When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1131 -1140(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1131 -1140(Chinese)

Chapter 1131

Seeing that he figured it out, she was very relieved.

The family of three came out of the yard and didn’t go far when they met two aunties for a walk.

When the aunt saw Qin An’an, she immediately greeted warmly: “An’an, are you back from vacation?”

Qin An’an: “Well, you are taking a walk!”

“Well! Your baby is so big! It’s so cute!” The aunt praised Ziqiu, Suddenly looking at Fu Shiting, “An An, is this your husband?”

Qin Anan glanced at Fu Shiting and responded with a smile.

“Your husband is very handsome, but what’s wrong with his face? Is this jaundice?” The aunt looked worried, and even wanted to touch Fu Shiting’s face.

Fu Shiting immediately took out the mask and put it on.

“No, he has some injuries on his face and is already healed.” Seeing Fu Shiting restrained, Qin Anan immediately said, “Auntie, let’s go for a walk first.”

“Good! Bye!” After the

two aunties left, Fu Shiting said glumly: “Are you familiar with them?”

“Not familiar!” Qin Anan said, “Just meet up! After all, from a community, it is inevitable that we will meet.”

“Then how did she know you were on vacation?”

“It’s not surprising that they know!” Qin Anan said, “Rila takes Ziqiu out to play every evening. Our children are so beautiful and cute. These aunties like our children, so naturally they can’t help but talk to each other.

” That’s it. I thought it was Mrs. Zhang who said it.”

“Sister-in-law Zhang won’t tell us about our affairs!” she said, “Sister-in-law Zhang pays special attention to privacy.”

“It’s okay to talk about such trivial matters.

” But Mrs. Zhang won’t speak out. She is very cautious. Although she is a servant, I think she is more like an elder.”

By the time they came back from their walk, Mike’s luggage was already packed.

“I’m ready to go!” Mike dragged his suitcase and reluctantly said to Qin Anan, “Don’t mess up my room. I’ll check back from time to time.”

“Don’t worry, your room will definitely be reserved. Qin Anan thought for a while and said, “You come over for dinner at night, otherwise Rila will be sad when she comes back at night and finds out that you have moved .” “Okay

. I can come to eat every night.”

“Okay!” Qin An An sent him to the garage and whispered, “I have news about Yunmo, tell me immediately.”

“I know. I’ll check when I’m settled.” In the

evening, Mike came over for dinner.

After seeing Qin An’an, he immediately gave Qin An’an a wink.

Qin An was relieved to understand.

After dinner, Qin Anan said that he was not feeling well after eating, and asked Fu Shiting to take the two children out for a walk.

After Fu Shiting took the two children out, Mike immediately took her back to his room.

“I directly broke through the communication company’s system this time, and found the specific location of Yunmo’s number.” Mike put his hands on his hips, “I’m a bull!”

“I’ve always known your bull. Where is his specific location? I I want to go and have a look now.” Qin Anan couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Do you think Fu Shiting can let you go out with me?” Mike poured cold water on her, “I’ll go take a look alone later.”

“I’ll send bodyguards with you. I’m afraid of danger.” She said worriedly, “Fu Han and his son have long been stunned. I’m afraid they will do something extreme.”

Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132

Originally, Mike didn’t think how dangerous this matter was. Hearing her say this, he was instantly frightened.

“But you don’t have to worry. Fu Han is getting old, and Fu Yechen’s small body is definitely not your opponent. If you really fight, you shouldn’t suffer too much loss.” She comforted.

“Thank you for looking down on me so much. But I think Fu Yechen and I are about half a pound!” Mike sighed.

“Don’t be afraid, my bodyguard will protect you.” Qin Anan glanced at the time, “you can leave now!”

“Didn’t you tell Rila about my move?” , want to take a break.

“Why didn’t you say anything at the dinner table?” She raised her eyebrows, “I’ll tell her later. Don’t you want to come tomorrow night?”

After speaking, she went to the bodyguard.

After sending them away, she went to the community to find Fu Shiting and the child.

“Mom! The gardenias here are blooming! So fragrant!” Seeing Qin An’an, Rila immediately picked a gardenia and handed it to her.

Qin Anan took the flowers and smelled them: “Well, it’s really fragrant! But the flowers in the community cannot be picked! If you like gardenias, we can plant gardenias in the yard.

