When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1211 -1220(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1211 -1220(Chinese)

Chapter 1211


What a coincidence?

He seemed to have a handle in her hand, and his momentum was suddenly insufficient.

“That colleague of mine said you can’t do it,” Yun Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows, looking at his face blushing and purple, “Not only can’t you do that, but you won’t give tips. You’ll die if you’re stingy!”

“What’s your colleague’s name! Give me the contact information!” Sheng Bei was going crazy.

“Are you going to tip her?”

” You—”

“It’s fine if you don’t. I said this not to betray my colleague, but to remind you that I am a bad girl and you are not a good man. If you dare to stand on the moral high ground and scold me again in the future, I will tell you about it.” Yun Xiaoxiao finished the threat and left the Sheng family in a happy mood.

country b.

After Qin Anan sent Wei Zhen away, he returned to the master bedroom and took out the paper under the pillow.

She first logged into Fu Shiting’s WeChat.

After logging in successfully, countless unread messages appeared in front of you.

There were messages she sent him, and there were messages sent by Zhou Ziyi.

He didn’t look at a single one.

She took a deep breath, logged out of WeChat uncomfortably, and then logged into his mailbox.

After entering the mailbox, she saw his last login time and login ip.

He logged in to his mailbox the day before the equity transfer.

She looked at the landing time, and two lines of tears rolled down quickly!

Probably for him, at the moment when the equity was transferred, his heart also died.

Thinking of the change in his mood, she was in such pain that she couldn’t breathe.

At the same moment, in country y, Fu Shiting suddenly found that his mobile phone was missing.

His phone has been off for a few days.

Because the phone has not been used at all in the past few days, he can’t remember where the phone was lost.

Maybe it was lost before boarding the plane, maybe after getting off the plane… He has no memory at all.

He has always been proud of his memory that is superior to ordinary people, but now, such an important thing, he does not know when he lost it.

Looking for it now is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

He is no longer the Fu Shiting who used to call the wind and call the rain!

A sense of decadence arises spontaneously.

He suddenly remembered the operation that Gene Carrier had talked about when he took him to visit the monkey park.

Sadly, the mother monkey was forced to undergo amnestic surgery, but after the operation, she was given a new life.

Isn’t this a good treatment for it?

He suddenly envied the female monkey.

You can forget all the people and things that upset you, start a new life, make new friends, and regain your dignity and happiness.

After the bath, he lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling, lost in thought.

There were two voices clamoring in my mind.

The first voice: Fu Shiting, escape can’t solve the problem! Qin Anan already knew it was wrong! Give her another chance!

The second voice: Fu Shiting! Don’t trust any woman anymore! After that operation, completely forget about Qin An’an! Start a new life again! This is your only right choice!

Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212

The next morning.

After Qin Anan got up, he went to the hospital.

Yunmo’s condition today is much better than yesterday.

Seeing Qin An’an, he immediately showed a smile: “An An, how is my sister?”

Qin An’an sat down beside his hospital bed, picked up the breakfast porridge he bought, and fed it to him: “She woke up last night. It took a while, but she fell asleep quickly. She is still sleeping at the moment.”

“Well. Will she be better?”

“It should be.” Qin Anan fed a spoonful of porridge into his mouth, “Yun Mo , you stay in country b for now. After Yinyin is discharged from the hospital, you two brothers and sisters will stay together. Wei Zhen will take care of you.”

“What about you?” Yunmo asked.

“I’m going to find Fu Shiting. When I find him, we’ll go back to country a together. Okay?” Qin Anan discussed with him.

“Okay, when my sister is with me, I won’t be so bored.” Yun Mo began to fantasize about his future life.

Qin Anan looked at the smile on his face and raised the corner of his mouth.

After breakfast, her cell phone rang.

She took out her mobile phone and saw the words ‘Fu Yechen’ jumping on the screen, her face suddenly gloomy.

Fu Yechen sent her a message yesterday, but she didn’t reply, so he couldn’t wait to call today.

She took her mobile phone and walked towards the balcony.

After picking up the call, Fu Yechen’s voice suddenly came: “Qin An’an! Why didn’t you reply to my message yesterday? Hehe, you don’t want to play disappear, right?!”

“If I want to play disappear, I won’t answer. Your phone.” She looked at the dazzling sunlight outside the window, her voice was cold, “Isn’t it time yet?”

