When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1281 -1290 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1281 -1290 (Chinese)

Chapter 1281

The black Buick was in a position diagonally behind them, and they followed unhurriedly.

Fu Shiting looked at the road in front of him, and said, “Stop in a place with fewer people.”

“Okay.” The

driver immediately accelerated and drove the car to a nearby road with fewer people.

The bodyguard turned around behind him.

As a result, the car turned around and saw Fu Shiting’s car parked beside him.

The bodyguard slammed into the brakes and slammed the car to a halt.

Fu Shiting got out of the car and strode to the bodyguard’s car.

The bodyguard let out a low curse and lowered the car window.

Fu Shiting saw his face, and the emotion in his eyes was unexpected but not unexpected.

Most people don’t follow this blatantly.

“Qin Anan asked you to follow me?” Fu Shiting asked with a gloomy expression.

Bodyguard: “Yes! If it wasn’t for my boss’s order, why would I follow you? Wouldn’t I sleep well at home? So, please don’t trouble me, I’m just a hard worker.”

Fu Shiting’s jaw tightened “Why did she ask you to follow me?”

“She wants to know your address.” The bodyguard said truthfully, “Boss Fu, can you tell me your address? This way I can leave work early. My boss said, if I can’t follow your address, so let me follow you for a day today. You don’t want me to be with you for a day, right?”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were unpredictable, and he threatened in a low voice, “Qin Anan is not afraid of death, and you are not afraid of death?”

“Of course I’m scared to death! My boss asks her to trouble you if you get angry, don’t hit me.” The bodyguard confessed, “Boss Fu, in fact, my boss wants your address, not necessarily to harass you and your new wife. …She may be afraid that you will be killed one day, so she can collect your body for you.”

Fu Shiting’s eyelids jumped.

Did her bodyguard speak human language?

He is alive and well, why curse him to death?

“She has already found out that Jin Kaili is in great danger now.” The bodyguard revealed Qin An’an’s good intentions.

“Since you already know that this place is full of danger, why didn’t you bring her back to China?”

“I wanted to bring her back to China too, but she wouldn’t listen! She’s always been like this! Seriously, if you don’t tell me the address Me, maybe she will drive after you tomorrow.” The bodyguard threatened him.

Unexpectedly, the intimidation succeeded.

After the bodyguard got Fu Shiting’s address, he whistled and drove away immediately.

Twenty minutes later, the bodyguard took Fu Shiting’s address and showed it off in front of Qin Anan.

“Boss, how is my efficiency?”

“Do you want me to praise you, or give you bonuses?” Qin Anan came out of Zhuang Xu’s ward.

Zhuang Xu originally came to perform surgery on her, but now she is not hospitalized, but Zhuang Xu is hospitalized.

“I want you to give me bonuses while complimenting me.” The bodyguard handed the note with Fu Shiting’s address to Qin An’an, “Boss, although I got his address, it’s not his home, it’s Miss Jin If you go there to make trouble, the Jin family’s bodyguards will definitely not show mercy to you. “

Qin Anan glanced at the address and put it in his pocket.

“Although my skills are good, there is still a big problem with one against ten.” The bodyguard confessed, “So don’t do stupid things that kill you.”

“Do I look like such a brainless person?” Qin Anan said, “You did a good job today, and I’ll give you a bonus. You help me watch Zhuang Xu here. I’ll go to the vice president.”

“Oh, is your classmate so seriously injured? You have to go to the vice president. .”

Qin Anan didn’t answer him.

She went to the vice president, not for Zhuang Xu’s business.

Although Zhuang Xu suffered a fractured rib, it was not serious. Recover in a few days.

She went to the vice president to see the results of Fu Shiting’s review today.

She came to the vice president’s office, but the vice president was not there.

She waited outside the office for a while, but she didn’t wait for anyone, so she could only go to the radiology department to see if the radiology department could show her Fu Shiting’s films.

Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282 The

driver sent Fu Shiting to the villa.

After the car stopped, Fu Shiting got out of the car.

Jin Rong’er walked out of the room briskly in a fiery red dress.

“Shi Ting, how’s the test result?”

Fu Shiting: “It’s okay. The doctor asked him to rest more.”

Jin Rong’er took his arm and entered the living room with him.

“Then don’t be so busy next. If you’re embarrassed to tell Dad, I’ll tell him.” Jin Rong’er frowned slightly, “Dad only knows to let you work, and doesn’t care about your health at all. To me, nothing is as important as you.”

