When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1091 -1100(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1091 -1100(Chinese)

Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091

Zhou Ziyi replied: “Qin Anan doesn’t think it’s scary, what’s so scary about me? Do you think Qin Anan has no brains?”

“Even if you think he’s okay, but other people don’t think so. I really I’m worried that their children will be affected.” Mike said worriedly, “If only Fu Shiting could come forward and explain his motive for the murder.”

“My boss won’t explain it.” Zhou Ziyi said firmly, “He hates talking to others the most. Explanation. But I believe that he must have justified reasons for doing such extreme things. For example, self-defense.”

“I know your boss doesn’t bother to explain to others. He doesn’t even explain to Qin An’an, let alone other people? Qin An’an can’t stand his stinky temper! He’s dragging him to death, he’s been taught a lesson today!”

“Are you gloating? If my boss is guilty, the law will punish him. What happened today is completely organized. Plan! Those people will be punished! Not one can escape!” Zhou Ziyi said angrily.

“It is estimated that this is the first time in Fu Shiting’s life that he has suffered such humiliation. It’s tragic.”

“You can shut up! He is Qin An’an’s husband now. You better bless him in peace, otherwise Qin An’an will cry even more. “

Why do you keep pressing Qin An’an on me?”

“Because only she can hold you down! You crow’s mouth!”

After a while, Mike took the medicine box and sent it to Qin An’an.

“Why don’t the wedding be delayed for half an hour? It will be twelve o’clock soon.” Mike glanced at the time and discussed with Qin Anan.

Qin Anan hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “We’ll go when I change his clothes.”

“Well. Also, you have to put on makeup. Your face is crying.” Mike reminded.

“Got it.” She turned around and entered the room with the medicine box.

Mike came out of the villa and planned to inform the officiant of the wedding that the wedding was postponed.

I ran into a bodyguard and hurried over.

“In a panic, what’s wrong?” Mike asked.

“A middle-aged man came to the door of the resort, saying it was President Fu’s father, and he had to break in.” The bodyguard wondered, “I asked him to bring out the invitation, but he said no. He insisted that he was President Fu’s father. ……Why don’t you go and see if he is President Fu’s father!”

Mike Fu forehead: “How do I know who his father is… Zhou Ziyi! Go and see! “

Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose: “Why don’t I go and inform my boss! Because I don’t know who his biological father is…I haven’t seen it!”

Today, Fu Han exposed Before all the scandals, Fu Shiting didn’t tell the people around him, except Qin Anan.

“Are you sure you’re going to tell Fu Shiting? Fu Shiting didn’t invite his biological father, which means they have a bad relationship.” Mike whispered to Zhou Ziyi, “Why don’t you just shoot people away! So that he won’t get upset.”

Zhou Ziyi thought about it. After checking the feasibility, he nodded.

Twenty minutes later.

Qin Anan put medicine on Fu Shiting’s wounds, changed him into a new dress, then held his hand and came out of the villa.

When the two came out of the villa, they suddenly heard a sharp scream from the gate of the resort.

Fu Shiting recognized who the voice came from almost instantly.

It’s Yun Shijie!

His body tensed instantly, and the big palm conditioned reflex released Qin An’an’s hand.

“Shi Ting…” Qin Anan saw his face ashen, and there was a huge fear in his heart!

There was a strong murderous aura in his eyes!

She called his name, but he turned a deaf ear, as if he couldn’t hear her voice at all!

He took a step forward and strode towards the gate of the resort!

Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092 The

entrance to the resort.

Mike and Zhou Ziyi miscalculated Yun Shijie’s explosive power.

Some people just rush and leave. And some people can’t be driven away.

Yun Shijie has been mixed for most of his life, full of brute force and sloppy skills.

He collapsed to the ground, screaming. In fact, the bodyguard didn’t touch him at all.

The bodyguard didn’t dare to touch him rashly. Today’s situation is too special.

At first, this person said that he was Fu Shiting’s biological father.

Second, things are too ugly and will attract a large number of nearby residents to watch, which will inevitably affect the wedding.

After Fu Shiting rushed over, he saw Yun Shijie who was rolling on the ground, the blood in his body ‘pumped’ and exploded!

In the morning, he became enemies with Fu Han, which exhausted his patience and completely chilled his heart.