“You didn’t reply to my message yesterday, so I arrived by plane overnight.” Fu Yechen said here and asked, “Which hospital are you in? I’ll go over now and take care of

Yunmo by the way.” Qin An’s strings were tense: “It’s ridiculous, you even need someone to take care of yourself, how do you take care of him? Fu Yechen, I know what you’re worried about…”

“Since you know what I’m worried about, then tell me to the hospital! If I can’t see Yunmo today, so I’ll go to your house to block you. I know where your home in country B is.” Fu Yechen came prepared.

After being silent for a few seconds, Qin Anan told him the name of the hospital.

This is country B, she has enough confidence to deal with Fu Yechen.

About half an hour later, Fu Yechen came to the ward.

Seeing Yun Mo resting with his eyes closed, Fu Yechen breathed a sigh of relief: “Is he okay?”

“Even if he is okay, he can’t be discharged now. If you plan to take him away in the next two days… “…”

“I didn’t say I was going to take him away in the next two days. I will definitely take him away after he is discharged from the hospital.” Fu Yechen looked at Qin An’an with a triumphant smile on his face, “wait for me to take him back to China. Now, the st group will gradually fall into my hands. Qin Anan, will you regret not being with me at the beginning?”

Qin Anan was disgusted by his greasy smile.

“Fu Yechen, did you come alone?”

“What? Are you testing me?” Fu Yechen approached her haggard and pale face, “How could I come alone? Yunmo is now my turn against the wind. Key person. I hired a team of elite bodyguards who live near the hospital and are on call at any time.”

“Oh, are they the bodyguards brought from country a?”

“Yeah! Are you afraid?”

“Afraid, I really am. I’m afraid.” Qin Anan said, glancing at Yunmo, “His urine bag is almost full, you can change his urine bag later. If he wants to defecate, you have to help him into the bathroom.”

Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213

Fu Yechen’s face suddenly turned the color of pig liver.

“It’s you who said you were going to take care of him, don’t you think you can’t bear the pain?” Qin Anan teased.

“Why don’t you just take a kidney? Why do you have to insert a urinary catheter?” Fu Yechen said in disgust.

“Would you like to try picking a kidney for you?” Qin Anan mocked, “If you’re impatient, then go back to the hotel. Come back when he can be discharged from the hospital in a week.”

Fu Yechen didn’t want to endure hardship to take care of Yunmo. But seeing that Qin Anan wanted him to go so much, he decided to stay and take care of Yunmo.

Seeing that Fu Yechen insisted on his own opinion, Qin Anan came out of the ward.

Yun Mo is safe until Yun Mo is discharged from the hospital.

Now think of a foolproof way to ensure that Yun Mo will not be taken away by Fu Yechen.

She found Wei Zhen in the doctor’s office and told Wei Zhen about the situation.

“This Fu Yechen doesn’t hide his ambitions at all now.”

“Yes. He told me directly that after taking Yunmo back, he will take the st group into his pocket. So I must not let him take Yunmo away. Mo,” Qin Anan frowned, “he said he brought a lot of bodyguards from country a, and these bodyguards are near the hospital now.”

“An’an, don’t worry, this is a hospital, and his bodyguards dare not break in. I’m here.” Wei Zhen comforted, “There is a no-contact order in country B. As long as we make this law take effect, we can make Fu Yechen unable to get close to Yunmo.”

“I know the no-contact order, but what should we do? Make this law take effect?” Qin An’an’s brain began to run at high speed.

Wei Zhen said: “Just submit the proof to the judge that he intends to harm Yun Mo.”

“But he will not harm Yun Mo.”

“Then we will create evidence that he intends to harm Yun Mo.” Wei Zhen said slowly, “To treat people like Fu Yechen, we need to put aside kindness and sincerity.”

Qin Anan nodded: “Brother Wei, just do as you said. How is Yin Yin today?”

“She hasn’t woken up today.” Wei Zhen couldn’t accompany her in the intensive care unit, so he could only wait for news in the doctor’s office .

“She will definitely wake up today, and she will be awake longer than yesterday,” she said firmly.

“Well. Have you found Fu Shiting’s whereabouts?” Wei Zhen was most worried about Fu Shiting besides Yin Yin.

It’s not that he cares more about Fu Shiting, but that he worries about Qin An’an.

If she can’t find Fu Shiting, her life will never return to normal.

“After he transferred his shares, he never logged into his social account and email address.” Although she was a little disappointed, she was not discouraged, “I plan to screen all his friends. If I really can’t find him, I will publish it with a lot of money. The missing person notice!”

