When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1081 -1090(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1081 -1090(Chinese)

Chapter 1081

After a while, sent out to find Fu Yechen’s bodyguard.

“Boss, I went to a few nearby stores to look for Fu Yechen.” Fu

Shiting: “No need to look for it.”

“Okay. I will let my subordinates guard the gate of the resort and make sure that no one who doesn’t matter will be allowed. Break in.”


Qin Anan came out after taking a shower in the villa, and was a little puzzled when she saw Li Xiaotian holding Ziqiu.

“You brought Ziqiu back?”

“Yes! Someone was smoking. Fu Shiting saw me and asked me to bring Ziqiu to you.” Li Xiaotian said, “I guess the man who smoked was really I can’t stand Fu Shiting! Do you know what Fu Shiting is doing outside with Ziqiu in his arms? He praises Ziqiu so much that he doesn’t repeat any adjectives.”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing.

“Did you find that Fu Shiting was very excited these two days? What did he praise you for at lunch? This morning, he was holding Rila, and others said that he wanted 100% of Rila. And he kept holding Rila, which led to someone asking Rila if her leg was injured, which made me laugh to death!” Li Xiaotian came over early this morning, so she experienced everything firsthand.

“He may have been holding back for too long, and he couldn’t help but explode in the past two days. He said that this was the first time his family had entertained so many guests.” Qin Anan analyzed, “His career is successful, and everyone knows that. Now he has a happy life, I also want everyone to know.”

“Only when you have lived a happy life can you be in the mood to show off to everyone. This is good!” Li Xiaotian put Ziqiu on the bed, put her hands on his arms, and made him stand, ” Little baby, shout daddy, give you milk.”

Ziqiuba pursed his lips.

“Dad.” Li Xiaotian taught Ziqiu, “Dad, Daddy, Daddy!”

Ziqiu pouted again.

“Daddy Daddy Daddy!” Li Xiaotian continued to bombard the little baby with ‘Daddy’.

Ziqiu was finally affected, and opened his mouth: “Dad…Dad!” The

little guy’s voice was clear and powerful. If Fu Shiting heard it, he would probably go crazy right away.

“An An! Did you hear that! Your son will call Dad!” Li Xiaotian said excitedly.

Qin Anan nodded excitedly: “Xiao Tian, ​​you are still the best. Fu Shiting calls his father every day, but he is indifferent. I didn’t expect that he would start shouting when you taught him.”

“Hahaha! It means that your son likes beautiful women.” Li Xiao Tian kissed Ziqiu’s little face, “Baby, call out Dad again!”

“Dad!” Ziqiu was bribed by the kiss.

Li Xiaotian strikes while the iron is hot, and holds Ziqiu to find Fu Shiting.

Less than ten minutes later, Fu Shiting carried his son back to the room.

Looking at the smile on his face, Qin Anan probably guessed that Ziqiu called him.

“An An, Ziqiu will call Dad!” Fu Shiting walked up to her excitedly.

She took Ziqiu from his arms.

“Your son will not only call your father, but also trouble you!” She pushed him towards the bathroom, “Go take a bath! Go to bed early tonight.”

“Well, I’ll ask the bodyguard to find Fu Ye . It’s been a while, but I couldn’t find it.” He said to her before entering the bathroom.

“It doesn’t matter if they don’t find it. If they really want to do something, we can’t stop it.” Qin Anan looked at him calmly, “The big deal is that we will become the laughing stock of others together tomorrow.”

“An An, aren’t you afraid?” He The light in his eyes gradually became colder.

Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082

“Afraid,” she didn’t have to hide her true emotions in front of him, “I’m afraid our peaceful life will be broken. This time is the happiest time after we are together. I don’t want to be broken. But I I know, it will definitely be destroyed.”

Fu Yechen would not appear around here for no reason.

He and Fu Han must have a plan.

She has a strong hunch that tomorrow, Fu Han will reveal all the secrets of Fu Shiting.

The reason why Fu Han chose to do this tomorrow is that the resort will be the most lively place tomorrow.

Tomorrow, all major media will come over, and Fu Hanxuan will be exposed tomorrow, which will have the greatest effect.

