When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1261 -1270 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1261 -1270 (Chinese)

Chapter 1261

But seeing Qin An’an’s pale face, the bodyguard didn’t want her to force her way, so he agreed.

a country.

Sheng Bei drove to the Xinghewan Villa.

He was very messy inside and didn’t know how to face Yun Xiaoxiao, but… since she was the woman who was at the hotel that night and was pregnant with his child, he must be responsible for her and the child.

Even if he can’t marry her, he must support her.

Sheng Bei got out of the car and strode to the gate of the villa to change his shoes.

Yun Xiaoxiao was eating fruit in the living room, and when he saw Sheng Bei standing at the door changing his shoes, he was completely dumbfounded.

What is he doing here?

Certainly not for her.

In that case, she should go back to her room!

I can’t help but quarrel with him.

The more she thought about it last night, the more unwilling she became.

If his parents weren’t there yesterday, she would definitely have to scold him before leaving.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, where are you going?” Sheng Bei changed his shoes, and when he saw her getting up to leave, he immediately stopped her, “I’m here to find you! You go back to the sofa and sit down, let’s talk.

” What? What can we talk about?” Yun Xiaoxiao said so, but she still went back to the sofa and sat down.

“Talk about the night we were in the hotel before and what we did that night.” Sheng Bei’s face was ashen, he walked up to her and stopped, “I already know! If I hadn’t gone to your former company and asked about it, what would you do? Hide me for the rest of your life?!”

“It’s funny, isn’t this your own problem?” Yun Xiaoxiao retorted, “Other men will be like you, no one will know when they sleep at night? If you sleep ugly, you will too. Do you agree? Or are you saying you’ve always been so nonchalant?”

Sheng Bei: “…”

anger! Guilty! Speechless!

“I wasn’t like this before.” He slumped down beside her.

“I don’t care about what you did in the past.” She said calmly, and said with disgust, “The sofa is so big, you have to sit next to me? You stay away from me.”

A sense of frustration, in Sheng Bei’s heart Comes to life!

He didn’t move because the matter wasn’t settled.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, tell me, how to solve the problem of the child? What do you want?”

Yun Xiaoxiao: “I want you to stay away from me!”

Sister Zhang heard the movement and immediately poured a glass of water for Sheng Bei and brought it over .

Sheng Bei took the water glass, thanked him, and took a sip.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, I was wrong about what happened before. I’m confused, I shouldn’t question you. I shouldn’t drive you away either… It’s my responsibility that you are like this now, I’ll make up for you! You talk to me first. I’m going back…”

“I won’t go to your house!” Yun Xiaoxiao said uncomfortably, “I have already found someone to support me, I don’t need you to worry about my child’s life.”

Sheng Bei nodded . Wu Shui : “It’s only been one night, and you found the man who took the order?”

Yun Xiaoxiao picked up the cup on the coffee table and took a sip: “Yeah! What are you doing so unexpectedly? Get on me?”

Sheng Bei grabbed the water cup in his hand, raised his hand and wanted to throw it –

“Hey! This is Qin An’an’s cup!” Yun Xiaoxiao quickly reminded, “If you want to be angry, go back to your house! “

Sheng Bei left in anger!

Yun Xiaoxiao exhaled heavily!

very scary!

country y.

Qin An’an’s bodyguard came to Jin Carrier’s house, gathered up his courage, and pressed the doorbell.

Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262 It

happened that Jin Carrier was at home.

After his subordinates reported the situation, Jin Kaili was very curious, so he asked his subordinates to let Qin An’an guard in.

The bodyguard did not expect to enter Jin Carrier’s house so smoothly, and was a little panicked.

But since it comes, it will be safe. If you can help Qin Anan contact Fu Shiting, it will be even better.

During the security check, all the daggers and hidden weapons on the bodyguards were seized.

The bodyguard was extremely regretful in his heart, but he pretended that nothing had happened.

He has been with Qin An’an for a long time, and is deeply influenced by Qin An’an’s temperament.

Arriving at the living room of Jin’s house, the bodyguard saw Jin Carrier and greeted him politely: “Hello, Mr. Jin.”

“Call me Brother Carrier.”

“Brother Kelly, hello. I’m Qin An’an’s bodyguard. I came to see you today because my boss Qin An’an has something to ask for.” The

bodyguard sat down on the sofa next to him and said calmly.

“Oh? She’s still in country y?” Jin Kaili thought that Sheng Bei took Qin An’an away, but she didn’t expect her to be obedient at all.

