with a bodyguard. I really want to know Xiaohan’s situation over there.”

“Okay! Remember to wear a mask when you go out.”


Qin Anan put the postcard Packed up, changed a set of clothes, and went out in a low-key manner.

Tomorrow is her and Fu Shiting’s wedding.

In the past two days, guests from other places have come one after another, and Fu Shiting is now entertaining guests at the resort.

After she receives Mike later, she will go with Mike.


After Qin Anan read books in the bookstore for a while, the bodyguard received Mike and walked towards her.

“What book are you reading! You are so fascinated by it.” Mike put on her shoulder, “This wedding between you and Fu Shiting is a sensation all over the world! I saw your news on the headlines in country B. Fu Shiting is not very A low-key person, this high-profile is really unaccustomed to.”

Qin Anan took the book to the cashier to check out, and responded to his ridicule: “Let’s get married this time, what’s the matter with a high-profile?” “Tsk tsk

, you Haven’t you heard of Xiu Enai dying fast? You two get married in such a high-profile way, and if there is anything going on after the marriage, people all over the world will see you as a joke.” Mike couldn’t change the habit of crow-mouthing.

“Can’t you expect our marriage to be sweet and sweet?”

Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077

“Yes! The key is whether the two of you can be sweet or not, it doesn’t matter if I want it or not! Could it be that the two of you quarreled before, did I expect it?” Mike teased, “But you don’t have to worry about Xiaohan, He has basically gotten used to it there.”

“Did he whisper to you in private?” Qin Anan asked.

Mike seemed to have heard a funny joke and chuckled: “Does your son seem like someone who can whisper to people? He can say a few more words in front of you, and he doesn’t like to talk at all in front of other people. On the first night he went to the new school, the teacher asked me if he was dumb.”

Qin Anan said in astonishment, “Then you said he has adapted?!”

“Yes! I asked his teacher, teacher Said that he and his classmates have adapted to him, and promise not to bully him. Isn’t this just adaptation?” Mike laughed.

Qin Anan glared at him: “I shouldn’t have let him go abroad.”

“He has already gone abroad, and it’s too late for you to regret it. Fu Shiting told me that the two of you decided to see him after the wedding, and you should go and take a good look. Look! Make sure your son is not only not thin, but also growing.”

“That’s the best way. If he’s not doing well, I’ll take him home.”

“Don’t frown. You’re going to be a bride tomorrow. Now ,” Mike looked at her, “what do you think?”

Qin Anan thought about it for two seconds: “I think the wedding is so troublesome. Since the day before yesterday, Fu Shiting seemed to be a male publicist, entertaining guests every day.”

“I I heard Ziyi say it. Not only did Fu Shiting become a male publicist, he and Sheng Bei were too busy to die. I heard Ziyi said that his college classmates have come to a lot of beautiful women. Are you panic?”

Qin Anan opened the door and sat in In the car, Bu Ji Bu Xu said: “Have you never been to his company? There are countless young and beautiful female employees in his company. Every time I go, I feel that their last job in personnel may be related to beauty pageants.”

“Haha . Haha! I’ll open my eyes next time.”

About an hour later, the two arrived at the resort.

It was just lunch time.

Qin Anan successfully met Fu Shiting’s female classmates.

Although these female classmates are all over thirty, they are all well maintained, mature, sexy and elegant.

After Qin Anan greeted everyone, he sat down beside Fu Shiting.

“An An, we finally meet you in person. You look much prettier than you look in the photo! Shi Ting’s eyes are really high!” a female classmate flattered.

“An An definitely didn’t capture Shi Ting’s heart with her looks! I’ve never seen Shi Ting before. An An must have something special.” The male classmates had different opinions, “An An, I heard that you studied medicine, When Shi Ting married you, he doesn’t need to go to the hospital in the future.”

Qin Anan smiled restrainedly: “I’m not a general practitioner. If he has an andrology disease, he still has to see a professional doctor!”

“Then where would you look ? What’s the matter with you?”

“Neurosurgery.” “Awesome! Although I don’t understand, I

think you must be amazing! Otherwise, why would Shi Ting marry you?”


Qin Anan is not angry. Fu Shiting’s classmates thought that she had surpassed him. After all, in terms of economy, she really couldn’t compare to him.

“I’m with Qin An’an, and there are not so many complicated reasons.” Fu Shiting said, “It’s because she’s good-looking.”

Qin An’an coughed sharply.

It is no exaggeration to say that every one of his female classmates is very handsome. In front of them, Qin Anan has absolutely no advantage in appearance.

“The first time I saw her, I was fascinated by her.” Fu Shiting poured her a glass of water calmly, and then continued to explain the reason for marrying her, “She is not only beautiful, but also has a great figure. Besides, the character is also good.”

Qin Anan was stunned by his praise.

When she saw the others present, she was also stunned.

Fu Shiting’s ability to talk nonsense with his eyes open is really amazing!

Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078

“She can cook. She cooks for me what I want to eat. She is very kind to me.”

“And she can also knit sweaters. The sweaters she knits are better than those sold in the store outside.”

