When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1181 -1190(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1181 -1190(Chinese)

Chapter 1181

“Isn’t it scary enough to take my brother and me to find my brother without taking my father?” Rila looked sad, “Are you two going to divorce?”

“No.” She took a tissue to The daughter wiped her tears, “I haven’t gotten the certificate with your dad yet. If we separate, it’s just a breakup, not a divorce.”

“Oh…isn’t that the same thing? Woohoo!” Rila listened to her Explanation, the tears flowed more fiercely.

“Rila, don’t cry yet. Listen to your mother.” Qin Anan said softly, “No matter what your mother and father are, we will always love you, as well as your brothers and sisters. Your mother will always be with you.”

“I don’t I like the two of you arguing!” Rila’s eyes filled with tears of grievance, and roared, “But you two always quarrel!”

Qin Anan didn’t know how to answer, so she fell silent.

After about a minute or two, Rila looked at Mom’s face and suddenly softened: “I’m sorry Mom. I shouldn’t be talking to you so loudly.”

“It’s okay. Mom and Dad aren’t good enough.

” Mom, you have to stay with me and my brother, and my brother.” Rila hugged her mother and choked out the request.

In the evening, after coaxing the child to sleep, Qin Anan dragged her tired body out of the child’s room.

She strode towards the master bedroom, and after entering the room, she closed the door.

It can’t go on like this.

Even if Yinyin and Yunmo were not considered, Fu Shiting’s escaping like this would have a great impact on the children.

She found Zhou Ziyi’s phone and dialed it.

“Brother Zhou, where is Fu Shiting now? I want to see him.” She said calmly.

“An An, I’m sorry. I went to look for him today, but I couldn’t find it.” Zhou Ziyi said helplessly, “I also asked Brother Bei, and Brother Bei didn’t know where he was.”

“He doesn’t contact you and doesn’t care about the company?”

“No.” Zhou Ziyi frowned, “He’s never been like this before.”

“Does he plan to keep running away like this?” Qin Anan called out again. Tone, “I already know that I was wrong. Even if he wants to break up, I can cooperate with him…”

“Don’t talk about it. It’s easier said than done when you two break up.” Zhou Ziyi said, “Just wait patiently. Hold on! I have a hunch it’s going to come out next week.”

“The result?”

“Yeah. He’s not the kind of guy who likes to procrastinate. No matter how serious the problem is between the two of you, he’s not going to keep procrastinating. Yes.” Zhou Ziyi said firmly.

“Hopefully!” Qin Anan now only asks him to give him a good time.

The next day, Saturday.

Fu Yechen was woken up by the phone ringing.

He picked up the phone in a daze, saw the unfamiliar number, hung up immediately, and put down the phone.

As a result, a few seconds after hanging up, the bell rang again.

He frowned and answered the phone angrily.

“Hello Mr. Fu Yechen, I’m Jiang Chao from Zhongying Law Firm. I was in charge of your grandmother’s inheritance before.” The lawyer said.

Fu Yechen jumped and sat up.

“I remember you! You and my uncle…you have a good relationship with Fu Shiting!”

“I’m calling you today because it was indeed entrusted by Mr. Fu Shiting.” Lawyer Jiang said, “You see when It’s convenient, let’s meet and talk.”

“I’m free now!” Fu Yechen was excited and nervous, “Attorney Jiang, can you tell me, what is the reason for Fu Shiting to ask you to come to me?”

Attorney Jiang hesitated for a moment , said bluntly: “He asked me to talk to you about the transfer of his shares.”

Fu Yechen’s legs softened with excitement.

I didn’t expect Qin An’an to be so powerful!

How could Fu Shiting lower his noble head so easily!

Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182

Fu Family.

Rila cried last night, and today her eyes are red and swollen, and she doesn’t look very good.

So Qin Anan plans to take the two children out to play.

“Rila, didn’t you say you wanted to go to the amusement park? Shall we go to the amusement park?” Qin Anan wanted to make her daughter happy.

Rila shook her head: “I don’t want to go to the amusement park. My brother doesn’t need to go either. He is so young and can’t play anything.”

“Where do you want to go?” Qin Anan took a sweat towel and put it on her back.

Rila lay on the sofa and said angrily: “I don’t want to go anywhere. It’s not fun anywhere.”