Wei Zhen chuckled: “I see your determination to find him, but Fu Shiting may want to dig a hole in the ground. If he is so proud, if he sees himself on the missing person notice, he will definitely feel very uncomfortable. Shame.”

“I can’t care so much. As long as there is his whereabouts, I am willing to try any method.”

At noon, Yin Yin woke up from a coma.

She woke up this time, much better than last night.

“Wei Zhen, An An.” Her voice was weak, but she called out their names accurately, “Did my surgery succeed?”

“Your surgery was a success. You will get better and better every day.” Wei Zhen said .

Yin Yin raised the corner of his mouth and breathed a sigh of relief: “Then can I see my brother? An An, call him! I want to hear his voice… I also want him to hug him. Hug me.”

An unnatural emotion flashed in Qin An’an’s eyes, and then in front of her, he dialed Fu Shiting’s number.

Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214

Dial out the phone, no accident, there is a cold system prompt.

Her heart ached suddenly, but she had to pretend to be calm.

“Yinyin, your brother may be busy, I’ll call him later.” She really couldn’t bear to tell Yinyin the truth now.

Even if I can hide it for another day, it is better to wait for Yinyin to feel better than to say it now.

Wei Zhen gave her a deep look.

He thought she would tell Yin Yin the truth, but he didn’t expect her.

“Okay,” Yin Yin’s eyes flashed with disappointment, and then he said nervously, “Will my brother blame me? Will he be mad at me?”

“No. Yin Yin, not only is he not mad at you. , and I miss you very much.” Qin Anan held her hand, “You believe me.”

Yinyin was relieved, “I believe in you and Wei Zhen the most. And my brother.”

“You take a good rest, wait. When you are discharged from the hospital, there will be a surprise for you.” Qin Anan wanted to tell her the truth after she was discharged from the hospital.

“Well. I’m a little sleepy. I’ll go to sleep first. If my brother comes, you must wake me up.” Yin Yin’s voice weakened.

After Yinyin fell asleep again, Wei Zhen and Qin Anan came out of the ward.

“An An, this matter may not be hidden from her when she is discharged from the hospital.” Wei Zhen whispered, “She will stay in the hospital for at least half a month. After a week, if she can’t see Fu Shiting, she will definitely be suspicious.

” Then tell her again in a week. She is too weak now. If she suffers such a blow, I’m afraid it will affect her recovery.” Qin Anan expressed his opinion, “My teacher once told me that when a person is sick, if If he is in a bad mood, then he subconsciously does not want the disease to get better. In such a situation, the disease will usually take a long time to recover. If the patient is in a good mood and has a positive attitude, the recovery will be much faster.”

“Yeah. Let’s hide it for now! I thought that Yun Mo would like to meet Yin Yin.” Wei Zhen smiled, “Yun Mo is really a very nice person. Every time he sees me, They all smiled at me.”

“They are as kind and gentle as brothers and sisters.”

“After they are discharged from the hospital, they must be settled.” Qin Anan said, rubbing his eyebrows, “My eyes are not very comfortable, these few days. I didn’t rest well, and I saw double images. I’m going to buy some medicine.”

“Would you like to have a checkup?” Wei Zhen accompanied her, “I’ll go with you.”

“No, it’s because I didn’t sleep well. I Just get some medicine.”

“Did you take sleeping pills yesterday?” Wei Zhen asked.

“I took half a tablet. So I didn’t oversleep today.” She laughed at herself, “The feeling after waking up after taking the medicine is still different.

” It’s best if you can fall asleep by yourself.”

“Then I won’t take medicine tonight. After dinner, I’ll go for a run in the nearby park.”

“Very good. I’m more relieved to see you gradually becoming more cheerful.” Wei Zhen accompanied her to buy medicine.

In the evening, she came home, changed into her sportswear, and was ready to go out for a run.

Before going out, she suddenly thought about Yun Xiaoxiao. After hesitating for a while, she dialed the number to Yun Xiaoxiao.

At this moment, it is more than seven o’clock in the morning in country a.

Yun Xiaoxiao answered the phone in a daze.

Chapter 1215

Chapter 1215

“Xiaoxiao, have you thought about it?” Qin Anan asked.

Yun Xiaoxiao said before that she had made a decision to tell her, but she hasn’t told her yet.

