When His Eyes Opened Chapter 121 -130(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 121 -130(Chinese)

Chapter 121

Qin Anan put the mobile phone on the table, and for a while, her mouth was dry, so she picked up the mutton soup that Shengbei gave her.

Sheng Bei tapped his finger on the table and said dissatisfiedly: “Hey! Do you two think we don’t know that you two are texting each other?”

Qin Anan was afraid of what Fu Shiting would say, and immediately said: “I’m full. , he’s full too! So let’s go back first!”

Sheng Bei teased: “Okay! We’re full too! We’re full from dog food.”

Fu family.

The story of Fu Shiting’s murder spread to Mrs. Fu’s ears.

The old lady came over overnight.

Seeing Qin Anan there, the old lady’s face turned cold a few times.

“Tonight when the boss was almost hit by a car, Qin Anan flew and protected the boss in his arms.” The bodyguard witnessed the whole process, so he felt it was necessary to talk to the old lady, “If I hadn’t shot at that time. If the opponent’s wheel explodes, the car will hit it directly. Qin Anan will be crushed into flesh first, and he will surely die. Because our boss is being protected, there may be a chance of survival.”

After listening to the description of the bodyguard, Mrs. Fu thought in her mind. A bloody scene appeared.

“Mom, we haven’t had dinner yet.” Fu Shiting said, “Let’s go have something to eat first.”

“Oh…you go eat! I’ll go in a while.”

Mrs. Fu told Qin Anan The resentment was silently resolved at this moment.

Only in times of crisis can you see whether a person is true or false to you.

Qin Anan was able to protect Fu Shiting without hesitation in such a dangerous situation. If this courage is not because of love, what is it because of it?

After dinner, Fu Shiting and Qin Anan came out of the restaurant.

Fu Shiting asked Qin Anan to go back to the room first.

But Mrs. Fu called out her name.

“An An, I am not a person who does not distinguish between right and wrong. Thank you tonight.” Mrs. Fu got up from the sofa and walked to Qin An’an, “The previous grievances are written off. As long as you treat Shi Ting sincerely, I will not treat Shi Ting harshly. You. Shi Ting is my son, and I only hope he is well.”

Qin Anan was not very comfortable with the change in the relationship with the old lady, so after hesitating for a while, he said, “…it’s late, you go back to rest Come on!”

Mrs. Fu nodded: “You also have an early rest.” The

driver sent Mrs. Fu away.

The living room fell silent, and needles could be heard falling.

Qin An’an’s feet seemed to stick to the floor.

Of course she was embarrassed to go up to the second floor with Fu Shiting.

But how to find a reason to leave?

He has already used the big trick of birthday wish. Wouldn’t he be disappointed if she left?

“Fu Shiting, I took all my clothes away last time…”

“You put on mine first.” Before she could finish speaking, he took her words, “Change your clothes and wash them today. It’ll be done tomorrow.”

Qin Anan pursed her red lips, and her mind became blank.

“So reluctant?” He looked at her, his thin lips parted lightly, “If you want to go back to your mother, then go back. I’ll let the driver take you.”

Qin Anan: “…”

She is willing Reluctantly put it aside, she was obviously not so happy to hear his tone.

Sister-in-law Zhang suddenly appeared and said with a smile, “An An, you forgot to collect a set of clothes last time. I’ll fetch it for you.”

Qin Anan: “…”

Now, she There’s really no reason to go.

After Mrs. Zhang left, Qin Anan walked behind him and pushed him towards the elevator.

“It’s your birthday today, don’t be angry on your birthday.” She reasoned with him.

“I’m not angry.” His tone was calmer, “I don’t want to force you.”

“Not too hard…I just…”

“Just what?”

“When I left , went away in a dashing and determined way. In the end, I came back a few days later, and I felt a bit slapped in the face.”

Fu Shiting: “I didn’t see you when you left. So when you come back now, even if you slap your face, it is I who slapped me, not you. Yes .”

Qin Anan felt relieved, and then asked, “Who will help you take a bath at night? Is it the same male nurse from before?” With

a ‘ding’, the elevator reached the second floor.

Fu Shiting raised his eyes and looked at her with interest.

Chapter 122

Chapter 122

“I wash it myself,” his answer was quite level, “If you are worried, you can help me by the side.”

Qin Anan felt that he had dug a hole for himself.

He took a bath by himself, of course she was worried.

But what is the difference between letting her watch him take a bath and letting her take a bath for him?

