When His Eyes Opened Chapter 111 -120(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 111 -120(Chinese)

Chapter 111

“I don’t think Brother Shi Ting is angry for not seeing her… I asked his bodyguard, and the bodyguard said that his face was scratched by a branch. He loves face very much, and the injury on his face is not good, I guess I do n’t want to see anyone.”

“So that’s the case! Then I’ll tell An An now! Otherwise, she will definitely be thinking nonsense!” Li Xiaotian sent a message to Qin Anan about what He Zhunzhi said.

Qin Anan gave her a smile.

Li Xiaotian continued to send her a message: In half a month, it will be Fu Shiting’s birthday. Do you want to give him a gift?

Qin An’an: No, I don’t know what to give.

Li Xiaotian: It’s so cold, knit him a sweater!

Qin Anan: Are you serious? Who is wearing a knitted sweater now? ?

Li Xiaotian: If you want to knit, you can knit, straight men like this.

Qin An’an: The problem is, I can’t knit!

Li Xiaotian: Someone who sells wool will teach you! It’s really not good, you can watch the video online! You are so smart, you will definitely learn it!

Qin An’an: Why do you insist on me knitting sweaters?

Li Xiaotian: Because men eat this set! He Zhunzhi said that he can’t forget his first love girlfriend now, because that girl knitted a sweater for him, and he kept it until now… I’m sore in my heart, but I will never knit him a sweater !

Standing in the heavy snow, Qin Anan fell into a brief tangle while watching the message from her girlfriend.

A car stopped in front of her, honked its horn, and she recovered.

It was the express she called.

An hour later, she came home with a bag of wool.

Zhang Yun walked up to her, glanced at the wool in the bag, and wondered, “Do you want to knit a scarf?”

Qin Anan blushed slightly: “I want to knit a sweater.”

Zhang Yun’s eyes instantly became more meaningful: “Who do you knit for? It can’t be for me, right? Is it for Fu Shiting?”

Qin Anan: “Mom, I will knit for you…but Fu Shiting It’s his birthday, so I’ll knit one for him first. When I’m a little more proficient, I’ll knit a better one for you.”

Zhang Yun smiled and said, “I’m kidding you! However, it’s not popular to knit sweaters for your sweetheart these days. Isn’t it? It was very popular in our time…”

Qin Anan: “Xiao Tian said it is also popular now.”

Zhang Yun: “Oh, it seems that fashion is a cycle! Can you knit? It’s very expensive to knit. Time. Do you want me to help you?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “There’s still half a month left! I should be able to finish knitting.”

Fu family.

Closed balcony on the second floor.

Fu Shiting was sitting in a wheelchair, staring at the heavy snow outside the window for a moment.

For the past few days, his mind has been empty. The heart is also empty.

The previous obsession and pain seemed to be paused.

He didn’t want to see anyone, and he didn’t want to hear any sound.

Only when the pain is unbearable, I think about what would have happened if I had fallen to my death at that time.

He knew very well that nothing would actually change.

The earth will still turn.

Those who cried for his departure will gradually return to their normal lives.

In this world, no one can live without anyone.

But in the end, he was still concerned.

He cannot die.

His hands clenched tightly on the armrest of the wheelchair, and his body was very tight.

Tears slid down the corners of his eyes quickly.

Living room on the second floor.

Mrs. Fu was sitting on the sofa with the doctor standing beside her.

“Madam, Shi Ting’s injury this time has caused his depression to relapse.”

Madam Fu sighed, “I feel it. He refused to speak, and he closed himself up again.”

Chapter 112

Chapter 112

“I gave him medicine for depression in the morning, but he didn’t take it.” The doctor frowned, “It won’t work if you don’t take medicine!”

Mrs. Fu: “I’ll have a good talk with him tomorrow.”

Doctor: “I heard He listens to Qin An’an’s words, or…”

“No! It’s all her fault that my son has become what he is now. This woman will only bring misfortune to my son!” Mrs. Fu’s emotions excited.

Doctors declined to comment.

He is only responsible for Fu Shiting’s physical condition.

“I know you didn’t mean to speak for Qin An’an… Let’s talk about it tomorrow! Let’s see if he can listen to me.” Mrs. Fu quickly compromised.

She hopes that her son will get better soon, and everything else can be put aside.

After Qin Anan took a bath, she walked to the window and glanced at the snow outside.

The ground had already turned white, like a layer of silver clothing, and the night suddenly lit up a little, and

an impulse surged up inside.

She picked up her phone and wanted to call Fu Shiting.