Now Yun Shijie came to his wedding scene to make trouble again, as if God deliberately turned against him, making it impossible for him to get married today!

He has become a villain known by thousands of people, and he doesn’t care that his reputation is worse now.

“What are you doing here?!” He strode up in front of Yun Shijie and pulled Yun Shijie’s collar up.

Everyone watched him lift Yun Shijie up from the ground, feeling that he was going to send Yun Shijie back to the West in the next second!

“I saw that you were beaten up! So come here to see you! What’s the matter, you bastard, you got angry outside and put your anger on Laozi’s head? Hurry up and let go!” Yun Shijie roared.

Qin Anan wanted to ask him to stop, but couldn’t make a sound.

She knew that he was so angry now that if his emotions didn’t come out, he would suppress it in his heart and cause problems!

Yun Shijie hit the muzzle of the gun.

“An An, go to the auditorium first!” Mike felt that Fu Shiting had lost his mind, and the next scene might be more violent and bloody. He didn’t want Qin Anan to see such a picture.

He forcibly took Qin An’an away and walked towards the auditorium.

In the grand and splendid auditorium, there were no empty seats for guests.

When everyone saw Mike and Qin Anan coming in, there were puzzled expressions on their faces.

The wedding ceremony has been delayed by ten minutes.

Although the master of ceremonies had already informed that the wedding ceremony would be postponed for half an hour, seeing the bride’s dejected look, everyone couldn’t help but guess in their hearts whether the wedding could be held smoothly.

Qin Anan raised her eyes and looked at Fu Shiting’s well-arranged auditorium.

She likes pink, so the entire tone of the auditorium is dominated by pink.

She likes flowers, so there are flowers of all colors everywhere in the auditorium.

Originally, she should stand here with Fu Shiting now, and make an oath of love in front of all her relatives and friends, but now, she is very uncertain.

She didn’t know if Fu Shiting still remembered the wedding, let alone if he would come.

Mike helped her to the front row of chairs and sat down.

“An An, sit here, I’ll go out and have a look.”

Before Mike went out, he asked Li Xiaotian to come and accompany her.

At the entrance of the resort, Yun Shijie wanted to break free from Fu Shiting’s restraint, but Fu Shiting refused to let go of him.

And just like that, the father and son fought!

The bodyguard watched, not knowing what to do.

After all, Yun Shijie was Fu Shiting’s biological father. The father and son fought, and it was difficult for outsiders to interfere.

Moreover, Fu Shiting had a good physique, so he would not suffer at all in the face of Yun Shijie.

Soon, Yun Shijie was pinned to the ground!

Zhou Ziyi stood beside him and tried to persuade him to fight: “Boss, hand him over to the bodyguard! You go and hold the wedding ceremony with An An first.”

Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093

Before Zhou Ziyi’s words were settled, Yun Shijie scolded and chattered: “Fu Shiting! You bastard! You don’t even ask me what I’m here to do! You fucking, you have the ability to beat up Fu Han! You just saw that Lao Tzu is your biological father, so you can’t really do anything to you…”

Fu Shiting was disgusted when he saw his constantly pursed lips.

What he said was even more disgusting!

If he hadn’t brought Yunmo back to China to find Fu Shiting to defraud money, the latter series of things would not have happened.

This tragedy was caused by him, and he dared to come here to find fault, he didn’t know whether to live or die!

Even if today’s wedding is over, Fu Shiting has to teach him a lesson!

Let him never dare to jump again!

in the auditorium.

After an unknown time, Qin Anan heard hurried footsteps behind him.

She looked up to the side and saw Mike coming over.

“What about others?” Her voice was uncontrollably cold.

She waited so long, and he hasn’t come yet. Is he not going to come?

“Injured and sent to the hospital.” Mike sighed heavily, “Let’s go eat first!”

Her fingers clenched tightly.

She should have gone to the hospital to see him, but she couldn’t move.

She just wanted to stay here and not go anywhere.

“An An, I know you’re sad, but if things are like this today, your wedding will definitely not happen. You go to dinner with us first, don’t let the wedding go and people will starve first.” Mike grabbed her arm, want to take her away.

She stubbornly retracted her arms and refused to listen to him.

