When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1271 -1280 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1271 -1280 (Chinese)

Chapter 1271

After getting in the car, Qin Anan turned on his mobile phone and found a number to dial.

The phone was dialed, and it took a while to get through.

“Hello, third brother, I’m Qin An’an.”

The person on the other side of the phone heard her voice and laughed: “Where did you get my number?

” I found your number.” She said straight to the point, “I want to ask you for a little help.”

“Doctor Qin, we had already settled at the Shenlin Villa before. I don’t owe you any more, so I won’t help. You are busy.” The third brother simply refused.

“Yes, we did clear things up before. But how can you guarantee that you won’t ask me in the future?” She said softly, “As you get older, the risk of brain disease increases. If you get sick in the future Come to me, and I will treat you for free.”

Her bargaining chip made the third brother’s heart move.

“What do you want me to do for you?” The third brother’s breathing became heavier, and he laughed contemptuously, “Don’t you want me to help you snatch Fu Shiting? You made a fool of yourself at Jin Carrier’s house last night. I heard.”

“You invited Fu Shiting to your house, and I have something to give him back.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

Third brother: “Okay, I’ll ask him now.”

After the negotiation, Qin An An received the positioning from the third brother.

She sent the location to the bodyguard and asked the bodyguard to drive over.

“Boss, you have some connections!” the bodyguard exclaimed.

“Have you heard of the law of six people? I used to think that the world is so big, how can any two people be connected by just six people?”

“Now you believe it?”

Qin Anan didn’t answer this irrelevant question.

“I’m a little nervous. I’m afraid that Fu Shiting will leave when she sees me.” The

bodyguard also sweated for her: “Boss, have you watched idol dramas?”


“My wife loves to watch them. I’ll follow along Just a little later.” The bodyguard said, “If Fu Shiting doesn’t want to listen to you later, you kiss him. If he wants to leave, you kiss him too. As the saying goes, strong girls are afraid of entanglement. In fact, the same is true for men. You have to go out, shameless, I guarantee he can’t do anything about you.”

Half an hour later, the car stopped at the door of the third brother’s villa.

Qin Anan entered the villa smoothly and met the third brother.

The third brother invited her to sit down and poured her tea in person.

“Third brother, has Fu Shiting agreed to come?” She felt uneasy in her heart.

“He will definitely give me my face.” The third brother said slowly, “but he didn’t say when he would come, you can wait a while!”

“Well. Do you know about his memory loss?” “Yes.

y The country is so big, what can you hide from me?”

“Can you help me, I want to take Fu Shiting out of here.” Qin Anan pleaded in a hurry, “If he stays here, it will be difficult for him Get out of Jin Kaili’s control.”

“Qin An’an, you are so naive!” The third brother looked at her with a deep meaning, “Let’s not say that Shi Ting lost his memory now, even if he recovers his memory, he won’t even think about leaving. Here!”

Qin Anan’s heart clenched tightly: “Why?”

“Because Jin Kaili won’t let him go!” Third brother said here, persuaded, “If you want to get out of your body, you’d better leave now. Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave by then!”

Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272

About an hour later, a black car drove into the front yard of the villa.

The third brother reminded Qin Anan: “Your man is here.”

Qin Anan smiled bitterly: “He is not my man now, but my creditor.”

He said it more than once last night, and wanted her to pay a painful price.

She lost sleep all night because of it.

Even thinking about it now, my heart still feels vaguely uncomfortable.

After the car stopped, the door opened and Fu Shiting strode out of the car.

He is still wearing black clothes and black pants today, which makes his figure look tall and slender.

His bodyguard did not enter the living room with him.

When he changed his shoes and entered the living room, his eyes immediately fell on Qin An’an’s face.

There was a palpable surprise in his eyes.

Seeing her during the day was different from seeing her last night. Probably because people are more calm and rational during the day.

“Shi Ting, sit down.” The third brother said, “How is your health?”

“It’s fine.” Fu Shiting’s expression returned to his usual coldness.

He took the teacup from the third brother, took a sip, and put it down.

“Do you and Rong’er plan to make up the wedding?” the third brother asked casually, “I’ve prepared a big gift for you. If you don’t make up the wedding, you can take the gift back later.

” I plan.” Fu Shiting treated Qin An’an like air and talked about this issue without a trace of discomfort, “I’ve been very busy recently, so I don’t have time to think about it.”

