When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1291 -1300 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1291 -1300 (Chinese)

Chapter 1291

Sheng Bei was surprised: “Then what are you doing here?”

“You made my sister’s belly bigger, shouldn’t you be responsible for her? Don’t think that if Fu Shiting is not here now, you can bully my sister!” Yun Zhe Explaining the purpose, “You must marry her!”

Yun Xiaoxiao: “???”

Her eyes widened, unable to understand what the eldest brother was saying.

“I understand, you want a dowry. Tell me, how much do you want, can I give it to you directly?” Sheng Bei negotiated with him, “I don’t want to talk about the wedding beforehand, aside from the fact that I don’t want to marry your sister. The reason is that your sister doesn’t want to marry me either.”

Yun Zhe was furious when he heard this, and scolded: “Yun Xiaoxiao, your brain is flooded? Do you know how rich he is? Since you are pregnant with his child, just Hurry up and marry her! You will definitely not be able to marry a man richer than him in the future!”

Yun Xiaoxiao said blankly: “Brother, how much do you want, tell him, don’t yell at me!

” I can’t figure it out!” Yun Zhe finished scolding Yun Xiaoxiao and looked at Sheng Bei, “Let me talk to you alone!”

Sheng Bei couldn’t bear seeing Yun Xiaoxiao’s face turning red when he was being scolded: “Yun Xiaoxiao, you Take a taxi back.”

After he spoke, Yun Xiaoxiao strode out of the airport.

He took Yun Zhe to the restaurant he reserved for lunch.

Arriving at the restaurant, the two were seated, Yun Zhe couldn’t wait to speak: “You must marry my sister, or I will take her to the hospital to abort the child.”

Sheng Bei’s mouth twitched: “Yun Zhe, calm down!”

“I I have inquired about it, you have never been married, and you have no illegitimate children. The child in my sister’s womb is your first child. It is also your old child, you must not have the heart to abort this child, right?

” The four words “Laiduzi” strike to the point of aphasia.

“I’ll give you two choices, either do the wedding now, or do it after the baby is born.” Yun Zhe didn’t give him time to think.

“After the wedding.” Sheng Bei gave this answer without hesitation.

He definitely couldn’t let Yun Xiaoxiao kill the child.

His parents couldn’t bear the result.

This time, the parents came over and were overjoyed to learn that Yun Xiaoxiao was pregnant with his child.

He hadn’t seen his parents so happy in a long time.

With more and more gray hair on his parents’ heads, he wants them to enjoy their old age.

Yun Zhe breathed a sigh of relief when he got this result. “Then let’s talk about the bride price!”

Sheng Bei: “How much do you want? If you’re still a man, don’t use your sister’s life-long event as a bargaining chip for your profit.”

“Seeing that you’re nervous, I’m not stupid. Just give it as normal!” Yun Zhe came prepared, “If you marry Tang Qian, how much dowry will you give to Tang Qian’s family?”

Sheng Bei: “……” Fuck!

“This is my card number. If you’re a man, don’t fool me.” Yun Zhe pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “Whether it’s one million or ten million, as long as it’s the number you gave to Tang Qian’s family, I can do it all. Accept.”

Sheng Bei kneeled to Yun Zhe in his heart, and called him brother by the way!

country y.

In a flash, it was Jin Rong’er’s birthday.

On the blue sea, a huge yacht is parked on the sea.

The relatives and friends of the Jin family came early in the morning to celebrate Jin Rong’er’s birthday.

Jin Ronger was wearing a white princess dress today, as beautiful as a doll in an oil painting.

Fu Shiting wore a black suit, kept a low-key and steady side by her side, and entertained the guests with her.

Not long after, a bright red shadow appeared in their field of vision-

Qin Anan was wearing a red sexy dress and long skirt, revealing her white and delicate skin. Her long hair was rolled up, elegant and intellectual. Today she put on a delicate makeup look, radiant and radiant.

She took the gifts and walked towards them.

Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292

“Why is she here?” Jin Rong’er saw Qin An’an dressed up, and her jealousy suddenly burned.

Usually Qin An’s face is facing the sky, which has led to Jin Rong’er’s high self-confidence.

She thought that she was more beautiful and younger than Qin An’an, and men would definitely be attracted to her.

But now, Qin Anan is wearing a sexy long dress, which is charming and colorful, making her look like a childish little girl.

Of course she wasn’t happy.

Fu Shiting didn’t answer her question because he was attracted by Qin An’an.

