When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1241 -1250 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1241 -1250 (Chinese)

Chapter 1241

Some people are in the helicopter, searching with special thermal imager equipment.

This kind of equipment can only search for living people or living animals.

If Fu Shiting was dead, this equipment would not be able to find him.

Others were placed in various areas under the mountain, looking for them inch by inch.

The search and rescue work started in the morning. About two hours later, the helicopter flew back to the mountain and put Qin Anan down.

The moment Mike saw her, he almost uncontrollably wanted to train her!

“The terrain below is steep, there are many canyons and bushes, and I can’t find his person at all… Mike, if I can’t find him, he will definitely die! What should I do?”

Her head was dizzy , so he rested his head on Mike’s shoulder.

Mike was instantly scalded by her body temperature!

“You have a fever! Qin An’an! Are you dying?!” Mike took out the antipyretic medicine he brought and stuffed it into her mouth, “Hurry up and take the medicine down the mountain! Leave the rescue to the professional rescue team. Go deal with it! Fu Shiting is alive or dead, you can’t control it!”

Qin Anan swallowed the medicine without saying a word, but tears kept streaming down.

“Qin An’an, don’t cry. I’ll take you back first, and we’ll come back when your fever subsides.” Mike softened.

“My head hurts… Mike, my head seems to be splitting…”

Mike picked her up and walked towards the car.

“You have a fever, so your head hurts. Go back and have a good sleep… Maybe when you wake up, they will find Fu Shiting.” Mike comforted against his heart.

He stayed on the mountain for two hours, and after seeing the surrounding terrain, he almost immediately concluded that there was no way that Fu Shiting was still alive.

Reality is not a novel, not a TV series, and there will be no miracle of resurrection.

With Mike’s comfort, Qin Anan finally closed his scarlet eyes.

Back at the hotel, Mike carried Qin Anan to the bed, covered her with a quilt, and waited for her fever to subside.

He paced up and down the room, thinking about whether to take her home while she was sick.

Fu Shiting is dead, absolutely dead!

Searching further will yield no results.

As the saying goes, long pain is worse than short pain! If someone has to be the villain, let him be the villain!


Today is the fourth day after Fu Shiting’s surgery.

Typically, patients wake up 24 hours after surgery.

But today is the fourth day, and the nurse came to round the room in the morning, and he was still in a coma.

Jin Carrier was very dissatisfied with this.

After breakfast in the morning, he came to the hospital.

The dean, the chief surgeon, and the nurse who looked after Fu Shiting were all scolded by him!

“If he doesn’t wake up today, the three of you must die!” Jin Kaili’s roar spread throughout the entire floor, “Speak! Which of you will die first!” The

dean and the chief surgeon stepped back one after another. step.

They don’t want to die!

Obviously there were no accidents during the operation, but Fu Shiting didn’t wake up! They also don’t know what’s going on.

The nurse threw a fright and knelt on the ground.

“Brother Kerry, when I scrubbed Mr. Fu’s body this morning, his hands twitched! He didn’t move a few days ago! He moved today! Please give me two more days!” the

nurse cried. After saying these words, a bodyguard strode over.

“Brother Kelly! Fu Shiting is awake.”

Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242

After the plane landed at the capital airport of country a, Mike immediately called an ambulance.

Qin An’an had a high fever since yesterday. After taking the antipyretic, the fever only subsided for a while.

On the plane, he asked the flight attendant for antipyretics and gave her a second fever.

As a result, this time the fever subsided was shorter than the previous one.

She soon continued to burn again.

And the body temperature is higher than the first burn.

When Mike took her off the plane, he felt that her body temperature had reached over forty degrees.

Her body began to twitch and babble, and she lost her mind.

If he knew that her fever would be so severe this time, Mike would never take her home while she was sick.

The ambulance came quickly. After putting Qin Anan into the ambulance, Mike went to the hospital with the car.

Since the news of Fu Shiting’s death spread a few days ago, the rumors about Fu Shiting in the whole city have not stopped.

This time Qin Anan was rushed to the hospital, which made people wonder whether her illness was related to Fu Shiting’s death.

“The st group has never denied the news of Fu Shiting’s death.”

“The st group has nothing to do with Fu Shiting for a long time! So whether the news is true or false, they will not speak out.”