“When I’m unhappy, she will tell jokes to make me happy.”

“When I’m happy, she takes me out to play. You know, I’m boring, and she never dislikes me.”

“I’m sick. At that time, she stayed up all night and took care of me meticulously. She is not only an excellent mother, an entrepreneur, but also a good wife.”

Fu Shiting seemed to be drinking too much, talking and boasting alone. Qin Anan was in the fog and wanted to dig a hole in the ground.

She never knew she was so good.

She suspected that this was what his dream wife looked like.

“Fu Shiting, why are you talking so much today?” She poured him a glass of juice, trying to calm him down.

He took a sip of the juice, but went up even higher, looked at her with deep eyes, and asked, “An’an, why did you marry me?”

Qin An’an: “…”

She could see through his eyes. his thoughts.

He wanted her to praise him the way he praised her just now.

“An An, tell me why you married Shi Ting! After all, you are so good, and there must be no shortage of suitors!” Someone shouted.

Qin Anan cleared her throat embarrassedly, and then said bravely: “I’m a relatively shallow person. The reason why I am willing to marry him is not only because he is handsome and in good shape, but also because I like his money. Yes, You heard right, I like his money.”

Everyone: “…”

Fu Shiting looked at her with blurry eyes and encouraged her to continue.

“He is a man with high self-esteem and conceit, so he often makes me angry. Every time he makes me angry, he will give me expensive gifts.” Qin Anan confided the truth, “Precious jewelry is the most often he gives me. Although I don’t like to wear jewelry, I like to look at it.”

“He not only told me his social account password, but also his bank card password, safe password, all of them. I’m afraid I can’t remember it. Stay, he wrote all the passwords in a small notebook and gave it to me.”

As soon as she said this, the women present became sour!

“Besides, I asked him how much he gave me for this marriage. Guess what he said?” Qin Anan deliberately sold it off, “He said he packed it up for me.”

“I’ll go! Shi Ting, you Are you so generous to women? Did you really send yourself out?” Someone exclaimed.

“Seeing that Shi Ting and An An have such a good relationship, I instantly believe in love! This dog food is even sweeter than the sweet drama I’ve watched! The screenwriters dare not make it up like this!”

“Shi Ting, I knew you were so innocent. , I should have worked hard in the first place to catch you!” A female classmate said with regret.

“What’s the use of your efforts? Shi Ting likes a woman like An An who combines beauty and wisdom. Although you are beautiful, can you cook? Can you knit sweaters? Do you give injections to see a doctor? “

Okay! I sigh! An An is really amazing!”

After a pleasant lunch, Qin An An took Fu Shiting to rest.

Back in the room, Fu Shiting said in a mocking tone, “Do you like my money?”

“When did I cook for you?” She asked back.

“Do you want to know my password? Then I’ll write it down in a small notebook for you.” He walked to the cabinet, looking for paper and a pen.

Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079

“Fu Shiting, even if you blow me up outside, I won’t be like what you said.” Qin Anan lay down on the bed, “At least I don’t know how to knit sweaters.”

“They don’t know you . , so I want them to know that you didn’t overestimate me.” He wrote all the passwords on a piece of paper, took it, and handed it to her, “Wife, please take a look.”

Qin Anan accepted his reasoning.

She took the paper he handed over, and after reading it carefully, she found Hua Dian: “Your social account password, QAA in front, is my name in pinyin?”


“Safe password, yes My birthday?” She found the key point again.

“Yeah. The bank card password is Rila’s birthday.” He volunteered to explain, “You two are the most important women in my life.”

Her cheeks were hot, and she asked, “Isn’t my son important?”

“It’s not that important.” He Sitting down beside the bed, “You and your daughter are more caring. Your son will only be angry with me.”

“Ziqiu is not angry with you. You can’t think that your son is not good just because you have a bad relationship with Xiaohan.”

“I didn’t . I don’t think my son is good. It’s just that I think my son should support himself and not rely on me.” He walked to the window and closed the white gauze curtain, “When they are underage, I can help them. When they are adults, I will not I will help them.”

Qin Anan asked a question mark: “Even if they are adults, they are not yet twenty years old! Are you sure you will leave them alone when they become adults?”

“If they ask me for help, I will help. If not Please, I won’t help.” He took off his coat, put it aside and hung it, then sat down beside her, “I don’t want our son to become a prodigal like Fu Yechen.”

Qin Anan folded the paper with the password written on it and put it in the bag: “Not all the rich second generation are like Fu Yechen. Of course, I respect your decision. If the child doesn’t ask for help, you really don’t need to worry too much. It’s like Xiaohan’s character. He is relatively strong and doesn’t want us to interfere too much in his life.”


“Are you sure you won’t invite your elder brother?” After Qin Anan lay down, he hugged his body, “You invited other relatives of the Fu family. , but I didn’t invite your eldest brother, will your eldest brother be angry when he finds out?”

“I broke up with him already.” Fu Shiting said coldly, “I can’t invite him specifically because he knows my secret.

