When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1191 -1200(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1191 -1200(Chinese)

Chapter 1191

She took Yun Mo and strode out of the restaurant.

At this moment, her cell phone rang.

After she sent Yun Mo to the car and sat down, she took out her mobile phone.

The call was from Mike.

He has now arrived at the restaurant she ordered, but he has not seen her.

“Mike, I’m outside now, with Yun Mo. I’ve already ordered the dishes in advance, you can ask others to eat together.” She suppressed her grief and pretended to speak calmly.

“Are you with Yunmo?”

His rhetorical question broke her mood instantly: “Fu Shiting transferred all the shares to Yunmo. All transferred! Mike, he hates me! So he stings me in this way. Punish me!”

Mike’s chest heaved up and down quickly, and his mind instantly turned into white light.

No wonder Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi hate Qin An’an so much. It turns out that Fu Shiting made such an incredible decision!

For Fu Shiting, this is tantamount to another suicide!

Knowing that Fu Shiting would be like this, Mike would never tell him about the relationship between Qin Anan and Fu Han.

He was very annoyed and wanted to confess to Qin Anan, but was afraid.

“An An, I’m sorry.” Mike had a headache, “I found him a few days ago.”

“…I guessed it.” She was not surprised, but it has absolutely nothing to do with outsiders at this point. “Even if you don’t go to him, I will encounter this problem with him. My relationship with him, which seems to be indestructible, is actually very fragile after quarreling again and again.”

“Then what should I do? Mike gasped sharply. “Now that he has handed over all the shares, it means that ST Group has nothing to do with him. What will he do in the future?”

“I don’t know! Mike, I’m so sick right now, I don’t know what to do with him in the future… Maybe he’ll never show up to me again. I thought he’d come to me this week, But now it seems that he will probably not come to me.” She said more and more scared.

“Don’t cry! You take Yunmo to Yinyin to operate as soon as possible!” Mike tried his best to restrain his emotions, “You and Fu Shiting are already like this, now I can only pray for Yinyin’s operation to go well!”

“But I think See Fu Shiting first.” She burst into tears.

“No one knows where he is now. Ziyi doesn’t know, and Sheng Bei doesn’t know either… If he doesn’t come to you, you won’t find him at all.” Mike sighed, “You’re not talking about Yin Yin’s situation. Is it very dangerous? Go and save Yinyin first! If Yinyin is rescued, he will naturally understand that you are not the kind of person he imagined.”

Mike’s words made her regain some sense.

“Don’t worry, I will help you watch the two children.” Mike added.

“Yeah.” She answered and hung up the phone.

A tissue appeared in front of her. She looked along the tissue and saw Yun Mo’s nervous face.

“Actually, I can probably understand what you said.” Yun Mo frowned and blamed himself, “My brother and his son treat me like a fool, thinking I don’t understand anything. They are not good people.

” Well, they are using you.” Qin Anan took the tissue and wiped away the tears on her face, “Yunmo, you have a sister. Your sister is a very kind person like you. We need to Take a kidney from your body and transplant it into her body to see if it can save her life. Are you willing to save her?”

“I will. I will do whatever you ask me to do.” After a pause, he continued. , “I don’t want to live with my eldest brother in the future. Can you help me?”

Qin Anan felt unspeakable bitterness.

Of course she wanted to help him, but how could Fu Han and his son let go? !

Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192

Moreover, the most critical thing right now is Yin Yin’s surgery.

“Yunmo, let’s go to country B to see your sister first!” Qin Anan got into the driver’s seat and drove the car towards the airport.

On the way to the airport, she called Sister Zhang.

“Sister Zhang, I’m in a bit of a hurry. I’m going to country B now. The return date is uncertain.”

Sister Zhang: “Oh, what do you mean by uncertainty? Didn’t you promise Rila to take her to country B during the summer vacation?”

“This It doesn’t matter. Mike will bring her to Country B at that time,” she said.

“Oh…what’s the urgency for you? Rila will definitely ask when she comes back at night.”

“There is an operation.” She froze for a moment, then said concisely.

“Okay, I get it. Go at ease! You don’t have to worry about the family affairs.”

Sister Zhang put down her phone and looked at Fu Shiting sitting on the sofa with a heavy face.