“Mike, take the guests to dinner first! I’ll sit here with An An for a while.” Li Xiaotian frowned and said, “It’s not that you got married, of course you can’t understand how uncomfortable An An is now.”

” Okay. , I’ll take the guests away first.” After Mike finished speaking, he turned and invited everyone to the banquet hall for dinner.

In the huge auditorium, only Qin Anan and Li Xiaotian were left.

“An An, even if you and Fu Shiting don’t have this wedding, you will grow old together. Really.” Li Xiaotian sat down beside her and comforted, “All the bad things happened today, and you will never meet again in the future. I’m in trouble.”

Qin An’an lowered his eyes, tears rustling down: “Why can’t he control himself? After saying that the wedding is going to be completed today, why can’t he control his temper a little… ..”

“The wedding can be done later. What happened today is really scary, not only us, but also the other guests were also frightened. An An, Fu Han chose to expose these today, just to be sure. Let you all have a good wedding.” Li Xiaotian held her cool hand, “Just wait until today is over.”

“Hopefully!” Qin Anan raised her head slightly to calm herself down quickly, “You go with me. Change your clothes!”

“Okay.” The


After the doctor treated Fu Shiting’s wounds on his face and hands, he strode out of the consultation room before he could tell him what to pay attention to.

“Boss, where are you going?” Zhou Ziyi was very afraid at this moment that he would do something even more outrageous.

He beat Yun Shijie with a bruised nose and a swollen face, which was not human-like.

Although Yun Shijie is weaker than him, he is also a violent temper. He was beaten hard, and he didn’t care that he was his own son, so he was also injured.

“Go back and get married.” The anger in his dark eyes had been extinguished.

Whether it is Fu Han or Yun Shijie, the farce they brought can be temporarily forgotten.

Today is his and Qin An’an’s wedding, and Qin An’an is still waiting for him.

So he had to rush back to marry her.

Half an hour later, he rushed to the auditorium.

The auditorium was empty.

Just like his heart at the moment, a piece of desolation.

Did she not wait for him?

Chapter 1094

Chapter 1094

“Boss, the guests have all gone to the banquet hall to eat.” Zhou Ziyi asked a waiter outside the auditorium, and got this answer, “Why don’t you go to the banquet hall to eat first! Maybe An An is also there. Eat there.”

Fu Shiting took out his phone from his pocket.

The screen of the mobile phone does not know when it cracks, but it does not affect the use.

He found Qin An’an’s number and dialed it. Soon, the call was connected.

“An An.”

“Shi Ting.” The

two spoke almost at the same time.

“Where are you now?”

“Where are you now?” The

two said at the same time again.

They fell silent at the same time. After a few seconds, Qin Anan spoke first: “I’m in the villa. What about you?”

“I’ll go to you now.”


After hanging up, Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief.

Listening to his tone, he should have calmed down by now.

As Li Xiaotian said, after getting through today, their lives will gradually become stable.

After that, nothing can break them again.

Five minutes later, Fu Shiting returned to the villa.

The moment the two looked at each other, they were shocked.

Fu Shiting didn’t expect that Qin Anan had already taken off her wedding dress, and took off her makeup and styling.

Now she is wearing an everyday long dress, and her face is the plain face he is most familiar with.

And Qin Anan was shocked that his face was injured and wrapped in gauze.

“Aren’t we going to have a wedding?” he asked nervously.

She took a sad breath: “Shi Ting, it’s past two o’clock in the afternoon…”

“Didn’t you say that no matter what happens, there will be a wedding?”

“You’re like this, are you sure you want to have a wedding? Look at your clothes, it’s dirty again. The injury on your face, are you trying to scare others? If you really want to have a wedding with me, why don’t you just do the ceremony with me and then fight?”

She I didn’t want to blame him, but he actually questioned her!

While she was waiting for him in the auditorium, he didn’t think for a second about how she felt.

He knew that he was wrong, so he didn’t say anything.

“You go and change your clothes first. I’ll ask the butler to bring lunch.” She took him to the bedroom, “I figured it out, it’s fine even if we don’t have the ceremony, anyway, it’s our wedding today.”

“Do you think that I’m ashamed now?” he asked as he entered the bedroom.

She took out a set of clean clothes from the closet and put it on the bed, and replied casually: “If you feel ashamed yourself, you are afraid that others will feel ashamed of you. And even if you feel ashamed, you are not alone. We have long been tied to each other. Together, and our child.”