“Qin An’an, why do you tell Sheng Bei about me? Do you know how that old bastard in Sheng Bei reacted? He scolded me badly, that’s enough!” Yun Xiaoxiao jumped off the bed When he got up, “he also forced me to have an abortion! What kind of thing is he? He forced me!”

Qin Anan was startled: “I called him, I’m afraid you will do the surgery alone, I’m not at ease. “

I know you are kind, but you are doing bad things. Even if you ask your best friend to accompany me to the hospital, it’s better than looking for Sheng Bei!” Yun Xiaoxiao complained.

“Well.” Qin Anan was actually selfish.

The reason why she told Sheng Bei the news at the first time was because she suspected that Yun Xiaoxiao’s child was Sheng Bei’s.

Yun Xiaoxiao is young and his mind is not mature enough. It would be better if Sheng Bei knew about it and they made a decision together.

“Forget it, don’t tell your best friend, I don’t need help from others.” Yun Xiaoxiao lay down again, “I haven’t decided whether to kill this child!”

“If you don’t want to beat him, then don’t beat him.” Qin Anan said, “Didn’t Fu Shiting give you living expenses every month? If it’s not enough, I’ll give you more money then.”

Yun Xiaoxiao listened to these words, and her heart warmed: “Why are you so good to me? Fu Shiting has already I am no longer the boss of the st group, and although I am his sister, he did not admit me.”

“You are his sister, it has nothing to do with his status. I said, I will help you as much as possible. You.”

“Okay, I don’t blame you anymore.” Yun Xiaoxiao finished childishly and asked, “How is Fu Shiting now? Is he down and doesn’t want to see people? If my dad knew that he had become like this, he would definitely regret it. Turn yourself in.”

“I haven’t found him yet.”

“Then you have to find him as soon as possible! What if he doesn’t want to commit suicide? Isn’t it common in social news that rich people commit suicide because of financial problems?” Yun Xiaoxiao was not cursing, but really worried about him.

Although the two brothers and sisters had never met, Yun Xiaoxiao could feel that he was a cold and arrogant person.

“Qin An’an, you don’t need to worry about my affairs. I’ve calmed down now, it’s just a trivial matter for me. There’s no need to trouble others at all.” Yun Xiaoxiao said.

“Well, I won’t go back to China for the time being. If you need help urgently, you should still contact Sheng Bei. He scolds you and scolds you. If you are in trouble, he won’t help you.” Qin Anan reminded, “I When I first met Fu Shiting, I was often scolded by Fu Shiting.”

“You are so nice, why did he scold you?” Yun Xiaoxiao was puzzled.

“I wasn’t that good at the beginning. Everyone has changed little by little. Some people are getting better and some people are getting worse. Xiaoxiao, I hope you can get better and better.”

Yun Xiaoxiao’s cheeks Fever: “Do you always nagging like this? I haven’t had a mother since I was a child. You make me feel like I have an extra mother.”

Qin An’an: “…”

“Do you think Sheng Bei will know that Fu Shiting is going? Where is it? If he knows, I will move to his house and help you find out.” Yun Xiaoxiao disliked her nagging, but she was very moved, so she wanted to help her.

“He and Fu Shiting have an extraordinary relationship… But if you want to move to his house, he won’t let you go. And you are a girl who moved there…” Qin Anan raised concerns .

“Don’t worry! I’m pregnant now, and he can’t do anything to me.” Yun Xiaoxiao said indifferently, “I’ll move in tonight. I’ll contact you when I find out about Fu Shiting.”

Yun Xiaoxiao hung up After getting on the phone, start packing.

Qin Anan looked at the call that was hung up, a little dazed.

Yun Xiaoxiao helped her like this, which made her a little embarrassed.

Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216

Y country.

It has been almost a week since Fu Shiting came here.

After Jin Carrier took him to understand most of the industries he is now involved in, he asked him for a drink and a chat.

“You shouldn’t have been in contact with people in China these days, right?” Jin Kaili said ‘people in China’, referring to Qin An’an.

“My phone is gone.” Fu Shiting raised his glass and took a sip, “I told you last time.”

“Yes, I didn’t forget about it. I sent someone to rummage the villa several times, and I also sent someone to the airport. I searched, but I didn’t find your phone.” Jin Carrier said frankly, “You probably didn’t bring it on the plane.”

“I’m answering your last question.” Fu Shiting put down his wine glass and looked at the night on the terrace in the distance. ” I lost my phone, so I didn’t contact anyone.”