“Sir, Ann she…”

“You don’t need to tell me about her.” Fu Shiting interrupted Mrs. Zhang, “Wherever she goes is her freedom.”

Mrs. Zhang said sadly: “If she knows about you At home, she will definitely come back to see.”

“I don’t need her to see me.” Fu Shiting got up from the sofa and strode upstairs.

Aunt Zhang looked at his arrogant and cold back and sighed.

“Why does An An want to go abroad?” Aunt Hong came over and asked, “It’s not easy for Mr. to come back, but An An has to leave again. Shouldn’t the two of them have an appointment?”

“Probably not.” Mrs. Zhang said, ” An An said there was an operation abroad.”

“Oh, when will she be back?”

“She said that the return date is uncertain.” Mrs. Zhang said here, suspiciously, “Could it be that the two of them really made an appointment not to meet? No matter what kind of surgery, there is always a time! How could she say that the return date is uncertain?”

” I have suffered for three children.”

“Xiaohan is okay. He is more self-reliant and has never accepted her husband. So even if An An breaks up with her husband, it will not affect Xiaohan.”

“Hey! I heard that something happened to my husband’s company. Aunt Hong just answered a call, “I heard that Mr. transferred the company to someone else.”

Aunt Zhang’s face changed greatly: “Why is this?”

“I don’t know. The two of them quarreled this time, probably because of this.” Aunt Hong said, “ST Group is a big company, any changes in the top management will be announced, and I have seen the news for a few days.”

Country B.

Qin Anan took Yunmo out of the airport and saw Wei Zhen who was coming to pick him up.

When Wei Zhen saw Yun Mo, he immediately said hello to him: “Hello Yunmo, I’m Wei Zhen and An An’s good friend.”

Yun Mo shyly said, “Hello Wei Zhen. Is my sister there with you? Wei Zhen: “

She’s in the hospital. You go to rest first and get rid of the jet lag. I’ll take you to see her when the rest is over.”

Yun Mo: “I want to see her now. An An said she is the kindest person in the world.” Woman, I hope she gets better.”

Wei Zhen glanced at Qin An’an and quickly compromised.

After the three got into the car, the car drove towards the hospital.

“An An, what was Yun Mo’s state before the surgery?” Wei Zhen asked curiously.

“It’s a bit like Yinyin before, but he’s not as afraid of people as Yinyin.” Qin Anan recalled, “He has a very gentle personality, whether before or after the operation.”

“Well, if Yinyin didn’t have the experience as a child, he should be with Yun. Ink.”

“Yeah! Is she still awake now?”

“She has very little time to be awake. And when she is awake, she is usually tortured by illness and is very painful.” When Wei Zhen said this, he couldn’t bear it, so he changed the subject, “How could Fu Han be willing to hand over Yun Mo to Yun Mo? for you?”

Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193

This topic deeply hurt Qin Anan.

“Fu Shiting transferred all the shares to Yunmo.”

Wei Zhen was stunned for a moment: “It’s good to transfer it to Yunmo, then it’s fine to let Yunmo transfer it back to him.”

“Fu Han and Fu Yechen will not Agreed.” Qin Anan said, “Yunmo is in their household registration now.”

“An’an, if you treat Yunmo as a normal person, you won’t have such a headache.” Wei Zhen said objectively, “I see Yunmo. There is no need for the father and son to be guardians at all. He can completely decide his own affairs. Just like Yinyin decided to donate blood to Ziqiu at the beginning.”

Wei Zhen’s words gave Qin An’an great encouragement.

“An An, although I don’t know what I got, I can give it back to you.” Yun Mo tried to digest what they said, “As long as you say it, I will listen. I will only listen to you in the future.” Yun

Mo Mo was transferred from Yun Shijie to Fu Han. After experiencing them, he found that Qin Anan was the best for him.

“Yunmo, thank you. After the operation is successful, I will consider this matter carefully.” Qin Anan was deeply moved.

After arriving at the hospital, they entered Yin Yin’s ward.

Rao is Qin An’an who made psychological preparations all the way, but when he saw Yin Yin, he still burst into tears.

Yin Yin was so thin that only a handful of bones remained. If it weren’t for the beating curve on the ECG next to her, she wouldn’t think that this was a living person at all.