“Yes. But she will go back to China soon. She gave up because she heard that Fu Shiting married your daughter.” The bodyguard lied without blinking, “Before she wants to go back to China, she will see Fu Shiting and bless him face to face.”

Jin Carrier raised his thick eyebrows in disbelief.

But the appearance of the bodyguard does not look like a lie at all.

“Are you sure she wants to bless Shi Ting and my daughter, not to make trouble?” Jin Kaili said sarcastically.

“What’s the matter with her? She’s so small, she has no power to hold a chicken, can she make trouble?” The bodyguard teased, “Furthermore, Fu Shiting has nothing now, and coming here to be your son-in-law is a tall order. I The boss is very happy for him.”

“You speak so nicely! It’s a pity, you are Qin An’an’s bodyguard.” Jin Kaili laughed, “Well, go back and tell Qin An’an, I can let her see Fu Shiting, but after seeing this , she must go back to country a. Shi Ting has started a new life with my daughter, and I don’t want to see his ex-wife disturbing their lives from time to time.”

“Okay! I’ll tell my boss when I go back. Did they meet?” the bodyguard asked.

“Tomorrow! He’s not free today.”

“Okay. Then I won’t disturb you!” The bodyguard said and left immediately.

I didn’t expect this trip to be so smooth.

He returned to the hotel and saw Qin An’an reading with a black notepad.

He knocked on the door and came in, but she didn’t notice.

“Boss, what are you looking at?”

Qin Anan closed the notepad: “How is it? Have you heard the news?”

“I went directly to Jin’s house and settled with Jin Kaili. He said he would arrange for you to meet tomorrow. The bodyguard reminded, “I lied, I said you were going to bless Fu Shiting and Miss Jin, and Jin Kaili agreed. So boss, when you see Fu Shiting tomorrow, don’t get angry! Don’t make trouble! Otherwise, they will definitely be punished by them. Get out.”

Qin Anan raised a bitter smile: “Should I praise you for being smart?”

“Since working by your side, I have indeed become smarter.” The bodyguard poured her a glass of warm water, “If Fu Shiting refuses, Come with you, let’s go back to China! Jin Carrier must have given him a lot of benefits, otherwise he wouldn’t be willing to stay here.”

“He’s pranking with me.” Qin Anan said hoarsely, “He doesn’t care at all. Money. If he cares about money, why should he hand over the st group to others?”

“Oh…do you have such a big stake in your anger? The world of rich people, I don’t understand.”

“I will talk to him tomorrow . Explain clearly, if he is determined to break with me, I will respect and bless him.” She lost her mind.

After all, her physical condition is unclear now, and she still doesn’t know what will happen after the operation.

the next morning.

After Qin Anan received Zhuang Xu’s call, he immediately took a taxi to the airport to pick him up.

They met when they were in graduate school. After graduation, Qin Anan returned to country a, while Zhuang Xu entered the best hospital in country b.

Their lives never intersected after that.

Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263

So now meeting at the airport, the expressions of the two of them are a little embarrassed and cramped.

“I haven’t seen you for a few years, and you are still so beautiful.” Zhuang Xu said, “but you look quite haggard. Do you have any other symptoms besides a headache now?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “At present, the headache is more obvious.”

” Well, although you don’t have many symptoms now, you should have surgery as soon as possible! I’ll do a cerebral angiography today to see the specific situation.” Zhuang Xu said, “By the way, you didn’t eat breakfast in the morning, right?”

Qin Anan nodded: “No.”

“That’s fine. Let’s go to the hospital now!”

“So anxious? You just arrived, I’ll treat you to dinner! Besides, I have something to do today, I’ll do it tomorrow…”

” Qin An’an, don’t make fun of your life.” Zhuang Xu looked at her seriously, “Does Wei Zhen know about your illness? Don’t you know? If you don’t listen to me, I’ll call him now. Qin Anan raised her hand and surrendered: “

Then let’s go to the hospital now!”

“You are a doctor yourself, even one of the top doctors in the world. Don’t you understand how critical your situation is now? You said you didn’t suffer from it.” If you hit your head, why do you have bleeding inside your skull?” Zhuang Xu said solemnly, “It must be a disease.”

“Old classmate, don’t be so serious. I really have something to do today…”

“Whatever you have Whatever happens, you must do all the tests that you need to do today. After the cause is diagnosed, operate as soon as possible.”

Qin Anan took out his mobile phone to see if there was any news.