“Rong’er, why are you dressed up so beautifully today?” Fu Shiting glanced at the red dress on her body with deep eyes and pulled the topic away.

Jin Rong’er smiled excitedly: “Because there will be a mysterious guest coming tonight! I won’t tell you first, you’ll find out later tonight.”

Fu Shiting nodded: “It’s your birthday soon, what birthday gift do you want?

Jin Rong’er’s cheeks were slightly red, and she said with embarrassment: “There is no one who asks for a birthday present. I want whatever you give me. I am happy with whatever you give me. As long as it is given by you, I will cherish it well. ” “

Every word of Jin Rong’er made him feel comfortable.

On the contrary, Qin Anan gave him a headache as soon as he opened his mouth.

Intuition told him that he should choose Jin Rong’er, a knowledgeable, docile, docile and virtuous woman, but he thought of Qin An’an more often in his heart.

“Rong’er, do you want to go shopping? Let’s take you out to buy gifts in the afternoon!”

After he made the proposal, Jin Rong’er smiled and stood on tiptoe and kissed his chin: “Thank you husband! I heard that you didn’t eat in the morning. Thing, you must be hungry now? I made soup for you and made your favorite national A dish, go and try it!”

“Well.” The

time flickered, and it was evening.

After Qin An’an had dinner, he drove to Fu Shiting and Jin Rong’er’s residence.

She didn’t dare to park the car at the gate of the front yard of their villa.

After she parked the car beside the fence, she carried a bag and got out of the car.

She took a deep breath, walked to the gate of the courtyard, passed the railing gate, and glanced into the courtyard.

Under the glow of the sunset, you can see a lot of flowers and trees planted on the left side of the front yard, and an artificial rockery pond on the right side.

The environment is quiet and the scenery is pleasant.

It’s not dark yet, but the lights in the yard are all turned on.

The door of the villa was closed, and the lights inside could only be seen through the window, but the scene inside could not be seen clearly.

Qin Anan pursed her red lips, took a deep breath, and then pressed the doorbell.

Soon, the nanny opened the door of the villa and walked out.

Seeing Qin An’an, the nanny frowned.

She couldn’t let Qin Anan in.

“Miss Qin,” the nanny said with a bit of arrogance and impatience, “the relationship between you and Mr. Fu is in the past. Now Mr. Fu and my young lady are married. And they have already been in the same room and are very affectionate. It’s our twenty-first birthday, and this afternoon, Mr. Fu took our young lady out to pick out gifts.”

Qin Anan said, “they are married, isn’t it normal for them to be in the same room? Why did you tell me specifically? This? Could it be that the two of them have not been in the same room for the past few days?” The

nanny was so angry that her temples jumped at her words: “Miss Qin! You are not welcome here! Please leave immediately!”

“I’ll come I’m looking for Fu Shiting, not you. You let him come out.” Qin Anan was not affected at all, his breath was steady, neither humble nor arrogant, “Or ask your lady to come out.”

Chapter 1283

Chapter 1283

“Didn’t I tell you just now? They went shopping for gifts in the afternoon and haven’t come back yet!” The nanny glared at her, “I have never seen a shameless woman like you. It’s been made clear that I don’t want you, yet you dare to come here!”

Qin Anan pursed her lips and clenched her fingers holding the bag tightly.

“You’d better leave quickly! Otherwise, when our eldest young master comes to see you later, he won’t be so patient to reason with you! He may kill you directly!” After the nanny said this ruthlessly, Turn around and walk towards the villa.


The eldest young master of the Jin family?

Qin An’an’s source of information on Jin Kaili came from the third brother.

The third brother only told her about the troubles Jin Kaili was facing now, but did not tell her about Jin Kaili’s family situation.

So she didn’t understand what the nanny said about the eldest young master.

She promised the bodyguard that she would not die in vain. She didn’t come to die, she came to deliver medicine to Fu Shiting.

At noon, she went to the radiology department to find a doctor, and asked for a CT scan performed by Fu Shiting today.

She carefully checked Fu Shiting’s film, and after watching it, she found a small problem.

She stood outside the courtyard gate for less than a quarter of an hour, and two luxury cars came from not far away.

While she was looking at the two cars, one of the cars maliciously turned on the high beams and deliberately hit her with the high beams.

The strong light stabbed her to raise her arm to block her eyes.

“Who is that woman?” Jin Cheng, the eldest young master of the Jin family, who was sitting in the passenger seat, turned to ask his sister.

He asked the driver to turn on the high beam just now.