“Jin Rong’er, I wish you a happy birthday.” Qin Anan handed the gift to Jin Rong’er, “By the way, this is from the third brother.”

“Third master?” Jin Rong’er took the gift, He asked in confusion, “The third master asked you to come?”

“Yes, your third master asked me to come.”

“What is your relationship with my third master? Why did he let you come instead of him?” Jin Rong’er wrinkled He frowned and handed the gift to the subordinate beside him.

“Our relationship is a long story, are you sure you want to listen?” Although Qin Anan was talking to Jin Ronger, the corner of his eye kept falling on Fu Shiting.

She noticed that he was looking at her too.

And it’s a fair look.

Could it be that she was dressed too beautifully today and attracted him?

It seems that the bodyguards have a good idea. Or men understand men better.

Jin Rong’er also noticed that Fu Shiting was staring at Qin An’an, and immediately panicked: “I don’t care about your relationship. Since you are here on behalf of the third master, I can’t help but give the third master face. Go to the banquet hall! “The

banquet hall is in the cabin.

But most of the guests were hanging out in the sun and chatting on the deck.

Qin Anan came for Fu Shiting, so she didn’t enter the cabin.

She walked to the corner of the deck, looked at the scenery on the sea, and looked at Fu Shiting from time to time.

Not long after the guests arrived, Fu Shiting and Jin Rong’er walked towards Jin Carrier.

Jin Kaili is proud of the spring breeze today, not only because of his daughter’s birthday, but also because Fu Shiting has become his fast son-in-law.

In less than an hour, he blushed and was led by the bodyguard to the guest room in the cabin to rest.

After Jin Carrier went to rest, Fu Shiting replaced Jin Carrier and chatted and drank with the guests.

But after he took a glass of champagne, Jin Ronger quickly replaced the glass in his hand with Coke.

Qin Anan sees all this in his eyes.

It can be seen that Jin Ronger really likes Fu Shiting. If Fu Shiting lives in country y, he will be able to live very well.

It’s just that Jincheng probably won’t let him go so smoothly.

Thinking of Jincheng, Qin An’an frowned, alarmed in his heart.

After she got on the yacht, she hadn’t seen Jin Cheng yet.

As Jin Rong’er’s eldest brother, shouldn’t he entertain guests with Jin Carrier today?

Where has he gone?

She suddenly worried that if Jincheng took advantage of today’s crowd and secretly played tricks behind his back, it might make Fu Shiting hard to guard against.

Thinking of this, she immediately began to search for Jin Cheng’s figure on the huge deck.

The red figure suddenly moved quickly within the line of sight, and Fu Shiting immediately fixed his eyes on her.

She stopped and walked around, staring at the guests, as if looking for someone.

Who is she looking for?

Besides him, who else does she know on this yacht?

She looked around on the deck and probably didn’t find the person she was looking for, so she entered the cabin and planned to go to the banquet hall to find it.

“Shi Ting, Lao Jin has been praising you for your ability just now, saying that he can retire in peace with you in the future.” Someone complimented Fu Shiting.

Chapter 1293

Chapter 1293

Fu Shiting was absent-minded and made a random excuse to leave: “I don’t seem to see Jincheng today, I’ll go to the banquet hall to see.”

After he finished speaking, he strode towards the entrance of the banquet hall.

It happened that Qin Anan hurried out of the banquet hall.

The two collided without warning!

All the drinks in Fu Shiting’s wine glass were poured on Qin An’an.

At this moment, the sky is thunder and the earth is on fire!

Both were stunned.

She had just entered the banquet hall and saw that Jincheng and the guests in the banquet hall were drinking, so she felt relieved and left the banquet hall in a hurry.

She didn’t expect to meet Fu Shiting who came to the banquet hall to look for her.

Of course, she wouldn’t know that he came to the banquet hall to find her.

It’s like he didn’t know that she hurried out of the banquet hall to keep staring at him on the deck.

“You spilled the drink on me.” Qin Anan reacted first and reminded him.

The waiter strode over, Fu Shiting put the empty cup on the tray, then took a dry towel from the tray and handed it to her: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

She took the towel and wiped the liquid on her chest. But her dress was wet.

“What should I do? My clothes are wet.” She looked at him innocently, waiting for him to give a solution.

He frowned, a little embarrassed.

This is on a yacht, not on land. It’s not like you can just find a clean dress for her to change into.

“What do you want to do?” He looked at her with deep eyes.

He knew she was deliberately making things difficult for him.

“I’m asking you, don’t ask me back.”