“Hahaha! If you want to contact people in China, even if you lose your phone, there are many ways to do it. Didn’t I send someone to buy you a new phone? Qin Anan’s number, You must remember? If you want to contact her, you can contact her at any time.” Jin Carrier teased, “As far as I know, she is looking for you!”

“How did you find out?” Fu Shiting frowned. frown.

He didn’t like his privacy being offended, and he didn’t like being investigated.

Jin Kaili raised his eyebrows: “I didn’t check any of your privacy. I just called Sheng Bei and chatted casually. Sheng Bei was worried about you. He also tested me and asked me if I had seen you before. Said no. I asked him if Qin Anan ran away with that fool named Yunmo, and he said…” Jin Kaili

said this, deliberately selling out.

Fu Shiting saw him holding up the wine glass, so he picked up the wine glass and touched it with him.

“Sheng Bei said that Qin An’an was looking for you and wanted to save you.” Jin Kaili’s deep eagle eyes looked at Fu Shiting, “Shi Ting, how are you thinking? Listen to my advice once! If you go back to country a now , although you still have some assets on hand, but to those real rich people, you are nothing. Even if you and Qin Anan get together again, relying on Qin Anan’s Qin Group, you can barely make it into the upper class, others only They will say that you eat soft rice.”

“And after a long time, if you fail to make a comeback, maybe Qin Anan will despise you. Women are the most snobbish.” Jin Kaili continued, “Even if Qin Anan is not like that. A woman, but if she can hurt you once, she can hurt you countless times. Shi Ting, if you fall once or twice in one place, it can be said to be careless. That is truly hopeless.”

“If you think what I said is wrong, you can leave.” Jin Kaili pointed to the exit, “If you leave this time, our brothers will return to the bridge road in the future. I will give Others, only give one chance. And I have given you several chances. I treat you differently from others. You should be able to feel it.”

Fu Shiting drank the wine in his glass.

“I’ll give you an answer tomorrow.” He put down his glass and strode away.

Jin Kaili looked at his tall back and let out a deep breath.

“It’s really tough. I gave him such attractive conditions, and he still has to consider it!” The

assistant said, “Don’t you just admire him? If he really agreed to follow you, he would definitely not betray you. “

I’m afraid he won’t bow his head!” Jin Kaili sighed, “I pity him, but he refuses to submit to me. I really don’t know what kind of magic and soul medicine that Qin Anan gave him, and he actually made him surrender. Give up your own country. It’s really evil.” “

Heroes from ancient times have been saddened by beauty.” “What kind of

beauty is Qin An’an?”

“Xishi is in the eyes of a lover. You think Qin Anan is not beautiful, but Fu Shiting thinks she is beautiful.”

“Hehe, if he forgets Qin Anan and brings Qin Anan to him, do you think he will still be fascinated by her?” Jin Kaili was very curious.

“Maybe, maybe not.” The assistant said cautiously, “After all, no one can predict what his temperament will be after the operation. Besides, he hasn’t agreed to the operation yet!”

“I think he is shaken.” Jin Carrier’s expression was inscrutable, “I looked at him tonight, and it seemed to be shaken.”

“Then don’t I want to congratulate you in advance?” the assistant said, “If he completely lost his memory, wouldn’t he be at your mercy? “

What the hell are you thinking about? I’m sure I can’t mess with his mind. I’m pointing him to make money for me!” Jin Carrier took out a cigar, and the assistant immediately took out a lighter and lit it for him.

In the dark night, the flames rise!

Fu Shiting returned to the villa where he stayed.

Alcohol on top, spread to limbs and bones. There was a dull pain in the temple.

After changing his slippers, he walked towards the living room sofa.

The housekeeper who took care of his daily life saw him coming back and immediately came over: “Mr. Fu, do you need anything?”

Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217

“Give me a glass of water.” Fu Shiting sat down on the sofa.

The housekeeper immediately brought a glass of water and handed it to him.

He took the water glass, took a sip, and began to think about the consequences he would face after the operation.

Before today, he hadn’t really thought about it.

What Gene Carrier said to him tonight made his dead heart ignite a lingering hatred.

He would not have been lonely here.

Why did he fall like this?

Does his life really have to be wasted in such a senseless way?

He was not reconciled.

Whether he is Fu Shiting or Yun Shijie’s illegitimate son, his life should not be destroyed and defined by anyone.

He doesn’t want anyone to look up to him, what he wants is that others can’t look up to him.