He took off his jacket and untied his tie, “How is Rila?”

“My daughter cried.” She said truthfully, “You don’t have to worry about others now, you take care of it. You can do it yourself. You stay at home for the next few days and don’t go anywhere. Wait until the limelight is over.”

“You just feel ashamed of me.” You probably vented all your anger outside, so don’t care what Qin Anan said for now What, he is not angry.

“So what if I’m ashamed, what if I despise you, do you want to break up with me?” She complained, taking the dirty clothes he changed into the dirty clothes basket.

By the time she came out of the bathroom, he had already changed his clothes.

“We got married today.” His deep eyes fell on her face, “You are my wife now.”

“It’s better to have my wife in your eyes.” She said angrily, “Look at how embarrassed you are now. If you are photographed, you can post it on the Internet to make up a big drama.”

Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095

“Don’t care what others say.” He took her small hand, put her in his arms, rubbed his chin on her head, “Have you eaten?”

“Eat.” She smelled him The smell of the potion on her body made her aggrieved, ” I didn’t eat much in the morning, and I was very hungry at noon. So I ate it.


When he saw Yun Shijie at that time, it was as if he had gone crazy.

She was afraid that he would strike someone lightly or seriously and cause problems.

“I don’t know. He should still be alive.” He said hoarsely, “If it wasn’t for him, there wouldn’t be so much trouble at all. Even if he stayed well in country B and asked me for money, I wouldn’t be so angry.

” He is indeed not a good father. Shi Ting, don’t be angry. What happens to him in the future has nothing to do with us.”

“Well.” The


Although Yun Shijie was covered with injuries, fortunately, he was not seriously injured.

After the doctor treated his wound, he was advised to be hospitalized. But he found himself able to walk and move, and refused to be hospitalized.

After coming out of the hospital, he called Yun Zhe.

“Hurry up and pick me up at the hospital!”

Yun Zhe said, “I’m going to the airport with Xiaoxiao now!”

“Fuck! You don’t listen to what I said? Hurry up and pick me up at the hospital! Otherwise, you won’t be able to see me in the future!” Yun Shijie was very hot.

It’s not entirely because he was beaten by Fu Shiting.

Because when Fu Shiting beat him, he also punched Fu Shiting twice.

After punching Fu Shiting twice, his heart was even more uncomfortable.

Thinking that Fu Shiting is now being attacked by Fu Han and being scolded by the whole network, he may not be able to hold his head up in country A in the future, and it may not be so easy for him to ask Fu Shiting for money in the future.

It can’t go on like this.

Fu Shiting is no longer a member of the Fu family, but a descendant of the Yun family. Now this whole thing is a game between the Yun family and the Fu family! How could Yun Shijie let the Yun family lose?

Four p.m.

Yun Shijie dialed the next number.

Now Fu Shiting hates him to the bone, he can’t communicate with Fu Shiting, so he can only communicate with the people around Fu Shiting.

Yun Shijie inquired that the person with the best relationship with Fu Shiting was Sheng Bei.

Sheng Bei is in charge of the financial power of ST Group, and he must have the right to speak beside Fu Shiting.

After he called Sheng Bei, he reported his identity, and then told Sheng Bei his plans and requirements.

After listening to him, Sheng Bei agreed to his request without hesitation.

“My phone has recorded it. If you don’t care when you talk, I will let my son make this recording public.” Yun Shijie threatened.

Sheng Bei: “I promised on behalf of Shi Ting. The money will definitely be given by Shi Ting. Your purpose is to ensure that your son and daughter will be safe for the rest of their lives. Of course Shi Ting can do it. But you will definitely not ask for it. Shi Ting’s money is not from the wind, and at the same time, he is not a stingy person. If you can do what you say, Shi Ting will definitely not treat them badly.”

“Hey, this kid looks down on me. They don’t even want to talk to me, and they beat me up when they see me.” Yun Shijie let out a depressing sigh.

“Uncle Yun, if you were Shi Ting, you might be more impulsive.” Sheng Bei said, “If you didn’t come to country A, Shi Ting’s life would not be destroyed.”

“Okay! Don’t blame me! You blame me, I won’t admit my mistake!” Yun Shijie said angrily and hung up the phone.