“As long as you and the kids are by my side, our lives won’t be ruined.” His voice was low and magnetic.

“I know we won’t change. But I don’t want you to suffer so much pressure from public opinion. Even if the truth is revealed, even if the vast majority of people think you are right like me, there will definitely be many people who think you are Wicked.”

She knew she was a little greedy.

Because she knew that after the truth was revealed, even if he pretended not to care, his heart would definitely be affected.

How could he, such a proud person, bear such a scandal being made public?

“An An, I can’t care what other people think.” He looked at her, “I’m not that vulnerable, you trust me, okay?”

She nodded: “Shi Ting, I trust you. I always trust you. Yes. I’m not brave enough myself, I’ll try my best to adjust my mood. Go take a shower! I’ll play with Ziqiu for a while.”

“Where’s Rila? I haven’t seen her all night.” Fu Shiting unbuttoned his shirt one by one.

“She’s clinging to Mike! Mike isn’t at home these days. She misses him very much.”

“Well, is Jin Sinian coming tomorrow?”

“He has an announcement tonight, saying that he will come when the announcement is over. It may be early in the morning. He told us not to wait for him.” She put Ziqiu on the bed, and then brought him pajamas from the suitcase.

After Fu Shiting entered the bathroom, Mrs. Zhang came back with Rila.

Rila was sweating, looking at her pouting, she didn’t seem to have had enough.

“Rila, you smell like alcohol all over you.” Qin Anan leaned over to her daughter and smelled it, then took her to another bathroom to take a shower.

The villa they live in has four bedrooms and two living rooms, and the two children live here with them.

“Mom, why don’t you and dad go to play? They are playing games, have fun!” Rila, like a well-behaved kitten, stood in the bathtub and let Qin Anan bathe and wash her hair.

“Because Mom and Dad are going to get up early tomorrow. If you stay up late tonight, you won’t be able to get up tomorrow.” Qin Anan said, “You also have to go to bed early, Mom and Dad won’t have time to accompany you

tomorrow.” “Uncle Sinian will accompany me tomorrow, I’m not afraid!” Rila looked pampered and fearless, “Uncle Sinian said that he would take me to filming in the summer vacation, Mom, I can’t stay at home during the summer vacation!”

“Have you discussed it in private again?” Qin Anan sighed .

“That’s right! Don’t you listen to us? When my brother went abroad, you didn’t tell him. I went to film, and you couldn’t tell me.” Rila puffed out her cheeks and negotiated with Qin Anan.

“When you two grow up, mom can’t control you anymore, and she doesn’t want to care about you.” Qin Anan resigned, “your father said that when you are adults, you will completely ignore you.”

“He doesn’t care about us now! He Just take care of himself and don’t make you angry!” Rila pouted.

“Okay, you go to film with your uncle Sinian in the summer vacation, and I’ll go to country B to find your brother.”

“Hmph, can’t you wait for me to finish filming and take me to find your brother?” Rila muttered dissatisfied.

“Do you think filming is a family game and can be finished in two days? Since you choose to be a star, you must treat every job well. Otherwise, when you become popular, others will say that you are relying on your father… .. look at how angry your brother is.”

Rila whispered: “I won’t be as angry as my brother! If my father is willing to hold me, I will directly announce to everyone that he is my father!”

Qin An An Ren couldn’t help laughing: “You can think about it.”

“Of course, my father is so good. If others knew that I was his daughter, they would only envy me.”

Qin An’an’s smile suddenly froze: “Rila, if your father someday If it’s not so beautiful, will you still be proud of him?”

Rila was stunned for a moment, “Mom, what do you mean?”

“Just one day, many people scolded him…”

Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083

“Why did others scold him?” Rila took it seriously, and the expression on her face was a little sad.

Qin Anan didn’t know how to tell her daughter.

She was afraid to tell her daughter that she would not be able to sleep tonight, so she held back.

“It’s nothing. Mom is just making an analogy. You have to remember that your dad is a good man, no matter what others call him, you should not dislike him.”

“Oh.” Mom, I’ll listen to you.”

After giving Rila a bath, Qin Anan coaxed her to sleep.

By the time I got back to the master bedroom, it was already past ten o’clock at night.