“Would you like to dry it with a hair dryer first?” His eyes stayed on the wet clothes on her chest for a few seconds, and then a flush of blush appeared on her handsome face.

His eyes moved unnaturally and landed on her face.

As a result, after staring at her for less than three seconds, his face turned even redder.

“Okay! You help me dry.” She demanded, “How do I get to the housekeeping department?”

She asked him to blow her clothes, which was an undisguised seduction!

The two of them tacitly walked towards the guest room department.

Except for the waiters, there are almost no guests in the housekeeping department at this moment.

Fu Shiting asked: “Did you beg the third brother to let you come?”

Qin Anan: “You said the opposite. He invited me to come. I know you don’t want to see me, after all, your wife is like a flower, and I’m just you The ex-wife who has passed the fresh period.”

Fu Shiting pushed open the door of a guest room and strode in.

Qin Anan followed him in.

When the door closed, he grabbed her waist: “What do you want to wear today?”

She raised her head and looked at his handsome but indifferent face: “No doubt, it’s just what you think. It’s my freedom to stare at me. If you don’t look at me, how do you know I’m looking at you?”

“Qin An’an, I don’t remember you anymore. No matter who you were in the past, for me now , you’re just a strange woman!” He said the most affectionate words, but his big palm grabbed her waist even harder.

“You don’t remember me in your mind, maybe your body does. Or… let’s try it now?” She looked at him and said defiantly, “We have known each other for eight years and have slept together countless times. This time, your body has definitely not forgotten me.”

Her words caused a tingling in his head, “I have a wife now!”

“Does Jin Carrier have only one woman? Your second brother, third brother and fourth brother… Do they only have one woman?! Since you choose to fool around with them, how can a woman satisfy you?!” After she finished speaking, she Without giving him time to think, red lips blocked his thin lips.

Her words made him instantly abandon all the rules and regulations that bound him.

He picked her up and walked towards the big bed next to her!

Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294

A moment later, Jin Ronger found that Fu Shiting was gone.

She couldn’t find him in the banquet hall, and when she went to the deck, she couldn’t find him either.

What’s even more frightening is that not only is he gone, but Qin An’an is also gone!

Jin Rong’er’s heart jumped wildly. Could it be that the two of them had a private tryst?

Qin An’an is so beautiful and enchanting today that even a woman can’t help but look at her, let alone a man?

Jin Ronger immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Fu Shiting’s number.

The phone went out, got through, but no one answered.

In a hurry, Jin Ronger immediately sent bodyguards to find Fu Shiting.

After a while, the bodyguard led a waiter over.

“Miss Jin, about twenty minutes ago, your husband accidentally spilled the wine from the glass on a lady. After that, your husband took the lady to the housekeeping department, presumably taking her to deal with her body. stains.” The waiter explained to Jin Rong’er.

Jin Rong’er frowned and asked anxiously, “Is that lady wearing a long red dress?”

“Yes. That lady is indeed wearing a long red dress.” After the

waiter answered, there were tears in Jin Rong’er’s eyes. Blinking: “You take me to the housekeeping department to find them right away!” The

waiter looked embarrassed: “I don’t know which room they are in, why don’t I ask the housekeeping manager to take you there?”

“Forget it! I’ll go by myself. Look!” There are dozens of guest rooms on the boat, and she knocked on the door one by one, not afraid of not finding them both.

Jin Ronger took the bodyguard and walked towards the cabin room.

After she entered the guest room, Fu Shiting and Qin Anan came out one after the other from the front room.

Jin Ronger saw their figures and immediately strode over.

“Shi Ting!”

Her voice was filled with excitement and grievances that were lost and found.

Qin An’an raised her eyes to look at Fu Shiting-

I saw that he was not in a hurry, and without hesitation, walked towards Jin Rong’er.

When he was in bed just now, he was not so callous to her.

If it wasn’t for the phone call from Jin Rong Er, the two of them would have regained their old passion in bed now.

She naively thought that he might be able to remember fragments of the past, even if it was just the memory of the bed.

But after he put on his trousers and buckled the belt, the short-lived warmth in his eyes was replaced by indifference.

Now, he has become Kim Young Ah’s husband again.

“Shi Ting, why are you with her?” Jin Rong’er asked with a curious wink, pretending she didn’t know anything.

Fu Shiting took Jin Rong’er’s arm and took her out of the housekeeping department: “I got her dress wet, so I brought her to dry it.”