“I know you’re very busy. Did Jin Carrier hand over the mess he couldn’t handle to you? Hehe, listen to my advice, do some things if you can, don’t be brave if you can’t do it. Don’t make a mess.” Third Brother He said lightly, glanced at Qin An’an, then got up and said to Fu Shiting, “Qin An’an is looking for you. Do you want to talk to her? It’s up to you.”

After that, the third brother strode out.

Fu Shiting picked up the teapot and poured tea into the cup leisurely.

“Shi Ting, I’m here to return your things.” Qin Anan took the black notepad in front of him, “This is what Jin Carrier gave me a few days ago. It’s your thing, so I’ll return it to you.”

Fu Shiting Glancing at the notepad, his eyes retracted: “Do you have anything else to do?”

“I know you had amnestics. You forgot about me and everything that happened between us. So whether you are right now I don’t blame you for my attitude.” She spoke too fast, afraid that he would get up and leave at any time, “You take this notebook back and take a look at it.”

“Qin Anan, don’t do any more fearless struggles. I It’s over with you.” The moment he put down the teapot, his falcon-like eyes looked at him indifferently.

She looked directly at him: “I should have said this. Before you restore your memory, we will not end. As long as I don’t admit that we are over, we will not be over.”

Fu Shiting looked at her stubborn and stubborn face , gritted his teeth.

“Also, before I say it’s over, you’d better keep yourself clean and don’t do anything that’s sorry for me.” She asked him, “No matter how loving you are in front of people with your new wife, you two won’t do anything at night. Sleep together. You can’t touch her, and you can’t let her touch you!”

Fu Shiting seemed to hear a funny joke, and a mocking arc appeared on the corner of his lips.

He put the teacup down heavily, and the smile on his face instantly turned into a cold and sinister face.

“Are you ordering me?” he reprimanded in a low voice, “Qin An’an, do you believe I killed you?”

After he said these words, murderous intent shot up in his eyes.

His words touched the rebellious factor in her body.

She walked in front of him and looked at him with red eyes: “Then you do it. If you don’t do it today, I will look for you tomorrow, the day after tomorrow… I will look for you every day until you regain your memory. .”

He looked at her not afraid of death, his Adam’s apple rolled, and then he pushed her body away in annoyance.

Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273

“How did you get the third brother to promise to help you?”

“I have my own way.” She sat down beside him and said aggrievedly, “Fu Shiting, I can’t make you forget me. My whole youth, all Our passion and love are closely related to you. Our past, you can’t clear it all up if you want, or I can quit if you want to start a new life.”

Fu Shiting clenched his fingers tightly, not knowing how to connect her words.

Threats, she is not afraid.

He couldn’t really do anything to her.

Even if you want to do something to her, it’s not here.

“Do you really have no feelings for me?” She squeezed his big palm tightly, “turn your head to look at me.”

“Boring.” He sneered from his throat.

“I’ve long known that you are good at covering up your heart, but I don’t believe that you completely forgot about me.” She squeezed his hand with the utmost strength, her other hand wrapped around his neck, her red lips falling. on his thin lips.

His familiar breath stirred all the emotions in her heart.

Thinking that he is now another woman’s husband, thinking of his cold attitude towards himself, tears fell uncontrollably.

Hot tears were printed on his face.

He pushed her away suddenly and glared at her with disgust: “Qin An’an! Did you use such a lowly method to control me before?”

“Yes!” She pursed her bright red lips and followed his words, Said, “Would you like to try it to see if you will be controlled by me again?!”

He was irritated by her words.

But you can’t really kill her.

Finally, he turned his anger on the black notepad in front of him.

He threw the notepad in the trash! Then get up and get ready to leave.

“Fu Shiting! You really forgot about me!” She looked at his tall back and laughed at herself, “I thought you were lying to me, but I didn’t expect it to be true!”

His footsteps stopped for a while, and then he decided to leave.

After he left, she picked up the notepad from the trash can and wiped it clean with a tissue.

After wiping, she put the notepad in her bag. Then he picked up the teapot and poured himself a cup of tea.

After a while, Fu Shiting’s car disappeared in the front yard of the villa.

Qin Anan came out of the villa with a bag.