Jin Rong’er frowned and said gloomily, “That’s Shi Ting’s wife in country A. But Shi Ting and her only had a wedding in country A, and they didn’t get a marriage certificate.”

“Oh, Qin An’an, right?”

“Yes. I don’t know how she got here. I hate it.” Jin Rong’er whispered.

A look of unhappiness appeared in Jin Cheng’s eyes, and he looked at Fu Shiting: “Fu Shiting, my sister is the jewel of our Jin family. She has never been angry since she was a child. If you dare to make my sister feel wronged…”

“Brother, Shi Ting didn’t make me feel wronged. The last time Qin Anan came over, Shi Ting pushed her down directly. She was shameless and insisted on pestering Shi Ting. Shi Ting has already expressed his attitude to her.” Jin Rong’er quickly replied brother explained.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll get out of the car and kill her!” Jin Cheng’s voice settled, and the driver drove the car to Qin An’an and stopped.

The tense atmosphere spread, Jin Rong’er looked at Fu Shiting-

his face was gloomy, Jin Rong’er immediately stopped her eldest brother: “Brother, this is the marriage room of Shi Ting and I, don’t kill people here! I will kill her! Just drive away.”

Jin Rong’er got out of the car quickly and strode to Qin An’an.

After the two men got out of the car, Jin Cheng took out a cigarette and handed it to Fu Shiting.

“Qin An’an, what are you doing at my house?” Jin Rong’er asked arrogantly.

Qin An placed Ruo deaf, and his eyes fell on Fu Shiting.

“You can’t smoke,” she strode in front of Fu Shiting, snatched the cigarette he took from Jin Cheng’s hand, threw it on the ground, and handed him the medicine she brought, “There is something wrong with your re-examination results today. This is medicine, and the instructions for taking it are written on it. You take the medicine on time and go to the hospital for a review in a week.” Out of the corner of

Fu Shiting’s eyes, he saw Jincheng’s killing intent towards her, and immediately opened the medicine she handed over: “Qin An An, get out!”

Jin Rong’er heard that there was a problem with the re-examination results, and asked nervously: “Qin An’an! The doctor said that Shi Ting’s re-examination was fine! Why do you say that Shi Ting has a problem? Are you deliberately looking for an excuse to see Shi Ting? !”

“Rong’er, ignore her. You bring eldest brother in first, and I’ll let her leave immediately!” Fu Shiting’s voice was settled, and Jin Rong’er immediately pulled Jin Cheng into the yard.

Fu Shiting looked at Qin An’an with a cold and complicated expression.

The next second, his big palm clasped her wrist tightly! Her body was violently taken away by him!

Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284

He took her to her car.

“Open the door!” he shouted sharply.

“Your re-examination results are not ideal, did you not go to Vice President Liu?” She handed the medicine to him again, her tone was more severe than his, “You must avoid smoking and drinking recently, I don’t care about the Jin family. What’s the matter, young master, you can’t make fun of your body!”

“I told you to open the car door!” He raised his voice and slammed his clenched fist on the car without warning.

‘Bang’ with a loud bang!

She shrank her neck.

“I’m leaving! I’m leaving now!” She was suffocated by the powerful aura around him.

She stuffed the medicine into his arms and pushed his body away.

She opened the car door and looked back at him before entering the car.

“Fu Shiting, I won’t pester you all the time. I’m afraid that you will regret it after regaining your memory. If you recover your memory someday, come and tell me that the current life is the life you want, and I will leave.” She After saying these words, he got into the car and closed the door.

After the car disappeared in front of his eyes, he threw the medicine she stuffed into the trash can next to her.

After filming today, the doctor told him that he was recovering well.

He believed that the doctor would not lie to him.

He strode into the front yard and into the villa.

Jin Rong Er was talking on the phone with his cell phone.

Seeing him come in, Jin Ronger greeted the person on the phone and hung up the phone.

“Shi Ting, I called Vice President Liu just now and asked about your review. He said you didn’t go to him after the examination today.” Jin Rong’er frowned worriedly, “He said he listened to radiology. The doctor said your film is fine. But I told him that Qin Anan said there was a problem with your review, so he’s going to adjust your film now.”

After Jin Rong’er finished speaking, Jin Cheng laughed at the side: “Rong’er, you have never cared about me so much.”

“It’s different! Brother, you have so many people who care about you, but Shi Ting is the only one now.” Jin Rong’er walked up to the big brother and said, “Big brother, how long are you going to stay here this time?”