Sheng Bei came to the villa and looked for Fu Shiting.

“Shiting, should you rest in the afternoon?” Sheng Bei looked at the wound on his face and said cautiously, “Everyone cares about you, why don’t you go and meet everyone?”

Fu Shiting glanced at Qin Anan , said in a low voice, “My wife won’t let me.”

Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096

Qin Anan felt that the injury on his face would scare the children who came to the wedding, so let him stay in the villa, while resting, think about what happened today, if it was better to do it all over again solution.

In fact, she was just resentful. He had half the responsibility for the failure of the wedding today.

“An An, why don’t you let him go out to meet the guests?” Sheng Bei cleared his throat and asked, “Everyone wants to see him!”

“He is covered in injuries,” Qin Anan saw Fu Shiting throwing the blame on him, so he didn’t Save face for him, “It’s all over the ass.”

Fu Shiting: “…”

Sheng Bei was shocked: “Shi Ting, are you hurt so badly? If it’s so serious, then you should rest well.”

Fu Shiting got up from the sofa: “I’m fine.”

“Oh.” Sheng Bei was in a dilemma.

Fu Shiting walked up to Qin An’an and discussed with her: “Today is our wedding, it doesn’t seem good for us to stay in the room all the time. I’ll accompany the guests.”

Qin An’an: “Go, you must be back before nine o’clock .”

Fu Shiting agreed, then raised his wrist and glanced at his watch.

He has an hour and a half of active time.

“An An, do you want to go to the banquet hall with us?” Sheng Bei said, “In addition to seeing Shi Ting, everyone also wants to see you!”

Qin Anan felt a little awkward.

The events of the day were like a sharp blade, which carved a deep scar in her heart.

She can’t forget the scene when she entered the auditorium wearing a wedding dress and was surrounded by so many eyes.

Although these people are obviously friends and relatives of the two of them, she still feels a little ashamed.

“Wife, let’s go together!” Fu Shiting held her hand in the palm of his hand, “After today’s dinner, some guests have left. There are not so many guests now.”

“Yes, some guests have left tonight. Stay here. Yes, they have a good relationship.” Sheng Beidao, “Although what happened today is sensational, it is not good for Shi Ting’s reputation, and there is a lot of scolding on the Internet, but it will not affect Shi Ting’s career. As long as Shi Ting’s The career will not be affected, everything else is trivial.”

After being persuaded by Sheng Bei, Qin Anan felt better.

“Shi Ting, bring more bodyguards when you go out in the future.” She worriedly said, “I don’t want to see you bullying others, let alone seeing you being bullied.”

“An An, don’t worry, I called a team of bodyguards again. Come here. Specially protect Shi Ting and you. Today’s accident during the day will not happen again.” Sheng North Road.

Qin Anan followed the two of them to the banquet hall.

When everyone saw them coming, they immediately surrounded them enthusiastically.

“Do you two want to recite your wedding vows now?” Li Xiaotian knew that Qin Anan regretted not being able to hold the wedding ceremony today, so she coaxed, “It happens that the master of ceremonies is here, so you can go through the process again!”

Qin Anan suddenly Blushing: “Don’t make trouble, I didn’t bring the draft oath.”

“Fu Shiting, you missed the appointment at noon and made An An cry in the auditorium. Now you must recite your wedding oath in front of everyone!” Li Xiao Tian is angry with Fu Shiting.

Qin An’an took Li Xiaotian’s arm and told her not to embarrass him.

“Okay.” Fu Shiting agreed immediately, then took Qin An’an’s hand and walked to the stage.

The lights in the banquet hall suddenly dimmed, and the spotlight came on, hitting both of them.

The guests were very tacit and quiet, waiting for Fu Shiting’s oath.

Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097

“Once, I thought I would walk the road of my life alone. Until I met you, Qin Anan. You let me know what love is, what love is, what righteousness is, and let me I know what completeness is. With you, my life is complete. I can’t guarantee that every day will be smooth, but I can guarantee that every day that follows, I will be like this momentarily, with all my heart To love you.”

Qin Anan looked at him with a surprised expression, in disbelief!

Because the words he said were completely different from the oath he wrote before!

“I know you must be thinking, why is what I said different from the draft?” He looked at her surprised face and said word by word, “Because what happened today has made you wronged, I am very sorry. Guilt. So there are a lot of things I want to say to you in my heart.”