I want to hear his voice.

After thinking about it, she was afraid that he would not answer the phone, so she changed to send him a voice.

Even if he can’t hear his voice, let him hear her voice and let him know that she has been thinking about him all the time.

After sending the voice, she went to the living room, took out the wool, and started knitting.

The world is quiet, and the heart is also immersed.

At two o’clock in the night, Fu Shiting was awakened by a nightmare.

His forehead was covered with hot sweat, and there was a rare fear in his eyes.

These days, he dreams every night that he is dead.

It’s not the scariest.

What is terrifying is that in the dream, his body was incomplete, his flesh and blood were blurred, and his face was unrecognizable.

He’s turned into a puddle of rotten meat!

All around him were flies and bed bugs.

Every time he wakes up, he hates himself so much!

He found the phone, turned it on, and checked the time.

He accidentally opened WeChat with his finger, and Qin An’an’s head appeared in his eyes.

With trembling fingers, he opened her dialog box and saw the voice she sent.

He turned on the voice, and her voice flowed

out—— ——Fu Shiting, it’s snowing today, have you seen it? I heard that you were discharged from the hospital today, I hope you recover quickly! I want to call you, but I’m afraid of disturbing you, so I send you a voice. Show you the snow on my side!

——Snow Scene·jpg

When he clicked on the picture, he saw white snow all over the place.

His Adam’s apple moved, and the shadow from the nightmare was suppressed.

He clicked on her voice over and over again, listening to her clean and crisp voice, his heart controlled by the disease gradually became peaceful.

a week later.

Fu Shiting appeared in ST Group.

He was in a wheelchair with a light wool blanket over his legs.

His face was as cold and noble as ever, and he exuded an aura that no strangers should approach.

Without looking at his legs, it’s hard to imagine that he nearly died two weeks ago.

After he entered the office, assistant Zhou Ziyi immediately reported his work to him.

At the end of the report, Zhou Ziyi asked, “Boss, what would you like to drink? Coffee? Or milk?”

Fu Shiting’s thin lips parted lightly: “Coffee. Call Tang Qian.”

Chapter 113

Chapter 113

Zhou Ziyi: “Okay.”

After a while, a cup of coffee was brought to Fu Shiting.

Zhou Ziyi came out of the office and happened to meet Tang Qian.

Tang Qian had no makeup on her face and looked particularly haggard.

Zhou Ziyi walked up to her, hesitant to say anything, but finally said nothing.

Tang Qian entered the office and closed the door.

“Shi Ting, I’m sorry.” She walked in front of him and said hoarsely, “Everything is my brother’s conspiracy. He knows that your legs are bad, so he deliberately tricked you into going up the mountain. That mountain is very steep, and we usually don’t know how to do it. Go climb that mountain. He wants to kill you.”

Fu Shiting looked at her pale face and was silent for a moment before saying, “I know.”

“I’m sorry. He won’t come to apologize to you, he has already fled abroad. Tang Qian choked, “Shi Ting, please let the Tang family go. My father is very old, and I’m worried that he can’t stand the stimulation of family changes. If you want to punish me, punish me. I have no complaints.”

Fu Shiting looked at her quietly.

It was like seeing her facial features for the first time.

In the past, she painted delicate makeup and always appeared in front of him in the best state.

“Tang Qian, I can still feel your company all these years.” His voice was very quiet, without any emotion mixed in, “Leave here and never appear in front of me, as long as you can do it, I will not treat Tang Let’s do it.”

His voice was settled, and Tang Qian shed two lines of hot tears.


She and him are completely over!

She took a deep breath and tried to hold back her tears, but the tears burst instantly.

She gave him one last deep look, then turned and ran out.

After Tang Qian left ST Group, Sheng Bei knocked on Fu Shiting’s office door.

He knew that Fu Shiting absolutely didn’t want to hear about Tang Qian’s topics, so he didn’t mention it.

“Shi Ting, it’s your birthday in a week. If you don’t want to go to the hotel to have a party, go to your home to have a small one!” Sheng Bei suggested.

Fu Shiting took a sip of coffee and said in a cold tone, “No.”

He doesn’t like to be lively, and he never celebrates his birthday.

“But Qin An’an has prepared a birthday gift for you. If you don’t have a birthday, how can she send her gift? You know, the gift she prepared for you can’t be bought with money.” Sheng Bei sold it out. .

Fu Shiting wanted to pretend he didn’t care, but his eyes betrayed his heart.