After entering the bedroom, she closed the door.

“Give me the cane.” His voice came in a low voice.

She was about to ask where the crutches were when she saw it the next second.

She brought the crutches to him.

I saw him propped on crutches and stood up from the wheelchair.

Qin Anxin was startled: “Is that okay?”

“It’s fine. I wash my own these days.” His tone was a bit smiling, “Scared you?”

She blushed with embarrassment: ” Did you tease me on purpose just now?”

“Well. Let’s see how you react.” He leaned on crutches and walked towards the bathroom step by step.

She was worried and followed him.

“Do you want me to take a shower?” Walking to the bathroom, he stopped and asked her.

She shook her head and nodded panickedly: “I’m not very worried…how do you take off your pants? Will you get hurt?”

“I only wear the outer pair of pants.” He explained, “This The pants are loose and easy to take off.”

She responded.

As if to reassure her, he undid the belt buckle to show her.

Her cheeks were hot, and she couldn’t help but back away: “I, I’d better go out! If you need help, just call me.”

She quickly escaped from the bathroom and closed the bathroom door.

She breathed heavily and tried to walk away, worried that he would need help later.

At this time, Sister Zhang knocked on the door with her clothes and came in.

“Madam, did Mr. take a bath?”

Qin Anan nodded and took the clothes: “He usually bathes himself?”

“Yeah! He doesn’t want others to help.”

Qin Anan whispered: “It’s really strong.”

” Mr. is very strong, and this kind of character is actually quite disadvantageous. No matter what happens, he will carry it himself and will not tell others. “Sister Zhang said.

Qin An’an agreed: “I sometimes hate him like this.”

“Don’t hate him.” Aunt Zhang’s smile stopped, “Madam, although I don’t know what Mr. He is a very kind person.”


I feel that this word is very disproportionate to him.

But to say he is a bad guy is wrong.

“The people who are said to be depressed by the doctor are people with kind hearts…”

“He has depression?” Qin Anan raised her eyebrows slightly.

Sister-in-law Zhang nodded: “I have been taking medicine for a week.”

Qin An’an felt heavy.

It felt like I never really knew him.

He is fierce, he is vulnerable, he is unfeeling, and he is persistent.

After Fu Shiting took a shower, he came out of the bathroom on crutches.

He was wrapped in a white bathrobe.

Qin Anan walked over to help him, looked at his wet hair, and asked, “How did you wash your hair?”

“Wash while sitting.”

“Oh, I’m going to get a hairdryer to dry you.” She walked towards the bathroom and came out with the hairdryer.

While she was blowing his hair, he sat quietly, motionless.

I wish time would stop at this second.

Suddenly, his arm grabbed her wrist.

“Blow dry,” he reminded.

“Oh.” She came back to her senses and turned off the hair dryer. She suddenly caught a glimpse of his leg out of the corner of her eyes, and blood was overflowing from the gauze. “The gauze needs to be changed. I’ll go get the medicine kit.”

She put the hair dryer in the bathroom and hurriedly Go downstairs and ask Mrs. Zhang to get the medicine box.

Chapter 123

Chapter 123

took the medicine box and went upstairs, she squatted beside his leg and removed the gauze for him.

His injury was more serious than she imagined.

A large piece of skin peeled off on my leg, and I could see bright red flesh…

how painful it must be!

But he didn’t even frown.

She put medicine on him, and then quickly wrapped him with gauze.

He heard her inhalation getting heavier, so he opened his mouth to break the silence: “Qin An’an, the wound looks scary, but it doesn’t hurt.”

He wanted to comfort her.

But she didn’t need his false consolation.

She poked his wound hard with her fingers.

He was caught off guard this time, and he gasped in pain.

“Tell me again, does it hurt?” She glared at him with slightly red eyes.

He put his hands behind his back, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he said sternly, “It doesn’t hurt.”

He bet she wouldn’t dare to poke his wound again.

He hurts, and her heart hurts even more.

“Lie down and rest! You have to stay in bed for at least another week, don’t run around any more!” She said angrily, turned around and went to the bathroom.

He leaned against the bedside and picked up the phone on the bedside table.

He dialed a number and asked coldly, “How’s the investigation?”

The man who hit him tonight was shot, but it wasn’t a vital part, so there was no danger to his life.

Now the man is being interrogated.

“Boss, this man is a tough guy and won’t talk about life or death. We plan to give him some special means. We promise to let him confess before tomorrow morning.” On the other side of the phone, the subordinate assured.

