When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1141 -1150(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1141 -1150(Chinese)

Chapter 1141

Qin Anan teased: “I told Mr. Rila that you will go to the parent-teacher meeting tomorrow. Because when filling out the enrollment information, the father column was blank. I’m afraid that the teacher doesn’t know who Rila’s father is.”

Fu Shiting was severely punished Heartbroken.

“The news of the two of us getting married a few days ago was on the hot search. Do you think your daughter’s teacher would not know about it?”

“We got married, so how does the teacher know who Rila’s father is? Our marriage doesn’t mean me Your children are yours!” She continued to pierce his heart.

“Okay, you continue to send messages and explain it to the teacher.” Fu Shiting said sadly.

He knew that the teacher had long known about his relationship with Rila, because he had greeted the principal since the beginning of school.

It’s just Qin An’an’s behavior that makes him a little sad.

Does she still want to have children with other men?

After dinner, he offered to go shopping.

“Is the sun coming out of the west?” She looked at him, puzzled, “I know you don’t like to go shopping.”

“I like to go shopping with you.” He corrected her, “You buy things neatly and not picky. It’s the same as me.”

“You just say that I’m going to buy things soon? This is also a manifestation of not like shopping. People who like shopping will choose repeatedly.”

“I want to go shopping for clothes. “I want to be respectful when I go to my daughter’s parent-teacher meeting tomorrow.”

Qin Anan: “???”

“Mom! Let’s go shopping! I’m going too!” Rila said excitedly.

After Qin Anan responded to her daughter, she questioned Fu Shiting in a low voice, “Aren’t those clothes in your closet quite new? Why do you have to buy new clothes?”

“Formal clothes look older,” he explained.

“Oh, I see. You want to look younger.”

“An An, can you save me some face?” He was helpless.

“It’s okay to pretend to be in front of outsiders. Can you be more real in front of me?” she said, asking, “Do you want to take Ziqiu there?

” After thinking about it for a while, he said, “Then go shopping with Ziqiu.”

Qin Anan immediately dismissed the idea: “I won’t bring Ziqiu this time. I’ll buy you clothes first. I’ll take him next time I go shopping. “

After she made the decision, the family of three went out for a walk.

Arriving at Commercial Street, they headed straight to the men’s clothing store.

After Fu Shiting tried suit after suit, Rila finally chose her favorite style.

“I saw my classmate’s dad wear it like that!” Rila explained the reason.

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “Rila, your dad doesn’t like to wear the same clothes as others.”

Rila said with an ‘oh’, “But my dad looks better in this suit than my classmate’s dad!”

Fu Shiting was overjoyed. , take out the card immediately, and go to checkout.

After buying clothes, the family of three went to a nearby shopping mall.

After I bought Rila some toys and hair accessories she liked, it was eight o’clock in the evening.

Because Rila has homework to do, she has to go home first.

After arriving home, Qin Anan saw that Wei Zhen had returned the message.

She immediately said to Fu Shiting, “Go teach your daughter to do her homework, and I’ll play with Ziqiu for a while.” After the

father and daughter went to the study, she immediately turned on her phone.

Wei Zhen’s reply came into view: From the test results, Yun Mo’s kidney should be able to be transplanted to Yin Yin.

Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142

She read the reply several times, and after confirming that she read it correctly, she breathed a sigh of relief!

Yin Yin is saved!

She immediately sent a message to Fu Yechen: Yunmo’s kidney can be transplanted to Yinyin. We will meet again tomorrow to discuss the transfer of the company in detail.

Fu Yechen replied quickly: An An, after I discussed it with my dad, we still insisted on our original request.

Qin Anan was stunned when she saw the news.

Stick to the original request?

Their original request was for Fu Shiting’s shares!

Her body suddenly became cold, and she couldn’t stop shaking.

They didn’t even want her company, they insisted on Fu Shiting’s shares!

That’s abominable!

She took the phone and walked outside.

Seeing that she was going out, Mrs. Zhang immediately asked, “An An, where are you going so late?”

“I’m going outside to talk on the phone.” She cleared the emotions on her face and explained, “Mike has something to do with me.”

“Oh! We moved, and we didn’t tell him. We really had to explain it to him.” Mrs. Zhang said.

