When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1171 -1180(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1171 -1180(Chinese)

Chapter 1171 When

she got home, her heart was empty.

In fact, Fu Shiting didn’t reply to her news in seconds every time. If she didn’t ask him for shares in the future, she would never be so nervous.

She took the phone and swiped several times, but she didn’t get a reply from him.

She sent a message to Li Xiaotian: Xiaotian, how are you and Zhunzhi recently?

Li Xiaotian: That’s it! He has been very busy lately.

Qin An’an: Then when you send him a message, when does he usually reply?

Li Xiaotian: He usually returns when he sees it! Why are you asking this all of a sudden?

Qin An’an: I messaged Fu Shiting at noon, but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

Li Xiaotian: You can just call him and ask if it’s okay. He must be busy and didn’t see the news, or he must reply to you.

Qin Anan: I think so too. So I still don’t call him. Anyway, he will be back in the evening.

Li Xiaotian: Well, don’t you also go to work?

Qin An’an: I took Ziqiu to get vaccinations this afternoon, but didn’t go to the company.

Li Xiaotian: Oh, I haven’t seen you talk to me specifically for such trivial matters! I always thought that you were taking Fu Shiting’s hands to death, but now it’s the other way around haha!

Qin An’an: The feelings are mutual. He likes me and I like him too.

Li Xiaotian: Yes! After I divorced He Zhunzhi once, I realized that it wasn’t that I couldn’t live without him, but that I was as lost as I was without him. what a shame!

Qin An’an: It’s all over. Cherish each other well in the future!

After chatting with Li Xiaotian, Fu Shiting still didn’t reply.

She took the phone to charge and planned to ask him what he was doing when he came back from get off work.

At half past five in the afternoon, the bodyguards took Rila home.

Qin An’an’s mobile phone is also fully charged.

She unplugged the charger and opened WeChat, but Fu Shiting still did not reply to the message.

Her heart suddenly froze. She found his number and dialed it.

The phone was dialed, and a system prompt sounded soon – sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

Is his phone turned off?

Is it powered off or the meeting is shut down?

Her heart suddenly beat violently, and an ominous premonition rose in her heart.

She immediately dialed Zhou Ziyi’s number, but fortunately she was quickly connected.

“Ziyi, is Fu Shiting off work now? I sent him a message and he didn’t reply, and I couldn’t get through when I called him.” She asked, “Is he so busy today?”

Zhou Ziyi was stunned.

He raised his eyes to look at Fu Shiting in the office chair, and then looked up at Fu Shiting’s mobile phone on the desk.

Fu Shiting is not busy today.

He stretched out his hand to cover the receiver of his mobile phone, and whispered to Fu Shiting, “Boss, An An is calling. She said that your mobile phone can’t be reached, and the message has not been answered. She asked if you are off work, and asked if you are busy.”

Fu Shiting: ” Tell her I’m busy and I’ll be home late tonight, and tell her not to wait for me.”

Zhou Ziyi immediately conveyed the boss’s meaning to Qin An’an.

Qin Anan responded in frustration: “Is your company so busy now? I didn’t listen to him.”

“Yeah! I’ve been very busy recently. He didn’t tell you, maybe he didn’t want to worry you.” Zhou Ziyi said .

“Oh, then you ask him to call me back!”

“Okay, I’ll pass it on.”

After talking on the phone, Zhou Ziyi said to Fu Shiting, “An An asked you to call back.”

Fu Shiting: “My phone is out of battery.”

Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172

“Oh, is your charger broken? I have a charger there, I’ll bring it to you…”

“No.” Fu Shiting’s charger is not broken, he just doesn’t want to charge it.

His mobile phone was automatically turned off when he heard Qin An’an’s call recording when he heard that the phone was out of power.

After listening to the recording all afternoon, he now only needs to think of keywords such as ‘Qin An’an’, ‘Yun Mo’, ‘Fu Han’, and his heart hurts and disgusts.

Zhou Ziyi couldn’t help it, and he asked loudly, “Boss, what is the reason for you and An’an this time?”

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, don’t say what you shouldn’t say.” He raised his cold eyes and looked at him coldly. By Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi immediately shut up: “I see. Do you want to go home tonight? If you don’t go back, I’ll go buy you dinner now.”