“She’s knitting sweaters for you! She’s knitting sweaters day and night now, just to give them to you in time for your birthday.” Sheng Bei added, “Don’t you want to see the sweaters she knitted for you? I’m so old, and no woman has ever knitted a sweater for me!”

Fu Shiting didn’t like to wear sweaters.

Because it is troublesome to wear a sweater.

And knitting sweaters one by one is even more troublesome!

This kind of behavior, in his opinion, is very stupid.

But he wouldn’t call her stupid.

If she gave him a sweater, he wouldn’t refuse.

“Shi Ting, I know you don’t like liveliness, so we will have a meal together as a group of brothers.” Sheng Bei said.

Fu Shiting frowned.

Sheng Bei realized that he had left out the most important person, and immediately added: “Oh, and Qin An’an. Since she has prepared gifts for you, she will definitely come to our dinner. Do you see whether she is at home or not? To the restaurant?”

Fu Shiting: “The restaurant.”

Sheng Bei: “Okay! I’m going to book a place now. I’ve made a reservation, should I notify Qin An’an, or do you notify?”

Fu Shiting: “You inform.”

Sheng Bei touched his chin: “Have you two been out of touch? Why didn’t you contact me? I heard that Qin An’an has been wanting to come to you…”

“She didn’t come to me.” Fu Shiting’s voice was muffled, and his breath was full of unhappiness.

Sheng Bei didn’t expect that he had been waiting for Qin An’an to take the initiative.

“…She’s probably busy knitting sweaters! Knitting a sweater is a tedious job, and it’s her first time knitting a sweater… Huh? I remember you don’t seem to like sweaters!” Sheng Bei suddenly thought of this, and said in a

whimsical way, “Why don’t she knit it for you to wear! I haven’t worn a hand-knitted sweater yet!” I love to wear sweaters.”

Chapter 114

Chapter 114

Sheng Bei saw that he was talking nonsense with his eyes open, but he couldn’t refute it.

They have known each other for so many years, and Sheng Bei has never seen him wear a sweater!

However, the sweater Qin Anan knitted for him has a different meaning than the sweater he bought.

“Shi Ting, my aunt called me and said that your nephew was discharged from the hospital and wanted you to go back to the old house for dinner at night.” Sheng Bei said.

Fu Shiting: “She can tell me directly.”

Sheng Bei: “Has Auntie made you angry before? She is a little cautious when she talks to me. Shiting, you don’t have to be angry with Auntie. In this world, only mother hurts you the most. Child…”

Fu Shiting: “I beg you, stop talking.”

Sheng Bei laughed: “Would you like to take Qin An’an back for dinner?”

Fu Shiting thought for a few seconds: “Didn’t you say she knits sweaters ? Are you busy?”

“Yeah! There’s still a week left, I don’t know how she’s knitting.”


Fu Shiting returned to the old house.

Mrs. Fu was very happy, while the other people’s faces showed varying degrees of restraint.

Fu Shiting’s eyes fell coldly on Qin Keke’s face.

He didn’t expect that there would be her at this family banquet.

“Shi Ting, she is Qin An’an’s younger sister, Qin Keke… I didn’t like her at first, but she was taking care of Yechen when she was injured…” Mrs. Fu saw The son was looking at Qin Keke, so he explained.

Qin Keke was worried when he saw him, so he summoned up the courage to say hello to him: “Uncle, just call me Coco. I’m Qin An’an’s sister. I thought you would bring your sister back today!”

Fu Shiting did not He ignored her, and his eyes fell on Fu Yechen.

Fu Yechen’s face was haggard and his expression was sluggish. The period of hospitalization was the most painful day in his life.

“Uncle, Qin An’an and I broke up half a year ago. After she found out that I was with Coco, she hated me. So she really wasn’t arranged by me.” Fu Yechen tried to explain.

Fu Shiting’s thin lips opened lightly: “I see.” After a pause, he said, “I’m afraid you don’t have the ability to control Qin An’an.”

Qin An’an has a unique personality, and no one can restrain her.

“Uncle, you can call me whatever you want, as long as you can be happy.” Fu Yechen said humbly.

Fu Shiting: “I’ll be happy if you shut up.”

Fu Yechen shut up. Although his finger was surgically attached, it has not fully recovered.

He can only rely on Qin Keke to feed him now.

The atmosphere at this dinner was depressing.

Qin Ke could see that everyone didn’t speak, so he wanted to liven up the atmosphere.