” I picked it.” Rila pursed her lips, “Dad said you can pick it.”

Qin Anan raised her eyes to look at Fu Shiting: “Can you teach me something better?”

“Just a few flowers, if the child likes to pick them, or not. I’m… compensated.” Fu Shiting said later, with a serious lack of confidence.

Because Qin Anan’s eyes became more and more severe.

“Rila, we won’t pick the flowers in the community in the future. Tell Dad what flowers you like, and Dad will let them buy them for you.” Fu Shiting changed his words immediately.

Rila took her mother’s hand and smiled, “Mom, Dad is so afraid of you!”

“Because he made a mistake. If he didn’t make a mistake, he wouldn’t be afraid of me!” Qin Anan glared at Fu Shiting.

“An An, I don’t think we need to put this innocuous little thing on the line.”

“You don’t do this to your own sister. What did you say in the morning, did you forget it so quickly?” She reminded him, “As a parent , in addition to caring for children, we also need to teach them correct values.”

“Okay.” Fu Shiting was educated obediently.

“Fu Shiting, do you feel that we are like this now, especially like a retired life? Every day I eat breakfast and go for a walk, then go back for lunch, take a nap after lunch, eat dinner when I wake up, and come out after dinner. Take a walk… a day has passed.”

She looked at the darkened sky and said with emotion.

“It’s quite different from retirement. When we retire, we won’t have children by our side.” Fu Shiting looked at Ziqiu with a peaceful face in the cart, and began to imagine the scene when the child grew up.

“When the time comes, we can have a dog.” Qin Anan planned.

“I don’t like things that shed hair.” He was a little disgusted.

“At that time, it’s good if the dog doesn’t dislike you, but you still dislike the dog.” Qin Anan whispered.

Fu Shiting felt a little sad.

He suspected that Qin Anan might start to dislike him.

“An An, let’s move to my house!” He suggested, “There is no gym in your house. There is no room big enough to be used as a gym.”

She knew that he had a habit of exercising, so she thought about the feasibility of this problem .

“But Xiaohan won’t come to live at your house.” She asked the question.

“Isn’t Xiaohan going abroad? When he comes back, we will move back, or change to a bigger house.” Fu Shiting said this and looked at his daughter, “Rila, do you want to move to Dad’s house? Dad’s house has a big house. How about planting your favorite flowers in your yard?”

Qin Anan teased: “Fu Shiting, you are a scheming old man, you know how to convince your daughter to convince me.”

“If I don’t know you well, how can I be your husband? “He looked at his daughter again, “Dad’s house can set up a piano room for you, a dance room…”

Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133

Rila is crazy.

“Besides the master bedroom, you can control all the other rooms in Dad’s house. Okay?” Fu Shiting continued to seduce.

Rila nodded frantically.

“When you chased me, you didn’t follow me like this.” Qin Anan satirized him.

“My whole being is yours, not to mention a mere house?” Qin Anan blushed immediately after he said these disgusting words in a serious manner.

And Rila was pushed by the two of them and Ziqiu ran away.

At the same time, a dinner party.

Sheng Bei was slightly drunk after being toasted a few glasses of wine.

“Mr. Sheng, it’s so boring for us big men to drink! I’ll call a few sensible women here… There are new products tonight.” A fat middle-aged man flattered Sheng. North opening.

Sheng Bei suddenly woke up a little: “No! I should go home after drinking this cup!”

“Mr. Sheng, don’t rush to leave, someone will bring it soon! You can take a look! I’ve seen the photos. Well , this time the little sister is very pretty!”

Sheng Bei: “I don’t like too young!”

“Then I’ll find you a more mature one.”

“No! What kind of woman I want, find it myself.” Sheng Bei has been very sad these days. Yun Xiaoxiao lived in his house, he was very uncomfortable. He wanted her to go, but he couldn’t bear it.

Yun Shijie will be sentenced to death soon. Although Yun Xiaoxiao is twenty years old, losing her biological father will definitely make her very painful.

He picked up the glass, intending to finish the glass and leave.

At this time, the private room door was pushed open.

A well-dressed middle-aged woman led three slender young women in.

The fat-headed man immediately waved to one of the women: “Xiaoxiao, come here! This is Mr. Sheng, come and accompany Mr. Sheng for a few drinks!”

Yun Xiaoxiao and Sheng Bei looked at each other, and the air quickly wiped out the crackling fire!