Qin An’an’s eyes suddenly became wet.

Although this was not a formal wedding ceremony, it moved her even more.

She took the microphone from him and stared at him with Xingmu: “Fu Shiting, I know we are very different, you are like a burning flame, and I am like a piece of wood. But you are not ordinary Fire, you will not destroy me. What you bring to me is only unforgettable warmth and touching. Although we often quarrel, I will never forget the changes and sacrifices you have made for me. I will always love you, Until the end of life.” The

audience was boiling!

“Kiss one! Kiss one!” Everyone exclaimed.

Jin Sinian immediately covered Rila’s eyes.

Rila raised her little hand and lifted Jin Sinian’s hand away, “I want to see them kiss!” After a pause, she pursed her lips and said aggrieved, “I thought my father didn’t come to marry my mother at noon, and my mother I must be angry. I thought the two of them were going to quarrel again, and they won’t see each other for a long time without talking…”

Now that her parents were so loving, Rila was also relieved.

in a rental room.

Fu Han was sitting on the sofa, swiping his phone and watching news on the Internet.

Fu Yechen’s face was swollen like a bun, and he couldn’t sleep because of the pain, so he sat in the living room.

“Dad, things are so big today that it doesn’t seem to affect Fu Shiting.”

“How do you know it didn’t affect them? They didn’t even get married. That’s not an impact? If I can’t get the money, I can’t make him feel better! Fu Han said coldly, “Don’t think about waiting for the limelight to pass. After a while, I’ll take out these things!”

Fu Yechen frowned: “Dad, do we really take his hands from him?” Can’t I get the money inside? Even if I can get the old house back! These houses outside are not only expensive, but also of poor quality. Our old house is better.”

“It’s not that you have no money to spend, and you encouraged me to sell the old house Are you home?” Fu Han glared at him, “Fu Shiting is so determined that he refuses to give us money, what can we do?”

Fu Yechen’s brain started to run at a high speed, and he began to think of a way.

At this moment, Yun Mo came out of the room.

When Fu Yechen saw him come out, he reflexively said, “Uncle, you haven’t slept yet?”

Yun Mo replied, “I’m thirsty.”

Yun Mo was with them, although he didn’t receive much care, But they were much more polite to him than Yun Shijie and his son.

After all, he is Fu Han’s younger brother and Fu Yechen’s uncle.

“Uncle, do you have a good relationship with Qin An’an?” Fu Yechen suddenly thought of this.

Yun Mo: “She was very kind to me. But I made her angry.”

She asked him to live at Fu Shiting’s house, but he was really afraid of Fu Shiting, so he left with Fu Han.

After that, they have no contact.

“Oh.” Fu Yechen had a bold idea in his heart.

Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098

After Yun Mo returned to the room after drinking water, Fu Yechen looked at his father.

“Dad, we can use my uncle.” Fu Yechen expressed his thoughts, “Qin Anan has a fatal flaw, that is, being soft-hearted.”

Fu Han listened to his words, pondered for a few seconds, and said, “Why? Use? Your uncle is a fool, he can’t do anything at all!”

“We don’t need him to do anything, we just need to use him to threaten Qin An’an.” Fu Yechen squinted his fox eyes and said, “My aunt is She must have felt guilt towards my aunt for dying to save Qin An’an’s son. When she treated my uncle, she didn’t even know his true identity. Maybe she came to give my aunt an apology. My uncle treated her.”

Fu Han said with a solemn expression: “She is sorry to your aunt, but not to your uncle. If you use your aunt to threaten her, it will definitely work. But using your uncle to threaten may not work. Is it possible that we are going to kill your uncle to threaten her?”

“Of course not. Qin Anan will not die. My uncle is dumb, very similar to my aunt. Dad, think about it. , this is our last chance. Fu Shiting’s temper is not controlled by anyone at all. Even if we kill him, he will not give us a cent of his property. And he listened to Qin An’an’s words, If we can control Qin An’an, we will control my uncle.”

Fu Han nodded, agreeing with his son’s point of view.

Fu Shiting’s temper is indeed very different from that of ordinary people.

If these scandals are used to threaten ordinary people, ordinary people will definitely be willing to spend money to settle things down. But Fu Shiting would not give in.