The bodyguard saw her coming out and immediately opened the car door.

“Boss, I saw the two of you kissing.” The bodyguard said, “I have a good idea? Do you still have feelings for him? Does he have feelings for you?”

“What do you think?”

“It’s not me that you kissed. , how do I know wow!” The bodyguard blushed and drove the car out.

Qin Anan ignored the bodyguard’s ridicule.

She began to think about how to find Fu Shiting tomorrow.

He didn’t take the notepad, she can continue to use this reason to go to him tomorrow.

During dinner, she was in the hotel and invited Zhuang Xu to dinner.

“I met with the vice president today. He said there is no recovery method.” Zhuang Xu said here and smiled, “But he said that the first monkey who underwent amnestic surgery has recovered its memory. Is this a The good news?”

“Well. Forget it. I tested Fu Shiting today. I don’t think he completely forgot about me.” She stated her basis, “He really hates people touching him. But when I kissed him today, he didn’t push him immediately. Drive me. Whether he remembers me or not, his body doesn’t resist me that much.”

Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274

Although the two of them were arguing on the surface, she had great confidence in her heart.

“Then what are you going to do next? After all, he has a wife now. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to go to him?” Zhuang Xu asked.

“What’s so embarrassing about me? If it wasn’t for Jin Kaili, Fu Shiting and I would have reconciled long ago.” Qin Anan took a sip of water, “You’ve seen someone get a marriage certificate as soon as they got off the operating table. “Well, but why does Fu Shiting listen to Jin Carrier so much ?

” Zhuang Xu was a little confused, “You said Jin Carrier is not a good person, doesn’t Fu Shiting know?”

Qin Anan was silent for a moment, then explained: “This It’s a complicated thing to say. Gene Carrier helped him a long time ago. The good and the bad are not simply distinguished by legal terms. Maybe the people we think are bad, to some people, are good people.”

“I see. If Fu Shiting stays by Jin Kaili’s side, there will be no danger.”

“No.” Qin Anan was with the third brother today and learned a lot of information, “Jin Kaili is a very dangerous person, as long as Fu Shiting stays with him By his side, even if Jin Carrier doesn’t move him, Jin Carrier’s opponents and enemies won’t let him go.”

Zhuang Xu now completely understood.

Fu Shiting entered a dangerous circle, and Qin Anan wanted to pull him out of this circle.

She is not only for Fu Shiting and Jin Rong’er to break up and come back to her, but also for Fu Shiting’s future.

Jin family.

Jin Kaili invited Fu Shiting and his daughter Jin Ronger to dinner.

A sumptuous meal is on the table.

After everyone was seated, Jin Carrier poured a glass of wine, and when he handed it to Fu Shiting, he remembered that he had an operation, so he put the glass in front of his daughter.

“You drink for Shi Ting.”

Jin Rong’er smiled tenderly: “Dad, you treat Shi Ting better than me now. Who is your biological son?”

“I treat Shi Ting well, isn’t it for you? Your brothers are not good, no One can do the best. Dad is getting old, and we will only rely on Shiting in the future.” Jin Kaili said, looking at Fu Shiting, “What is the third child looking for you today?”

Fu Shiting: “He asked me and Ronger when to make up for it. Wedding. He prepared a gift for us.”

“Oh, he has a heart. Since the sixth and seventh died, he has refused to see me again.” Jin Kaili said, “Our seventh brothers had such a good relationship before. , now it’s like this, it’s also chilling.”

“I won’t mention the past.” Fu Shiting took an empty wine glass and poured himself a drink, “I’ll accompany you to drink some.”

“Okay!” Jin Kaili raised it up Clinking glasses with Fu Shiting, “Sheng Bei and Qin An’an came over last time and thought I killed you. They are ridiculous. I will not kill you if I kill anyone. I used to treat you as a real brother, but now you have married me. Daughter, let’s kiss each other more!”

“I made an appointment with the second and fourth brothers to meet in a week. If you don’t want to come forward, then I will go alone.” Fu Shiting said.

“I’ll go with you! I’m afraid you won’t be able to deal with them if you go alone.” Jin Kaili frowned and said solemnly, “They think I did the death of the old sixth and the seventh. Now the two of them join forces. Come on, you want to kill me, hehe, if I hadn’t read the past feelings, I would have killed them! Now that they have taken advantage of overseas capital, they want to ride on me, which is really irritating!”