“My father told me to come back. He didn’t tell me to go.” Jin Cheng said, looking at Fu Shiting, “Shi Ting, you married my sister, and I want you to stay drunk tonight!”

“Big brother! Shi Ting just had surgery, he can’t drink now.” Jin Rong’er refused for Fu Shiting.

“But how did I hear that he drank with his father last night? He could give his life to drank with his father, but not with me? Is he looking down on me?” Jin Cheng’s words, both inside and out, were putting pressure on Fu Shiting.

He was admonishing Fu Shiting that he was the master of the Jin family.

Moreover, in the Jin family’s site, the Jin family’s eyeliner is everywhere.

Fu Shiting’s every move is under his control.

“I’ll accompany you to drink.” Fu Shiting said indifferently and took a sip.

“It’s almost the same! Otherwise, I thought you looked down on me!” Jin Cheng said angrily, leaning on Fu Shiting’s shoulder, and strode towards the dining room.

Jin Rong’er watched the two of them take their seats in the dining room. She held her mobile phone and anxiously waited for Vice President Liu’s reply.

Today, her father is away, and she can’t find him to help her. The eldest brother has always had a bad temper and doesn’t listen to anyone.

If he gets Fu Shiting drunk and causes Fu Shiting to suffer from physical problems, his father will definitely punish him!

And he would definitely hate Fu Shiting for that.

Jin Ronger didn’t want the relationship between his eldest brother and Fu Shiting to deteriorate.

After a while, the phone rang, and Jin Ronger immediately answered the call.

After answering the phone, Jin Rong’er walked towards the dining room in shock.

She snatched the glass from Fu Shiting’s hand and said, “Shi Ting, just now Vice President Liu said that there is indeed something wrong with your re-examination results. It may have been caused by drinking with Dad yesterday. You can’t drink today. You drink milk, I’ll accompany you. Brother, drink.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes flickered with a fleeting surprise.

Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285

Qin An’an didn’t just find a reason to see him tonight, but his review result was really wrong.

On the way back to the hospital, Qin Anan felt a lot of pain.

She went to the radiologist at noon to ask for Fu Shiting’s CT scans. The doctor took out the black notepad and said that Fu Shiting threw it in the trash can.

He must have thrown away the medicine she just gave him.

She turned on the car music, and the melody flowed out, making her forget her troubles for a while.

The red light ahead came on and she stopped the car.

A low male voice sang in his ears –

“I want to walk with you in the rain with an umbrella, and walk silently holding hands. You throw the umbrella in the wind and hug the rain and me. We are completely different but irresistible… .You are you, I can be me, each other is a gap for each other…”

She wanted to accompany him through the wind and rain, but he held another woman’s hand.

She planned to listen to the song to relieve her pain, but before she finished listening to a song, her mood had completely collapsed.

The red light is dimmed, the green light is on.

She stepped on the accelerator and drove the car out.

The ringtone of the video call rang. She saw that Xiaohan was calling, so she drove the car to the side of the road and stopped, turned off the music, wiped the tears from her face with a tissue, and adjusted her mood.

After taking the video, she saw her son’s face and the corners of her mouth rose.

“Xiao Han, is Rila going home?”

“Well.” Xiao Han looked at her mother’s red eyes. Although she was laughing, she clearly cried.

Seeing her mother like this, Xiaohan’s heart is heavy, not a taste.

He hands Rila the phone and walks away silently.

“Mom! I’m not happy!” Rila just got up, a little angry, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“Aren’t you going to see mom now? Mom can make videos for you every day.” Qin An An coaxed, “Have you seen my aunt?”

“Yes! She has been picked up by Uncle Sheng.” Rila sighed, “When will you be back? Now that Dad has a new wife, you Don’t want him! If he makes one mistake, we can forgive him, and if he makes two mistakes, we can forgive him, but this time, it’s the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth time he’s made a mistake.”

“Rila, Your father’s affairs are a bit complicated, and my mother will not explain it to you for a while.” Qin Anan said softly, “I’ll tell you when my mother goes back.”

“Oh… my brother has already run away, He runs like a duckling, but unfortunately you can’t see it.” Rila frowned, “I’m not happy, neither is my brother, only my brother is happy like a little fool every day.”

Qin Anan was silent.

She didn’t know how to comfort her daughter.

The change in her relationship with Fu Shiting will definitely have a huge impact on the child.

After a while, Xiaohan took the phone from Rila’s hand.

“Mom, are you driving? You drive first, and I’ll make a video with you tomorrow.”