Fu Shiting: “I don’t think so.”

“If you don’t give her back Call, I think she may come to the company to look for you later.” Zhou Ziyi reminded, “If you don’t neglect her so much, she will definitely think wildly.”

“It’s precisely because I don’t neglect her, so she always I don’t care about my feelings.” His eyes were cold, and his voice was even colder, “I was never afraid of making trouble with Fu Han before. But now, I’m tired.”

Not tired, but tired.

Thinking about being used from birth. Now that he has become famous, he thinks that he can dominate everything, that he has found true love and a destination, but he still cannot escape the end of being used!

Qin Anan said more than once that he would never lie to him again, and he believed it.

Now the beautiful illusion is torn apart, revealing the ugly lie!

He is really tired!

Zhou Ziyi had never seen him so depressed.

When he was angry, Zhou Ziyi had seen it, whether it was a rage or cold-blooded revenge, but he had never seen him cry tired.

Zhou Ziyi especially wanted to know what happened between him and Qin An’an, but he knew very well that he couldn’t find the result if he asked again.

And what he said just now was very clear, don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, don’t say what you shouldn’t say.

Zhou Ziyi not only couldn’t ask him what happened, but he couldn’t tell everything that happened now.

Fu family.

Qin Anan and Rila are sitting at the dining table and having dinner.

“Mom, our house is so deserted!” Rila felt emotionally, “Uncle Mike is no longer living with us, my brother is not at home, and Dad is going to work again. Maybe he will work overtime every day in the future…I A classmate told me that she can only see her father two or three times a month, because her father usually travels around for work.”

Qin Anan: “Your father will not do this. Even if he works overtime, he will go home at night.”

“But if he comes back too late, I won’t see him! I go to school early in the morning, and he can’t see me.” Rila puffed out her cheeks, “My classmate said that her father had a woman outside, so she often Don’t go home.”

Qin Anan was shocked by her daughter’s remarks.

“Rila, your dad isn’t that kind of person.”

“I don’t want dad to be like that either. I’ll be sad and you’ll be sad too. Brother will hate him even more.” Rila sniffed, “Then You call your father after dinner and ask him to come back early.”

Qin An’an: “I have called your Uncle Zhou, and when your father is not so busy, he will call me back. If he does not call I called back to show that he was on his way home.”

“Oh!” Rila felt relieved, “Mom, when are you going to see brother? I’m about to have summer vacation!”

Qin Anan thought for a few seconds : “We can visit him anytime after your summer vacation.”

Rila put down her tableware and ran out of the dining room with a look of excitement.

Seeing that her daughter was so happy, Qin Anan picked up the phone to see if Fu Shiting had any reply.

As a result, still no.

Half an hour has passed since she called Zhou Ziyi.

It stands to reason that Zhou Ziyi should have conveyed what she said to Fu Shiting, why did Fu Shiting still not reply to her?

Whether it was a message or a phone call, as long as she didn’t receive a response from him for a second, she felt uneasy in her heart.

She dialed his number again, and the system beep was still heard.

Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173

She frowned, came out of the dining room, and decided to drive to his company to find him.

She wondered if he was busy with work and didn’t have time to look at his phone, or if there were other reasons.

Half an hour later, her car stopped at the entrance of ST Group Building.

The lights on some floors of the building are still on. She went straight to the lobby on the first floor.

The security guard saw her and immediately swiped her card to let her in.

She took the elevator to the floor where Fu Shiting’s office was.

With a ‘ding’ sound, the elevator door slowly opened.

The lights in the corridor are on, but the door of Fu Shiting’s office is closed.

He is no longer in the company.

Is he already on his way home?

Her disappointment was greater than her hope.

Always feel like something is wrong. Otherwise he wouldn’t have contacted her for so long.

They have been very sweet since their marriage, even if they stick together 24 hours a day, they will not get tired.

How could his attitude change?

Did Fu Han and his son find him?

But she’d already negotiated with them, and they shouldn’t have the guts to provoke him.

She squatted at the door of his office and dialed Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi answered again in seconds: “An An, what’s the matter?”

“Where has Fu Shiting gone? I’m at the door of his office now, and he’s no longer in the office.” Her tone couldn’t hide her disappointment.

