When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1221 -1230(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1221 -1230(Chinese)

Chapter 1221

Her body is very weak, but her consciousness is much clearer than a few days ago.

Seeing her coming in, Wei Zhen immediately walked to the door: “She just fell asleep, let’s go out to chat.”

Qin Anan nodded.

The two came to the doctor’s duty room and closed the door.

“I won’t go back tonight.” Qin Anan said, “Tonight must be successful. Otherwise, Yun Mo will be taken away by Fu Yechen.”

“Well. Don’t worry, I have already arranged it. There should be no problem. “

The house needs to be determined as soon as possible.” She said, “The place you told me the day before yesterday, I don’t think it’s safe enough.”

“Then according to your opinion.” Wei Zhen said, “Although this is a bit troublesome for others, but The place you chose is indeed relatively safe.”


Qin Anan chose Professor Hu Qing’s former residence.

After Professor Hu Qing passed away, his former residence was left unused.

His former home is near the medical school, next to the local police office.

This is also the reason why Qin Anan chose here.

She called Professor Hu Qing’s son the day before yesterday, and the other party agreed to let Yun Mo live in her father’s former residence.


Yun Mo suddenly woke up from his sleep and shouted.

Fu Yechen immediately got up from the escort bed and walked to his bedside.

The next morning, Fu Yechen opened his eyes and woke up and saw two police officers staring at him.

Fu Yechen thought he had a nightmare, so he reached out and rubbed his eyes.

“Fu Yechen, please come back to the police station with us.” The

unfamiliar and serious voice made Fu Yechen get goosebumps.

“What are you doing?” Fu Yechen got up from the bed and saw that Yun Mo’s hospital bed was empty. He was startled and sweated, “What about the patient lying on this bed? Where are the others?”

After he asked aloud , with a ‘click’ sound, the cold shackles bound his wrists.

“You are suspected of intentional injury and are now officially under arrest.”

Fu Yechen was stunned.

Who did he intentionally hurt?

what happened?

“Qin An’an! Did you find someone here?! You shameless woman! You will do anything to get my uncle! You are extremely shameless! I did not commit a crime! I was wronged! You let me go! I am today I have to go back to China! I have to bring my uncle back to China! Ah!”

Fu Yechen’s exclamation ran through the entire corridor of the ward.

At the same time, Yunmo was sent to the former residence of Professor Hu Qing.

Last night, Yun Mo cooperated with them to perform a play.

He was thirsty in the middle of the night, so Fu Yechen got up and poured water for him.

The water in the kettle on the table contains poison that can cause death.

After Yun Mo pretended to drink water for two hours, he was sent to the emergency room.

The nurse on duty called the police, saying that Fu Yechen was poisoned and wanted to kill Yun Mo.

Hence the scene that happened in the hospital just now.

“An An, you can rest assured to find Fu Shiting.” Wei Zhen said to her.

Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222

Qin Anan shook his head: “I don’t have his whereabouts now, and I don’t know where to find him. Yinyin is not completely out of danger yet, so I’m still more worried about her. I’ll talk about her when she’s discharged from the hospital.”

Wei Zhen: “Can’t you log in to Fu Shiting’s account? You can ask his friends.”

Qin Anan: “Are you asking me to use his account to ask his friends?”

Wei Zhen: “You can also use your own He is a living person and cannot disappear from this world out of thin air. As long as you inquire more, you will definitely be able to find out about him.”

Qin Anan: “Actually, there is no news of him like this, which is good news. If anything happens to him, it will definitely be in the news. Now I can’t find any news about him, which means he is still alive.”

“You will comfort yourself.” Wei Zhen smiled helplessly.

“I wanted to find him very much at first, and I was so anxious that I was going crazy. It turned out that even if I was so anxious, it was useless.” She had some problems with her body recently, and she kept insisting without telling anyone.

She couldn’t push herself too hard.

Otherwise, if Fu Shiting was not found, her body would collapse first.

“Even if you can’t find him for the rest of your life, you still have to live your life the way you want.” Wei Zhen patted her on the shoulder, “Xiao Han is about to go on vacation, how did you arrange for the children?”

“Where do they use me ? Arrangement.” She smiled, “Xiaohan’s study plan is arranged by his teacher. His teacher has high hopes for him, wishing that he would devote himself to studying 24 hours a day. As for Rila, with Sinian with me, I can’t do it at all. Be careful.”