“Don’t let him die before he confesses!” Fu Shiting wanted to know who was taking his life with such an inferior means.

He was in a car accident half a year ago, resulting in serious injuries and becoming a vegetative state.

He doesn’t fall for the same thing twice.

After hanging up, he took out the medicine from the cabinet next to him.

He had to take four kinds of medicines in total, more than a dozen pills at a time.

After taking the medicine, he put the water glass down.

At this moment, the bathroom door opened and Qin Anan came out.

“Fu Shiting, I thought about it. Your leg injury is so serious, I still won’t sleep in the same bed with you. I’m afraid that I will move around at night and touch your wound.” She went to the bed and discussed with him.

“Do you really think I will hurt?” His eyes were clear and deep, “Qin An’an, you want to escape me.”

Qin An’an blushed, climbed onto the bed, and sat down beside him.

“Is this all right?” She looked at him with a clever face. “Anyway, I don’t have to worry about what you are doing to me. What should I be afraid of?”

Her unbridled look aroused his conquest. want.

He grabbed the back of her head with one hand, and her chin was forced to rise slightly.

His kiss came unexpectedly.

three o’clock at night.

Fu Shiting stretched out his long arms towards Qin An’an and drew her body towards him.

She was afraid of touching his wound, so she kept leaning against the edge of the bed.

He was worried that she fell asleep and fell to the ground.

He pulled her to his side several times, and she was half-awake and moved to the edge of the bed.

This time, after pulling her into his arms, he didn’t let go.

Her tense body gradually relaxed in her arms.

Suddenly, his phone screen lights up.

He turned on mute, so there was no sound for incoming calls.

He picked up the phone and answered the call.

“Boss, the interrogation is out! He said that Qin Keke ordered him to do this! Qin Keke is Miss Qin’s half-sister.”

Fu Shiting’s breathing was a little dignified.

On the other side of the phone, his subordinate asked, “Boss, what should I do with Qin Keke? Should she die or go to jail?”

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple moved, and after a thin lips kissed Qin An’an’s forehead, he said hoarsely: “Let her die.”

Chapter 124

Chapter 124

The news of Qin Keke’s death came at seven in the morning.

She jumped from the window of her hotel room and died instantly.

The police contacted Qin Anan through Qin Keke’s identity information left in the hotel.

Qin Jie is dead, and Wang Wanzhi is abroad, only Qin Anan can collect Qin Keke’s body.

When Qin Anan answered the phone, he hadn’t woken up yet.

After answering the phone, I suspected that I was dreaming.

When she came back to her senses, she checked the call log and found that she was not dreaming!

She got up in a hurry. She didn’t have time to eat breakfast, so she hurried to the hotel where the incident happened.

“Boss, she jumped off by herself. We opened her door, and before we could do

anything, she fled to the window and jumped down. Obviously, she was guilty of being a thief.

” .

Fu Shiting took a sip of coffee and looked cold: “Go and stare at Fu Yechen.”

Qin Keke and Fu Yechen were in the same group.

Qin Keke wanted to kill him, which meant that Fu Yechen also had the same thoughts.

Moreover, whether the mastermind behind the scenes is really Qin Keke is another matter.

Qin Keke may be used as a scapegoat.

But she’s still damned.

The hotel where the accident happened has been cordoned off by the police.

Qin Anan entered the scene under the leadership of the police.

“Miss Qin, we preliminarily determined that the deceased was your sister Qin Keke. But we still need you to identify it.” The police said to Qin An’an, “She died at around five in the morning. The cause of death was a fall from high altitude.”

Qin An An’s heart was beating fast, and it felt as if something was choking her neck.

Soon, they came to Qin Keke’s body.

A thick smell of blood permeated, Qin Anan looked at the blood on the ground and covered her nose with one hand.

The white cloth covering Qin Keke was pulled away, and a bloody face appeared in her eyes.

“Gret -” Qin Anan retched violently.

That face was smashed into flesh, and it was completely impossible to make out its original face!

When she was studying medicine, she dissected small animals and dissected corpses…

But she had never seen a corpse destroyed like this!

“Miss Qin, are you okay?” The policeman saw that she was vomiting badly, and immediately walked over to support her.

Qin An’an’s chest rose and fell quickly: “I’m sorry…I don’t recognize it…why don’t you do a DNA test!”

“It’s okay. But it will take a little longer… “

I can’t recognize it…I really can’t recognize it…” Qin Anan glanced at the bloody face again, and this time, tears fell directly.