“It’s ironic, the st group of the st group has taken it. The capital letters of the word Shiting. It turns out that it doesn’t belong to Fu Shiting now, so will the st group change its name next?”

“I don’t know if the st group will change its name, I only know that Fu Shiting should really be dead. Do a search. You can find relevant news on the news of country y. It is said that he had a car accident on the mountain, and now the rescue team is looking for someone on the mountain… It has been almost a week, and no one has been found. What’s worse, from After he had a car accident, it started to rain heavily in country Y. This is God’s death!”

“What was Qin An’an’s condition when he was sent in?”

“It was said that he had been burning for a day and a night, and the high fever could not go down.”

Several doctors chatted in the office.

“She came back from country y. Maybe Fu Shiting really died, that’s why she became sick.”

“They must have really loved each other, otherwise they wouldn’t have had so many children.”

“But Qin Anan is also a very capable woman. Others say that she relied on Fu Shiting to help her rebuild the Qin Group, but she did not rely on Fu Shiting for an technology abroad.”

“She did not rely on Fu Shiting abroad, but she did rely on other men! There are several men around her who She is so determined! For example, the blond man who brought her to the hospital today.”

“Miss Qin has just been widowed, let’s have some morals!” The

Sheng family.

Sheng’s mother called Sheng Bei, but no one answered.

Mother Sheng discussed it with her husband last night and decided to let Sheng Bei marry Yun Xiaoxiao into the family as soon as possible, so that when Yun Xiaoxiao gave birth to a child, it would be justifiable.

But Sheng’s mother called her son for two days in a row, but couldn’t get through.

Yun Xiaoxiao: “Are you calling Sheng Bei? He went to my second brother.”

“I know, but he doesn’t have time to connect the phone, right?” Mother Sheng put down the phone, “I want to Let him give you a place. Didn’t you say you want to go to school again? My uncle and I think that you should focus on your children now. You can go to school anytime, and if something goes wrong with your child, it will be too late to regret it. “

Yun Xiaoxiao waved his hands again and again and refused, “Auntie, I’m not suitable for Sheng Bei.”

“I know you despise him for being old…but you are pregnant with his child. If you don’t marry him, who are you going to marry?” Mother Sheng persuaded her heartily, “If your second brother hadn’t died, , I’m sure I wouldn’t dare to say that to you. Your second brother is gone now, you have no backer, and others will not look down on you. Only when you are with Sheng Bei will you not be bullied.”

“Auntie, I said that I was not suitable for him, not only because I didn’t like him, but also because he didn’t like me.” Yun Xiaoxiao said bluntly, “The matter of the child…”

Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243

“I’ll take care of him! When he comes back, I promise to let him marry you!” Sheng’s mother made a promise to her, “My request to you is that you don’t need to work or go to school for the time being. You just stay at home and raise your baby. I will find a nanny to serve you.”

Yun Xiaoxiao looked embarrassed, and an idea came to her mind: “Auntie, although my second brother is dead, my second sister-in-law is still there. I have to tell her about this first.”

“Oh…you said Qin An’an! Will she take care of your business?” Mother Sheng asked.

“Never mind! She treats me very well.” Yun Xiaoxiao is now caught between Sheng Bei and Sheng Bei’s parents, very embarrassed, unable to make up his mind.

Mainly because Sheng Bei’s parents were too kind to her.

She really didn’t say anything too cruel to make them sad.

So she needs to wait for Qin Anan to come back and let Qin Anan help her decide.

After Qin Anan was sent to the emergency room, the doctor immediately injected her with antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs.

By evening, her temperature finally returned to normal.

Her face was pale and bloodless, but fortunately she woke up.

“Qin An’an, you’re finally awake!” Mike said excitedly when she saw her eyes open, “If you don’t wake up again, I’ll collapse.”

Qin An’an had no strength.

She glanced at Mike with a dull expression, then began to look around.

“You have a high fever, and you can’t get rid of the fever in country y, so I’ll take you back to China for treatment.” Mike made an excuse with a guilty conscience.

She did not doubt what Mike said, because she felt that she was indeed sick.

