When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1111 -1120(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1111 -1120(Chinese)

Chapter 1111

He reminded: “You have a new message on your phone.” After a pause, he said again, “But it may be a harassing message.”

Her body suddenly tensed, and she looked at him nervously: “Did you see?”

He She shook her head: “I didn’t. Don’t you want me to look at your phone?”

She smiled and nodded: “You are so good. I’m not forbidding you to look at my phone. If you want, of course you can. I I won’t be angry again.”

She said so, but her little hand zipped the bag, obviously not planning to show him her phone.

“Aren’t you going to take a look?” he asked.

“Didn’t you say it was harassing information? I also think it might be harassing information.” She carried her bag in one hand and held his arm with the other, “After I bought a house, the information was leaked, and people often called me to ask me if I would sell the house, and The bank called me to ask if I wanted a loan.”

“I also get harassing calls occasionally .” “I

‘m more balanced after hearing that.” She breathed a sigh of relief.

“The harassing calls I receive are usually from the bank manager calling me to wish me a happy holiday.”

Qin An’an: “…” Can you still chat happily?

From the hotel, they headed straight to the digital store to pick up cameras.

Fu Shiting chose only one reason, that is, the expensive one must be the best.

When he entered the store, he asked the boss to take out the most expensive camera and try it out.

When Qin Anan was looking at the camera, he quietly took out his mobile phone from his bag, opened the message, and saw Wei Zhen’s reply!

She asked him if Yin Yin was still alive.

His reply was: Are you here to find me?

He didn’t answer the question!

She frowned, resisting her excitement, and replied: We are here for our honeymoon. Shi Ting wanted to find you, but was worried that he would find you, and learned the exact news of Yin Yin’s death from your mouth. He felt that Yin Yin was not dead. Even though he now knows that Yinyin is not his sister, his feelings for her remain unchanged.

After the news was sent, she asked again: Brother Wei, tell me, is Yin Yin still alive? I didn’t tell Shi Ting what happened to you, please believe me too?

“An An, look here.” Fu Shiting held the camera and pointed it at her.

She immediately put down the phone, faced him, and pulled out a bright smile.

After he pressed the shutter, she strode over to him to check out the photo.

He called up the photo and showed it to her.

“So-so, it’s alright! It’s better than what you took for me with your mobile phone.” She reluctantly exclaimed.

He told the truth: “Is it possible that it was because you changed your dress and put on makeup?”

“Are you admitting that your photography skills are not good?”

“I am not a professional at all. Since you don’t think it is a big problem, Then buy this one!” He took out his wallet, ready to pay the bill.

At this moment, her phone vibrated.

Because they were so close, he heard her phone vibrate.

He looked at her: “Your phone rang. Shouldn’t such frequent messages be harassing messages?”

She blushed in embarrassment. Decided to turn off the vibration function immediately.

“You pay the bill, I’ll see if it’s a harassing message.” She turned her back and turned on her phone.

——It was not a harassing message, it was Wei Zhen’s reply.

Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112

Wei Zhen is finally willing to answer her question.

His reply was: Well, she’s still alive. But she is very ill, and instead of worrying you, it is better for you to think she is dead. This way you can get back to a peaceful life faster. Don’t tell Fu Shiting about this. Because telling him it won’t do anything but upset him.

Qin Anan looked at this message, and the whole person seemed to be out of body.

On the one hand, she suspected that she was dreaming, and on the other hand, she remembered the scene when Fu Shiting said Yinyin was not dead.

“An An, who sent the message?” Fu Shiting asked immediately after seeing her expression was wrong.

She deleted all Wei Zhen’s news, and then found a reason: “I bought a set of tableware online before, but because the quality was not good, I gave a bad review. Now the seller is chasing me to change the review.”

“You put the seller information Give it to me, or tell me his shop, and I’ll let someone deal with it.” Fu Shiting saw that her face was very bad, so he wanted to help her solve this problem.

She shook her head: “I’ve already negotiated with the seller. Let’s go take pictures! Don’t let this little thing affect our vacation.”

They came out of the store and planned to go to the beach to have a look.

The seascape here is the most famous in the country.

Because the sea here is pure blue-green, especially beautiful.

After they got to the beach, they looked at the magnificent and splendid sea, and their mood was suddenly relieved.