“Well.” After the

video ended, Qin Anan cheered up and drove the car back on the road.

in the villa.

After Jin Rong’er drank two glasses of wine with her eldest brother Jin Cheng, her cheeks suddenly flushed and her eyes were blurred.

Fu Shiting supported her and said to Jin Cheng, “I’ll take Rong’er back to the room to rest first. I’ll drink with you later.”

Jin Cheng felt very boring.

“Forget it! Rong’er will definitely blame me if I drink you out.” Jin Cheng put down the glass and sneered, “We will have a chance to fight in the future, so don’t be in a hurry.”

Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286

After Jincheng finished speaking, he left from their wedding room.

“Eldest young master, your father called you back, it should be to curb Fu Shiting.” Jin Cheng’s subordinates drove the car and said to Jin Cheng, “I have already inquired about it. President Jin asked Fu Shiting to mediate the bad debt with the second and fourth masters. If Fu Shiting can handle this matter well, President Jin promises to hand over the core business to him.”

Jin Cheng’s expression was gloomy, his fingers clenched his fists and his teeth clenched.

“Father doesn’t trust me!”

“Don’t be angry yet. President Jin calls you back, which means he doesn’t trust Fu Shiting that much either. Although Fu Shiting is President Jin’s son-in-law, he is a foreigner. Once he swallows up the Jin family, that’s not a situation that President Jin wants to see.”

“If my father handed over all the rights to Fu Shiting, how can I stop him? Am I going to use the forehead to block his gun?! Father is old and stupid!” Jin Cheng scolded angrily.

The subordinate was silent for a few seconds, then came up with an idea: “Eldest young master, Fu Shiting hasn’t taken off yet, you can take advantage of this time…” The subordinate didn’t say anything after that.

But Jincheng understood what it meant.

In the villa, Jin Rong’er was drunk and held Fu Shiting without letting go.

“Shi Ting… I’m so hot!” Jin Rong’er only had half a glass of red wine, but he drank two glasses tonight, so he was very drunk.

She wanted to take off her skirt uncontrollably.

Fu Shiting carried her to the bathroom, put her in the bathtub, and turned on the cold water switch.

The cold water made Jin Rong’er frown: “It’s so cold! Shi Ting! It’s so cold!”

“Didn’t you say it’s hot?” Fu Shiting looked down at her, “I’ll ask the nanny to serve you.”

“No, I don’t want a babysitter!” Her delicate little face was wrinkled, showing a completely different willful look than usual, and she quickly pulled his arm, “Shi Ting, I want you to accompany me. Just stand Just be by my side and stay with me.”

Fu Shiting felt as if she had changed.

Before, she was well-behaved and sensible in front of him and didn’t bother him, like a mask she wore.

His big palm pushed her little hand away: “Don’t make trouble unreasonably.”

Jin Rong’er woke up like someone had poured cold water on her.

She put her hands in the cold water with a dull expression on her face: “Then please call the nanny for me. I’m a little dizzy, and I’m afraid I’ll fall over later.”

“Well.” He strode out of the bathroom and got off Go to the first floor and let the babysitter go up to serve.

The nanny went upstairs immediately.

Now the whole villa was quiet and empty, but his heart was beating wildly.

His eyes turned to the front yard –

the bodyguard standing in the front yard smoking met his gaze, and immediately put out the cigarette.

After a while, he came out of the living room, and the bodyguard immediately greeted him.

“Mr. Fu, what’s the matter with you?”

Fu Shiting hesitated for a moment, then said, “Come here.”

“Okay.” The

bodyguard followed him to the outside of the courtyard.

I saw that he stopped in front of the trash can.

The bodyguard was puzzled: “Mr. Fu, do you think that the trash can is more unsightly here? I’ll remove it now!”

Fu Shiting rolled his throat: “Open the lid.” The

bodyguard was even more puzzled: “Open the meeting It smells bad.”

Fu Shiting stared at him coldly: “Open it!”

The bodyguard confessed: “Okay, but can you tell me why you want to open it? After opening the cover, what do you want to do? You can make it easier for me…”

Fu Shiting had never seen such a long-winded bodyguard.

Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287

He stretched out his noble hand and opened the lid of the trash can.

Just when he was about to reach in and take out the medicine he had just thrown in, the bodyguard immediately stopped him!

“Mr. Fu! It’s dirty inside! Let me do it!” The bodyguard didn’t dare to push Fu Shiting away, so he could only quickly hold the trash can and turn around.