Qin Anan took the mobile phone and strode out.

The street lights were on in the yard, but she felt dark.

Obviously everything has turned around, but the road is blocked again!

She hates! She hated Fu Han and his son!

Walking to the corner of the yard, she dialed Fu Yechen’s number.

Fu Yechen answered the phone in seconds: “Qin An’an, what I meant with my dad is what I said in my message.”

“Are you guys looking down on my company?” She asked coldly, “Give me the reason!”

“It’s not that I look down on your company. At least I don’t have this idea. It’s my dad who thinks your company’s financial report last year was not very good… The revenue seems to be quite average. Although your company’s reputation is very good , but this revenue is really a bit low, right?”

“That’s because most of the revenue is invested in R&D!” Qin Anan was angry at their ignorance, “The most important thing for technology companies is R&D! This year, the investment is even greater, But the revenue will also be very impressive! This year, it will be at least ten times the basis of last year!”

She had a headache and wanted to end this painful torture as soon as possible.

She didn’t expect that she was willing to give in to this step, and their father and son actually disliked that the chips she gave were not enough.

“Well, I believe in you, and I also believe that your company is a very promising company. But Qin An’an, you also know that my ability is limited and I don’t have a reliable team like you. After you give me the company , your core team will definitely follow you. How will I operate then?”

“Mike will follow me. As long as you appease the others and give enough money, they will definitely not leave!” Qin Anan said, “You only need If you spend more money, you are afraid that you will not be able to hire talents? The most important thing in this society is talents! You have to believe in yourself!”

“Hehe, An An, thank you for giving me confidence. I was beaten by my father and lost my fighting spirit. If only you were so good to me before…”

“Fu Yechen, is it necessary to mention the past? You go to discuss it with your father and show your courage. Your father is not If you want Fu Shiting’s shares, you’re just arguing with Fu Shiting. You can maximize your benefits by listening to me. Don’t end up stealing chickens without losing money!” Qin Anan warned sharply.

After being silent for a few seconds, Fu Yechen let go: “Okay, I’ll go talk to my dad again. I’ll give you a reply tomorrow.”

“Fu Yechen, I hope you’ll wake up a bit this time. Don’t make the same mistake again. You guys He can’t fight Fu Shiting.” Qin Anan reminded, “Whether it’s playing Ming or playing Yin, you are not his opponent.”

Fu Yechen: “I know you really reminded me, but your words still make me support. uncomfortable.”

“Then what do you want me to say? Why do you keep facing Fu Shiting? If he knew about this, I don’t know how impulsive he would act! I can’t guarantee that your father and son will be in danger. So we can resolve this matter privately, without disturbing him!”

Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143

“Got it!” Fu Yechen hung up.

Qin Anan held the phone and breathed heavily.

I hope the father and son can figure it out.

Otherwise, once Fu Shiting was involved in this matter, she would really be unable to control the trend of the matter.

She was afraid that the situation would get out of control, that her peaceful life would be disrupted.

After finally getting through the torture of the wedding day, they were stable for less than half a month! Is God really going to be so cruel to them?

After some time, Fu Shiting came out to look for her.

Seeing her crouching in a corner of the yard, he frowned.

“An An, why are you squatting? Aunt Zhang said you came out to call Mike, why did you call for so long?” He helped her up, “Have you quarreled with Mike?”

She immediately hugged him tightly and said in a hoarse voice : “Shi Ting, I’m not in a good mood.”

“Because of the move?” He held her face up and looked at her, “What did Mike say?”

“He just moved out, but after he moved out, we He also moved away.” Her mind was a little confused, “I feel a little lost when I think that Xiaohan is not around.”

“Isn’t that saying that he is fine abroad?” He embraced her waist and patiently comforted, “If you want a child With better development, it is necessary for them to see the wider world. They are not destined to stay with us forever. You have to adjust your mentality in time.”

“As for Mike, you don’t need to care about him at all. He has his life, it has nothing to do with us. Our life has nothing to do with him,” he added.

“Hmm. Has Rila finished her homework?” She adjusted her mood.

“It’s done. Sister Zhang took her to take a bath.”

“Well. Let’s take a bath too! You have to go to school for a parent-teacher meeting tomorrow morning.”

