When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1231 -1240 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1231 -1240 (Chinese)

Chapter 1231

turned out to be all kinds of news about Fu Shiting in country a.

He had an idea, typed Jin Carrier’s name, and a series of related news immediately popped up.

The latest news about Jin Carrier is a photo of him wearing a black suit to buy chrysanthemum flowers at a flower shop.

This posture, at first glance, is to go to the funeral.

Could it be that he was going to attend Fu Shiting’s funeral?

Mike glanced at the news time, it happened yesterday.

Therefore, Fu Shiting died yesterday, and today the news came back to China…

Mike took a screenshot of the news and sent it to Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi replied with a long list of periods.

After seeing the news, Sheng Bei immediately bought a plane ticket to country y.

Li Xiaotian dialed Qin An’an’s number immediately.

At this time, the time of country b is late at night.

Qin Anan took half a sleeping pill and fell asleep.

Li Xiaotian didn’t get through the first time, her heart hung in her throat, and she dialed her number again.

When such a big thing happened, Li Xiaotian had to let her know immediately.

Qin Anan was awakened by Li Xiaotian’s third call.

When she woke up, she checked the time first, and then answered the phone in confusion.

“An An, Fu Shiting is dead! Domestic news has spread all over the country!” Li Xiaotian exclaimed, “He died in country y. Of course, this is all from the news. And the news only contains text, no photos. Sheng Bei has already rushed to Country Y. Look at you…”

Qin Anan stared blankly at the dimly lit room, before he could say anything, tears fell first.

“An An, did you hear what I said?” Li Xiaotian raised her voice when she saw that there was no response from the phone.

“Fu Shiting is dead? You said he was dead?” She clutched her phone tightly, got up quickly, and turned on the room light.

“Yes, that’s what the domestic news said. We have to go to Country Y to confirm the details.” Li Xiaotian said, “Why don’t you wait for the news from Shengbei!”

“How could he die… …Jin Kaili has a good relationship with him… Ziyi said so, saying that they have known each other for many years, longer than he and Sheng Bei have known each other…Jin Kaili How could you kill him…”

She cried and got out of bed, quickly walked to the closet, and looked for clothes to change.

“An An, don’t worry, it might be fake news!” Li Xiaotian listened to her cry and felt very sad, “I don’t think Fu Shiting can’t identify danger. How could such a shrewd person die so easily? .”

“I’ll go find him…I’ll go find him now!” Qin Anan hung up the phone and quickly changed his clothes.

Within ten minutes, she came out of the villa.

She drove out and headed to the airport.

The car drove forward rapidly, and her tears kept falling.

She had long seen that Jin Carrier was not a good person. That’s why she strongly discouraged him from interacting with Jin Carrier at that time.

Who knows, he finally ran to find Jin Carrier!

His death was definitely murder!

Even if he hates her, it won’t kill him. After all, he still has three children, how could he ruthlessly abandon everything to seek death?

He’s not that merciless, he’s not!

Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232

A country.

After the news of Fu Shiting’s death spread, people could be heard talking about it everywhere.

Jin Sinian didn’t tell Rila about it, but when Rila was in the bathroom, he heard others talking.

She came out of the bathroom and came to Jin Sinian, unable to hide the grief on her face.

“My father is dead?”

Jin Sinian was a little surprised. For a while, he didn’t know how to answer this question.

“I was in the toilet and heard two aunties say that my father died.” Rila’s eyes were red, “Why did my father die? I don’t want him to die!”

Jin Sinian immediately picked her up and walked towards the car Go over there.

“Rila, it’s not clear whether this is true or not. The news came from abroad, and your mother has gone to confirm it now. I’ll let you know when I have the exact news.” There were

two lines in the corner of Rila’s eyes . Qing Lei: “I don’t want my father to die. Although he always quarrels with my mother, he is very good to me… He is also very good to my mother, otherwise he will not quarrel and win against my mother… …”

“Well, I know he’s fine. Don’t cry yet, what if he’s all right? Let’s wait for news from your mom, okay?”

“I want to call mom.”

“She’s here now . On the plane, the phone was turned off.”

“I want to call my brother.”

“Okay, I’ll call him now.” Jin Sinian held her in one hand and dialed Xiaohan’s number with the other.

Xiaohan quickly answered the phone.

“Brother, woohoo!”