“Shi Ting…”

“Looking for it. Shengbei invited the best rescue team in the world to search on that mountain day and night. If you can find it, there will definitely be news. If you can’t find it…then accept it. Reality. No matter how reluctant you are, you have to accept it.” Mike held her pinned hand to prevent her from breaking down.

Qin Anan pulled his hand back from his big palm.

“Mike, if I die, you will help me take care of the child, right?” After a moment of silence, she heard a cool voice.

If she did die, of course Mike would help her take care of the children.

But if she was trying to find fault with herself, of course he would not agree!

“You think too much! I have my life, and I don’t care about your three oil bottles! If you die, I will send your three children to the orphanage and let them be adopted by others! As well-behaved and smart as Rila, she will definitely be adopted by a wealthy family, but not your two sons…”

Mike said this deliberately, so that she did not dare to die.

“You’re mad at me on purpose.” Qin Anan’s vision was blurred and his voice was choked.

“Qin An’an, I only owe you, not your children. Why should I raise children for you? If you really die, I will really send them to the orphanage. If you don’t believe it, then try!” Mike spoke harshly.

Qin Anan turned his head to the side, not wanting to see him, nor to continue arguing with him about this issue.

For a moment just now, she really wanted to follow Fu Shiting away.

But Mike’s words made her wake up.

In life, there are eight out of ten unsatisfactory things.

The pain she is experiencing now is called life and death.

Everyone will meet.

From the time her father left her, she knew that she would be leaving, not just one or two, but everyone.

Chapter 1244

Chapter 1244

Sure enough, then the mother left, and now Fu Shiting is gone.

In the end, she will also leave this world.

All the stories and rumors about her in this world will fade little by little with the passage of time.

Until the end, all the marks about her existence in this world disappeared.

Like Big Brother Wei said, if death is beyond the time limit, then she hopes that there will never be an afterlife.

About an hour later, Mother Sheng came over after hearing the news.

Mike was a little surprised when he saw Sheng’s mother.

“Sheng Bei called me, I asked Qin An’an, he said she had returned to China, and I said I wanted to see her…”

“Oh, Sheng Bei did call me just now to ask where we were. Mike said, “Qin An’an has just gone down with her fever. Because of Fu Shiting, her mental state is not very good. I’ll go and ask her first.”

“Okay, tell her that I’m here for Xiaoxiao’s business.” Sheng mother road.

Mike was at a loss, but he went in and conveyed what Mother Sheng meant.

Within two minutes, Mike opened the door of the ward and let Mother Sheng go in.

Qin Anan leaned against the head of the bed, holding her spirits strong.

“An An, are you okay?” Mother Sheng put the fruits and flowers she brought on the cabinet, then sat down beside the hospital bed, “You may not remember me, when you married Shi Ting, I went to I’ve been to your wedding scene.”

“Why don’t I remember you? I talked to you at that time!” Qin Anan put on a smile.

“Well, I heard that you are not feeling well, so I came to see you. An An, you are still young, and you still have a long way to go. Don’t be defeated by the pain at the moment. Sheng Bei and Shi Ting are as close as brothers, even if he is not there. Now, if you have any difficulties in the future, just say something, and Sheng Bei will definitely help you.”

“I know.” She asked, “What happened to Xiaoxiao?”

“Isn’t she pregnant with Sheng Bei’s child? Sheng Bei is not at home now, so I discussed it with his father, Xiaoxiao is Shi Ting’s younger sister, we can’t treat him badly. Xiaoxiao. So we are going to let Sheng Bei marry Xiaoxiao. I talked to Xiaoxiao, what Xiaoxiao means is that although Shi Ting is gone, you are still here, and you have to listen to this matter. “

Qin Anan was startled by this incident . live.

Xiaoxiao’s child is indeed from Shengbei.

“Did she really say that?” Qin Anan didn’t expect Yun Xiaoxiao to leave the decision to her.

“Yes, after all, she is not old and has no elders around, so she is more dependent on you now.”

“If she decides to give birth to a child, it is naturally better to live with Sheng Bei. I believe that Sheng Bei will look at Shi Ting. Treat her kindly in the face of her.”

“An An, I am relieved to hear your words. You can rest assured in the hospital to recuperate. Sheng Bei will help with Shi Ting’s funeral. We will come again when this matter is over. Discuss the marriage of Xiaoxiao and Sheng Bei. What do you think? “

Qin Anan nodded.