“Oh, so it is! Actually, you can find me, I brought a spare I can put my clothes on for her.” Jin Rong’er, like a bird, snuggled up to Fu Shiting’s arm and disappeared from Qin An’an’s sight.

At this moment, Qin An’an had a new understanding of Jin Rong’er.

No wonder the third brother said that Jin Rong Er was a tamed canary. She is so young, but she is so tolerant of men.

Even if she was allowed to see Fu Shiting and herself in bed with her own eyes, as long as Fu Shiting didn’t abandon her, she would definitely forgive Fu Shiting.

Qin Anan came out of the guest room and walked towards the deck.

The purpose of her coming here today has been achieved.

She had close contact with Fu Shiting. As for whether Fu Shiting can think of her because of this, it all depends on good luck.

The sun is shining and the wind is strong today.

Her hair was blown away by the wind, she simply raised her head and blew the sea breeze happily.

“Miss Qin, do you smoke?” the bodyguard who brought her asked.

Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295

This bodyguard is from the third brother.

Qin Anan looked at him: “Do you think I can smoke?” The

bodyguard: “I think you are very bored.”

Qin Anan chuckled and stretched out his hand: “Then give me one!” The

bodyguard handed her a cigarette , and then set fire to her: “The third brother called me just now and told me to go back.”

“Well, go back! I’ll go home by myself later.” Qin Anan looked at the lit cigarette and imitated the bodyguard. Put it to your mouth and try to take a breath.

As a result, the choking smell of tobacco penetrated the air pipe, and she couldn’t help coughing violently.

The bodyguard laughed: “Look at how stupid you are! Don’t take such a big mouth at the beginning!”

Qin Anan was laughed at by him, and was a little annoyed: “If I give you a scalpel and ask you to operate on someone, you will too. You ‘ll become an idiot.”

“Haha! You’re still angry!” The bodyguard laughed, his eyes fell on the red mark on her collarbone, teasing, “Have you gotten along with Fu Shiting so soon?”

“No,” Qin Anan was slender He put the cigarette between his fingers and took a sip, barely choking this time. “He didn’t recognize people when he lifted his pants. He wasn’t like this before.”

“People will change. They will change. What he’s like is related to the environment he is in.” The smile in the bodyguard’s eyes was very aggressive, making people uncomfortable, “Would you like to come with me?”

Qin Anan’s smoke between his fingers, Frightened and fell into the sea.

“What do you mean?” She frowned.

“Literally!” The bodyguard looked at her slyly, “If you don’t go, then I’ll go! If you don’t go with me, be careful to regret it!”

“Why do you regret if I don’t go with you? ?” Qin An’an became more and more confused, and even felt that the face of the bodyguard in front of him became distorted. She pushed the hair from the sea breeze on her cheeks behind her ears and asked, “What the hell are you trying to say?”

Seeing that she was so clueless, the bodyguard was reluctant to tell her more.

“Miss Qin, I’m leaving. Take care.” He took a step back and turned around.

“Hey! Wait a minute!” Qin Anan was even more annoyed, “Give me your cigarette and lighter.” The

bodyguard didn’t expect her to be addicted to smoking, but he gave her the cigarette and lighter generously.

She took over the cigarettes and lighters and no longer cared about the bodyguard’s whereabouts.

in the banquet hall.

Jin Rong’er held Fu Shiting’s arm and refused to let go for a second.

When she saw Fu Shiting in the housekeeping department, she saw the bite marks on Fu Shiting’s neck.

This is not only a bite mark, but also a gauntlet from Qin Anan to her.

Qin Anan, this bitch! To be so brazen, openly seduce her husband at her birthday party!

She was so angry that she vomited blood, but she couldn’t show any unhappiness on her face.

If Qin Anan is a vixen, then Fu Shiting can’t control his lower body, and both have problems.

She can only endure!

Her father had told her that no matter what, he would keep Fu Shiting’s people.

Only when Fu Shiting stays in the Jin family can there be hope for the future of the Jin family.

She must not let her father down, let alone see the fall of the Jin family.

After a while, Jin Kaili’s personal nanny came hurriedly, took Jin

Rong’er’s hand, and whispered, “Miss, something happened.” Fu Shiting immediately pricked up his ears when he heard this.

After the nanny told Jin Rong’er about the matter, Jin Rong’er immediately took Fu Shiting’s hand and said anxiously, “Shi Ting, go see my father with me!” Jin Kaili

got drunk in the morning and was sent to the guest room went to rest.

The babysitter stayed in the room to take care.