“It’s so beautiful here! It’s not easy to come here, but it’s worth it.”

“Well. I’ll look for the angle.” Fu Shiting took the camera and walked away.

Qin Anan took off his shoes and held them in his hands, walking into the sea as freely as a bird.

“Shi Ting, I seem to be taking pictures with you! After you take a single photo for me, let’s take some group photos!” she shouted at him.

Fu Shiting still had injuries on his face, so naturally he was reluctant to appear on the scene. But since she wanted to take a photo with him, he didn’t want to spoil the fun.

They returned to the hotel after more than an hour of filming at the beach.

Qin Anan compared the single photo taken by Fu Shiting for her and the group photo taken by the bodyguard for them, and found that the bodyguard’s photo seemed to be better.

“Fu Shiting…”

As soon as she opened her mouth, he guessed what she was going to say next.

“Are you trying to say that bodyguards are better?” He poured her a glass of water.

“See for yourself, if you take better pictures, can I beat you? You are my husband.” She showed him the comparison picture she had prepared.

After looking at the comparison picture, he said in all fairness, “You smile brighter when you are with me. It means that I make you happy.”

“Tsk tsk, you really put gold on your face. You are really happy together.”

She said, selected a few photos and posted them to the circle of friends, with the accompanying text: The sea in country R is very clear and blue, which is not the same as imagined. I’m in a good mood today because…

she didn’t say why.

For this reason, Yin Yin is still alive.

Wei Zhen asked her not to say it, so she won’t say it for the time being.

She has to find a chance to meet Wei Zhen, she must know what Yin Yin is now and see if she can help Yin Yin.

Although the chances of her being able to help are almost nil.

If she could help Yinyin, Wei Zhen would have looked for her long ago.

Fu Shiting scanned her Moments and asked, “I’m in a good mood, because of what?”

“Because of you! I deliberately didn’t say it, for fear that everyone would think I was spreading dog food.”

“You posted nine photos of us together, don’t you think this behavior is spreading dog food?” He said, silently giving her a dynamic thumbs up.

“It’s disgusting to say it in words! Photos should be restrained.” She has her own set of delusions.

“Well. What do you want to eat at night? I’ll let the housekeeper prepare. Or we can go out to eat.” He wanted to try local specialties.

She was worried about meeting Wei Zhen when she went out at night, so she said, “I’m a little tired today. Let the housekeeper bring dinner to the room to eat! The seafood here is famous, let’s have a seafood dinner!”

Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113 “Okay.

How about we go out to eat tomorrow?”

“Well. I’m going to take a shower first, and I’m sweating a lot in the afternoon.” She walked over to the suitcase, looking for pajamas, “Are we going out at night? “

Let’s go outside after dinner to see the night view! If you’re tired, we’ll come back after a walk.”


After Qin Anan went to the bathroom to take a shower, her cell phone rang.

It was Rila who made the video.

Fu Shiting took over the video and saw his daughter’s cute and beautiful little face, tenderness in his eyes blossomed.

“Dad, where’s my mom?”

“Your mom went to take a shower.”

“Oh…are you having fun over there?” Rila asked, “Did you have fun?”

“It’s smaller here. , but the sea view here is beautiful. Dad has seen many seas, but the sea here is the best.” Fu Shiting walked to the balcony and showed her the scenery outside, “Can you see the sea outside?”

Rui La: “I can’t see clearly, Dad! Why don’t you go to the beach to show me!”

“Okay, Dad is going to the beach now.” Fu Shiting took the phone and walked out.

Before going out, he explained to the housekeeper.

He was afraid that he would come back late, and Qin Anan would not see him in a hurry after taking a shower.

After going out, he went straight to the sea.

At this point the sun is setting and it is not so hot, so there are many more people on the street.

Fu Shiting was entangled for a while, and decided to have a good chat with his daughter: “Rila, Dad thinks you should have less contact with Jin Sinai. I know he treats you very well and you like him very much, but have you ever thought about it, Wan Wan If he has any plans for you, you will be very dangerous.”

After hearing what he said, Rila felt a little complicated and profound, so she turned her head and shouted, “Uncle Sinian, have you heard what my dad said? Why don’t you come and tell him!”

That’s it, Rila Give the phone to Jin Sinian.

Fu Shiting soon saw Jin Sinian’s handsome but angry face.