“Then let’s go outside! Or if you want to buy something, mom will take you to buy it.” Qin Anan squatted on her daughter Beside him, he coaxed, “Didn’t you say you wanted new stickers last time?”

“I already have them. My classmates gave them.”

“Then let’s go buy some small gifts, and then you can take them to your classmates.”

” No need for mom.” Rila said shyly, “If you want to go out, I can go out with you. If you don’t want to go out, then we can stay at home.”

Qin Anan gently stroked her daughter’s head with her palm . : “Did you miss your father?”

“Hmph, I didn’t miss him! I miss my brother.” Rila was duplicitous.

She will not admit that she really misses her father.

Over the past few weekends, her father has played with her.

Now that her father has suddenly withdrawn from her life, she feels that she is not used to it, and at the same time, thinking that she may not be accompanied by her father in the future, she can’t help crying.

But she also knew that if she cried, her mother would be sad, so she could only endure it.

“Since you don’t want to go out, then we won’t go out.” Qin Anan obediently said, “The weather is fine today, we can play in the yard.”

“What are you playing?” Rila asked.

“Why don’t Mom buy some saplings, let’s plant trees!”

“Mom, let’s buy some flowers and put them in a vase, okay?” Rila suddenly became interested.

“Okay! Let’s go buy it together!” Qin Anan immediately relaxed when she saw that her daughter was interested in something.

Rila nodded quickly: “Then don’t bring my brother? Anyway, we’ll be back soon.”

“Alright.” Qin Anan said, and went to get the bag.

After a while, the bodyguard drove the mother and daughter out.

After they went out, after a while, Fu Shiting came back.

Sister Zhang was stunned when she saw him coming back.

It seemed that he came back specially after Qin Anan went out.

“Sir, can you stay at home a little longer today?” Mrs. Zhang said, “Rila cried hard yesterday because you didn’t come back. She is not in a good mood today. An An persuaded her all morning, I just took her out.”

Fu Shiting was silent for a moment, then asked, “Where is Ziqiu?”

“Ziqiu was sleeping in the room. Yesterday he slept in the living room for a while, and was bitten by a mosquito.” Mrs. Zhang said, “The forehead is red. One piece.”

Fu Shiting immediately walked towards the room.

Ziqiu has woken up.

The little guy opened his eyes, grabbed the quilt in his hand and stuffed it into his mouth.

Seeing Dad come in, he paused when he bit the quilt.

Fu Shiting walked to the bed and saw the mosquito bites on his son’s forehead, and felt very distressed.

Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183

He picked up his son from the bed and touched his forehead with his fingers: “Dad has only been away from home for two days, why did he get bitten like this by mosquitoes?” After a pause, he looked at Mrs. Zhang, “I didn’t drive him away. Mosquito? Prepare a mosquito net for the child.”

“Mosquito repellent. I bought a mosquito net yesterday and plan to install it later.” Sister Zhang replied.

Ziqiu’s little hands grabbed the buttons of Fu Shiting’s shirt, using the buttons as a toy and having a great time.

“Sir, when you didn’t go home the night before yesterday, Rila became suspicious. Don’t look at Rila being young, but she understands everything at her age.” Sister Zhang advised, “You must consider your child’s feelings. Otherwise, in the future It is difficult to win back the heart of the child.” On the

other side.

Fu Yechen met lawyer Jiang.

After the two met, Fu Yechen looked around cautiously.

Jiang Chaoxuan met at a high-end coffee shop.

At this point in the morning, there are no customers in the coffee shop.

“Lawyer Jiang, is Fu Shiting particularly angry? Look at my grandma, tell me the truth, I won’t be in danger, right?” Fu Yechen asked in a low voice.

Lawyer Jiang pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said embarrassedly, “Mr. Fu, I don’t know how to answer your question. Because Mr. Fu Shiting only entrusted me to promote the transfer of shares with you, I don’t know anything else.”

Fu Ye Chen Zhong heaved a sigh of relief: “That’s good. I’m afraid this is a trap! After all, it went too smoothly, a bit beyond my imagination.” The

waiter came over with two cups of coffee and brought it to them.

Lawyer Jiang picked up the coffee cup and took a sip.