Just now Jin Carrier’s cell phone rang. It was from someone important. The nanny wanted to wake up Jin Carrier to answer the phone, but no matter how the nanny called, he couldn’t wake him up.

Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296

If you are drunk and lethargic, you can’t wake up even if you call. Under normal circumstances, even if you can’t wake someone up, you can at least make a drunk person react slightly.

But now Jin Carrier’s situation is that after calling him, he didn’t respond at all.

But when he sniffed, he still breathed.

So the nanny did not contact the doctor immediately, but came to Jin Ronger first.

“Miss, why didn’t you see the eldest young master?” The nanny didn’t see Jin Cheng, so she looked for Jin Rong’er.

“He probably drank too much.” Jin Rong’er muttered, “I saw him drinking a lot of alcohol today.”

“Oh, the eldest young master hasn’t come back for a while. I think he is happy to see so many relatives and friends today.” The nanny said, “Miss, you don’t have to worry too much. The master is breathing normally. I suspect that he may have fallen into a deep sleep.”

“Did you call a doctor?” Jin Rong’er asked.

“No, why don’t I call now.”

“Well, hurry up and call the doctor.” Jin Rong’er was upset, “Dad must not have an accident.”

She was worried that her father had not made a will.

She knew that her father was waiting to see Fu Shiting’s performance. If Fu Shiting performed well, he said that he would hand over the core business to Fu Shiting.

If his father died suddenly now, then the eldest brother would definitely occupy his father’s property.

Now she and Fu Shiting are on the same boat, so she can’t let her father have an accident.

She and Fu Shiting entered the guest room where Jin Carrier was resting, and saw Jin Carrier’s peaceful sleeping face at a glance.

Fu Shiting strode to the side of the bed and reached out to probe Jin Carrier’s breath.

Breathing is normal.

“Dad!” Jin Rong’er bent down, held Jin Kaili’s big palm, and shouted loudly, “Dad, wake up! I’m Rong’er, Dad!”

Jin Rong’er’s voice was very high-pitched and heard , even a little sharp.

But Jin Kaili did not respond.

Obviously, Gene Carrier is not sleeping normally now.

He must have passed out.

Soon, the nanny came with the doctor.

On the deck, Qin Anan leaned against the railing and smoked the first cigarette in his life.

In fact, she had already lit three cigarettes.

Every time a cigarette is lit, it is completely burned out by the sea breeze within a few puffs.

As she lit the fourth cigarette, there was a dull sound of footsteps behind her.

She didn’t look back, because the sea breeze blew the unique scent of the man behind her.

He stopped beside her, saw the cigarette in her hand, and was stunned.

In his originally calm eyes, thousands of waves appeared!

“You can smoke?!”

He seemed unable to believe that she was such a woman.

“I can not only smoke, but also drink. Besides, I will do everything you can do.” She raised her red lips and teased, “Why did your wife let you out? Don’t answer, let me I’m guessing…she’s the one who asked you to kick me off the yacht?”

She kept her eyes on the bite mark on his neck as she spoke.

This is what she bit, she bit it on purpose.

She wants Jin Ronger to know who is his real wife and who is the third party in this relationship.

After Fu Shiting heard her words, his expression became more gloomy.

He opened his palm, and a hairpin appeared in his palm.

She left it on the bed.

“No wonder my hair is loose!” She took the hair clip from his palm, tugged the hair on her forehead to one side, and secured it with a hair clip.

Her casual and calm movements easily tugged at his heartstrings.

“Qin An’an, let’s go!” His Adam’s apple rolled, and he said sharply, “Let’s go now.”

Chapter 1297

Chapter 1297

His words made her stunned for a moment.

She guessed it right.

“I knew it was Jin Rong’er who asked you to drive me away. It’s almost time for lunch, don’t you even give me a meal?” She said coldly, “I’ll leave after lunch. “

Why do you have to eat this meal?” he retorted.

His eyes, his tone, are telling her – now, immediately, immediately!

“I’m hungry, I want to eat before leaving!” She clenched her fingers tightly and stubbornly said, “If I have to eat this meal, can you force me to leave?”

She was really hungry, but It is not necessary to eat this meal.

She couldn’t swallow the breath in her heart.

Because he was lingering with her while being a good husband to Jin Rong Er.

He just forgot the memory related to her, not a different person, how could this be?

Before he had Tang Qian by his side, why didn’t he see him entangled with Tang Qian?

Can circumstances really change a person?

But he had known this group of people many years ago. Could it be that he was such a person before?