Fu Shiting pointed to the late-night snack brought by the housekeeper: “Do you want to eat something?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “Eating at night will make you gain weight. I will be the most beautiful bride tomorrow, so don’t tempt me with food.”

“Then I’ll let the housekeeper take it away.” Fu Shiting called the housekeeper.

Soon, the housekeeper came in and took the supper away.

“Shi Ting, let’s go to sleep! I’m a little sleepy.”

“Well. Do you want to remove the aromatherapy?”

“No. It smells pretty good.”

“Okay. Then I’ll turn off the light.”


After turning off the lights, the room fell into darkness.

Qin Anan hugged his waist habitually, and rubbed his small face against his chest.

The scent of aromatherapy mixed with his familiar scent, like a sleeping pill, which made her fall asleep quickly.

When she opened her eyes again, the morning light filled the room.

“Wake up?” Fu Shiting saw her eyes open, so he sat up, “Get up! The makeup artist has arrived.”

“Well, did you turn off my alarm?” She picked up the phone and checked the time.

She overslept.

“Sleep a little longer.” He lifted the quilt, lifted his long legs, and got out of bed. “I’ll ask the housekeeper to bring breakfast in.

” open.

The golden light is like broken gold, shining and bright.

Seeing such a good sunshine, the smile on her face also bloomed.

After breakfast, makeup artists, stylists, and costumers entered the villa one after another.

After the costumer changed her wedding dress, he helped her to sit down in front of the vanity mirror.

Not long after, Li Xiaotian and the bridesmaids came over.

Everyone put on makeup, took pictures, and the villa was very lively.

When Qin Anan’s makeup was about to be finished, she looked around and didn’t see Fu Shiting.

“Where’s Fu Shiting?”

She didn’t know why, but she didn’t see him for a while, and she felt uneasy in her heart.

“I saw that he answered a phone call outside just now, and then went out.” Li Xiaotian said, “Maybe a guest came over!”

Qin Anan lowered her eyes, picked up the mobile phone on the dresser, and found his number , dial down—

Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084

Fu Shiting answered the phone quickly.

“Shi Ting, where have you been?” Her tense heartstrings relaxed a little.

She was so nervous just now that she thought she would not be able to get through to him.

“I’m going to receive guests. You stay in the villa, don’t run around.” Fu Shiting said calmly.

“Oh, did Fu Han look for you?” she asked in a low voice.


Fu Han didn’t look for him, but his uncle looked for him.

And uncle was looking for him because of Fu Han’s relationship.

Uncle came to the resort yesterday, but now, uncle is outside.

His uncle told him that Fu Han had something to talk to him about, and asked him to go out to meet him now.

Fu Han is willing to negotiate with him privately first, rather than tearing his face in front of the public.

He didn’t want Qin An’an to worry, so he decided to go see what Fu Han would ask.

In a restaurant outside the resort, Fu Han, Fu Yechen, and several elders of the Fu family were sitting at the dining table.

When Fu Shiting entered the restaurant, their eyes instantly turned to each other.

“Shi Ting, today is your big wedding day. I wish you a happy wedding, although you didn’t invite me.” Fu Han had a fake smile on his face.

Fu Shiting sat down opposite him: “Tell me! What do you want?”

“Don’t look like a wronged victim.” The smirk on Fu Han’s face disappeared, “Today, I will come to you to get back what belongs to you. Our Fu family’s stuff!”

Seeing his arrogant attitude, Fu Shiting lost the mood to negotiate with him.

What is the Fu family thing?

Is it true that the three words ‘Fu Shiting’ also belong to the Fu family?

“Today is your big day, I don’t want to embarrass you too much, but you can’t take advantage of our Fu family!” Fu Han saw that Fu Shiting’s face was gloomy, so he raised his voice, “I have already done it with Yun Mo. The DNA test showed that he is indeed my younger brother! So, you are not my brother, and you are not from our Fu family!” Fu

Shiting noticed that the faces of the elders present were very ugly.

They learned the truth from Fu Han this morning and received a strong blow.

They used to have a good relationship with Fu Shiting, but now that they know that Fu Shiting is not from the Fu family, even if they have feelings for him, they can’t continue to stand by him.