“When I got off work, I told him what you said. However, his mobile phone was out of power, and it seemed that the charger was broken. At that time, a client wanted to invite him to dinner, and then talk about the cooperation in detail, so he may now Let’s go to dinner with the client!” Zhou Ziyi worked hard to make up the reason.

Now Fu Shiting is sitting in his car.

Because Fu Shiting didn’t want to go home, Zhou Ziyi took him to the hotel now.

“An An, why don’t you go to the company’s ground parking lot. If my boss’s car is still there, I’ll probably leave with the client.” Zhou Ziyi continued.

“Okay, I’ll go take a look.” Qin Anan got up and walked towards the elevator, “By the way, what kind of person is that customer? Will he drink Shi Ting or mess around?”

” No. That client and the boss have known each other for a long time.”

“Oh. I see. Why don’t you send me the client’s number!” Qin Anan kept his mind.

“Uh…I don’t have the customer’s number. Because this customer is in direct contact with the boss every time.” Zhou Ziyi continued.

After talking on the phone, Zhou Ziyi looked at Fu Shiting in the back seat.

“Boss, if you don’t go home tonight, what about tomorrow night?” “We’ll

talk about it tomorrow night.”

“An An will probably go to the company tomorrow morning to find you.”

“I won’t go to

the company tomorrow.” “Where are you going tomorrow? “Zhou Ziyi was a little panicked.

“I don’t need to report to you. If she finds you again, you can continue editing.” Fu Shiting gave him an order.

Zhou Ziyi responded and said anxiously: “Boss, I’m a little afraid of you.”

“Don’t call me boss.” He interrupted Zhou Ziyi, “Don’t call me boss in the future.”

Qin Anan has decided to put his shares To Fu Han, if he doesn’t agree to Qin An’an, can their marriage continue?

Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174

He never speculates on Qin An’an with the greatest malice.

But her conversation with Fu Han was like stabbed him from behind.

Has she ever thought that Yun Mo is a human being, and he is also a human being! Although Yun Mo is pitiful, should he sacrifice him to save Yun Mo?

If she discussed with him first, got his consent, and then went to talk to Fu Han about the phone call, he would never be so sad.

After Zhou Ziyi sent him to the hotel, he came out of the hotel.

It’s almost July, and the nights are getting warmer.

Zhou Ziyi was sweating shortly after he came out of the hotel.

He got into the car and dialed Sheng Bei.

“Brother Bei, I don’t know what to do now.” His mood was deeply affected by Fu Shiting, “I feel like I’m unemployed.”

Sheng Bei frowned: “He fired you? What did you do wrong?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think I made a mistake.” Zhou Ziyi took a deep breath, “but he just told me not to call him boss. If I don’t call him boss, what should I call him?”

“Then call him President Fu!” Sheng Bei gave him advice.

“I called him Mr. Fu when I first joined the company. Once he was with the vice president, I called Mr. Fu, and they both looked at me together.” Zhou Ziyi explained, “Since then, I have called him Calling the boss. I’ve been calling for a few years. He won’t let me call tonight, what does he mean?”

Zhou Ziyi was one of the people around Fu Shiting who knew him best.

But Zhou Ziyi couldn’t guess what he was thinking now, let alone what he would do next.

An unknown fear arises spontaneously in my heart.

“If you ask me, I don’t know.” Sheng Bei pondered for a few seconds, “I went to him at noon, and he wouldn’t say anything. But it’s definitely related to Qin An’an.”

“I know it has something to do with Qin An’an. He doesn’t plan to go home tonight, nor does he want to contact Qin An’an. He asked me to lie to Qin An’an that he was very busy. If she really got into trouble with Qin An’an, I wouldn’t Let me lie to him!” Zhou Ziyi looked dazed, “Brother Bei, I’ll just tell you about this, don’t tell me. He won’t let me tell.”

“Where is he now?”

” It’s in the hotel! He said that he won’t go to the company tomorrow.”

Sheng Bei’s breathing suddenly became heavy, “What’s wrong? They were all fine yesterday. Didn’t Qin Anan just sprinkle a handful of dog food in the circle of friends?”

” Yes, I don’t understand either. But I can’t ask Qin An’an, so don’t ask her either. If I ask, my lie will be no longer true.”