Awkward! Speechless! Scalp tingling!

In order to end the suffocating stare, Fu Shiting hung up the video.

It’s ridiculous, Jin Sinian doesn’t have a home, but he stays at Qin An’an’s house, what is this?

Just as he was about to turn back to the hotel, his cell phone rang.

He took out his cell phone from his pocket and answered the call.

“Mr. Fu, the results of your inquiry at noon have come to an end. Would it be convenient for you to come over now?”

“Okay, I’ll go there right away.” He hung up the phone and strode towards the post office.

He lost sleep at noon, took Wei Zhen’s postcard to the post office, and wanted to check the day’s monitoring through the time on the postmark.

See if you can find the person who mailed the postcard.

I didn’t expect it to come out so quickly.

in the hotel.

Qin Anan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. She didn’t see Fu Shiting, so she immediately came out of the master bedroom.

“Housekeeper, where did my husband go?”

“Mrs. Fu, your husband asked me to tell you that he will go to the beach and show your daughter the sea.” The housekeeper replied with a smile, “Your daughter is very beautiful!”

Qin An Ansong He sighed and went back to the master bedroom.

About twenty minutes later, Fu Shiting came back from outside.

When he saw Qin An’an, he couldn’t wait to speak: “I saw Wei Zhen!”

Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114

She seemed to have been drained of all her strength and almost lost her footing.

She also specifically confessed to Wei Zhen in the afternoon, saying that Fu Shiting was looking for him. Since he didn’t want to face Fu Shiting, why didn’t he hide it?

She looked at Fu Shiting’s face carefully to see if there were any new injuries.

“What’s your expression?” Fu Shiting supported her and sat down beside the bed, “I took the postcard Wei Zhen sent you to the local post office at noon, and asked the staff to check the surveillance on that day according to the mailing time. They contacted me just now and said that they found the person who mailed the postcards, so I went over and saw Wei Zhen.”

His explanation made her suddenly open up.

“So you said that you saw Wei Zhen from the surveillance?”

“Well, otherwise you think I saw him in reality? If I see him in reality, can I come back alone? He tapped her on the head, “Why are you so confused?”

She chuckled softly: “Maybe I want to see Wei Zhen too much, so when you said that just now, my first reaction was that you saw him in person. Now .”

“If I see him in person, I will definitely bring him over to meet.” He said the reason, “Otherwise I’m afraid that I will be alone with him, and I won’t help but beat him.”

“Shi Ting , don’t blame him, okay? Without him, Ziqiu would have died long ago. When he was helping Ziqiu, he never expected Yinyin to have an accident. He wouldn’t deliberately want to use Yinyin’s life in exchange for Ziqiu He’s not that kind of person.” She held his big palms in both hands, her tone imploring.

He looked at her sincere face, his Adam’s apple rolled: “That’s why I said to bring him to see you, because my reason tells me that I shouldn’t blame him for all the faults.”

“Well, you go to the post office at noon. , do you want to confirm his existence?”

“Yes. After all, there is no signature on the postcard. You think it was sent by him, but what if it is not? I don’t feel relieved if I don’t see him with my own eyes.” He was always suspicious. Especially since this matter is related to Yin Yin, he is more cautious.

She asked tentatively: “Shi Ting, do you think he is still here?”

He shook his head: “It has been several days since he sent postcards. It is unlikely that he is here now.”

“Well, I’m a little hungry. You go take a shower first. After you take a shower, we’ll go to dinner.” She reached out to him for her phone, “I’ll send back a video for Rila.” With a

subtle expression, he took the phone out of his pocket . , give it back to her.

“Go and wash! I’ve already taken out the clothes for you.” She patted his clothes beside the bed.

He hesitated, but finally said nothing and went into the bathroom.

Qin Anan turned on the phone and dialed the video to Mrs. Zhang.

The video was quickly connected, and Rila’s little face appeared on the screen.

Just seeing Rila’s expression, not very happy.

“Baby, why are you unhappy? My mother went to take a bath just now. I heard that my father showed you the sea on our side. Did you see it?” Qin Anan asked.

“I didn’t see the sea!” Rila snorted coldly, “Dad made Uncle Sinian angry.” “

Eh?” Qin Anan was puzzled, “what’s the matter?”