Her heart was chaotic, and her mind was even more chaotic.

“Qin An’an, I can’t keep you for this meal.” Fu Shiting said indifferently, “After getting off the yacht, you can eat whatever you want.”

“I’m not leaving.” Just now, “Can you still throw me from here?”

The blue veins on his forehead were angered, and the coldness was clearly visible in his eyes!

She could feel that his patience was rapidly diminishing.

Maybe, he could really do something about throwing her out of here.

Because he is now the son-in-law of the Jin family, and now all the relatives and friends of the Jin family are on this boat.

Her ex-wife angered his current wife and refused to leave with a cheeky face. Fu Shiting had to act, otherwise how would he explain to the Jin family?

Just when she thought of this, her body suddenly volleyed into the air!

Fu Shiting picked her up and lifted her up!

Before she could react, he let go of his hands mercilessly and let her fall into the sea like a pebble!

‘Bang’ with a loud bang! Her body fell into the sea, causing a splash!

Despair and pain swept through her entire body in an instant.

Even if he hugged her and drove her off the yacht exit, she would not be so distressed.

There is nothing more grief than death, she has completely given up!

After she fell into the sea, her body seemed to be enchanted and could not move.

She can swim, but she doesn’t want to swim ashore at all.

When people are extremely depressed, it is easy to breed thoughts of suicide.

She closed her eyes and let the sea water hit…

The sea water quickly poured into her body from her ears, nose, and mouth, she couldn’t see anything, couldn’t hear anything!

At this time, the lifeguard swam over and picked up her body.

On the yacht, Fu Shiting watched with a worried look on her face as she was picked up by the lifeguards, and gave the order: “Send her to the hospital!”

After his words were settled, Jin Rong’er strode towards him.

When he saw Jin Rong’er’s figure, he immediately cleaned up the emotions on his face and walked towards Jin Rong’er.

“Shi Ting, the doctor said that my father may be suffering from alcohol poisoning, but it’s not a serious problem. I’ll wake up after a few bottles of fluid.” Jin Rong’er put his arm around him, “The luncheon has begun, let’s go eat!”

“Yeah.” His face was cold, showing no emotion.

From the corner of Jin Rong’er’s eyes, he looked at the place where he was standing just now, but there was nothing.

“Shi Ting, have you seen Qin An’an? I didn’t see her in the banquet hall.” Jin Rong’er pretended to be calm and said, “Although I don’t like her very much, the visitor is a guest, we should Treat her to dinner.”

Fu Shiting: “She’s gone.”

“Oh? Did you let her go?” A happy smile appeared on Jin Rong’er’s face.

Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298

Fu Shiting doesn’t want to mention things related to Qin An’an, nor does he want to find an excuse to answer Jin Rong’er’s question.

So he simply did not answer the question.

Jin Rong’er didn’t dare to ask questions at all, and didn’t dare to show his face to him.

She smiled and said, “Shi Ting, I’m really worried about my father’s accident today. Fortunately, you are by my side. With you, I feel so at ease.”

Fu Shiting: “He will be fine.

” Well. I don’t worry about him anymore. I’m just glad that I can marry you. Being your wife is the luckiest thing in my life.”

Qin Anan was rescued by yacht lifeguards to shore , the lifeguards immediately gave her first aid for drowning.

After spitting out the seawater in his stomach, Qin Anan woke up.

The yacht in front of her suddenly reminded her of what happened just now.

“Miss, do you need me to take you to the hospital?” the lifeguard asked.

Qin Anan shook her head in conditioned reflex: “I’m fine…”

A feeling of being resurrected from the dead made her wake up suddenly.

How can she die?

She has kids and so many close friends!

Life is not only about love, but also family and friendship.

After the chill in her heart subsided, she quickly got up.

She was embarrassed at the moment, but fortunately there was no one around.

“Miss, I’ll find the driver to take you out of here!” The lifeguard explained to her, “I can’t get a car here!” She stayed where

she was, waiting for the lifeguard to call the driver for her.

About an hour later, she was taken to the hotel where she was staying.

Her hair and clothes were dry.

It’s just that the clothes are wrinkled, the hair is messy, and what’s worse, the makeup on her face is spent.

She returned to her room and immediately went to the bathroom to remove her makeup.

She poured the makeup remover onto the cotton pad, and before she could wipe her face, the phone in her handbag rang.

Her handbag fell into the sea with her. Although it was drenched in sea water, the phone was of good quality and could still be used.