Fu Yechen was not in the mood to drink coffee, “Lawyer Jiang, about the transfer of shares, what do I need to prepare here? Can you help me make a list? After all, it is not to me, if it is to me, It won’t be so troublesome. After all, Yunmo doesn’t even have a bank account.”

When lawyer Jiang heard the words, he was stunned: “Yunmo?”

“Yeah! Yunmo is my uncle. You should have read the previous news, right? This Qin Anan hates me and my dad, otherwise he wouldn’t ask for it. I can only transfer the shares to Yunmo.” Fu Yechen said here, frowning slightly, “Of course, the same is true for my uncle. After all, my uncle and I are in the same family.”

Lawyer Jiang was stunned.

Fu Shiting didn’t tell him this. It only said that the shares would be transferred to Fu Yechen, but not to Yunmo.

As a result, Fu Yechen said that he was going to transfer the shares to Yunmo… Lawyer Jiang was a little dizzy, so he got up immediately.

“Mr. Fu, I’m going to the bathroom. Wait a moment.”

Fu Yechen said ‘oh’ and watched Lawyer Jiang walk in the direction of the bathroom.

After lawyer Jiang came to the bathroom, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Fu Shiting.

“Shiting, Fu Yechen said that what he talked to Qin Anan was to transfer your shares to Yunmo, not to him. What the hell is going on? Would you like to confirm with Qin Anan now?

” , Fu Shiting’s expression suddenly froze.

Qin Anan asked to transfer his shares to Yunmo?

His shares are his, she really thought she could transfer it to whoever she wanted?

Does she like Yunmo that much? !

Or does she think that he has occupied Yun Mo’s life, and now there is just this opportunity to return what he owes Yun Mo to Yun Mo?

His heart was so painful that it was hard to breathe.

He looked at Ziqiu who was playing with toys on the bed, his eyes became moist.

Just five minutes ago, he had already persuaded himself in his heart that although Qin An’an had hurt his heart this time and suffered great grievances, Qin An’an had given him three children and suffered a lot, and they were equal to each other. .

But now, he quickly overturned this idea that had just been established.

He can’t forgive Qin An’an!

Even if their child is so obedient and obedient, it doesn’t mean that he can live a good life with Qin An’an.

She can exploit his interests and hurt his feelings for other men. Once, there will be a second time.

Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184

After more than an hour, Qin Anan and Rila returned home.

They bought a lot of saplings and flowers at the market.

The bodyguard opened the trunk and moved everything out of the car.

Sister-in-law Zhang came out with Ziqiu in her arms and glanced at it: “I bought so many flowers? It’s so beautiful.”

“I chose these flowers. The saplings were chosen by my mother.” Rila seemed to have forgotten the unhappiness in her heart. , with a bright smile in her eyes, “Mom also bought fruit tree seedlings!”

“What fruit tree seedlings did you buy?” Mrs. Zhang asked.

“I bought a grapefruit tree, a jujube tree, and… Mom, what other trees are there?” Rila looked up at her mother.

“There are also peach and pear trees.” Qin Anan added.

“Yes! Peach and pear trees! I like to eat peaches! So mom bought peach trees!” Rila excitedly picked up the bag of flowers on the ground, “I’m going to put them in a vase.”

“Rila, I put a lot of clean vases on the table, and you can see them when you enter the house.” Mrs. Zhang said to Ruila, “When you take the flowers, pay attention to the thorns! Don’t poke your hands.”

“I know. I’ll be careful.” Rila entered the villa with flowers.

Qin Anan was about to move the saplings to various open spaces in the yard. At this time, Mrs. Zhang said, “An’an, after you took Rila out, the husband came back.”

“Are you back?” Qin Anan caught the question The point is, “He’s gone again?”

“Yes. I persuaded him, but it didn’t work.” Aunt Zhang looked helpless, “But today he hugged Ziqiu. And he was very distressed that Ziqiu was bitten by a mosquito. He He still loves the child.”

“Of course he loves the child. No matter how much hatred I have with him, the child does not offend him.” Qin Anan said disappointedly, “Does he plan to do this every day and come back quietly when I go out? One trip? What if I don’t go out every day? Will he never come back for the rest of his life?”

Sister-in-law Zhang: “Today, he came back and hugged Ziqiu. It is estimated that he came to see the child.”