“Uncle, our family used to find a very accurate fortune-teller to tell Qin An’an’s fortune,” Qin Keke said eloquently, “The fortune-teller said that Qin An’an Kefu… You fell on the mountain last time, It belongs to Qin An’anke .”

Fu Shiting raised his eyes to look at her, and his eyes flashed a bone-breaking chill: “I’m also very accurate in fortune-telling, I’ll give you a divination now – you won’t live long.”

With a bang, it fell to the ground.

When Mrs. Fu felt her son’s anger, she immediately called the bodyguard: “Throw Qin Keke out!”

Fu Yechen saw that Qin Keke was kicked out, and felt unhappy in her heart: “Grandma…”

“You give I shut up! Either you eat it yourself, or don’t eat it! That Qin Keke, I have long disliked it! You found her, and sooner or later you will be dragged down by her! “

Fu Yechen stopped talking.

He tried hard, using his injured finger, to reach for the spoon.

Fu Shiting put down the tableware, took out a check from his pocket, and handed it to Fu Han: “Brother, this is the cost of taking care of your mother, you accept it.”

Because Mrs. Fu lives with Fu Han, Fu Shiting will Give Fu Han such a fee from time to time.

Fu Han hesitated.

On the one hand, I want to accept it, and on the other hand, I feel that it is shameful to accept it.

Caring for a mother is an obligation as a child.

Chapter 115

Chapter 115

Fu Yechen’s last gambling debt caused Fu Han to bleed heavily.

“Since Shi Ting gave it, then accept it!” Fu Han’s wife said, “We are a family, and we don’t have to be so out of touch with Shi Ting.”

Fu Han blushed and accepted the check: “Shi Ting, you Don’t give it next time.” Fu

Shiting: “I’m full, so let’s go first.”

Mrs. Fu got up and took him out in person.

After they went out, Fu Yechen threw the spoon hard to the ground!

“Dad! Why do you want to charge him?!” Fu Yechen felt disgraced.

The feeling of being given charity is not good.

“You worthless thing! You have the guts to say it! If you have the ability, you should pay me back the 20 million gambling debt first!” Fu Han yelled angrily.

Mother Fu also blamed her son along with her husband this time: “Yechen, your uncle really looks down on us, but we don’t need to be troubled by money! Do you know how much he gave? Five million! Your father’s company is making money every year now. It’s less than that much money!”

Fu Yechen’s eyes were scarlet: “Is our family so poor now?”

“What do you think? Most of our company’s customers cooperate with us because of your uncle’s face. Starting in the second half of this year , those customers don’t cooperate with us anymore…” Mother Fu sighed, “Qin Ke doesn’t know the real situation of our family. If she knew that our family ran out of money, I’m afraid she wouldn’t rush to serve you. “

Fu Yechen was hit.

The injured finger was clenched tightly, but no pain was felt.

He has been living in a greenhouse all this time.

Now, the barrier around him disappeared, and he had to face the harsh reality.

In a flash, it was Fu Shiting’s birthday.

After Qin Anan woke up in the morning, he checked the prepared gifts.

Then go to wash and change clothes.

At the same moment, Fu Shiting took a T-shirt from the closet and put it on.

If you wear a shirt, it will be inconvenient to wear a sweater outside.

What if the sweater she knitted was a tight fit?

ten o’clock in the morning.

Qin An’an and Fu Shiting came to the booked hotel.

The reason why the two of them came so early was because Sheng Bei called them both separately.

Sheng Bei called Fu Shiting and said that Qin An’an had already arrived and asked him to come quickly.

And calling Qin Anan said that Fu Shiting had already arrived, and asked her to come immediately.

When the two of them arrived, they found that no one else had come except the two of them.

Qin Anan secretly glanced at Fu Shiting.

The wound on his face has recovered, and his complexion looks good.

It’s just that he was sitting in a wheelchair and didn’t know what the injury on his leg was.

He was wearing a relatively thin layer today, with a T-shirt inside and a thin windbreaker outside.

When she looked at him, he looked at her too.

She put foundation on her face, but it couldn’t cover her deep eye bags.

It seems that she has been knitting very hard recently.

“I knitted a sweater for you… I didn’t know your size, so I knitted a bigger one…” She brought the bag in her hand to him.

His eyes drooped slightly, he took the bag and took out the sweater.

It was an off-white sweater with thicker threads, and the whole sweater was heavy in the hand.

It should be extra warm to wear.

He took off his coat and put on a sweater in front of her.

Qin An’an’s cheeks were slightly red, but he didn’t expect that he not only didn’t dislike it, but also put on his body directly.