“An An, don’t cry. She has been suffering from illness for a long time. So when you told me that you couldn’t find Yun Mo, and that you might quarrel with Fu Shiting about it, I told you to stop it for this reason. She has been very I want to die because I refuse to give up her life.” Wei Zhen’s voice trembled slightly, “I’m waiting for a miracle. What if there is a miracle?”

Yun Mo stared at Yin Yin on the hospital bed and asked softly, “She is me. sister?”

“Yes, she is Yinyin, your twin sister.” Wei Zhen turned on his phone, found a photo of Yinyin before she got sick, and showed him, “Before she was ill, she was very cute, a bit like you.”

Yun Mo took Wei Zhen’s phone and stared at the photo for a moment.

An emotion that blood is thicker than water gradually spread to his whole body.

“Give her my kidney now!” Yun Mo returned the phone to Wei Zhen.

“Are you sure you won’t take a break?”

Yun Mo shook his head.

Wei Zhen’s voice was hoarse: “Okay, I’ll take you to go through the hospitalization procedures.”

Country A.

At seven in the morning, a breaking news dominated the headlines of major news apps.

——Fu Shiting resigned as CEO of ST Group and will no longer participate in any affairs of ST Group in the future.

Click on the news title, the text is almost the same as the title, and there is no extra content to add.

Generally the fewer words in news, the bigger the matter.

After seeing the news, netizens began to speculate boldly.

——In my opinion, Fu Shiting has committed a serious matter, and he has been investigated by the above!

——What a serious thing it has to do to suddenly resign! The melon behind this must be very exciting! I don’t know if I can follow him and find out all the interest chains behind him!

——I searched for Fu Shiting on the Internet and found that he has not appeared in public recently. Has he been arrested?

——He must have been arrested a long time ago. If things are not checked out, he will not suddenly resign. He is only in his thirties this year. If he doesn’t break the law, he will be fine until he is seventy!

Fu family.

Fu Shiting got up at seven o’clock today.

After watching his daughter go to school, he went to the dining room for breakfast.

After drinking a cup of coffee, he turned on his phone—

Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194

Countless information jumps out!

He filtered all the useless information, opened the browser, and saw his picture on the front page news.

Everything in the past comes to an end in this moment.

Everything about him and Qin An’an also came to an end.

When Rila came back last night and saw him at home, her eyes were cold and timid.

He really wanted to get close to his daughter, but when he saw her daughter’s reaction, he couldn’t say anything, and he didn’t dare to approach blindly.

This morning too.

When Sister Zhang was combing her hair, he watched quietly beside him.

She combed her hair and immediately ran out of the door with her schoolbag on her back.

He didn’t look at him the whole time, and didn’t say a word to him. As if he was a beast of a flood.

Only Ziqiu knew nothing. When picked up by him, he would still laugh at him and still call his father.

However, he is no longer the radiant Fu Shiting.

His company no longer belongs to him, and his identity, except for the name ‘Fu Shiting’, has been returned to Yun Mo.

He doesn’t think he has much value to the child now.

The phone rang suddenly, pulling him back to reality from his thoughts.

He looked at the caller ID on the screen, and after a few seconds, answered the call.

“Shi Ting, you have been destroyed by that woman now. Have you seen how those people on the Internet in your country A laughed at you? When you were beautiful, everyone respected you and feared you, so you saw The people who compliment you are those who compliment you, and the voices that compliment you are heard.”

“Now you’re not the president of ST Group, everyone looks at you like a drowning dog, everyone doesn’t care if you drown or not, everyone just laughs at how funny you are when you fall into the water and how funny you look like choking. …”

The voice over the phone kept coming.

Fu Shiting’s eyes were cold and his fists were clenched tightly.

“Shi Ting, even if everyone looks down on you, I won’t give up on you. Come to my side! I have good wine here, and a more suitable platform for your development.” Jin Carrier was smoking a cigar and leaning on the boss chair Li said, “The last time I saw you, I reminded you that Qin Anan is not a good woman. I have seen more women than you have eaten in my life. If you take women seriously, women will ride On your head. If you want a woman to be obedient, you must break her wings first.”

“Where are you now? I’ll send someone to pick you up.” Jin Kaili continued, “regardless of whether you recognize me as a big brother or not. , you come to me for a vacation first and relax.”

Country B.

Qin Anan accompanied Yunmo to the hospitalization procedures in the hospital, and then took care of him to wash in the ward.