Probably because she was too strong, she actually received news from Jin Kaili.

Jin Kaili told her that she could arrange to meet Fu Shiting tonight.

She immediately replies ‘OK’ and checks the time.

If the imaging goes well, it will be over in about an hour or two, and it will not affect her going to see Fu Shiting tonight.

Thinking of this, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Qin An’an, I heard that your husband died.” Zhuang Xu said suddenly.

“No, my husband isn’t dead.” She smiled, “He’s still alive.”

“Oh? Then why does the news say he’s dead?” Zhuang Xu was puzzled.

“Because someone wants to make a clean break with his past life.” She saw the bodyguard beckoning to her not far away, and immediately walked over with Zhuang Xu.

“Then you two got in touch? Does he know about your illness?”

Zhuang Xu asked after the two got into the car.

“I haven’t seen him yet. But I will soon.” Qin Anan fastened his seat belt, “Zhuang Xu, let’s not talk about this. I’m not sure I can let him go back with me.”

“Okay! I don’t. I asked.”

After arriving at the hospital, Zhuang Xu took Qin An’an for a routine preoperative examination.

After the routine examination, the two entered the dsa examination and treatment room.

When the anesthetic was injected into her body, she lost consciousness within a few moments.

In the evening, the Jin family.

The front yard is full of luxury cars.

The banquet hall on the second floor is brightly lit.

Today is the first time for Fu Shiting and Jin Ronger to entertain guests after their marriage.

They didn’t have a wedding.

Because Jin Kaili wanted to make them husband and wife as soon as possible, there was no time to prepare for the wedding.

“Why hasn’t Qin An’an come yet?” Jin Kaili glanced at the time and said jokingly, “Should she not come?”

Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264

said that Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived.

At the gate of the courtyard, a taxi stopped.

The bodyguard got out of the car first, and then helped Qin Anan down.

Bright lights were turned on in the yard, illuminating the figures of the guests in a colorful way.

Qin Anan recognized Fu Shiting’s figure in the crowd at a glance.

He was wearing black clothes and black pants, holding a goblet in one hand and a woman in a white dress in the other.

The woman leaned on him like a bird, smiling happily and charmingly.

The two are like a golden boy and a beautiful girl, and they are a perfect match.

The bodyguard followed her gaze, and after recognizing Fu Shiting, he coughed dryly: “Boss, why don’t we go in? If we go in, aren’t we looking for abuse? I think he and his new wife seem to be very affectionate. !” The

bodyguard’s voice was settled, and Qin Anan strode into the yard.

To be precise, it was walking towards Fu Shiting.

The bodyguard bravely followed in.

As a result, after entering the yard, the bodyguard was immediately invited to stay in the entourage area on the other side.

The bodyguard sat down in the chair, and out of the corner of his eyes, Qin Anan caught Fu Shiting’s arm and wanted to pull him away.

The bodyguard was stunned!

Qin Anan is so fierce, he will definitely be driven away by Jin Kaili’s bodyguards!

“You are Qin An’an, right?” Jin Rong’er grabbed Fu Shiting’s arm and pulled it back, “Why are you pulling my husband?”

“He’s my husband too.” Qin An’an looked at Jin Rong’er coldly.

“I know the two of you got married in country a, but you didn’t get the certificate.” Jin Rong’er reasoned with her, “Although Shi Ting and I didn’t have the wedding, we already got the certificate. He is my husband now, not your husband.”

Since Jin Ronger wanted to reason, Qin Anan also patiently reasoned with her.

“Fu Shiting is from country a, not country y. We don’t recognize the marriage certificate of country y. So in my case, he is not your husband. Unless…”

“Unless what?” Jin Rongeryang chin, asked.

“Unless he cancels the nationality of country a and joins the nationality of country y.” Qin Anan said word by word, “As long as he is from country a for a day, I will not recognize your husband and wife relationship!”

“You… hello Bad!” Jin Rong’er frowned her beautiful eyebrows and became furious, but she couldn’t do anything about Qin An’an, “Shi Ting, tell her whose husband you are now!”

Fu Shiting’s eagle-like eyes fell on Qin An’an’s face .

From the moment she came to him, he began to look at her.

Her face is exactly the same as what he saw online, but her eyes are not as confident and energetic as in the video.

It was this woman who took away his company and occupied his three children.

After Jin Kaili saw Qin Anan upstairs, he immediately went downstairs to watch the fun.