Xiaohan knew why his sister was crying, so he calmly said, “Fu Shiting is not dead.”

“Really? Brother!

“Well, I didn’t see his body, so he didn’t die. When his body is brought back, you won’t cry.”

Rila: “…”

“You stay with Uncle Sinian, don’t come back. .” Xiaohan continued, “I’m very busy with my studies, so I don’t have time to take care of you. You can come back when your mother comes back.”

Rila: “……”

Detention Center.

Yun Xiaoxiao came to visit Yun Shijie.

Seeing Fu Shiting’s news today, she felt a little down.

Fu Shiting was dead, and his father was going to die soon. It felt like this family was just scattered.

Originally, she had no feelings for her family, but before that, the family broke up when she broke up. Maybe it was because Qin Anan was kind to her, which led her to have fantasies.

Before today, she had been looking forward to Fu Shiting’s return, and Qin An’an and He Meimei. In this way, Qin An’an can keep in friendly contact with her all the time because she is Fu Shiting’s sister.

Who would have thought that Fu Shiting would just hang up like this.

“What did you say?!” Yun Shijie’s eyes bulged when he heard the news of Fu Shiting’s death.

“It was on the news. It said he died in country y. Sheng Bei has already gone to country y to find him.” Yun Xiaoxiao lowered his head, “I came here to tell you. In case you don’t know the news until you die. “

You stinky girl! You are deliberately mad at me!” Yun Shijie blushed and roared, “You have hated me since you were a child, and now I am dying, you can’t let me die without regrets?!” Yun Xiaoxiao raised her head: “

Yes, I’m just here to anger you. Although I hate you so much, I have already contacted the staff of the crematorium for you. They will drag you to be cremated by then. I will let them Throw away your ashes, after all, I don’t have the money to buy you a cemetery, and I don’t have a house to store your ashes.”

“You—” Yun Shijie trembled with anger and coughed violently.

“Would you like to tell me before you die, who is my mother?” Yun Xiaoxiao asked the question that was hidden in her heart.

Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233

“I can’t even remember who the mothers of your two brothers are, how can I remember who your mother is? Don’t be delusional, the women I played with when I was young were all the meanest chickens, if you ran away You won’t get any benefit by recognizing relatives, but you will be sucked blood by your trash mother!”

Yun Xiaoxiao felt a chill in her heart after hearing his words.

“Everyone has the right to hate me, but you and your eldest brother have no right! It’s not Lao Tzu, how can you two survive until now?” Yun Shijie still thinks he has a clear conscience for these two children.

“Visit time is over.” After the police spoke, they took Yun Shijie away.

Yun Xiaoxiao looked at Yun Shijie’s slightly hunched back, her eyes couldn’t help but get wet.

He is no longer the tall, violent and frightening man in her eyes when she was a child, he is old.

He is not a qualified father. He has never loved her like a normal father, but it is undeniable that she was raised by him.

She lied to him when she said she would throw away his ashes just now.

She did not contact the crematorium staff at all.

She said that on purpose to make him angry. She wanted to see if he would be frightened and came to beg her.

After coming out of the detention center, she stopped a car on the side of the road and reported the address of Sheng Bei’s home.

After she told Sheng Bei that she wanted to go to school, Sheng Bei found her the admission brochures of two universities and let her choose.

Although she has been quarreling with Sheng Bei, Sheng Bei took what she said to heart, which moved her very much.

She was determined not to live the same life as before.

Qin An’an said that life is yours, and the path you choose to take is entirely up to you.

Back at Sheng’s house, she entered the door code. After the courtyard door opened, the black car parked in the courtyard attracted her attention.

This is not Shengbei’s car.

When she came out of the house, the car was not in the yard!

She crossed the yard anxiously and walked to the door of the villa.

Before she could press the code, the door was pulled open from the inside.

A man with kind eyes and facial features like Sheng Bei appeared in front of her.

She immediately guessed that this was Sheng Bei’s father.

“Hello, uncle.”

“You are Xiaoxiao! Come in!” Father Sheng invited her into the room.

After entering the house, she saw Mother Sheng sitting on the sofa drinking tea.

“Xiaoxiao, come here.” Mother Sheng glanced at Yun Xiaoxiao calmly, “I came over today with your uncle and saw a woman’s luggage in the guest room, we didn’t know you lived here, Sheng Bei last time Said that after you moved out, you didn’t tell me that you moved back again. So I accidentally flipped through your luggage and saw this.”