” Well, it’s fine if you don’t invite. Go to sleep! I’ll call you later. ” Qin Anan said.

After Fu Shiting responded, he quickly breathed evenly.

She looked at his tired sleeping face and hugged him tightly.

She remembered that during his lunch today, he changed his usual image of cherishing words like gold and praised her for being in heaven and earth, but she didn’t want her to suffer a little grievance.

After solving the misunderstanding with him, she felt more deeply that this man had a deep friendship for her.

In the future, she will definitely not live up to his affection.

In the evening, she went home and picked up Mrs. Zhang and Ziqiu.

When approaching the main road of the resort, the speed of the vehicle slowed down.

She accidentally glanced out the car window and saw a familiar face!

“Sister Zhang, does the man in the blue shirt look like Fu Yechen?” she said to Mrs. Zhang.

Sister-in-law Zhang looked out the car window and carefully looked at the man in the blue shirt.

“Looks like him! Has Mr. invited him?”

“No. I just asked Shi Ting at noon today. Shi Ting said he didn’t invite their father and son.” Qin Anan frowned and murmured, “What is he doing here? and I don’t seem to have seen the man he spoke with.”

“Their father and son will not do something disgusting when they get married tomorrow?” Sister Zhang frowned, with an ominous premonition in her heart.

Qin An’an listened to Zhang’s words, and her calm heart was disturbed!

Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080

“An An, give your husband a call and ask him to send someone over to take a look.” Mrs. Zhang suggested, “It’s so remote here, why did Fu Yechen come here? He must have had a bad idea. , I want to do damage tomorrow.”

Qin An’an: “Well. I’ll see him later and tell him.”

“An An, let me tell you, don’t think Fu Han seems to be an honest man, but he’s not honest at all. Aunt Zhang hugged Ziqiu with a serious face, “Fu Yechen is so bad, don’t think that he has become so bad himself. In fact, he was influenced by his parents. His mother won’t say anything about it. One. His father wasn’t much better either. As the saying goes, one bed can’t sleep two kinds of people.”

Qin Anan frowned, pondered for a few seconds, and said, “I vaguely remember that when Fu Shiting became a vegetative, Fu Yechen wants to use me to take away Shi Ting’s property. Such a terrible thing must not be his idea alone!”

“Yes! After Mr. woke up, didn’t Fu Yechen come to visit Mr. Mr. Temper.” Aunt Zhang vividly remembered what happened at the time, “Do you think your husband doesn’t know the virtues of their family? As long as Fu Han is not so bad, the husband will not be so heartless.”

Qin Anan was silent.

“So tomorrow, you must be extra careful with the father and son.” Sister Zhang reiterated.

“Well, I’ll talk to Shi Ting later.”

After the car entered the resort, Qin Anan saw Fu Shiting at a glance.

He was chatting with his friends outside, waiting for her and the child by the way.

When he saw the car coming in, he immediately walked towards them.

After the driver stopped the car, Qin Anan pushed the door and got out of the car.

“Shi Ting,” Qin Anan walked in front of him, “you send someone to take a look outside. I saw Fu Yechen just now.” Fu

Shiting raised his eyebrows: “Are you sure?”

“Sister Zhang also saw it. He was standing on the side of the road with a strange man and didn’t know what to talk about. I always felt that he must be planning something when he appeared here tonight.” Qin Anan didn’t want to be influenced by them for tomorrow’s wedding.

“Don’t worry, I’ll send someone over to take a look.” Fu Shiting reassured, “Even if they plan something, they can’t enter the resort to make trouble.”

Qin Anan frowned: “But I don’t want to be ruined by them when I get married tomorrow. . No matter when they want to tear their skin, but not tomorrow.”

Sometimes the more afraid of something, the more and more.

Seeing her so nervous, his emotions were inevitably affected.

It seems that Fu Han intends to reveal all the scandals at his wedding tomorrow!

These days, Fu Shiting has been waiting for Fu Han to contact him, but Fu Han did nothing.

He guessed what Fu Han was thinking, but he couldn’t figure it out.

If Fu Han comes to him for money, as long as the price is reasonable, he is willing to spend money to eliminate disasters.

Fu Han didn’t find him, which made him even more uneasy.

Because this means that Fu Han may be planning a bigger game.

After Fu Shiting sent someone out to check, he took Ziqiu from Mrs. Zhang’s arms.

Ziqiu was full of sleep in the car, and now a pair of eyes that were as jet black as jewels were shining brightly.

Seeing his son, the corners of Fu Shiting’s mouth couldn’t help but rise: “Baby, what are you looking at? Are there many people? Don’t be afraid, these uncles and aunts are all my father’s friends.”

After speaking, Fu Shiting carried his son to go with friends meet.

Mrs. Zhang looked at this scene and said with a smile: “Mr. looks like he is ten years younger when he is holding the child.”

Qin An’an: “And his behavior is also very naive. It seems that he has a son and no one else. And he probably thinks that his son is The cutest in the universe.”

Qin Anan took the child’s daily necessities from the car, and then took Mrs. Zhang to the room first.

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