From the corner of Fu Shiting’s eyes, Jin Kaili was coming, so he said to Qin An’an every word, “I’m Rong’er’s husband. If you dare to speak rudely to Rong’er again, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Okay, Rong’er is your wife, I’m not!” Qin An’an felt a pain in her mouth and clenched her fingers tightly, “Then will you go back to country a in the future? Or do you plan to stay here forever and love your Rong’er until you grow old. “

Of course I will grow old with Rong’er.” Fu Shiting looked at her face and said sternly, “I will go back to country a. I want to get everything I lost back. I will make you pay a heavy price! “

Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265

Qin Anan thought he heard it wrong.

He said that what he lost, he wanted to get it all back.

What he lost, is the st group?

“Fu Shiting, since you said so, let’s settle the old accounts thoroughly tonight!” She grabbed his arm again, “I want to talk to you alone! Because this involves our privacy!”

she said After finishing, drag him away from the crowd.

This is Kim Carrier’s home, wherever they go, there are Kim Carrier’s eyes and ears.

The two came to the backyard and stopped.

“Fu Shiting, don’t talk yet, just listen to me.” Qin Anan looked at him with tears in his eyes and explained to him, “I did talk to Fu Han at the beginning, and I would persuade you to transfer the equity to Yunmo. That is Because I found Yin Yin. Yin Yin has kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant! Only Yun Mo’s kidney matches. But they hid Yun Mo, and I can’t find Yun Mo. And the situation on Yin Yin’s side is different. It’s more critical.”

“I compromised in order to save Yinyin. The reason I didn’t tell you was because I was afraid that you would be forced to act too aggressively by them. Shi Ting, your equity was transferred to Yunmo, not to transfer. To Fu Han or Fu Yechen. Yunmo is now in country b, you come with me, we will pick up Yunmo, I will let him return the equity to you. You are still the boss of st group, you have nothing to lose. We Live as before… okay?”

After she said all she had to say, she waited for him to respond.

She was sure she had said all the key information.

She is very sure that after he knows all this, he will not resent her anymore.

Because no matter how unpleasant the process was, now Yinyin has recovered, and the equity he lost can be returned to him.

It means that Fu Han and his son were happy for nothing and got nothing.

The result was much better than she expected.

It’s just that Fu Shiting misunderstood.

“Not good.” After a brief silence, Fu Shiting gave a firm answer, “Put away your pretentious good intentions, I will take back my shares myself.”

“Shiting, what do you mean? What are you going to do?”

” I made it very clear in the front yard just now. I will make you pay a heavy price.” He was afraid that she would not hear clearly, so he grabbed her slender arm with his backhand, squeezed it tightly, and stared at her with black obsidian-like eyes. , the voice came from a cold pool, “I won’t fall down twice in one place, and I won’t suffer two losses on the same woman. I, Fu Shiting, completely cut off from the past!”

Qin Anan looked at him coldly The unfamiliar eyes, the body can not stop shaking.

How could he do this?

After he came to country y, what happened?

His face is still familiar, and his voice has not changed, but why did he become so cold-blooded and ruthless?

“Are you going to cut ties with me, or cut off your ties with your children? Or, do you want to cut ties with everyone in country a?” She choked up, tears pouring down, “Fu Shiting! Who owes you? Who owes it?! Don’t you want to Yin Yin? You wrote in your notebook that the person you cared about most died, isn’t it Yin Yin? She is not dead! She will be discharged from the hospital soon! Do you want to cut ties with her too! “

Looking at her trembling little face crying, his heart doesn’t seem to hurt at all.

He doesn’t seem to have woken up from his numbness, and is now just a cold-blooded revenge machine.

“My relatives or friends were originally mine, and will be mine in the future. Only you, nothing!” He said indifferently, and pushed her arm away!

Her body was stressed, and she staggered backwards suddenly, and fell straight down.

Her spine was injected with anesthesia today, and the injection port was still aching. And when she had an angiography today, the femoral artery was punctured, and now the wound is still very painful.

She was supposed to rest in the hospital for 24 hours, but she was forced out of the hospital because she was going to see him!

Unexpectedly, this is the result.

Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266

Fu Shiting looked at her on the ground with an indifferent expression.

His aloof and mighty appearance reminded her of the first time they met many years ago.

At that time, he had just woken up from a vegetative state, and he had a cold and ruthless attitude towards everyone.

Exactly the same as now.

Why does he do this? He treated her like a stranger who had nothing to do with him.