, Uncle Sinian heard it.” Rila asked back, “Dad didn’t tell you? Humph! He did something bad, he must be embarrassed to tell you.”

Qin Anan’s face was slightly embarrassed when he thought of Fu Shiting handing her the phone His expression turned out to be because of what happened.

“What did he say about your Uncle Sinian?”

Rila said, “I didn’t hear that he was talking ill of Uncle Sinian at the time. It was they who hung up the video and Uncle Sinian got angry. I just found out.”

Qin An Ann’s temple jumped up suddenly.

“Mom, call Uncle Sinian and coax him!”

“Well, Mom will call him now.”

“Okay, Mom, are you having fun over there? Is the sea really as beautiful as Dad said?” Rila asked curiously.

“Yes, the sea here is very beautiful. It’s a little late today, so I can’t see it clearly. Will my mother call you a video tomorrow afternoon to show you?”

Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115

“Well! Then you call Uncle Sinian first!” After

hanging up the video, Qin Anan called Jin Sinian.

After the call was connected, Qin Anan thought about it and said, “Si Nian, Rila told me just now that Fu Shiting said bad things about you… Although I don’t know what he said, I can probably tell you. Guess. You must not know him in the same way. He loves Rila too much, so he is cranky. I think that except him, all men in the world have bad intentions for Rila.”

Jin Sinian: “I have a bad relationship with him. No matter what he says, it won’t affect my relationship with you and Rila.”

“Well, did you have a good time diving today?”

“Very fun. I’ll send you the photo later.”

“Okay.” The

bathroom door was suddenly pushed open, and Fu Shiting came out.

She didn’t expect him to take a shower so quickly today.

“An An, didn’t you say you were hungry? Let’s go eat!” Fu Shiting guessed who she was talking to on the phone, so he deliberately walked over to her and asked the person over the phone to hang up.

When Jin Sinian heard his voice, he felt that he was deliberately disgusting himself, so he didn’t care to say goodbye to Qin Anan, and hung up the phone.

“Shi Ting, I always thought you had a high EQ. How could you speak ill of him in front of Sinian?” Qin Anan asked.

“I didn’t know he was there.” He grabbed her little hand and took her to the dining room. “No matter how I dissatisfied him, I wouldn’t embarrass him in person.”

“Then you will be more careful next time.”

“Well.” The

dining room , The seafood dinner has been served. In addition to the delicacies, there are also a bouquet of red roses and two red candles.

The housekeeper turned off the lights in the dining room after they entered the dining room.

Suddenly, the entire dining room was in a trance.

She almost forgot that they had booked a honeymoon suite.

Is this a candlelight dinner?

She sat down with a smile and asked him, “How do you feel?” He said sullenly

, “It feels a little dark.”

“It’s called atmosphere. You, a straight man of steel, don’t understand romance at all.”


“Add a few more candles, aren’t you afraid that you will get panicked? I don’t think it’s too dark. Are you afraid of eating into your nose?” As the

two chatted, Fu Shiting gradually got used to the red light of the candles.

“Go surfing tomorrow?”

“You are full of injuries, do you want to surf? Are you kidding me?” Qin Anan teased, “You can’t play in the water until your injury is healed. By the way, how did you take a shower just now? What?”

He looked up to see her nervous, and his heart became nervous: “Shower.”

“Do you want the wound to become inflamed? Your wound can’t touch water, how can you wash it with a shower?!” She put down her chopsticks and stared at him seriously.

He peeled a prawn for her and coaxed her: “I forgot that I was injured.”

She sighed helplessly, got up from the chair, took him back to the room, and gave him medicine.

“You really don’t make people worry. If I knew earlier, I would have waited until you were healed.” She pulled his nightgown to her waist, looked at the bruises on his back, and took out the medicine she bought today.

Her phone on the bedside table suddenly lit up, and a text message came in.

Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116

She turned off the vibration function in the afternoon.

Fu Shiting had his back to her, so he didn’t see her pick up the phone.

Wei Zhen sent her a message saying that she was leaving the R country tomorrow.

She replied immediately: Let’s meet before you leave tomorrow! You set the time and place, I will find a way to meet you.

“An An, can’t I really play in the water? Then what are we going to play tomorrow? We can’t play in the water at the beach, there seems to be nothing left to play.” Fu Shiting sat on the bed and said angrily.

“We can walk around and see, as long as I’m with you, I’ll be happy.”