Time flies, and soon it is night.

After Yun Mo lay down on the hospital bed and fell asleep, she glanced at the night outside the window.

She decided to stay in the hospital to guard Yunmo.

Before the kidney transplant, she could no longer take any risks.

After a while, Wei Zhen pushed open the door of the ward and walked to her side.

“An An, Yin Yin woke up. I told her that you were here.”

Qin Anan rubbed her sore eyes and walked out with him immediately.

Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195

Came to Yinyin’s ward, she walked to the bedside and held Yinyin’s hand.

“Yinyin, I know you are in pain now, but don’t give up. Now that you have found a suitable kidney, you will be operated on soon. After the operation, you will be better.”

Yinyin smiled in her eyes. Intentionally, he opened his mouth and said in a weak voice, “How did you find me?”

“Well, I found you a while ago. Your brother always believed that you were not dead, so you must be strong. After the operation, I will bring you with me. Go see him, okay?” Qin Anan encouraged.

“If I’m okay, of course I’m going to see him. I’m going to give him a surprise…” Thinking of this, Yin Yin was excited, “I haven’t been this happy for a long time.”

“There will be more happiness in the future. Xiaohan and Rila have never forgotten you. Ziqiu is also very healthy. Now he can call his parents and he has started to learn to walk.”

“An An, did you find the right kidney for me?” Grateful, “Wei Zhen searched for a long time, but couldn’t find it. Seeing him for my illness, it’s so hard, I don’t want to live anymore…”

“Don’t say such stupid things. You have suffered too much. , the days in the future will be smooth and smooth.”

“Well… I really want to go home and miss my brother.” Yin Yin’s eyes suddenly lost focus, and he muttered, “If you can go back Come to my brother…let me do anything…”

She was in a bad mood, and after saying this, she fell asleep again shortly after.

Wei Zhen covered her with the quilt and looked at Qin An’an: “She didn’t say these words before she saw you. She saw you, so she misses Fu Shiting even more.”

“Brother Wei, when can the surgery be arranged?” Qin Anan couldn’t wait any longer. “She’s so weak. I’m really worried that she won’t be able to wake up at any time.”

“The day after tomorrow. There will be a series of preoperative examinations tomorrow.” Wei Zhen patted her on the shoulder, “I know you want to bring Yinyin to Fu Shiting quickly and explain the misunderstanding, don’t worry, I will He Yinyin will explain it to you.”

Qin Anan’s eyes suddenly became wet and moist: “I’m not afraid that he hates me, but I think that he may be more painful than me now. I want to see him and talk to him. Talk…”

“An An, don’t think about it for now. Go back and rest! Yin Yin and Yun Mo have me watching, you don’t have to worry.” Wei Zhen continued to comfort her when she saw that she was in a bad state. Said, “Fu Shiting will know the truth soon. He won’t be in pain for long.”

Qin Anan nodded.

Wei Zhen was right. In fact, compared to the pain Yin Yin had endured, what was the pain of the two of them now?

When Qin Anan returned home, he couldn’t help turning on his mobile phone, found Fu Shiting’s number, and dialed it.

In the past few days, she has called him countless times, but every time she can’t get through. Unexpectedly, this time she didn’t hold any hope, but suddenly got through.

Her heart was beating violently suddenly.

She prayed to God for him to answer the phone.

Before she could finish her inner prayer, the phone was suddenly connected.

She was stunned. She seemed to hear his familiar breathing.

Before opening her mouth, her tears fell down one step at a time.

“Qin An’an, this is our last call.” On the other side of the phone, his voice came calmly and indifferently, “Let’s say goodbye!” The

last call?

bid farewell?

“Fu Shiting! Don’t break up! Please, don’t break up!” Her emotions were completely broken, and she couldn’t care about any face or dignity, “I have already told Yun Mo that he will return all your shares to you! You Wait a few days for me, and I’ll take him back to find you!”

After Fu Shiting heard her words, Yingmei frowned: “Qin An’an, are you addicted to manipulating others? Do you feel a sense of achievement when you see a man fascinated by you and at your mercy? What you take away, I won’t ask for it again!”

“It’s not like this! Shi Ting, it’s not like this!” Qin Anan burst into tears, as if someone grabbed her neck, preventing her from saying what she wanted to say.