After Mother Sheng left, Mike strode in.

“What happened to Yun Xiaoxiao?” Mike asked.

“Can I go?” She glanced at the ward, feeling depressed, and wanted to leave here.

“You can’t go yet.” Mike walked over to the hospital bed. “The doctor drew your blood and took it for a test. You have to live here until the results come out. Besides, you really want to go back to face like this. To Xiaohan?”

She sighed and lay down on the hospital bed again.

“Mike, my head hurts… I may not live long.” She whispered, “If I die of illness, I will give you all my property, you just need to help me take care of my three children and grow up Just anyone.”

Mike listened to her babbling about this, and his head also started to hurt.

“Does your head really hurt that much?” Mike sat down by the bed and grabbed her arm with his big palms, “It’s a pity that I can’t do the test today, so I can only do it tomorrow. I’ll go and ask the doctor to give you an order first. I’ll take you to do it.”

She retracted her arm and changed her frustrated attitude: “I’m fine… I’m a little sleepy, I’ll sleep for a while.”

“Qin An’an, Sheng Bei let you escape once, I Stay in the ward tonight, you have a good rest, and don’t want to go anywhere.” Mike said firmly, “When you wake up tomorrow, go for a general examination, I want to see if you are really dying of illness. already.”

Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245

Qin Anan turned his back to him and didn’t answer his words.

She said just now that she had a headache and thought she might die of illness, which was true.

Missing Fu Shiting became a heartbreaker, which led to depression and suicide, which is also true.

From childhood to adulthood, every time she encounters difficulties and setbacks, she will do psychological construction for herself in her heart and redeem herself.

But this time, she was so tired.

Even though there are still three children to take care of, she is willing, but powerless.

After dinner, Mike asked the doctor for a checklist and put it on the cabinet.

Qin Anan was lying on the bed, looking at her mobile phone.

“Didn’t you say headache? I asked the nurse for some painkillers for you.” Mike handed her the medicine, “Would you like to take one?”

“I’m feeling better now.” She said, “You take the medicine Put it on the table, and I’ll eat it later when I have a headache.”

“Don’t play with your phone. The news about Fu Shiting on the Internet is overwhelming, and it’s disgusting. Don’t make yourself unhappy.” Mike stood beside the hospital bed, remind.

“I didn’t watch the news. I was replying to a friend’s message.” She showed him the screen of her phone. “Many people send me messages, but I can’t help but reply.”

“There are still many people who care about you. The world is not gone. No one can run.”

“Well, without Fu Shiting, the sun will still rise. Without me, the earth rotates on its own.” She seemed to be answering his question seriously, and seemed to be joking.

As soon as his scalp exploded, he always felt that her words meant: I’m going to die with Fu Shiting! After all, the world can’t run without anyone.

“Qin An’an!” Mike shouted angrily.

“Have you taken a shower?” she said tepidly. “You smell of sweat. Even if you don’t have any clothes on, why don’t you take a shower? Otherwise, if you stay in the same house for one night, I don’t care. You are dizzy.”

Mike gritted his teeth and turned to go to the bathroom.

Qin Anan put down the phone after replying the message. Pick up the painkiller from the table and swallow it.

Since you can’t escape, take medicine and get a good night’s sleep.

the same moment.

Li Xiaotian received Qin An’an’s reply message.

“Husband, what does An An mean when she says she’s fine?” Li Xiaotian didn’t believe she was fine now.

“She was afraid that you would be worried, so she said she was fine.” He Zhunzhi translated, “I can’t contact Brother Bei right now, so it can be seen that the situation in country Y is definitely not good.”

“She said she was going to sleep, I still think Let’s call her! Forget it, I’ll call her tomorrow.” Li Xiaotian was worried, “If she was crying, I wouldn’t be so worried. But she said she was fine… .”

“Little sweet, I understand what you mean. But since she said she was going to sleep, it means that she doesn’t want to be disturbed now. You can contact her again tomorrow!”


The next morning.


The doctor pushed open Qin An’an’s ward door, walked to Mike’s side, and patted him awake.

“Where’s Qin An’an?” The doctor asked, looking at the empty hospital bed.