“You wash first.” He held her little hand, “You are a little cold.”


He sent her to the master bedroom, and immediately came out of the room after seeing her entering the bathroom.

He dialed Mike, intending to teach Mike a good lesson.

The phone was dialed and it took a while to be answered.

“I decided to move. What’s your dissatisfaction with me! What’s your anger at Qin An’an?” He lowered his voice, but couldn’t hide his anger, “Aren’t you too comfortable to be beaten?”

Thinking of Qin An’an squatting in the yard, his fists clenched instantly.

Mike was at a loss: “Fuck! What the hell are you talking about? Why can’t I understand? When did I lose my temper with Qin An’an? You’d better explain it to me, or I’ll kill you now!”

Fu Shiting listened With his sharp roar, Yingmei frowned: “Qin Anan called you just now, didn’t you complain to her? After she finished talking to you, she squatted in the yard alone.”

“Huh?” Mike Geng He shouted loudly, and at the same time his brain was running at a high speed, “She called me? Oh! There is such a thing…”

Mike is Qin An’an’s person, so of course he has to lie for Qin An’an!

Fu Shiting had a gloomy face and hung up the phone.

Mike’s reaction was too clumsy, he heard the flaw.

He pushed open the door, entered the room, walked to the bed, and picked up Qin An’an’s cell phone.

He wanted to see who she was on the phone with just now!

Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144

He opened her call record, and Fu Yechen’s name came into view.

Without any thought, he dialed Fu Yechen’s phone.

Fu Yechen answered the phone quickly: “Qin An’an, didn’t I tell you to answer tomorrow?”


Fu Shiting’s heartstrings tightened: “What answer?” On the other

side of the phone, Fu Yechen froze.

What is Fu Shiting’s voice? ! He clearly saw that it was Qin An’an’s call, how could he make Fu Shiting’s voice?

Fu Yechen glanced at the screen of his mobile phone, and after confirming that it was Qin An’an’s call, he took a deep breath.

“Why did you call me with Qin An’an’s cell phone? Don’t you have a cell phone?” Fu Yechen felt guilty, “You have something to do with me? We don’t seem to have anything to say between us!”

Fu Shiting gritted his teeth and said word by word “What answer do you want to give Qin An’an tomorrow? Say it!”

“Go ask Qin An’an! I…”

“Since you are not afraid of death, I will send someone to find you now!” Fu Shiting pinched now Killing Fu Yechen is like pinching an ant to death.

He used to worry about their uncle and nephew relationship, but now it doesn’t matter, he can do anything.

Fu Yechen’s face was ashen with fright: “Don’t be impulsive! I said!”

Fu Shiting suppressed his anger and waited for him to explain.

“That’s it,” Fu Yechen didn’t dare to tell him the truth rashly, so he started to make up the story, “Yunmo has been feeling unwell recently, because Qin Anan was his attending doctor before, so we talked to Qin Anan. His situation. Then Qin Anan wanted us to give Yun Mo to her, and she took Yun Mo for treatment, but my dad was not so relieved…”

“Your dad is worried about me!” Fu Shiting sarcastically .

“I don’t know what he thought. That’s what happened,” Fu Yechen teased. “You look at Qin An’an’s cell phone secretly, won’t she be angry when she finds out?

” !” After Fu Shiting finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Qin Anan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, saw Fu Shiting’s cold face, and walked in front of him puzzled.

“I checked your phone just now.” He said bluntly, “You didn’t call Mike.”

She was startled. His heart was very flustered, but he tried to maintain the surface calm: “Have you seen my call log?”

“Yes, I did.” He said confidently, “Can’t I read it?”

“Yes!” Her eyes flickered, He picked up the phone on the bed and glanced at the call log.

Just now, she and Fu Yechen spoke on the phone for two minutes.

She was very curious about what Fu Shiting and Fu Yechen said in these two minutes.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, uneasy.

I was afraid that Fu Yechen couldn’t help Fu Shiting’s intimidation, so he said it all.

Fu Shiting looked at her face, thought for a few seconds, and replied, “He said what you were talking about.”

“Oh? What did he say?” She was frightened, “Tell me, I’m afraid he will lie. “

You tell me what you said so I know if he’s lying.” He didn’t seem to trust her very much.