“Before you started your business, I won’t count the money my parents spent on you! When you started your business, my mother gave you a large amount of startup money. In order to find out how much this money is, I specially I went to the bank to check, and the amount of money transferred to you by my mother’s bank card alone is as high as 10 million!”

Fu Han was very angry.

“I went to check the registered capital of your company at the beginning of its establishment, and it was only 50 million! It is equal to the money my mother gave you, accounting for one-fifth of your company! The reason why you can make so much money now is because Don’t open our Fu family’s financial support for you!”

Fu Shiting looked at his indignant appearance, listened to his fierce words, and guessed what he wanted to take back.

He didn’t expect that Fu Han’s appetite would be so great!

Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085

No wonder Fu Han didn’t come to him for a while, because to make such a request, it really takes some courage!

“Fu Han, do you think your request is reasonable?” Fu Shiting looked gloomy and his voice was even colder, “Those who didn’t know thought it was you who gave me 10 million. When your mother gave me 10 million, she didn’t look for it. I owe me an IOU.”

“Looks like you don’t plan to repay the money!” Fu Han’s voice trembled with anger.

“If you insist on me paying it back, of course I can pay it back to you. I can pay you 10 million with the principal and interest, but if you want the shares of our company, you might as well just go back to your rental house and dream!”

his finger Clinging tightly, patience has bottomed out.

Fu Han didn’t expect that he could be so arrogant when he had the handle in his hands!

Is he really not afraid of the truth being revealed? !

“Fu Shiting! You are indeed the son of a gangster! That old gangster with your father is a gangster! Not only did you stole my uncle’s life, but you also stole the property belonging to our family! Don’t think that your current social status If you are taller than us, you can do whatever you want! When we reveal your true face, wait for your reputation to be ruined!” Fu Yechen saw his father’s body trembling with anger, so he shouted.

Fu Shiting had a brotherly love for Fu Han, so he endured Fu Han’s lion.

And Fu Yechen, what do you think he is? !

How dare you yell in front of him!

Fu Shiting got up from the dining chair, walked to Fu Yechen, grabbed his collar, punched him hard in the face!

Bright red blood spurted out of Fu Yechen’s mouth, dyeing Fu Shiting’s dress red.

Fu Yechen was knocked out by this punch!

Fu Shiting looked at his blood-stained fist, but he didn’t expect such an astonishing power to burst out when he was out of control!

“Murdered…killed! Fu Shiting, you murderer! Not only did you kill my father, you even spared my son! You wait! I’ll call the police right away, you wait for me! “Fu Han was so frightened that he quickly took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

Several elders immediately stepped forward and grabbed Fu Shiting to prevent him from doing it again.

“Shi Ting, don’t be impulsive! It’s hard to tell who’s right and who’s wrong about the past. As elders, we hope you two brothers can solve this matter well and don’t cause any fatalities!”

“Yeah, Shi Ting, tear it apart. Shame, it’s not good for the entire Fu family! Hey! If only your mother was still alive!”

“Yechen fainted, call 120 to take him to the hospital first!”


Han first called the police, and then Ask the elders to send Fu Yechen to the hospital.

“Today, my feud with Fu Shiting is settled! Even if I can’t get back what belongs to my Fu family, I can’t make him feel better!” Fu Han said, staring at Fu Shiting fiercely, “I knew you. The wolf is ambitious, greedy, and won’t easily hand over what you swallow, so you can wait for your retribution!”

Fu Han finished the warning and left the restaurant angrily.

He made a two-handed plan, the first-hand plan, Fu Shiting was willing to give one-fifth of the shares to their father and son, then this series of scandals should not have happened.

Second-hand planning, Fu Shiting rejects their request, then they don’t have to give Fu Shiting any face. He has contacted many media privately, and he will expose all the truth in front of the media!

In a hotel closest to the resort, reporters have been waiting for a long time.

After Fu Han appeared, everyone cheered up and waited for the secrets of the giants to be revealed!