Fu Shiting sipped. Sip of wine, no answer.

“Although my appeal is to resolve this matter peacefully, if they have to be tough, I will accompany me to the end! In country Y, no one can touch me! It’s a big deal that everyone will die together! But they will never have the guts!” Jin Kai Li picked up the glass and poured the wine for Fu Shiting, “They all know that you are mine now. As long as you don’t leave the country in the future, I can guarantee your safety.”

“I will solve this matter as soon as possible.” Fu Shiting It is impossible to stay in country y forever.

Everything he lost in country a must be taken back.

“With your words, I’m relieved!” Jin Kaili looked at the ambition in his eyes and was a little worried.

If he can always obey himself, that’s the best.

Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275 I

‘m afraid that one day he will swallow everyone in one bite!

“I heard that you met Qin An’an today. Why is she still haunted?” Jin Kaili changed the subject, “or I will send someone to drive her away so that she won’t bother you all the time.”

“She used to treat the third brother. If the third brother can stand on our side this time, it will be more beneficial to us. ” Fu Shiting didn’t directly say ‘You don’t touch Qin An’an’, but the effect is more convincing.

“Okay! Then I’ll give the third child a face. It’s just that she always comes to you, doesn’t she want to help you restore your memory?” Jin Kaili reminded, “I have entrusted my daughter to you, you promise I will treat her well in the future. Even if you restore your memory, you can’t fail my daughter.”

“No.” Fu Shiting drank the wine in the glass, put down the glass, and held Jin Rong’er’s small hand with his big palm, “Rong She is very good . Only such a woman is suitable for a wife.”

Jin Kaili laughed: “My daughter must be good! I told her that she would obey you. If she makes you angry one day, you Tell me, I’ll teach her a lesson.”

“Dad, can’t you give me some face in front of Shi Ting!” Jin Rong’er said coquettishly, “Shi Ting is my husband, of course I will take good care of him and listen to his words. Don’t worry!”

After dinner, the driver drove Fu Shiting and Jin Rong’er back to their wedding room.

Their wedding room was in the villa where Fu Shiting lived before.

That villa was about five kilometers away from Jin Carrier’s villa.

A few minutes later, the car arrived at the wedding room and stopped.

Jin Rong’er got out of the car first, and then helped Fu Shiting to get out of the car.

He drank and felt a little dizzy.

“Shi Ting, the doctor said that you can’t drink for the past two weeks. It’s my father’s indiscretion to allow you to drink.” Jin Rong’er said softly, “I’ll help you go back to your room to take a bath first. Then let the nanny cook you sober up. soup.”

Fu Shiting was helped back to the bedroom, and Jin Ronger immediately went to the bathroom to give him bath water.

Jin Rong’er is gentle, considerate, and obedient to him, and will not upset him at all.

Such a wife, save worry and trouble. He couldn’t fault it.

But why did Qin Anan’s face and voice keep flashing in his mind?

Qin Anan asked him to keep himself clean and forbid him to share a room with Jin Ronger.

In the past few days, he really hadn’t been in the same room with Jin Rong’er.

Because Jin Ronger was on his period, he slept in the guest room very intelligently and did not disturb him.

“Shi Ting, the water is ready. Do you want me to wash it for you?” Jin Rong’er blushed slightly and walked up to him, trying to help him undress.

“No.” Before her fingers touched his body, he got up and strode into the bathroom.

Jin Rong Er watched as the bathroom door closed, her heart pounding non-stop.

Twenty minutes later, Fu Shiting came out wearing a bathrobe after taking a shower.

Jin Rong Er was sitting by the bed in a sexy nightdress and looked at him affectionately.

He was stunned when he saw this scene.

“Shi Ting, I’m leaving for my period. We can have the same room.” She said shyly, walked up to him, and hugged his sturdy body with both hands.

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened, and after tangled for a few seconds, he said dumbly, “Okay.”

Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276

Qin Anan told him not to sleep with Jin Rong’er, but he chose to sleep with Jin Rong’er.

He wants to prove that he is no longer the Fu Shiting of the past! He can do whatever he wants now, and no one can control him.

“Shi Ting, I’m a little nervous, can you wait… be gentle?”