“Do you miss Ziqiu?” Wei Zhen asked.

Qin Anan pulled out a wry smile: “I’m most worried about him. There were so many people around him before. Now everyone is not around him, I feel so pitiful.”

“He has to eat, play and sleep now. would be very happy. He’s not pitiful.”

“Listening to you, I feel much better.”

“Life is too short, there’s no need to worry all the time. Are you staying here for a while, or go home to rest? I’m going to the police station now.” Wei Zhen said .

“I’m here with Yun Mo for a while. He is relatively unfamiliar with this place and may be more cautious.”


After Wei Zhen left, Qin An’an took Yun Mo’s hand and led him to familiarize himself with the environment here.

“This is my teacher’s house. I can perform surgery on you because he cultivated me.” She said, “There is a small yard in the back. If you stay in the house and get bored, you can go to the yard to get some air. You just finished the operation, and you can’t go to crowded places yet.”

“Okay.” The

police station.

Fu Yechen was very emotional and shouted loudly.

“Yunmo is my uncle, how could I poison him? I didn’t put the pot of water there, someone framed me! The person who framed me was Qin An’an! Go and arrest Qin An’an, I want to tell her Confrontation.”

After Wei Zhen came over, Fu Yechen was even more excited!

“Where’s Qin An’an? Isn’t she afraid to confront me?!”

Wei Zhen walked up to him and said with a cold face, “Yun Mo is out of danger. Now I give you two choices, if you refuse to admit it. You voted for the poison, so let’s file a lawsuit! We have sufficient evidence in our hands, which is enough for you to go to jail in country b. The second choice is that you admit that you did it, because it didn’t cause a catastrophe, Therefore, the punishment can be lightened.”

Fu Yechen felt dizzy! I feel like I’ve been slapped hard!

“Fu Yechen, the laws of country b are different from those of country a. I suggest you weigh it carefully before making a decision.” Wei Zhen threatened in a low voice.

Fu Yechen gritted his teeth and swallowed it in his stomach.

This account, he recorded.

country a, weekend.

Sheng Bei got up at ten o’clock in the morning and heard the sound of a kitchen knife chopping a chopping board.

He strode over and saw Yun Xiaoxiao wearing an apron, cooking in the kitchen.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, what are you doing?” He frowned, thinking he was hallucinating.

Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223

Because Yun Xiaoxiao eats takeout almost every meal, he always thought she couldn’t cook.

But seeing her chopping vegetables move smoothly, it is clear that she is someone who often cooks.

“I’m cooking!” Yun Xiaoxiao put the sliced ​​cucumbers on the plate, “The part-time worker you hired is only for housework, not cooking.”

“You can order takeout!” Sheng Bei teased, “You Don’t you eat takeout every day?”

“How do you know that I eat takeout every day?” Yun Xiaoxiao has been staying at home for the past few days.

But when she eats takeout every day, he is not at home.

“The aunt who collected the garbage told me.” Sheng Bei sneered, “Don’t you think that you are tired of eating takeaway, so you cook?”

Yun Xiaoxiao shook his head: “The takeout is so delicious, how could I be tired of eating it? What? I saw online saying that pregnant women should not eat takeout, it’s not good for the baby, so I decided to do it myself.”

The smile on Sheng Bei’s face disappeared.

“I’ll make lunch for you later! I have something to tell you.” Yun Xiaoxiao said seriously.

Sheng Bei’s temple started to hurt.

“What’s the matter with you? Tell me now.”

“I’m out of work right now…”

“Well, you asked me to help you find a job, right?”

“No.” Yun Xiaoxiao looked at him and thought he was right. He interrupted him, “Didn’t you let me go to school before? If you pay me tuition, I’ll go to school!”

Sheng Bei: “…”

With a gloomy face, he said nothing Hair, go to the living room.

Yun Xiaoxiao immediately chased after him.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, since you plan to give birth to a child, why don’t you go to the child’s father to take over your life?” Sheng Bei’s heart was beating violently, and he roared out of his heart, “What do you want to do with me? You think I don’t What do you dare to do with you, and you still want me to be a father?!”

“Just think that you are lending me money to go to school. When I make money, I will pay it back to you.”