“Just now, Fu Shiting beat my son into the hospital. If the elders hadn’t stopped him just now, my son would have been the second person to be killed by him.” Fu Han walked to the stage and faced all the reporters. The words are sonorous and powerful, “My father, Fu Jingxiao, was killed by Fu Shiting! This incident is what I saw with my own eyes! I am willing to bear all the consequences to prove that what I said is true! The reason for this incident is It has been concealed until now, because I am thinking of the affection of my relatives! Now, I find that his identity is not the young master of the Fu family, but a wild breed born to a driver of our Fu family!”

Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086

This press conference for countless media was broadcast live on the Internet simultaneously.

If you want to expand your influence, you must be known to everyone!

Fu Han is now determined to fight to the death with Fu Shiting, so his emotions are particularly intense.

He was at the scene and provided all kinds of evidence.

Including the DNA certificate, as well as the screenshot of the transfer from the mother to Fu Shiting.

After providing all kinds of evidence, he turned to the camera with tears in his eyes: “Fu Shiting deprived my brother of his life and founded ST Group with the money of our Fu family. Now my mother has passed away, I don’t know what happened to my brother and the driver back then. How did the child get replaced, but now the truth has come to the bottom, I don’t want to be hurt any more! Even if Fu Shiting doesn’t want to pay back the money owed to our Fu family, but my father’s life, he must come out and give an explanation!”

This After the live broadcast was synchronized online, it was immediately spread!

Fu Shiting and Qin Anan’s wedding was super talkative, and the blessing comments were instantly replaced by new content.

——Have you seen the live broadcast of Fu Shiting’s brother Fu Han? The content is terrible! Come and see! Search Fu Han to see it!

  • Everyone, go watch the live broadcast! If you go later, the live broadcast may be blocked! After all, Fu Shiting can cover the sky with only one hand in country A!

—Aah! Can anyone summarize what his brother said on the live broadcast? I can’t watch the live broadcast at work!

——Summary: 1. Fu Shiting is not the child of the Fu family, but the child of the driver of the Fu family. The civet cat has changed the prince! 2. When Fu Shiting was a teenager, he personally killed Fu Jingxiao, the head of the Fu family. 3. Fu Shiting’s ST Group was founded with the Fu family’s money, but now Fu Shiting is not willing to share the money with Fu Han. In the final analysis, there is a problem with the distribution of benefits. If Fu Shiting was willing to give Fu Han a little more money, these scandals would not have been exposed.

—Fuck! Fu Shiting turned out to be the driver’s child! It must be his father who replaced him with the real young master of the Fu family! His dad is so brave! No wonder Fu Shiting doesn’t look like the rest of the Fu family!

——Only I am curious, why did he kill Fu Jingxiao? Murder is against the law. When he killed Fu Jingxiao, he must not have known his true background, right?

——Sure enough, those who can succeed are not ordinary people. Judging from the information exposed by Fu Han, Fu Shiting is a very scary person! Qin Anan married him today. I wonder if Qin Anan knew these things about him.

——Know what, they both have had children. Must be bound for life. Moreover, what if Fu Shiting killed someone, and if he killed him when he was a minor, the law can’t do anything about him.

——Although the law can’t do anything to him, it would be too sad if society can tolerate such a person to succeed! I hope the state can come forward to manage such bad public figures!

——Fu Shiting is not an entertainment star. He pays real taxes to the state every year. How do you think the state should manage him?

  • No matter what country you are in, murder is illegal! When he killed Fu Jingxiao, can you imagine how helpless and desperate Fu Jingxiao must be? Teenage boys, even if they are underage, can never be ignored!

–I can not stand it any more! On behalf of myself, I would like to boycott Fu Shiting from now on! He is a murderer! Even if he was underage at the time, this fact cannot be erased! Murderers should be cast aside forever!

——Those who cleaned up Fu Shiting, I hope you will never encounter a murderer in your life!


Netizens are arguing fiercely on the Internet, while in the resort, there is peace and tranquility.

However, the calm is only an illusion.

After Li Xiaotian swiped her mobile phone and saw the news on the Internet, she immediately took the mobile phone and handed it to Qin Anan.

“An An, what’s wrong with Fu Han? Is he sick? Why did he spread rumors about Fu Shiting?” Li Xiaotian said angrily, “It’s too outrageous! He even said that Fu Shiting was not his own brother, and that Fu Shiting was their driver. My child!”