Sheng Bei’s eyes were sharp, looking at Yun Xiaoxiao, who was wearing heavy makeup, not only sober, but also on fire.

Yun Xiaoxiao said she wanted to be a model, this is her model path?

When Yun Xiaoxiao saw Sheng Bei, a flash of disbelief quickly flashed in his eyes.

Fortunately, she thought that Sheng Bei was a gentleman and a more amiable elder brother than Fu Shiting. Haha, I didn’t expect his true face to be like this.

Yun Xiaoxiao strode to the vacant seat beside Sheng Bei and sat down.

The fat-headed man immediately poured her a glass of wine and asked her to respect Sheng Bei.

The moment she took the wine glass, Sheng Bei grabbed the wine glass from her hand.

“Mr. Sheng, what’s the matter?” The fat-headed man asked in confusion, “Xiaoxiao is a newcomer to our company. Not only is he good-looking, but he is also very good-looking…”

With a ‘bang’, Sheng Bei put the wine glass on the table. He left, then grabbed Yun Xiaoxiao’s hand and strode out of the private room.

After coming out of the hotel, Sheng Bei stuffed her into the car and scolded her sternly: “Yun Xiaoxiao, this is what you said about going to work? Don’t you feel disgusted?! I’m going to call your second brother! Don’t think about it from him in the future. Get a penny!”

Yun Xiaoxiao was so frightened that his face turned dark blue, and immediately grabbed his hand that took out his phone: “I’m disgusting, aren’t you disgusting? You are the cleanest looking for women outside every day!

” He lifted his hand and scolded: “What a mess! I’m not like you!”

After he finished speaking, he dialed Fu Shiting’s number.

Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134

Although Yun Xiaoxiao has never met Fu Shiting, she is very afraid of him!

She desperately rushed towards Sheng Bei, aimed at his neck, and bit hard!

“Ah—” Sheng Bei exclaimed in pain.

On the other side of the phone, Fu Shiting listened to his strange cry, and his heart tightened abruptly: “Sheng Bei! What happened?!”

Sheng Bei gasped in pain and hurriedly brought the phone to his ear.

Yun Xiaoxiao stared at him angrily, with her eyes shining like a wild cat. put a lot of pressure on him.

If he really complained to Fu Shiting, he believed that Yun Xiaoxiao would bite his neck again!

“It’s okay… I almost hit a wild cat just now! Fortunately, I was a false alarm.” Sheng Bei lied.

“Why are you calling me?” Fu Shiting had an intuition, and it must have something to do with Yun Xiaoxiao.

Since Yun Xiaoxiao lived in Sheng Bei’s house, every time Sheng Bei looked for him, he would talk about Yun Xiaoxiao.

“I accidentally pressed the shortcut key to call you.” Sheng Bei continued to lie, “Have you eaten? Where are you now? Are you with An An? Are you having fun after returning to China?”

Fu Shiting heard that he was speechless I was looking for a call, so I hung up.

Qin Anan came out of the bathroom, saw him frowning, and asked, “What’s wrong with Sheng Bei? Could it be your sister’s accident?”

“No. He said he made a mistake.”

“Oh, I’ll put on a mask. “Qin An’an put a mask on his face, then lay on the bed and played with his mobile phone.

Mike sent her a message: FUCK! Yun Mo’s mobile phone is in the house that Fu Han rented! Cloud Mo is not in it! They transferred the cloud ink! Now I can’t do it!

Looking at the message from Mike, her heart sank little by little.

She thought that it would be better for Yun Mo to return to Fu Han than to stay with Yun Shijie.

But now it seems that she is very wrong.

Fu Han is no better than Yun Shijie!

He still deprived Yun Mo of his freedom and locked up Yun Mo like a beast.

Her eyes were sore, if she had expected Yun Mo’s fate to be like this, she would never have handed Yun Mo to anyone!

Sheng family.

After Sheng Bei brought Yun Xiaoxiao home, he locked the door!

“Yun Xiaoxiao, I don’t need to say more about this job, you can’t do it anymore!” Sheng Bei has calmed down a lot.

Yun Xiaoxiao is young and ignorant, and needs someone to guide her.

If he is too tough on her, I’m afraid it will backfire.

“My boss only asks me to drink with others, and doesn’t ask me to do anything else.” Yun Xiaoxiao hadn’t realized the sinister society, “If you accompany others to drink, you can get paid 2,000 yuan, why don’t I make this money? “

Your boss gave you two thousand yuan?”