The head hurts violently, and the heart hurts even more.

Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196

“I only believe what I see and what I hear.” He listened to her cry, and his heart was unmoved.

In the past, as long as her eyes were red, he would unconditionally compromise with her.

It is precisely because he has been soft-hearted and indulgent to her countless times that the current situation is caused.

He has given up everything, and her plan will never succeed again.

“What did you see? What did you hear?” Qin Anan screamed out of control, “The truth is, what you see and what you hear are one-sided! I won’t break up! Wait for me for a few days! I will definitely I’ll explain it to you!”

If it was before, he might listen to her and give her a few more days.

But now, let alone a few days, even a few hours, he couldn’t wait any longer.

“When you’re done with your business, go back to China as soon as possible! Don’t forget that you still have two children in the country.” After Fu Shiting said this, he hung up the phone.

Qin Anan was disheartened when she heard the disconnecting sound of ‘dududu’!

It’s like hitting an iron plate, it’s cold and painful!

Fu Shiting said goodbye to her and handed over the child to her.

Not only did he not want the company, he also didn’t want her and the child.

She stubbornly dialed his number

again—— ——Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please try again later.

The system automatically hung up the phone, and she stared at the screen in a daze.

So he resolutely left her.

Like a gust of wind, a puff of smoke, fluttering, but firmly left her.

a country, the airport.

After Fu Shiting turned off the phone, he glanced behind him.

The past, let it go!

As if he never had what he had lost.

His life was just the restart button being pressed!

In the future, he will no longer be held back by anyone.


Rila came home and looked around.

“Rila, are you looking for your father?” Sister Zhang saw through her thoughts at a glance, “After you went to school this morning, he went out.”

Rila put down her schoolbag and lowered her eyes slightly: “He goes Where is it?”

“He didn’t say where he was going. But you ignored him this morning. He was a little sad.”

“He was arguing with my mother, and I ignored him!” Rila said angrily, walking up to her brother. , “Idiot brother, you are the only one who still calls him Dad!”

Ziqiu was stunned for a moment, then called out clearly: “Dad!”

“Don’t call Dad!” Rila glared at him.

“Dad!” Ziqiu couldn’t understand the threat.

“Rila, don’t quarrel with your brother. My brother is still young and can’t understand your words.” Sister Zhang immediately advised, “If your parents quarreled this time, it’s not your father’s fault? Do you want to blame your father too? ?”

Rila was stunned for a moment: “It’s not my father’s fault, is it my mother’s fault?”

“I don’t know exactly what happened between them, but your mother told me privately that she was wrong this time. So You shouldn’t be so indifferent to your father.” Mrs. Zhang was afraid that Rila thought she was blaming her, so she spoke softly, “Whether it’s your father or mother, they are the people you love the most.”

“Okay!” Rila pouted With a small mouth, reluctantly, “then I’ll see him later, it won’t be so fierce.”

“Well. Rila, you play with your brother first, I’ll call your dad and ask him if he wants to come back for dinner. .” After Aunt Zhang finished speaking, she went to call Fu Shiting.

Two minutes later, Rila asked, “Is my dad coming back for dinner at night?”

Mrs. Zhang shook her head, “His phone is off.”

“Oh…” Rila was very disappointed, “Then my mother’s phone number Can you get through?”

She was afraid that her mother wouldn’t be able to get in touch.

Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197

“It’s only six o’clock in the morning on your mother’s side. Call her in another hour.” Aunt Zhang reassured, “Your mother is going out to work, and she will come back when her work is over.”

“If my mother also If I don’t come back, what should I do with my brother?” Rila was suddenly frustrated.

At this moment, Ziqiu suddenly burst into tears.

Sister-in-law Zhang quickly picked Ziqiu up and checked why he was crying.

Outside the courtyard, a car stopped.

Rila saw it and went outside immediately.

I saw Mike getting out of the car and striding forward.

“Uncle Mike!” Rila cried and ran over!

Mike frowned, walked a few steps to Rila, and picked her up: “Don’t cry baby! What’s the matter?”

“I miss Mom and Dad.” Ray stretched his hands and rubbed his eyes.

“Isn’t your father at home?” Mike came over last night and saw Fu Shiting.

But Mike couldn’t say much to him, so the two didn’t speak.