Mike slept on the side of the bed.

Hearing the doctor’s words, he looked at the empty bed and was shocked.

“The results of her blood test came out yesterday. There are several abnormal data, and further examination is necessary.” The doctor said, “Go and find her quickly.”

Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246

Mike’s brain exploded!

It’s not that I was shocked by the doctor’s words, but that Qin Anan was gone!

damn it! He promised to guard her so that she could not escape, but she escaped again while he was asleep!

Don’t think, don’t ask, she must be on the flight to country y by now.

Seeing that Mike didn’t speak, the doctor rushed out and grabbed him immediately: “Did you hear what I said just now? She has to come back for an examination…”

“I see! When I find her, I will I will take her to the hospital for examination! But there should be no way to come to your place for examination! Most of her have already left the country!” Mike said in a hurry.

“Oh, it’s fine. As long as she can go for the checkup, she can do it anywhere.”

“Does your hospital not look at patients? How can patients be allowed to walk around?” Mike asked.

“This…we are a hospital here, not a prison. If patients can move on their own, of course they can go wherever they want, but if they go out on their own while in the hospital and something happens, our hospital is irresponsible. .” “Okay, I’ll go to the

hospital now.”

“Okay, I’ll give you a discharge order. But you really need to find her quickly. Not only does she have a problem with the test results, but she also has a lung infection that needs to be Hospitalization. If she refuses to be hospitalized, she must take medicine to control her.” The doctor reminded her.

“Got it! It’s a headache!” Mike patted his head, “Why the hell did I fall asleep last night!”

This time Qin Anan ran away, and Mike wasn’t sure he could get her back.

country y.

After Qin Anan arrived at the airport, he took a taxi directly to the mountain.

It’s not raining much today, so I won’t get wet without an umbrella.

Rescue teams are still continuing to rescue.

She stood at the site of the accident, looking at the long bushes and rocks below, her fingers clenched tightly.

At this moment, life and death are between her thoughts.

If she just jumped down like this, she could go to accompany Fu Shiting!

“Miss Qin, why are you here again?” A rescue worker saw her and greeted her immediately, “How did you go up the mountain? No one came with you? By the way, are you feeling better?

” People’s concern, let her reason back to the body.

“Thank you for your concern. I’m in good health. Is there any progress in the rescue work?” she asked.

“Yes… I found a lot of things, including pieces of clothes, a small amount of blood, and car parts…”

She heard the words and immediately took out her mobile phone and dialed it to Sheng Bei.

Whose clothes are the pieces?

Whose blood is it?

How much she hoped it was Fu Shiting’s, but she didn’t want it to be his.

If it is his, it means that he will not live without seeing people and dead without seeing corpses!

But if it is his, it also means that he may really be killed.

Sheng Bei answered the phone with an anxious tone: “Qin An’an, have you come to country Y again? Do you know how anxious Mike is?”

“Sheng Bei, whose clothes are the pieces found? Who is the blood stain? Is it Shi Ting’s?” Qin Anan asked without answering.

“It’s not his. The test results are out. It’s from the fellow driver. I haven’t found anything related to Shi Ting yet.” Sheng Bei answered her question and said, “Stay on the mountain and don’t move, I’ll pick you up. .”

Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247

She held the phone and murmured: “It’s not Shi Ting’s… Didn’t find anything in Shi Ting… Shi Ting is definitely still alive…”

Sheng Bei listened Her heart hurts at her babbling.

A week has passed, and it is almost impossible for Fu Shiting to be alive.

He may have been thrown far away the moment he fell.

Because the current search and rescue scope is not large enough, there are several places where it is difficult for search and rescue personnel to enter.

When the search and rescue scope expands, maybe he will be found…

but by then, it will be too late.

An hour later, Sheng Bei met Qin An’an.

She stood at the site of the accident, stiff like a petrified statue.

Sheng Bei grabbed her arm and pulled her into the car.

“It’s not long since your fever subsided, don’t catch a cold again.” Sheng Bei said sharply, “Mike is very worried about you. After he asks me to find you, he will take you to the hospital.”

“I’m fine, why should I go to the hospital?” She looked coldly At him, he stubbornly said, “I’m going to find Jin Carrier. You take me to him!”