“He made me seem like a dove occupying a magpie’s nest. If I wasn’t here, he wouldn’t have to hide outside.” Qin An An was very distressed, “When I plant these saplings, I will take the children back to my own house.”

Even if she concealed that he was wrong, she was willing to apologize to him and admit her mistake.

He escaped completely like this, not giving her a chance to speak, which made her feel cold.

“An An, don’t do this! You wait…” Aunt Zhang hurriedly persuaded her, “Give your husband some time. When he figures it out, he will definitely talk to you.”

“So does Zhou Ziyi . That’s what he said. He said that Fu Shiting should give me the results next week.”

“Yes, you can wait until next week! Don’t move for now.” Mrs. Zhang glanced at the saplings on the ground, “I’ll get you tools. And Rila planted the trees.”

ST Group.

Lawyer Jiang sat in Sheng Bei’s office and told Sheng Bei about the matter, and Sheng Bei’s face became extremely gloomy.

“Are you kidding me?” Sheng Bei frowned.

Lawyer Jiang calmly said: “I’m actually quite busy. If it wasn’t for Shi Ting to come to me, I wouldn’t have to come here specially to tell you this.”

“Haha! It’s impossible! Shi Ting can’t give up what he holds All the shares!” Sheng Bei angrily rebuked, “Even if Fu Han asked him for shares half a month ago, he only asked for one-third of the shares!”

“I can explain to you about this.” Lawyer Jiang was in no hurry Bu Xu, eloquently said, “Originally, Shi Ting asked me to transfer one-third of the shares he held to Fu Yechen, but Fu Yechen accidentally mentioned that he had negotiated with Qin Anan to transfer the shares to Yun. Mo.”

Sheng Bei was shocked when he heard this!

Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185

“You mean that Shi Ting transferred his shares because of Qin An’an?!”

“I don’t dare to guess at random, I just tell you what I know.” Lawyer Jiang said rigorously, “Shi Ting listen After saying that the shares were to be transferred to Yunmo, he changed his mind. From transferring one third of the shares to transferring all of them.”

Sheng Bei clenched his teeth and clenched his fists: “Damn it! What the hell is this Qin Anan doing? What! What is she trying to do!”

Lawyer Jiang advised: “Mr. Sheng, calm down.”

“Fuck you, calm down! I can’t calm down! If Shi Ting quits the company, then this company will no longer be ST Group!” Sheng Bei said irritably, “He founded the company with all his passion and hard work. Why did Qin Anan let him transfer the shares to Yunmo? Qin Anan’s brain was flooded, and Shi Ting also suffered. Fuck!”

Lawyer Jiang continued to persuade: “Sh Ting has made up his mind, and you can’t change the situation if you are angry.”

“What about others? I want to see him!” Sheng Bei got up from the sofa.

“I don’t know where he is now. We contacted by phone.” Lawyer Jiang said.

Sheng Bei immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Fu Shiting, but prompted him to turn off the mobile phone.

“You call him! Get through to me!” The blue veins on Sheng Bei’s forehead angered, “I have to confirm that it was his intention before I can cooperate with your work!”

Lawyer Jiang had no choice but to call Fu Shiting.

After the call was made, lawyer Jiang was about to speak, but Sheng Bei snatched his cell phone.

“Fu Shiting! Where the hell are you hiding?! Are you hiding to give the company to the people you hate! Do you know what you are doing?! Qin Anan is nothing, you listen to her, you are Stupid! Hopelessly stupid! When I scold you for being in love, I didn’t mean to see you ruin your career for her now!”

Sheng Bei was chattering and angrily, but the other side of the phone was silent.

“Fu Shiting! What are you pretending to be dumb? You talk!” Sheng Bei scolded a little tired.

“You know me. I’ve made a decision, no matter what you say, it’s useless.” Fu Shiting’s voice came cold.

Sheng Bei made a sarcastic sound that seemed to laugh and cry: “What do you mean is that Qin Anan is more important than everything! She told you to die, do you want to die immediately!”

Lawyer Jiang couldn’t listen any longer and reminded: “Mr. Sheng, please pay attention to your words.”

“Get out of here!” Sheng Bei was in a fit of rage, his temper was particularly grumpy.

On the other side of the phone, Fu Shiting changed his calm attitude and said word by word, “Don’t worry about my business! What kind of woman I find and how to deal with my property are all my business!”