She put down the cotton pad, found her mobile phone, and saw that the third brother was calling.

It is estimated that the third brother has heard that Fu Shiting threw her into the sea.

She answered the phone and was ready to be laughed at, but the third brother didn’t laugh at her.

“Have you returned to your residence?”

“Well. I brought your gift, and I have completed what you told me.” She laughed at herself, “I shouldn’t bother you again in the future.”

“Listen to your dejected voice, Are you going to listen to my advice and go back to China?” said the third brother.

“It’s not your persuasion. It was he who chilled my heart.” She thought of what happened today and felt extremely absurd, “I thought I could warm his heart, but I turned into a clown.

” There were a few guests on the deck when they were thrown into the sea.

Those people definitely saw this scene.

Although she didn’t know those people, she still felt utterly ashamed.

“Oh, I heard that you were thrown into the sea by Fu Shiting.” When the third brother said this, he couldn’t help laughing, “You hate him because of this?”

“If you were me, wouldn’t you be angry?” She asked back. .

“I’m not you, so this kind of thing won’t happen to me.” Although the third brother didn’t laugh at her, he laughed lightly, “Are you packing your luggage now? Have you bought the plane ticket?”

Qin Anan Feeling a little dizzy.

Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299

This person and this person’s bodyguard spoke strangely, which gave her a headache.

“I’m removing makeup now.” She answered patiently.

“Have you finished removing your makeup and packed your luggage?” The

third brother seemed to be particularly interested in her luggage.

“Why are you holding on to my luggage? I won’t pack it today.” She told him to give up, “My classmate is hospitalized here. I will leave with my classmate after my classmate is discharged.”

Third brother suddenly Lost interest: “I thought you would be pissed off today! Since you don’t leave, hang up!”

Dududu! The call was hung up.

“It’s inexplicable.” Qin Anan put down the phone and said to himself, “Why does he have to leave me today? Could something major happen today?”

Country a.

After Yun Shijie’s ashes were buried, Yun Zhe went back to country B.

As soon as Yun Zhe left, Yun Xiaoxiao immediately asked Sheng Bei, “How much dowry he asked you for?” Based

on her understanding of Yun Zhe, Yun Zhe could not have left so easily without getting the money.

Sheng Bei: “Yun Xiaoxiao, although your brother asked me for a betrothal gift, we don’t necessarily want to get married. We’ll talk about everything after you have a baby.”

“I didn’t say I wanted to marry you! I just want to know about my elder brother. How much did you ask for?” Yun Xiaoxiao whispered, “If I can make a lot of money in the future, I can give it back to you!”

Sheng Bei didn’t expect her to think like this, so he said, “One million.”

She was stunned for a moment and said in surprise, “So much?”

One million was a lot of money for her.

Sheng Bei didn’t know how to take her words.

Because he lied.

He gave Yun Zhe ten million.

Yun Zhe asked him to give it according to the standard given to Tang Qian, how could he only give Tang Qian one million?

But he couldn’t give Yun Zhe more, so he gave 10 million.

He was afraid that saying 10 million would put Yun Xiaoxiao under psychological pressure, so he said 1 million.

“Everyone says you’re rich. Is a million to you, like a dime in our pockets?” Yun Xiaoxiao saw that he didn’t speak, so he opened his mind, “Yes, you don’t If you like me, how can you give a high dowry.”

Sheng Bei’s calm heart was irritated by her: “Yun Xiaoxiao, if you don’t make me angry for a day, you won’t feel comfortable, right?”

“Why do you like it so much ? Angry? I read on the news that men also have menopause, are you in menopause?” Yun Xiaoxiao wondered, “Would you like to buy some tea to reduce anger? My dad also liked to get angry before his death, and the doctor suggested that he drink chrysanthemum Tea. Why don’t you buy some to drink too?”

Sheng Bei: “…”

“Yun Xiaoxiao, I don’t want you to pay back the money I gave your eldest brother. Just treat it as your hard work for giving birth.” Sheng Bei took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

“What do you mean, the child is yours after birth, and has nothing to do with me?” Yun Xiaoxiao’s face lost a bit of vitality.

“No. We can raise them together.” Sheng Bei was afraid that her thoughts would affect her body, “Yun Xiaoxiao, it’s too early to talk about this, wait until you give birth to a child. You are Shi Ting’s younger sister, I will definitely not bully you. “

Oh, then why do you give my eldest brother the hard work of giving birth?” Yun Xiaoxiao stretched out his hand towards him, “That’s a dowry, not hard work. If you want to pay hard work, give it to me directly.”