“Why don’t you ask Mike?” Sheng Bei suggested, “Maybe he knows something.”

“He moved out of Qin An’an’s house.” Zhou Ziyi said, “I’m sure he doesn’t know anything.”

“Then there’s nothing.” Sheng Bei said, ” Besides, we outsiders really can’t get involved in the affairs of the two of them. When did the two of them quarrel, didn’t they reconcile themselves?”

“But in the past, when the two of them quarreled, the boss could go to work normally. As long as the boss can go to work normally, I don’t think it will be a problem. It’s too big. The boss doesn’t plan to work this time.” Zhou Ziyi was depressed, “Does he want to stop his work?”

“Then let him rest for a few days!” Sheng Bei said, “It’s useless for us to be anxious. You go home first. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

“Yeah.” The

Fu family.

After Qin Anan took a bath, he came out of the bathroom, walked to the bed, and picked up his mobile phone.

No messages, no calls.

Fu Shiting suddenly seemed to have news out of thin air from her world.

When she went out tomorrow morning, he also kissed her cheek.

She called his number again, but still couldn’t get through.

His mobile phone is dead and the charger is broken, wouldn’t he borrow someone else’s charger to charge it?

If he wants to charge his phone, he can charge it anytime.

Even, he can change a new mobile phone to contact her at any time.

Are customers so important? Is work so important?

Her heart is clear. Like a mirror, he just doesn’t want to contact her, and he doesn’t want to go home.

Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175

As for why he did this, she couldn’t guess the reason.

Fu Han and his son would never dare to look for him. Is there anyone else looking for him?

She was lying on the bed, looking at the chandelier, dazed.

Suddenly, a terrible thought flashed in my mind.

If he doesn’t come back and doesn’t contact her, how can she ask him for shares?

Although it is not appropriate to think about such a thing at this time, it is a burning eyebrow.

If she can’t fulfill her promise to Fu Han in a week, Fu Han and his son may torture Yun Mo!

Thinking of this, two lines of tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

She thought she had reached a desperate situation two days ago. Now, what kind of desperate situation was the first two days?

Now is the real dead end!

With Fu Shiting’s temper, he ignored her today, and he might ignore her in the future.

Even if they have children, even if she and the children live in his house now. Once he decides to give up, nothing is going to work for him.

That night, she lost sleep.

the next morning.

She came to ST Group.

When Zhou Ziyi came to the company, he saw her standing at the door of Fu Shiting’s office.

Zhou Ziyi had long guessed that she would come to the company today, so it was no surprise to see her.

Only, he had to pretend to be surprised.

“An An, why are you here?”

“Do you know where Fu Shiting went?” Her eyes were full of red blood, and even with foundation on her face, she couldn’t hide her haggardness, “He didn’t come home last night. The phone is still there. didn’t turn on.”

“Ah this…” Zhou Ziyi dialed Fu Shiting’s number in front of her, “I can’t get through to him either.”

“Then I’ll wait here!” She murmured, “Yesterday morning We were all fine when we parted. He suddenly lost contact. Did you find anything unusual about him yesterday?”

Zhou Ziyi immediately shook his head: “I was working yesterday and didn’t notice anything unusual about him. His office door is open, you can go in and sit and wait!”

“Okay, thank you.”

Zhou Ziyi felt very guilty.

Because he knew that Fu Shiting would not come to the company today.

If Qin Anan waits any longer, he will just wait in vain.

After Zhou Ziyi sent her into Fu Shiting’s office, he immediately returned to his office.

He paced up and down the office, and after struggling for a while, he dialed Mike.

“Hurry up and call Qin An’an to tell her away. She’s in my boss’s office now, and my boss won’t come to the company today!”

“Just tell her !” “Just tell her

! My boss doesn’t want to see her. I can’t tell you the specific reason.” Zhou Ziyi lost his patience, “Hurry up and find a way to get her away! I told you, you are not allowed to tell her!”

Mike held the phone and cursed in a low voice.

He asked Fu Shiting to find a way to deal with Fu Han and his son, but Fu Shiting ignored Qin Anan?

How did it turn into this?

He immediately rushed to ST Group and pushed open the door of Fu Shiting’s office.