“Okay! Your business! I don’t care!” Sheng Bei hung up the phone in a fit of anger.

Lawyer Jiang stretched out his hand in front of him and asked for a cell phone.

Sheng Bei realized that he was holding his mobile phone and immediately returned it.

“I’m sorry, lawyer Jiang, I didn’t do it on purpose just now.”

“It’s fine. I’m afraid that you talk too much and cause irreversible results. His mood is not very good, and those words you said will aggravate his negativity. Emotions.” Lawyer Jiang explained.

“You’re right. But I can’t stand it! I’m really in pain! I don’t want to watch Qin Anan destroy him! But I can’t help it!” tears.

Fu’s house, the front yard.

Qin Anan and her daughter are planting trees.

Sister-in-law Zhang came over with her cell phone, “An An, your cell phone is ringing.”

Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186

Qin Anan took off his work gloves and took over the phone.

It was Li Xiaotian who called.

She answered the phone, and Li Xiaotian’s voice suddenly came in a hurry: “An An, Sheng Bei is too much! He just scolded you! He scolded you publicly in their small group, although he withdrew after scolding, But my husband saw it. My husband thought Sheng Bei was too much, so he told me.”

Qin Anan was stunned: “He scolded me?

” But He Zhunzhi said that the scolding was very harsh. Even if you quarrel with Fu Shiting, it is your business. Who is Sheng Bei? Why does he scold you!” Li Xiaotian was indignant as if she had been scolded, ” My husband and Zhou Ziyi talked about him in the group, so he withdrew those swear words.”

“But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.” Li Xiaotian continued, “An An, you must ignore him in the future. He He is probably in menopause, so he is very irritable.”

Qin Anan’s mood was relatively calm, and guessed: “Maybe he has contacted Fu Shiting!”

“Even if he contacts Fu Shiting, he has no right to scold you! Fu Shiting is this Shrinking turtle, what is his dissatisfaction, won’t he stand up and say it himself? Let Sheng Bei swear in the group, he has no quality!” Li Xiaotian scolded them together, “I used to think that he was different from other men, Now it seems that men are all the same.”

Qin Anan: “It’s still good to be accurate.”

Li Xiaotian suddenly put out the fire: “It’s OK to be accurate! But we are talking about Fu Shiting now! I hit him just now. I still can’t get through the phone! Didn’t he come home?”

“He came back when I took Rila out to buy flowers at noon today.”

“Oh, shrewd turtle, I see when he plans to see you. “Maybe next week !

” Qin An’an was sure that Fu Shiting would find her next week.

Not long after the phone call with Li Xiaotian, Mike’s car drove up.

This weekend, so Mike came over to see Qin Anan and the child.

When Rila saw Mike, she dropped the shovel and ran towards him.

“Rila, you are planting a tree with your mother!” Mike handed Rila the gift he bought, and then strode towards Qin Anan.

“Why are you here?” Qin Anan glanced at him.

“Look at what you said, didn’t you agree to get together once a week? Now you think I’m an eyesore?” Michael took her by the arm and led her into the villa, “The sun is so hot outside, aren’t you afraid of getting tanned? Studies have shown that skin aging is mainly caused by ultraviolet rays.”

“Aging is inevitable.” Qin Anan patted the ashes on his body before entering the villa, “Are you going to stay for dinner tonight?”

“Of course. It’s already two o’clock in the afternoon. Don’t you want to take a nap today?”

“I didn’t plan to go to bed, since you’re here… Then I’d better go to sleep!” Qin Anan said with a face Tired, “I really want to have a good night’s sleep.”

She has insomnia every night these days, and wakes up very early in the morning, resulting in a lack of energy during the day.

Mike: “I’ll take you back to your room.”

“What’s the matter? Do you have something to tell me?” Qin Anan glanced at the two children.

The two of them were unpacking the present that Mike had brought.

Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187

“It’s not a big deal, I want to chat with you casually.” Mike whispered.

“Then go outside and talk!” Qin An’an took him to the yard, “Speak! What’s the matter?”

“What else can you do… Don’t you know?” Mike put his hands on his hips, ” I know you have special feelings for Yunmo, but you can’t put Yunmo in front of Fu Shiting!”

“I didn’t put Yunmo in front of Fu Shiting.” Qin Anan said.