“What are you doing with Jin Carrier?” Sheng Bei retorted, “Do you think he killed Shi Ting? It was him. So what? Qin An’an, this is his territory, and we are not his opponents at all. Calm down and wait for Shi Ting’s body to be found. Let’s bring Shi Ting back to China and let him go to the ground for safety.”

“I don’t want to find him . To take revenge, I’ll ask him for Shi Ting.” Qin Anan choked, “I think he hid Shi Ting. Otherwise, how could there be no dead or dead? It doesn’t make sense! The rescue team has been looking for a week, how could it be half-hearted? No corpse could be found… The corpse must have been transferred long ago!”

Sheng Bei’s heart twitched: “Why does Jin Kaili want Shi Ting’s corpse? Jin Kaili is a businessman, not a corpse lover. , I can’t think of a reason for him to do this!”

“You can’t think of the reason, because you are a normal person.” Qin An’an’s doubts became heavier and heavier, “Don’t you think it’s strange? We came here, but Jin Kaili seemed to have disappeared, completely hiding from his face, did he? Guilty? He has to give me an explanation!”

“He explained it to me. His subordinate said he was too sad and was hospitalized.”

“Oh, let’s go to the hospital to see him!” Qin Anan got into the car, “Do you have his number? Or you can contact his staff. If he doesn’t see me, I’ll go to his house to find him.”

“Do you know where his house is?”

“I don’t know, but I can ask. I You can log in to Shi Ting’s social account, and there are mutual friends between him and Jin Carrier.”

Seeing that she was so determined, Sheng Bei immediately called Jin Carrier’s men and asked where Jin Carrier was now.

An hour later, Sheng Bei brought Qin An’an to Jin Kaili’s mansion.

After layers of security checks, they finally entered the living room.

Gene Carrier received them.


Qin Anan sat down near Jin Carrier.

“Miss Qin, long time no see. You are much more haggard than the last time we met.” Jin Kaili said sarcastically, “I am also very saddened by Shi Ting’s death.”

“I don’t think you are sad at all.” Qin Anan stared at him His face, word by word, “If he is still alive, you can’t hide him. If he dies and you occupy his body, aren’t you afraid that he will turn into a ghost and ask for your life?!”

“Tsk tsk Miss Qin, you are so angry, I’m really afraid that you will become a ghost and come to me in the future.” Jin Kaili retaliated viciously, “I was polite to you before, and it was all because of Shi Ting! Now Shi Ting No, do you think I’ll take you seriously?”

“Jin Kaili, Qin Anan just wants a truth. Not only her, but I also need the truth. The rescue team has been working for a week, but found nothing. Does this make sense?” Sheng Bei interjected.

“So you came to find the person I want him?” Jin Kaili sneered, “Okay, I’ll give it to you.”

After speaking, he winked at his subordinates.

After a moment, his subordinates held a piece and walked to Qin An’an.

Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248

This is a black notepad.

“Qin An’an, I’m not going to mention some things, because you have three children. Shi Ting is gone, and you still have to live in the future.” Jin Kaili said, “You should recognize his handwriting. He is the most important person to him, but he doesn’t have your name. No matter whether he is alive or dead, he doesn’t have you in his heart!”

Qin Anan took the notepad, opened it, and saw Fu Shiting’s handwriting at a glance.

She was very familiar with Fu Shiting’s handwriting. As familiar as he is.

After reading what he wrote, she pursed her lips and was speechless for a long time.

Sheng Bei came over, took a look, and asked Jin Carrier: “Why did Shi Ting write this?”

“He wrote it if he wanted to, and I didn’t force him to write it.” Jin Carrier said, “Enough is enough” “I have been friends with Shi Ting for many years, and I will never harm him! If you’ve had enough trouble, go back to country a!”

“Jin Kaili, where is his body? Even if you don’t let us take his body away. , at least let us see him once!” Sheng Bei said unwillingly.

“Sheng Bei, I won’t go around in circles with you anymore. You take Qin An’an away now and go back to country a. Maybe you will have a chance to see him in the future. If you continue to bother me here, I can tell you for sure. You guys, you don’t want to see him in your life!”

Jin Kaili finished speaking impatiently, got up and left the living room.

Qin Anan wanted to chase after her, but Sheng Bei grabbed her arm.