“Qin An’an, follow me.” Mike grabbed her arm and took her outside.

“What are you doing?” She pushed him hard and refused to leave, “I want to wait for Fu Shiting here! Let me go!”

“He won’t come!” Mike roared.

Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176

This stern roar fell in Qin An’an’s ears, and also in Zhou Ziyi’s ears outside the door.

Zhou Ziyi suddenly became angry, strode behind Mike, and twisted his back hard.

Mike endured the pain and immediately changed his words to Qin An’an: “I mean you don’t have to wait for him here! What a waste of time! Which CEO would come to work so early?”

Qin An’an was not convinced by his explanation.

The phrase ‘he won’t come’ kept echoing in her mind.

Like a deflated balloon, she was drained of all her strength.

Mike easily pulled her out of the office and left the ST Group.

She was stuffed into the car, and Mike fastened her seat belt: “I’ll let someone drive your car away later.”

After Mike got into the driver’s seat, he immediately drove the car out.

Qin Anan looked at the ST Group building that was gradually receding out of the window, and murmured, “Mike, you said he wouldn’t come, who told you?”

Seeing her in a trance, Mike had a headache.

If I tell her the truth, I’m afraid it will stimulate her deeper.

“I guess. Did you forget that I’m a man too?” he said, “Zhou Ziyi told me last night…”

“What did he say to you?” She couldn’t wait to interrupt him.

“He told me that you were looking for Fu Shiting, but Fu Shiting didn’t seem to be in a hurry. So he guessed that the two of you were quarreling again.” Mike looked at the road ahead with a guilty conscience.

Fortunately, Qin Anan couldn’t see his face, otherwise he would definitely see his guilty conscience.

“I didn’t quarrel with him.”

“That’s why he quarreled with you.” Mike said, “The two of you must have had a conflict anyway. Otherwise, why would he?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t quarrel with him, why did he quarrel with me?” She was puzzled. “How do I know what he’s thinking when he avoids like this? He’s so weird this time.

” Strange. But you can’t wait in his office like this. Aren’t you afraid of his employees laughing at you?” Mike said, “If he wants to see you, you can naturally see him. If he doesn’t want to see you, you are in He’ll never see him in his office.”

“How much hatred does it take to see me forever?” she murmured.

“I just said casually, I don’t think he will see you forever.” Mike comforted, “I think he will definitely see you tonight or in two days.”

“Send me home!” She lowered her eyes slightly, Feeling exhausted, “I’ll go back to sleep.”

“Okay. Don’t think about anything, maybe he’ll come back when you wake up.”

“I feel like he knows everything,” she guessed , “Otherwise he wouldn’t be like this. He’s not a merciless person, and he won’t stop going home for a trivial matter.”

“If he knows it, he will know it! Qin Anan, no matter what, you must prepare for the worst. When you are threatened, you should consider it,” he said calmly, “let him know, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

“But he has ignored me now.” She said excitedly, “You really Don’t you think it’s not necessarily a bad thing? I think things are so bad! He blamed me for not telling him, and even more blamed me…” The latter words were stuck in his throat and could not be said.

She also intends to ask him for shares, and now it seems that she is delusional!

She actually thought that he would give what she wanted from him!

He is running away from her now, and the result has already been stated.

Thinking that she could not fulfill her promise to Fu Han, that Yunmo and Yinyin would die one after another, and that she and Fu Shiting might be irreparable, she was miserable!

She should listen.

Whether it was Mike’s advice or Wei Zhen’s advice, if she listened, neither she nor Fu Shiting would have come this far.


She only considers what she has lost now.

In fact, the result is now good.

At least for Fu Shiting, it was good.

He didn’t have to take out his company’s shares, and he didn’t have the impulse to kill Fu Han and his son.

He was just angry with her alone, and even if he lost this relationship, he still had a decent life.

Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177

Thinking of this, she feels better.

Perhaps, she and he still have no fate after all!

No matter how many children they have, they will never grow old together.

“An An, don’t cry!” Mike regretted seeing her weeping.

If he knew this was the result, he would never have called Fu Shiting.

“I’m fine…” She raised her hand to wipe her tears, “I’ll just cry for a while.”

“How can I go to the company at ease like this?” Mike said sadly.

“I want to stay by myself.” She choked, “Send me to my own house!”