The mood is very complicated.

Not just feeling bad about losing a ‘relative’.

She has always had a bad relationship with Qin Keke.

Not liking this person and seeing this person’s body are two different feelings.

Qin Keke’s body was taken away by the police.

Also taken away by the police were all the personal belongings in Qin Keke’s hotel room.

Qin Anan sat in the police car with his eyes wide open.

Why did Qin Keke jump off the building?

Did you quarrel with Fu Yechen?

Chapter 125

Chapter 125

Thinking of this, she dialed Fu Yechen’s number.

The phone rang for a while and was connected, “An An, are you looking for me?”

“Fu Yechen, Qin Keke is dead, do you know?”

“What?! She is dead? I don’t know! I’m in the hospital now for a change. Medicine…I had a good call with her yesterday…”

“You didn’t quarrel with her?”

“No!” Fu Yechen’s tone was smooth and natural, and after a few seconds, he looked like Thinking of something, “I remembered, last time my uncle came back for dinner, and Coco was there. The two of them were very unhappy. My uncle said that she would not live long, and she was always afraid because of this… ..”

Qin Anan’s face changed greatly: “Impossible! I was with Fu Shiting yesterday and today! He didn’t do anything!”

Fu Yechen sighed: “An An, why did you lose your mind when you mentioned my uncle? I just told what I know, and I can only tell you this. If the police came to ask me, I would definitely not tell my uncle…”

Qin Anan: “Fu Yechen! I’m so sure that Qin Keke’s death has nothing to do with you! The police will definitely investigate this matter!”

Fu Yechen’s voice was a little cold: “I didn’t do it. I didn’t have any motive or reason to kill her. Moreover, even if I quarrel with her, and I won’t kill her. An An, since you fell in love with my uncle, you haven’t seen me in your eyes at all.”

“Please don’t disgust me! When you fool around with Qin Keke, your eyes Have you ever had me?!” Qin Anan hung up the phone angrily.

The policeman asked: “Who are you talking to?”

“Fu Yechen. Qin Keke’s boyfriend.” Qin Anan said and reported the number to the policeman, “Qin Keke has been with him recently, he must know why Qin Keke is Jump off the building.”

At noon, Qin Anan came out of the police station and took a taxi to his mother’s place.

After telling her mother about Qin Keke’s death, Qin Anan murmured, “Mom, I don’t recognize her…it’s all blood…no facial features…”

Zhang Yun hugged her daughter tightly and said distressedly: “An An, don’t be afraid! That’s her life! It has nothing to do with us! Let’s just live our own lives!”

“Fu Yechen said that Fu Shiting did it.. ….” Qin Anan’s voice was cold, “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe Fu Shiting will kill!”

“Have you asked Fu Shiting?” Zhang Yun said, “Even if he did it, there must be a reason for him to do it. “

Mom, no matter what the reason is, it can’t be the reason for the murder. Qin Keke has committed a crime, and the law will punish her.”

“An An, Qin Keke’s uncle committed a crime, has the law punished him?” Zhang Yun held her hands together Holding her hand, “I didn’t say killing was right. I just wanted to tell you that what Fu Yechen said might not be right.”

Qin Anan quickly adjusted her mood: “Mom, I’m just here to tell you. …I’m leaving first…I’m going to find Fu Shiting.”

“I’ll take you there. I’m not at ease now that you’re distracted.”

Fu’s family.

Qin Anan asked Fu Shiting to rest at home for at least another week last night.

So he recuperates at home today.

Two in the afternoon.

Qin Anan returned to Fu’s house.

Fu Shiting saw that her expression was cold and pale, and her heart tightened suddenly.

“Fu Shiting, I want to chat with you.” Qin Anan walked over to him and sat down.

With his big palm, he held her small hand, wanting her to feel his presence.

She wasn’t used to being so intimate with him during the day, so she pulled her hand back in a conditioned reflex.

“Qin Keke is dead, does this have anything to do with you?” She thought for a few seconds, trying to be euphemistic, but opened her mouth and asked directly.

The way she and Fu Shiting get along has always been like this.

Fu Shiting’s eyes deepened, and his voice was cold: “Why didn’t you ask who wanted to kill me last night? Qin Keke’s life is more important than mine?”

Today, Qin Keke’s jumping off the building occupied her whole brain, and she almost Forget about last night!

“Who is it?!” Her eyes were hot, “Have you found out?”