“Yes!” Yun Xiaoxiao showed him the payment records, “He told me that he would only drink with the guests…”

“You believe what he says .” Ah! If the person you meet tonight is not me, but another man, do you know how dangerous you are now?” Sheng Bei reprimanded, “You are not allowed to go to work in that company tomorrow. If you insist on Go, then you will move away from my house!”

Yun Xiaoxiao frowned at him: “What about you? You come back so late every day, do you play with different women outside every day? Scumbag ! Why do you care? Me?”

She said emotionally, and went back to her room to close the door with a ‘bang’.

Sheng Bei stood in the living room with his hands on his hips, his anger was particularly uneasy.

Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135

Want to get angry, but don’t know how! What the hell did he do!

He shouldn’t let Yun Xiaoxiao live in! Asking Buddha is easy and sending Buddha is difficult!

Star River Villa.

Qin Anan fell asleep.

After Fu Shiting fell asleep, she turned on her phone, sent a message to Wei Zhen, and asked Yinyin’s physical condition.

Wei Zhen: She may not last long. She has persisted for a long time. This year, I have traveled to many countries, looking for a suitable kidney source, but I have not been able to find a suitable one.

Qin Anan looked at the message sent by Wei Zhen, and her eyes became wet.

The two of them persisted in silence for so long in private, but there was no result. If they continued to search like this, would God really take care of them?

She has a strong hunch that Yun Mo’s kidneys will most likely be able to fit Yin Yin’s body. Because they are twins and have the same blood type, this is Yin Yin’s last hope!

Fu Han just wanted money, and she was willing to exchange money for Yin Yin’s life!

Thinking of this, she decided to ask Fu Han to meet again tomorrow.

The next morning, after she put Rila in the car, she returned to the living room and said to Mrs. Zhang, “I want to go out, and Shi Ting will wake up later. If you ask me, you can say that I went out to buy daily necessities. “

Oh, okay.” After Mrs. Zhang came down, she asked, “Are you really going to buy daily necessities?”

“Well, my period is coming soon. Prepare some in advance.”

After talking to Mrs. Zhang, she went out. out the door.

Because she didn’t carry a bag, Mrs. Zhang had no doubts.

She saw Fu Han and Fu Yechen again at the breakfast shop last time.

The father and son looked at her haggard and thought she had compromised and were very proud.

“Qin An’an, you can figure it out. Fu Shiting gave us one-third of the shares, and he still has two-thirds. He still takes the big money. He has already made so much money, how can he share the shares for us? Now? He still uses our Fu family’s surname!” Fu Yechen said arrogantly.

Qin An’an’s face was cold, and his voice was even colder: “I did compromise, but I really can’t help you find Fu Shiting to ask for his company’s shares. You know what kind of person Fu Shiting is, even if I ask him, he may not be I will agree.”

“Since you can’t do it, why did you call us out?” Fu Han looked alert, “I tell you, don’t play tricks, if you dare to play yin, you will wait for Yun Mo to starve to death. Come on!”

“You are so vicious!” Qin Anan frowned and looked at Fu Han, “Yunmo is your own younger brother, yet you treat him like this. Your mother knows it, so I don’t know how chilling you should be.”

“My mother is dead. It’s useless for you to tell me this! I just want money!”

“I know you want money. I’ll give you my company, is that enough?” Qin Anan said word by word, “Although my company doesn’t make money from ST Group , but the annual revenue is also very considerable. It is enough for your father and son to live and wear for a lifetime. If you think it is possible, then we will trade.”

“Your company?” The father and son were stunned.

“Are you looking down on my company?” This is already the biggest concession Qin An’an can make.

The Qin Group is her father’s hard work, but now, she has to give it up.

She really had no other way.

She couldn’t force Fu Shiting to hand over the shares in her hand. She would rather sacrifice her property than force him.

“You may not be able to get my company.” She handed them a list, “You take Yunmo to do these tests first, and I want to determine whether his kidney can be transplanted to Yinyin.”

Fu Han He took the list, glanced at it, and said, “I don’t know how much your company is worth. I’ll study it when I go back.”

“Bring Yunmo to check first!” Qin Anan gritted his teeth.