“Why don’t you go to Qin Anan to borrow money?”

” You’re so stingy!” Yun Xiaoxiao couldn’t agree on anything, and immediately returned to the kitchen, picked up the kitchen knife again, and chopped the chopping board with a bang.

Sheng Bei changed his mind.

Isn’t it just a little money? As for him asking her to find Qin An’an?

Just when he was about to take a drink and go to the kitchen to talk to her again, Zhou Ziyi’s phone call came.

“Brother Bei, why are you suddenly looking for Jin Carrier?”

When Sheng Bei got up just now, he sent a message to Zhou Ziyi asking for Jin Carrier’s contact information.

“He called me a few days ago and chatted with me a little.” Sheng Bei walked to the sofa and sat down, “He never called me on his own initiative. Although we knew each other’s existence, we were completely unfamiliar. “

I’m not familiar with him either. Although I saved his number, but I haven’t contacted him.” Zhou Ziyi said, “I remember you have his number!”

“Yes, I saved it before. But he gave it to me last time.” The call was from another unfamiliar number. I called last night, but that number no longer exists.” Sheng Bei became suspicious because of this incident.

When things go wrong, there must be demons.

Fu Shiting’s whereabouts are unknown now, and Jin Carrier suddenly called. Although he didn’t talk about anything important, it was abnormal.

“Then can you get through his previous account you saved?” Zhou Ziyi asked.

“Can’t get through.” Sheng Bei frowned, “I suspect Shi Ting is on his side.”

Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224

Yun Xiaoxiao heard his voice on the phone clearly in the kitchen.

She knew that in addition to Qin Anan looking for Fu Shiting, Sheng Bei must also be looking for him.

She was lying at the door of the kitchen, eavesdropping openly.

Sheng Bei didn’t realize that she was eavesdropping.

After finishing talking on the phone, he turned his sore neck, and with a ‘swish’ out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Yun Xiaoxiao’s head coming out of the kitchen.

“What are you doing?!” Sheng Bei felt that she was sneaking, as if a large monitor was hanging over his head.

Yun Xiaoxiao immediately came out of the kitchen, “You don’t have millet peppers at home, I like spicy food, and I can’t do without millet peppers.”

“Why don’t you buy vegetables when you buy them?” Sheng Bei raised his eyebrows, “You shouldn’t expect Shall I buy it for you?”

“Let’s go buy it together! You twisted your neck just now, isn’t your neck uncomfortable?” Yun Xiaoxiao walked up to him, “You lack exercise and need to move around more. As you get older, your body will get worse and worse, and if you exercise more, it will improve a lot.”

She said, reaching out and grabbing his arm, trying to pull him up from the sofa.

Sheng Bei felt that he was out of touch.

“Yun Xiaoxiao! Don’t do anything to me! Don’t think I dare to treat you if you are pregnant now!” Sheng Bei said harshly.

“Why are you like this? How many times have you pulled my arm before? Why didn’t I wiggle like you? Are you still a man?”

Sheng Bei’s lips moved, and he didn’t know how to refute.

“I don’t want to go out with you, okay?”

“No. I’m not familiar with this place, you take me to buy it.” She said firmly.

“How did you buy the vegetables in your kitchen?!” Sheng Bei was shocked.

“I bought it on the grocery shopping app! But I only lack millet peppers now. I buy a few millet peppers, and no one else will deliver them to me.” Yun Xiaoxiao said, forcibly dragged Sheng Bei out.

Along the way, Sheng Bei looked around for fear of meeting an acquaintance.

Walking with Yun Xiaoxiao, he felt… ashamed.

In case someone mistakenly thinks they are a couple, the explanation is unclear.

“Sheng Bei, my father will be executed soon. My eldest brother said he would not come to collect his body, and my second brother is not here. I am a girl, how can I collect my father’s body?”

Sheng Bei heard Her words were suddenly serious.

“Can you get my second brother back before my dad dies?” Yun Xiaoxiao looked at him sadly, “I really don’t know what to do, I’m a weak woman, and I can’t help but collect the corpse. How can I do this well?”

“If your second brother can’t come back by then, I will help your dad get the funeral done. Don’t worry about it!” Sheng Bei frowned, reassuring her .

“Where is my second brother now? I still hope he can come back, because before my dad turned himself in, he said he was the pride of our Yun family.”