She has been playing with her mobile phone a little more frequently these days, and lying too often.

Even if it’s really for Yunmo’s business, is that so?

“For Yunmo’s business.” She took his hand, “Shi Ting, Yunmo is really pitiful. Fu Han didn’t treat him well.”

“That’s none of your business.” Fu Shiting let go of her hand Kai, said sharply, “You can’t save the world, and you can’t save everyone. It’s enough to take care of your own life!”

He strode into the bathroom and closed the bathroom door.

Her nose is slightly sour.

He was angry.

After getting married, he has always been very restrained in temper, gentle with her, and patient with children. He is not only a good husband, but also a good father.

Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145

If possible, she hopes that their lives can always be so peaceful and beautiful.

In fact, although he is sensitive and suspicious, he is also very good at coaxing.

As long as she puts down her posture and is soft on him, he can usually calm down.

When he came out of the shower, she took him to bed.

His face was still blue and his eyes were angry.

After he lay down, she turned off the light.

“Husband, I…”

“Is Yun Mo more important or me?” He interrupted her.

“Of course you are important.” She hugged his body tightly, sniffing the familiar breath on his body, “I just want to do something within my power. After all, Yun Mo is Yin Yin’s brother. I promise to do it. These will not affect our lives.”

“It has already affected.” He said, “You said that you are in a bad mood. Seeing that you are in a bad mood, do you think I am in a good mood?”

“I promise that I will not be in a good mood in the future. His business has affected his mood.” She moved to his face and placed a kiss on his cheek, “You have a parent-teacher meeting tomorrow, so you can’t wear a mask the whole time. I’ll cover your face with concealer tomorrow. Injured.”


After the reconciliation, the two fell asleep quickly.

A new day is coming.

Qin Anan got up earlier than usual.

She promised to cover the scars on Fu Shiting’s face, but when she moved yesterday, she didn’t bring concealer.

Foundation only.

Fu Shiting opened his eyes and saw that she was busy in front of the dresser.

“An An, what are you doing?”

“I’m looking for liquid foundation.” She took out all the liquid foundations she brought, and picked a shade that was more suitable for his skin tone, but she could pick and choose and couldn’t find a suitable one, “I forgot to bring concealer, so I could only I covered you with liquid foundation. The liquid foundation is a bit white, I don’t know if it can cover you.”

He heard the words and immediately lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

“Try first.” He put his face in front of her.

“Oh.” She opened a bottle of liquid foundation, squeezed some out, and smeared it on his cheeks.

After smearing it evenly, his entire face turned white.

“It’s a little white. But the concealer is good, and you can’t see the injury on your face.” She asked him to look in the mirror.

He looked at himself in the mirror and laughed at himself: “Little white face.”

“Haha! This is already the darkest shade of foundation I brought over. The others are whiter. If you don’t want this white, then I’ll let the driver go now. Buy it. But it’s a little early, and the mall may not be open yet.”

It’s not her fault. She has fair skin, so the liquid foundation shades are all white.

Besides, there are almost no other blemishes on her face except dark circles, so she does not usually use concealer.

“Just use this! As long as you can’t see the wound on your face.” He compromised.

She took him to the bathroom to remove his makeup. When he’s done washing, reapply his makeup.

At eight o’clock, she sent the father and daughter out.

After eating breakfast, she went back to her room to sleep.

Her eyes closed, and after a while, they suddenly opened.

She picked up her phone and called Fu Yechen.

He said last night that he would give her an answer today. Presumably their father and son have already thought about it.

Fu Yechen answered the phone quickly.

“Fu Yechen, have you discussed it with your father?”

“It’s discussed,” Fu Yechen said lazily, “We only need the shares in Fu Shiting’s hands. The rest will not work. Qin Anan, if you really want to save Yinyin’s life, you should find a way to persuade him. Fu Shiting bowed his head!”

Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146

She was stunned.

She did not expect that the father and son would insist on making such a choice!

Where did their courage come from?

“Why didn’t you listen to the persuasion? Why!” Her eyes were red, her fists clenched, and she growled lowly.