Jin Rong’er said shyly, pulling away the tie of his nightgown with his fingers.

He held her fingers and frowned: “Have you sprayed perfume?”

“Well, does it smell good?” Jin Rong’er raised her eyes and looked at him tenderly.

Tonight, she especially sprayed the fragrance that men are said to love.

“It doesn’t smell good.” Fu Shiting re-fastened the strap of the nightgown, “Go and wash it off.”

“Oh, well…Actually, I don’t really like the smell.” Jin Rong’er smiled and turned towards the bathroom. go.

I don’t know if it was because of the strong fragrance, but he suddenly had no interest in Jin Rong’er.

He picked up the phone and checked the time.

It’s still early.

He strode out of the bedroom and asked the nanny to make sober soup.

About a quarter of an hour later, Jin Rong’er came out of the bathroom after taking a shower again.

But there was no Fu Shiting in the bedroom.

She quickly put on her pajamas and came out of the room.

It happened that the nanny came upstairs with the hangover soup.

“Have you seen Shi Ting?” Jin Rong’er asked.

“Sir asked me to cook him sober soup and send it to the study.” The nanny said, “Miss, why don’t you send it to Mr.?” The

nanny has always taken care of Jin Rong’er, so she always considers her.

“Why did he go to the study?” Jin Rong’er muttered, carrying the soup bowl and walking towards the study.

After knocking on the study door, she saw that the notebook on the desk was open, and Fu Shiting was holding his mobile phone, not knowing who he was talking to.

Fu Shiting saw her coming in and immediately ended the call.

“I have something to do, you go to bed first.”

“Okay.” Jin Rong’er put the sober soup on the desk, “You remember to drink the soup. Then I’ll go to the bedroom…”

“You Go to the guest room to sleep.” He interrupted her, “I’m going to the hospital for a review tomorrow. If I don’t get a good night’s rest, it will affect the results of the review tomorrow.”

“Okay, then don’t be too late. You can call me anytime if you have anything.” There was a gentle smile on Jin Rong’er’s face.

Until she left the study, her smile remained in his mind.

Can there really be such a good-natured woman?

Her character is so well-behaved and docile that it seems like a dummy. Give him an unreal feeling.

The hot steam from the hangover soup made him recover his mind.

He refused Jin Rong’er not because of Qin An’an’s warning during the day, but because the doctor called him and reminded him to go for a review tomorrow.

I drank alcohol tonight, I don’t know if it will affect the results of tomorrow’s review.

He sat down in the chair, picked up the hangover soup, saw the tomatoes and tofu in it, a nerve in his mind suddenly tense, and he exhaled violently in pain!

Jin Ronger came out of the study and did not return to the guest room.

It’s too early to fall asleep at all.

She came to the living room on the first floor.

The nanny was a little surprised when she saw her.

Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277

“Miss, why didn’t you accompany your husband?”

“He’s busy and doesn’t need me to serve him.” Jin Rong’er sat down on the sofa, picked up the fruit plate, and ate the fruit sullenly, “He doesn’t seem to be interested in me. Am I not beautiful enough? But the last time I saw his ex-wife, I think I am much more beautiful than his ex-wife. And I am younger than his ex-wife.” The

nanny boasted: “Miss, of course you are more beautiful than his ex-wife! Otherwise! How could he marry you so simply?”

“But I took off his clothes for him just now, and he put them on again.” Jin Rong’er whispered and guessed, “Is he not healthy?”

“Miss, he only After the operation, his body is definitely weak now. In another month, he should be able to return to normal.” The nanny comforted, “He is so tall, and he has three children with Qin An’an, so he must be fine.”

Jin Rong’er suddenly felt a lot more relieved.

the next morning.

Fu Shiting came to the hospital for a review.

After the deputy dean asked about his physical condition, he opened a CT of his brain.

“Mr. Fu, I have to remind you that your ex-wife heard from nowhere that you would come for a re-examination today. Before you came, she came to me once and asked if you were here.”

Fu Shiting suddenly remembered what she said yesterday. .

She said she would come to him every day until he regained his memory.

He took the list and came out of the vice president’s office.

As a result, he met Qin Anan head-on.

Qin Anan handed the black notepad to him: “this is your notepad, which contains the notes you took before the operation. If you accept it, I’ll leave right away.”

He took the notepad from her hand without hesitation.