“But everyone thinks so now.” Mike sighed heavily, “An An, if Fu Shiting doesn’t want to take money to save Yun Mo, you can’t force it!”

“I haven’t talked to him about this yet!” Qin Anan frowned. Brows, “If I talk to him about this, and he clearly refuses to help, can I force him?”

“Oh? You haven’t talked to him yet?” Mike was a little surprised.

“No. I feel that someone has revealed the wind to him.” Qin Anan stared at his face, “Mike…”

“The crux of the question now is, how are you going to solve this problem?” Mike quickly changed the subject, “I’m here to persuade you. You quickly explain to Fu Shiting, and you say you don’t care about Yun Mo.”

Qin An’an: “Do you think if I tell him this, he will be able to calm down and go home?

” That’s right! He’s running away from home now, and there’s no news, isn’t he just pranking with you?” Mike said in a tone that he thought he knew a man well, “Apologize to him, admit your mistake, and promise that he will get back to him right away. I’m back.”

Qin Anan began to think about the feasibility of his method.

After hesitating for a while, she said: “I can’t say that I don’t care about Yunmo. But I can ask him for a penny without taking Yunmo’s affairs.”

“Why are you so stubborn?” Mike was helpless .

“That’s who I am. I don’t ask him for money, I go to someone else to borrow money. Anyway, Fu Han and his son want money. They think I don’t have enough money, so I can borrow it…” Qin An An sighed with relief for the method he came up with, “What do you think of my method?”

“Not so good!” Mike’s brows became more and more frowning, “Qin An’an, don’t you plan to use it for Yunmo’s sake? Do you put all your own net worth?”

“You think I have a lot of net worth, but they don’t think it’s enough.” Qin Anan smiled wryly.

“I think you’re crazy! You want to give all of your net worth to the father and son, but you didn’t tell me in advance!”

“They wouldn’t want it. So I didn’t tell you.” Qin Anan saw Mike’s disappointment He explained with sadness and heartache, “Mike, what I want to save is not just Yun Mo.”

“Oh? Make it clear, you’d better make it clear to me. Otherwise, I have to learn from Fu Shiting and run away from home!” Mike With red eyes, he said aggrieved, “I work hard to work overtime, upgrade products, and make money for you, not to make you cheap!”

Hot tears fell from the corners of Qin An’an’s eyes: “Mike, I’m sorry. I didn’t play cheap. You, how good you are to me and how much you have paid to the company, I know. I am not only for Yunmo… but also for Yin Yin…”

Mike heard ‘Yin Yin’ Two words, suddenly took a breath.

“She’s not dead. I met Wei Zhen on my honeymoon last time.” Qin Anan lowered her head, “Yinyin’s situation is very bad now. She needs a kidney transplant, or she will die! And Yunmo’s kidney It suits her.”

“I see!” Mike sighed lightly, “Then why don’t you tell Fu Shiting? If you tell him, he will definitely not be angry with you!”

“If I tell him, he will He will definitely lose his mind. At the last wedding, he and Fu Han and his son had a quarrel like that. I don’t want to have such an out of control situation again. Moreover, Yin Yin’s situation is very critical now. The kidney transplant is only the first step. Recovery is still unknown. Last time he learned of Yin Yin’s death, his depression relapsed, and he wanted to die with Yin Yin at one point. How can I bear to let him suffer like this again?”

Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188

Mike was instantly discouraged after hearing her words.

What she said was true.

Fu Shiting has a manic temper. If he knew that Yin Yin was still alive, he would definitely lose his mind. Even if he was tied, he would tie Yun Mo to the operating table and give Yin Yin a kidney transplant.

And if the operation fails and he sees Yinyin’s death with his own eyes, how will he face this blow?

“Now there is only one way to solve the problems you mentioned,” Mike said after calming down, “that is Yin Yin’s surgery is successful, you bring Yin Yin to him.”

Qin Anan nodded: “I know. I always thought Rescue Yin Yin and bring her back. If Shi Ting sees her, he will definitely be very happy.”

“But he has misunderstood you now!” Mike cursed, “Now not only does he hate you, but the people around him I hate you too! Including Sheng Bei, Ziyi…”

“Xiao Tian told me.” Qin Anan didn’t care about their opinions, although he was a little heartbroken, “Brother Wei was afraid that I would be embarrassed, so let me Don’t care about Yinyin. But I can’t do it. Yinyin became like this because of Ziqiu. If I don’t care, I will have a restless conscience for the rest of my life.”