“He’s gone. The phone can’t get through either.” Rila grimaced, “Grandma Zhang said it was my mother’s mistake, but I didn’t know it before. I ignored my father from yesterday to this morning. Will he be angry? “

Why is your father mad at you?” Mike carried her into the villa. “Your mother and father quarreled this time, and it can’t be said that your mother made a mistake. Just wait a little longer, they will reconcile after a while.” now.”

“Really?” Rila wiped away her tears.

“Of course. When did I lie to you?”

Rila squeezed out a smile, then frowned: “My brother is stinking, take me out!”

Mike immediately carried her to the yard.

An hour later, Mike dialed the video to Qin Anan. After a few seconds, Qin Anan hung up the video.

Mike froze for a moment. How did she hang up?

Just when Mike was about to continue dialing, her call came.

He answered the phone: “Qin An’an, why did you hang up the video?”

“I’m in the hospital, and the internet is not good here, so let’s call!” She made a reason.

The real reason she didn’t answer the video was because she cried all night last night and her eyes were so swollen today.

Not only the eyes are swollen from crying, but the voice is also hoarse.

Hearing her voice, Mike heard something unusual in a second.

“Oh, Rila misses you so much. Say something to Rila!” Mike handed Rila the phone.

“Rila, you have summer vacation next week, right?” Qin Anan tried to cover up his hoarse voice with a soft tone.

“Well, Mom, if you don’t come back next week, I’ll ask Uncle Mike to take me to country B to find you.”


“Mom, have you seen my brother?”

“Not yet! Mom picks up. I’ve been busy these two days, so I’ll find your brother when I’m done.” After the

mother and daughter finished talking on the phone, Mike took the phone back from Rila’s hand.

After dinner, Rila went to do her homework, and Mike immediately went to the yard and called Qin Anan.

After the call was connected, Mike asked straight to the point: “Yinyin is dead?”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Qin Anan raised his voice a few times and roared angrily.

“Since Yin Yin didn’t die, why didn’t you answer the video? And your voice is so hoarse, you’re crying?” Mike asked in confusion, “Could it be… Fu Shiting is dead?”

“If he I’m dead, we won’t see each other in the future.” Qin Anan heard him cursing Fu Shiting, and his heart couldn’t stop trembling with anger.

“I’m joking! You’re telling me why you’re crying!” Mike exhaled heavily, “Rila also cried in the evening, and it took a long time to coax him.”

“He broke up with me.” She explained the reason. Out, “He doesn’t want anything. I asked him to wait for me for a few days, but he didn’t wait. He didn’t want to see me again, and he didn’t want to hear my voice again. This time, he won’t look back.”

Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198

“Then you just showdown with him!” Mike said in his throat, “Tell him that Yin Yin is still alive! Let him worry, let him suffer! It’s better than letting him hate you alone!

” I can’t get through to him. I haven’t been able to get through to him since last night, until now…. He probably won’t use this number again.” Her nasal voice was heavy, and she made no secret of her helplessness and grief, ” Mike, my heart seems to be dead.”

“What to die for! Even without him, you still have three children!” Mike snapped, “When is Yin Yin’s surgery? Is the time determined?”

“If it goes well, then Tomorrow.” She took a deep breath and said, “I talked to Yinyin last night. She is still so innocent and kind, she misses Fu Shiting very much, I promised her that when her surgery is successful, I will take her to see Fu Shiting.. ….but I can’t contact Fu Shiting anymore…”

“You can’t contact him, maybe other people can. You need to adjust your mood first. If Yin Yin’s operation can be successful, you are still afraid of him. Can’t you come out?” Mike comforted, “I’ll take the child to country B to find you in two days.”

“Well. I’m going to the hospital.”

“Qin An’an, love is always just the spice of life, not a necessity. Don’t be right. Life loses confidence.”

“Got it.” After talking on the

phone, Mike returned to the villa.

He stayed until nine o’clock at night and left when Rila fell asleep.

After coming out of Fu’s house, he drove to Zhou Ziyi’s house.

After Fu Shiting left the st group, Zhou Ziyi seemed to have been beaten by frost.

Not to mention that Fu Shiting will not step into the st group again in the future, just thinking that the future boss will be Yun Mo is not a small blow.

Yun Mo doesn’t understand anything, how can he be the boss of the st group?