Mother Sheng picked up a color ultrasound form from the coffee table.

This is the color Doppler ultrasound that Yun Xiaoxiao did when she went to the hospital for an examination. It was confirmed that there is a gestational sac in the body.

“Auntie, this is mine.” Yun Xiaoxiao walked over and took the ultrasound form.

“Well, your name is written on it. Xiaoxiao, can you tell me about the child in your womb…”

“I can’t tell you.” Yun Xiaoxiao didn’t want to lie to her or tell her frank.

Her relationship with Sheng Bei was too embarrassing. If Sheng Bei knew that the child belonged to him, he would definitely be tougher to let her get rid of it.

“Oh… Does Sheng Bei know about this?” The smile on Mother Sheng’s face disappeared.

“he knows.”

“He knew you were pregnant, and he let you live in. It seems that you are pregnant with his child! Haha! That’s great! I knew you two were having fun.” Sheng’s mother laughed excitedly, suddenly remembering the news of Fu Shiting’s death, “Hey, I heard about your brother, don’t be too sad, don’t move the fetal gas. If you give birth to this child, everything in Shengbei will be your child’s in the future, and your child’s will be yours.”

Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234

“Auntie, no, I didn’t want to use the child to get his property… Everything was an accident…” Yun Xiaoxiao seemed to be on trial.

She had never been so ambitious.

“You two are alone in the same room, of course accidents are prone to happen. Hahaha!” Sheng’s mother couldn’t hide her joy, “You are Shi Ting’s sister, and his father and I will definitely not treat you badly. I know You have suffered a lot in the past, and we will take care of you as our own daughter.”

Yun Xiaoxiao looked at the kind faces of Sheng’s mother and Sheng’s father, the rebuttal words were on his lips, and he could not say them.

She had never felt such warmth from her elders.

She seemed to be drowning in a honeypot and was reluctant to come out.

I knew it was bad, but I couldn’t control it.

country y.

Sheng Bei went to and fro several times and found one of Jin Carrier’s subordinates.

“Mr. Fu died in a car accident.”

“Did in a car accident? Are you sure it was an accident and not a murder?” Sheng Bei was furious, “Bring Jin Carrier here! I want to confront him.” His

hand lowered his head: “Mr. Sheng, Don’t embarrass me. After Mr. Fu’s accident, Brother Kelly was heartbroken, and now he is in the hospital!”

“Are you sure he is too sad, not hiding in the hospital and afraid to come out?” Sheng Bei roared road.

“Mr. Sheng is joking. This is Brother Carrier’s territory, and Brother Carrier is not afraid of anyone.” The subordinate said, “Brother Carrier and Mr. Fu are brothers, how could they murder Mr. Fu? Besides, didn’t Mr. Fu already take over the st group Has all the equity in the company been transferred out? What benefits will Brother Kelly get from murdering him at this time?”

Sheng Bei couldn’t answer.

“Mr. Fu came here by plane. It means that in his heart, he still regards Brother Carrier as a friend. And there is no interest between them for a long time. How could Brother Carrier attack Mr. Fu?” Ask live.

“Mr. Sheng, I understand that you are very sad. We are too.” The man’s face was heavy.

“Where did he get into the car accident? Where is his body?” Sheng Bei thought for a while, and it was true that Fu Shiting and Jin Kaili had long since lost interest.

Jin Kaili shouldn’t kill Fu Shiting.

“Mr. Fu was involved in a car accident on the winding mountain highway. That day, Brother Kai invited Mr. Fu to listen to the scriptures on the mountain. Because Mr. Fu was in a bad mood, Brother Kai specially invited a high-ranking monk, hoping to make Mr. Fu feel better. It was raining lightly that day, and the road was a little slippery, so there was an accident.”

Said his subordinates, and took Sheng Bei out.

“That section of the winding mountain road is a bit steep, but it’s no problem for an experienced driver to drive. Brother Kelly goes up the mountain to listen to scriptures every half a month, and has never had a problem.”

Sheng Bei heard a burst of pain in his heart: “Has his body been found?”

“Not yet. You can see why after seeing that mountain. ” His

subordinates drove Sheng Bei to the place of the accident.

The railing next to the winding mountain road was knocked off, and standing on the side, you can see obvious traces of the car rushing down.

At the bottom of the mountain, there are endless rocks and abyss.