“Okay.” Mike turned the car at the intersection ahead and drove towards the Xinghewan Villa.


Zhou Ziyi pressed the doorbell of Fu Shiting’s room.

Fu Shiting’s cell phone hasn’t been turned on yet, and he hasn’t responded to his work emails. He’s lost contact.

Zhou Ziyi was very worried, so he came to have a look.

As a result, I rang the doorbell three times, but there was no response.

Is he not in the room anymore?

Zhou Ziyi immediately went to the front desk and asked, “Help me check if Mr. Fu Shiting left the hotel today.” The

lady at the front desk said, “Sorry, this is the privacy of the guests, I can’t help…”

“I’m his assistant.” Zhou Ziyi took out his business card and handed it to the lady at the front desk.

The lady at the front desk took his business card, glanced at it, and returned it to him: “Mr. Zhou, I’m sorry. You can go to our manager.”

Zhou Ziyi took back the business card and went to the hotel manager.

When the hotel manager heard that he wanted to inquire about Fu Shiting’s privacy, he immediately said, “Mr. Zhou, I know you are Boss Fu’s assistant. But I still can’t reveal his privacy casually. Otherwise, he will not come to our hotel in the future.”

Zhou Ziyi expressed his understanding: “I don’t want to know his privacy, I’m afraid he doesn’t eat well and he has stomach problems.”

“You can rest assured. He has breakfast today.”

“Okay. Thank you.” Zhou Zi Yi came out of the hotel after getting this answer.

Fu Shiting is no longer in the hotel, where will he go?

Really worried!

a law firm.

Fu Shiting’s sudden visit today was very surprising.

“Mr. Fu, I can go to your place completely, so that you don’t have to run.” The lawyer poured Fu Shiting a glass of water.

“I have something to entrust you to do for me.” Fu Shiting looked cold and expressionless.

The lawyer sat upright: “Okay, but don’t you have legal affairs?”

“I want to ask you to do it,” he said.

If you go to the company’s legal counsel, then the matter will soon spread to several high-level ears.

He just wanted to end the matter quietly.

“Mr. Fu, thank you very much for trusting me.” The lawyer said, “I have known you for many years. I will definitely do my best to handle your affairs.”

“I want you to find someone.” Fu Shiting took out a piece of paper strips on the table.

A person’s name and phone number are written on it.

The lawyer took the note, glanced at it, and wondered, “Fu Yechen…Isn’t this your nephew?” After that, he changed his words immediately, “I’m sorry, I forgot that you are not related to them by blood. “

Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178

Xinghewan Villa.

After Qin Anan entered the living room, she saw Mike coming in, and immediately said, “You go! I’ll stay here for a while to clean up.”

“Then I’ll contact you at noon.” After Mike finished speaking, he walked out.

After he got in the car, he dialed Li Xiaotian.

“Xiao Tian, ​​wait a moment and call Qin An’an. Ask her to go out to play, or you can go to her. In short, find a way not to leave her alone.” Mike was particularly worried about Qin An’an.

“What’s wrong with An An?” Li Xiaotian noticed from Mike’s tone that things were not simple.

“I can’t tell you in a few words. You see her, let’s see if she will tell you!”

“She quarreled with Fu Shiting? She sent me a message yesterday, saying that Fu Shiting didn’t reply to her message.” Li Xiaotian said, “No. Could it be because of this?”

“That’s right! She says she wants to be quiet now, you can contact her later.”


Li Xiaotian finished talking on the phone and immediately took a set of clothes from the closet to change . superior.

After dressing up briefly, she dialed He Zhunzhi.

“Husband, have you heard about the quarrel between Fu Shiting and An An?”

He Zhunzhi was in a meeting when he received a call and came out of the conference room with his mobile phone.

“What happened to the two of them? I haven’t heard of them quarreling!”

“I just asked you if I didn’t know. If you don’t know, forget it.” Li Xiaotian was about to hang up.

“Ask Qin An’an! The two of you have such a good relationship.”

“I was going to find her. But I think Fu Shiting caused the trouble. Yesterday, Anan told me that Fu Shiting didn’t reply to her news. I was And laughing at An An!” Li Xiaotian said, “You take the time to inquire.”