Sheng Bei frowned, “I don’t know where he is. I’m also looking for him. He.”

“Didn’t you just say that you suspected who he was with? Who was that person?”

“You overheard me talking on the phone?”

“I’m not deaf, of course I can hear anything in your house. Ah!”

“You also heard me say doubt, it doesn’t mean that your second brother is really with someone else.”

“Then you must have a basis for suspecting that person! Just like you never doubted that the child in my womb was Yours, because you don’t think the two of us have done it… right?” Yun Xiaoxiao looked at him without blinking.

Sheng Bei got goosebumps all over: “What does the wild species in your stomach have to do with me? If you can’t speak, just shut up!”

“If you get my second brother back, I’ll shut up.” She threatened, “Otherwise I’ll bother you every day.”

Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225

After lunch, Yun Xiaoxiao sent a message to Qin An’an: Sheng Bei has a suspect. But he refused to say who that person was. But it doesn’t matter, I found that he called Zhou Ziyi and said this, you go and ask Zhou Ziyi.

At that time, when buying millet peppers, Yun Xiaoxiao lied that he did not bring a mobile phone and asked Sheng Bei to pay.

Sheng Bei took out his phone and unlocked it, and she took it away immediately.

She pretended to accidentally open his call log, and saw that the last phone call was with Zhou Ziyi.

Regardless of Sheng Bei’s image of a mature elite outside, in Yun Xiaoxiao’s eyes, he is just an elderly man.

There are so many ways for her to deal with Sheng Bei.

No, within a few days of moving in, she got the first-hand news.

In country b, Qin An’an’s mobile phone received the message, and the screen lit up, showing her sleeping face.

She didn’t wake up.

She came back late at night and had no time to exercise, so she took half a sleeping pill before going to bed.

She can’t sleep without sleeping pills.

No matter how much she understood in her heart and how relieved she was in her mouth, as long as there was no whereabouts of Fu Shiting for a day, her heart seemed to be missing a large piece.

When she woke up in the morning, she lifted the quilt and got out of bed, found a water glass, and took a large glass of water to drink.

His throat was so dry that it seemed to burn. After drinking water, it will feel better.

She went back to the bedroom, picked up her phone, and first saw the message from Mike – Xiaohan is on holiday, I’ll take them both to see Yin Yin later.

She replied immediately: OK. be careful on the road.

After replying to the message, she casually opened the message sent by Yun Xiaoxiao.

After seeing the content, her body froze immediately.

Without any thought, she immediately exited WeChat and found Zhou Ziyi’s number to dial.

The phone dialed and rang for a while before being answered.

“An An, I just had no signal in the company’s underground parking lot, and I saw your call when I came up.” Zhou Ziyi drove into the main road in front of the company building, and put on a Bluetooth headset at the same time.

“Did you just get off work?”

“Well. You called me, maybe something happened to Mike?” Zhou Ziyi was suddenly nervous.

“He’s fine.” She immediately explained, “Brother Zhou, do you have news about Fu Shiting?”

“No! If I have news about him, I will definitely tell you, don’t worry.”

“But I heard that Sheng Bei There are suspects.” She said bluntly.

Zhou Ziyi let out an ‘ah’, then asked with a smile, “Who told you? Brother Bei did call me this morning.”

“Who does he suspect?” Go to him. I’ll be free soon, I’ll go to him.”

Zhou Ziyi said, “Bei Ge is just suspicious, not sure where the boss is. And where exactly that person is, I and Bei Ge are both I don’t know.”

“Who is that person?!” Her heart raised in her throat, “What is the basis for Sheng Bei’s suspicion of this person? He can’t just doubt it casually, right?”

“This person and the boss have known each other for many years. Now, I usually only see each other when something big happens. So my brother and I haven’t met this person a few times in total, and we have never been in contact with him. But this person called my brother a few days ago and talked about my boss, I also talked about you.”

Zhou Ziyi thought of something when he said this.

“By the way, you’ve met this person.” He continued, “His name is Jin Carrier, and he came before you got married.”

Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226

Qin An’an felt a sense of familiarity upon hearing this name.

She had heard the name, but for a while, she couldn’t match the name with a specific person.

“I remember!” She suddenly whispered, “People call him Brother Carrier!”