This mountain is relatively high.

Falling from here, there is absolutely no possibility of surviving.

And because of the special geographical location, it is difficult to carry out search and rescue work.

“Brother Kelly asked several groups of rescuers to search and rescue. The person in charge of the search and rescue work said that there are too many dead corners below. If you unfortunately fall into a dead corner, there is no way to find the body. Unless the entire mountain is razed to the ground. But This is unrealistic! The temple on this mountain is one of the oldest temples in country Y, and it can’t be moved at all.”

Today’s weather in country Y is very gloomy, and there is a dull feeling that the mountains and the rain are about to come and the building is full of wind.

Sheng Bei loosened his neckline, but still felt that he could not breathe.

“Mr. Sheng, let’s go back first! It’s going to rain heavily.” The subordinate reminded, “The weather is too bad, it will be very inconvenient to drive. There was only a car accident here, let’s be careful!”

Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235

After the two came down from the mountain, as expected, it rained heavily.

It’s getting dark.

It’s only three o’clock in the afternoon, and the sky is dark, as if the end of the world.

Sheng Bei looked at the rain that was constantly beating on the car window, and his eyes were wet.

It’s summer, and the body is exposed to the wild, and within a week, it’s completely decomposed. There is such a strong rainstorm now… let alone a week, after today, the remains will definitely be completely destroyed.

When the phone rang, his emotions pulled away from his grief.

He took out his phone and reached out to wipe the tears from his eyes.

He answered the phone, and Qin Anan’s voice came from the other side: “Sheng Bei, where are you? Have you found the news about Shi Ting? I just got off the plane, and I’m going to find you now.”

“You’re staying at the airport . Don’t move, I’ll pick you up.” Sheng Bei quickly adjusted his mood and began to think about how to settle her.

If she was told of Fu Shiting’s car accident on the mountain and her body could not be found, she would definitely collapse.


Qin Anan stood at the gate of the airport, looking at the pouring rain in front of her, feeling restless in her heart.

She never dared to think about what would happen if Fu Shiting really died.

But now, looking at the sky that seemed to be falling down, she couldn’t restrain her pessimism and frustration.

If Fu Shiting is really dead…what should she do…

in her heart, there is no answer.

The strength in the body seems to be drained, and the body seems to fall down at any time.

She is now hanging on with one breath, she is still alive in gambling Fu Shiting.

About half an hour later, Sheng Bei appeared in front of her with a black umbrella.

“Why hold a black umbrella?” She is now sensitive and vulnerable.

Seeing something black was like seeing Fu Shiting’s body.

“I bought it on the side of the road.” Sheng Bei made an excuse, “Let’s go in and sit!”

He put away the umbrella and pulled her into the airport lobby.

She was puzzled and said in confusion, “Have you found Shi Ting’s whereabouts? You take me to see him! Even if it is his body, I will see him with my own eyes!”

“Qin An’an, calm down first.”

“I can’t calm down!” She frowned and almost cried, “How can I calm down? I plan to bring Yinyin to him after the operation is successful, and explain to him clearly… Now Yinyin Yin is recovering very well and will be discharged soon, how can he die?!”

“I don’t want him to die either!” Sheng Bei’s strong reason was instantly disintegrated, “But is this something we can’t do if we don’t want it? Qin Anan, you are not a child anymore, not everything can happen according to our wishes!”

Qin Anan’s eyelashes trembled and tears rolled down.

She was startled by his roar.

After a while, she made a hoarse voice from her throat: “He… is gone?”

“This is the situation I have at the moment. He fell from a mountain of thousands of meters with people and cars, and he didn’t survive. Possibly. I won’t let you go to that mountain, it’s too dangerous. Shi Ting has already had an accident, if you have another accident, what will happen to your children?!”

Sheng Bei said here, tightening her wrist hold.

Qin Anan burst into tears and her faith collapsed.

She didn’t cry like Sheng Bei imagined, nor was she heartbroken to find Fu Shiting’s body.

Because after a brief silence, her body softened and she fainted.

Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236

A country.

Zhou Ziyi drove to the Xinghewan Villa.

Mike is home alone.

After returning home at noon today, Xiaohan was called away by the teacher.

Mike took a nap at home and woke up in the evening.

“Qin Anan fainted.” Zhou Ziyi told him the news.

Mike suddenly sobered up: “Fu Shiting is really dead?”