Fu Shiting retracted his hanging arm, adjusted his mood, and said to the bodyguard, “There is a bag of medicine in it, take it out.”

“Oh! Is that the bag of medicine that your ex-wife sent in the evening?” With the fastest speed, he twisted the bag of medicine out of the trash can.

When Fu Shiting saw the medicine, he immediately stretched out his hand, intending to take it.

“Mr. Fu, this is something I picked up from the trash can. It’s so dirty! I’ll take it to disinfect you before giving it to you.

” “…”

He wanted to replace this eventful and talkative bodyguard!

“Mr. Fu, in fact, I can go to the pharmacy to buy medicine for you again. These medicines can be bought at the pharmacy.” The bodyguard disliked the bag of medicines picked up from the trash can, but Fu Shiting wanted it, but he didn’t dare to throw it away.

Fu Shiting grabbed the bag and said coldly, “Put the trash can back in place!” The

bodyguard was stunned for a moment: “Oh!”

Fu Shiting took the bag of medicine he picked up from the trash can and strode toward the villa. go.

The bodyguard touched his nose: doesn’t it mean that he has a cleanliness addiction?

Unclean now?

And he kindly reminded him to disinfect, why is he unhappy?


Qin Anan pushed open the door of the ward and was surprised to see the bodyguard and Zhuang Xu chatting hotly.

“What are you two talking about?” The

bodyguard: “Your classmate is very interested in the past between you and Fu Shiting, and it happens that I know everything, so I will tell him.”

Qin Anan raised his eyebrows: “I think you are I want to go back to China.”

“Boss, if you suffer, you will suffer. If you think about yourself, you don’t have to suffer here.” Right ?”

“Go back to the hotel to rest!” Qin Anan didn’t want to talk about it, “I’ll find you tomorrow if I have something to do.”

“What about you? You can’t stay here with your classmates all night, can you? I’ll wait outside. You.” After the bodyguard finished speaking, he strode out of the ward.

Zhuang Xu looked at her red and swollen eyes, not knowing what to say to relieve her.

“How are you feeling now?” She walked to the chair where the bodyguard was sitting and sat down and asked Zhuang Xu.

“I’m fine.” Zhuang Xu wrote lightly, “I understand why you can’t let him go after knowing the relationship between you and Fu Shiting.”

She lowered her eyebrows and said angrily: “Actually, if you didn’t have children, it might not be so troublesome. Now my affair with him has a great impact on the child, and I feel very sorry for the child.”

“You can’t think that way.” Zhuang Xu comforted, “Few people can really grow up in a greenhouse. The growth process of most people , all have the negative effects of family. Real life is like this, there are good things and there are pains.”

“Thank you for comforting me, I feel better.” She raised a smile and cheered up, “Say ok It’s going to last for a month, and it’s just the beginning!” I

came out of the hospital and went back to the hotel.

After she showered and changed into clean clothes, she lay down on the big soft bed.

She wanted to let herself go, but she started thinking about what happened today out of control in her mind.

Jin’s nanny said that Fu Shiting took Jin Rong’er to buy gifts this afternoon.

Regardless of whether they have sex or not, their relationship seems to be good.

When she was depressed, the phone rang suddenly, disturbing her thoughts.

She picked up the phone and was stunned when she saw the call reminder.

Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288

She answered the phone, and there was a male voice over the phone.

“Qin An’an, I have something to tell you.” The

call was from the third brother.

She sat up and said solemnly, “You tell me, I’ll listen.”

“Do you still want to see Fu Shiting?”

She was stunned for a moment, and quickly replied, “Yes. Do you want to help me?”

“Haha! You are so persistent. Yes. He doesn’t remember you anymore, why don’t you give up?” The third brother laughed.

“What he does to me is his business. Whatever I do, I have a clear conscience.” She said calmly, “You can’t be looking for me to make fun of me, right?”

“Of course not, I’m not so boring. ,” said the third brother, “Jin Rong’er’s birthday will be in a few days, and the Jin family will hold a birthday party for her. Are you afraid of the sea?”

“Not afraid. Why do you ask that?”

“The birthday party will be at that time . It will be held on a yacht. Jin Carrier invited me, but I don’t want to go.” The third brother explained the reason.

“I can go instead of you!” Qin Anan answered immediately, “I can bring you any gifts or words you need to bring over there.”

“Hahahaha! Qin Anan, how I wish you were Qin. Doctor, not Qin An’an.” The third brother sighed sarcastically, “You should do something more meaningful instead of getting into this muddy water.”