He would rather lose both than give in to threats from outsiders.

It is precisely because of his courage and tenacity, which is different from ordinary people, that he has reached the peak that no one else can reach in his entire life at such a young age!

“This matter needs to be planned well. If you rashly threaten Qin An’an now, Qin An’an may not be obedient.” Fu Han said, “Today Fu Shiting was beaten, she must be distressed, let’s wait.”


Qin Anan drank some wine.

What happened during the day, and what happened at night, made her emotional ups and downs.

She took a glass of champagne as the waiter passed her with champagne.

Fu Shiting saw that she took a glass of wine and wanted to dissuade her.

She is not good at drinking and gets drunk.

Getting drunk is not a good experience, he was afraid that she would have a headache tomorrow.

“I’m happy tonight, I won’t drink any more.” After taking a sip of wine, she didn’t forget to remind, “You can’t drink! You have an injury, so you can’t touch alcohol.”

“I don’t drink.” He looked Looking at the time, “An An, didn’t you say you will go back to rest at nine o’clock? It will be nine o’clock soon.”

“Oh…then you take Rila back to rest. I’ll play a little longer.” She drank With a sip of wine, his cheeks flushed, “You are injured, but I am not. Whoever hurt you, go back to rest obediently if you are hurt!”

Fu Shiting was worried about her.

What if he took his daughter back to rest and she went cup after cup?

She looked like she was drunk now.

“Fu Shiting, take Rila back to rest! With me watching An An, she will be fine!” Li Xiaotian said, “Your performance tonight is not bad, keep it up!”

“If you return at ten o’clock If you don’t go back to the room, I’ll come to you.” After saying this to Qin An’an, he walked towards Rila.

After Fu Shiting walked away, Li Xiaotian took Qin An’an’s shoulders and asked, “An’an, what’s the matter with you? Don’t you hate drinking?”

Qin An’an exhaled heavily: “I really hated drinking before, and I didn’t understand why so many people like to drink. Now I understand.”

Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099

She was very moved by Fu Shiting’s confession to her tonight.

However, she is also very regretful that the wedding they had planned for so long was ruined in a mess.

Even if the wedding was successfully held at noon today, she would still feel uncomfortable.

Fu Han is too much!

He can expose these scandals anytime, but he chooses today!

“I used to think that most people in life are good people. But some people can always refresh my perception of bad people again and again.” She raised her glass and took another sip.

“You mean Fu Shiting’s eldest brother, Fu Han, right?” Li Xiaotian said, “He’s really disgusting. Even if Fu Shiting isn’t his brother, Fu Shiting hasn’t been bad to him all these years! I don’t remember any old feelings, really It ‘s so good and hateful.”

“If Mrs. Fu was still alive, she would never allow Fu Han to do this.”

“Well, An An, don’t be angry. After today’s events, I found that I didn’t seem to have known Fu Shiting before. Li Xiaotian recalled that Fu Shiting was on the stage and looked at Qin Anan’s words affectionately, “I only thought he was a successful businessman before, and money must be the first in his heart, but Tonight, I found out that he is actually a man who values ​​love and righteousness.”

“But God is not fair to him. Anything he encounters on ordinary people may not be able to endure.” Qin Anan put the cup He drank the wine in one go, “I feel very sorry for him. Thinking that he will be charged as a ‘murderer’ in the future, my heart is in a mess.”

“Do you know why he killed Fu Jingxiao?” Li Xiaotian asked Said, “Everyone is talking about this.”

“Fu Jingxiao abused Yin Yin, if he didn’t kill Fu Jingxiao, then the person who died would be Yin Yin.” Qin Anan put down the empty glass and said coldly, “Why do I say God? It’s unfair, because Fu Shiting has not been treated well since he was born. Neither his original family nor the future Fu family have given him normal warmth.”

At ten o’clock in the evening, Fu Shiting came to the banquet hall to pick up Qin An’an.

Qin Anan was drunk, lying on the table, babbling, not knowing what he was talking about.

Fu Shiting helped her up from the table and looked at Li Xiaotian with cold eyes: “That’s what you said you would take good care of her?”

Li Xiaotian shrank her neck and looked innocent: “I said I would send her back to the room, She doesn’t come back. She has to wait for you to pick it up.”