No, he didn’t treat her like a stranger. He took her as an enemy.

He thought she had caused everything he lost. He said he would make her pay a heavy price.

She was suddenly curious how he would make her pay a heavy price!

His cold gaze was withdrawn from her, his long legs moved away, and he passed by her, bringing a gust of wind!

The fanning night wind was like a slap on her cheek! Make her feel hot.

She thought sadly, if she was about to die now, I’m afraid he wouldn’t look at her more.

After a while, the bodyguards came and helped Qin Anan up from the ground.

“Boss! Why did you fall? I should have listened to Dr. Zhuang and won’t let you come!” The bodyguard picked her up and hugged her, “Didn’t you agree with Fu Shiting? I think he went to his new wife’s side again. It’s over.”

Qin Anan sighed in pain and cried in a hoarse voice: “He seems to have changed…”

“It’s like a man has a new love.” The bodyguard hugged her and quickly left the Jin’s house, “I Take you to the hospital first! Dr. Zhuang will definitely not let you come out again when he sees you like this.”

“I don’t understand…how could he fall in love with another woman so quickly…”

The bodyguard carried her to the car, fastened her seat belt, and shoved the tissue box into her hand.

“Boss, I think it’s more important for you to get medical treatment now. You fell to the ground just now, can’t you get up?” The bodyguard was very distressed when she remembered how she was helpless on the ground just now.

Fu Shiting’s heart is too cruel!

In order to show his loyalty to Jin Carrier, he even treated his ex-wife like this.

Qin Anan had a splitting headache, not knowing whether it was because of her heartbreak or because of her illness.

She hugged the tissue box and closed her eyes in tears.

Everything, everything was disrupted.

She lost Fu Shiting! Totally lost.

Even if she brought Yinyin to him, it wouldn’t change the situation.

She and Fu Shiting were completely dead.

Jin family.

Jin Kaili was very satisfied with Fu Shiting’s performance tonight.

“Shi Ting, I read you right. You are indeed a person worthy of trust!” Jin Kaili patted Fu Shiting on the shoulder, “I am completely relieved that Rong’er will follow you in the future.”

Fu Shiting lit a cigarette, Between my fingers: “The surgery is really useful. I can’t remember what happened with Qin An’an. I have no interest in women now.”

“That’s how men should be! Focus on career!” Jin Kaili took Fu Shiting with him He walked towards the hall, “Your family is stable now and your health has recovered. I have an important job for you to do. As long as you do it well, I will slowly hand over the business to you in the future. “

Fu Shiting followed Jin Carrier and entered the golden hall.

Hospital, inpatient department.

After Qin Anan lay down on the hospital bed, she couldn’t sleep.

Fu Shiting’s reaction tonight was too weird.

It doesn’t look like he’s being threatened anymore.

Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267

But he has indeed changed! Become unfamiliar and cold-blooded. It doesn’t make sense to reason with him, and he refuses to talk to him about old feelings.

She felt like a stone was blocked in her heart, heavy and painful.

Perhaps, letting go of obsessions is the only way out.

the next morning.

Qin Anan decides to go to country b with Zhuang Xu for surgery.

It’s not that surgery can only be performed in country b, but it is meaningless for her to stay in country y.

Fu Shiting was determined to say goodbye to the past completely and start life anew. She stayed here just to get in his way.

When packing her luggage, she was holding a black notepad and was dazed.

This is Fu Shiting’s thing and should be returned to him.

“It seems that the amnestic technique is really good! Fu Shiting doesn’t remember his ex-wife at all! I heard that his ex-wife went to him last night, but he was overthrown by him…”

“Then don’t our hospital want to It’s on fire? After all, the vice president personally gave Fu Shiting the chief knife.” A

conversation sounded into Qin An’an’s ears.

Qin An’an was shocked and walked out the door immediately.

She quickly caught up with the two nurses who were talking just now, and grabbed the arm of one of the nurses.

“What kind of amnesiac? How can there be an operation to clear memory in this world?!” She exclaimed sharply, “Who is your vice president?!” The

two nurses recognized Qin An’an and panicked.

“Miss Qin, haven’t you been discharged from the hospital? Why haven’t you left?”

“Yes, I do plan to leave the hospital. My friend has gone to help me with the discharge procedures.” Qin An’an took them both into his ward, “you guys Tell me, what happened to the amnestics?! Why did Fu Shiting do this surgery? Was he forced to do this surgery?!”