“Third brother, if I switch with Fu Shiting, he won’t either. Give up on me easily.” She said firmly, “I just want him to recover his memory as soon as possible, so as not to make a big mistake.”

“Since you say that, I won’t advise you. Come to my house this Friday morning, I’ll give you the present and let the driver take you there.”

“Thank you.” She said sincerely, “If you have anything I can help you in the future, feel free to ask.”

“Don’t talk about it so far, let’s live until Fu Shiting recovers his memory!” The third brother sneered, “Do you know why I didn’t go to Jin Rong’er’s birthday party? Actually, I like Rong’er quite a bit. She Very good, like a tamed canary. No man can resist such a beautiful and docile woman.”

Qin An’an listened to his words, and his heart felt like a bottle of five flavors was overturned.

“Cough cough, let’s go too far, let’s talk about why I didn’t go to her birthday party! Because her brother came back, I couldn’t help but want to kill when I saw her brother.”

“Why? What did his brother do? Are you angry?” When she asked this question, Jin Cheng’s fierce and ruffian face came to mind.

In the evening, if Fu Shiting hadn’t blocked her, Jin Cheng would probably have done something to her.

“Lao Liu died to save him. As a result, this fool not only did not know how to reflect on his sins, but instead went to cause trouble, and finally killed Lao Qi.” The third brother said here, his voice was tense, and his anger was transmitted through the radio waves. Come.

“You seven brothers broke up because of this?” Qin Anan seemed to understand.

“No, Shi Ting has long since left us.” The third brother gritted his teeth, “Our six brothers broke up because of this incident. No, to be precise, they are the four brothers. The death of the sixth and seventh has given us a great deal of relief. It’s a big blow.”

“Well, I can understand.”

“You understand shit! Don’t think that if I call you Doctor Qin, you will really take yourself seriously.” The third brother is very upset now, so he gets angry, “How good our relationship used to be, how bad our relationship is now. Of course, I’m no longer involved in their affairs, I’m so fucking disgusting!”

Qin Anan didn’t expect his mood to change so quickly.

Suddenly do not know how to answer.

“Do you think I have a bad temper? Hehe, you haven’t seen the second and fourth children, they are much worse than me! Fu Shiting is now in turmoil, aside from the two thorns of the second and fourth children, just Jincheng’s. You bastard, it’s enough for Fu Shiting to have a headache!” The third brother said this and laughed, “What’s the use of me telling you this, if he dies, you will die with him! I will see that you have saved it. For my sake, bury the two of you together.”

Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289

“Third brother, although you are very ugly, I know you are not bad.” Qin Anan said calmly, “Everyone has the life they want, and the life I want is to stay with Fu Shiting for the rest of my life. If he is in danger, I won’t die with him, I will find a way to save him.”


“The third brother may need your help then.”

“Fuck! Don’t look for me!” The third brother was afraid of her Keep talking, so hang up immediately.

Qin Anan put down the phone and lay down again.

It stands to reason that she should be worried about Fu Shiting being surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Strangely, she didn’t worry about that. What she worried about was whether Fu Shiting would be emotional about Jin Rong’er.

Jin Rong’er looks sweet and beautiful, with a petite and exquisite figure. According to the third brother, Jin Rong’er is tamed to be obedient to men and is good at pleasing men… Can Fu Shiting resist such a temptation?

“Hiss…” There was a sudden sharp pain in her head, causing her body to curl up into a ball.

The frequency of her headaches has been increasing recently, indicating that her condition is getting worse.

She didn’t know if her body could last a month.

She must wake up Fu Shiting’s memory as soon as possible.

As long as he remembered the bits and pieces of their past, she believed that he would definitely make the right choice.

The next day, she took her bodyguards to the mall to go shopping.

The bodyguard was puzzled: “Boss, why are you in the mood to go shopping today? Don’t you go to Fu Shiting today? Or…Fu Shiting is also in the mall?”

“Don’t go to him today.” She didn’t sleep well last night, today Looking a little bad, “I need to buy a dress today. In three days, it will be Jin Rong’er’s birthday. Then I will replace the third brother to attend Jin Rong’er’s birthday party.”

“Oh! It means that you will be able to see Fu Shiting when the time comes! You are here to buy a dress today so that you will be able to overwhelm Jin Rong’er!”

Qin Anan glanced at the bodyguard: “I bought the dress because the third brother was this morning. Send me a message and tell me not to wear tattered clothes and lose his face.”