Seeing him accept it, she breathed a sigh of relief: “Are you here for a review? The CT room is on the sixth floor. Go!”

“Qin An’an, do you think I’ll fall in love with you again when I restore my memory?” He looked at her proudly, “Although I forgot what happened between us, I can find it through the Internet. I will never do it again. I’ve been tricked by you!”

“Have you been tricked by me? I’ll wait until you recover your memory. The impression you have of me now is the one instilled in you by others. Whether it was instilled by Jin Carrier or the Internet. It’s all one-sided for you.” She deliberately angered him, “You’re half a fool now.”

Her last words successfully angered him.

He pushed her body hard into the corner.

“Fu Shiting, you should still remember what kind of person you used to be! You used to hate running away, no matter what happened, you were never afraid to face it. Why did you listen to Jin Kaili and do amnestics? Do you think you Can we erase our past by forgetting me? Impossible! Your memory will reappear, just like the wound on your body will heal automatically!”

She saw the anger in his eyes disintegrate a little bit, she He breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

Looking at his familiar face and smelling his unique breath, her reason was thrown into the clouds.

How she wanted to hug him tightly.

Suddenly, Zhuang Xu strode from not far away!

“Fu Shiting! Let go of Qin An’an!”

He saw Fu Shiting pushing Qin An’an to the corner, thinking that Fu Shiting was bullying Qin An’an, so he didn’t even think about it, he ran over and grabbed Fu Shiting’s arm.

He wanted to pull Fu Shiting away, but he didn’t expect that Fu Shiting slammed back with his elbow almost instantly!

Zhuang Xu’s internal organs were hit hard, as if they were about to split!

He let out a pained cry, let go of Fu Shiting’s arm, and at the same time squatted down.

“Zhuang Xu! Are you okay!” Qin Anan saw that Zhuang Xu was injured and immediately went to check his condition.

Fu Shiting frowned when he saw that Qin Anan was so nervous about this strange man.

What does this man named Zhuang Xu have to do with Qin An’an?

“Fu Shiting! Come and help me! He’s my classmate!” She couldn’t help Zhuang Xu, so she sought Fu Shiting’s help, “You are too insignificant!”

“Anyone who sneaks at me from behind will This is the end.” Fu Shiting looked down at her from a high position, “Qin An’an, don’t come to me in the future! Otherwise, it will not be your classmate but you who will be injured next time.” After

he finished warning in a deep voice, he strode towards the elevator.

Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278

A nurse passed by and saw that Zhuang Xu needed help, and immediately pushed a wheelchair.

Qin Anan pushed Zhuang Xu to the emergency room.

After arriving at the emergency room, Zhuang Xu’s sanity gradually recovered.

His chest still hurts, but what makes him more uncomfortable is why Qin Anan likes a brutal and violent man like Fu Shiting.

“Qin An’an, if he strikes harder, I might not be able to go back to country B…Aren’t you afraid that he will go crazy and kill you one day?” He is now deeply worried about Qin An’an’s fate.

The main reason is that now Fu Shiting doesn’t remember Qin An’an, and Qin An’an insists on saving him in dire straits.

She thinks that the water is too hot, and for Fu Shiting, it may be heaven!

“I’m sorry! Zhuang Xu, he thought someone attacked him, that’s why he attacked you so hard. Next time you see him, you can greet him from the front.” Qin Anan explained.

“Is there a next time? I don’t want to see him again.” Zhuang Xu was about to cry without tears, “I think my ribs may be broken and I will have to be hospitalized.”

As a prophecy, the chest X-ray showed a mild fracture of the ribs. .

Although it’s not serious, it still has to rest for a week.

country A.

Today, Rila rests, and Jin Sinian sends her back to the Xinghewan villa.

As soon as Rila entered the door, Mrs. Zhang told her that Fu Shiting was not dead.

“Brother told me!” Rila wanted to squeeze out a smile, but couldn’t. “Brother also told me that my father has a new wife.”

Aunt Zhang knew about this, but Aunt Zhang felt that this matter must be There is a misunderstanding.

It’s just that she doesn’t dare to speak for Fu Shiting in front of her.

After all, this thing is outrageous.

“Rila, your aunt lives in our house. Your father’s sister.” Mrs. Zhang changed the subject.