After putting the water glass down, he said to the housekeeper, “Give me a pen and a notepad.” The

housekeeper immediately went to get him a pen and notepad.

He took the pen and notepad back to the bedroom and locked the door.

After turning on the bedroom light, he strode to the desk.

If this operation is to be done, then he needs to put some key information on paper.

In case, after the operation, I really don’t remember anything, and I can have a certificate for doing things when I see this notebook in the future.

He hesitated for a few seconds before writing.

After he figured out what to write, he quickly

wrote down—— ——I have three children, Qin Zihan, Qin Ruila, and Fu Ziqiu.

——Both of my parents died, and everyone I cared about has passed away.

Writing here, he suddenly stopped.

There was a sharp pain in my heart.

There seems to be nothing left to record.

Apart from the three children, the person he cared about most was Yin Yin, but Yin Yin was already dead.

And Qin Anan… He didn’t want to think of her, let alone record her name.

As long as he thinks of her face and sees her name, he feels like he has been pierced by thousands of arrows and is in pain.

The human body has a stress response. He is holding the pen now and wants to write down the words ‘Qin An’an’, but his fingers are shaking violently!

He couldn’t write these three words at all.

The next day, eight in the morning.

Fu Shiting came out of the bedroom.

At a glance, he saw Gene Carrier sitting on the sofa in the living room.

You don’t need to ask, you can guess that Jin Carrier is forcing him to answer.

“Shi Ting, you’re up! Let’s go to breakfast first. Let’s talk about business after breakfast.” Jin Kaili got up with a smile and strode towards him.

Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218

country b.

Hospital, inpatient department.

Yun Mo opened his eyes and saw Fu Yechen, his gentle eyes suddenly became extremely cold.

Qin Anan told him that he should treat Fu Yechen as air.

Because he is a patient now, even if he ignores Fu Yechen, Fu Yechen will not be angry.

“Uncle, are you awake?” Fu Yechen saw Yun Mo open his eyes, and immediately said with a smile, “I bought you a tonic soup and put it in a thermos box, and I’ll give it to you now. You can drink it yourself. Do you need to feed?”

Of course Fu Yechen didn’t want to feed him.

He just had one kidney removed, his hands were fine, and he had absolutely no problem eating.

Yun Mo looked at him coldly and shook his head.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Fu Yechen’s smile solidified and persuaded, “You haven’t eaten for so long, how can you not be hungry? If you don’t eat, it will affect your recovery.”

Fu Yechen looked forward to his early discharge from the hospital , so of course take good care of him.

Yun Mo still shook his head.

“Are you really not hungry, or don’t want me to feed you?” Fu Yechen looked at his haggard appearance and began to think of a way, “How about I let Qin Anan feed you?”

Yun Mo nodded.

Fu Yechen cursed in his heart: Saying you are a fool, you know how to pick someone to serve you!

Fu Yechen put down the insulation box, took out his mobile phone, and dialed Qin Anan.

Not long after, Qin Anan came to the ward.

“You go out first.” She sat down beside the hospital bed. “You are here to affect my mood.”

“Ha ha ha! Qin An’an, you are really interesting. It was Fu Shiting who took the initiative to transfer the equity to Yun Mo, and it wasn’t me who forced him with a knife.” The reason why Fu Yechen mentioned this was to deliberately disgust her, “Now If you ignore my love, you won’t be able to climb high in the future.” After

Fu Yechen finished speaking, he strode out.

After the door of the ward was closed, Qin Anan opened the thermos cup, and a strong fragrance overflowed, making people greedy.

“An An, when will he leave?” Yun Mo asked.

“It’s coming.” Qin Anan raised the head of the bed and fed him soup, “you just need to remember my words and ignore him.”

“I ignored him. But I don’t want to see him. He’s here, I can only sleep with my eyes closed.” Yun Mo’s voice was dull, “How is my sister?”

“She woke up for a while today, and her body is much weaker than yours. So I haven’t told her about you yet. It’s her brother. I’m afraid she’s too emotional and her body can’t stand it.”

Yun Mo replied, “An An, I’ll drink it myself!”

He took the soup bowl and quickly finished the soup.

After handing her the empty bowl, he looked out the window.

“An An, go back quickly! It’s getting dark.” While he hoped that she would go home to rest soon, he was reluctant to let her go, “Will you come to see me tomorrow?”