And behind Yunmo, there are Fu Han and his son. It means that the company has now fallen into the hands of Fu Han and his son.

Just thinking about it makes Zhou Ziyi feel sick.

He has been by Fu Shiting’s side for so many years, and he knows how much Fu Shiting hates this father and son.

Asking Fu Shiting to make such a decision is tantamount to cutting the flesh from his body and feeding it into the enemy’s mouth.

After Mike came back, Zhou Ziyi said coldly, “Qin An’an hasn’t returned to China yet!”

“I told you, she won’t be back for the time being.” Mike put on his slippers and led him towards the living room, “You think of a way. Contact Fu Shiting!”

“How can I think of a way? How can I get in touch? What if I get in touch?” Zhou Ziyi pushed his arm away, “I am no longer a boss or subordinate with him. You let me get in touch. What did he say?”

“Even if you are no longer a boss and a subordinate, but you have known each other for so many years, you are still friends!”

“He has many friends. There is no shortage of useless friends like me.” Zhou Ziyi laughed at himself. “Why did you ask me to find him? Are you looking for him, or Qin Anan looking for him?”

Seeing that he was so angry, Mike poured him a glass of water: “What if I said Yinyin was looking for him? Zhou Ziyi, Do you really think that Qin Anan has a vicious heart and turns his elbows out to drive Fu Shiting to a corner?”

Zhou Ziyi’s expression froze, his eyes couldn’t hide his panic: “Yinyin? Did you just say Yinyin?!”

“Yes Yinyin is still alive. But she is very ill. Her health is not good. After giving Ziqiu a blood transfusion, she went into shock once, and was rescued later, and then she developed kidney failure…” Mike will The water cup was handed to him, “Yinyin wants a kidney transplant. If she doesn’t, she will die. Whether she will be able to recover after a kidney transplant is unknown. So Qin Anan didn’t tell anyone about this.”

Zhou Ziyi The Adam’s apple rolled around, and his mind was in a mess: “Yinyin’s kidney transplant, why should I let my boss transfer the equity?”

“Because Yunmo’s kidney can be transplanted to Yinyin. And Yunmo is held in Fu Han’s hands. It’s actually very simple, but it’s hard to accept.” Mike sat down on the sofa and exhaled, ” Fu Shiting called An An yesterday and broke up.”

“Oh…you asked me to find my boss, did you want me to tell him about Yin Yin?”

Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199

“Yes. It’s better for him to know the truth than Qin An’an alone.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier!” Zhou Ziyi threw the cup in his hand to the ground and roared, “You early Just got it, right? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You bastard!”

Mike blushed after being scolded: “An An has An An’s considerations, I will definitely listen to her…”

“Fuck you . !” Zhou Ziyi clenched his fists tightly, extremely angry.

Is it too late to tell the truth now? !

“Why are you so angry? Can’t you get in touch with Fu Shiting? If you can’t get through to him, send him an email… He can’t possibly stop using all his social accounts, right?” Mike said angrily. Annoyed, trying to calm him down.

“Even if you tell him about Yin Yin, what can you do?! He has already transferred the equity! You and Qin An’an, you two are two scumbags!” Zhou Ziyi couldn’t bear it anymore, and swiped his fist at Mike’s face!

“Damn it! You don’t need to swear, but you still do it! Those who didn’t know it thought it was your equity that was transferred!” Mike covered his face with one hand, and lifted Zhou Ziyi onto the sofa with the other, “Yunmo is now in Qin An. In the hands of An, let him transfer the equity to your boss again!”

“It’s easy for you to say!”

“Because it’s that simple! It’s hard for you to think about it, then it’s hard for you to do anything!

” People stared at each other with big eyes, and after a stalemate in the atmosphere for a while, Zhou Ziyi finally figured it out.

“Okay, I’ll contact my boss! If I can’t get in touch, I can’t help! Who is to blame for Qin An’an’s stupid things!”

“Can you stop scolding Qin An’an?” Mike begged with the pain on his face. , “She hides it from Fu Shiting, it’s not because Fu Shiting is irritable and fragile! She wants to deal with the matter and then tell him what’s wrong!”

“Even if my boss is irritable and vulnerable, it’s better than Qin Anan’s self-righteousness and the heart of the Virgin!”