“Fu Shiting, I wish you a happy birthday.”

Chapter 116

Chapter 116

Fu Shiting looked at her clean little face and said hoarsely, “Thank you.” The

sweater was more comfortable and warmer than expected.

Qin Anan didn’t expect him to look good in clothes.

I don’t know if the sweater is well knitted or if it’s other people’s good looks.

She picked up the bag and took out a box: “This is also a gift for you. Because I was worried that you wouldn’t like this sweater, I bought another small gift.”

Fu Shiting looked at the box in her hand.

“It’s a lighter inside,” she explained bluntly, “I didn’t know what to give you, so I bought this. This is a consumable item, and you should be able to use it. But you still need to smoke less. Smoking is not good for your health.”

Saying that, she handed the box to him.

He opened the box, took out the lighter, pressed it lightly, and a string of flames rose.

“I’m not addicted to smoking,” his voice was low and sexy, “I only smoke when I’m upset.”

Qin Anan raised her eyebrows, a little surprised: “But when I lived in your house before, I saw you smoking almost every day.”

Fu Shiting : “Because you make me angry every day.”

Qin Anan: “…”

“Go out and get some air.” He was a little hot.

There was heating in the room, and there was a thin sweat on his forehead.

“Oh, I push you.” She went behind the wheelchair.

“No, the wheelchair is electric.” He said, pressing the button, the wheelchair drove out automatically.

Qin Anan caught up with him: “but you always let the bodyguard push you before.”

Fu Shiting: “If there is a bodyguard pushing, you don’t have to worry about it yourself.”

“I can also push you…”


“But I want to push.” ​​She said, holding the handle of his wheelchair, and pushing the wheelchair to go outside, “How is your leg? What did the doctor say?”

Fu Shiting: “The left leg is broken. Right leg contusion.”

Qin Anan felt a pain in her heart: “Is it very painful?”

Fu Shiting: “It’s okay.”

Qin Anan pushed him out of the hotel, and the cold air immediately wrapped them both.

She pulled the wheelchair to the side of the road and put his windbreaker over his lap.

“I sent you a message before, why didn’t you reply?” She gathered up her courage and asked.

He didn’t reply, and she didn’t sleep well for several nights.

The faces of the two were at a very close distance.

Each other’s breath, intertwined.

He didn’t want to tell her that after his injury, his depression relapsed and he took antidepressants for a week before his condition stabilized.

After the condition stabilized, he learned from Sheng Bei that she was knitting sweaters day and night, so he did not disturb her.

“Forget it, there’s nothing to go back to. It was the first snow that day, so I couldn’t help sending you a message.” She stood up, walked behind the wheelchair, and pushed it along the street.

“Then why didn’t you come to see me?” he asked back.

“He Zhunzhi said that you love face. I’m afraid that your face is hurt and you don’t want to see me.”

“But you only sent me a message once.”

“Because you didn’t reply to me the first time. I thought you didn’t want to. See my news.”

“I think.” His Adam’s apple moved, his voice hoarse.

“Huh?” Qin Anan was stunned, her heartbeat quickened, “Fu Shiting, you just…”

“There is a cake shop over there,” Fu Shiting pointed to the shop in front and changed the subject, “I want to eat cake.”

Qin An’an’s attention was successfully diverted: “Oh, let’s go buy a cake then!” After a while, he wondered, “Don’t you like sweets?”

“You can eat less on birthdays.”

“Well, birthdays still need a sense of ceremony.” The

two arrived at the cake shop, and the clerk asked them to choose styles.

Fu Shiting said to Qin An’an: “You choose.”

Qin An’an: “Would you like to buy a mousse cake? The cream cake is too sweet.”

Fu Shiting said to the clerk: “Mousse cake.” The

clerk: “Okay, sir, how big is it? What?”

Fu Shiting turned to look at Qin An’an: “How old is it?”

Qin An’an: “How many people are there for dinner today?”

Chapter 117

Chapter 117

Fu Shiting: “I don’t know, you don’t need to worry about them.”

Qin Anan: “Let’s buy a bigger one! How about ten inches?”

Fu Shiting said to the clerk: “Ten inches.” The

clerk smiled and said, “Okay. You guys Are you in love? The relationship is really good.”

Qin Anan’s face turned red.

Fu Shiting looked at the shelf next to him: “Would you like to buy something else, take it back?”

Qin Anan: “No need…” “Buy

some! Take it back to your mother to eat.”

Qin Anan looked at his cheek Reddened, I felt amused: “Okay! Buy some.”