“Okay, we’ll take him for a checkup as soon as possible. I’ll let you know when the test results come out.” Fu Yechen saw her blushing eyes, so he agreed.

Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136

Qin Anan came out of the breakfast shop after eating breakfast.

Meet Fu Shiting head-on.

He was wearing the light gray home clothes she bought for him, with a black mask on his face, revealing only those sharp eagle-like eyes.

He came out alone, so he must have come to find her.

In an instant, she was full of thoughts, moved, and… scared.

Fu Han and Fu Yechen stood behind Qin Anan.

Following her gaze, the father and son saw Fu Shiting.

Although Fu Shiting was not wearing a formal suit and wearing a mask, the father and son recognized him at a glance.

Fu Yechen was very responsive, he pulled his father and ran towards the car.

Qin Anan strode towards Fu Shiting.

But Fu Shiting’s eyes fell on Fu Han and his son.

How could they be here?

Why did Qin Anan meet the two of them?

What did they talk about?

He could hardly control his reason, and before Qin Anan came over, he strode towards Fu Han.

“Shi Ting!” Qin Anan immediately stopped him, “Don’t be impulsive! Listen to me!”

At the same time as she grabbed his arm, Fu Han and his son quickly got into the car.

Fu Yechen burned his butt, stepped on the accelerator, and the car roared away!

Fu Shiting watched them leave, and immediately looked at Qin An’an, his Adam’s apple rolled: “Tell me.”

“They came here for Yunmo’s business.” She looked into his deep but cold eyes, “Yunmo has a terrible headache. , they took Yunmo to the hospital, but it was of no use. So they came to me. “

After listening to her explanation, he frowned slightly.

“How did you answer them?”

“I introduced them to a doctor. Let them go to that doctor first.” Qin Anan said, “If it still doesn’t work, I’ll go check it out for him.”

“You shouldn’t Lie to me.” Fu Shiting accepted her explanation, but he was still angry, “You said to buy sanitary pads, but there are still some at home. You can lie to Mrs. Zhang with such a crude lie, so how can you use it to lie to me?”

Qin Anan was angry when he saw him , immediately grasped his big hand, and explained with a smile: “I know there are still at home, but there is only one more package. More than one package is not enough! You think you have solved a major case, but I really want to go. Buy sanitary napkins. Come, you accompany me. “

Qin Anan dragged him to the nearby supermarket.

“Have you eaten breakfast?”

“I didn’t. I thought you were lying and couldn’t eat it.”

“Haha, why are you so angry? Even if I lied to you, you still have to eat!” Qin Anan’s face With a smile, my heart is particularly uncomfortable.

If he was told that she concealed Yin Yin’s condition, he would definitely be even more angry.

“It’s fine if you don’t lie to me.” He glanced at her, “Qin An’an, I don’t have any secrets with you anymore, and I don’t want you to hide anything from me.

” Absolutely because you don’t know is better than knowing,” she said with a clear conscience.

Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137

“What does it mean that I don’t know is better than knowing? As long as it is something you know, I want to know.” He shook her hand and increased his strength unconsciously.

“I told you just now. I didn’t mean to hide it from you. When I went out, you hadn’t woken up yet!” She smiled, “I can’t wake you up, can I?” “


On, Fu Han checked the financial report disclosed by the Qin Group last year.

After reading the financial report, Fu Han said with disgust: “Although Qin An’an’s company is profitable, it is far worse than ST Group.”

“Dad, we can’t get the entire ST Group! I think Qin Group is also very good. Isn’t it said that this company is No. 1 in the field of drones? Let’s think about it.” Fu Yechen felt happy when he thought of the fat he could easily get.

Fu Han snorted coldly: “Are you sure you can manage a technology company like this? This kind of technology relies entirely on core technology to win. If the follow-up research and development can’t keep up, it may be overtaken by rival companies. Fu Yechen, you are What is it, you don’t know what it is? Even if the Qin Group is developing well now, when it falls into your hands, it will definitely decline at the speed of light.”

Fu Yechen didn’t expect his father to attack him so mercilessly.

“Dad, I can’t beat Fu Shiting, can’t I beat Qin An’an? Could it be that the core technology of the Qin Group was developed by Qin An’an? Don’t you make fun of it? Qin An’an takes care of the children at home every day and doesn’t care at all. The company.”