“Qin An’an, I’m fed up with being fussy. Since I started my business, I have been compared to Fu Shiting. Everyone thinks that I don’t have the courage and ability of Fu Shiting. I admit that I am indeed not as strong as him. So this time, I’m going to take risks! Show my courage!”

“It’s ridiculous!” Qin Anan laughed angrily, “You can’t show courage when you should be courageous, and when you shouldn’t be stupid, you have to show your so-called courage!”

“Shut up!” Fu Yechen was ridiculed and said angrily, “Qin An’an, I’ve made it very clear! My dad and I have both thought about it! Yinyin was seriously ill to save your son. She is your duty! You go to Fu Shiting, no matter what reason you use, let him give us one-third of his shares! Otherwise, you will never find Yunmo!”

Qin Anan knew that there was no room for change, so he was angry And hung up.

How to talk to Fu Shiting?

She can’t speak at all!

She had never asked Fu Shiting for money, let alone asked him to give up part of his equity.

Although he has always been generous to her in terms of economics, and has said several times that everything he owns is hers, but if he really wants to ask him for money, and he still wants equity, she doesn’t dare.

She knew him very well, and if she asked him for money for her own enjoyment, he would definitely give it.

But if you ask him for money, whether to transfer it to someone else or to someone he hates, he will definitely not give it.

The first primary school in A city.

After Fu Shiting and Rila arrived at the school, Fu Shiting was invited into the classroom by the teacher, and Rila was taken to the group activity by another teacher.

After Fu Shiting found Rila’s seat in the classroom, he sat down.

When other parents saw him, they looked at him one after another.

He is a well-known big man in country A, and everyone is more or less familiar with his name and appearance.

After he started his business, he never sat on the stage at any meeting.

He wasn’t used to it, but besides that, everyone looked at him like a monkey in a zoo, making him fidgety.

If I knew it earlier, I brought Qin An’an with me.

He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Qin An’an: Everyone is looking at me, am I too pale?

Qin An’an endured the pain and pretended to return to him as if nothing had happened: whoever looked at you, look back. Take out the momentum of your ST Group president.

He always listened to her, so he put down his phone and looked around.

Sure enough, after he met everyone’s gaze, everyone was embarrassed to stare at him.

He sent a message to Qin An’an: I feel that my face is too white. Turned my phone screen white.

Qin An’an: A successful man, don’t stare at his face all the time.

Fu Shiting: …

but he has nothing to do now.

Sitting in front of my daughter’s small desk, it seems like I’m back in school days.

What’s worse, the teacher just told him that he wanted him to speak on the stage as the parent’s representative before the parent-teacher meeting ended.

The teacher said that he sent a message to Qin Anan last night about this.

What’s outrageous is that Qin Anan didn’t tell him.

Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147

He continued to send a message to Qin An’an: Teacher Zhou said he sent you a message last night and asked me to speak on stage today, why didn’t you tell me last night? I’m not prepared at all, what will I say when I come on stage later?

Qin An’an: Didn’t we quarrel last night, so we went to bed early. I also only saw the news of Teacher Zhou this morning.

Fu Shiting: What shall I say on stage later?

Qin Anan: Say whatever you want! Think of what to say.

Fu Shiting: My mind is blank.

He has never held parent-teacher conferences and has no experience.

If it is a meeting in the company, let him say something casually, this will not happen.

Qin An’an: Just thank the teachers in the class and say that the teachers have worked hard. By the way, I would like to call on the parents to make concerted efforts to assist the teachers and manage their children well…

Fu Shiting: You don’t think these words , is it hard to tell? I hate this kind of speech that seems to say a lot of words but every word has no meaning.

Qin An’an: Then think for yourself! You hurry up and start drafting now.

Fu Shiting: Baldhead·jpg

After the parents arrive, the parent meeting will begin.

Fu Shiting found a pencil and a notebook from Rila’s schoolbag and started drafting.

The teacher saw Fu Shiting’s behavior very clearly on the stage.

I don’t know what he was writing at his desk.

A successful person like him with his own aura is serious and charming.

The teacher commented on the students one by one. When it came to Rila, he finally raised his head and began to listen to the teacher.

“Rila is a beautiful and sensible little girl. It can be seen that her usual home education is very good. She not only studies well, but also has a good relationship with her classmates. She is very helpful…”

When the teacher said this, a parent raised his hand.