Zhou Ziyi nodded: “Brother Bei said that my boss was on the way up the mountain by car, and the car fell

down the mountain…even the body can’t be found.” “Fuck, so Miserable !”

“That’s why Qin Anan fainted.” Zhou Ziyi had a headache, “I can’t believe it, and I can’t accept the result.”

“Didn’t you say you suspected murder? Are you sure it wasn’t murder?” Mike almost forgot When was the last time I saw Fu Shiting?

I didn’t even say goodbye to him, I felt very regretful and absurd!

Knowing that he would leave this world so early, Mike would never oppose him again and again.

“Brother Bei said that my boss and Jin Carrier have no entanglement of interests for a long time, and my boss has nothing to do with the st group now. Jin Carrier has no motive or purpose to hurt my boss at all.” Zhou Ziyi said after thinking, ” Before my boss, whether it was an injury or a happy event, Jin Carrier would come to visit and celebrate. I think their personal relationship should be fine.”

“Is that an accident?” Mike frowned and sighed heavily, “No, I I have to go to country y. I’m afraid that Sheng Bei won’t be able to bring Qin An’an back.”

“You can go tomorrow! When Xiaohan comes back, you can tell Xiaohan. And Ruila… If you leave, I don’t know how to tell them.” Zhou Ziyi was very embarrassed.

“Just say what you want to say. Do you think this matter can be kept from them?” After Mike finished speaking, he saw Mrs. Zhang walking out.

Sister Zhang heard their conversation.

When she heard the news of Fu Shiting’s death, she was deeply saddened.

“Mike, go and bring An An back! What if she did something stupid, what would the three children do!” Sister Zhang’s eyes were scarlet, “Oh, it’s really uncomfortable. Fortunately, Ziqiu doesn’t understand anything now. Mike walked over and comforted: “

I know you have served by Fu Shiting’s side for many years, and now you may be sadder than us.”

“Mike, he is a very good person.” Sister Zhang was emotionally broken.

“I know. That’s what Ann said, and so did Rila. I believe he was a good guy.”

“But they didn’t remember him being nice until he died. If they were nice to him before he was alive, they might have It’s not the result.” Aunt Zhang complained in her tone.

“How can a couple not quarrel. Fu Shiting’s death was an accident, and it has nothing to do with Qin An’an.”

“I know… I’m just too uncomfortable, so I said casually, don’t tell An An this.” Sister Zhang Turn back to the room.

Zhou Ziyi took his mobile phone to check the air ticket to country y, and then said, “Listen to Mrs. Zhang, you should go to country y now! It just so happens that there is a flight going there tonight.”

“Yeah. I’m going to the airport now, You stay at home and wait for Xiaohan to come back.” Mike said.

“Do you want me to tell him the truth?”

“Now that Fu Shiting is gone, I can no longer treat Xiaohan as a child. He should learn to take on the responsibilities he has to bear.”

Soon after Mike left, Xiaohan was sent home by a bodyguard.

When Xiaohan saw Zhou Ziyi, he politely greeted him.

“Xiaohan, you just returned to China, are you so busy?” Zhou Ziyi asked with a smile.

“I’m behind my classmates in culture class. I have to make up for it.”

“I must be very tired, right?” Zhou Ziyi said.

“Not tired.” Xiaohan said lightly, “Are you looking for Uncle Mike?”

“No, he just went out and is going to pick up your mother.” Zhou Ziyi asked him to sit down on the sofa, “I want to chat with you. .”

Chapter 1237

Chapter 1237

Xiaohan looked at his face and asked keenly, “Is Fu Shiting dead?”

Zhou Ziyi was stuck in his throat and replied, “Xiaohan, as the eldest son in the family, you need to take care of your sister’s emotions at this time. Because your mother “…”

“What happened to my mother?” Xiao Han frowned, worried.

“Your mother fainted. When she wakes up, I’m afraid the real pain will begin.”

Xiao Han suddenly lowered his eyes, unable to hide the sadness in his eyes.

Zhou Ziyi watched him carry his schoolbag and silently went upstairs to go back to his room, a feeling of grief arose spontaneously.

How hopeful that something can be done to alleviate the damage caused by this bad news.

But when I calmed down, I found that my heart was also riddled with holes.

After Fu Shiting transferred the shares of the st group, Zhou Ziyi never really felt that Fu Shiting left the st group.