“As long as you don’t want to eat tomorrow, I will I can come and feed you.” She gave him an idea.

The corner of Yun Mo’s mouth raised a happy smile.

At this time, in country a, the morning light sprinkled the sky and the earth like gold.

It was seven o’clock in the morning, and the villa area was quiet, as if it had not changed from the dark night.

Yun Xiaoxiao dragged her suitcase and appeared at the door of Shengbei’s house.

She took out the eye drops from her pocket and put it into her eyes.

After two lines of tears, she took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

In the villa, Sheng Bei woke up from his dream when he heard the knock on the door, and hurriedly came out of the bedroom with his slippers on.

The sound of ‘bang bang bang’ was like a drum, clearly reaching his ears.

He immediately turned back to the bedroom, picked up his mobile phone, and was ready to call the police at any time!

Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219

After he got his mobile phone, he strode to the door and saw Yun Xiaoxiao’s face on the access control display, a burst of fire and black smoke coming from his head!

He has changed the password of the courtyard gate, how did Yun Xiaoxiao enter his courtyard? !

Apart from jumping over the wall, he couldn’t think of any other possibility!

He opened the door in order to figure out the problem.

As a result, the door opened, and she immediately carried her suitcase and entered his living room.

Sheng Bei: “!!!”

He just watched her blatantly break into his house, not knowing what to do.

“Yun, Xiao, Xiao!” Sheng Bei said angrily, “What are you doing?!”

“I moved the house.” She sat down on the sofa, holding her suitcase in both hands, watching with tears in her eyes. Looking at him, “someone kept knocking on my door last night. I checked the surveillance this morning, and that person was a man and a pervert… So I can’t continue to live there.”

Sheng Bei suddenly closed Getting angry, he walked up to her and asked, “Have you called the police?”

Yun Xiaoxiao shook her head: “I have already cancelled the lease. I thought about it…”

“Don’t cry yet. I’ll give you a new lease on life. Rent a house.” Sheng Bei interrupted her.

She shook her head and complained: “I am so beautiful, no matter where I rent, there will be perverts looking for them. I have been attracted to perverts since I was a child.”

Sheng Bei: “…………”

” I thought about it, although I hate you very much, but your house is bigger and the security is good, so I’d better live with you.” She raised her hand to wipe her tears, “Don’t worry, I will pay you the rent. The living expenses that my brother gives me every month, you don’t have to give it to me, just treat it as your rent.”

Sheng Bei was stunned: “No… You didn’t say you don’t want your second brother. Do you have the money?”

“I’m so miserable, you still want to severely deduct the living expenses my second brother gave me?” Yun Xiaoxiao looked at him in disbelief.

“What do you mean by harsh deduction… You decide to give birth to a child and then give up your living expenses!”

“My second brother doesn’t know about my pregnancy.” Yun Xiaoxiao stared at him blankly, “Could it be that you Have you contacted him? Qin Anan has been looking for him, if you have his whereabouts, then I will call Qin Anan now…”

Sheng Bei immediately stopped her: “Don’t be fooling around! Qin Anan will contact him. If I can’t get on him, how can I contact him!”

“It’s not worth it. My second brother must have given you a lot of money in advance and asked you to transfer it to me every month.” With a tear, “My dad will be executed in half a month. My eldest brother doesn’t care about me, the second brother’s whereabouts are unknown, and I will be an orphan soon .

At this moment, it goes out.

Yun Xiaoxiao is indeed quite miserable, but also quite irritating.

As long as he thinks that she has a wild seed of an old man in her belly, he will be dismayed.

And she will live in his house in the future, and he will be in pain every day.

“If you don’t, go and kill the child first…”

“I won’t.” Yun Xiaoxiao said firmly, “Why are you not able to get along with the child in my womb? I haven’t even given birth to my child yet. It doesn’t take up any space in your home, could it be that you want to charge rent for two people?”

Sheng Bei was speechless.

He turned back to the room!

Yun Xiaoxiao sighed heavily.

The first move in the plan, success!

The second step is to inquire about Fu Shiting’s whereabouts.

As long as there is news about Fu Shiting from Shengbei’s side, Yun Xiaoxiao believes that he will know it immediately.

country y.

In the noble hospital, the doctor handed a surgical risk notice to Fu Shiting.

“Mr. Fu, you can rest assured that even if the operation fails, you will at most maintain the status quo.”

Fu Shiting took the risk notice and read it carefully.

Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220

“Shi Ting, do it!” Jin Kaili stood beside him and urged, “There have been 300 clinical trials, all of which have been successful.”

“Mr. Jin, to be precise, there are 301 successful cases. .Did you forget that you also had this operation?” The doctor said with a smile.

Fu Shiting immediately looked at Jin Carrier.

Jin Kaili laughed suddenly: “Of course I didn’t forget it, I just didn’t want to mention it!” He looked at Fu Shiting, “Do you know Xiao Jin? I heard that he is a golden retriever who has been by my side for 20 years.”

“I know. It died.”

“Yes, people around me told me the same. I had surgery to clear the memory of it. So I don’t remember my feelings for it now,” Ginger said. Here, his face was slightly red, “I didn’t expect that I would have such deep feelings for a dog. It’s a shame to say it, so I didn’t tell you about my surgery.”

“You really don’t remember Xiao Jin?” Fu Shiting was shocked. look at him.

Jin Kaili nodded: “Do you think I’m smiling so happily, like pretending? I hate dogs now, and I would never keep a dog, let alone develop feelings for a dog.”

Fu Shiting looked at the smile on his face , not as pretentious.

Afterwards, Fu Shiting signed his name on the risk notice.

Time flies, three days have passed.

Yun Mo can be discharged from the hospital in another day.

Fu Yechen’s spirit was obviously high.

Today he ordered a luxurious lunch for Yunmo.

After lunch was delivered to the hospital, he immediately called Qin An’an and asked her to feed Yun Mo.

Fu Yechen is now inseparable from Yun Mo. The more critical it is, the more it is necessary to ensure the safety of Yunmo.

He knew that Qin Anan was not willing to return Yunmo to him, so he had to guard Qin Anan strictly.

“An An, Yechen said just now that I can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.” Yun Mo frowned, “But I feel that my body is still very weak, can I really be discharged from the hospital?”

Before Qin Anan could speak, Fu Yechen took the lead. Answer: “Of course you can be discharged. You have been in the hospital for a week. If you feel very weak, when I take you back to country a, I will hire a super nannie to take care of you. Or you can go to the hospital if you want. , I’ll arrange an intensive care unit for you.”

Yunmo looked at Qin An’an.

“Yunmo, don’t be afraid. Fu Yechen is your nephew, he will definitely not harm you.” She reassured, “You will have an examination tomorrow, and if the result of the examination is ok, you can go back to country a with him. Now .”

“What if there is something wrong with my test results?” Yun Mo asked.

“Uncle, you won’t have a problem. If you have a problem, the doctor would have treated you long ago.” Fu Yechen comforted, “I know you can’t bear Qin Anan, don’t worry, her home is also in country a. Wait for her in the future. When you return to China, I will arrange for the two of you to meet.”

Yun Mo lost his appetite immediately: “I’m full.”

Fu Yechen glanced at the rest of the lunch on the table: “Uncle, how much do you want to eat? But you If you can’t eat it, forget it, and when you return to China, I will let someone cook you delicious food from the mountains and seas every day.”

Qin Anan packed up the leftovers and left the ward with a garbage bag.

Fu Yechen’s cell phone rang. Seeing that it was his father’s call, he immediately took it: “Dad, don’t worry, everything is normal here. I will bring Yunmo back to China tomorrow.”

“What is Qin An’an’s attitude?” Fu Han asked.

“What attitude can she have? Could it be that she can still kidnap Yun Mo? Haha! I think she has already accepted her fate. It’s not good if she doesn’t accept her fate!” Fu Yechen smiled wickedly.

“That’s right, now that she doesn’t have Fu Shiting’s backer, what else can she do?” Fu Han laughed.

Fu Yechen suddenly changed the subject: “I don’t know what my aunt’s situation is now.”

“Aren’t you going to visit her? Anyway, she’s your aunt.” Fu Han smiled restrained.

“They won’t let me see! At first they said she was in the intensive care unit, and she was not allowed to visit.” Fu Yechen said, “I thought that after so many days, it is impossible for her to be still in the intensive care unit!

” It’s easy to say. But don’t worry about other things, the most important thing right now is to bring Yunmo back to China safely.” Fu Han was eager to learn, “I’ve already ordered a big meal for you.”


Qin Anan went from Yunmo’s ward After coming out, go to Wei Zhen.

Wei Zhen is now in the intensive care unit, taking care of Yin Yin.

Yinyin was transferred from the intensive care unit yesterday.

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