“Mr. Zhou, I don’t think Rila is as good as you said. I told you that she beat my son last time, but my son said that Rila has not apologized to him until now. Her temper is so fierce, the family There must be something wrong with education.”

When Fu Shiting heard this, Ying frowned.

He hadn’t heard of Rila’s habit of hitting people at school.

Seeing that Fu Shiting’s face changed, Mr. Zhou immediately explained: “That’s right, Rila didn’t hit someone for no reason. It was Xiaodi who first pulled Nini’s braid and made Nini cry, that’s why Rila started beating. Xiaodi. Xiaodi has already apologized to Nini, but Rila felt that it was right for her to help her good friend, so she didn’t apologize to Xiaodi.”

After hearing what the teacher said, Fu Shiting said solemnly, “My daughter is right. Parents of boys with girls’ braids should reflect on how to educate their children well. So as not to grow up and go astray.”

Xiaodi’s mother: “???”

Her son grabbed the pigtails of the female classmates, how could he Curse her son for going astray?

“Papa Rila, boys are a bit naughty, I don’t think it’s harmless to fight with each other…” Xiao Di’s mother said dissatisfiedly.

“If you don’t have quality, you don’t have quality. Why should you let other boys take the blame with your son? My son won’t pull girls’ pigtails.” Fu Shiting said unceremoniously, “Do you think it’s harmless for your son to slap and mess around, but my daughter does. What’s the problem?”

“No wonder your daughter is so fierce.” Xiao Di’s mother couldn’t quarrel, but she could only get angry.

“Let your son be careful in the future, or he will be beaten by my daughter again.”

“Hehehe…your family is rich! Why don’t you go to a noble school? Squeeze with us ordinary people to go to school. , do you seem to have a sense of superiority?”

“Anyone will feel superior in front of a shrew like you.” After Fu Shiting finished speaking, Xiao Di’s mother ran out crying.

Qin Anan’s jaw almost dropped after hearing about this!

Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148

She rushed to the school immediately.

In the classroom, the parents’ meeting continued to open, and Xiao Di’s mother, accompanied by a teacher, stood outside the classroom.

“Mom Rila, you’re finally here.” Xiao Di’s mother looked aggrieved, “Your husband is too fierce, in front of so many people, he doesn’t give me any face at all.”

Qin Anan: “My husband is indeed a little fierce . But Mr. Zhou sent me a message to explain the situation, I think you need to calm down. We have talked before about my daughter hitting your son. I thought you let it go, but I didn’t expect you to bring it up again. “

But your daughter did not apologize to my son! My son has apologized to Nini.” Xiaodi’s mother was not convinced.

“Your son should have apologized to Nini. If your son doesn’t pull Nini’s braid, my daughter won’t beat her.” Qin Anan reasoned with her, “If you make a mistake, you will be punished. You are the one who made the mistake. Son, not my daughter. Of course my daughter doesn’t need to apologize to your son. I taught her this.”

“It’s really unreasonable!”

“Right or wrong, I believe all parents have a decision. If you continue to make trouble, you Aren’t you afraid that other classmates won’t play with your son?” Qin Anan suggested.

Xiaodi’s mother: “Are you threatening me? Do you want to join other parents to exclude my son?! I want to transfer my son to another school!”

“It’s good. The little girls don’t have to worry about being pulled by your son after work. ” Qin Anan smiled.

Xiao Di’s mother left angrily and planned to find the school leadership theory.

In the classroom, Fu Shiting waved to Qin Anan.

The parent meeting has come to an end, and soon, it will be the parent representative’s turn to speak on the stage.

Fu Shiting decided to let her come to power.

She entered the classroom, and Teacher Zhou smiled at her: “Next, we will invite Rila’s parents to speak on the stage.”

Everyone immediately applauded.

Fu Shiting smiled gently and applauded with everyone.

After Qin An’an came to power, he said: “Hello everyone, I’m Rila’s mother Qin An’an, and I’m very happy to participate in this parent meeting. Today is the first time Rila’s father has participated in his child’s parents’ meeting, and he is very much looking forward to sharing it with you. His experience!”

Qin Anan finished speaking, took the lead in applauding, and welcomed Fu Shiting to the stage.