So he still works normally every day.

He believed that Fu Shiting would definitely come back in the near future.

Unexpectedly, this is the result.

He didn’t know if he could return to the st group to work normally as usual.

If parents and teachers shaped him when he was a student, then Fu Shiting shaped a brand new him when he was working.

Many people say that Fu Shiting is indifferent, ruthless, ruthless, and arbitrary towards people and things, but only those who really get along with him know that he is a man with flesh and blood.

country y.

Qin Anan woke up slowly after falling asleep for several hours.

She looked at the unfamiliar room, a little lost.

My mind is blank, I can’t remember what happened, but I can clearly feel the pain from my heart.

After Sheng Bei made a phone call, he returned to the room from the balcony.

Seeing her eyes open, Sheng Bei immediately walked to the bed.

“Qin An’an, Mike is here to pick you up. When he arrives, you can go back to China with him!”

“Why did he pick me up?” She stared at Sheng Bei, “Where am I? Why are you in the same room as me?” ?”

Sheng Bei gasped sharply!

He held the phone, his arms raised and lowered.

Here is the hotel.

After she fainted, he took her to the hospital emergency room. After the doctor took a look, he asked him to take her to rest, and she would wake up when the rest was over.

But although she wakes up now, her mental state is worrying!

Is she amnesia? !

“Qin An’an! Please cheer up! Ziyi called me just now and said that your child is very sad, and you must return to China as soon as possible to soothe the child’s emotions.” Sheng Bei said sharply, “If Shi Ting was still alive, he would definitely not want to watch it. You look so sluggish!”

Sheng Bei’s words made Qin Anan remember everything.

The memory loss just now seemed to be a self-protection mechanism activated by the body.

“I see! I’m sober! I can go home… I’m taking him home with me!” She quickly got out of bed.

Sheng Bei pressed her back.

“Look at the weather outside! It’s still raining! The weather forecast shows that it will rain for the next three days! I’m letting you out now, just to let you die!” Sheng Bei would never let her leave the hotel, “You still have three If you die too…”

“Shut up! Sheng Bei, shut up for me!” Qin Anan’s cheeks were flushed, and she bit her every word, “I don’t want to die for love! I’m not going to die! I just have to see his body to believe he really left me!”

Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238

Sheng Bei clenched his fists in both hands and clenched his teeth, not knowing how to convince her.

“Fu Shiting is a living person! He is neither a gust of wind nor a shower of rain! Don’t say he is dead before finding his body! What if he is still in a corner, waiting for rescue? You dare Do you think this is not possible?!”

Qin An’an’s eyes were scarlet, and the words came from the bottom of his heart!

Sheng Bei cried bitterly when she was questioned: “I didn’t want to give up on him! Qin An’an, I’ll take you to the scene to see it! I just find it difficult…”

“I will find him no matter how difficult it is! Qin Anan’s eyes were firm, and his tone was firmer, “Even if I look for him inch by inch, even if the mountain is leveled, I will find him!”


In a luxurious European-style villa.

A subordinate quickly entered from the door.

“Brother Kaili! Qin An’an and Sheng Bei went to the mountain. They are not afraid of death! It’s still raining outside! I don’t think Fu Shiting had a car accident on the mountain, but the two of them are afraid that there will be a car accident on the mountain. .”

Gene Carrier was smoking a cigar, and a thick ring of smoke came out of his mouth.

“I didn’t expect this Qin An’an to be quite strong. I didn’t see what Shi Ting liked in her before, but now I see it. She and Shi Ting have similar personalities, and they are both stubborn!” Jin Kaili frowned. , squinting his eagle eyes, “Let her find it! I think she can last a few days!”

“We don’t care about her?”

“I don’t care about her! As long as she doesn’t come to trouble me, treat her as non-existent!”

“Okay Carrier Brother!” The subordinate nodded, and after two seconds of silence, he asked, “Brother Carrier, how is Fu Shiting? Is he awake?” Jin Carrier stared

at him and snorted: “Don’t ask about things that shouldn’t be asked! When he can do things for me, you will naturally see him!”

“Brother Carrier, I don’t mean anything else. I’m just worried that Qin Anan will find him.”

“This is my territory! Even if Qin Anan really finds him, it is impossible to take him away from me!” Jin Carrier sucked After taking a breath, his deep eyes flashed darkly, “We don’t have to take her seriously at all! Just like when I went to country a a while ago, she didn’t take me seriously!”