“If I said it was Qin Keke, would you still feel heartache for her death?” He looked at her.

Looking at the expression on her face, it changed from shock to doubt, and then from doubt to anxiety.

“So… Qin Keke’s death really has something to do with you.” Her voice choked, “Can’t you change it? Have to be so extreme?”

“Qin An’an, don’t use this kind of eyes. Look at me.” The tenderness on his face was hidden, “Whoever dares to touch me, I will send him to hell. I have always been this kind of person.”

Chapter 126

Chapter 126

The atmosphere between the two of them is tense. Although they are sitting together, they seem to have a big fight at any time.

Aunt Zhang was afraid that the two of them would break out suddenly, so she immediately came over with a plate of freshly cut fruits.

“Madam, did you have lunch? I left you a meal.”

Qin An quickly got up from the sofa.

He strode towards the dining room.

Fu Shiting looked at her back, and for a while, he couldn’t guess her heart.

If she was really angry, she probably wouldn’t go to dinner.

It can be said that she is not angry, and her expression seems to be angry.

Qin An’an didn’t eat breakfast or lunch, and his stomach cramped with hunger.

She ate this meal for more than half an hour.

Because of stomach pain, eating too fast will exacerbate the pain.

When she came out of the dining room full of food, Fu Shiting was no longer in the living room.

“Madam, when people are angry, it is easy to do impulsive things. Otherwise, go and rest for a while!” said Mrs. Zhang.

Qin Anan had a headache, so she nodded.

She went to her room on the first floor.

Sister-in-law Zhang followed her and said awkwardly, “Madam, I thought you were going to sleep in the master bedroom in the future, so I put away the bedding in your room this morning.”

Qin Anan frowned slightly: “I don’t sleep with him . “

Madam, the injury on Mr.’s leg probably won’t heal in a while, and he won’t let outsiders take care of him.” Aunt Zhang reasoned with her, “He only wants to keep you close, and if you don’t care about him, in case He fell one day…”

“I think his crutches are very good. He definitely won’t be able to fall.” Qin Anan has a hard heart.

Mrs. Zhang: “Madam, I know you’re talking angry.”

“I didn’t say anything. I’m serious.”

Mrs. Zhang: “When you asked me for the medicine box last night, you said that his wound was bleeding. At that time, my eyes were red…”

“Don’t talk about it, I’ll go up.” Qin Anan strode towards the second floor.

master bedroom.

Fu Shiting lay in bed and rested in the morning.

The curtains were half closed, and the other half only had the drapes drawn.

The light from outside the window came in warmly.

She entered the room and saw his quiet sleeping face, and many emotions in her heart were blocked in an instant, unable to come out.

The education she received from childhood told her to be a good person who follows the rules.

Instead of being arrogant and crazy like Fu Shiting.

She went to the bed and sat down.

Just sitting awkwardly.

After an unknown amount of time, a big palm grabbed her arm, followed closely, and pulled her body onto the bed.

He never fell asleep.

From the second she walked in, his heart was compromised.

“She jumped off herself,” he explained hoarsely.

He hates explaining to others.

But in the face of her, he couldn’t insist on himself as before.

He would rather suffer a little himself than make her suffer.

“Even if she doesn’t jump off by herself, I won’t leave her alive.” Fu Shiting rolled his Adam’s apple and showed her his true heart, “I didn’t get hit to death last night, it doesn’t mean I will never die. There are many people who want to kill me, if I show mercy to everyone, do you think they will be influenced and won’t attack me again?”

Qin An looked at him quietly, looking at his handsome face so close at hand, his heart clenched tightly into a ball.

yes! It’s not that he won’t die.

Chapter 127

Chapter 127

If he was killed last night, will the bad guy be punished?

Even if the bad guy is punished, can he be resurrected?


“Fu Shiting, I didn’t blame you… I just can’t accept your way of doing things right away…” She took a breath, her voice soft as cotton.

“You don’t need to accept it. You just need to know that I won’t hurt innocent people.”


“Sleep!” He patted her on the back, coaxing her to sleep.

In his arms, smelling his unique breath, she soon fell asleep.

Five p.m.

Qin Anan received a call from the police station and asked her to go to the police station immediately.

After talking on the phone, she didn’t say hello to Fu Shiting and went out with her bag.

Taking a taxi to the police station, she saw Wang Wanzhi with scarlet eyes.

When Wang Wanzhi saw her, her eyes seemed to be poisoned.

The two of them were invited by the police to sit in a separate room.