Fu Shiting: “…”

In the warm applause of everyone, he bravely walked up to the stage.

After he came to power, Qin Anan stepped down immediately.

“Hello everyone, I’m Rila’s father, Fu Shiting. I’m very happy to be here today for my child’s parent-teacher meeting.” Speaking of which, his mind went blank. After a few seconds of silence, before Qin Anan appeared in his mind Teach him the formula, “First of all, I have to say to the teachers, you have worked hard!”

Qin Anan: “…” The lines are very familiar.

“At the same time, parents should help teachers and manage their children well. I hope that things like pulling girls’ pigtails will not happen again in the class in the future. Otherwise, my daughter will not be merciful. My daughter will beat up whoever kid’s mischief at that time. , don’t come to us to complain.”

Qin Anan applauded again, indicating with his eyes that he could come down.

He understood and immediately stepped off the podium.

After the parent-teacher meeting, the two came out of the school.

“Shi Ting, it’s the first time I saw you so nervous.” She laughed out loud, “You weren’t nervous when you said your vows in public at the wedding.”

“I’m afraid I’ll embarrass my daughter.”

“Rila likes you very much, Even if you’re really ashamed, she’ll stand up for you.” She said, changing the subject, “Let’s go out to lunch!”

“Okay. What to eat?”

“Eat hot pot! I haven’t eaten hot pot in a long time. I want something spicy.”

“Are you sure?” He is very picky about food, especially not spicy, “Don’t you like spicy food?”

Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149

“I didn’t eat spicy food until I was with you. Because you don’t eat spicy food, I changed my taste.” She complained, “When I’m not with you, I can eat spicy food especially.”

“Okay, let’s go eat mandarin duck pot.” He was very moved, so he decided to accompany her to eat.


Fu Yechen has been swiping his mobile phone all morning, hoping that Qin Anan can contact him again.

He thought that Qin Anan was a woman who valued love and justice, and he thought that Yinyin’s illness would definitely allow Qin Anan to compromise!

As a result, after Qin Anan hung up the phone in the morning, he never contacted him again.

“I’m wrong!” Fu Yechen gritted his teeth and said, “Isn’t she planning to save my aunt? What a ruthless woman!”

Fu Han was making tea, feeling restless in his heart.

He was a little shaken last night. After taking over the Qin Group and selling it for money, he could sell a lot, and he also avoided a head-on conflict with Fu Shiting.

After their father and son took the money, they could leave country A and spend the rest of their lives in other countries in peace.

But last night, Fu Yechen didn’t agree with Fu Han’s idea, and he was willing to give up until he took Fu Shiting’s shares.

Fu Han couldn’t resist, so he could only follow him.

As a result, it ended up in a situation where nothing could be gained.

“Qin An’an can marry Fu Shiting, which shows that Qin An’an is not a good person at all. Fu Shiting puts interests above everything else, and Qin An’an is bound to be like him.” Fu Han analyzed, “Qin An’an is willing to take the Qin Group. Come out and make chips for us, this should be the trump card she can come up with. Don’t imagine Fu Shiting’s shares!”

Fu Yechen gritted his teeth.

“They would rather sacrifice Yinyin than exchange shares for Yunmo’s kidney.” Fu Han drank a cup of tea, his heart was cold, “You should think about how to make a living next! I want to support your uncle.”

“Dad, I’m really not reconciled. If we miss this opportunity, we won’t be able to turn over again!” Fu Yechen put down his phone and said solemnly.

“Isn’t it that you don’t want Qin An’an’s company? I inquired about it. If Qin An’an’s company is resold, it can sell at least 3 billion!” Fu Han glared at his son, “After you rejected Qin An’an this morning. , I was told by someone else. If I knew I could sell for so much money, I shouldn’t have let you fool around!”

“You can also ask her for it again now!” Fu Yechen blushed.

“Go to her and ask for it!”

“I’m not going! I’m going to you! I can’t afford that shame!” Fu Yechen refused.

“You bum! You can’t afford to lose that face, can I afford to lose that face?”

“Then don’t!” Fu Yechen clenched his fists, “Actually, we can be more ruthless! Anyway, I only support you , I can’t support my uncle! So…”

Fu Han’s eyes widened: “What do you want to do?”