“She’s still too young, I’m not sensible. When did Fu Shiting meet you, he was not very respectful…I really don’t know how he adjusts and teaches his wife on weekdays.” His men teased coldly.

“There is no need to mention the past! Shi Ting will not be entangled in love again in the future! I believe he has this determination himself.” Jin Kaili said, and took out a notepad, “This is what he gave me. Reply to the notepad that the housekeeper asked for the night before. He was probably afraid of forgetting some key information after the operation, so he wrote down what he thought was important.” The

subordinate looked at the notepad and was very curious.

“His three children are written on it, but Qin An’an is not written. It shows that he hates Qin An’an deeply. Even if he doesn’t have this operation, he will never have anything to do with Qin An’an again.” Shan


Sheng Bei held an umbrella and pointed out the incident to Qin An’an.

“All the railings here were destroyed. Jin Kaili asked a rescue team to search and rescue. The search and rescue team recovered some auto parts, but other than that, nothing was found.” Shengbei Road.

“Did you find the driver who was killed together?”

“No. It’s such an unfortunate rain! When I came to visit in the morning, I could still see bloodstains, but now the bloodstains have been washed away by the rainstorm.” Sheng Bei said When he got here, he took a deep breath, “Qin An’an, do you really think there is a chance of surviving if you fall from here?”

Qin An’an choked: “It’s theoretically impossible. But I haven’t seen his body, so I don’t think so. I will give up. If the rescue team here can’t be found, I will go to rescue teams from other countries. Even if he really dies, I will take his ashes home.”

Sheng Bei was moved by her sincere feelings: “Okay, I’ll contact the best search and rescue team. It’s already dark, let’s go down the mountain first! If you still want to come, I’ll accompany you tomorrow.”

Qin Anan is like a puppet As usual, he was pulled into the car by Sheng Bei.

Back at the hotel, she didn’t take a bath and just lay down on the bed.

It was probably due to the wind and the rain, her body was cold and her bones were cold.

It was summer, and the air conditioner in the hotel room was running at 24 degrees, and she was huddled with cold.

She can turn off the air conditioner and cover up to keep herself warm. But she was rigid and motionless.

Chapter 1239

Chapter 1239

She imagined in her mind that Fu Shiting was lying in a barren forest and waste rocks, with no food and no water, covered with bruises and bruises, but could not be treated.

The more she thought about it, the more her heart ached.

Tears kept pouring out, soaking the hair on the temples.

After an unknown time, she fell asleep in a daze.

In the second half of the night, there was a strong wind blowing outside!

She was awakened by a nightmare, and when she woke up, she saw that the curtains were constantly beaten against the wall by the strong wind.

Fortunately, the light in the room had never been turned off, otherwise she would have been scared out of her head by the terrifying sound.

She walked quickly to the window, ready to close it.

Surprisingly, the rain stopped outside.

The rain stopped…I don’t know how Shi Ting is now.

As if her soul had been hooked away, she walked towards the door of the room without being controlled by reason.

She wants to find him! Right now, go find him in the mountains!

What if he was still alive, what if she found him?

She remembered that once before, Tang Qiaosen set up a bureau and invited them both to Tang’s house. At that time, his leg was just short, and he went to look for her on the wild mountain near Tang’s house and fell.

At that time, she found him!

Now, she can find him just as well!

A few hours later, a new day kicked off with the continuous rain.

After Sheng Bei received Mike, he took him to the hotel.

Because it was still early, Sheng Bei took Mike to have breakfast first.

“She wants to find Shi Ting’s body. She means to keep looking if she can’t find the body.” Sheng Bei took a sip of coffee, his eyes heavy with exhaustion, “Mike, take her back to China first! I will contact International Rescue. The team will come to search and rescue. If you can’t find him within a month, give up. Because he can’t survive a month under the mountain…”

Mike: “I’m afraid she won’t accept this result.”

“No. So what if you accept it? You can continue to look for it, but it is nothing more than a matter of spending more money. But I don’t recommend her to do so. In addition to the huge search and rescue fee, the energy and emotion she put in is also a sunk cost. I I’m afraid that she will get deeper and deeper and won’t be able to get out, which will affect her future life.”