“I don’t know if I can ignore it. Mike knew her too well, “but you have to plan for the worst. If Yin Yin still dies in the end, then you and Fu Shiting will be completely cold. Don’t think that the two of you have experienced so many ons and offs. You can end happily every time.”

She said sadly: “I have come this far, and I have no turning back to go.”

“Don’t be afraid, I still say that, I will always support you in any decision. Save Yinyin is going to sell the company, and I won’t say a word.”

“I don’t know when Fu Shiting will come to me. My agreement with Fu Han is next Friday… wait until next Friday first. Come on!” She sweated, “Come in! I’ll take a bath.”

After Qin Anan went upstairs, Mike walked to the two children.

Rila had been staring at them while they were chatting outside the door just now.

“Uncle Mike, my mom and my dad got into a fight and we’re moving back in again,” Rila asked. “If we do, will you move back in with us?”

“If you want to If I move back, I’ll move back.” Mike patted her head, “Rila, your parents’ business is the adult’s business. It’s good for children to go to school and grow up.”

“Simply put. If only I were as young as my brother.”

“When your brother grows up, he will also witness when your mother is unhappy. Life is like this, it is impossible to be happy all the time, and it is impossible to be miserable all the time. Not only your mother, but also other It’s the same with people.” Mike explained to her.

“But I see you are very happy every day!” Rila said.

“When your Uncle Mike was sad, he always hid under the quilt and cried.” Mike teased.

“Hahaha! Show me the next time you cry!” Rila smiled.

“You gloating little bastard!”

“Uncle Mike, my mother said that when I have summer vacation, I will take my brother and me to see my brother. Come with us!” Rila begged, “I miss us so much when we used to be together. life.”

“Rila, I’ll be with you all the time. When you’re on summer vacation, I’ll go with you.

On Monday, after Rila went out to school in the morning, Qin Anan drove to the company.

She had a very strong feeling in her heart.

——Maybe Fu Shiting will come to her soon.

After arriving at the company, she attended the regular meeting on Monday.

The heads of various departments reported to her the work of the last week.

She didn’t express any opinion, only before the end of the regular meeting, she said: “Although Mike is the director of the technical department, he is the real boss of the company. I have a lot of personal affairs, and I come to the company less. If you have any urgent matters, you can’t contact me. You can find Mike directly.”

After the meeting, Mike followed her into her office.

Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189

“Why did you say that?” Mike was dissatisfied, “It’s like you’re leaving us. Hey, don’t you have any plans?”

“No. I just feel ashamed of you. She explained, “You didn’t like to work hard at first, but I dragged you to become a great businessman.”

“As you say, I should thank you. Don’t be sentimental, if The company is really sold, we also have the ability to start from scratch, think about the best in everything, let’s pray that Yin Yin can live well!”

“Have you told Ziyi about this?” She sat down in the office chair.

“I didn’t say it.” Mike said, “I have nothing to say. If Yinyin can have a smooth operation, and the operation is successful, then bring Yinyin back and blind them.”

“What do you want for lunch? I invite you to. You.”

“You’ve just finished breakfast, and you’re thinking about lunch. Seeing how enthusiastic you are, I’ll think about what to have for lunch! I’ll tell you after I’ve thought about it.” Mike finished and walked out.

About an hour later, Mike sent a string of dish names.

Qin Anan read the name of the dish, found the phone number of a high-end restaurant near the company, and called to reserve a place.

After booking the place, Qin Anan sent Mike the restaurant name.

When he was about to get off work at noon, Mike called: “An An, you go to the restaurant first, I have a little while to get off work.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you at the restaurant. Come over when you’re done.”

“Well, if you’re hungry. Eat first.”

“I’m not hungry. You should be busy first!” Qin Anan hung up the phone, and when he was about to leave work, he saw a new message from Fu Yechen.

She opened the message, and a picture jumped into her eyes.

Fu Yechen sent a photo of Yun Mo.

In the photo, Yun Mo looked at the camera and smiled very shyly.

Qin Anan didn’t understand why Fu Yechen sent this photo to herself, so she dialed the phone.