“My brother told me that this aunt is pregnant with Uncle Sheng’s child.” Rila sighed when she said this, “I haven’t been home for a few days, and so many things happened. I feel so tired!”

She lay down on the sofa, in a bad mood.

The main reason is to think that my father is now in another country, has a new wife, and my mother refuses to come back there. I must be very angry.

Yun Xiaoxiao heard the voice and came out.

When you see Rila, say hi to her immediately.

“Hello Rila, I’m your aunt, just call me Xiaoxiao.” Xiaoxiao looked at Rila’s pretty little face and liked it very much.

“Aunt Xiaoxiao, how are you! I heard that you are pregnant with a baby!” Rila couldn’t help looking at her belly.

“Um…” Yun Xiaoxiao felt embarrassed talking about this child, so he changed the subject, “Are you going to start school soon?”

“Yes! I don’t know if my mother will come back when I start school. Then my brother will also go to school in country B, I feel so lonely!” Rila pursed her lips, “It must be because I am too good, so my mother doesn’t care about me. My father always does something to make people I’m angry, but my mother keeps revolving around him.”

“Rila, don’t think like that! I haven’t had a mother since I was a child, and my father and my brother didn’t care about me.” Yun Xiaoxiao comforted her, “So I am A very bad person. But you are different, your brother likes you very much, and so many people around you like you very much. You are much happier than me!”

“Aunt Xiaoxiao, I heard from my mother that your father is a big boy. Bad guy.”

“The big bad guy is dead now.” Yun Xiaoxiao sat down beside her, “Even if your father married a new wife outside, it would definitely not be as bad as my father.”

Hearing Yun Xiaoxiao say this, Rila suddenly Not so frustrating anymore.

“Of course, if your father does have a new wife, you must never forgive him.” Yun Xiaoxiao said.

“I won’t forgive him! I heard that Uncle Sheng made you angry, so don’t forgive him!”

Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279

“Yeah!” The

two seemed to have found a confidant and chatted very speculatively.

Sheng Bei changed his shoes at the door and listened to the conversation between the two of them, very heartbroken.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, let’s talk alone!” Sheng Bei walked in front of Yun Xiaoxiao, “We’ll solve our affairs in private. Don’t affect others.”

“Uncle Sheng, Xiaoxiao is my aunt, why are you bullying her? “Rila sees Sheng Bei being domineering, so she speaks for Yun Xiaoxiao.

“Baby Rila, I didn’t bully her!” Sheng Bei laughed harder than he cried, “I’m here to solve the problem. Don’t worry, I will definitely not bully her.”

“Oh, then how are you going to solve the problem? ?” Rila asked curiously, “Will you be as irresponsible as my father?”

Sheng Bei felt an arrow in the knee.

“Then do you think I’m responsible for marrying your aunt?”

Rila: “It depends on whether my aunt is willing to marry you. If you don’t want to marry, my aunt will marry you.”

Sheng Bei: “…”

“My aunt is so young and beautiful, Uncle Sheng, are you older than my father?” Rila pierced her heart to the end, “Uncle Sinian said that old men are shrewd and realistic, arrogant and sensitive. I feel, a younger man is better.”

Sheng Bei looked at Jin Sinian: “Why do you instill such absurd thoughts into Rila? Is it because you are young?!”

Jin Sinian said casually: ” Right .”

Sheng Bei: “…”

“Yun Xiaoxiao, since you don’t want to talk to me alone, let’s talk about it openly!” Sheng Bei took a deep breath, “You’ve been living in Qin An’an’s house, haven’t you? What’s the matter? Don’t you think my house is fine, I’ll live in it for you.”

“What about you?” Yun Xiaoxiao asked.

“Didn’t you say you’re afraid of living alone? I’ll live with you! When your belly is big, what should you do if there is an emergency?” Sheng Bei had a night of insomnia and decided to take her home.

Regardless of whether she gets married or not, let her give birth to the child smoothly.

“We’re not married, it’s not appropriate to live together.” Yun Xiaoxiao said.

“Are you forcing marriage? If you insist on asking me to marry you, it’s not impossible! But you can’t make too many demands on me! I don’t like someone taking care of me!” Sheng Bei had a showdown.

Sister-in-law Zhang came over with Ziqiu.

The driver is here.

The bodyguards also came to watch the fun.