After Qin Anan saw the news on the Internet, he immediately returned the phone to Li Xiaotian, then stood up with her skirt, ready to find Fu Shiting.

“An An! Where are you going!” Li Xiaotian immediately followed her, “Are you looking for Fu Shiting? Just call him, it’s too inconvenient for you to go out like this!”

Li Xiaotian pulled her arm live.

“Xiao Tian, ​​what Fu Han said is true. I’m afraid Fu Shiting can’t stand it! I have to find him!” She pushed Li Xiaotian’s hand away and continued to walk outside.

Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087

Li Xiaotian froze in place, startled.

Is what Fu Han said true?

Fu Shiting is not the young master of the Fu family. Fu Shiting killed Fu Jingxiao? !

Omg! Omg!

If it wasn’t for her holding on to the Roman column next to her in time, she might have fallen down when her ankles softened!

This news is so scary! She was dizzy and felt like she was having a nightmare.

After Qin Anan came out of the villa, the bodyguard immediately caught up with her.

“Boss, calm down! If you run out like this now, you will attract onlookers!” the bodyguard advised, “Mr. Fu has gone outside, but he shouldn’t have gone far. If you call him, he should be back soon. “

Qin Anan’s chest rose and fell rapidly.

She turned on her phone, found his number and dialed it.

The phone was on, but he didn’t answer.

“Boss, you stay in the villa, I’ll find him! I’ll find him and ask him to call you back.” The bodyguard supported Qin An’an and sent her to the villa, “There are many people outside, you are dressed in Going out like this will be discussed by others. And it will also stain the wedding dress.”

She told Fu Shiting that no matter what happened today, the wedding must be done.

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down a little.

“Go to him. Find him and bring him back immediately. If he refuses to come back, tell him that I’m waiting for him.” Qin Anan’s eyes were red, and he explained to the bodyguard.

“Okay.” The bodyguard sent her to the villa, then turned around and strode away.

outside the resort.

Fu Shiting is under investigation by the police.

It’s more of an inquiry than an inquiry.

“Mr. Fu, we contacted the hospital just now. Your nephew is not dead. So you will not be in trouble.” Fu Shiting: “He is

not my nephew. I have nothing to do with the Fu family.”

The people of the Fu family, the outside world doesn’t care so much. The main reason is that Fu Han said that you killed his father with your own hands… Is it true?” The police officer asked cautiously.

After Fu Shiting was silent for a moment, his Adam’s apple rolled: “Yes. I killed Fu Jingxiao.”

“You were underage, right?”


“Can you tell me why you killed Fu Jingxiao? This matter Now it’s fermenting on the Internet, and it doesn’t affect you very well. If you can give a reasonable explanation here, we can help you publicize it.”

“No.” Without hesitation, he rejected the other party’s kindness.

He didn’t want to make Yinyin’s incident public, because it was a deep scar for both Yinyin and him.

If one more person knows, it will hurt him.

He doesn’t need the sympathy of outsiders.

Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 In the


Qin Anan received a call from the bodyguard.

“Boss, I found Mr. Fu! But it’s a little messy outside now!”

The voice of the bodyguard came from the phone. Together, there are loud voices.

“What’s the matter?!” Qin Anan jumped up from the sofa.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but suddenly a lot of people rushed over and called Mr. Fu a murderer! These people don’t feel like normal people… Because the police were also on the scene, they dared to come around and make trouble!” The bodyguard said, and suddenly let out a low roar, as if arguing with someone.

Qin Anan hung up the phone and ran outside immediately.

“An An! Where are you going?!” Li Xiaotian immediately caught up with her when she saw her impulsiveness.

“Shi Ting is in danger, I’m going to find him!” Qin Anan quickly walked out of the villa gate with her heavy skirt.

After she went out, her footsteps stopped abruptly.

Jin Sinian held Rila and stood in front of her.

“Are you going to find Fu Shiting?” Jin Sinian already knew what happened on the Internet, so he came to see her, “It’s very chaotic outside now. I’ve asked his bodyguard to support him, so don’t go.”

Qin Anan heard his words, but didn’t take them into his heart.

“Bring Rila into the house! I have to go out and see.”

With that, she walked around him and strode down the steps.