“No! It was done voluntarily by Fu Shiting. Miss Qin, since you are his ex-wife, why don’t you ask him in person?”

“Didn’t you say that he did amnestics, and he doesn’t remember me at all!” Qin An An Tei wanted to cry, but the corners of his mouth twitched, “No wonder he seemed to be a different person last night! It was because of this!”

“Miss Qin, I know you are very injured now, but this operation was really done voluntarily by Fu Shiting. He wants to forget you. So he did this operation. This operation can only be done in our hospital, because it is a brand-new technology developed by our vice president. I tell you this, I already know everything. Please don’t go. Trouble with our vice president!”

Facing the nurse’s prayer, Qin An’an suddenly released the nurse’s arm.

The two nurses ran away immediately.

After a while, Zhuang Xu completed the discharge procedures and returned to the ward.

“Zhuang Xu, I’m not out of the hospital.” She looked apologetic, “I have to stay here.”

Zhuang Xu looked at a loss: “What happened? Why did you change your mind?”

Qin Anan walked to the door of the ward and put the The door is closed.

“Have you heard of amnestics? I’ve never heard of it before, but today, I heard about it.” She told Zhuang Xu what the nurse told her just now.

After hearing this, Zhuang Xu was very surprised: “There is actually such an operation?! I have never heard of it. Who researched it?”

“The vice president of this hospital. I will find a way to meet this vice president someday. “Long.”

“Take me with you when you meet. It’s amazing!” Zhuang Xu was amazed, “Fu Shiting had this operation, so he doesn’t remember you at all?”

Qin Anan nodded: “If he still remembers me , he won’t be so indifferent to me last night. Jin Carrier must have said a lot of bad things about me in front of him, so he now treats me as an enemy. If I don’t care about him, he will definitely be turned into a puppet by Jin Carrier! I Don’t let Jin Kaili’s tricks succeed!”

Zhuang Xu understood her feelings of wanting to save Fu Shiting, but…

“You better do the surgery first! I’ll make an appointment for the operating room.” Zhuang Xu said back to business.

“No, if I do the operation now, it will take a long time to recover after the operation… I don’t have that much time to delay.” She made a choice without thinking, “My tumor is not too big, and it can be done again. Delay for a while. I want to help Fu Shiting recover his memory. When he recovers his memory, I will have an operation immediately.”

Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268

Zhuang Xu frowned when he heard the words.

As a doctor, the health of the patient comes first.

As an old classmate, Qin An’an’s condition is also on top of her relationship with Fu Shiting.

“What if it takes Fu Shiting a long time to recover his memory? What if he can’t recover his memory?” Zhuang Xu asked her, “Are you going to keep dragging it on? Your tumor is not big now, when it gets bigger, say It may deteriorate rapidly, and then…”

“I will review it regularly. Once the tumor gets bigger, I will immediately undergo surgery. Zhuang Xu, I will not joke about my life.” She looked at him and said He came up with his own thoughts, “Fu Shiting has just performed amnestics, and now is the easiest time to awaken his memory. Give me a month first, let me try it!”

“One month.” Zhuang Xu’s Adam’s apple rolled. , “If after a month, he still doesn’t have any feelings for you, then you must operate immediately.”

“Okay.” Qin Anan thanked him very much for his understanding, “Zhuang Xu, I can’t delay you for so long. Go back to work first. I’ll call you back when I decide to have an operation.”

Zhuang Xu shook his head: “I haven’t been on vacation since I started working. Now I’ll take my vacation from the past few years together. If I don’t perform the operation for you, I will Don’t worry. You are Professor Hu’s most proud student. If something happens to you, Professor Hu will definitely be heartbroken. Although his old man has passed away, he has always lived in my heart. “

Zhuang Xu’s remarks made Qin Anan burst into tears . on eyelashes.

“Zhuang Xu, I owe you a favor. When you need me in the future, I will definitely be there.”

“You are serious. If our identities change, you will also help me.” Zhuang Xu frowned He frowned, “I think you’re a little irrational. Although Fu Shiting has lost his memory now, he is healthy. It’s the same if you go to him after the operation.”

Qin Anan shook his head: “it’s different. It will take at least a month for me to recover from surgery. There are too many variables in this month. You don’t know what kind of person Jin Kaili is. He asked Shi Ting to do this surgery, Just to turn Shi Ting into his pawn. I can’t let Shi Ting fall into the quagmire!”

After listening to her detailed explanation, Zhuang Xu probably understood why she was so anxious to wake up Fu Shiting’s memory.