Yun Xiaoxiao felt embarrassed, so she dragged Sheng Bei and walked out.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, you must know what’s going on with your second brother. Qin An’an is now crossing the river, so don’t bother her with our affairs. There are also Xiaohan and Rila, they are still children, and they usually study very hard. Heavy, don’t you think that as an aunt, it’s not good to bother them so much? You go back with me first, and if you have any requirements, you can ask. I can satisfy you, try to satisfy you.” Sheng Bei persuaded.

“I know, I know!” Yun Xiaoxiao felt ashamed and did not forget to hurt him, “You can talk so much, why didn’t you catch up with your goddess?”

Sheng Bei mocked: “Because I have done all the bad things, so God sent you Come and punish me.”

Country Y.

After Fu Shiting finished the head CT and came out of the CT room, he was shocked to realize that he had been holding the black notepad Qin Anan returned to him.

He stared at it for a few seconds, and out of curiosity, opened the notepad –

in addition to his handwriting, there was a beautiful font on it.

It was written by Qin Anan.

The reason why he thought it was Qin An’an’s words was because this text contained all Qin An’an’s secrets.

Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280 is

not so much a secret as it is privacy.

Qin Anan wrote all her account numbers and passwords in this notebook.

It’s just that he’s not interested.

He has no hobby of prying into the privacy of others.

He turned the paper over, and as a result, saw the photo she had pasted on the paper.

This is their previous sweet photo.

In the photo, the two of them are smiling happily.

Even, in front of the camera, he kissed her cheek.

His chest rose and fell rapidly, his heart arrhythmia, and his body temperature rose suddenly.

His fingers quickly flipped back…the back was full of pictures of him and her!

There are group photos in the living room, dining room, and bedroom at home, and there are group photos in restaurants, streets, and the seaside.

He didn’t look at the photos carefully because he didn’t want to recall the past.

His past has been judged as a failure, and he does not want to repeat the same mistakes.

With a ‘pop’, he threw the notepad into the trash can next to it.

“Mr. Fu, your CT results are out.” The radiologist handed the printed paper report to him, “You’re recovering well, but you should pay attention in the future. Don’t overuse your brain or exercise vigorously in the near future. , take more rest.”

“Thank you.” He took the paper report form, but out of the corner of his eye he fell on the trash can next to him.

Seeing that he was standing still, the doctor wondered, “You can show the results to Vice President Liu. Let’s see what he has to say.”

“I’ll wait.”

“Are you still doing anything?” Didn’t move, so I asked.

“It’s all right. Go get busy!” he said.

The doctor scratched his head, turned and entered the CT room.

After Fu Shiting closed the door of the CT room, he immediately picked up the black notepad from the trash can next to it!

He opened the notebook, tore off the first page, and threw the notepad in the trash again.

Those group photos, he didn’t want to see them. Notepad, he doesn’t want to keep it.

However, he can’t expose Qin An’an’s privacy.

The torn paper was quickly folded by him and put into his pocket.

When he came out of the hospital, the driver saw him and immediately opened the car door for him.

After he got in the car, the car quickly drove away.

In the hospital parking lot, Qin An’an’s bodyguard threw the cigarette between his fingers on the ground and crushed it with his feet.

Today Qin Anan arranged a task for him – to follow Fu Shiting.

If you can find out where Fu Shiting lives, it’s best. If you can’t find where Fu Shiting lives, then stare at Fu Shiting’s itinerary today to see where he goes and who he sees.

This task is quite arduous.

The bodyguard listened to this task in the morning and shook his head directly.

After he shook his head, Qin Anan immediately took out his mobile phone and wanted to book a ticket for him and send him back to China.

Of course, the bodyguard can’t leave Qin An’an here alone, so he can only take over the task in pain.

Qin Anan comforted him very gently. Although Fu Shiting forgot her now and was ruthless towards her, Fu Shiting’s attitude towards others would not change.

What she means is that Fu Shiting is still a good person, and if the stalker is discovered, Fu Shiting will not kill him.

The bodyguard drove and caught up with Fu Shiting’s car.

Fu Shiting’s driver soon found out that he was being followed, so he reported to Fu Shiting, “Mr. Fu, the black Buick in the back has been following us. It came from the hospital.”

Fu Shiting glanced at the rearview mirror.

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