“Yes. That’s him, Jin Carrier.”

“Because I don’t like him, and I told Shi Ting to stop interacting with him. , so he hates me very much. He also asked a woman to talk to me specifically and let me leave Shi Ting.” She said this and took a deep breath, “If Shi Ting is really on his side, then I’m afraid Don’t get back to him. He knows that I am incompatible with Jin Carrier.”

Zhou Ziyi looked embarrassed: “Actually, the problem now is not whether to find him or not, but to know where he is, whether he is safe or not, and how he is doing. If he’s on Jin Carrier’s side, as long as he’s doing well, it doesn’t matter.”

“Well. You don’t know Jin Carrier’s specific location. Do you know which country he’s in?” Qin Anan planned to find him.

“People like Jin Kaili invest in projects all over the world and have no fixed address. But I know that he made his fortune in country y.” Zhou Ziyi said, “If you want to go to country y, it is best not to go alone. There Many legal provisions are different from those in China, and the law and order is relatively poor. If you go there, you must have bodyguards with you.”

“Okay, I see.” The


Mike came to Yin Yin’s ward with his two children.

After the two children entered the ward, Michael took Wei Zhen outside the ward and asked about Yin Yin’s situation.

“She is in a stable condition now. But there may be a rejection reaction in the future.” Wei Zhen said.

“Oh, I think she’s so thin, I almost didn’t recognize her.” Not

only Mike was frightened, Xiao Han and Rila were also frightened.

The two children stood by the hospital bed, staring at Yin Yin’s face, looking carefully to identify whether she was Yin Yin or not.

“Xiao Han, Rila, I am so happy that you came to see me.” Yin Yin looked at them and was very excited, “You have grown a lot taller.”

If the two of them didn’t recognize Yin Yin’s appearance, but Yin Yin’s The sound has not changed.

“Yinyin, why are you so sick? You look so pitiful!” Rila’s little face was wrinkled, “Why didn’t you tell us you were sick earlier? That way we can visit you often! “

I’m afraid you’re worried about me. I hope you’re happy every day.” Yin Yin didn’t regret hiding them at all.

“Yinyin, when you are discharged from the hospital, you can live with my mother!” Xiaohan said distressedly, “Although you are not my aunt, my mother will take good care of you.”

Xiaohan’s words made Yinyin frown. Suddenly wrinkled.

Not my aunt?

“Xiaohan, why am I not your aunt?” She asked, “My brother is your father, so I’m your aunt… Isn’t that right?”

After she finished, Xiaohan was stunned.

Xiaohan walked quickly towards the door of the ward and asked Wei Zhen: “Uncle Wei, you haven’t told Yinyin, isn’t her brother Fu Shiting?”

Wei Zhen: “No. Your mother is afraid that she won’t be able to accept it and wants to wait for her. What’s the matter?”

“I accidentally told her.” Xiaohan blamed herself, “She’s so sad.”

Wei Zhen quickly entered the ward and saw Yinyin’s face blank and panic.

“Yinyin, calm down first.” Wei Zhen held her hand, “We originally wanted to wait until you were discharged from the hospital and then tell you, because you are still relatively weak. Fu Shiting is not your brother, your brother’s name is Yun. Mo. It was Yun Mo who donated a kidney to you and saved your life.”

Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227

Yin Yin burst into tears.

“I know it’s hard for you to accept this result, but you don’t have to worry. Even if you’re not Fu Shiting’s sister, he still loves you. After he knows about this, his feelings for you have not changed.” Wei Zhen took a tissue and said, Wipe her tears.

“Yinyin, don’t cry! Even if you’re not my aunt, I still love you!” Rila was very distressed when she saw her cry, “Look at my brother who said you were discharged from the hospital and moved to our house. We I like you all!”

Yinyin listened to Rila’s tender and sonorous voice, her tears stopped: “I like you too…but I still care about Fu Shiting…he has never seen him. I…”

“He’s gone!” Rila answered her, “He didn’t know you were here. Because his phone didn’t work.”

Hearing the words, Yin Yin’s tears fell again.

“Yinyin, didn’t you say that you were afraid of letting him see you as you are now? It just so happens that you are recovering well now. When you are healed, An An will bring him to see you.” Wei Zhen wiped her tears again.