“After DNA comparison, it was confirmed that the identity of the deceased was indeed Qin Keke.”

When Wang Wanzhi heard this, her tears burst out: “My daughter must have been killed! She has a lively and generous personality, and it is impossible for her to commit suicide!

” : “After our investigation and evidence collection, we found that Qin Keke was suspected of manipulating a car accident on Changning Road last night. She was suspected of deliberately murdering Fu Shiting. This is the evidence.” A

stack of documents and a mobile phone were pushed to Wang Wanzhi and Qin An in front of Ann.

Qin Anan just glanced coldly and didn’t answer.

Wang Wanzhi shook her head sharply, and said while shaking her head, “Impossible! My daughter doesn’t have that courage! She hasn’t graduated from college yet! How could she kill someone!

” She’s already dead.” The police corrected her, “Fu Shiting is a well-known entrepreneur in our city, not to mention his contribution to our city, Qin Keke’s actions are seriously illegal. If she didn’t jump off the building this morning, she would also face legal sanctions. “

You said my daughter jumped off the building by herself?!” Wang Wanzhi couldn’t stand the blows one after another, and she stroked her head with one hand, as if she could not sit still.

“Yes, the surveillance provided by the hotel shows that this morning, your daughter got up from the bed by herself and ran to the window and jumped off.”

Qin Anan watched the video together.

The picture in the video is very dim, but I can see that Qin Keke was frightened, ran to the window quickly, and jumped down.

The whole process takes less than ten seconds.

“So, aren’t you investigating?!” Wang Wanzhi slapped the table angrily, “Why did my daughter jump out of the window?! She must have been frightened! Someone forced her to jump!”

Police: “We have investigated. Open the door. It was the hotel room manager. Because the murderer who hit Fu Shiting confessed to Qin Keke, Fu Shiting’s people went to the hotel to confront Qin Keke, but Qin Keke was guilty and jumped out of the window.”

Wang Wanzhi gritted her teeth: “Fu Shiting… ..It was Fu Shiting who killed my daughter…” The

police corrected her: “It was your daughter who bought the murder first. Ms. Wang, your daughter can do such a serious illegal thing, and the lack of family education It has a lot to do with it.” Wang Wanzhi: “Shut up! My daughter can’t kill anyone! You bastards ! Instead of catching

the real murderer, you slander my daughter! I won’t let it go!”

step away.

Qin Anan stayed and signed.

Because of the solid evidence, the case is closed.

Qin Anan came out of the police station, walked to the street, and planned to take a taxi back.

As a result, Wang Wanzhi suddenly appeared and grabbed Qin An’an’s arm like a ghost.

“It must be a game set up by you and Fu Shiting! You killed my daughter in order to get revenge on me! Qin Anan, you are so cruel! If your father knew that you were so cruel, he would definitely not give you the company!”

Wang Wanzhi She was so emotional that if she had a knife in her hand, she would definitely stab Qin Anan directly.


came a harsh whistle.

Like a sharp arrow, the black Rolls-Royce rushed to Wang Wanzhi and Qin An’an and stopped.

Chapter 128

Chapter 128

Qin Anan shook off Wang Wanzhi’s arm.

She recognized that it was Fu Shiting’s car, so she strode towards the car.

The door opened, the bodyguard got out of the car, and walked towards Wang Wanzhi.

Qin Anan felt that he was going to do it in the next second.

“Don’t touch her!” She walked over to the bodyguard and held him, “Her daughter is dead, and it is inevitable to be emotional.”

“Hehe… Qin An’an, I didn’t expect you to be chased away by the Fu family . Get out of the house! You are very good at seducing men!” Wang Wanzhi teased.

The bodyguard raised his hand, wanting to slap her!

But he was stopped by Qin An’an again: “Go into the car first, and I’ll get in the car after a few words with her.” The

bodyguard glared at Wang Wanzhi and warned her with his eyes not to touch Qin An’an’s hair!

Wang Wanzhi felt cold all over, but she could only endure it.

My daughter is dead, she must live well!

Only by living can you avenge your daughter!

After the bodyguard returned to the car, Qin Anan said to Wang Wanzhi, “Who do you think the murderer is. But don’t tell my dad in front of me! If my dad becomes a ghost, I won’t let you go first. You arrange your brother When I went to my father’s company, in a few years, your siblings swept away my father’s 2 billion… It’s not that I didn’t report the time, I will ask you to recover this debt!”