“Let’s see what to do tomorrow!” She felt that Wei Zhen would probably not refuse her request, so tomorrow She had to find a way to free Fu Shiting to meet Wei Zhen.

And Fu Shiting is a more suspicious person, and it is more difficult to reasonably let him go.

Unless he takes a nap.

“Are you sure you can use the medicine you bought here?” Fu Shiting saw her coming with the medicine she bought today, “Why don’t you use the medicine you brought? I think the medicine you gave me before is pretty good. I don’t feel that much pain anymore. “

I want to see how the medicine here works.” Qin Anan opened the medicine, and the smell of medicine spread out.

“You really took me for a guinea pig.” Fu Shiting frowned, “Don’t you think this medicine smells pungent?”

“This is medicine, not perfume. The clerk said that this medicine works very well. Isn’t it at the scene?” Qin Anan wanted to see if the effect was really that good.

Fu Shiting endured the pungent smell of medicine and replied, “Mother Wang sells melons and brags about it. Have you ever seen a salesman say that what he sells is not good? Qin Anan, you are a serious adult anyway, why are you so naive?”

“Hmph, I’m innocent, at least I won’t get hurt. Unlike you, who knows astronomy and geography, and understands human nature, but ends up with injuries all over the body.” Qin Anan reminded, “This medicine is probably a little irritating, you have to bear it.

” When finished, she applied the medicine to his wound.

After a few seconds, he took a sharp breath: “What’s wrong with this medicine?!”

“Is it cool?”

“No! It’s burning like fire!”

“Oh, bear with it. Good medicine is bitter and good for the disease, As long as it works well, it’s a good medicine.” Qin Anan spread the medicine all over his body, and then fanned his body with his palm to make the medicine absorb faster.

“Am I really your husband?” He endured the pungent smell and the irritating medicinal effects, feeling that today’s dinner might not taste good.

“Of course you are my husband. I hope you get better soon. Maybe you can go surfing before we leave here.” After a while, she put away the medicine and put on his nightgown, “Let’s go, we Let’s go eat.” The

two came to the dining room and sat down in the dining chairs again.

“Did you videotape Rila when I was taking a shower?”


“Is she mad at me?” he asked, eyes down, “I wanted to show her our side. Dahai, I didn’t see it.”

“Rila is not so angry. As long as Si Nian is not angry, Rila will not blame you. When we go back, just buy her a gift. “

After we’ve been here for a few days, are we going to see Xiaohan in country B?” he asked, “will he not see me?”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment, “Let’s talk in a few days! Mike said. Xiaohan has adapted to the new environment, and I am not so worried about him now.”

Apart from the honeymoon, she is most worried about Yin Yin.

After dinner, they held hands and went for a walk outside.

The temperature at night is much lower than that during the day.

The sea breeze whistled past her ears, and Fu Shiting wrapped her arms around her waist and asked, “Is it cold?”

She raised her head, smiled and shook her head: “Have you noticed that there are few vehicles on the road here?”

“This way The economy is not good.”

“But everyone seems to be having a good time. I see a lot of people with smiles on their faces.”

“Because of the environment they live in, everyone lives a similar life. There is no comparison, and naturally there is less trouble. ‘ in his words.

“Shi Ting, you said why everyone understands the big truth, but everyone is easily trapped by trivial matters.”

Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117

“Because we are all mortals.” He made a metaphor, “I know you have always had me in your heart, and only me, but when I see you with other men, I can’t help but be jealous. “

Such a heavy topic can be said so interestingly by you. You are really capable.” She praised and thought carefully, “Let’s play outside for a while! The night scene here is very beautiful.”

“You are not Are you tired today?”

She was stunned for a moment, and then responded accordingly: “Then let’s go to the beach tomorrow morning to watch the sunrise! It must be beautiful!”

Fu Shiting: “Are you sure you want to get up early to watch the sunrise?”

She nodded and said firmly: “I’ve never seen the sunrise. Let’s watch it together tomorrow morning!”

He wasn’t interested in the sunrise, but seeing that she wanted to see it so much, he agreed.

After wandering outside for a while, they returned to their hotel room.

Because we have to get up early tomorrow morning, Fu Shiting suggested going to bed earlier.

Qin Anan was so sleepy that she wanted to sleep for a long time.