“Why did he disappear? Will he be in danger?” Yinyin was very worried, “Why did this happen? He’s not a child anymore, so why did he disappear?”

“He got angry with my mother, so he got angry. “Rila used her own understanding to tell the reason, “Don’t be sad, Yin Yin, I’m not sad! He used to say that he loved me the most, but now people don’t know where to hide, hum!”

Yin Yin Seeing Rila’s angry look, she wanted to cry but couldn’t cry.

On the way to the hospital, Qin Anan saw the message from Mike.

Mike said he was at the hospital.

She parked the car in the hospital parking lot and immediately pushed the door to get out.

When she got out of the car, a figure immediately stood in front of her.

“Qin An’an, why didn’t I find you so sinister and vicious before?” Fu Yechen didn’t sleep all night.

In order not to go to jail, he could only admit against his will that he had poisoned himself.

After he admitted to poisoning, the police immediately made him sign a no-contact order.

Since he signed the no-contact order, he is in country B and will not be able to approach Yunmo.

Once he gets close to Yunmo, he will be taken away by the police.

He didn’t expect that after admitting poisoning, there would be such a consequence. But he had already signed it, and it was too late to regret it!

“Fu Yechen, in terms of insidiousness and viciousness, I’m afraid I’m less than one ten thousandth of yours.” Qin Anan pushed his body away, “You can’t touch Yunmo anymore, if you violate the ban three times, you will be formally arrested. You shouldn’t have spent the money for selling your old house, right? You can’t have fun in prison.”

“Don’t worry about my heart here! Unless you can let Yun Mo hide in country B for the rest of his life! Otherwise, I will There is a chance!” Fu Yechen didn’t want to admit defeat, “I heard that Fu Shiting is gone, maybe he has died in some corner now! After all, if he loses the st group, he loses everything!”

Qin Anan heard him say ‘death’ This word, sanity instantly collapsed.

She raised her hand and slapped Fu Yechen!

“Get out of here!”

“Haha! I won’t get out. I can’t get close to Yunmo, I will disgust you in front of you!” Fu Yechen put on a rogue look.

“Okay, I’m going to find Fu Shiting soon, you can go with me!” Qin Anan grabbed his wrist and wanted to pull him into the car.

He felt as if she was crazy, and a cold sweat broke out on his back.

He pushed her away and cursed, “Go find him! It’s better to die outside with him! When you all die, the st group will be mine!”

After Fu Yechen left, Qin Anan held the car door, Breathing heavily.

Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228

Fu Shiting Won’t Die! She won’t die either!

She won’t let Fu Yechen’s tricks succeed!

After adjusting her emotions, she came to the inpatient department. I happened to see Mike coming out of Yin Yin’s ward with his two children.

“Mom!” Rila saw her and strode toward her.

She opened her arms and took her daughter into her arms.

“Mom! I miss you so much! Do you miss me?” Ruila Lai acted like a spoiled child in Qin An’an’s arms.

“Of course mom misses you. If you don’t come back, mom will find you.” Qin Anan kissed her daughter’s soft cheek.

“Mom, we saw Yin Yin. Yin Yin knew my dad wasn’t her brother, and she cried. But we coaxed her.” Rila told her mother one by one what happened, “Wait for Yin Yin to be discharged from the hospital. Now, let her live with us!”

“Yes! But mom has to go to your dad first.” Qin Anan frankly told the child, “Mom will go to country Y next. No matter if you can find your dad or not, mom will be there for you. Come back once a month.”

Rila’s mouth shrunk suddenly: “I come back once a month, but only twelve times a year, what if I can’t find my father?”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment: “If you still can’t find him at the end of the year, If I get to him, then I won’t look for him yet.”

“If you don’t look for him, does that mean he’ll never come back?” Rila suddenly felt uncomfortable.

I finally recognized my father, but it didn’t take long for my father to leave.

Was it doomed that she couldn’t have a father?

“Rila, Mom can’t answer your question. Your dad is an adult, not a child. He might come back, or he might never come back.” She said with a stiff smile on her lips. “Mom will take you to dinner first!”

They found a restaurant near the hospital for dinner.

Xiaohan took out a golden trophy from his schoolbag and handed it to Qin Anan.

“Mom, give it to you.”

Qin Anan took the trophy and saw the Gold Award of the Hacker Cup Contest written on it.