An hour later.

Qin Anan pushed a wheelchair out of the cake shop.

Fu Shiting was holding the cake, and the expression on his face was a little uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there were not many pedestrians on the street.

It’s only about five degrees outside today.

He felt that there was a fire around him, enough to resist the cold.

The two returned to the hotel.

In the private room, everyone has arrived.

The originally lively atmosphere was instantly silent.

Fu Shiting was wearing a white sweater, and his temperament changed greatly, as if he was several years younger.

And he was holding a big cake…especially against the law.

He never eats sweets, everyone knows that.

“You two went to buy a cake?” Sheng Bei cleared his throat and walked up to the two of them, “I also brought a cake. But it’s not as big as the one you bought.”

Qin Anan was embarrassed by them, and explained: “He said he wanted to eat cake, so he went to buy one.”

Sheng Bei coughed: “He said he wanted cake?”

Qin Anan: “Well. Are you ready? If it is, I will take the cake apart.”

After she went to take the cake apart, Sheng Bei reached out and touched the sweater on Fu Shiting’s body, teasing: “This yarn is quite soft. Miss Qin has good craftsmanship. But, isn’t it too hot for you to wear this indoors? Otherwise, I’ll take it off for you!”

Fu Shiting lifted his hand: “Don’t touch me.”

Sheng Bei smiled and pushed him to the table, taking the main seat .

After Qin Anan put the cake on the table, Sheng Bei asked the waiter to serve it.

Fu Shiting took out the candles from the cake box and inserted them into the cake one by one.

Everyone was stunned!

Is President Fu so leisurely?

Didn’t he say he didn’t like birthdays?

But looking at his state today, he seems to be enjoying it!

After the candle was inserted, Fu Shiting suddenly took out a lighter from his pocket! Fire it up!

The flames came out, and everyone was stunned again!

Qin Anan said embarrassedly: “I usually light candles at night, right?”

Sheng Bei strode to the window and closed the curtain: “It’s fine! As long as Shi Ting wants to light it, you can light it anytime!”

The moment the curtain was drawn, The vision inside the house dimmed.

Sheng Bei is particularly good at analyzing Fu Shiting’s psychological activities.

So after he lit the candle, Sheng Bei asked, “Shiting, did you buy a new lighter? Borrow me to light a cigarette.”

Fu Shiting put the lighter back in his pocket, stingy, and said, “Qin Anan sent it. “

“Miss Qin, you actually gave two gifts, you have a heart!” Sheng Bei boasted.

Qin An’an was a little ashamed and could only change the subject: “Let’s sing a birthday song!” After

speaking, she raised her head.

Everyone immediately followed her rhythm.

After a lively birthday song, Fu Shiting closed his eyes and made a wish.

Qin Anan looked at Fu Shiting’s beautiful face under the light and shadow, and wandered away.

So curious.

What will he wish for?

Chapter 118

Chapter 118

After a moment, he opened his eyes and blew out the candle.

The curtains were drawn and the light from the window came in.

“Shi Ting, what wish did you make?” Sheng Bei asked him with a smile.

Fu Shiting retorted: “Do you say your birthday wishes every year in front of everyone?”

Everyone laughed.

Fu Shiting picked up the knife, cut a piece of cake, and put it in front of Qin Anan.

“You eat the first piece.” Qin Anan pushed the cake in front of him.

“I can’t eat so much.” He put down the knife that cut the cake, picked up the fork, took a small bite, and handed the cake to her again.

Between the two, there seemed to be a huge pink heart that separated them from the others.

Everyone laughed and

laughed—— “Can we call Miss Qin the lady boss now?”

“Why don’t you call me now? I think the boss has no opinion!”

“Hahaha! Miss Qin will have no opinion, right? “


Qin Anan was embarrassed, flushed, fidgeting, and even the skin on her neck was red.

“You can accept it when you see it.” Fu Shiting said.

“Oh… eat the cake! Eat the cake!” Everyone put the rest of the cake aside and shared it one by one.

After eating the cake, lunch officially began.

“Miss Qin, do you want to drink some wine?” Sheng Bei asked Qin An’an holding the bottle.

Qin Anan shook his head: “I’ll just drink water.”

“Why would I be so embarrassed to let you drink water? How about milk or juice?”

Qin Anan: “I drink water.”

She is a little dizzy.

Probably got up too early in the morning, and other people were drinking, and there was a faint smell of alcohol in the private room.

After Sheng Bei poured her a glass of water, she saw that she didn’t move her chopsticks very much.