“Do you think that Qin An’an will not leave after Qin An’an gives you the company? When her team leaves, she can open another Qin Group! And her new company will definitely be able to In a short period of time, surpass you!” The more Fu Han thought about it, the more uneasy he became.

“Then I can sell it immediately after taking over the Qin Group! With the current value of the Qin Group, we can sell a lot of money!” Fu Yechen didn’t want to give up the fat of the Qin Group, “Fu Shiting How could it be possible to distribute the shares to us? It’s better to take Qin An’an’s company.”

“It’s no wonder you can’t do great things with your brains! If we get Fu Shiting’s shares and then resell them, wouldn’t we get more money than we would get from the Qin Group?”

Fu Han’s words made Fu Yechen’s blood boil.

“Dad, you’re right. It’s not safe for us to hold the shares of ST Group. It’s better to transfer them immediately after we get them. I don’t know how many people are greedy for the shares of ST Group!”

“Let Yunmo do it first . Check it out! In case Yunmo’s kidney can’t be transplanted to Yinyin, we are excited for nothing now!”

Xinghewan Villa.

Because it was agreed yesterday that we will move to Fu Shiting’s house next, so after breakfast, Mrs. Zhang started to pack up.

Qin Anan doesn’t really want to move, and is used to living here.

But now that she is married to Fu Shiting, she can’t just consider her own feelings.

“I knew I would have bought a bigger villa back then,” she said regretfully as she packed her luggage.

“You like this neighborhood so much?” he asked.

There are too many people in this community, and he can’t bear to go out for a walk every evening and be surrounded by a group of old aunties.

“It’s not that you like this community, but you’re used to it.”

“Didn’t you live in my house for a long time? Are you not used to living in my house?” He asked back, “If you are not used to living in my house, then we will continue to live there. Here it is. I can find a way to turn your attic into a small fitness room. “

Qin Anan blinked her apricot eyes.

“My attic, are you serious? My attic is not as big as your toilet. How many fitness equipment can I put in it?”

“How about freeing up Mike’s room? I think his room is quite big.” He suggested again .

“No!” She refused without hesitation, “Let’s move to your big mansion! The big deal is to let Mike come to live in your house too.”

“You can call Jin Sinian to live at my house, anyway, my house is big enough.” He sarcastically.

She couldn’t help laughing: “You’re addicted to being jealous, right?”

“Aren’t you mad at me on purpose?” He said quietly, “If I find a few women to live with, you can’t just eat dry vinegar like me. I guess you can Peeled my skin.”

Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138

After listening to his words, the discomfort in her heart caused by the move was instantly resolved.

“You’re right, if you have close relationships with other women, I will definitely not make it easier for you.” She gave him a slap in the face, “Twenty-four filial piety is the only way out for you.”

Fu Shiting: “When will you see me? Women other than you have close contact with each other? I think…Li Xiaotian? Or, does our daughter count?”

“I think you are busy! Come and pack with me!” She led Follow him to the bedroom.

“Wait, I’ll bring Ziqiu here. Otherwise, he will be lonely in the living room alone. Don’t look at the child, so don’t care about his feelings. It is because he is small, so we have to take care of him even more.”

“Then you go to work later . Let’s take him too!” Qin Anan teased him, “Why don’t you just quit your job and take care of your children at home. I’ll give you pocket money for your living expenses every month.”

Fu Shiting took Ziqiu from the living room and followed her words: “Aren’t you afraid that I will spoil the child? If you let me take care of the child at home, it’s not impossible, as long as you don’t care how I take it.” Qin Anan

: “…”

Live in her death hole!

She believes that he will take care of the child at home full-time, and he will definitely bring the child into a daddy and treasure boy!

Sheng family.

At 8:30 in the morning, Yun Xiaoxiao quietly came out of the room and planned to go to work secretly.

Regarding Sheng Bei’s threat, she thought about it all night and came to the conclusion that she could refuse the escort arranged by the boss in the future. If the boss forces her, she will resign.

Before she reached the living room, she was attracted by a figure sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Her steps stopped suddenly!

The woman sitting on the sofa caught a glimpse of Yun Xiaoxiao’s figure out of the corner of her eye, and immediately looked over.

“Huh?” Mother Sheng immediately got up from the sofa and walked towards Yun Xiaoxiao, “Who are you? Why are you at my son’s house?”

Yun Xiaoxiao snapped her toes in embarrassment: “A… Auntie, Hello.”