“How much did she drink?” Fu Shiting smelled a strong smell of alcohol on her.

Li Xiaotian stretched out a finger.

“A cup?” He was surprised.

Li Xiaotian shook her head.

“A bottle?!” He took a deep breath, his voice uncontrollably irritable.

“She insists on drinking, what can I do?” Li Xiaotian had a headache. “Hurry up and take her away! Although she can’t drink enough, her drink is okay. She was lying on her stomach when she was drunk, and she didn’t make trouble. But Tomorrow she will be uncomfortable.”

If eyes can kill, then Li Xiaotian is probably killed by Fu Shiting’s eyes now.

He picked up Qin An’an horizontally and strode out of the banquet hall.

Back at the villa, he put Qin An’an on the bed.

She suddenly opened her moist eyes, stared at him without blinking, and asked earnestly, “Husband, are we…are we married today?”

Fu Shiting took off her shoes and looked at him with deep eyes. To her: “Well. What’s the matter?”

“Then…Are we going to have a bridal chamber tonight?”

Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100

Fu Shiting didn’t expect that she was drunk and would think about such a thing in her mind.

His big palm rubbed her flushed cheeks: “An An, you’ve had too much to drink. Have a good rest tonight. Don’t you feel bad?”

“I feel bad.” She looked at him with tears in her eyes, “Seeing you I’m so uncomfortable.”

“I’ll be fine in a few days. I’ll ask the housekeeper to bring some sober soup.” He looked at her confused appearance and was very distressed, “You lie on the bed and don’t move around.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll call the housekeeper.” He dialed the housekeeper’s cornet.

Soon, the butler answered the phone.

He asked the butler to bring the sober soup. Before the words were settled, Qin Anan shouted softly, “Butler, I want to eat ice cream!” The

butler was stunned for a moment.

Fu Shiting looked back and looked helplessly at her drunken appearance: “Are you sure you want to eat ice cream?”

“I’m so hot, if you don’t give me ice cream, then I’ll take off my clothes…”

Fu Shiting immediately hung up Disconnect.

He went to the bathroom to pick up a basin of warm water and wiped her face.

She lifted his arm, looking impatient: “I’m dizzy…don’t mess with me…”

“Will you drink in the future?” He pinched her chin, forcibly Wiping her face, “I know that today’s wedding didn’t go according to our original plan, which makes you very uncomfortable. But An An, the wedding is just a formality. Our days in the future are still very long.

” .” After wiping her face, she became sober, “You prepared the wedding, how much time and energy did you put into our wedding today… Don’t you feel sorry for it?”

“What’s the use of regret?” He put the towel in the basin, rubbed it, and wiped her face again, “Fu Han is afraid that he is incompetent at home right now.”

“Deserved!” She suddenly raised her voice , “The more he wants to harm us, the better we have to live.”

“Well.” He looked at her scarlet eyes, worried that she would have a headache tomorrow, “Is there any painkillers in the medicine bag you brought at noon?”

“What do you want painkillers for? Where are you hurting? I’ll show you.” She grabbed his arm, trying to sit up.

As a result, within two seconds of sitting up, he lay back heavily. “Close your eyes

and get a good night’s sleep. You can take the painkiller when you wake up tomorrow.” He covered her with a quilt. “You won’t be allowed to drink in the future.”

The slender arm was raised high and placed on the head, and a shallow snort came out of his mouth from time to time.

I could see that she was suffering, but he couldn’t bear it for her.

He turned off the lights in the room, leaving only an orange bedside lamp.

After about a quarter of an hour, her eyes closed and her breathing gradually became even.

The door was knocked gently twice, he strode to the door, and opened the door.

The butler brought the hangover soup and ice cream.

He took the things and closed the door.

The hangover soup is packed in an insulated box, and she can drink it when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Just… what to do with ice cream?

Qin An did not sleep peacefully.

Mainly a headache. After sleeping for a while, she woke up with a headache.

She opened her eyes and saw Fu Shiting holding an ice cream under the dim light and eating it gracefully.

She ‘jumped’ and got up from the bed!

“Fu Shiting! Are you eating my ice cream?” She woke up instantly.

She remembered asking the housekeeper for ice cream.

And most of the ice cream in Fu Shiting’s hand belonged to her.

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