But she made an appointment with Wei Zhen to meet at noon tomorrow, and she had to let Fu Shiting fall asleep at noon tomorrow.

So I can only work hard tonight, pull him to stay up late, and then pull him to get up early tomorrow, so that he can be sure that he can fall asleep at noon tomorrow.

At night, after turning off the lights, she tossed in bed.

“Husband, I can’t sleep.” She resisted her drowsiness, hugged his arm, and acted like a spoiled child, “Will you tell me a story?”

Fu Shiting: “…” Her mind went blank.

Telling stories, he really can’t.

“Why can’t you sleep?” he wondered.

The two of them played at the beach for a long time this afternoon, and they were very tired.

If she doesn’t pull him to talk now, he should be able to fall asleep soon.

“I took a nap at noon, so I’m not sleepy now.”

“Would you like to play with your phone?” he suggested, “I can’t tell stories.

” Sing to me! I know you sing well.”

Fu Shiting felt a little uncomfortable.

The two of them had been together for so long, she slept at night, and never pulled him to tell a story or let him sing.

She would only let him stay up late and rest earlier.

Xianhui is like her, but the style of painting suddenly changed tonight. Naturally, he wants to satisfy her.

At zero o’clock, Qin Anan couldn’t stand it anymore, so he let him go. The two quickly fell asleep.

At five o’clock the next morning, Fu Shiting’s alarm clock rang.

After he was woken up by the alarm clock, he immediately turned off the alarm clock, and then patted Qin Anan, who was sleeping soundly.

“An An, didn’t you say you want to watch the sunrise? Do you still watch it?”

Qin Anan: motionless·jpg

Fu Shiting lay down: “Then don’t watch it, just go to sleep.”

After a minute, Qin Anan was in a nightmare wake up.

After waking up, she glanced at the time and immediately pulled Fu Shiting up.

Fu Shiting: “…”

He dared to say that the woman who pulled him to stay up late last night to sing, and the woman who forcibly pulled him out of bed now is definitely not the Qin Anan he knew.

His wife Qin Anan will never let him sleep well.

But when he looked at her face, it was clearly true.

Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118

At half past five in the morning, the two came out of the hotel and went straight to the beach.

At this point, there is no one on the beach.

Qin An’an pulled him to sit down on the beach, and then wrapped the blanket he brought.

Her head, resting on his shoulder, looked directly in the direction of the coastline.

“Do you feel that it’s very beautiful and romantic now. It’s like a plot in a movie.”

Fu Shiting lacked sleep and his eyes were scarlet. When answering her question, he felt that his soul was outside his body.

“Aren’t you really sleepy? Ann, tell me the truth.”

“Of course I’m… a little sleepy. But it’s all worth it to watch the sunrise. We can watch the sunrise and then Go back to sleep.” She was afraid that he would fall asleep, so she reached out and squeezed his shoulder.

As a result, only after she pinched it did she realize that he had an injury on his shoulder.

He gasped in pain.

“Sorry, Shi Ting! I didn’t mean to!” She didn’t sleep well, her mind was in chaos.

“It’s okay, it’s not very painful, just a little sore.” He quickly adjusted his mood and felt the injury on his body again, “The effect of the medicine seems to be good.”

“Really? Then I’ll squeeze more?” Another squeeze on the shoulder.

“It’s sore. It doesn’t hurt.”

“It’s good. I’ll wipe it for you at night.” She rested her head on his shoulder again, “I’ll squint for a while. Call me when the sun comes out.”

Fu Shiting looked down at her. She had closed her eyes and felt like she could fall asleep in the next second.

Since you are so tired, why do you have to come out to watch the sunrise?

What’s so beautiful about the sunrise?

He sighed lightly.

At six in the morning, the sun rises from the coastline.

He patted Qin An’an’s little face: “An’an, the sun is out.”

Qin An’an fell into a drowsy sleep. After reaching out and rubbing his eyes, he glanced at the sunrise.

“Fu Shiting, isn’t this the stupidest thing you’ve ever done in your life?” She regained her sleep for a while, feeling better, “I know you must think this is meaningless…”

” If I watch it alone, it must be meaningless. Watching it with you is somewhat meaningful.” He looked at the sunrise and said what was in his heart, “You are my wife now, and the meaning of my existence is to make money to support my family. , and make you happy.”