Jin Sinian took a deep breath, handed Rila to Li Xiaotian, and chased after her.

There was chaos outside the resort.

A large group of people came from nowhere and surrounded Fu Shiting.

These people not only abused him with fierce words, but also took pictures of him with their mobile phones.

Although the bodyguards were protecting him, they couldn’t stretch their limbs because there were so many people around. “Fu Shiting !

You devil with blood on your hands! If you don’t spit out the black money, you will be dragged to hell by the specter sooner or later !” Fu Shiting’s wife and children won’t die!” Fu Shiting frowned and looked at the source of the sound! After seeing the middle-aged man who said that his wife and children were going to die, he immediately pushed aside the bodyguards in front of him and strode towards the man! “Shi Ting!” An exclamation came from outside the crowd. Qin Anan, wearing a white wedding dress, strode over. Everyone was stunned when they saw her! No one expected that the bride would run out of the resort. Fu Shiting saw her anxious little face and clenched fists, and immediately forgot where to swing. When the middle-aged man standing in front of him saw him absent-minded, he immediately raised his fist and smashed his head! After the first person started, the second person, the third person… also followed suit! Fu Shiting felt that he was being dragged down by countless pairs of sharp claws! He seemed to have fallen into an endless hell, and his body was constantly being tortured and tortured from all directions. Qin Anan saw that he was pushed down and besieged, and tears fell suddenly. “Shi Ting!” She desperately pushed the people around in front of her away and roared, “Let him go! Stop it! You thugs! You lunatics!” The police and bodyguards rushed to help immediately.

Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089

Soon, the violent crowd was repelled.

Qin Anan walked through the crowd, ran to Fu Shiting’s side, and hugged his tense body!

“Shi Ting! Don’t be afraid! They are all ignorant madmen! You are not a sinner! You are not!”

After the perpetrator was taken away by the police, the crowd of onlookers did not stop taking pictures with their mobile phones.

The video of Fu Shiting being beaten quickly spread to the Internet.

This kind of news of dragging the big man off the shrine has always caused huge heated discussions.

–Oh my God! Is this really Fu Shiting? He looks so miserable! To be beaten up by so many people in the street… If this were me, I would never dare to see anyone again!

——Have you seen it, he didn’t dare to fight back! It shows that he really killed people!

  • It’s so heartwarming to see! Although the law can’t hold him criminally responsible, justice is in everyone’s heart, let this bastard die!
  • Isn’t he getting married today? It seems that this marriage is impossible to end, right? If I were a bride, I would definitely run away!

Linjiang mid-range community.

Yun Shijie trembled with anger after seeing the video of Fu Shiting being beaten.

This incident made him more angry than Fu Shiting not giving him money.

Although he and Fu Shiting have no normal father-son relationship, Fu Shiting is his biological son after all.

Seeing his son being bullied like this, he felt that all those fists were smashed into his face, which made him particularly embarrassed.

If he is not in country A, he can ignore this matter, but now Fu Shiting is being bullied under his nose, how can he just sit back and ignore it?

“It’s really useless!” Yun Zhe sneered after watching the video several times, “I thought he was so good, and he didn’t even know how to fight back when he was beaten! Shame!”

“You useless bastard! So many people beaten He is one, how can he fight back? Have you never been beaten?!” Yun Shijie yelled loudly and reprimanded.

“Dad, what are you yelling at me for? It’s not that I beat him… Besides, he had someone beat you before. Now, shouldn’t you be happy to see him beaten?”

“Why am I so happy! It’s my son! Even if he beats me up, he’s still my son!” Yun Shijie raised his voice, his eyes were scarlet, “The house we live in now was bought with his money! Although he wouldn’t give me a lot of money, I If you ask him for a little money in the future, he will definitely give it!”

“Why are you so angry, it’s true that he killed someone, he deserves to be beaten!” Yun Zhe got emotional and couldn’t help but talk back.

“You bastard! He’s your younger brother!” Yun Shijie slapped Yun Zhe’s face with a slap, “Shut up Laozi! If you have nothing to do, go back to country B for me! Take your sister and get out of here! Seeing you two trash, I have a headache!”

Yun Zhe covered his face, exhaled heavily, and strode back to his room to pack his luggage!