Bodyguard: “…”

“I have to buy a handbag and a pair of high heels.” Qin Anan planned, “First Buy clothes.”

Buy clothes, and then go with bags and shoes, so it’s not easy to make mistakes.

“If you can overwhelm Jin Rong’er by then, maybe Fu Shiting will go back to country a with you.” The bodyguard said firmly, “Have you never heard of a man? I know what a man is like.”

Qin An An was stunned.

“Look at you now, you are haggard and simple. If Fu Shiting treated your lover in the past, even if you had a muddy face, he would still think you were the cutest. But now he doesn’t remember you, plus that gold Rong’er is dressed up every day in front of him, and between you and Jin Rong’er, he must like Jin

Rong’er more!” The bodyguard’s words made Qin Anan’s head start.

She was careless.

After a while, the two entered the clothing store to pick out dresses.

The bodyguard took a V-neck halter dress and handed it to her: “Boss, buy it!”

Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290

Qin An’an took over the dress, looked at it, and frowned.

Although this is not her favorite style, she wants to listen to the bodyguard once.

What if it works?

She didn’t know how to wake up Fu Shiting’s memory, so she could try any method.

a country.

Sheng Bei and Yun Xiaoxiao send Sheng’s father and mother to the airport.

The two elders actually didn’t want to leave, because Yun Xiaoxiao was pregnant with Sheng Bei’s child, and the child would be born in eight or nine months.

It was Sheng Bei who insisted on asking the two elders to leave.

The main reason why he did this was that the two elders loved Yun Xiaoxiao too much. He felt that if this continued, Yun Xiaoxiao would have to go to the house sooner or later.

For example, the first day he brought Yun Xiaoxiao home, his mother took her to buy clothes, bags, and shoes.

The next day, mother took Yun Xiaoxiao to buy a few sets of jewelry.

He doesn’t mind that his mother buys clothes and jewelry for Yun Xiaoxiao, but can he not buy so many at one time? And my mother swiped his card every time to pay!

The mother has his supplementary card, but the mother does not usually spend his money.

Of course, his headache wasn’t the issue of spending money, but his mother’s deviant attitude towards Yun Xiaoxiao’s doting.

Before the child was born, he felt that his family status was in jeopardy. If the child was born, wouldn’t this family be in chaos?

He couldn’t accept such a change, so after a long talk with his parents last night, he decided to let them go first.

After the two elders boarded the plane, Sheng Bei and Yun Xiaoxiao came out of the airport.

“Forgot to tell you, my eldest brother is here today.” Yun Xiaoxiao took out his phone and glanced at the time, “Why don’t you go first, I’ll pick you up later.”

Sheng Bei: “???”

big brother? Yunzhe? !

Sheng Bei took a deep breath and rubbed his swollen temples: “When will your eldest brother arrive? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“That’s my eldest brother, not your eldest brother. Why do I have to tell you? “Yun Xiaoxiao’s mouth was sharp, but it was because Yun Zhe scolded her on the phone yesterday, and she was very unhappy.

She didn’t want Sheng Bei to know that their brother and sister relationship was so bad.

I don’t want this to bother him.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, you are pregnant with my child now, so you must tell me everything about you!” Sheng Bei wanted to get angry very much, but considering that she was pregnant now, he could only bear it.

Before the mother left, remind him again and again that the first three months of pregnancy are very important! He told him not to make Yun Xiaoxiao angry.

If the child is gone, the relationship between their mother and son will also come to an end.

“He must be here for my dad’s funeral.” Yun Xiaoxiao said this, unable to hide it, “He knows that I am pregnant with your child, and he may ask you for money.”

Sheng Bei was not surprised at all. .

After taking a deep breath, he asked, “How much do you think he will want?”

“How do I know that?” Yun Xiaoxiao said angrily, “Why don’t you go outside and

hide !” Chief Treasurer, will I be afraid of your brother?” Sheng Bei laughed angrily, “I’ll wait here with you. I want to see how much he can open his mouth!”

Two hours later, Yun Zhe walked out of the station .

When he saw Sheng Bei, his face suddenly sank.

Sheng Bei glanced at the time and said, “Let’s go to dinner first! I’ve reserved a seat.”

Yun Xiaoxiao was afraid that his eldest brother would make trouble with Sheng Bei at the airport, so he reminded in a low voice, “Brother, father’s ashes are still at Sheng Bei’s house.”

Yun Zhe asked inexplicably, “Why didn’t you bury him? Could it be waiting for me to bury it?”

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