When Li Xiaotian drove to the Xinghewan Villa, he pressed the doorbell at the gate of the courtyard.

Qin Anan came out from inside.

The courtyard door opened, and Li Xiaotian entered the courtyard and looked at her at the same time: “Are you planning to move back?”

Qin Anan was wearing plastic gloves and a waterproof apron, and it looked like she was cleaning at home.

“The house is dusty, I’ll clean it up.” She explained lightly, “Why are you here? What did Mike tell you?

” Li Xiaotian said straight to the point, “Don’t do this kind of rough work. Just leave it to the nanny.”

“I can’t stop thinking about it when I’m quiet. Doing something can make it less uncomfortable.” She entered the living room and took it off. Gloves, “I think I may lose Fu Shiting.”

“Don’t be so pessimistic. You and Fu Shiting have gone through so many storms, and they have three children. Why would he want to break up with you? Unless he has water in his head.” Li Xiaotian said firmly.

“Things that often feel impossible will happen. People who think they won’t lose are easy to lose.” Qin Anan glanced at the house with desolate eyes, “I think I may move back soon. So clean the house.”

“Did he say you want to break up with you?” Li Xiaotian asked.

“Once he decides to let go, no matter how much I keep it, it’s useless.” Her eyes were red and her voice was sour, “I know him.”

“Has he told you to break up?” Li Xiaotian was panicked and depressed, “What about the child? He won’t fight with you for custody of the child, will he?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “He has not heard from yesterday until now. He may still be thinking about the trade-off.”

Li Xiaotian sighed heavily, “An An, even if he is really thinking about trade-offs, he won’t necessarily break up with you!”

“I have a very strong hunch.”

“Then can you predict the winning numbers of the next lottery?” Li Xiaotian reassured, “An An, don’t scare yourself. Besides, even if he really wants to you If you break up, he must have no face to fight with you for child custody. As long as you hold the child firmly in your hands, other pains can be overcome. You told me before that the child is the number one in your heart. “

Qin Anan: “The reason why I feel so uncomfortable is because I may have broken his heart. I don’t want to hurt him at all…”

“Can you tell me what happened?” Li Xiaotian asked.

Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179

Qin Anan lowered his head and did not answer.

“An An, don’t be sad.” Li Xiaotian patted her back without further questioning, “I’ll take you to a big dinner! No matter what happens, you must believe that you can overcome all difficulties. In my heart, no People are stronger than you.”

“I don’t want to eat .” “What if I don’t eat

? Why don’t I order takeout!” Li Xiaotian took out her phone, “I’ve recently started trying to get pregnant. If you don’t eat, I will too. I don’t know how to eat.”

Qin An’an: “If you are planning to get pregnant, ask Zhunzhi to quit smoking and drinking.”

“I told him. Now I won’t let him stay up late. It’s just a bit hard at night! I can’t sleep.” Li Xiaotian complained.

“It’s good to get used to it.”

“You’re right. It’s good to get used to it. Even if you and Fu Shiting really broke up, don’t think the sky is falling. It has collapsed countless times.”

Li Xiaotian’s comfort made Qin Anan unable to help laugh.

at the same time.

Fu family.

Fu Shiting’s sudden appearance shocked Aunt Hong and Aunt Zhang.

They knew that he and Qin Anan had a quarrel.

He didn’t go home last night, and he didn’t call Qin An’an, which is an obvious signal.

Moreover, although he is back now, his face is also very bad.

Seeing Ziqiu, he didn’t show the gentle and loving smile as before.

“Sir, An An waited for you for a long time last night.” Sister Zhang said anxiously.

Fu Shiting’s expression was cold and his voice was stern: “You can take good care of the children, don’t worry about other things.”

Sister Zhang immediately lowered her head.

Fu Shiting strode upstairs.

In the evening, Qin Anan went to the elementary school to pick up Rila.

When Mrs. Zhang saw her, her eyes were a little dodgy.

After Rila went to Ziqiu’s side, Qin Anan walked up to Mrs. Zhang and asked in a low voice, “Is Fu Shiting back?”

Mrs. Zhang nodded, then shook her head: “I came back at noon, and I didn’t even drink a sip of water when I came back. , and he will leave in a while.”