“Miss Qin, are you a little restrained? You don’t have to restrain us… We have been in a relationship with Shi Ting for many years, and we are as close as brothers…” Sheng Bei kept talking, wanting her to relax a little.

Qin An’an lifted his heavy eyelids and told the truth: “Brother Sheng, I’m not restrained. I’m full of cake and I’m very sleepy now.”

Sheng Bei got up immediately and said enthusiastically, “I’ll take you to the guest room to rest.”

Fu Shiting He held Qin An’an’s hand under the table and looked directly at Sheng Bei: “I’ll take her there.”

Someone pulled Sheng Bei back into the chair and sat down.

Sheng Bei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Don’t go and don’t come back, I’m going to have two drinks with you!”

Qin Anan took his hand out of his warm palm, “I’ll ask the waiter to take me there. You stay and eat. .”

Fu Shiting: “I’ll take you there.”

His tone was very stubborn.

Qin Anan felt that after he was injured, it was slightly different from before.

I used to hate his paranoid and domineering, but now, she can’t refuse him.

Probably know, even if he looks bad, it won’t hurt her.

Qin Anan pushed his wheelchair out, and the two quickly disappeared in the private room.

“I didn’t expect our boss to dote on women so much. I thought he really wasn’t interested in women!”

“I didn’t meet the right person before. Now Qin Anan takes him seriously.”

“Are you sure it’s Qin Anan? The boss is very good at it? I think Qin Anan is also very flattering to our boss! Otherwise, he will knit sweaters by himself and send them to the boss? Go ask how many women can knit sweaters now. “

Seeing that they were arguing, Sheng Bei laughed and scolded: “You two are arguing! They both pinch each other. Shi Ting must be in love with Qin An’an, and Qin An’an is also very attentive to Shi Ting… But Qin An’an is a little selfish. , Qin Group doesn’t have to go bankrupt. Shi Ting planned to give her 2 billion, but she refused. If it was you, can you refuse the 2 billion?”

Everyone shook their heads wildly.

“No wonder the boss likes Qin An’an so much. I’m afraid I won’t be able to find another woman like her who treats money like shit!”

“Just talk well, eat! What shit!”

“Hahahaha! Let’s bet! Give it a shot! Just bet if the boss will come back for dinner.” Sheng Bei said, “I bet he won’t come back for dinner.” The

others said in unison, “I also bet he won’t come back.

” to play?

door of the room.

Chapter 119

Chapter 119

Qin Anan said to Fu Shiting, “Why don’t I take you back to the private room! After I take you there, I’ll come to sleep here. When I wake up, I’ll find you.”

Fu Shiting went directly into the guest room: “I also I’m sleepy.”

Qin Anan was stunned: “But you haven’t eaten! You go to eat first…”

“You go to sleep first, leave me alone.”

How could Qin Anan ignore him?

Today he is a birthday star, making him hungry, she is uneasy.

She walked quickly to the private room and packed him.

Everyone watched her packing with great enthusiasm.

“Miss Qin, grab more meat! Be sure to watch our boss finish eating! After he was injured, he lost a lot of weight.”

“Miss Qin, our boss will leave it to you! You must take good care of him!”

“Miss Qin , you have a good rest after eating, we will never disturb you!”

Qin Anan returned to the guest room with a blushing face carrying the packaged meals.

Fu Shiting held his cell phone and didn’t know who to send a message to.

She took the meal out of the bag and put it in front of him.

“Take off your sweater? I think you’re sweating.” Qin Anan said to himself, “I knew I wouldn’t buy such thick wool.”

He put down his phone and took off his sweater obediently, “You can wear it as a coat. .”

She took the sweater from him and hung it on the clothes rail next to it.

“I brought you more meals. You can eat as much as you can.” Qin Anan walked to the bed and sat down, looking at his lean back.

He did lose a lot of weight.

And her weight is slowly increasing.

The baby in the womb is five months old.

Her appetite is getting better and better. Although she controls her diet, her weight will inevitably increase as the child grows.

She leaned against the bed, wanting to wait for him to finish eating and help him onto the bed.

But before he finished eating, she fell asleep.

After Fu Shiting finished eating, he came to the bedside, looking at her tired sleeping face, his fingers couldn’t help falling on her cheek.

This sleep, Qin Anan slept very deeply.

When she woke up, it was already dark outside the window.

She immediately sat up and saw Fu Shiting in a wheelchair at a glance.

His eyes were bright and deep, looking at her.