“It’s obvious that your boss’s problem is more serious! If your boss is a normal person, Qin Anan doesn’t have to worry so much! Qin Anan fell in love with him, It’s like raising an eldest son!”

“You idiot, shut up!”

“You’re the idiot!”

Zhou Ziyi tried all the ways to contact Fu Shiting, and then he looked at Fu Shiting Can you see, see if you can respond.

country b.

After Yun Mo did a series of preoperative examinations, the doctor asked him to sign the operation risk notice.

Although he is a donor and taking a kidney is not life-threatening to the body, there are still risks.

He holds the pen and looks at Qin An’an.

“Doctor, he doesn’t know how to write. Is there a red ink pad? You can also press your handprint.” Qin Anan immediately spoke to the doctor.

The doctor immediately brought the red ink pad.

Yun Mo did not hesitate to print his own fingerprints on the notice.

“The operation is scheduled for tomorrow morning.” The doctor said to Qin An’an, “Let him have a good rest today, don’t be nervous.”

Qin An’an nodded. The doctor left the ward with the notice.

“An An, is it because of me that you broke up with Fu Shiting?” Yun Mo looked at her and asked.

Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200

Qin Anan came to the hospital in the morning, Wei Zhen saw that her eyes were so swollen, so he chatted with her for a while.

Yun Mo heard the conversation between the two of them clearly.

Qin Anan immediately shook his head: “No. I broke up with Fu Shiting because I didn’t tell him about finding Yinyin. He didn’t know why I brought you here, so he was angry.”

“Then how can I get him Aren’t you angry?” Yun Mo asked.

His question was simple and direct, and Qin Anan was moved by it.

How to make Fu Shiting not get angry, she had no answer in her heart.

“Yunmo, the shares he transferred to you must not be transferred to Fu Han and Fu Yechen.” She sat down beside the hospital bed and talked to him, “Because this is a lot of money, if you give it to them, they will They won’t treat you kindly because of this, and they may use the money to do bad things.”

Yun Mo nodded after hearing her words: “Then I’ll transfer it to you, okay?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “Let’s talk about it after the operation. Now I just hope that the surgery goes well and that you and Yinyin are safe and sound.”

Country y.

Fu Shiting came out of the airport and saw Jin Carrier and his bodyguards at a glance.

Jin Kaili strode forward and patted Fu Shiting’s shoulder: “Our friendship for so many years, I know that you will not break up with me because of a woman. You may not know much about my current investment. Next, I will I ‘ll show you around.”

“I’m going to take you to a good place today to show you the latest results of the projects I invested in! If you see it, it will definitely be an eye-opener!

” Drive away quickly.

About an hour later, the car stopped in a remote park.

Fu Shiting looked vigilantly at the sign at the entrance of the park.

There are two signboards, one signboard is Safari Park, and the other signboard is Biological Laboratory.

“Is it legal to open a biological laboratory in a safari park?” Fu Shiting questioned.

Kim Kaili laughed: “I knew you were going to ask this question. There are many types of biological laboratories. This biological laboratory in a safari park is not the kind of biological laboratory you imagine.”

They Go into the park.

Jin Carrier explained to him all the way what research the biological laboratory was doing.

“We originally had a pair of monkeys in the monkey park. They had a very good relationship. They gave birth to four little monkeys. When the fourth monkey was born, the mother monkey had physical problems, so she was sent to a separate place for treatment.”

“At this time, the staff sent another female monkey. Soon, the female monkey developed a relationship with the male monkey, and the female monkey had a good relationship with the male monkey’s four little monkeys.

” When the female monkey was pregnant, the original female monkey recovered. The staff sent the female monkey back, and the female monkey found out that the male monkey had a new love, and immediately became unhappy and refused to eat…”

Fu Shiting said Listen intently as if you were listening to a story.

“It’s definitely not going to go on like this, so the team of experts in the biological laboratory transferred the emotionally injured female monkey out and decided to perform an operation on it.” Jin Kaili raised his eyebrows, “Have you heard of amnestics? ?”

Fu Shiting shook his head without hesitation: “Unheard of.”

“Yes, I have only seen such bizarre things in movies and TV dramas before. But the biological laboratory I invested in did it! They used the latest medical methods to give this mother The monkey underwent amnestic surgery. After the operation, the female monkey’s mental state returned to normal.”

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