Yun Shijie was so upset that he put his phone in his pocket and walked quickly to the door to change his shoes.


Qin Anan helped Fu Shiting back to the villa.

Footprints were all over his clothes. The straight suit that had been ironed was now wrinkled, making him look embarrassed.

When they returned to the villa, the portrait in the villa was pressed to pause.

It wasn’t until Qin Anan helped Fu Shiting into the master bedroom, and until Rila’s cry came, everyone was relieved.

“Don’t cry baby Rila!” Li Xiaotian picked Rila up and wanted to coax her, but she didn’t know how.

Jin Si came forward to take Rila over and carried her away from the depressing living room.

master bedroom.

Qin Anan unfastened the suit jacket on him and took it off.

Then he went to the bathroom and brought a basin of warm water to wipe the blood and dust on his face and hands.

They had known each other for so many years, and this was the first time she saw him being bullied.

“Shi Ting, I know you’re feeling very uncomfortable now…but…” Qin Anan took a towel and wiped his stern pale face, his voice choked, “but our wedding… “…”

She broke down in tears when she said this.

Do they want to continue their wedding?

Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090

They agreed before that even if Fu Han made everything public, they would continue the wedding normally.

But now his mental state makes her heartache. She wanted to continue the wedding, but she didn’t want to force him.

There are so many guests at the scene, although they are all his friends, but it is difficult to guarantee that everyone is not looking at him with the mood of watching a good show.

Her tears dripped down his trousers.

He looked at her sad appearance, and his voice was desolate and hoarse, “Don’t cry.”

Hearing his voice, her reason returned to her body.

“I’m not crying. There’s nothing to cry about,”

she said, carrying the sink to the bathroom and putting it down, then grabbed a brand-new suit from the closet.

“Now that things have spread, we don’t have to worry anymore.” She put the suit down on the bed, and unbuttoned his shirt one by one.

His shirt was not dirty, but wrinkled.

She didn’t want to see him in wrinkled clothes.

In the past so many years, he has always been a handsome and noble son. Even now everyone calls him a murderer, but in her eyes, he is still the noble and glamorous Fu Shiting.

“Fu Shiting, don’t care what others say, it has nothing to do with us. We will get married and live a happy life…” Having said this, the next words choked.

She unbuttoned his shirt and saw him covered in bruises.

The tears she managed to hold back burst again after seeing the injury on his body.

Those savage bastards, why did they bully Fu Shiting? Damn them!

“Does it hurt?” Her fingers, trembling slightly, landed on his wound.

“Don’t cry. I promised you that no matter what, it won’t affect our wedding.” His sloppy reason gradually gathered up after meeting her tears.

Just like what she said, Fu Han has already laid out all his cards.

Nothing will ever be worse than the present.

“Yeah! Shi Ting, in this life, I don’t want anyone but you. Even if you’re a really heinous villain, I’ll admit it!” She looked at his resolute eyes with tears in her eyes, “wait for me here, I Go get the medicine.”

She turned around, wiping away her tears.

When she came out of the master bedroom, everyone saw her and stepped forward.

“An An, how is Shi Ting? Is he all right?”

“Should the wedding continue? It will be auspicious in half an hour.”

“An An, you have finally come this far, but don’t be influenced by the outside world. What happened has already passed, as long as he treats you well now is enough.”

Everyone’s comfort fell in Qin An’an’s ears.

She nodded: “We’re fine. The wedding will continue. I’ll go get him medicine.”

“You stay here and don’t move, I’ll get the medicine.” Mike finished and strode out.

Zhou Ziyi chased after him to get medicine.

“This Fu Han has such big ambitions.” Zhou Ziyi complained to Mike about the news he had inquired, “I heard that he asked my boss for shares in ST Group. Do you think he has a big heart?”

Mike: “Is he good ? It’s easy to get hold of Fu Shiting, if you don’t speak up, you will have no chance in the future.”

“The company was founded by my boss, and it is my boss’s hard work. Of course my boss won’t let him be slaughtered! If my boss is such a threat , the company has been torn apart a long time ago!”

“You still have a ‘my boss’, he has killed people, don’t you think it’s scary?” Mike teased coldly.

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