Fu Yechen answered the phone in seconds, and laughter came: “Qin An’an, I have known you for so many years, and it was only in the past two days that I really knew you.”

A series of big question marks appeared in Qin An’an’s mind.

What does he want to do when he says these words?

“Fu Yechen! If you have something to say, just say it directly, don’t beat around

the bush!” “I mean I admire you very much! I never imagined that you could make Fu Shiting listen to you like this.” Fu Yechen said The laughter subsided, “I used to think that he was interested in your face and your ability to have children, but I didn’t expect that I was superficial. He was fascinated by you!”

Qin Anxin had an ominous premonition.

“Why did you mention him?”

“Haha, then don’t mention him, anyway, I don’t have to be afraid of him anymore.” Fu Yechen said this, and couldn’t help laughing, “When are you coming to pick him up? Yunmo ? I’m going to take him to dinner now.”

Qin Anan: “!!!”

In her mind, there was a cloud of suspicion!

Fu Yechen asked her to pick up Yunmo?

Why did Fu Yechen suddenly give Yunmo to her? Could it be…

Could it be that Fu Yechen already got what he wanted? !

Qin An’an’s face was dark blue, his lips and teeth were trembling, but he couldn’t make a sound when the words came to his mouth.

Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190

“I’ll send you a location, you can come directly!” Fu Yechen said, “The rest, we’ll talk about it when we meet.”

Fu Yechen hung up the phone after he finished speaking.

Qin An’an’s body froze, and her heart couldn’t stop shaking.

Fu Shiting has disappeared in the past few days. Could it be that he did this? !

After this thought came up, I quickly got the answer in my mind.

If Fu Shiting doesn’t nod, who can take his shares?

Tears quickly blurred vision.

No wonder the people around Fu Shiting hated him so much. Because they knew about it in advance.

Fu Shiting transferred the shares, how could they not yell at them?

She feels that she is now an unpardonable sinner!

They must have thought that she forced Fu Shiting to do this. Although she hadn’t had time to speak to Fu Shiting, she really wanted to talk to him about it.

Process aside, the result is the same.

Whether he knew it in advance or waited a few days for her to tell him, he would definitely be angry.

Because she touched his interests, and not a little bit.

More because he thought she was forcing him so much for another man.

The screen lit up, and Fu Yechen sent the location.

She raised her hand to wipe away the tears on her face, quickly adjusted the expression on her face, and strode out of the office with her bag in hand.

Half an hour later, she drove to the restaurant where Fu Yechen and Yunmo were.

When Yun Mo saw her, he immediately showed a docile smile.

His eyes were as clear and clean as ever, spotless.

She took his arm and wanted to take him away immediately.

“Qin An’an, are you in such a hurry to leave? When will my aunt’s surgery be done? How long will the surgery take?” Fu Yechen grabbed Yun Mo’s other arm, “I must ask these questions clearly, after all, Yun Mo My aunt’s illness is a trivial matter now, and Yun Mo can’t make any mistakes.”

Qin Anan looked at Fu Yechen coldly: “You despicable villain!”

“What are you scolding people for? Isn’t it normal between us? Is it a fair deal? Why don’t you have any spirit of contract But with a smile, “your husband has nothing now. In the future, he will take care of the children at home, will you make money to support the family?”

Qin Anan was stunned: “Didn’t he only transfer one-third of the shares? He still has “…”

“Hahaha! Damn it! You’re so stupid, you’re making me die! Did the two of you quarrel? And it’s the kind of fierce quarrel?” Fu Yechen looked at the fool Looking at her with eyes, “Fu Shiting transferred all his shares to Yunmo. Now, Fu Shiting has nothing! His name will finally disappear from the rich list! And in the future, my name will appear. On the rich list! Haha!”

Qin An’an seemed to have been splashed with a basin of cold water, freezing to the bone! It broke our hearts!

What is Fu Shiting doing? ! Why did he give away all the shares? ! He did this to get revenge on her!

“Qin An’an, my uncle will take it for you today. I’ll give you half a month. If you haven’t handed him back in half a month, I will go to you.” Fu Yechen saw Qin An’an’s eyes filled with tears. Filled with tears, he let go of Yun Mo’s arm contentedly.

Shame and pain filled Qin An’an’s sanity.

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