“What did he do when he came back? Why didn’t you notify me? I have a question to ask him, and he is completely avoiding me now.” Qin Anan whispered, “If he is like this, how to solve the problem?”

Zhang Sister-in-law understood: “I told him that you were waiting for him. But he…”

Having said this, Sister-in-law Zhang shook her head.

Any language will only bring harm to Qin Anan.

“Then what did he do when he came back? Look after the children?” Qin Anan looked at the two children from the corner of his eyes.

Rila took Ziqiu’s hand and wanted to lead him to the bathroom to wash her hands.

“No.” Mrs. Zhang said sadly, “He only glanced at Ziqiu, and didn’t even look at the child. After he came back, he went upstairs and took some things. I don’t know what he took.”

Qin Anwen Yan, strode upstairs.

Fu Shiting came back to get something?

If the two of them were to break up, what would he take away?

luggage? Or important information about work?

Every time she took a step upstairs, her heart sank!

Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180

Reaching the second floor, she first entered the master bedroom and opened his wardrobe.

In the closet, there are basically no less clothes for him.

“An An, he didn’t come to pack.” Sister Zhang caught up and saw her standing in front of the closet, so she said, “He uses a black bag to pack not many things.”

“Yes, daily necessities can be bought at any time. , he doesn’t need to bring these.” She closed the wardrobe door and walked towards his study, “Did he say anything?”

Mrs. Zhang: “Nothing.”

“Nothing?” Qin Anan Don’t dare to believe.

“That’s not true. I told him that you waited for him until late last night, and he asked me to take care of the child. Don’t worry about other things.” Mrs. Zhang said truthfully, “An An, all I can do is take good care of Ziqiu. , I can’t help you with other things.”

“Thank you very much for helping me take care of Ziqiu. We will solve the matter between me and Fu Shiting.” Qin Anan walked to the door of his study and closed the door. Open.

“Then I’ll go downstairs first.” Sister Zhang said and walked away immediately.

Qin Anan pushed open the study door and entered the study.

She turned on the room light, and the study suddenly brightened like daylight.

On his desk, clean and tidy, the notebook is still there. The whole wall of bookshelves next to it does not see any change.

Perhaps what he took away was what was in his safe.

She walked to his desk and saw his safe.

She hadn’t remembered the password to his safe. He had written her a note with his safe code on it.

If she wanted to open his safe, just look for the note.

The note was supposed to be in the interlayer of her bag, but her feet seemed to be filled with lead and she couldn’t move at all.

What if it was confirmed that he had taken the contents of the safe?

His heart is no longer in this home, and she can’t stop him when he wants to leave.

She sat down in his chair and couldn’t help thinking, what would happen to them if she happened to be home when he came back at noon?

Will there be a heated argument, or will everything be said and then reconciled as in the past after countless arguments?

How she wished it was the latter.


Rila was sullen.

Qin Anan has no appetite.

“Rila, are you happy at school today?” Of course she knew why her daughter was unhappy, but there was nothing she could do.

“Happy!” Rila said angrily, “Mom, is Dad working overtime again?”

“Well, he’s been busy lately.” She didn’t want her daughter to worry. If lying would make her daughter feel at ease, she would do it.

“Did he tell you that?” Rila pressed.

“Yeah. Rila, your dad was resting at home because he was on marriage leave.” She explained patiently, “He used to be so busy at work. Actually, mom is also very busy with work, but with your Uncle Mike’s help, mom can go earlier. Come back.”

“Okay!” Rila didn’t doubt what her mother said, “If my father is so busy every day, I would suspect that I don’t have a father. Tomorrow is the weekend, does he have to work overtime tomorrow?”

Qin Anan put down the bowl Chopsticks, my heart is even more uncomfortable.

On weekdays, she can lie to the child that he has to work overtime, but what about weekends? How to cheat?

“Rila, after dinner, let’s make a video with your brother!” She changed the subject, “When you have summer vacation, mom will take you and your brother to country B.”

“Oh.” Rila lowered her eyes. Suddenly, bean-sized teardrops rustled down.

Seeing her daughter like this, Qin An’an suddenly became confused.

She got up from the dining chair and walked to her daughter: “Don’t cry baby. Mom and Dad just quarreled. It’s not as scary as you think.”

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