“Hello, who are you? Did Sheng Bei bring you back?” Sheng’s mother looked amiable, “Don’t be nervous, I don’t care about his private life.”

A few years ago, Sheng’s mother was urging marriage every year, and Sheng Bei was annoyed and directly threatened to cut off the relationship.

“Well…I’m staying here for a while. When I have the money to buy a house, I’ll move out.” Yun Xiaoxiao said crampedly.

“Oh, since Sheng Bei asked you to live here, then you can live here! How tired is it for a girl to buy a house!” Mother Sheng pulled Yun Xiaoxiao to sit down on the sofa, and looked at her carefully for a few seconds, the more she looked, the more Satisfied, “You are so beautiful, much prettier than that Tang Qian! How old are you this year? Where are you from? Are you going to school or work now?”

Yun Xiaoxiao blushed: “Auntie, Sheng Bei and I It’s not the kind of relationship you think. I’m only twenty years old, so Sheng Bei is forty, right? He’s too old, I won’t find such an old boyfriend.”

Sheng’s mother: “… “

Uncomfortable, sad, heartbroken!

Although her son is old, her son is capable!

The dignified chief financial officer of ST Group would be disliked by a little girl.

It seems that this little girl must have a good family background.

Wait… This little girl just said she wanted to buy a house. If her family background was good, she would definitely not say such a thing.

Just when the atmosphere was deadlocked, Sheng Bei came out of the room.

Seeing his mother and Yun Xiaoxiao sitting together, he couldn’t help having a heart attack.

“Sheng Bei, which daughter is this little girl?” Mother Sheng walked up to her son and whispered, “She despises you for being old and despises you.”

Sheng Bei sneered: “She is Shi Ting’s younger sister! If it wasn’t for this relationship, I wouldn’t have taken her in!”

Sheng’s mother immediately glowed red after hearing the explanation.

She pulled Sheng Bei and walked quickly into the room.

Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139

After entering the room, Sheng’s mother held her son’s hand in both hands and said earnestly: “Bei! This is a golden opportunity! Shi Ting’s sister, how close this relationship is! If you marry her, this is not the case. Have you kissed and kissed?”

Sheng Beiru was struck by lightning: “Mom! Are you crazy?! Me and her…I…I despise her!”

“You despise other people’s children . What is the girl doing? She is only twenty years old, what a great age!”

“She graduated from high school, but didn’t go to university. She is a scumbag!” Graduated from a prestigious school in Shengbei, how can she bear that her wife is a scumbag?

Yun Xiaoxiao was wiped out in the first round!

“What’s wrong with not going to college? Didn’t you say she’s Shi Ting’s younger sister? What kind of younger sister? Cousin?” Mother Sheng probably also felt that Yun Xiaoxiao’s education was too low, and was a little worried.

“Half-sister!” Shengbei said.

“Oh hey! Isn’t that the biological sister?” Mother Sheng exclaimed, “What’s wrong with Shi Ting’s biological sister who didn’t go to college? Even if she is illiterate, I think it would be good for her to be your wife!

” Mom, don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. Shi Ting doesn’t recognize this sister.”

“If you don’t recognize it now, it doesn’t mean you won’t recognize it in the future. Besides, it’s not just her relationship with Shi Ting that I care about. ,” Sheng’s mother told the truth, “how beautiful she is and has a good figure. What’s more important is that she is young, and the two of you are together, she will definitely give you a beautiful child.”

Sheng Bei spit old blood In the heart!

“It’s impossible for me and her! You have a heart to die! When she finds the house, I’ll let her get out!” Sheng Bei said coldly, pushed open the door and walked out.

In the living room, Yun Xiaoxiao was no longer there.

Yun Xiaoxiao just eavesdropped on their speech outside the door.

She heard Sheng Bei say that she disliked her because she was a scumbag.

She was a little angry, but felt that Sheng Bei was right.

From elementary school to high school, she not only had poor studies, but also had a bad relationship with her classmates.

Her father and brother never cared about her, and she never told them about her own affairs. Because from childhood to adulthood, no matter what she said to them, they would scold her in the end.

In such a family, it is a kind of sadness in itself. And looking good will only accelerate the tragedy.

She will never forget the night when the college entrance examination was over, she was almost raped by some gangsters in the class, and she swore at that time that she would never go to school again.

It’s better to stay at home with that fool Yunmo.