“Didn’t you reject the competition?” She was very surprised.

“Later, the teacher persuaded me alone.” Xiaohan lowered his eyes, “So I participated in the finals.”

“Xiaohan, you are really amazing! Mom knew that your qualification test was based on strength, and it has nothing to do with your father.” She Holding the trophy in his arms, “Mom is proud of you!”

“Mom, I will become a very powerful person in the future. I also want you to be proud of me.” Rila frowned and said solemnly.

“Your mother is proud of you every day.” Mike interjected coolly, “Eat first! I’ll take you back to rest after dinner. Your uncle Sinian will come to pick you up tomorrow. Your mother will also go to Y country. Now, my brother Han and I are left alone.”

Xiao Han: “I have activities in the summer vacation, so I don’t have time to play with you.”

Mike: “???”

“Don’t you want to go back to the company?” Qin Anan looked To him, “Fu Shiting is gone now, and Wang Wanzhi will most likely return to China.”

Mike: “If you hadn’t told me, I would have almost forgotten about this old woman. She has been hiding in country B for so long, and there is no sound at all, and she can bear it.”

“Otherwise, how could she have achieved what she is now?” Qin Anan said lightly, “Before my father died, can you imagine that she had no other hobbies besides beauty and playing cards every day? Widowhood opened her new life.”

Mike gave a thumbs up: “Sometimes falling in love does affect work. Look at how good your career was before you made up with Fu Shiting! After making up with him, you almost have no energy to work.

” It’s because of pregnancy and confinement to hold the wedding, and it has nothing to do with falling in love.” She defended, “If there was no accident, my life with Fu Shiting would be back on track now.”

Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229

“Okay, okay, everything you say is right. But are you sure you want to go to country y?” Mike looked solemn, “That country is not very safe!”

“I checked the information, and it’s not as scary as you said. Don’t say this in front of the children.” She was afraid that the children would be worried.

“Okay, I’ll shut up. You have to pay attention to safety anyway.”

“I’ll take the bodyguards with me. I’m looking for Fu Shiting, not death.”

Mike nodded: “If you get him back, I will I think the two of you should reflect on it. If every quarrel is like this, can the two of you bear it, can the child bear it? Friends around you, such as me, can bear it?”

“It’s not what the two of us think . Quarrel. Do you think we are not uncomfortable?”

“Then stop arguing! What’s wrong with the equity transfer? It was given to the fool Yun Mo, not to Fu Yechen. Ziyi said he has a lot of other things to do. It’s no problem to raise you and three children…I thought about it carefully, you two probably live too well in normal life, so you can’t stand a little blow.”

“You can say that I am alone, Don’t talk about him.” Qin Anan couldn’t stand anyone criticizing Fu Shiting.

“You’re still protecting him, I think you’re used to his bad temper!” Mike complained.

“If you don’t eat, go out and wait. Don’t interfere with our meal.” Qin Anan glared at him.

He suddenly shut up.

a country.

Luxurious European-style villa.

Wang Wanzhi’s face was rosy, holding a red wine glass in her hand, drinking and celebrating with the vice president and several investors.

“Who would have thought that in just one year, Fu Shiting would collapse.” After Wang Wanzhi took a sip of wine, her eyes suddenly became sharp, “Next, it’s Qin An’an’s turn.”

“Fu Shiting and we have no competition . relation.”

“But he wants to kill me for Qin An’an’s little slut!” Wang Wanzhi swallowed her anger for so long, she was suffocated.

“Wanzhi, you still can’t be careless! Although Fu Shiting has transferred his equity, he can make a comeback at any time! With his brain, he can raise funds and start a business at any time!” the investor said, “If he comes to me, I will definitely be willing to. Give him money.”

“Oh, you think so beautifully, I’m afraid your wishful thinking won’t work.” Wang Wanzhi put down the wine glass, picked up the phone, clicked a photo, and showed it to everyone, “This is my y A friend in China sent it to me. Fu Shiting is now in country y. He is hanging out with a businessman named Jin Kaili.” “Tsk tsk, I

didn’t expect him to find an investor so quickly.”

Carrier’s investment direction has always been in small and medium-sized countries. Not only does it not overlap with our business, but the investment market is also completely different.” Wang Wanzhi has a strong hunch.