“I understand what you mean. But I can’t do anything about her at all.” Mike frowned, “I have to force her back to China and lock her up. But in this way, she will hate me for the rest of her life.”

“You persuade her first!”

“I will persuade her for sure. If she insists on looking for it, I can accompany her here for a while. Just as you said, I will give She has a one-month deadline, if she still refuses to leave after a month, I will force her to leave here.”


After the two agreed, they started to eat breakfast.

Half an hour later, Sheng Bei brought Mike to the door of Qin An’an’s room.

Mike rang the doorbell, but there was no response inside.

Mike took out his phone and checked the time.

It’s already eight in the morning.

It stands to reason that she should get up at this point.

Mike frowned and pressed the doorbell again—

Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240

“Mike, don’t press.” Sheng Bei stopped him, “She must have slept all night last night. Let her sleep longer! If she wakes up, she must cry again.”

Mike retracted his hand: “You I haven’t slept all night, have you? Why don’t you go back to your room to sleep? You ask the bodyguard to take me to the place where the accident happened.”

“I can’t sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt like I heard Shi Ting calling me to help. He. I’m very uneasy. I really want to save him, but I really can’t do anything! If Qin An’an’s feelings for Shi Ting are the same as before, she must be more uncomfortable than me.”

“Then let’s wait for her!” Mike said, “I’ll call Ziyi to report safety.”


After Mike walked away, Sheng Bei took out his mobile phone and planned to call the international rescue team he contacted last night.

What we talked about last night was that the rescue team came overnight. After dawn today, the search and rescue work will start immediately.

Because it is still in the golden search and rescue period.

The week before the accident is the most critical moment.

After the golden search and rescue period, the chances of the injured surviving will drop significantly.

In fact, there is no need to wait as long as a month. Generally, the injured person cannot be found after half a month, and it can basically be concluded that they are dead.

Unexpectedly, before he pressed the dial button, the number of the search and rescue team leader called first.

He answered the phone immediately.

“Mr. Sheng, there is a woman here. She has to go down with us to search and rescue… We can’t take her down. If something happens to her, we can’t take the responsibility.”

Sheng Bei’s heart rang a big alarm: “Who is this woman?!” “She said she was Fu Shiting

‘s wife! No matter who she is, we will not take her down! She looks like she has a high fever and must leave here immediately!”

, said sharply: “I know! I’ll go over immediately!”

Hearing Sheng Bei’s voice, Mike immediately hung up the phone and came over: “What’s wrong?”

“Qin An’an went to the mountain! The rescue team said she had to go down the mountain to rescue together, how could this be possible!” Step towards the elevator.

Mike patted his head sharply: “I knew there was no response when I pressed the doorbell, it must be because she was not in the room! You can’t fall asleep when Fu Shiting has an accident, how could she sleep!”

“I was negligent!” Sheng Bei said angrily, “The people in the rescue team said she had a fever, and I have to wonder if she ran to the mountain at night!”

“It’s definitely possible! She never listens to anyone’s orders when she does things. Can’t control her, who can control her?” Mike had a headache.

The elevator stopped at the first floor.

Mike went to the front desk to ask the front desk lady for antipyretics.

Today’s rain is a little less than yesterday, but it’s still a headache.

If it does not rain, the search and rescue work will be better carried out.

The car drove unimpeded all the way up the mountain, and finally stopped at the point of the accident.

After Mike got out of the car, he rushed into the rain and shouted Qin An’an’s name.

Where is Qin Anan? ! There is no sign of her at all!

Sheng Bei catches up with Mike with an umbrella.

“I think she may have gone down with the rescue team.” Sheng Bei muttered.

“She’s crazy! She’s really crazy! When she comes up, I’m going to take her home immediately!” Mike clenched his fingers tightly, looking at the terrain down the mountain in horror, his body couldn’t stop shaking.

He has a mild fear of heights, so he never dares to climb mountains.

When flying, I never dare to look out the window.

If Zhou Ziyi fell down the mountain, he would never dare to take the risk!

Even if there is no fear of heights, it is dangerous to search and rescue in this weather. If Qin An’an didn’t love Fu Shiting, he didn’t have to take such a risk at all!

“Fu Shiting! I’m here to find you! I know you’re not dead! If you hear my voice, you must hold on, and I will find a way to save you!”

Qin Anan sat in the helicopter, holding a horn, yes Shouting to Yamano.

The rescue is divided into two parts.

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