Wang Wanzhi’s face was ashen: “What does what my brother do have to do with me? Do you think I want to bankrupt the Qin family?! Qin Anan, I have been with your father for so many years, do you really think I have no feelings for him at all?!”

Qin Anan : “But now you are using the money your brother took away to live happily abroad. If your daughter hadn’t died, I’m afraid you would never come back!”

Wang Wanzhi’s face turned crimson.

Not long after, she retorted in a loud voice: “Vice President Zhou told me everything! The Super Brain system your dad researched was swallowed up by you alone! Vice President Zhou said that your dad spent more than one billion developing this system. Qin Anan, what qualifications do you have to speak of me?!”

Qin Anan: “Of course I have the right to speak of you. My things were given to me by my father. Yours was stolen! You are thieves! Thieves! I I’ll make your brother spit out my dad’s money! I’ll put him in jail!”

Wang Wanzhi was so angry that her blood pressure rose, but she couldn’t find any words to fight back.

In the end, he could only watch Qin Anan get into the car.

Qin Anan quickly adjusted his mood the moment the car door closed.

She looked at Fu Shiting and wondered, “Why did you come here?”

Fu Shiting twisted a bottle of water and handed it to her: “I know Wang Wanzhi is back. I’m afraid she will bully you.”

“Am I that weak?” Qin Anan answered Passed the water bottle and took a sip.

“You are only strong in front of me.” He said lightly.

She glared at him: “I’m very hungry now, and I don’t have the strength to fight with you.”

“Go out to eat?” He suggested, “What do you want to eat?”

“Whatever.” After she said these two words, a thought popped into her mind A thought, “I want to eat my mom’s cooking.”

“Go to your mom’s?” he asked.

Qin Anan glanced at his legs: “Forget it! My mother’s community has no barrier-free facilities, so your legs are inconvenient.”

He said, “We can go back and get crutches first.”

“If we go back, we will be at your house directly. Eat, why go to my mother’s place again?”

“You said you wanted to eat what your mother made.”

“I said it casually.” Qin Anan didn’t expect him to be so serious.

Fu Shiting took out his mobile phone and dialed the next number.

She looked at him, not knowing who he was calling.

In the next second, Zhang Yun’s voice came from his mobile phone: “Hello, is that Fu Shiting?”

Chapter 129

Chapter 129

“Mom, it’s me.” Fu Shiting said.

Qin Anan coughed sharply.

He actually called her mother mother!

“Mom, it’s like this, An An said that he wanted to eat your dishes, but my legs are not convenient for me, so I’m going to find a restaurant outside. Do you think it’s convenient for you to come and cook?” Fu Shiting’s voice was gentle and calm.

Zhang Yun: “Okay! Send me the address, and I’ll go right now.”

Fu Shiting: “Thank you for your hard work.” After

hanging up, he sent Zhang Yun an address.

Qin Anan looked at him for a moment, stunned by his operation.

“Fu Shiting! Are you crazy? I just said something casually… You actually called my mother out to cook!” Qin Anan accused him, “I’ve never seen you put my words so at ease before. What’s the matter with you?”

“Don’t worry in the future.” His Adam’s apple moved, his eyes and tone suddenly serious.

It was like a heat wave was coming.

Her cheeks flushed instantly, as if she could hear her heart pounding.

“No!” She refused, “If I quarrel with you next time, I said I want to kill you, do you want to kill yourself?”

Fu Shiting: “Qin An’an, can you stop thinking about arguing with me all the time? “

Because the two of us always disagree. But I think it’s normal to disagree. How can there be someone in this world who is 100% in tune with me?”

“Maybe there is, but I haven’t met.”

“But if you are looking for a lifetime companion I don’t want to find someone who is 100% in tune, so boring? Noisy has the smell of fireworks.” She lowered her eyes and her ears were beautiful pink.

Fu Shiting gave her a deep look.

“If you want to find the person who is 100% in tune, you can look for it at any time. I have no problem.” Her heartbeat was disturbed by his deep eyes, so she spoke involuntarily to anger him, “Apart from falling in love, I There are still many important things in life.”

“I didn’t say anything, don’t make up your mind.” He said helplessly.

She unscrewed the cap of the water bottle and took another sip of water.

“Don’t you think it’s too much for you to call my mother out to cook? She’s not our servant. If I were my mother, I’d be angry,” she muttered.

“Qin An’an, you have never been a mother, so you don’t understand your mother’s true thoughts.” Fu Shiting’s words meant that Zhang Yun might not be angry.