She felt that she would never meet Fu Shiting again in her life.

Her life is about to officially set sail!

Next, there will be no strong opponents that can hinder her.

After Mike returned to China with Xiaohan, he settled down, and the phone rang rapidly.

He drank from a water glass in one hand, picked up his mobile phone in the other hand, and answered the call.

“Have you returned to China? Qin Anan didn’t come back with you, right?” On the other side of the phone, Zhou Ziyi’s voice came anxiously, “Major media suddenly released news, saying that my boss is dead!”

‘Pfft’! Mike spit out all the water.

Fu Shiting is dead?

How could he die? !

Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230

“I went to ask a media source, and they said it was revealed by an insider. I asked what an insider was, and they said they also heard about it.” Zhou Ziyi said this and exhaled heavily, ” They read the news from the “A Morning Post”, so they followed the trend. The source of the “A Morning Post” was sent back by their reporters in country y.”

Zhou Ziyi was reluctant to believe this news . , but when he heard that the news came from country Y, he was struck by lightning!

“Listen to what you mean, is this news true?” Mike’s face was ashen, he couldn’t believe the result.

Although Qin An’an did not return to China together, once the news spread, it would soon reach her ears.

How could she accept such bad news?

“I haven’t seen my boss’s body, how can I be sure that the news is true?” Zhou Ziyi said with difficulty, “It’s just that my boss may really be in country y, and now the news comes from country y, so I’m a little panicked.”

“Don’t panic, I’m going to check the news of country Y now.” Mike finished and hung up the phone.

Xiaohan stayed in the living room the whole time, listening to Mike’s voice on the phone clearly.

Ever since Mike sprayed water, he’d pricked up his ears, wondering what was going on.

“What happened?” He immediately asked after Mike hung up the phone, “Fu Shiting is in country y, did something happen to Fu Shiting?”

He didn’t hear what Zhou Ziyi said on the phone.

He only heard Mike talking about country y, so he guessed that it had something to do with Fu Shiting.

“The domestic media are reporting that Fu Shiting is dead. I don’t know if it’s true. So I’m going to check the news from country Y.” Mike strode towards his room, “Headache! Mom knows this news, but she doesn’t know how sad she should be. You probably don’t know that the two of them quarreled this time because your mother concealed him, which caused him to misunderstand, so she made the matter of giving up the equity.”

“Your mother has always been Very self-blame. If the misunderstanding is not explained clearly, he will die, and your mother will suffer for a lifetime.” Mike added.

When Xiao Han heard the news of Fu Shiting’s death, the expression on his face suddenly froze.

His emotions are very complicated. Even if he hates Fu Shiting again, considering the emotional changes of his mother and sister after Fu Shiting’s death, he would rather Fu Shiting live.

After Mike went to the room, Xiaohan also returned to his room.

He opened the notebook, and after connecting to the Internet, a news pop-up window popped up————

The end of a generation of business legends! Click to view Fu Shiting’s ups and downs!

A black and white photo of Fu Shiting was attached to the pop-up window.

Xiao Han looked dazzling.

But he couldn’t help but click in.

This is a press release.

The content of the manuscript summarizes Fu Shiting’s bizarre and magnificent entrepreneurial experiences.

Xiaohan couldn’t recognize so many words, so he turned directly to the bottom comment.

——[Candle] This incident shows that no matter how much money you make, you can’t spend it without life!

——He is still so young, why can’t he think about it?

  • The news did not say that he committed suicide. I think he definitely didn’t commit suicide. Who committed suicide and went abroad to commit suicide? Most of them were assassinated abroad!

——Since he knew that someone abroad was going to kill him, he should stay at home! How chaotic is there in country y, you can find it with a casual search on the Internet! In the end, it was his destiny! Damn it!

  • Didn’t he just get married not long ago? Where is his wife?

——He has run out of money, of course his wife ran away! As the saying goes, husbands and wives are birds of the same forest, and when disaster strikes, they fly separately!

——His wife Qin Anan is also one of the top entrepreneurs in the country. Even if he collapses, Qin Anan will have no problem raising him!

——Do you think she could have been so successful without Fu Shiting’s help? You are too naive! Just wait and see, Qin Anan will definitely have bad luck next!

Mike entered the network of country y and searched for Fu Shiting’s name.

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