“An’an, don’t be impulsive.” Sheng Bei whispered, “Listening to his tone, Shi Ting is indeed in his hands now. Maybe timing Ting is not dead yet, he is rescuing…”


“I guess. He told us to go back to country a now. Or…” “

You go back. I won’t go back.” Qin Anan stubbornly said, “I want to be alone. Just before hotel to stay.”

“How long do you stay?” Sheng Bei pulled her out of Jin Carrier’s house, “How can I be at ease when you are alone?”

“Sheng Bei, I’m no longer a child. I just want to get closer to Shi Ting. If there is any news about him, I can find him as soon as possible.”

Of course Sheng Bei would not leave her alone in country y.

“Your mother looked for me.” Qin Anan changed the subject, “You better go back to China! Take advantage of Xiaoxiao’s belly still not big, hurry up and hold the wedding.”

Sheng Bei: “???”

She was talking What? Why can’t he understand?

“What does it matter to me if her belly is big?” Sheng Bei vaguely felt that something was wrong, “What wedding? Wouldn’t you let me marry her?!”

“It seems your mother hasn’t told you yet. You should hurry back to China. Take care of your own affairs first, then worry about me.” Qin Anan said calmly, “Didn’t you say Mike is here?”

“I don’t worry about you anymore!” Sheng Beihuoda, “What the hell are you doing? ……How is it possible for me and Yun Xiaoxiao! The child in her womb is not mine! Why should I marry her?!”

“How do you know the child in her womb is not yours?” Qin Anan retorted.

“I’ve never done it with her! How could her child be mine? I fucked it up! It must be Yun Xiaoxiao who told my mother that the child in her womb is mine, and my mother wanted me to marry her! Mom wants to hug her grandson and she’s going crazy. When she sees a woman, she wants someone else to give birth to me! No, I have to go back right away! This woman Yun Xiaoxiao is too bad!”

Sheng Bei sent Qin An’an to the hotel , leave for the airport.

Qin Anan didn’t check in at the hotel.

She took Fu Shiting’s notepad and walked aimlessly on the streets of a foreign country, thinking about what to do next.

What is certain now is that Fu Shiting is in the hands of Jin Carrier.

No matter if Fu Shiting is dead or alive, she will take him back from Jin Kaili.

Fu Shiting is hers, life is hers, death is her ghost!

Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249

Even if this is Jin Carrier’s territory, she won’t let Jin Carrier bully her!

About four hours later, Mike arrived at the airport in country y.

He turned on his mobile phone and saw the message from Sheng Bei: Qin Anan was in the previous hotel, there is an urgent matter in our country, so he will go back to China first!

Mike cursed lowly: “This guy, why did you leave Qin An’an here alone! She’s left alone, who knows what she can do!”

He dialed Qin An’an’s number.

Fortunately, she answered the phone.

“Mike, Shi Ting may not be dead! He’s in Jin Carrier’s hands. I’m not so uncomfortable now. So I don’t need you to accompany me.” Her tone was indeed much more relaxed, “Go back and help me. Look at the child. Wang Wanzhi has already returned to country a, I’m afraid she will do something.”

“You go back to China with me!”

“As I said, Shi Ting is not dead. I want to stay here and inquire about his whereabouts. . I’ve called my bodyguard, he’ll be here soon. I know what I’m doing. I’m definitely not going to confront Gene Carrier.”

Mike felt her return to normal.

“You asked me to leave now?”

“Yes. You go back and look at the company and the children. I will call you every day.”

“Okay…” Mike agreed after two seconds, and immediately went back, “No way. Your blood test result is abnormal, the doctor asked you to go to the hospital for further examination!”

“I can do the examination here. I am a little sleepy today, and when the bodyguard arrives tomorrow, I will ask the bodyguard to accompany me to the hospital.”

“I will wait. After you have done the examination, make sure it is not a big problem and then go back. In case you are seriously ill…”

“Don’t curse me! If I’m really seriously ill, I’ll cure it! I won’t die until I find Fu Shiting!” She said this, her tone softened a bit, “Mike, my own body Clear. After learning that Shi Ting may still be alive, I feel much more relaxed. Now I am more worried about Wang Wanzhi’s idea of ​​harassing my company, and also afraid that she will hurt my child.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go back to China. You I have to go for an inspection tomorrow, and when the results come out, send them to me immediately. If you don’t go for the inspection, I will come to you.” Mike reminded.