Hotpot restaurant.

Qin An’an’s cheeks were flushed after eating for a while, and after a while, her eyes were also red.

“Is it spicy?” He poured her water.

She reached out and fanned her face: “I used to be good at eating spicy food, but now I can’t.”

“Then don’t eat it.” He handed the water to her and removed the dishes in front of her at the same time. .

She took the water, took a sip, and the tears fell down with a ‘swish’.

Fu Shiting was startled.

“It’s so hot, it actually made me cry!” She put down the water glass and laughed, unable to control her tears, “Shi Ting, you said before that everything you own is mine, right?”

Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150

“Yeah.” He handed the tissue in front of her, staring at her, “Why do you keep shedding tears?”

She wiped away the tears with the tissue: “It’s probably been too long since I’ve eaten spicy food, so I can’t stand it. Thinking of how good you are to me and the child, I feel like I own the whole world.”

“Shouldn’t I be happy?” He looked at her wet eyes, and there was a thorn in his heart.

“I’m happy! I’m very happy.” She held up the water glass and took another sip of water, “Shi Ting, I was browsing Weibo last night, and I accidentally saw some netizens say that you value money interests more than anything. Netizens also said that you married me because I am not bad at making money. If I didn’t have the ability to make money, you would definitely not marry me.”

His face paled in shock by these remarks.

“That’s why I asked you that question just now,” she continued.

“Do you think what I said to you was to coax you?” His voice was obviously a little colder.

“Of course I believe you. But after reading those words on the Internet, it is inevitable that you will be cranky.” She smiled, “I didn’t question you, just chatted with you.”

“Qin An’an, you are questioning me.” He No appetite, “If you don’t question me, you won’t ask at all.”

“Well, if I am questioning you, you can question me too!”

“What am I questioning you? I have nothing to question. Yes .”

“Then you say, money is more important, or me?” She looked at him seriously, wanting to confirm his answer again, “Is your company more important, or me?”

He didn’t expect her to pursue this question Do not let go.

It always felt like she was being stimulated.

Her tears were not because of spicy, but something else.

“Is it because I can’t give you a sense of security?” He stared at her blankly and asked, “We didn’t know each other for a day or two, or a year or two. Would you really not know the answer to this question? Even if I I told you the answer, but you are still uneasy.”

His questioning made her eyes wet instantly.

“It has nothing to do with security, I just want to hear what you have to say.” She held back her tears and said almost unreasonably, “I didn’t ask you ‘love me or not’ every day.”

He was choked by her words. For a moment, I felt that she was holding her lifeline.

“If money is more important than you in my heart, then I don’t have to waste so much time with you, and I don’t have to waste so much time with my children. I can go to work in a company now, thinking about how to make more money, not with You eat hot pot here that I don’t like.”

He used these words to express his attitude.

She was quite satisfied with his answer.

“If I want your company, will you give it to me?” She lowered her eyes and asked this ‘excessive’ question.

“What do you want my company to do?” He thought for a few seconds, then replied, “You have two companies, aren’t you busy enough? If you want money, I can give you all the money you earn. Or you I took my company and sold it for money.”

Qin Anan: “…”

His answer made her not know how to answer for a while.

She could see that he was really willing to give her the company, but he just needed a valid reason.

He knew she didn’t love money that much, so she couldn’t find any good reason to want his company.

“Shi Ting, are you nervous?” Her mood gradually calmed down, “Did my question scare you?”

“It’s not your problem that scare me, but I don’t understand why you cry.” He Handing the fruit plate to her, “Eat some fruit!”

“Probably I’ve been too busy recently. Once people are free, it’s easy to think wildly.” She took an apple with a fork and handed it to his mouth, “But I won’t doubt it anymore. Shi Ting, thank you for loving me, I will love me and you more than you in the future.”

Hearing her promise, all the dark clouds in his heart dissipated.

However, he was still a little worried: “Are you really okay?”

“It’s really okay. I’m about to have my period, so my hormone levels are out of balance and I’m a little emotional.” She pulled out a gentle smile, “I won’t eat spicy food again in the future. Facts have proved that it is better to keep things in the past in memory, and cherishing the present is the most important thing.”

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