She was instantly ashamed and guilty.

From last night to this morning, she dragged him and only let him sleep for five hours.

Five hours of sleep is not enough for an adult.

“Let’s go back!”

“Didn’t you watch the sunrise? The sun hasn’t fully risen yet. The moment when it rises is the most beautiful.” Fu Shiting took out his mobile phone and planned to record this moment.

Qin Anan also took out his mobile phone.

But instead of photographing the sunrise, she photographed him.

“Husband, thank you for watching the sunrise with me.” She said moved, “When you get back to the hotel, sleep well, I won’t disturb you again.”

“Well. Why didn’t you let me sleep last night?” He looked She glanced at her, “You are a doctor, I am a patient now, you have no reason not to let me rest well. You are a bit abnormal.”

Facing his doubts, her cheeks burned: “You keep saying that your injury is not serious , so I didn’t take you as a patient. I might have been a little bit of bed recognition last night. I promise I won’t disturb you tonight.”

He was a little dizzy, so he didn’t doubt her explanation.

After watching the sunrise, the two returned to the hotel for breakfast.

After breakfast, it was only seven in the morning.

“Shi Ting, go to sleep after drinking the milk!” She looked at him, “your dark circles are a little heavy.”

Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119

He did plan to rest, but listening to her words, she didn’t seem to plan to rest with him.

“What about you?”

“I’ll go outside to see if there are any waterproof wound patches. If there are, I can go surfing tomorrow.” She gave a good reason.

He considered it for a few seconds, then nodded: “I’ll ask the bodyguard to accompany you.”

She couldn’t refuse.

She was unfamiliar with life here, and there was no reason why she wanted to go out alone.

After Fu Shiting went back to the room to lie down, she went into the bathroom, sent a message to Wei Zhen, and asked him to meet at the pharmacy.

After a while, she went out with her bag.

The bodyguard stayed by her side, never leaving.

“Madam, you’re in good spirits.” The bodyguard teased.

Qin Anan: “If you are tired, then go back to rest.”

“I’m not tired, I just don’t understand why you torture my boss.” The bodyguard sarcastically said, “What’s so good about the sunrise? If you really want to watch the sun Come out, I’ll take a picture for you! Why do you have to drag my boss to get up early and suffer?”

“This is the romance between our husband and wife. Are you single?”

“Sorry, my child is about to enter junior high school. The bodyguard continued to mock her, “My wife is gentle and virtuous. She will do whatever I ask her to do, and never make excessive demands on me. If she dares to let me watch the sunrise with her, I will make her cry.”

Qin An An: “So I married Fu Shiting, not you. Because he will do whatever I ask him to do, and he never blames me.”

Bodyguard: “???”

Qin Anan: “Even if I make Fu Shiting cry, It has nothing to do with you either!”

Bodyguard: “…”

When he came to the pharmacy, Qin Anan asked the bodyguard to wait at the door.

The bodyguard stood obediently at the door and did not go in.

After talking with the clerk for a few words, Qin Anan walked to the bathroom.

After entering the bathroom, she saw Wei Zhen who had not been seen for a long time.

Wei Zhen was much thinner, as if he had taken off his face.

The moment she saw him, her eyes turned red.

“An An, for the sake of safety, let’s keep it short!” Wei Zhen whispered, “I didn’t mean to make you sad when I told you about Yin Yin’s death. Her heartbeat did stop before, but she miraculously recovered after a while. Vital signs.”

Qin Anan held back tears and listened to him.

“Although her heartbeat has recovered, various organs of her body have started to have problems one after another.”

“Can I help?” Qin Anan interrupted him.

Wei Zhen shook his head: “It’s not your area of ​​expertise. If you can help me, I will naturally find you. I want to restore Yin Yin to health more than anyone else.”

“Brother Wei, what is Yin Yin’s situation now? Where are you? The money that came to give her treatment?”

“I used to have some savings. Now, while making money from seeing a doctor, I find a suitable kidney source for Yinyin.” Wei Zhen said, “I came here because I took a job. The reward is very high.”

“Kidney. Yuan? What happened to Yin Yin’s kidney?” Qin Anan was nervous, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his back.

“She has kidney failure.” Wei Zhen exhaled heavily, “Need a kidney transplant. I’ve been looking for a kidney source for a long time. I don’t know how long her body will last.”