Sheng Bei: “???”

is outrageous!

This woman, treat her a little bit better, and she will ride on his head!

country y.

Zhuang Xu did a checkup in the afternoon, and his body was no longer in serious condition, so he could be discharged from the hospital.

Qin An’an thought he would stay in the hospital for at least two days, but he didn’t expect him to recover so quickly.

Just when she was going to tell him that she and Fu Shiting had completely broken up and could go to country B for an operation, a doctor passed by her in a panic, and said something to another doctor that shocked her—

” There was a shooting on a yacht over the Balun Sea, we are going to rescue now!”

Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300

She quickly extracted the key words in her mind: Bailunhai, yacht, shooting case!

Today, Jin Rong’er’s birthday party was held on the yacht of Bai Lun Sea.

So the shooting the doctor said… must have happened at Kim Young Ah’s banquet!

She immediately chased after the doctor, but one step too late.

The two doctors entered the elevator, and the elevator doors closed quickly.

Zhuang Xu chased after her: “Qin An’an, what are you running for?”

“They said a shooting case just now, did you hear that?” Her cheeks were flushed and her breathing was solemn, “Fu Shiting may be in danger!”

“You mean a shooting case It happened at Jin Rong’er’s banquet?” Zhuang Xu took her arm, “Don’t be nervous… Do you have Fu Shiting’s phone number? Why don’t you try calling him first? “

I have his number, but he may not answer my call.” She frowned, took out her mobile phone, and called Fu Shiting.

Just as she guessed, the call went over and was not answered.

“Don’t worry, didn’t the doctor go to rescue just now? Maybe all the injured people will be sent to this hospital later.” Zhuang Xu comforted her, “How about we just wait here? Otherwise, wait for us to rush. , maybe the ambulance brought them here.”

Zhuang Xu accompanied her to the emergency room.

If the injured person is brought in, they will go to the emergency channel.

The two sat down in the emergency waiting hall.

Qin An’an’s body was tense, and her brain was running at high speed.

On the yacht today, the third brother’s bodyguard asked her if she wanted to go with him before leaving. She didn’t understand what the bodyguard meant at the time, and felt that the bodyguard was inexplicable. Now it seems that the third brother’s bodyguard may have long known that there was danger on the yacht, so they called her to leave together.

It’s a pity that she didn’t understand the meaning of the bodyguard at that time.

If she knew in advance that there would be danger on the yacht, she would definitely take Fu Shiting off the yacht.

Also, after she was sent back to the hotel, the third brother called her and kept asking when she would return to China, which also confirmed this.

If there is no danger here, why should the third brother kindly remind her to return to China?

Her tears suddenly and hurriedly fell!

Seeing her sudden tears, Zhuang Xu was puzzled: “Qin An’an, Fu Shiting may not be in trouble, why are you crying? Guns can’t be restrained here, there should be frequent shootings.”

She raised her hands to wipe away tears, and choked: ” Actually, I came back from there at noon today. It wasn’t me who came back, it was Fu Shiting who drove me back.”

“Oh?” Zhuang Xu pondered for a few seconds and guessed, “You mean that he may have known in advance that the yacht was on the boat. There will be a shooting case, so let you go in advance.”

Qin Anan nodded sharply: “It must be so. Because his behavior at noon was too extreme. He let me go, I refused to go, he threw me directly into the sea Yes. “

Zhuang Xu was stunned.

“I hate him to death at noon, I don’t understand why he does this…I understand now!” Qin Anan said, weeping, “He must know there is danger, so let me go quickly.”

Zhuang Xu took out a tissue and handed it to her: “Are you worried that he is in danger?”

She took the tissue and wiped away her tears, her chin raised slightly, trying to stop the tears from falling: “It must be Jin Rong’er’s eldest brother who did it. He is afraid that Shi Ting will rob him of Jin Carrier’s property, so he can’t tolerate Shi Ting.”

“Even so, Jin Rong’er will definitely help him, right?”

“Jin Rong’er is only twenty-one years old, and she doesn’t have any The ability to fight against her eldest brother!” Qin Anan became more and more desperate, “No, I have to call the third brother and ask.”

She must immediately know who was injured in the shooting.

a country.

On the laptop screen, a piece of news from country Y appeared in front of Xiaohan.

The shooting on the yacht appeared on the local news in country y.

Because Qin Anan is in country y, Xiaohan checks the news of country y every day.

After seeing the shooting, Xiao Han frowned tightly.

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