“Got it.”

After the call, Qin Anan stopped a car on the side of the road and reported to a hotel near Jin Kaili’s house.

She was blank to Jin Carrier.

Taking this opportunity, she wanted to inquire more about him.

See if you can find Fu Shiting’s whereabouts secretly.

After checking in at the hotel, she went to a nearby pharmacy to buy medicine.

Although the fever subsided, her cough did not subside.

She originally planned to take the medicine when she went to the hospital for an examination tomorrow, but she was afraid that her condition would worsen sharply.

The word “death” came out of his mouth lightly, but when he thought that if he really died, he wouldn’t even know what the truth was, and his heart was full of unwillingness.

At night, bodyguards came. Live in the room next to Qin An’an.

The next morning, accompanied by bodyguards, she went to a nearby hospital for an examination.

After the blood was drawn in the laboratory, the bodyguard stayed here to wait for the results, while Qin Anan went to another department for examination.

When she was looking for the elevator, she heard a commotion in the lobby on the first floor.

At this moment, she was standing by the railing of the corridor on the second floor, following the sound and looking downstairs—

I saw dozens of bodyguards in black, protecting the people in wheelchairs, and quickly heading for the exit of the hospital.

Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250

There are many of them and they walk very fast, so Qin Anan can’t see who the person in the wheelchair is at all.

You can’t even see the back.

Those bodyguards were burly and completely covered the person in the wheelchair.

She had a strong premonition in her heart that the person in the wheelchair was Fu Shiting!

Her heart was beating violently!

She seemed to have smelled Fu Shiting’s breath.

She ran uncontrollably towards the rolling elevator.

She’s going to see who’s in that wheelchair!

When she came down from the second floor, the person in the wheelchair had been pushed into the RV by the bodyguard!

She saw the RV door slam shut.

She saw nothing!

The bodyguards ‘whoosh’ and got into different cars.

Soon, several cars rushed out like sharp swords!

She felt like someone had pressed the pause button, no sound came out of her throat, she could only watch them disappear.

After being dazed for a few seconds, a thought flashed through her mind quickly.

The cars were heading in the direction of Kim Carrier’s house.

If the man in the wheelchair is Fu Shiting, then they must have gone to Jin Carrier’s house.

She could get the answer now as long as she went to Jin Carrier’s house.

in the hospital.

After waiting for a while, the bodyguard got Qin An’an’s laboratory test.

He glanced at the list, and there are several data items in red font, which should indicate that these data are abnormal.

But he couldn’t understand the impact of these abnormal data.

He took the list and went to Qin Anan.

Qin Anan originally told him that he was going to have a CT scan of the lungs, but the bodyguard waited outside the CT room for a long time without waiting for her.

He immediately took out his cell phone and dialed her.

She answered the phone: “I’m outside now, you are waiting for me at the hospital, I’ll go back soon.” The

bodyguard asked, “Why did you run outside? Where are you now? I’ll find you!”

“I’m in Jinan Near Carrier’s house. I plan to go back to the hospital immediately.” She squatted outside Jin Carrier’s house for a while, but did not see the cars she saw in the hospital.

She suspected herself of being paranoid.

The person in the wheelchair might not be Fu Shiting.

“Boss, can you tell me something first? You run around like this, it’s hard for me to do it! If something happens to you, Mike will trouble me!” The bodyguard complained.

“I’m your boss, why should I report my whereabouts to you.”

“Because I want to protect you! If I don’t know where you are, how can I protect you?” The

bodyguard’s words made Qin Anan silent for a moment: ” I was in a hurry to leave. I thought I found Fu Shiting, so I forgot to tell you.”

“Are you hallucinating? If Fu Shiting was still alive and he saw the news of his death in the sky, do you think he would be indifferent? ?” The bodyguard raised his doubts, “There is something wrong with your test results, I will take a picture for you to see. You go back to the hospital immediately.”


After hanging up, Qin Anan saw the photo sent by the bodyguard.

She zoomed in on the picture and saw her unusual data.

She was anemic and had coagulation abnormalities.

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