She muttered ‘kidney failure’ After several times, I searched for relevant knowledge reserves in my mind.

Suddenly, her eyes lifted: “I remember this disease, it seems that the kidney source match between relatives will be higher?”

“Yes. I originally wanted to go to Fu Shiting, but Yin Yin refused. She spends more time in a coma and less time to wake up. But every time she wakes up, she tells me not to tell you about her illness.”

Qin An An couldn’t help crying: “Fu Shiting is not her brother, it’s useless to find Fu Shiting. Her brother’s name is Yun Mo… I can find Yunmo.”

Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120

“What’s the situation with this person named Yunmo?” Wei Zhen asked curiously.

“He’s in the same situation as Yinyin. After I performed an operation on him, he recovered well.” Qin An felt hopeful and hopeless, “If I tell him about Yinyin, he will definitely be willing to help Yinyin. Yin.”

She would not doubt Yun Mo’s kindness, but she doubted that Fu Han would not let her see Yun Mo.

Fu Han and Fu Shiting have completely torn their skins, so this matter obviously doesn’t look difficult, but it’s actually very difficult.

But no matter how difficult it is, she has to work hard for it.

“Brother Wei, I will definitely help Yinyin find the kidney source. When you go back, stay with Yinyin and don’t come out to work again.” Qin Anan said, took out a bank card from his bag and handed it to him , “It’s not your fault that Yin Yin has become like this. So you must not reject me.”

Wei Zhen accepted her card and raised concerns: “Yun Mo is with Fu Han now, right? You go. Is it convenient to find Yunmo?”

“Fu Han just asks for money. As long as you give him money, he will definitely not embarrass me.” Qin Anan wrote lightly, “As long as Yinyin is still alive, there must be a way.” He

Wei After Zhen finished talking, Qin Anan came out of the bathroom, and the bodyguard walked up to her in a single step.

“Why did you go in for so long? If you don’t come out in another ten minutes, I will rush in to find you!”

Qin Anan glanced at the time: “Do you have to do this? I only go in for twenty minutes. What can happen? “

I’ve never seen anyone take so long to go to the toilet! If you’re at home, you can go for as long as you like, but now outside, shouldn’t I be a little more vigilant! If you make a mistake, the boss will let me bury you with me!” “The bodyguard said and looked at her, “Why did you go to the toilet and cry yourself?”

Qin Anan thought that she might be too good to talk.

When Fu Shiting’s bodyguard was by Fu Shiting’s side, he never talked too much.

As a result, in front of her, the chatter was endless.

“I just read a piece of news. A middle-aged man your age had a fire in his house. He put his wife out of the window, pulled her by the hand, and he was seriously injured by the fire.” Here, she looked sharply at the bodyguard, “You have to worry about watching the sunrise with your wife.” The

bodyguard’s cheeks were flushed by her sarcasm, and he didn’t say a word for a long time.

After Qin Anan bought a medical waterproof bandage, he came out of the pharmacy and returned to the hotel.

Fu Shiting was already asleep. She lay down beside him, looking at his sleeping face, her mind was full of thoughts.

Still can’t tell him about it.

If Yin Yin hadn’t been so seriously ill, she would have told him the good news as soon as possible.

But Yinyin is like this now, and letting him know will only make him more sad.

She could imagine that in order to cure Yinyin, he would definitely go to Fu Han.

And Fu Han will definitely threaten him because of this.

He is a man of arrogance and stubbornness. He would rather burn with his opponent jade than be threatened.

She didn’t want to see him suffer any more grievances for Yinyin.

After taking a deep breath, she turned her back.

She was very sleepy, but she couldn’t sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I remembered the pain Yin Yin was suffering from now.

She should go back to China immediately and go to Fu Han to negotiate. But if he asked to return to China immediately, Fu Shiting would definitely be suspicious.


When Fu Shiting woke up, she brought the medical bandage she bought to him.

“Shi Ting, let’s go back to China after playing one more day tomorrow!” She discussed with him, “There’s nothing fun here. Why don’t we play in China!”

He was startled: “Return to China the day after tomorrow?”

“Yeah! I miss Rila and Ziqiu very much. I had a dream just now that Ziqiu was crying and calling her mother. It was very pitiful.”

He looked at her red eyes and agreed to her request.

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