“Can you approach him now?” Zhuang Xu asked.

“Difficult,” Qin Anan lowered his eyes, but his eyes were firm, “but this matter can’t trouble me. As long as I want, I will definitely find a way to see him.”

Zhuang Xu nodded: “I’ll wait for you. You If you feel uncomfortable, you must tell me. I will find a way to see the vice president these days to see if there is a way to restore Fu Shiting’s memory quickly.”

“Thank you, Zhuang Xu.”

“You’re welcome.”

a country.

Sheng Bei called Zhou Ziyi and He Zhunzhi out to drink and relieve the boredom.

Nothing I’ve come across recently has made me happy.

“Has Qin Anan called you?” Sheng Bei looked at Mike.

Originally, he didn’t call Mike, but Zhou Ziyi brought Mike here.

It’s like he didn’t call Li Xiaotian, but He Zhunzhi’s general Li Xiaotian also brought him.

“Hit.” Mike shrugged, “Every time she glanced at Ziqiu, asked about Xiaohan, and then hung up the video. She didn’t talk to me at all.”

“Did you ask her about Shiting?” Sheng Bei still Concerned about the whereabouts of Fu Shiting.

“I said it all, she doesn’t talk to me too much.” Mike said here, the conversation changed, “But I checked the news of country Y every day, and finally found Fu Shiting. He is not only alive, but also alive and well.”

Sheng North pricked up his ears.

“He is married to Jin Kaili’s daughter Jin Rong’er. I’ll ask you, are you awesome?” Mike poured a glass of wine and took a sip, “Qin Anan refuses to come back, probably because he wants to win his heart. I think Qin An’an was kicked by a donkey in the head, a scumbag like Fu Shiting, what do you want him to do? Isn’t it dirty!”

Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269

Everyone is silent.

Only Li Xiaotian snorted coldly: “You men don’t have a good thing!”

Sheng Bei was stimulated by this sentence: “It’s boring for you to say that.”

“I heard that you made Yun Xiaoxiao’s belly bigger and still Don’t want to be responsible? Is there such a thing?” Li Xiaotian blocked his words, “I really sympathize with Xiaoxiao, why did I meet you, a big scumbag.”

He Zhunzhi bumped her with his elbow, Let her stop talking.

“Don’t let people talk about it? Even if Fu Shiting is here, I dare to call him a scumbag in front of him!” Li Xiaotian came here today to vent Sheng Bei.

“I didn’t say I’m not responsible for Yun Xiaoxiao! I went to her, and she said she found the man who took over! What the hell can I say? Am I going to have a showdown with the pick-up man? It’s ridiculous!” Sheng Bei held up Wine glass, drink it up.

Zhou Ziyi immediately poured wine for him.

“Then you should reflect on it, why Xiaoxiao would rather live with Panxia than with you. It’s not because of you!” Li Xiaotian gave him a hard blow!

Sheng Bei’s eyes were scarlet, and he was scolded and dumbfounded.

“Although I haven’t met Xiaoxiao, An An told me that Xiaoxiao is a very poor girl. She has been neglected since she was a child and lacks love. Now as long as she is nice to her, she will be very obedient.” Li Xiaotian said, “You must be very bad to her!”

Sheng Bei said in a snarky manner: “How can you be good to her when you say that you are good to her? Marry her? I can’t do it! She and I are like people from two worlds… ..”

“Then why are you distressed? Just let Xiaoxiao and Panxia live together! You don’t have to be responsible. After the child is born, it has nothing to do with you.” Li Xiaotian blinked her apricot eyes, “still, you don’t want to. Want Xiaoxiao, but want a child?”

Sheng Bei: “…”

Li Xiaotian: “Scumbag! Although Fu Shiting is a scumbag, he didn’t rob An An for the child!”

Sheng Bei: “…………”

Mike couldn’t bear to see Sheng Bei’s face turning red: “Sheng Bei, don’t you really want a child?”

“Nonsense. Of course I want my own child! Don’t you want it when you have a child?” Sheng Bei retorted.

“I won’t have a child!” Mike blinked innocently, “If you want a child, you can’t have a child’s mother, right?”

“I said, she has already found a pick-up man! I originally wanted to I had a good discussion with her, but the discussion couldn’t go on!” Sheng Bei picked up the wine glass and slammed the wine into his stomach.

It was the first time he had encountered such a headache in all his years of life.