At least not to be bullied.

Had her father not been sentenced to death, she would have continued to live in self-isolation at home.

Fu family.

After the luggage was moved in, Aunt Zhang and Aunt Hong began to pack up.

After Qin Anan helped clean up for a while, Fu Shiting pulled him back to the bedroom to rest.

Ziqiu fell asleep after eating the milk, so they could rest for a while.

“Just let the servants do those little things.” He carried her to the bed and put her down. “You are my wife now, and I don’t want to see you too tired.”

“I’m not tired. It’s you, these days of vacation, Instead, she lost weight.” She held his face and teased, “It seems that you still have to go to work.”

“I think so too. If you don’t go to work, you have no appetite for food.”

“You are working hard.

” Lie down on the bed and soon fell asleep.

Qin Anan had a nightmare.

She dreamed that Yunmo’s kidney could not be transplanted to Yinyin.

Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 When I

woke up from the great sadness, the sunset outside the window had already set, and the sunset glowed red half of the sky.

She picked up her phone and checked the time.

It’s half past five in the afternoon.

Fu Shiting was no longer in the room.

She took a deep breath and sent a message to Fu Yechen: Did you take Yunmo to check?

After sending the message, the door was pushed open.

Rila’s little face appeared before her.

“Mom, are you awake? Why did you sleep so long?” Rila saw her mother awake and immediately entered the room, “I’m here to call you for dinner.”

Qin Anan put down the phone, lifted the quilt, and sat up .

“Rila, are you still used to moving to Daddy’s house? We still have a lot of luggage in our house. If you’re not used to it, we can go back to our house anytime.” She got out of bed and put on her shoes.

“It must be a little strange! Dad’s house is so big and big, like a maze.” Rila sighed, “But Dad’s house is also very good, and the big house can hold more things. It’s even better if my brother likes it here. “

I’m afraid it’s hard for your brother to accept this place.” Qin Anan walked towards the bathroom, “When your brother comes back, we’ll move back in.”

“Oh.” Rila followed to the bathroom, “Mom, our school is tomorrow. I want to open a family president. Are you going or my father?”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment: “Do you want your mother to go or your father to go?”

“Of course I want you to go. How beautiful you are!” Rui The corner of La’s mouth raised a smile, and then he frowned tangled, “But Dad also wants to go. I don’t want him to go.”

“You want Mom to go because Mom is prettier than Dad? Rila, We can’t judge people by their appearance!” After Qin Anan washed his face, he became more sober, “If your father knew that you disliked him, he would definitely be sad.”

I hadn’t found Fu Shiting’s glass heart before. The longer I get along with him, the more I realize that he is a fragile and sensitive man.

Maybe because he’s getting older?

“I don’t dislike my father’s bad looks, I just think he’s a little serious, and he might scare our teachers.” Rila begged, “So Mom, you should go to my parent-teacher conference!”

“Well! Mom will wait. Go tell your father.” The

mother and daughter came out of the master bedroom and went downstairs.

Fu Shiting hugged Ziqiu and greeted them downstairs with a fatherly smile.

Qin Anan knew what he was thinking by just looking at him.

“An An, Rila parent meeting tomorrow, let’s go together!” He opened his eyes and said to her.

She looked at Rila: “How about I go with your dad?”

“But the teacher said that only one parent is required to participate!” Rila wondered.

“I’ll just tell your teacher.” Fu Shiting really wanted to go to his daughter’s parent-teacher meeting, but he could see from her daughter’s face that her daughter wanted Qin Anan to attend.

So he can solve this problem by going with Qin An’an.

“Otherwise, let your father go! Mom has attended your parent-teacher conference several times. But your father has not participated in his child’s parent-teacher conference since he was born.” Qin Anan comforted her daughter, “We are pitiful. Have pity on him . ” Rila

laughed with a ‘poof’: “Okay, then let’s pity him!”

The smile on Fu Shiting’s face froze, and he felt an arrow in his knee.

One of the things that I was very happy about was so miserable that Qin Anan said it.

At dinner time, Qin Anan ate two bites, and Fu Yechen’s news came back.

She picked up her phone and saw the checklist sent by Fu Yechen.

She forwarded the checklist to Wei Zhen and asked Wei Zhen to see if the check result matched Yinyin.

“Eat when you eat, don’t play with your phone.” Fu Shiting said, “Who do you message?”

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