Her face turned red with a ‘swish’.

“You… you shouldn’t have been watching me sleep, right?” Qin Anan took a deep breath.

Fu Shiting’s cheeks were slightly red, and he changed the topic: “Are you hungry? It’s seven o’clock. I’ll let them eat first. Let’s eat outside!” Qin Anan replied, then got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash his face.

The temperature difference between daytime and night in City A is relatively large.

It’s about five degrees during the day, and it’s directly below zero right now.

Qin Anan pushed Fu Shiting out and immediately felt a biting chill.

“Fu Shiting, let’s go eat mutton skewers!”

Fu Shiting: “Okay.” There

were not many pedestrians on the road, but there were quite a few snack bars.

Qin An’an didn’t eat at noon, and she was very appetizing when she saw everything.

“Fu Shiting, wait for me here, there’s a marshmallow on the opposite side! I haven’t eaten it for a long time, I’ll go buy a bunch!” Qin Anan said, and strode towards the opposite side.

Fu Shiting looked at her excited look, and the corners of his mouth curled into a beautiful arc.

After a while, Qin Anan took the marshmallow from the boss with a satisfied smile on his face.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a black car approaching at an abnormal speed.

The car clearly hit Fu Shiting!

The marshmallow in her hand fell, and she ran towards him desperately, her trembling voice being blown away by the cold wind –

“Fu Shiting! Dangerous!”

Chapter 120

Chapter 120

“Bang”, a loud noise!

Then, there was the screeching sound of car tires rubbing against the ground!

It feels like the whole eardrum is about to explode!

Qin Anan hugged Fu Shiting in the wheelchair tightly.

Her face was full of tears.

Her body was shaking violently.

The black car, with a punctured tire, made a sharp turn from the two of them and crashed into the marshmallow shop opposite!

Fu Shiting held her body with both hands, and looked coldly at the black car next to him from the corner of his eyes.

Someone was trying to kill him.

However, failed to do so.

The second shot came!

This time, the bullet hit the driver’s seat of the black sedan!

Surrounded by screams one after another, the crowd scattered like birds and beasts.

Qin An’an’s body temperature became cold.

Fu Shiting held her face in both hands, looked at her frightened little face, and said hoarsely, “Don’t be afraid, it’s alright.”

Her chest heaved sharply, her eyes flickered, but she always looked at his face: “Fu Shiting …Fu Shiting…”

She had a lot to say, but when she spoke, she just muttered his name.

“Qin An’an, I’m fine.” He took her hand and touched his cheek, “It’s hot, right?”

She nodded, tears falling: “I’m so scared… so scared. You die…”

“My life is hard! If I don’t want to die, no one can take my life.” He held her hand tightly and discussed with her, “Let’s go eat mutton. String.”

Qin Anan held the wheelchair handle and pushed him away quickly.

They found a mutton hot pot restaurant, and not long after they sat down, Shengbei and the others rushed over.

“Shi Ting, are you alright?” Sheng Bei sat down beside Fu Shiting, “I heard the gunshots, I knew that someone must have attacked you!”

Fu Shiting: “I’m fine, eat first.”

He will be hot The good mutton is scooped into Qin An’an bowl with a slotted spoon.

Her mood was much more stable than before.

“Who fired the gun?” She looked at Fu Shiting and asked.

If someone hadn’t shot and blew the car’s tires, she and Fu Shiting wouldn’t be sitting here cooking mutton now.

“After Shi Ting’s accident last time, we upgraded our security protection. The place where we ate today was on the roof, and there were bodyguards watching.” Sheng Bei answered her doubts.


“Miss Qin, are you frightened?” Sheng Bei served her a bowl of mutton soup, “Drink a bowl of soup to suppress the shock.”

“I’m not hungry.” Qin Anan was still in shock, feeling Not hungry.

“Are you frightened?” Sheng Bei joked, “Why don’t the driver take you back!”

Fu Shiting looked at Qin An’an.

Qin Anan: “What do you think I’m doing?”

Fu Shiting picked up the phone and typed.

Qin Anan thought he was a little strange.

After a few seconds, her phone rang.

She picked up her phone and saw the message he sent: Want to know my birthday wish today?

Qin Anan feels that her phone is hot!

They both sat facing each other.

He even sent her a message!

She wanted to look up at him, but was embarrassed.

Because the others kept staring at them both.

She had to bite the bullet and reply to the message: say it if she wants to.

He replied: You go home with me.

she:? ? ?

Fu Shiting: My birthday wish is that you come home with me.

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