“If I told you that the Pan Man you were talking about was someone you knew…”

“Who?!” Sheng Bei threw the wine glass down with a ‘bang’.

“Panxia lives in Qin An’an’s house. Gender male, not me!” Mike’s reminder was clear enough!

“Fuck! She’s on good terms with Qin An’an’s bodyguard?”

Everyone: “…”

“In your eyes, Xiaohan is not a man?” Mike saw him pitiful, so he pointed it out.

“You said that Panxia is Xiaohan?!” Sheng Bei’s face changed from purple to pale, and from pale to peach red, “Xiaohan wants to help me raise a child? How embarrassing is this? He is still a child himself!”

Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270

“You only need money to raise a child, and my brother Han has more money!” Mike saw Sheng Bei’s embarrassed expression and was overjoyed, “Yun Xiaoxiao was going to go to the hospital to abort the child. She asked Brother Han to accompany her to the hospital. After the two went to the hospital, I don’t know what happened, and finally Brother Han decided to pay for her.”

Sheng Bei’s anger disappeared immediately.

He was embarrassed and wanted to burrow in the ground.

“Xiaohan is better than your biological father! Xiaohan is not even ten years old! Don’t you feel ashamed?” Li Xiaotian mocked.

“Don’t say it! I’m already ashamed!” Sheng Bei sighed, “This Yun Xiaoxiao has no other ability, and has a first-class ability to anger people. He didn’t tell me anything clearly, and deliberately made me angry.

” Xiaohan’s character is so cold, Xiaoxiao can have a good relationship with Xiaohan, but he can’t get along with you, it’s clear at a glance whose problem is.” Li Xiaotian scolded him.

“Okay, my question. I’ll go home and reflect on it. I’ll talk to her when I calm down.” Sheng Bei was defeated.

country y.

After Qin Anan left the hospital, Zhuang Xu contacted the vice president through Qin Anan’s previous doctor.

The two sat down at a restaurant near the hospital and shared lunch.

“Do you have a good relationship with Qin An’an?” the vice president said.

“It’s okay. I used to go to graduate school with her under Professor Hu Qing. It’s the same teacher, so she came to me this time, so I came here.” Zhuang Xu answered truthfully, “Vice President Liu, I have an appointment today. You, mainly want to know about issues related to amnestics. Because I haven’t heard of anyone who has done this research successfully.”

“I can’t talk about success. There are only 300 clinical examples.” The vice president said modestly, “This still includes animal experiments.”

“Then how dare you perform this operation on Fu Shiting?” Zhuang Xu was puzzled, “If the operation is not mature, how dare you apply it to the human body?”

“Because there is no huge harm in this operation. Mr. Jin Kaili, who invested in this research, also performed this operation.” The vice president said, “You probably haven’t experienced any pain. Some people will suffer from some pain in their lifetime. Memory torture. Affects life and affects work.”

“You are right.” Zhuang Xu affirmed, “However, after this operation, is there a way to quickly restore memory?”

“No.” The vice president shook his head, ” I am only responsible for researching how to make people lose their memory, not how to restore their memory.”

Qin Anan asked the bodyguard to send him to Jin Kaili’s house.

Unfortunately, Kim Carrier was not at home.

“I have something to give to Fu Shiting. Does Fu Shiting live here?” Qin Anan discussed with the Jin family bodyguard.

The Jin family bodyguard shook his head: “What do you want to give him? I can help you pass it on.”

“It’s a very important thing.” Qin Anan took out the black notepad, “There are some more important information in it. I have to Hand over to him.”

Jin’s bodyguard: “He doesn’t live here. Find him in the future, don’t come here.”

“Where does he live?”

After she asked this question, the Jin’s bodyguard did not return.

“Boss, let’s go!” the bodyguard advised. “If someone asks me about your residence, I won’t tell you. Isn’t it difficult for you to be a worker!”

Qin An’an: “You can empathize with others. You Why don’t you empathize with me?”

“I empathize with you! It’s just that I can’t empathize.” The bodyguard looked helpless, “If I were you, I would make so much money every year, and I would play with different little meats every day. Why hang on an old tree like Fu Shiting?”

Qin Anan glared at him.

“Let’s go back! The sun is so vicious today!” The bodyguard blocked her from the sun with his palm, “Don’t tan you!”

She lifted his arm: “I’m not going back. I still have a way.”

“What way?” The bodyguard immediately went to open the door for her.

Since she didn’t plan to leave here any time soon, they rented a car at the dealership.

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