How can you be angry when you cook for your own children?

Not every day.

His words hurt Qin Anan.

“Fu Shiting, do you think I don’t want to be a mother? You didn’t let me be a mother!”

Seeing her suddenly red eyes, he felt that he had screwed up.

His lips moved, wanting to say something, but he couldn’t speak.

“Is it because you have depression that you don’t want children?” Qin Anan said softly after a moment of silence, “Depression does not necessarily affect the child. The obstetric examination will be screened, and if the child has any problems, the doctor will advise Termination of pregnancy. Whether there is any problem with the child, or not, it is up to you to decide.”

He looked out the window.

His jaw was tense.

He seemed to be holding back and restraining his emotions.

After a while, his cool voice came from the carriage: “Qin An’an, don’t mention children to me. As long as you don’t mention children, I can listen to you.”

“But what if I only want children?” Qin Anan He reached for his big palm with both hands, his voice choked with pleading, “Fu Shiting, what if I beg you?”

Before she made the last sound, his big palm was withdrawn.

This means rejection.

Chapter 130

Chapter 130


Zhang Yun brought the prepared dishes to the table.

“An An, come here.” Zhang Yun said to her daughter.

Qin Anan followed her mother and walked towards the bathroom.

“You quarreled with Fu Shiting?” Zhang Yun asked.

“Mom, are we so obvious?” Qin An’an’s face showed no emotion.

I have probably been disappointed a few times, and my heart has been numb.

“Yeah, you two are especially like the kind of couple whose relationship has broken down and are about to get divorced.” Zhang Yun described, “I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with your father to divorce, and that’s how you two look now.”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “Mom, I I didn’t talk about divorce with him. It’s still about children… I can’t talk about it.”

“Oh, he still refuses to have children? Did you tell me the reason?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “He has depression. I just think about it. He is sick, so I persuade myself to think about it.”

“It’s pathetic.” Zhang Yun sighed, “So what if you have money? Health is the most important thing. I think we are much richer than him.”

“That’s you . I don’t know how rich he is.” Qin An’an raised his mouth and held his mother’s hand with his little hand, “Mom, you’ve worked so hard tonight!”

“What’s so hard about this, I want to cook for you every day, but the Fu family’s The chef must be better than me.”

“Mom, no matter how well others cook, in my heart, the food you cook is more appetizing.” Qin Anan smiled softly, “Mom, let’s go eat!”

” I ate it at home. Besides, seeing the expressions of the two of you, I don’t have any appetite.” Zhang Yun teased, “I’ll go back first, it’s better not to tear your face with him, we can’t offend him.”

Qin An An: “Mom, don’t worry! I’ll handle my affairs with him.”

After sending her mother away, Qin Anan returned to her seat.

In front of her was a plate of peeled shrimp.

He stripped it.

“Fu Shiting, are you good at chasing girls?” Qin Anan picked up chopsticks, took a shrimp, and put it in his mouth.

“It’s usually others chasing me.” Fu Shiting said truthfully.

Qin Anan was choked by his words.

“It’s my honor to be able to eat the shrimp that you peeled with your own hands.”

“Qin An’an, it would be great if you could keep doing this.”

Qin An’an took a deep breath, suppressed the strange emotions, and said softly, “Yes Come down, I’ll try not to make you angry.” After a pause, he continued, “I’m going back to school next week for the New Year’s party. Your company should have an event, right?”

“Well, but I’m not participating.” “Yes

, your legs I have to take a good rest.” Qin Anan took a shrimp, dipped it in a little sauce, and handed it to his mouth.

He hesitated for a moment, then opened his thin lips.

“Do you have a show?” After eating the shrimp she fed, his heart was sweet.

The quarrel when they came was covered up by the harmonious coexistence now.

“Yeah! This is the last New Year’s party in my university.”

“Oh, I want to go.” His voice came from neither shallow nor light.

Qin Anan was stunned: “How do you go? Students can’t bring their families!”

“I have a way.”

Seeing his calm appearance, Qin Anan suddenly relieved: “Yes, you are so rich, as long as you donate one to our school. Building , don’t talk about going to the New Year’s party, even if you want to go to the girls’ dormitory, it’s fine.”

Fu Shiting raised his eyes to look at her.

That’s what she said, try not to piss him off.

In the blink of an eye, it’s New Year’s Day.

Qin Anan went to school early in the morning.

Fu Shiting got up after she went out.

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